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28 February 2023

IS THIS THE ANSWER? – “Chasing Gangs"

 "chasing the gangs responsible for the latest attacks

SMEAR HEADLINE:  Smotrich, Ben-Gvir blamed: 'They give moral support to rioters,' claim security officials

Minister Smotrich criticizes Jewish riots in Huwara: 

We must not take the law into our hands and create a dangerous anarchy.

Senior officials within the security sector are blaming government ministers Bezalel Smotrich and Itamar Ben-Gvir, along with members of their parties (Religious Zionism and Otzma Yehudit), for providing "moral support to the rioters" who rampaged in Huwara following the terrorist shooting attack that claimed the lives of the two brothers, Hillel and Yagel Yaniv, and also for the general deterioration in the security situation in Judea and Samaria.

[…] Another security official quoted in the report said that National Security Minister Ben-Gvir "is promoting anarchy on the ground," highlighting Ben-Gvir's visit to the Samarian community of Evyatar, accompanied by members of his party. "The soldiers and police officers posted there showed him the military order declaring the area a closed military zone and prohibiting the entry of civilians, but Ben-Gvir thumbed his nose at them and entered, along with members of his party. The message he gave to those soldiers and police officers was that politicians don't obey the law; they do whatever they please. Worse still, they broke the chain of command, because those police officers who received orders from their senior commanders telling them to prevent the entry of civilians then saw the minister appointed over the police force himself transgressing those orders."

The official added that, "We can't carry on like this for much longer. The country is on fire, and instead of chasing the gangs responsible for the latest attacks, we're having to siphon off manpower to deal with Jews and Knesset members who are fanning the flames.” […]


* * *

Smotrich to proclaim Evyatar 'state land'

Minister of Finance Bezalel Smotrich has announced his intentions of proclaiming the outpost of Evyatar as "state-owned land" - counter to promises made by Israel to the Biden administration. Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich eulogized the Yaniv brothers during their funeral on Mount Herzel today.

"We ask IDF soldiers - continue sanctifying G-d, strike our enemies a thousandfold, and restore our Jewish integrity!" he urged.

Time for another strategy against terrorism

 Yehudit Katsover & Nadia Matar –

Firm and forceful security and thriving Jewish communities are essential, yet to effectively eradicate the roots of terrorism, a novel approach is required. The relentless onslaught of deadly attacks plaguing Israel means that the government of Israel must rethink its strategy for combatting terror and its offshoots. 

The soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces, the Israel Security Agency, the police and other security agencies risk their lives day and night to protect us, and for that we are eternally grateful.  The operation in Hawara and the other marauders’ towns must be carried out by the government and its various branches, rather than leaving the task to the Jewish residents who are subjected daily to the terror of stones, gunfire and fire bombs.

The government must also lead settlement activity with strength, resolve and steadfast national pride. At the same time, Evyatar must be built and populated, so that the world - and especially we – will see the depth of the living, flourishing bond between the people of Israel and its land. Firm and forceful security is essential and, no less so, thriving Jewish communities. But they are not enough to effectively eradicate the roots of terrorism.

The people of Israel envisage another milestone in the struggle, one that embodies the core message of this fully right-wing government. Until this occurs, the government will forfeit the confidence and faith placed in it on election day. So far, the responses of this government have been more or less similar to those of preceding ones, which likewise failed to prevent the murder of Jews in their own land. 

In recent weeks, many people argued that the new government should be afforded a grace period to organize and implement a gradual, measured and balanced approach to steer the ship rightward, without any drastic shocks. However, our enemies interpret this as giving them a green light to continue on their terrorist path without facing any real consequences. In response to the deadly attack in Hawara, the Israeli government should take an additional immediate step beyond the necessary security and settlement measures: the declaration of the application of Israeli sovereignty in Judea and Samaria. 

The Prime Minister should follow in the footsteps of David Ben-Gurion and, as a first step, impose a military government on the Arab population. This military government should remain in effect until the people there have fully accepted the exclusive sovereignty of the people of Israel over its land and until they demonstrate their commitment to living in peace and full loyalty.

The misguided belief that attempts at containment, political and national hesitancy and negotiations with those who wish us harm will bring peace has been proven futile time and time again in the past. We have had enough of that. We have paid an unimaginable and inexcusable price in blood and anguish for these distorted beliefs.

