30 March 2011

Million Muslim March

Sorry, couldn't resist this.

The Million Man March has been stolen and usurped
and morphed into
The Million Muslim March
15 May 2011

Threatening to flood Eretz Yisrael with renegade Arabs claiming refugee status

Will 'Big Chief Laughing Bull' Barak have the IDF shoot rubber ducky rubber bullets at the invading hoards?

Or will the Iron Dome repell the invaders by flinging them into the air and back into the desert from whence they came 1500 years ago?

I am canceling my FACEBOOK page, which was only started as a requirement by my class instructor. It's a basically a setting for mostly inappropriate use of language.

Yes I know some good things have come about as a result, but it's not really an intelligent forum.

We can see this from here and here!

Today in Yerushalayim ........Today in America

This afternoon on our way to Rehov Agrippas in downtown Jerusalem, all of a sudden sirens blaring, fire trucks racing down the street, the police cordoned off the area right in front of the HaMashbir (department store of sorts).

We were a few feet from the spot.

The entire city's buses travel through and pick-up and discharge passengers, on their way to shop before the Passover holiday. Well, our bus was being re-directed, but we jumped off. We watched for a while, the police putting up red (warning) tape, chasing people from the area. The sapper got into his thick black armor. Talk about bravery. He then raced to the spot where the bag was. We don't know what happened next, but we did not hear an explosion.

Who cares if it was a careless or forgetful student! We know what happens when it isn't.

Well, we had errands to do, so we went on our way.

Meanwhile . . . Today in America:

Threats Claim Nuclear Bombs Hidden All Over U.S.

CHICAGO (CBS 2) – The threats came in the mail and to date, there have been 25 letters that warn of nuclear bombs destroying America. . . The letter inside said, “The Al-Qaeda organization has planted 160 nuclear bombs throughout the U.S. in schools, stadiums, churches, stores, financial institutions and government buildings.” It also said, “This is a suicide mission for us.”

"There are items in the letter that lead us to believe it is a hoax,” said Zavala. “There are several demands documented that aren’t fully coherent. . . “The FBI investigates every element. We can’t take that chance...."

W0w, two disastrous possibilities in one day, on the same day. Is there a message somewhere in this?

Let's Annex Yehuda and Shomron!

This is an AP news item that I saw on

Jerusalem - An Israeli official says Israel is considering annexing major West Bank settlement blocs if the Palestinians unilaterally seek world recognition of a state. . . .
Annexation of settlements is one option. The official spoke on condition of anonymity on Tuesday because no final decisions have been made.

With the peace process going nowhere, Palestinian leaders plan on seeking international recognition of a state, with or without an agreement with Israel, at the United Nations in September.

then build them
a supermarket,
a mall with empty shops
so they can open their own businesses,
and a ........

And when Iran tries to bomb, we will be defending us and them. Spoil them with material things so they decide not to rebel. We controlled Gaza, we can do the same for the settlers and our Yehuda and Shomrom.


If you think this is crazy, what do you call what's going on all around us?

29 March 2011

Forewarned . . .

The Magen David Adom has created a marketing ad that is prophetic.

in the New York Times!
Before WWII there was no opportunity to publicize the disaster approaching, but now with modern communications, it can be done. American Jews need an alert benefactor to pay and push for this message to reach ALL Jews.


This ad is startling and unmistakably clear.
The message is very clear,
is flowing in the streets once again?

America is asleep to the dangers escalating for ALL JEWS! And it's President doesn't care one twit about the American citizens. He's acting out his own agenda!

On Succot, Jews take the Arba Minim in their hands and shake them to bring down the Shefa (abundant Blessings). On Hoshana Rabba Jews klop (bang) the willows on the ground . . .

They pray every Succot for the wellbeing of the world.

Four fifths of Jews did NOT leave Mitzrayim. HaShem has given yidden a golden opportunity, their inheritance of Eretz Yisrael, Eretz HaKodesh. Our enemies are increasing and getting more brazen. Each country that still keeps HaShem's children is coming under attack, to shake the Jews up and get them to come to their lifeboat on earth.

No country will be left behind!

Magen David Adom is needed in every nation on earth more now than ever


The nations of the world under "O" and the UN and NATO and CFR and Soros, and ... the list goes on, are increasingly unfriendly and covertly working against Eretz Yisrael. "O" has circumvented the will of the good people of America, and in the US Govt, Congress, and the Jewish people of America, in "O's" actions against Libya. He went directly to and via the UN (a member of the New World Order government in place) to begin this THIRD war that is going to escalate into the final M.E. prophetic scenario.

LemonLime says: "this [Libya] is not about democracy or freedom this is all about neutralizing the nations that heretofore were great powers in the world and fighting for ultimate control of the Mediterranean Sea, the Suez Canal, and the straits of Gibraltor"

The "calculating one" in Persia said, "First the little satan, then the big satan."

