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31 August 2020

THE GREAT RESET – Life After Cash Food and Shelter


This will eliminate the frum seekers of tzedaka for the very poor religious families that do not have credit cards or bank accounts, and live solely on CASH!

ADAPT 2030

With a great leap forward in lifestyle change taking place in less than a year for personal movement, how long do you think it will take for the society to move through an economic reset? China buys largest soy and corn shipments on record as their grain production slips to near zero. Consider the Pillars of Preparation.  

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 ELUL 5780

5781 HOLOCAUST 2021

[I don’t know what to make of this? NIBIRU??]

Does anyone remember what it was like before WWII? 
What people went thru trying to get out of Europe? 
Fleeing from one country to another, sometimes on foot. 
And the countries that would not accept Jews? 

Well, the scenes we are witness to now, with new Entry Regulations to Israel, our Eretz haKodesh, plus this Traffic Light System of country designation whether red, yellow, etc, and which ones are allowing visitors, and those that are not. And the Traffic Light system for cities within Israel! 

Testing for leaving a country, testing to be allowed on airplanes, then upon entry testing and quarantine!

I’m afraid this is leading to a total world isolation “in place” and then mandatory vaccinations, all to diminish populations; with a result of the vaccine concoction that will affect different persons in various ways, such as diminished brain activity and strange illnesses, all leading to a slow demise. 

This sounds weird but in terms of earthly events of the evil ones.  When one looks at the events from the beginning of the so-called pandemic up to now, if one looks closely, one can see a pattern. 

The more one examines, the more one can see. The more one can extrapolate.


While we Jews believe “everything” is under the control of God. 
How can we look for and see His plan for His children throughout this universal ordeal? 
We are supposed to view current events reflective of our Torah prophecies and history. 

Until now it has been possible for any Jew to come to Israel on any airplane and visit and even remain as long as he/she wanted. And even become citizens while living here. But now it is different. If a Jew comes from anywhere without his “corona certification” he is deemed a “foreigner”.

We need to list all the “freedoms” we are no longer allowed. 
And all the things that are no longer available to us.

If travel is being restrained and eventually denied, this must mean we Jews are no longer free to come to our Homeland.
Jews will be stuck in the countries wherever they are living!

It will take Mashiach to come and get us, to bring us to Eretz Yisrael for the Redemption.

But in the meanwhile, take notice of everything strange, unusual, restricting, missing, etc. and put it all together as an End of History Map.

For instance:

USPS Files Patent for Blockchain-Based Secure-Voting System, UN's Global Plan!   https://youtu.be/dM_mpGkPGgc

30 August 2020

Behind the Scene — Covid Plandemic Slowly Changing Reality

Will ALL This Disappear After The Electiom? It Doesnt Look Like It! Keep your eyes open for these possible changes in your neighborhood.

Have you ever thought about the ramifications of a cashless society? 
Talking about the real, first-person effects, not some ephemeral conspiracy theory or possible biblical prophecy. This is bad news for a lot of reasons, not the least of which are the ways it would affect day-to-day life.
Learn More: Here's How A Cashless Society Would Affect Day-To-Day Life 

Read also: Trigger For A 'New World Order' Of Economic Stagnation & Social Destruction? zerohedge 

Big Shift Coming! Cashierless Stores Popping Up at Gas Stations, Stadiums 
Pretty soon you might find Amazon Go-like concepts just about everywhere.

Pay With Your Face In California 
In the future you won’t need a microchip implanted into your hand or forehead for payments, no, instead you’ll just need your smiling face. Welcome to facial recognition dystopia! A tech company called PopID says that it has helped dozens of retailers and restaurants in Pasadena, Calif., establish “the nation’s first dense ‘face-pay’ network.”- Learn More: https://www.activistpost.com/2020/08/...
[funny response to this: "start selling prosthetic faces of Jeff bezos and Bill Gates”]

Trigger For A 'New World Order' Of Economic Stagnation & Social Destruction? zerohedge 

The High Court of Destruction and Our Land Threatened

This is not the Rule of Law it’s the Rule of Foreign Persuasion and Desecrators of Jewish Life (see *US and Sovereignty below)

Maaleh Shai:  New settlement evacuated by Israeli security forces - during “Shabbat”

Maaleh Shai, a new settlement founded in memory of Petah Tikva stabbing victim, evacuated for the third time in less than a week. Maaleh Shai, a new settlement founded in memory of terror victim Rabbi Shai Ohayon, was evacuated for the third time on Saturday.