No more excuses about it not being the “right time.” The international community has consistently condemned Israel for every Zionist action it has taken since – and even before – the establishment of the state, and will continue to do so in response to any future actions.  It is better for Israel to accept this measure of condemnation for a significant and commendable national act that will prevent terrorism, rather than to receive the same denunciation for the legalization of an outpost or stony hilltop, no matter how important they may be.

The Israeli government must take this crucial step of sovereignty out of full recognition of Israel's moral justification in doing so. 

With this resolute stance guiding Israel's political and practical path, the world will come to understand that we are indeed fighting for our right to live freely in our one and only homeland. As has happened many times before, the entire world will reap the blessings of the political and security measures taken by Israel in the future.


Huwarra –

 When Avraham Avinu went to war, he went with 400 men (i.e. Eliezer or Malach Michael?)

400 Settlers laid waste to Huwarra! 

The war of the four kings of what one day would become Assyria against the five kings of the Dead Sea region was fascinating, not because of the feats of the conquering armies or because of the staggering death count, but because of the role that Abraham our patriarch played in it. https://mechon-mamre.org/p/pt/pt0114.htm
The Midrash:  https://www.sefaria.org.il/Bereishit_Rabbah.43.7?lang=he


Shalom Pollack – Amalek Down

 -In my mind, I saw a combined Israeli naval and air operation

successfully destroy Iran’s nuclear capabilities and all forces

returned safely to base. It was clear that Iran would order

its proxies on Israel’s borders to let loose with hundreds of

thousands of deadly missiles they have been stockpiling for

years. To save Israel’s population and infrastructure from this

mortal threat, a preemptive assault was launched, successfully

eliminating over ninety percent of their targets. The entire

terrorist leadership, down to the lowest level of command, was

eliminated in surgical air strikes and commando raids.

With the heavy military activity going on, massive attacks by

PA Arabs and personnel in Israeli settlements and transportation

erupted in Judea and Samaria. Quick on its heels came the Arabs

of East Jerusalem. Not to be left out of the jihad, the Arabs of

Israel joined in.

The scenario of violent Arab uprisings in Israel was not a

a figment of my Yom Kippur stupor or a faded historical episode,

but memories of a few months ago during the May 2021 pogroms.

My dream continued. As the Bible describes on a number of

occasions as a hero who arose to lead the people against an enemy,

“the spirit of the Lord filled him.”

Israeli military superiority and prowess were not the exciting

part of the dream; rather that the Israelites were finally able

to shrug off the chains of self-doubt and apologetics as a “new

spirit of God entered them.”

This time the rioting Arabs were met by confident

unhesitating Jews determined to protect Jewish life, property

and honor at all costs.

In the village of Awarta in Samaria, where the terrorists

who killed the Fogel family in the neighboring Itamar village

came, there was a bloody confrontation. Some Arabs there

approached the security fence of Itamar and began throwing

gasoline bombs. One of the residents responded by shooting

two of the attackers. Normally, this would mean the immediate

arrest of the Jew and years in jail. This time it’s different. A new

spirit entered Israel.

Instead of protecting the Arab attackers, the Israeli authorities

joined the Jews and chased the terrorists back into their village.

There, many used weapons and gasoline bombs against the

soldiers. Loudspeakers ordered them to deliver their weapons

and to gather in the town square. All unarmed civilians would

not be hurt.

Not yet aware of the renewed spirit of the Israelis, they

played by the old rules and used their families as human shields

and shot from behind them. This time Israeli soldiers acted like

normal armies and were not deterred by the old suicidal game rules.

Jewish lives now came before those of the enemy.

There was a firefight. Casualties were taken on both sides.

Many Arabs, including civilians, were killed. It did not take long

for word of the “massacre” to reach every Arab between the

river and the sea. They were on their way out.

Israeli Arabs were certain that the old rules still applied,

especially for those holding cherished/hated Israeli

citizenship. In Lod, where Arabs torched hundreds of Jewish

vehicles and homes and killed Jews just a few months ago, they

were ready for round two. Alas, they faced a new spirit. Who


This time, as the Arab mob streamed out of their mosques

screaming “slaughter the Jew!”, they were met by gunfire from

within besieged Jewish homes. They in turn let loose with

their own armory of illegal weapons just as the security forces

appeared. Unlike in May, they did not arrest Jews for daring to

defend themselves, but rather joined their Jewish brothers and

sisters in repulsing the Arab mob.