All Jews must read (this is a precedent that can be used against chv"s Eretz Yisrael, Eretz HaKodesh):

Center for Security Policy | Mar 21, 2011
by Frank Gaffney, Jr.
"There are many reasons to be worried about the bridge-leap the Obama Administration has just undertaken in its war with Muammar Gaddafi. How it will all end is just one of them. Particularly concerning is the prospect that what we might call the Gaddafi Precedent will be used in the not-to-distant future to justify and threaten the use of U.S. military forces against an American ally: Israel. ..."

And another must read:

"Israel failed to realize until recently that the Palestinian bid to win United Nations General Assembly endorsement for statehood in September might not be merely declarative, but could have profound practical consequences under the provisions of a little-known UNGA resolution, Gabriela Shalev, the former Israeli ambassador to the UN, has told The Jerusalem Post.

"UNGA Resolution 377, also known as the “Uniting for Peace” resolution, was passed during the Korean War in 1950, at the initiative of the US, because the Soviet Union was vetoing UN Security Council action to protect South Korea.

"It permits the General Assembly to recommend a range of “collective measures” to supportive states, including sanctions and even the use of force, in cases where the permanent members of the Security Council cannot reach unanimity and where “there appears to be a threat to the peace, breach of the peace, or act of aggression.”

"The existence of UNGA Resolution 377, and the precedents for its use, said Shalev, mean that “those who believe that the UN General Assembly’s deliberations are of a solely declarative importance are mistaken.”

"If the Palestinians can gain General Assembly recognition for statehood under a “Uniting for Peace” resolution, she warned, “it would be a real obstacle… not just a public relations setback. This would seek to impose on us some kind of Palestinian state.”


28 March 2011

Gorilla calling the Fox ... a Guerilla


"The liberal group Media Matters (a/k/a Soros) and co-founded by Madame Hilary has quietly transformed itself in preparation for what its founder, David Brock, described in an interview as an all-out campaign of “guerrilla warfare and sabotage” aimed at the Fox News . . ." for its conservative defense of America.

Read more: at Politico.

27 March 2011

Arrested? ... Where are they now?

What Happened To Them?
Why Haven't we Read More About This?

Aaron Klein, Jerusalem bureau chief for World Net Daily reported:

"Two members of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’ official security forces were arrested in conjunction with this past weekend’s bloody massacre in which five family members were brutally stabbed to death inside their home in the Jewish village of Itamar, WND has learned.

"The names of the apprehended suspects will be released to the Israeli media within hours, but were revealed to WND by security officials working on the murder.

"Two cousins are now in Israeli custody and are suspected in the slayings. Ahmed Awad is an officer in Abbas’ Preventative Security Services in the northern West Bank city of Nabli
s. Iyad Awad is an officer in Abbas’ General Intelligence services in Ramallah."

Was there a follow-up to this report?

Who said this?

"He talked about the importance of strong family units, conservative outfits for women, healthy food and land ownership. But he also espoused controversial views on some subjects, saying that interracial births pose a threat to the white population and that Jews control the mainstream civil rights movement."

"Do you think they had humanitarian concerns when the British mowed down the Indians in India who were peacefully protesting?” he said. “Where [... are ] humanitarian values in America when you’ve got over 50 million Americans living in poverty, sick and diseased, with no healthcare?” "

“He was selected before he was elected,” ? . . “And the people that selected him were rich, powerful members of the Jewish community.”

". . . President Barack Obama [joined] up with the “old colonial masters” of the Western-led forces and expressed skepticism about European countries espousing humanitarian concerns, saying they “give noble motives to their wickedness.”

Read the source here

25 March 2011

Gog begins his evil plan and ... Ultimate Downfall

Prophecy spells out his doom in Daniel 11. Read what Rabbi Winston writes on the End of Days

From what I've been seeing in various articles and putting together pieces of a puzzle, it appears to me that U.S. Pres. Obama and his coalition of evils will (attempt to) invade Israel. I wonder if any American soldiers will defect over this, or will they see their mission as one similar to those misguided Israeli military who evacuated Gush Katif !? After all, the American people and US Congress does not go along with this. That's why Gog will go around the US and use the UN.

This is becoming as clear as glass.

If only Israel's leaders would get politically angry, and then act on it!

Hashem Yishmor!

Bless the A-lmighty for Shabbos Kodesh!

24 March 2011


It seems that Mark Zuckerberg approves of revolutions, and that may be why he allows a Muslim call for a Third Intifada, a call for war against the Jewish people and Israel, a call to revolt against the Jews, of which he is one and not exempt according to the Nazi WWII criteria, to be posted, circulated and advertised on his pet FACEBOOK!

Does he not know this is self-defeating?


Wikipedia: "On Zuckerberg's Facebook page, he listed his personal interests as "openness, making things that help people connect and share what's important to them, REVOLUTIONS, information flow, minimalism".