But home of killer of a Jew is let to stand

Rabbi Ohayon, a 39-year-old father of four, was murdered by an Arab terrorist at Petah Tikva's Segula Junction on Wednesday. Evacuees included the resident families, along with approximately 20 supporters who had arrived to spend Shabbat (the Sabbath) at the site. The residents reported harsh violence against them during the evacuation, as well as the use of pepper spray. arutzsheva

ABOVE Jews bringing in Shabbat on Friday Night BELOW: Arabs Rejoice, Burn Down Outpost, following Police Expulsion of Jewish Residents on Shabbat Night (do these look like arabs or leftists traitors?) JPress

Kumi Ori:  Border Police demolished two settler homes in Area B

Border police forces reportedly on their way to the Kumi Ori outpost on the outskirts of the Yitzhar settlement to demolish two illegally built homes on January 15, 2020.  (HONENU)

Mitzpe Kramim: 'The court is going to destroy my home, but not the terrorist's'

Residents of Israeli town ordered to demolished by Supreme Court blast ruling, notes court's refusal to allow terrorist's home to be razed. “You don’t fix a wrong with another wrong. Sometimes mistakes occur, and people settle on private land. But it is outrageous that the Supreme Court defends the home of a terrorist who murdered and IDF soldier, but then throws out 45 families from their homes,” said Leshem during an interview with Reshet Bet. http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/286132 

Netanyahu: "I regret the mistaken High Court of Justice decision on the evacuation of Mitzpe Kramim. I have instructed Prime Minister's Office Director General Ronen Peretz to meet with representatives of the community. We will exhaust all processes in order to leave the residents in their place and we are convinced that we will succeed.”

Mitzpe Kramim:

*The US is trying to turn Sovereignty into Unilateral Withdrawal Netanyahu is willing to accept the US proposal as is. His willingness to stand for Israeli interests is in a state of decline. arutzsheva

An exclusive news item published last week in Matzav Haruah, a weekly pamphlet distributed in Israeli synagogues, revealed that the U.S. is hardening Trump’s Deal of the Century, and now demands that the lines that demarcate the area where Israeli law is to be applied will be pre-defined as a “clear border”, without the possibility of amending them. This has caused many among the "settlement" leadership to demand that Netanyahu insist on changing the decision, and if he does not succeed– then to refrain from applying sovereignty.

Until recently, there was a widespread understanding with the U.S. that sovereignty would be applied over 30 percent of the territory of Judea and Samaria – half of Area C – and the rest of Area C would remain with an undetermined status for the foreseeable future, including the possibility that Israel might apply sovereignty there as well, if the Palestinian Arabs continued to reject the plan - as seems likely.

But in recent weeks, the article said, Americans have a new demand: Israel must already give up any future claims on the part of Area C where it does not apply sovereignty, even if the Palestinian Arabs don’t accept the plan and refuse to come to the negotiating table.

The original Trump plan, as it was presented to Israel in the festive ceremony at the White House on January 28th, noted that the attached map of sovereignty over 30 percent of Judea and Samaria, was a “conceptual” map only,, over which there would be negotiations with Israel. This was so in order to determine the map of sovereignty according to Israeli interests, and the interests of the "settlement" enterprise.

When the Americans published the map, it became clear that 15 of the communities in the entire area of Judea and Samaria would remain as enclaves within the area designated for a Palestinian Arab state:

  • Hermesh and Mevo Dotan in northern Samaria;
  • The four communities on the mountain ridge – Elon Moreh, Itamar, Bracha and Yitzhar;
  • Ateret in the heart of Binyamin;
  • Meitsad, Ma’ale Amos and Karmei Tsur in the east and in the south of the Etzion Bloc;
  • Telem, Adorah and Negohot west of the Hevron Hills;
  • Beit Hagai and Otniel in the center of the Hevron Hills.

The reality that the plan proposes to these communities is catastrophic, and eliminates all the advantage in achieving sovereignty: In these communities, indefinitely, from now on, it will only be possible to build upward. This was not the original American plan. This is a change that was made about two months ago. Any intelligent person can understand that the intention is to suffocate these communities and evacuate them. No one would come to live in a place where they tell him “you are isolated, you will suffocate, and your future will be as an enclave in a Palestinian state”.