The Arabs retreated into the main mosque, dragging a Jewish

policewoman with them as a hostage. They were given a choice:

release the hostage and be tried in a court of law or be killed on

the spot and their families banished to Gaza.

They came out unarmed with white flags. One of them had

a pistol hidden, and hiding behind some others, opened fire on

the police. They responded with a fusillade that killed him and a

few near him. Some of the enraged Arabs rushed the police and

they were cut down.

Word of this “massacre” reached every Israeli Arab within

minutes. They were on their way out too.

In Jerusalem, Arabs attacked isolated Jewish communities on

the Mount of Olives and in the Old City. The same thing happened.

The new spirit. They hurriedly packed their bags.

The result of these events was a mass exodus of Arabs from

Judea and Samaria towards the Jordan border and Israeli Arabs

in every direction. It was a deja vu of 1948.

In the War of Independence, one incident more than any

other caused the panicked exodus of the enemy population;

Deir Yasin. In that hostile, armed Arab village that controlled the

entrance to Jerusalem, Jewish troops entered and demanded the

Arabs disarm. A fight ensued and some Arabs used as human

shields were killed. The story of Dir Yassin was exaggerated in

in order to stiffen Arab resolve to fight. It had the opposite effect

and thus the exodus began.

It happened again. All Israeli villages that had been previously

surrendered to the enemy in Gaza and Samaria was to be rebuilt

and expanded immediately.

We were rid of our enemies from without and from within as

the “spirit of the Lord rested upon Israel.”

The confused, apologetic devil within was purged.

Amalek down.

Based on a chapter in my book

Jews, Israelis and Arabs"


27 February 2023

Rabbi Goldsmith of Itamar

 Fogel Family Memorial 12 Years

Today we commemorate the twelve year memorial of the Fogel Family that were brutely massacred in their home on Friday night in Itamar. 

Today two more precious souls Hillel Menachem and and Yagel Yaakov Yaniv HYD from our neighboring community Har Bracha were laid to rest when they were brutally murdered in a nearby village. 

In their name we will continue to grow, build, and develop our precious homeland. 

“For Zion’s sake we will not remain silent!”

Rabbi Weissman – Asher Weiss Says he Supports Forcing Injections and Refuses to Discuss it

A few people were confused by my claim that I was assaulted when I confronted Asher Weiss.  One irrational apikorus who really should stay quiet even claimed that I was a liar.  Although I was not violently attacked (for better or for worse) someone came up from behind and shoved me to separate me from Weiss.  There was physical contact and it was threatening.  What some people had in mind is battery, but my description of what occurred as assault is accurate.  Look it up.

There are good people out there doing heroic work.  This secret recording was just shared with me:


In 2020 a concerned citizen managed to have a brief meeting with Asher Weiss.  He shared (or at least tried to share) information about how vaccines were being falsely portrayed as far safer than they actually are, and expressed the entirely reasonable view that people should not be forced to take medical treatments under false pretenses or against their will.  (I will add that the number of people compensated in court for injuries is surely a far cry from the number of people actually injured. The whole premise of linking "safety" to the number of injured people who go through an obstacle course and manage to win a judgment is absurd — definitely not "scientific".)

Weiss pretended to be interested in the material, but refused to discuss it, and displayed the trademark condescending, authoritarian posture that befits no rabbi, let alone one who claims sovereignty over what drugs go into our bodies. 

The visitor asked Weiss point blank if he supports mandating (forcing) people to take vaccines, and Weiss replied in the affirmative, with an empty, virtue-signaling remark about benefiting others to justify this tyrannical, utterly terrifying position.  

Of course, any rabbi with a bit of knowledge and the courage to be honest will tell you that the Torah does not give a central authority the power to force anyone to undergo a medical treatment — all of which have potential dangers — to benefit others (assuming such a calculation is even a practical reality, not mere speculation).  The Torah allows us, and sometimes obligates us, to undergo medical treatments only to benefit the individual receiving the treatment.

Weiss is such an extremist about vaccines and forcing everyone to take them that he gave his visitor a patronizing blessing: he should be successful in all he does except  convincing people not to take vaccines.  The short meeting was then shut down.

It should be very clear that Asher Weiss does not serve the Jewish people nor does he represent the Torah.  He works for the establishment.  His role is not to educate and inform people, to guide the community with integrity and genuine concern, but to charm the sheep into compliance and bully the rest.