He calls himself an Atheist.

Read all about it on Wikipedia.

See also Third Intifada

Welcome Back Judah Ha(Sephardic)Kohain

And back with a Punch ...

Judah HaKohain from HaMikdash is blogging again.

Read what Judah has to say about the so-called 'dispensation of the Jews' by papa, and notice the crazed look in papa's eyes!

Send greetings to Judah on his beautiful new corner of the world.

22 March 2011

Sarah Palin resigned

... in her support for Am Yisrael and Eretz Yisrael

“Why are you apologizing all the time?” said Sarah!

"It’s overwhelming to be able to see and touch the cornerstone of our faith,” Palin told reporters upon exiting the tunnels. “I’m so thankful to be able to be here, and I’m thankful to know the Israel-American connection will grow and strengthen as the peace negotiations continue.”

Hilary Resigned?

Does this matter?
Is Hilary angry? Disgruntled?
What is she going to do next?
Or is this a graceful way of getting out of the fire?

I was getting used to seeing her diplomatic forays into white robed Arab nations. Just what they needed, an American, and a woman, negotiating the US position.

Read it all at Barry Rubin's blog

20 March 2011

WAR No 3?

"WAR NO. 3"

"Operation Odyssey Dawn"

Is this prophecy? The third war? WWI, WWII, and now, from a top online news site, War No III?

Not a World war yet, but it does involves major countries of the world, and the UN, in this coalition of France, England, America


Eisav joined by Yishmael

"Obama: U.S. supporting, not leading Libya military intervention
France and Britain take the lead in the international task force, as Qatar announces its participation in the attack to end 'intolerable' situation in Libya.

Iran warns Libya of West's 'colonial' intentions in wake of military strikes
Official says Iranian Foreign Ministry cautioning comes despite Tehran's professed position of defending the Libyan people's 'legitimate demands.' Haaretz

British and French jets over Libya. US, UK ships fire 112 Tomahawks

"The coalition of powers plans to expand its operations in the next 24 hours and then wait to see how Qaddafi responds.
The Libyan ruler last week threatened retaliation against the military and civilian targets of any nations attacking him in Europe and the Middle East. Saturday, he warned the French President Nicolas Sarkozy and British premier David Cameron they would regret leading the group attacking his country.

"Western intelligence experts calculate that he may he decide to strike back at French and British Middle East targets by air might, missiles and special forces, as well possibly as hitting civilian locations inside France. If this happens, the Americans are expected to join the anti-Qaddafi operation using their naval and air forces."

"A seaborne missile attack on the Libyan coast was indicated by the arrival in the Mediterranean of the nuclear assault submarine USS Providence last Monday, March 14. This sub has played a part in every important US missile offensive in the last decade, including the 2003 invasion of Iraq as well as important missions in Afghanistan. The score of coalition ranged opposite Libyan shores at present include the USS Kearsage marine helicopter carrier, the Amphibious Transport Docks and the USS Ponce, USS Barry and USS Mason guided missile destroyers." Debka

19 March 2011

Rep. Engel: It's Outrageous Too Many Nations Silent On Fogel Family Massacre


 "The cold-blooded murder of this family, the killing of children, is an act of depravity that must be strongly condemned.  It is the height of cowardice which makes anyone of good conscience scream at the injustice.  This despicable act not only destroyed this one family by ending five lives and traumatizing the remaining children, but it rocked the already-shaky situation in the Middle East."

“Far too many nations in the world have been quick to condemn Israel for every action it has taken in recent years, but have been notable for their silence when this family was butchered.  If the roles were reversed, the outrage would be deafening."

"I am especially appalled that within 24 hours of these lives being mourned, Palestinians publicly celebrated the memory of a terrorist who killed 37 people in 1978, including 13 children.  Until they stop committing these acts of violence, and then glorifying the criminals who commit them, there is little hope of ever achieving peace.  I can only hope that one day we will live in a time where these terrible acts are a thing of the past, and viewed with horror by future generations of Israelis, the Palestinians, the U.N. and the world.” Rep. Engel is a senior member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee."

PURIM Maccabeats

This is really great, and making the rounds on blogs. It should travel all over the world and bring a revolution of a different kind ...true peace. (thanks YY)

[Just look at these future doctors, dentists, accountants, Rabbis{?} and pizza shop owners]

17 March 2011

Bye Bye U.S. Dollar

What is Going to Happen to America's Currency?

US backing for world currency stuns markets. US Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner shocked global markets by revealing that Washington is "quite open" to Chinese proposals for the gradual development of a global reserve currency run by the International Monetary Fund.

