23 June 2021

We Are In Tremendous DARKNESS Right Before Mashiach

PREFACE COMMENTS:  It is going to be difficult and very challenging for us, Torah true Jews, upon watching what appears to be  a dismantling of our Mesorah and what HaShem has told us is the way we are to live, by Har Sinai Halacha. We may feel confused, and even angry when we see people that we believe are Jewish tearing away at the fabric of our traditions. They want the exclusion of religion in their societal life. They don’t want any religious restrictions. They want to be free of civil restraints, to do whatever they wish to do. And they will enact State laws to this effect. Very much in the way the Erev Rav wanted the golden calf.

It will be hard and for some a time of rethinking many of their long held illusions. They may be very angry and may want to fight the “anti-religious and anti-God” behavior of these people.

However, this is part of the process immediately before Mashiach comes on the scene. He may not all of a sudden appear, but may begin doing what HaShem wants him to do. And we will know him by his deeds and affect he has on the people and government of Israel and the world.

So, it is my belief that a cautious behavior is how we should go about our lives, of course not going along with any new “changes” this government enacts. But instead, increase our understanding and power of Emunah and Bitachon, while helping our “brothers and sisters” in any way we can, i.e. tzadaka, chessed.

The time is now to now to do a personal chesbon hanefesh in preparation for the Real Change coming our way.

Someone I listen to for updates, says “do not interfere with your enemy while he is in the act of his own downfall”.  HaShem is in control and He will bring our final Redemption as He did our first redemption in Mitzrayim, in an amazing way.



 Rabbi Kessin clarifies why we need to go thru this challenging darkness

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moshe said...

Your last comment about not interfering with our enemies' downfall, is perfect. This is the way H' punishes and undoes for eternity the enemies of G-D, Israel, Torah and humanity, in general. As I had already said before, H' waits until these bnai Nachash go for the worst and insane goals & that is when H' will unleash every force of Nature that He created and they will be no more.