The way Asher Weiss carries himself and relates to those who approach him is very dark and disturbing.  The fact that he is educated and scholarly does not make him a great rabbi; it makes him especially dangerous.

*   *   *

The person who met Weiss made reference to an event in Brooklyn in 2019.  The Yeshiva World "reported" on this event as follows:

William Handler Set To Make ANOTHER Chillul Hashem at Anti-Vaxxer Event in Flatbush

TOTAL BLOWOUT: 50 Anti-Vaxxers Show Up To Flatbush Event, 1,300 Empty Chairs

This "news site" that supposedly caters to "frum" Jews then published a chilling personal threat to anyone who dared attend this event:

Message To All Those Attending Anti-Vaxxer Event in Flatbush Tonight: DRESS NICELY

The same threat was published on Matzav here.

As the visitor to Asher Weiss noted, their claim that the event was nearly empty was a complete lie, the likes of which we have become accustomed to in the covid era.

I will note that these two propaganda sites, which are cesspools of poison that no frum Jew should patronize, are run by anonymous individuals.  If they had to be personally accountable, I wonder if they would be such big shots; more likely, they would have to be more subtle in contaminating the community, like Mishpacha Magazine.

There is no excuse for frum Jews to patronize "media" sites such as these or advertise with them.  

Stand for something.  You really can make a difference.




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Asher Weiss says he supports forcing injections and refuses to discuss it :

Rabbi Mendel Kessin: Amalek and the Spiritual Essence of Purim


“BETZALEL” – Wisdom and Skill


IN THE SAME WEEK as PARSHAS TERUMAH: Rabbi Avraham HaCohen Kook: “ Betzalel was certainly sharp to be able to reconstruct the original divine message”

“The Midrash weaves many stories about Betzalel’s wisdom and skill. In particular, the Sages noted the significance of his name, which means, “in God’s shadow”:  “Betzalel’s name reflected his wisdom” https://www.israelnationalnews.com/news/367925

* * *

Smotrich handed sweeping powers over West Bank, control over settlement planning 

The head of the Yeshiva of Merkaz Rabbi Ali Smotrich: "Does with the wisdom of the heart and receives a divine siyata" During the lesson, Rabbi Yaakov Shapira, the head of the Merkaz Rabbi Yeshiva, praised the Minister of Finance for working on the state budget and settlement regulation. https://www.inn.co.il/news/593523

* * * 

Israel Approves Over 7,000 Settlement Homes [pertinent excerpts] 

JERUSALEM (AP) — Israel’s far-right government has granted approval for over 7,000 new homes in Jewish settlements in the West Bank, settlement backers and opponents said Thursday. The move defies growing international opposition to construction in the occupied territory. The announcement came just days after the U.N. Security Council passed a statement strongly criticizing Israeli settlement construction on occupied lands claimed by the Palestinians. […]

[…] Netanyahu’s new coalition, which took office in late December, is dominated by religious and ultranationalist politicians with close ties to the settlement movement. Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich, a firebrand settler leader, on Thursday was officially granted Cabinet-level authority over settlement policies.

[…] Yossi Dagan, a settler leader in the northern West Bank, welcomed the retroactive approval of 118 homes in “Nofei Nehemia,” an outpost in the northern West Bank, after a 20-year struggle. “Great news for Samaria, for settlement and for the entire nation of Israel,” he said, using the biblical name for the region.

Shlomo Neeman, chairman of the Yesha settler’s council, declared the approvals “a tremendous boost.” Neeman is also mayor of the “Gush Etzion” settlement bloc near Jerusalem, where settlers said hundreds of new homes were approved. The decision marks one of the largest approvals of settlement construction in years. In comparison, some 8,000 units were approved in the previous two years, according to Peace Now. “It’s very big,” said Amichai. 

* * *

Settlers now find their closest allies at the highest government levels with Netanyahu’s new coalition officially granting Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich, a settler leader, authority over settlement construction. https://vinnews.com/2023/02/23/israel-approves-over-7000-settlement-homes-groups-say/

Agreement will allow Religious Zionism head to entrench [expand] Israel’s West Bank presence and thwart Palestinian development, though caveats appear to preserve some authority for Gallant. https://www.timesofisrael.com/smotrich-handed-sweeping-powers-over-west-bank-control-over-settlement-planning/

A Real Mentch in Knesset Says Tehillim for Har Bracha Brothers

 MK Simcha Rothman Stops Knesset Judicial Reform Hearing To Say Tehillim

Chairman of the Knesset’s Consitution, Law and Justice Committee Simcha Rothman (Religious Zionist Party) stopped in the middle of a committee discussion to say Tehillim for the victims of the terror attack in the Shomron on Sunday. 