The dollar plunged instantly against the euro, yen, and sterling as the comments flashed across trading screens. David Bloom, currency chief at HSBC, said the apparent policy shift amounts to an earthquake in geo-finance. Read more at The Telegraph

The following is from an e-vertisement on how to protect your money/savings. Of course at the end of the shpiel is something to buy, however some of what is written is worth noting:

Barton Biggs reports in his book, Wealth, War, and Wisdom:

"By the end of 1935, 100,000 Jews had left Germany, but 450,000 still [remained]. Wealthy Jewish families... kept thinking and hoping that the worst was over...

Many of the German Jews, brilliant, cultured, and cosmopolitan as they were, were too complacent. They had been in Germany so long and were so well established, they simply couldn't believe there was going to be a crisis that would endanger them. They were too comfortable. They believed the Nazi's anti-Semitism was an episodic event and that Hitler's bark was worse than his bite. [They] reacted sluggishly to the rise of Hitler for completely understandable but tragically erroneous reasons. Events moved much faster than they could imagine."

The Normalcy Bias

We simply refuse to see the evidence that's right in front of our face, because it is unlike anything we have experienced before. The normalcy bias kicks in... and we continue to go about our lives as if nothing is unusual or out of the ordinary.

Well, we're seeing the same thing happen in the United States right now. We have been the world's most powerful country for nearly 100 years. The U.S. dollar has reigned supreme as the world's reserve currency for more than 50 years.

Most of us in America simply cannot fathom these things changing. But I promise you this: Things are changing... and faster than most people realize.


Did you know that there are now nearly 42 million Americans on food stamps? That's nearly 13% of the entire population. Those numbers are up 17.5% from last year... and the number of Americans on food stamps has gone up every month for 19 months.

Can a country really be in good shape when 13% of the population can't even afford to buy food?


Although it's gone almost completely unreported in the mainstream press, in a dozen or so cities across the nation (like Fresno, Sacramento, and Nashville), there are hundreds of people living in modern-day, Depression-era shanty towns.

The Fresno shanty town has received the most publicity, after a visit by Oprah Winfrey. There, about 2,000 residents are homeless. They even have a security desk at the shelter, because the encampment has gotten so large. City officials say they have three major encampments near downtown, and smaller settlements along two local highways.


According to a recent article on MSN Money, about 43% of the American families spend more than they earn each year.

The Wall Street Journal reported:

"Over the last year the stock market has followed a path eerily similar to 1937. First, a strong, rapid run to a recovery high – same pace, same magnitude. Then a correction – again, the same. Will we continue on the path that led the correction of 1937 into a collapse in 1938?

A looming currency crisis is inevitable

Jews in America, maybe, just maybe it's time to reconsider a change.
"Location, location," as as is known in real estate lingo, is everything.

Seeing is Revealing

In appreciation of Apartheid Week, Elder of Zion put together some pictures of victims of Israeli apartheid.

WHY? ... Not Just a Disaster of "Nature"

I cannot help but see a link to the Devastation
committed against the Jewish People in WWII

The Wall Street Journal: At Core of Ruin, a Search for Life
Residents Pick Over Destroyed Landscape, Seeking Word About Mothers, Brothers

"Local residents walk through the rubble, wide-eyed. Sifting through two-story high mounds of metal siding, logs and snapped power lines, they scrutinize their postapocalyptic landscape for sign of hope."

"They're probably gone," 65-year-old Yumiko Yamauchi said of her two older sisters. Her back is slightly hunched, her legs wobbly."

Tokyo – The wind near a quake-damaged nuclear complex in northeast Japan, which has released radiation into the atmosphere, will blow from the northwest and out into the Pacific Ocean on Wednesday, a weather official said. The wind speed will get stronger in the afternoon, blowing as fast as at 12 meters (39.4 ft) per second, said the official at the Japan Meteorological Agency in Fukushima prefecture where the plant is based.

What is the link between Japan and the U.S.?

Retribution is Built Into the Very Fabric of Creation

International Apathy. Once again, the Nations of the World are ganging up on the tiny country of Israel, to force upon her their vision of who she should be.

Only ONE Voice of Public Conscience spoke out about the horrific murder of Jewish innocents in Itamar. The nations of the world are once again steathily allowing an evil terror-driven nation to descend upon the Jews of Israel. After the Nazis left the scene, come their inheritors, the "holders of daggers".

"The three big* contributors to the genocidal driven enemies of Israel are:
  • The EU
  • America
  • Japan"
Thank you *LemonLime Moon

G-d's Gift to the World

Israel is an inheritance given to the Jewish People by the G-d of the Universe, a Holy Land for a Holy People. No nation of the world has such an inheritance. All the so-called great nations of antiquity are no longer, melted into history. Only HaShem's children, the Nation of Jews is still in existence. But the nations of the world are guilt-ridden because Israel's struggles is a testimonial to G-d Who created them.

Retribution is built into the very fabric of the Creation of the Universe, at first seen through "nature" but eventually HaShem will reveal to all His Majesty in unmistakable and undeniable reality.