This position already has practical, immediate ramifications: All municipal building plans (“Taba”) in these communities are already frozen in the Civil Administration’s Supreme Planning Board.

When representatives of Israel presented the demand to join these communities to a territorial contiguity, without changing the 70:30 ratio, they encountered American resistance – especially from Jared Kushner. It turns out that the conceptual map had become a map of fixed borders – even now, regardless of the current or future Palestinian position. Whether the Palestinian Arabs come to the negotiations or not, whether they accept the plan or not - the border is determined now, unilaterally by it.

And in addition: the Americans demand that in the part of Area C where Israel will not apply sovereignty there will be a building freeze – but only for Israelis. Because these territories are designated for a future Palestinian state. In the Trump plan, it states that “in the territories of the West Bank where it is not anticipated, according to this vision, to be part of the State of Israel, Israel will not build new settlements, expand existing settlements or promote plans to build in these areas. Israel will not expand the Israeli enclaves (that is, the 15 communities mentioned above – H.H) or promote plans to expand them in the territories beyond their present footprint”.

The plan also states that Israel “will not destroy any structure that exists at the time of this writing and will assure legislation and/or legal resolution to secure this result”. This refers to illegal Palestinian Arab building. (The only exception is “destruction of structures that present a security hazard, as will be determined by the State of Israel, or destruction of structures as punishment for acts of terror”).

Unprecedented building freeze

In a lecture given by U.S. Ambassador David Friedman at the Jerusalem Institute for Public and State Affairs on February 9th, he praised the State of Israel for “going the distance in agreeing to freeze construction in areas that the plan designates for a Palestinian state in Area C. This is a significant commitment that was not given in any prior agreement”. Friedman reveals here that Israel had agreed that half of Area C, where sovereignty will not be applied, another 30 percent of the territory of Judea and Samaria, is a down payment for a future Palestinian state – even if the Palestinian Arabs do not enter into negotiations, and even if they do not accept the plan.

And what is to happen after 4 years of this freeze? This is not clear. What is clear is that the Palestinians will take advantage of these four years to determine facts on the ground by building at their pleasure, as they are already doing. And if the Civil Administration is currently lax in enforcing its control over the territory, in the four next years there will be no such enforcement at all. Practically, we will lose half of Area C that is now under our control.

This is the main problem of the sovereignty plan! Not the willingness to consent to a Palestinian state and not the traffic arteries to the Jewish communities that would be under Palestinian control in the future. These things, after all, depend on the Palestinians entering into negotiations and accepting the Trump plan. And if they do not, those things will not happen anyway.

However, regarding the sovereignty map, this is an Israeli-American agreement that does not depend on the Palestinian Authority position at all. It bestows an immediate and unilateral status to the sovereignty map, which determines the fixed borders now, with Israeli-American agreement, regardless of the Palestinian position.

With Israel’s agreement to this, as demanded by Jared Kushner, head of the American team and President Trump’s son-in-law, Israel again finds itself in a sort of unilateral and irreversible withdrawal, this time from Judea and Samaria, very like Arik Sharon’s Disengagement.

The Trump plan is an agreement between Israel and the U.S., which obligates only these two parties. Therefore, Palestinian Arab rejectionism will not free Israel from the extensive concessions in the agreement made with the U.S.

It is not irreversible

The reality that I described is indeed bleak – but reversible. The Americans themselves are not consolidated and as we revealed last week in Matzav Haruah, there are some fairly complex disagreements between Vice President Pence supported by Ambassador Friedman, and Jared Kushner, the ‘bad guy’ in this story. Instead of struggling over the topic of recognition of a Palestinian state or the subject of traffic arteries – two issues that are not critical at the moment – we must focus the struggle on the main thing: the map.

Netanyahu can stand before the Americans and correct the map – provided that he is resolute enough to do so. Unfortunately, at the moment, he does not seem to have the required resolve. Netanyahu, who, in the past, could stand resolutely before the Obama administration, is willing now to accept his friend Donald Trump’s American proposal as is, even at the cost of abandoning the 15 communities, even with the one-sided cost of this process. It is as if the main thing is that he will be able to put a check mark on the paragraph “I brought sovereignty”. Bibi’s fighting spirit and willingness to stand strong for Israeli interests seem to be in decline.