Rothman said: “We’re receiving an update on a serious terror attack, there are people undergoing resuscitation right now at the Huwara junction. With the permission of the members of the committee, I would like to say a perek Tehillim for their refuah.”

Unfortunately, the deaths of the two victims were announced shortly later.

THE TURNAROUND – Purim: V’nahafoch Hu

 FINALLY . . .

Some 400 settlers arrived at the West Bank town to protest the killing of two brothers

from nearby settlement shot at point-blank; rioters AVENGERS, NEKOMA, 

burned 30 cars, threw stones at passing Palestinian vehicles; 

Netanyahu urges calm

News from Huwarra:

*להלן תוצאות הגרלת "הצת כפי יכולתך" הערב בחווארה:*
100 מכוניות שרופות.
35 בתים נשרפו כליל.
40 בתים נשרפו חלקית.
מעל 150 פצועים כתוצאה משריפות ותקיפות.
1 מחבל שזכה בהגרלה ועלה למעלה
*צ'אפ - מגזין בוואצאפ:* https://chat.whatsapp.com/IGTRxHYfX58FCTr97D7B47 

The residents of Har HaBrakhah take revenge against an entire city watching two Jewish brothers (20 and 22 yrs old) being murdered in cold blood.

Until now the (Purim) Lottery operation "Incite According to your Ability”

100 Arab cars torched
35 homes completely destroyed by fire
40 homes partially destroyed by fire
Over 150 injured from fires and attacks
Oh, and 1 terrorist who won the lottery with a free trip to Heaven!

So I guess we will not have to wait long for the worldwide reaction.

26 February 2023


 The U.S. is in a war for its survival (or the end of its Golus). It is overtly physically under attack from within by a foreign power.


 Israel is in a war for its survival from an enemy within, but it is treating the bloodthirsty terrorists as if its a “neighborhood skirmish”


Allows this enemy to steal OUR LAND to build their illegal houses!!


Pledges away our rights to settle OUR LAND to a neighboring enemy, that kills Israelis, davka during their holiday, when they go out and seek Israelis to kill them!


This Afternoon, Another Murder of Jews

 Death Penalty too good for them! Hang them on gallows is more ‘humane’. Just like Haman, let their friends see them hanging on a pole. Maybe that will lessen their bloodthirsty appetite.

Brothers from Har Bracha Murdered in Samaria Shooting
20-year-old and 22-year-old brothers from Israeli town of Har Bracha near Shechem identified as victims murdered in Huwara terror attack.

The two Israelis murdered in a terrorist shooting attack in Samaria Sunday afternoon have been identified as brothers from the town of Har Bracha, near Shechem (Nablus).

Twenty-two-year-old Hillel Menachem Yaniv and his brother, 20-year-old Yagel Yaakov Yaniv, were shot and killed while driving through the Arab village of Huwara on Route 60, the primary north-south traffic artery in Judea and Samaria.

The two were hesder (pre-army) yeshiva students, and were killed while driving back to their yeshivas from their home in Har Bracha.

Hillel, a student in Kiryat Shemona in northern Israel, had recently completed his military service in the Israeli navy, and was set to resume his yeshiva studies

Yagel Yaakov, a student at the Givat Olga hesder yeshiva, had been helping his yeshiva open up a branch in Tirat HaCarmel, and was set to begin his pre-induction process ahead of his formal draft into the army.

No details have yet been released regarding the timing of the brothers’ funerals.

According to eyewitnesses, including Beit El Mayor Shai Alon, the terrorist responsible for the attack approached the brothers’ car and opened fire at them with a handgun at point-blank range.

The terrorist fired 10 to 15 rounds, then fled the scene.

IDF forces were quickly dispatched to Huwara, and are currently searching for the terrorist.

"Unfortunately, this is a very serious incident, the government must change the paradigm and move from defense to offense, it cannot be that in the middle of the day, terrorists are free to shoot innocent civilians,” said Samaria Regional Council chairman Yossi Dagan.