16 March 2011

Hitler said, I Hate the Jews, Because they Invented "the Conscience"

It is very difficult to resume the festivities of preparing for PURIM.

But thank you Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Jacobson Shlit"a for writing the following essay on our collective Jewish suffering hearts on these days between Moshe Rabbeinu's yarzeit (Itamar) and the holiday of
PURIM (Haman's decree to kill ALL the Jews).

Especially when we are witnessing the escalating momentum of the Geulah, as the nations of the world increase their evil toward the Jewish Nation, the People of G-d, His children.

The Glee in Murdering a Jewish Child
What Anti-Semitism Teaches Us about Jews

Rabbi YY Jacobson

Why did Haman, the Persian Prime Minister, want to annihilate all of the Jews?

The book of Esther tells the story: [1]

“All the king's servants at the king's gate kneeled and bowed before Haman, for so had the king commanded concerning him. But Mordechai would not kneel or bow. [2]

“The king's servants at the king's gate said to Mordechai, ‘Why do you transgress the King's command?’ Finally, when they had said this to him day after day and he did not listen to them, they informed Haman to see if Mordechai's words would endure, for he had told them that he [would never bow because he] was a Jew.

“When Haman saw that Mordechai would not kneel or bow before him, Haman was filled with wrath. He thought it contemptible to kill only Mordechai, for they had informed him of Mordechai's nation. Haman sought to annihilate all the Jews, the nation of Mordechai, throughout Achashveirosh's entire kingdom.”

Yet the logic seems flawed: Why did Haman want to murder Moredechai’s entire nation? If Mordechai was not bowing down to Haman, he should have plotted to kill Mordechai himself, or at most his colleagues, the spiritual leaders of the Jews. But why did Haman feel the urge to murder every single Jew in the 127 provinces of the Persian Empire just because one person, Mordechai, did not bow to him?

What is more: Many Jews who passed by Haman did indeed bow down to him. Thousands of Persian Jews were assimilated and did second guess the King’s instruction to kneel to Haman. [3] Mordechai was the exception. Why, then, did Haman crave revenge from every single Jew?

The Story of a Nation

The answer to this lay in the words of the Megilah: “But he [Haman] thought it contemptible to kill only Mordechai, for they had informed him of Mordechai's nation. Haman sought to annihilate all the Jews, the nation of Mordechai.”

What do these words—“they had informed him of Mordechai's nation”—mean? What exactly did they inform him about Mordechai’s nation? The issue here was that Mordechai himself was not bowing down to Haman; this outraged Haman. What does it have to do with Mordechai’s nation, some of them who were actually kneeling to Haman?

Yet it is these words which capture the core of the story. Haman felt that Mordechai’s opposition to him was not personal. It was not that Mordechai was too arrogant, too religious, or too intelligent to bow down to Haman. It is not that Mordechai’s towering personality or profound spirituality was causing him to shun Haman’s pompousness. If that would have been the case, Haman would have had Mordechai executed and life would move on. Rather, Haman sensed that Mordechai’s obstinacy was the result of him being part of a certain people, a specific, peculiar nation. Mordechai was a product of an entire nation, “the nation of Mordechai.” There was something about the entire Jewish nation which would not allow them to bow down to Haman.

And even when Haman saw that some Jews were bowing down to him, he felt that their prostration to him was disingenuous; these Jews were double-faced. The Jew, in Haman’s eyes, was “hopeless;” there was nothing to be done with the Jew. No amount of education or enlightenment could solve the “Jewish problem.” No amount of integration and assimilation could eliminate the stubborn quality of the Jew. Mordechai was not a lonely idealist; he was merely expressing publically the true innate nature of every single Jew, man, woman and child, who will never bow down to Haman for real.

Why, then, did some Jews bow down to him? To Haman that was a question or a revelation of their dishonesty. But it would not make him change his position on what a Jew is. Haman believed that the Jew, in his or her most inner being, could never truly accept Haman the Barbarian as his master and god.

Why? Because since Sinai, every Jewish soul, at its deepest core, experienced the presence of a living, moral G-d. And if G-d exists, moral law exists and there are limits to power and barbarism. (“I hate the Jews,” Hitler said, “because they invented the conscience.”) Haman, the ultimate arrogant barbarian power freak, knew that the presence of even a single Jew would paralyze his objectives.

Assimilation Does not Matter

This also explains why Mordechai kept on provoking Haman by refusing to bow down to him. [4] Why couldn’t Mordechai simply “disappear” when Haman was passing by? Why the need to continuously drive Haman mad and evoke his ire?

But Mordechai understood that for Haman, just as for all the Haman’s of history, it makes absolutely no difference if you bow down or you don’t. They will despise you regardless. Their hate to you stems from your very essence, not from your behavior. You may stand on your head all day in front of Haman, it will mean nothing. The problem is not what you are doing, but who you are.