And this is why we must not give in. Netanyahu can remind his friend Trump that his commitment in the ceremony in the month of February was to sovereignty over all of the communities without exception, as well as territorial contiguity with the State of Israel – and that is what must be. Not limited sovereignty, but to conclude in advance that if the Palestinians do not enter into negotiations, the other half of Area C would return to Israeli control, exactly as was stated in the Oslo Accords.

Haggai Huberman is a noted military correspondent, veteran reporter for Arutz Sheva Hebrew site and a regular columnist in the Hebrew weekly BeSheva. He is the editor of the popular religious Zionist weekly, Matzav Haruah.

Link to the original Hebrew article https://www.inn.co.il/Generic/Generic/SendPrint?print=1&type=0&item=438854

Israel’s New Peace Partner: A Look at UAE Slavery, Torture, Executions By Jewish Press News Desk https://www.jewishpress.com/news/middle-east/gulf-states/israels-new-peace-partner-a-look-at-uae-slavery-torture-executions/2020/08/30/

Boycott ended, F35s on their way, 


29 August 2020

Chofetz Chaim Proclamation of 5688 is More Relevant in 5780

[…H]ere is the public proclamation of the Chofetz Chaim, who quotes repeatedly from this week’s Torah portion: 

"With the help of the blessed G-d, the beginning of the month of Tammuz, the year 5688 from Creation, written in the city of Radin. 

"To the honored Rabbis and Admorim, in every location, perhaps it is in your hands to rectify this grievous situation, may your reward be great from the L-rd. 

"Behold, I have great anguish over this matter, and great wonder. Even though everyone believes that all that is written below is from the Holy One Blessed Be He, nevertheless, everyone is perplexed, and it is an enigma in his eyes why times have changed so dramatically for the worse. 

"In addition to the fact that all of the Jewish People, in every place of their dispersion among the nations, have fallen to a state of subservience, the cost of living also rises daily, taxes and rents also greatly increase, terrible decrees hampering the observance of Torah and mitzvot have fallen on everyone, causing the Torah study of children in many cities to be abandoned, and earning a living comes at great toil. In summary, each Jew complains, each in his own fashion, over his difficult situation.

"Today, because of our great sins, bitterness surrounds us, and when a person looks around him at the state of his life, there is not a day that is not cursed more than yesterday. And when he examines his situation regarding Torah and mitzvot, he sees that there also he has absolutely no success. And even though every Jew beseeches the Holy One Blessed Be He to answer his pleadings and to grant him respite, no one hears - this is the true situation. 

"I have said that the main reason is that we ourselves distance the Holy One Blessed Be He from us. He commanded us, "Sanctify yourselves and be holy" (Vayikra, 20:7), and our Sages have taught us that everyone who sanctifies himself on earth will be sanctified from Above. If he sanctifies himself a little, he will be sanctified a great deal from Above (Yoma 39A). When he sanctifies himself in this world, he is sanctified in the world to come. It is also written, "For the L-rd your G-d walks in the midst of your camp to save you, and to conquer your enemy from before you" (Devarim, 23:15). 

"The meaning of "to save you" includes many things, to save you from the sword, and from hunger, from imprisonment, and from humiliation. The verse continues, "Therefore your camp shall be holy, that He see no unchaste thing in thee and turn away from thee." The Torah explains the matter explicitly, that when we conduct our lives in a holy manner, then He walks in the midst of us to deliver us from every evil thing. However, if He sees in us some unchaste matter, He turns away from us, and this brings upon us all of the tribulations, G-d forbid. 

"Behold, our Sages stated, 'A handbreadth exposed in a woman, in a place that is usually covered, constitutes sexual immodesty' (Berachot 24A). And today, due to our many sins, this matter has very greatly spread, and the evil inclination seduces women to walk around without covering their hair, and to go out with their arms exposed in sleeveless dresses. And many of their garments expose the bosom. Everything is exposed so that in whatever place a man should look, he is confronted with immodesty....

"In summary, this terrible fashion of the times brings a man to have evil imaginations...G-d forbid, (and in doing so, he endangers his small children, as the brilliant Torah scholar, the Yaabetz, wrote in his prayer book). And almost because of this terrible fashion alone, we ourselves negate the admonishment of the Holy One Blessed Be He, as it says, "Therefore your camp shall be holy, that He not see in you any unchaste thing." 