"The ferocity of terrorism proves that there is no deterrence. The instructions for opening fire must be changed, the checkpoints must be returned, and the terrorist infrastructure of the Palestinian Authority must be proactively degraded. The people of Israel and the residents of Samaria are strong, we will not break in the face of the murderous terrorism of the Palestinian Authority.”


another family torn apart

So, in their memory, the traitors at the Summit agreed to a 4 - 6 month freeze on settlements???

Israel in collusion with our enemy Jordan, whose police don’t hesitate to shoot and kill Israelis???

Whoever at this meeting agreed to this is a partner with our enemies that like to kill Israelis??

What a farce. This will not sit well with the coalition:

Jordan's Foreign Ministry claimed that Israel committed to freeze the approval process for new housing in Judea and Samaria for four to six months, and to avoid any changes to the status quo on the Temple Mount.

Miracle in Havat YaIr – “Death Penalty” for Murderers

Israel has a unique problem: Arab murdering of Jews a Religious Obligation 

Miracle in Havat Yair: Terrorist opens fire on synagogue, no one injured

A Palestinian Arab terrorist opened fire this morning at around 7:30 towards a synagogue in the village of Havat Yair in Samaria.

The shots came from illegal buildings that were built near the Kravat Bnei Hassan village and were not yet demolished by the IDF Civil Administration due to an inability to enlist military forces to do so, according to Havat Yair residents.


left of center, middle pic, is shooter

to left of arrow is shooter and
puff of smoke in front of him is the gun firing

Immediately following the gunshots, the residents summoned the military, which identified the shots and apprehended the terrorist. IDF troops searched the area and found six bullet casings. IDF and Shin Bet forces located the weapon in the terrorist's home in the Arab village.

Samaria Regional Council Chief Yossi Dagan is demanding the IDF demolish the illegal buildings from which the shots were fired immediately, " The PA's illegal construction has turned into terror nests which endanger the village of Havat Yair. The lawlessness, with the lack of enforcement and the uncontrolled Arab illegal construction in Area C, creates terror nests that endanger the residents. 

I demand the government demolish the illegal Arab buildings in the area and stop the growing terrorism. We are faithful Jews. The settlement in Samaria is strong and growing, I demand that the Defense Ministry, the Civil Administration, and all the authorities demolish the buildings immediately."

Havat Yair chairman Yair Amichai Eitam stated: "It is unbelievable that men, women, and children live on a firing range and are in constant mortal danger. We expect the military to increase its presents on the hill across from the village to prevent terrorists from carrying out attacks and, in addition, to prevent illegal construction by Arabs in the area, which can endanger the lives of residents even more."

This incident joins the terrorist infiltration into a nearby farm two weeks ago on Friday morning. Terrorists entered one of the homes where a woman was alone with her infant child. The woman fought off the three terrorists until the security patrol arrived and chased them away. The police arrested one of the assailants. Article and photos https://www.israelnationalnews.com/news/367954 

* * *

Ben-Gvir: Netanyahu trying to bury death penalty for terrorists bill

The bill was submitted by MK Limor Son Har-Melech of Otzma Yehudit. It is scheduled to be discussed today in the Ministerial Committee for Legislation and then voted on in a preliminary reading in the Knesset on Wednesday. A similar bill was submitted by Ben-Gvir last year during the previous Knesset, when Ben-Gvir was in the opposition.

[Netanyahu says he wants to NOT increase terror during Ramadan and Pesach. Why Not? especially when they feel their "Ramadan Duty" is to Kill Jews in Pesach?? ]

The explanatory notes to the bill state: “In recent years, we have witnessed a growing phenomenon of terrorist attacks in which Jews were murdered solely for being Jews. The common denominator of all these attacks—the murder of Jews solely for being Jews, citizens of Israel, with the aim of harming the State of Israel and the national revival of the Jewish people in its land.

“The purpose of this bill is to curtail terrorism and create a weighty deterrent. No more prisons with 'all-inclusive' conditions; no more releases of terrorists after serving half their sentence.”

Attorney General Gali Baharav-Miara has voiced her opposition to the bill, calling it "unconstitutional" under the Basic Law: Human Dignity and Freedom. [isn’t ‘life’ a human dignity requiring freedom??]

* * *

RESEARCH SHOWS:  The modern refereed studies have consistently shown that capital punishment has a strong deterrent effect, with each execution deterring between 3 and 18 murders… The literature is easy to summarize: almost all modern studies and all the refereed studies find a significant deterrent effect of capital punishment.