Haman will look for the convenient excuse by accusing Mordechai of treason; but this is only a front to the true motive of his hatred—Haman sees in every Jew the ultimate enemy to his unbridled power and arrogance. To hide one’s identity in the hope of assuaging Haman’s hatred is futile. For even in the face of the tiny Jewish infant Haman saw the face of a living moral G-d. Destroying that face would equal, in Haman’s eyes, the destruction of G-d.

Gassing the Infant

We have seen in our own times how true this is. The most sophisticated, assimilated German Jew, who was more German than the Germans, who had Goethe and Schiller flowing from his lips, who was married to a blond blue-eyed Aryan woman, who knew every symphony of Mozart and Wagner, who was an avid student of Nietzsche and Schopenhauer—this Jew was sent to the Treblinka and Dachau gas chambers with the same glee as the OustJude—the ultra religious Chassidic Jew of the East, immersed day and night in the study of the our sacred texts and complete Jewish observance.

How can we understand this? The smallest, cutest, most adorable Jewish baby, incapable of harming a soul, incapable of harboring any political, territorial, religious or scientific positions, was clubbed to death with the same passion and brutality as the most productive, accomplished, learned, and respected Rebbe?

It is because Hitler saw every single Jew as part of “Am Mordechai,” the people of Mordechai. You may be bowing down to the founding fathers of German culture and philosophy, you may be kneeling to superstars of German’s heroes, but you are all of the “nation of Mordechai,” who would never bow down to Haman! The Haman of our own times saw in the visage of every Jewish child nothing less than the visage of G-d. Clubbing that little girl to death would finally kill G-d too.

Love Like They Hate

Sometimes we must learn from the Haman’s of history, how to view a Jew in the proper light.

We often hear that some Jews are hopelessly assimilated and lost to our people; any outreach work toward them would be futile, they just don’t care. We give up on them. Sometimes we feel that a small number of Jews, a small community, does not justify the investment of money and outreach work.

But for Haman and Hitler— every single Jew, even the most secular and alienated Jew, was a living embodiment of G-d Himself, hence they would not spare any money or effort to seize that Jew and murder him. If Hitler would learn that there was a single Jewish child left behind in a Polish village, he would spare no toil to send the Gestapo and fetch that Jewish baby. Because, for him, even the presence of a single Jew, obstructed his path to happiness and fulfillment; even a single Jewish child was a living witness to G-d.

Can we, then, do any less? Can we come and say, “Some Jews are too just too far out there,” or “why should I work so hard to help a single person?” If a Jew is never too insignificant to be hunted down in hate, he is never too insignificant to be embraced with love.

The Solution for Anti-Semitism

Mordechai thus understood very well that assimilation is not the real answer to Anti-Semitism. The Anti-Semite sees something in the Jew which would not disappear with assimilation. The solution to Anti-Semitism is to fight back with every possible means, with tall heads, dignified spirits, and erect souls.

And to remember that our salivation will come ultimately from one source and one source only. As long as we remain connected with that source, we will never die. For just as G-d can’t be murdered, so will His people never be destroyed.

Finally, we must recall that the world looks at the Jew and sees G-d. Humanity looks to the Jew for moral courage, leadership and inspiration. The world is disappointed with Jews who try so hard to fit in and lose their unique contribution to civilization. They want to see in us the living presence of G-d.

(This essay is based on an address by the Lubavitcher Rebbe delivered on Purim 1966)

[1] Esther chapter 3.
[2] See Rashi Esther 3:2, 4, that Haman turned himself into a deity and as a Jew Mordechai was forbidden to bow down to him. Other Midrashim explain that Haman donned an idol.
[3] See Talmud Megilah 12b, Midrash Rabah Esther and Targum Shani about the state of the Jews at the time.
[4] The Megillah later relates (ch. 5) how Esther invited Haman to a special feast with the king. But “when Haman saw Mordechai at the king's gate and [Mordechai] neither rose nor trembled before him, Haman was filled with wrath against Mordechai. Haman restrained himself and went to his house and sent for his friends and his wife Zeresh. Haman told them of his glorious wealth and his many sons, and all about how the king had promoted and raised him above all the king's ministers and servants. Then Haman said: "In addition, along with the king, Queen Esther invited only me to the feast that she prepared. Tomorrow, too, I am invited to her [feast] along with the king. Yet all this is worthless to me whenever I see Mordechai the Jew sitting at the king's gate!"

A Short Vort

I just received this from a friend in New York. Our next Shabbos is Shabbos Parshat Zachor, so I am posting this for Shabbat in Eretz HaKodesh:

The Short Vort from Rabbi Y. Eisenman,
Ahavas Israel Shul in Passaic NJ

Good Afternoon!
Today is the 7th Adar Beis 5771 and March 13, 2011

How to we respond to the massacre in Itamar?
What can we do?
How should we react?
Obviously, the ways of Hashem are beyond our comprehension.
Obviously we must leave true and complete justice to Hashem.
Nevertheless, we must react and we must respond; indeed, how can we not react?
We have just lost three Jewish children and their parents.

