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20 August 2008

International Jewish Blogging Conference in Jerusalem

Reb Akiva from Mystical Paths is live blogging and posting photos.
If you're not hooked up live to the conference, head over to
  • Mystical Paths for an on the spot report.

    Gee, this Is..raellyCool seeing all the Jew[licio]us bloggers
    together discussing the Israel..i.. Matzav and
    sharing their blogging experiences.

    I know, a bit korny, but couldn't resist it.

    You can tell everyone there from me that without bloggers,
    "We the people..." would have no reliable, earthy, honest, informative,
    very interesting, issue tackling form of communication to
    dissect and deal with the rapidly changing world events
    vis-a-vis the place for every Jew in the world.

    IY"H we will see the final ingathering of our people
    in our Land, the Holy Eretz HaKodesh, soon, as we
    have been already alerted by the Chofetz Chaim zt'l in a
    dream (twice) to Rav Zohn Shlita that the Geulah is very
    near and we must prepare.

    And on Sunday, September 21, at the Nassau Colloseum
    Rav Amnon Yitzhak Shlita will be addressing everyone
    still in chutz l'aretz what to do in preparation.
    To get your tickets visit Rav Amnon

  • And if you STILL need some convincing to make your
    home in Eretz HaKodesh, here is some solid evidence.

    Thank you Akiva for linking us all together.

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