"And behold, it is known to everyone that when a fire bursts out in the vineyard of the king, a proclamation goes forth from the ministers of the king to the inhabitants of the city, saying: ‘Everyone be strong to extinguish the fire in any way you can, for the vineyard of the king is burning, and if you are lazy in this matter, know that you will be held responsible with your lives, and you will be labeled rebels, because you did not take heed for his honor. And if you take courage, as is fitting, and put out the fire, then everyone shall receive his reward and honor according to his efforts.’ So too in this matter, for it is known that all of Israel is considered the vineyard of the L-rd, as is written, ’For the house of Israel is the vineyard of the L-rd of Hosts’ (Yisheyahu, 5:7).

"And due to our many sins, a great blaze has erupted in His vineyard in several places because of this terrible modern fashion. For the power of impurity has considerably strengthened because of this. As our Sages have said on the verse, "And you shall guard yourselves from every evil thing" (Devarim, 23:10). For if this should occur, all of the blessing and Divine flow to this man's deeds will be cut off, and because of this he will be surrounded by evil tribulations, as is written in the holy books of wisdom. 

"Therefore, every man has the obligation to extinguish this terrible fire, and to rectify the situation in his home so that everything will be according to the law, and not to allow licentiousness, G-d forbid. And in doing so, he will merit to have upright and exalted holy children. 

"And more than anyone else, this obligation falls on the rabbis and on all those who are zealous to fulfill G-d's words, that in every city and village, the importance of this matter must be publicly explained, in that it directly effects our survival and our success, both physically and spiritually, in this world and the next. Thus will the verse be fulfilled, "And your camp shall be holy." 

"These words are written in the honor of G-d and His Torah, out of anguish over the tribulations of His nation Israel, with the longing for redemption, speedily in our time, Amen.” 


Yisrael Meir, the son of Areyeh Zev, the Kohen
Author of the book "Chofetz Chaim" and the Mishna Berura

The above appeared on Arutzsheva online.

28 August 2020

Rabbi Kahana: Ki Teitzei–Precursor to Mashiach

BS”D Parashat Ki Taitzai 5780

Rabbi Nachman Kahana

The Secret to Defeating the Enemy

Devarim 23:

(י) כי תצא מחנה על איביך ונשמרת מכל דבר רע… (טו) כי ה’ א-להיך מתהלך בקרב מחנך להצילך ולתת איביך לפניך והיה מחניך קדוש ולא יראה בך ערות דבר ושב מאחריך

9) When you are encamped against your enemies, distance yourselves from all impurities… 15) For the Lord your God is present in your camp to protect you and to deliver your enemies to you. Your camp must be holy, so that He will not see among you anything indecent and turn away from you.

The following are quotes said by great men of Am Yisrael before going out to battle. Can you make the association?


הצילני נא… כי ירא אנכי אתו פן יבוא והכני אם על בנים

Save me, I pray… for I am afraid he will kill me and the mothers with their children


אלה ברכב ואלה בסוסים ואנחנו בשם ה’ אלהינו נזכיר:

המה כרעו ונפלו ואנחנו קמנו ונתעודד:

ה’ הושיעה המלך יעננו ביום קראנו:

Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the Lord our God.

They are brought to their knees and fall, but we rise up and stand firm.

HaShem, give victory. The king will answer us when we call!


אתה בא אלי בחרב ובחנית ובכידון ואנכי בא אליך בשם ה’ צבאות אלהי מערכות ישראל אשר חרפת

היום הזה יסגרך ה’ בידי והכיתך והסרתי את ראשך מעליך ונתתי פגר מחנה פלשתים היום הזה לעוף השמים ולחית הארץ וידעו כל הארץ כי יש אלהים לישראל:

(מז) וידעו כל הקהל הזה כי לא בחרב ובחנית יהושיע ה’ כי לה’ המלחמה ונתן אתכם בידנו:

You come against me with sword and spear and javelin, but I come against you in the name of the Lord Almighty, the God of the armies of Israel, whom you have defiled.

This day the Lord will deliver you into my hands, and I shall behead you and will give the carcasses of the … army to the birds and the wild animals, and the whole world will know that there is a God in Israel


ויאמר … אל הנער נשא כליו לכה ונעברה אל מצב הערלים האלה אולי יעשה ה’ לנו כי אין לה’ מעצור להושיע ברב או במעט:

And … said to his young armor-bearer, let us go to the positions of these uncircumcised men. Perhaps HaShem will act in our behalf. For nothing can hinder the Lord from saving, whether from many or from few.