The Torah tells us after the death of the two sons’ of Aharon:

Then Moses said to Aaron, "This is what the Lord spoke, , 'I will be sanctified through those near to Me, and before all the people I will be glorified.' “And Aaron was silent (Vayikra 10:3)
The response of Aharon to the death of his sons was silence.
So too let us respond with silence.

This Shabbos is Parshas Zachor.
This Shabbos we remember Amalek and how they wanted to destroy us.
This week we are told to remember; and remember we must do.
What better way to remember the kedoshim (holy martyrs) of Itamar than through ‘silence’?
We are well aware how our Torah leaders throughout the generations taught us that talking in Shul brings about calamities (Chas V’Shalom) to our community.

Therefore, as a proper response to what has occurred in Itamar I am proposing an SOS program.


Shabbos, Parshas Zachor – 19 March 2011

We all should accept upon ourselves (bli neder) not to talk AT ALL in Shul for the entire time we are in Shul.

Meaning, from the time we enter the Shul (the actual sanctuary- not including an anteroom or the lobby) until the davening totally ends- [which means the completion of Adon Olam (or however your Shul ends davening)] – everyone; men, women and children- agree to accept upon themselves not to talk anything outside of tefillah (prayer) for the duration of the entire davening.

This includes NOT talking between Aliyos.
This includes NOT saying ‘Good Shabbos’ from the time davening has begun until it totally ends.
This includes not talking to our children who if they need to be ‘shushed’ and/or quieted down should not be there in the first place.
This includes everything outside of davening itself.

You may ask that this is very difficult?
You may ask that this is too hard to ask of the kehilla?

I ask you in retort:
How can we not respond to the massacre in Itamar in a meaningful way?
How can we not make this ‘minor’ sacrifice of being silent for one Shabbos davening while the five kedoshim of Itamar have already made the ultimate sacrifice?

Therefore, I am asking of all of you who will daven with us this Shabbos to assist us in responding to the tragedy by bettering ourselves and with self-improvement in the manner of Aharon HaKohen - And Aaron was silent.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

A note to those of our readers who do not daven with us at Ahavas Israel in Passaic:
If you feel this SOS program is for you and for your Shul/community- please feel free to forward this and institute this in your Shul.
I do not care at all if you quote me or not.
I just care about doing something meaningful as a response to the massacre.
How beautiful and meaningful it would be if all Shuls all over the world would be ‘silent’ for this Shabbos as a response to the terrible tragedy of Itamar.
May Hashem ‘hear’ our silence response as He did to the silence of Aharon.

15 March 2011

Loss of Life and the Meltdown of a People and a Nation

Sunday was covered in a cloud of sadness

Inhuman, barbaric, cannibalistic, are words that come to mind about the murders in Itamar, of the Fogel family resting after the Shabbat meal, parents, children and baby Hadas a"h. This horrific evil reminds me of the murders in Mumbai, leaving the same inhuman and barbaric footprints of insane murder. This is all the work of Amalek.

There was no shaking this from me. Thoughts of the recent tragedies accompanied me throughout the hours. My only solice, if that, was to look forward to sleep in the evening. Inside our sleeping we transmit and receive thought currents, and a rearranging of that day's events. What can we learn from these tragedies? What can we as a people living in one corner of the world take from these tragedies and apply to our own lives? What do we do now? Go on living as nothing happened?


But how long will this feeling last, unless we put into action some responses. What results came from the destruction of Gush Katif? From Haiti? From World War II?

From Itamar comes, "They kill, we build," as PM Netanyahu said? Have we as a Nation come to the "red line" of "enough is enough, we shout to the world."

But also, dear yidden, we need to look inwardly to our own deeds and to feel remorse, and try to look kindly upon each other. Have patience, do not judge one another, share the values we were given through our Holy Torah with one another in a non-threatening way. It hurts to see innocent peoples suffer, even if this is decreed. We are on an island in this world and need to care for one another, to keep HaShem's Mitzvos that He commanded us to keep. The imbalance in our own lives is contributing to the imbalance in the world. Please yidden, take hold of yourselves and straighten the crooked.

Our Holy Torah calls the Jewish People a "Light unto the Nations." Perhaps, because of the nature of the tragedies coming upon our small planet Earth, we Jewish People have a responsibility to shine that light unto the nations of the world.

Before the people of the world (thousands of years ago) became agnostics and believers in other paths of worshipping over thousands of years ago, they actually believed in the Creator of the World. The whole world witnessed the events at Har Sinai. We Jews call the Creator HaShem, "the name." Nature is a creation also, a veil between HaShem and His creations, the inhabitants of the world.

