14 June 2021

Are We Witnessing “NEKAMA” – נקמה – in the World?

After Reb Dov’s latest post, "Crunch Time: The Last Trimester of the Final 9 Months”, It is so important to understand “how we got here.” To fully understand this, one needs to read it more than once. What happens next falls under prophecy or prediction. Or maybe guesswork. 

Preliminary thoughts. What is happening in America with the Biden group is part of a phenomenal Sting Operation to decimate the entire DS and their agendas. The Trump 4 year era is part of it; continuing right thru the fake JB presidency. If “they” are successful there will be a Rebirth of the American Republic as initially created by its Founding Fathers (as they say). From what I have learned, there really is only about 1/3 of America that is in the garbage dump, with the remaining 2/3 staunchly for a moral society.

Rabbi Kessin made note that "Bennett is a businessman, just as Trump is a businessman". They have different approaches to governing. Also both Bennett and Sa’ar are Shabbos observant (there may be more). Bennett wears a kippa (even if a tiny one), and it is remarkable that the leftist anti-God anti-religion members will be under his business-like control. Each disparate group can threaten to crash the government, but then they won’t be in power any longer. I don’t think they want to give up their final ascendency to power. So there just may be some type of unity from their governing. It won’t be to everyone’s liking but it just might be part of Hashem’s Super Plan. I have a feeling that we may see some surprises from them. 

Whatever, it is only temporary and one phase of Hashem’s control, so I believe we, the God fearing Jews, need to be quiet, accept what Hashem sends our way, fortifying our Emuna, and waiting out what is in the plan. [i add here gingerly, that we received our first “Heavenly Klop on the Bima” at the split second of the 33rd level of the Omer passing into the remaining historic days.

What might happen in Israel, could be a mirror image of the results of what might happen in America. 

Just recently I heard, and it may be a ff *event, or it may become a reality, that China will go into kinetic mode and attack the US. Since the far left of the US map (entire west coast) is withering away from immorality and lack of civility, this may be where an invasion (from Mexico and Canada) may occur. 

Now, I’m not saying that this is going to happen for sure, it is only some chatter out there. But China is very very perturbed (to put it mildly) about the release of those “emails” about woohahn and the vack-scene all over the media. They have been at war with America for many years now in an unconventional war mode (Pompeo has spoken about this), infiltrating everything and everywhere they can. These chinese americans can overnite put on their uniforms and prepare to overtake cities. Sounds impossible, but it is not.

If this were to happen, the next phase the world might be in might be WW three, with at least one other nation involved, that brags about their hypersonic supersonic missiles that hover over targets waiting for the right moment to descend. 

Some where in all this, either before or after, NIBIRU is expected (according to Yuval Ovadia in his latest video). We have already read that it might be NIBIRU that ushers in Mashiach.

Now these are all scenarios, possibilities, or maybe not. We really don’t know until “whatever” happens happens. We are nearing the finish line and suspense is heightening.


Right now there are terrible “nekomas of ‘Nature’” being carried out across the globe, major flooding, storms, earthquakes, volcano activity, weird weather phenomenons. Most of this is not reaching the papers, but can be found on the internet. 

It might be that these catastrophes could be elements of the “Judgment upon the world” for their treatment of Jews and Israel. [That which precedes the arrival of MBD]

One, if accurate, is claiming the destruction of Europe [https://youtu.be/masWhL5EYeM]. There are so many videos showing destructive flooding surging over everything in its path. 

China! Sandstorm! The amount of sand in the air is life-threatening!

Very awful weather is crushing China [https://youtu.be/8Xu3H9iHGN8]

Victoria, Australia [https://youtu.be/PTAln5citKA], 

State of EMERGENCY in New Zealand [https://youtu.be/4RuUytqEGjM], 

Italy [https://youtu.be/J-vNJwbHqL8], 

Japan [https://youtu.be/To5H-7h-CuI] and [https://youtu.be/Dj424k6V0_4], 

Indonesia [https://youtu.be/XO1zkDlZaU8] and 7.5 [https://youtu.be/a1brECO5T9E], 

tsunami in Chile https://youtu.be/A8-G9VCX9E0, 

China also gas explosion in China [https://youtu.be/YwuJSwS5dCg], actually it was a mfg plant for microchips, which are crippling much of world production right now.

Oh, lets not forget our friends in Turkey, crazy flooding [https://youtu.be/_XxHN87UyqY]

Even if dramatised, all these countries are experiencing these events in June (Tammuz - very early this year).

And there is more. It seems every country/nation is experiencing a world gone mad. Now, we are assuming that all these videos are 100% correct and not just dramatised. But there are so many, and many countries experiencing the same. 

If you notice in the earthquake videos you will see something that resembles an electric charge bouncing off things.. This, as Yuval Ovadia explained, is from THE OBJECT IN SPACE passing close and disrupting our electric atmosphere.


moshe said...

WOW, WOW! The Goel Tzedek is at the door!

moshe said...

Really believe H' is using Kochav Yaakov (Nibiru) and that is what is really causing these earth changes, all before that great and awesome Day!

Leah said...

Many things are taking place, even if we can't see them 100% or understand them fully. May Hashem please bring Moshiach speedily and soon!