This website has quite a number of Pros and Cons about the issue: https://deathpenalty.procon.org/questions/does-the-death-penalty-deter-crime/

* * *

Admittedly Out of Context:  […] "…when the prohibition against murder has not been rendered null; but for someone who murders people because for him the prohibition against murder has become meaningless, and similarly when the number of murderers has become many [due to the prohibition becoming ignored], we apply [capital punishment] in order to deter murder for to do this is to save society.[…]”  
From this article: https://advocacy.ou.org/judaism-and-the-death-penalty-of-two-minds-but-one-heart/

Biting–Animals Protest in Tel Aviv, The City of Immorality UPDATE

 Tel Aviv demonstration: Protesters set fires, bite police officers
Hundreds of anti-judicial reform protesters marched down the Ayalon Highway. One wrote, "Bibi is a traitor" on the road.

Excerpt: “In addition, the police opened an investigation after footage was published of a protester writing "Bibi is a traitor" on the highway. In addition, a protester was arrested after she bit an officer. An additional officer was bitten by a protester; both officers were taken to receive medical care. According to police, several officers were wounded by the protesters and were treated at the scene. Municipal workers are working to clear the refuse from the fire so the road can reopen.”

National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir commented:

 "The criminal rampage by protesters in Tel Aviv, which includes burning tires on the Ayalon Highway and spraying graffiti accusing the Prime Minister of treason, shows that this is a protest of anarchists who don't want freedom of expression but the freedom of sedition.  I call on Yair Lapid and Benny Gantz to immediately condemn this anarchic and incitant riot. I ordered the police to show no tolerance toward violence, incitement, and anarchy. We can not allow anarchists to burn Tel Aviv.”[…]  

looks like idolatrous worship

only one response to this: Epstein Island

Rabbi Weissman – A Hero in Our Time

Bravo Rabbi Weissman

I don't know why certain rabbis are in some sort of protected class and are allowed to get away with murder (pun intended).  The more prominent the rabbi, the greater the responsibility and accountability, not less.  If a rabbi has to be coddled and protected by people who run interference for him, if his weird behavior and odd statements have to be rationalized to keep his aura intact, he doesn't deserve it.

Last night I managed to confront Asher Weiss for a few precious seconds and ask him if he had anything to say to the many people who were harmed by the shots he forcefully said they had to take.  It should not have required an elaborate operation and some good fortune (Baruch Hashem) for this to happen.  

The video is available at https://rumble.com/v2ay2n4-confronting-asher-weiss-and-getting-assaulted.html.  See the description for more important links.

Notice at the 1:24 mark where I am shoved from behind, and then Weiss himself makes a menacing move at me.  It was a brief moment when the mask was dropped and Weiss broke character, before he quickly recovered and went back into phony mode.

A real rabbi would make himself available and explain himself, especially on matters of such serious importance.  A real rabbi would not be dismissive and condescending when questioned.  A real rabbi would not be openly hostile toward a peasant who managed to sneak through his defenses and ask him a difficult question, one which he has no right to run away from.

Asher Weiss is not a real rabbi.  He is a phony.  He oozes phoniness.  He is a bad actor, in both senses of the term.  And I don't want to hear about "respecting rabbis", "lashon hara", and "embarrassing someone in public".  Weiss is not the victim in this scenario.  He is the perpetrator. 

I was in the presence of real evil last night.  The fact that Weiss is a scholarly and educated man only makes him more sinister and dangerous.

For quite some time I have been urging the community to confront people like Weiss who distorted the Torah and pushed death shots on our people.  Enough coddling them.  Do what I did.  Approach them and ask them the questions their handlers and our controlled media never will.  Get it on video.  Share it.  There is nothing they can say that would make them look good. 

Even if they apologized, it would fall flat, because they should have done that on their own long ago.  But they won't apologize.  They will show themselves for the weasels they are, and seeing it is far more powerful than an article telling people about it.  This is an avoda, and it needs to be done.

You know who the main culprits are.  Glatt, Schachter, Tatz, Ariel, Eliyahu, moles from JOWMA, Hatzoloh, and other such corrupted organizations.  Unlike the politicians and corporate goons for whom they work, they can't hide from people in their own communities.  Go talk to them.  And share it.

Many people have all the time in the world to blow hot air on social media, but they won't do anything in real life that will actually make a difference.  Last night I stepped forward and did something.  I hope more people will do the same.


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