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17 November 2010

Test Run or More Iranian Bluster

JPost article: The AP Reports Teheran's radar stations reported 6 cases of unidentified jets entering country's air territory during nationwide defense drill.

Iran on Wednesday said that unidentified foreign planes violated its air space six times as the country kicked off its biggest ever air defense drill but that the intruders were intercepted and forced back by Iranian jets.

Was this a 'coincidental happening' in the face of Teheran's biggest ever war games defense drill? [There is nothing coincidental on the face of the earth]

Or was it more proffering to enhance their supposed capabilities?

And Reuters is aiding Teheran by reporting:

* Iran stages mock interception of warplanes
* Exercises involve protecting nuclear facilities
* Supreme Leader says Iran will not succumb to threats

But, U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates argued strongly against the military option just this week, and also indicated that "sanctions are biting hard and triggering divisions among its leadership."

So, why does the Jerusalem Post report the story AS IF the planes could have been from another country?

09 November 2010

3,000,000 Americans Fleeing Yearly


THE TOP ONE PERCENT - 1% top tax payers

• The top-earning 1% of taxpayers earned 20% of the income.
• The top-earning 1% of taxpayers paid 38% of taxes collected.
• That's almost double their share, based upon income.

that most others do not!

To find out, listen to this interview on
the Tamar Yonah Show.

Action America to read about "The Economy Bomb"

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