When nature veers from its natural pathways, it signals that something is wrong on planet earth. What can we possibly learn from a servant of HaShem rebelling? Something in the natural working order of the world is askew. An earthquake or a dagger, what is the difference of its effect? Destruction and death lie in its path.

One difference.
The dagger is premeditated!
It is held by a (supposedly) human being.

For 60 years, the Jewish People have tried to get along with the "holders of daggers." They come from the "planet death." They do not understand the preciousness and sanctity of life. There has been NO change in the attitude, behavior or purpose of the "holders of daggers." In fact, they teach their little children to wear bombs and wield daggers, to grow up to kill little Jewish babies. There has been NO change in the language, mentality, intelligence and purpose of the "holders of daggers" since they once roamed the desert in gangs of uncivilized warring gangs.

Because of the false pride and hatred of the desert tribes
they have not advanced into a civilized nation
able to provide for its people,
who are still living in deprivation,
physical and mental poverty.

Japan was once a war-like nation. After their horrific defeat in 1941, they turned their intelligence and might creatively developing into "the third largest national economy in the world, after the United States and China". Technologically and scientifically advanced, they developed their tiny island into a beautiful modern country.
But look what the 'natural' force of an earthquake and tsunami did to this tiny compact island.

275 new tremors ... Quake riddled Japan
Nuclear explosions
Meltdown of a Nation

The islands of Japan are located in a volcanic zone on the Pacific Ring of Fire.

From Wikipedia: Japan has a total of 6,852 islands extending along the Pacific coast of Asia. Together they are often known as the Japanese Archipelago. About 70 to 80 percent of Japan is forested, mountainous, and unsuitable for agricultural, industrial, or residential use. As a result, the habitable zones, mainly located in coastal areas, have extremely high population densities. Japan is one of the most densely populated countries in the world. As of 2010, Japan is the third largest national economy in the world, after the United States and China, in terms of both nominal GDP and purchasing power parity. Japan is a leading nation in scientific research, particularly technology, machinery and biomedical research. Nearly 700,000 researchers share a US$130 billion research and development budget, the third largest in the world. Japan is a world leader in fundamental scientific research, having produced fifteen Nobel laureates in either physics, chemistry or medicine, three Fields medalists, and one Gauss Prize laureate.

But what has this technological advance accomplished for these poor people? What actions did their government take to precipate this nuclear mess? For decisions has a nation been held accountable . . . for decisions will the world be held accountable.

We cannot prevent earthquakes.
But we are obligated to address the "holders of daggers".

There is accountability in the world

The Jewish Nation needs to shine the Light of the Holy Torah onto the peoples and nations of the world. There are 7 laws that the G-d of the Universe gave to His creations, the people of the world. And these seven laws bring about harmony on the earth. These basic seven laws are the beginning of civilization and a civilized people.

I suggest that PM Netanyahu start telling the nations of the world that they will be held accountable for their hatred and actions against the People of Yisrael, the Jewish People. That they need to keep the Seven Laws given to Noah after the Great Flood if they want to be spared the retribution coming upon the world's nations. There must be an end to killing and thievery, an end to hatred and war. The time has come to be accountable for one's actions.

These laws are known as the "7 Laws of Noah":

The Seven Laws of Noah (Hebrew: שבע מצוות בני נח‎ Sheva mitzvot B'nei Noach) form the major part of the Noachide Laws, or Noahide Code. This code is a set of moral imperatives ... given by G-d as a binding set of laws for the "children of Noah" - that is, all of humankind.

The holy seven laws are:

Prohibition of Idolatry
Prohibition of Murder
Prohibition of Theft
Prohibition of Sexual immorality
Prohibition of Blasphemy
Prohibition of eating flesh taken from an animal while it is still alive
Establishment of law courts

According to Judaism, any non-Jew who lives according to these laws is regarded as a Righteous Gentile, and is assured of a place in the world to come (Olam Haba), the final reward of the righteous.

If one transgresses these Noahide Code, one will be held accountable.

As told in the Passover Haggadah, the Children of HaShem witnessed at Yam Suf the destruction of their enemies, who had kept them in slavery, tortured them, and killed their children. This very same situation is happening in our times, Jews incarcerated for being Jewish, kept in prison beyond a rational timeframe, and the killing of innocent Jewish children.

I needed to do something with this cloud of sadness and the grief inside me for all the suffering that the Jewish People have gone through, propelled by the recent tragedies. With each horrific act of those "holders of daggers" the disgust and repellence grows and grows. I await another Yam Suf.

The nations of the world and the enemies of the Jewish People will be held accountable. Just as the Jewish slaves were redeemed from Egypt by Moshe Rabbeinu, we await the final redemption.

Moshe Rabbeinu,
we the Jewish People,
HaShem's children await your return

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