חזק ונתחזק בעד עמנו ובעד ערי אלהינו וה’ יעשה הטוב בעיניו:

Let us be brave and for the sake of our nation and the cities of Hashem our Lord and HaShem will do that which is right in His eyes


שמע ישראל אתם הקרבי היום למחמה על אויבכם על ירך לבבכם אל תיראו ואל תחפזו ועל תערצו מפניהם, כי ה’ א-לוהיכם ההולך עמכם להלחם לכם עם אויבכם להושיע אתכם” -ד

Listen Yisrael. Today you are going into battle against your enemies. Do not be fainthearted or afraid; do not panic or be terrified by them.  For the Lord your God will accompany you to fight for you against your enemies to give you victory.


.ואין מעצור לפני שמים להושיע ברבים או במעטים. כי לא ברב חיל ניצחון המלחמה ומן השמים הגבורה” 

There is no constraint before HaShem in Heaven to save the many or the few for victory does not depend on the numbers of combatants, but on the heavenly decree


ה’ תן בי ענווה תן גבורה ותן בי את חכמת הלב על מנת שאדע להוביל את האנשים הללו באתגרים הניצבים בפנינו“.

HaShem grant me humility, grant me courage and wisdom of the heart so that I shall know how to lead these men in the challenges that await us.



1 Our father Ya’akov when preparing for battle against Aisav

2 King David

3 David before killing Golyat

4 Yehonatan son of King Shaul before attacking the Philistine army

5 Yoav ben Tze’ruya before his battle against Amon

6 The Kohen appointed for War

7 Yehuda Hamacabee

8 Brigadier General Ofer Vinter two weeks ago on his appointment as commanding officer of the Aish division.

The above Jewish greats were not contemporaries and the names of their enemies were different, but they shared a common understanding that victory is not guaranteed by the number of troops or tanks, but by the courage of the soldiers and the will of HaShem who shall be victorious.

In this matter Brigadier General Ofer Vinter stands shoulder to shoulder with our father Ya’akov and the others. Indeed, there are hundreds of thousands of soldiers in Tzahal for whom fear of the enemy does not exist because in their hearts is the fear of Hashem.

IDF soldiers pray at the Kotel

IDF soldiers pray at the Western Wall on Jerusalem Day, which marks when the IDF reunified Jerusalem during the 1967 Six-Day War. From left to right, the soldiers belong to: Kfir Brigade, Golani Brigade, Paratroops Brigade, Givati Brigade, Nahal Brigade.

Precursor of the Mashiach

I write this now because of what I believe is the change awaiting the Medina as the precursor of the Mashiach.

The Creator is forever deliberate, purposeful, and intentional; where every blade of grass, grain of sand, and every entity in the universe has a useful purpose. So, for what purpose is the present pandemic serving the people in Eretz Yisrael?

The coronavirus is creating a chaotic situation in the political arena which is filtering down to all walks of life: economy, education, tourism, Torah institutions, etc. And the call for a fourth national election in a year and a half is never far away.

Our secular democratic system of government, as all others, is based on the premise that the source of authority and morality is Man himself. He is the “tree” in the middle of Man’s Garden of Eden. The Knesset is empowered to legislate Shabbat, kashrut, define what is marriage, who can marry and who is a Jew. In fact, every matter of life can be controlled by the 15 members of the Israeli Supreme court, and all but three of the Justices are secular. The time has come for a basic change which will bring us closer to displacing mortal Man and restoring HaShem and His Torah to the center of the “Garden”.

The chaos will by necessity force the military to seize the helm of power in order to restore some semblance of stability to the Medina.

The leverage that the religious segment in the country has over governmental decisions is minimal, whereas the ever-growing number of religious soldiers has a greater influence in the army. In a military government Torah principles will be a more pervasive force in the life of the Medina.

This is the overall schematic plan, in my view:

► Pandemic

► Political paralysis

► Power struggle

► Suspension of democratic institutions

► Charismatic military-religious personality

► Restoration of Halacha as the binding law of the land

► Restoration of the Monarchy and the Sanhedrin

► Yerushalayim and the Bet Hamikdash.

The time frame – ten to twenty years be”h, if not sooner.

Be careful, Be healthy, Be Here!

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Shabbat Shalom,

Nachman Kahana

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