28 February 2018

Geula B’Rachamim – PURIM


How many sleepless nights Mordechai must have had. He had the weight of the entire Jewish people on his shoulders, and other than Esther, no one really appreciated what he was trying to do. He saw something few others saw, and it worked AGAINST him. Some even saw him as the enemy, antagonizing Haman against the Jewish people. It was a while before he was vindicated, and after he was, he still had those who opposed him.

Long before that, the prophets of the Jewish people had an even more difficult time, and they had been prophets! The people didn’t want to hear their warnings. The people didn’t want to adjust their lives. They threw caution to the wind, and the prophets with it. They paid for it, but it was too late to do anything about it.

And today? We don’t have any Mordechai’s or prophets. We just have a handful of people who THINK they see what is happening, who THINK they know what is coming next. Not very convincing. Not very convincing at ALL. Oh well.

In the meantime, here is the next essay, and a timeline to go with it [to be found at GBR link]. If you want to get involved in the project, give it a chance to work, use this link GeulahB’Rachamim.

Rabbi Pinchas Winston Shlit”a

Have You Thought About THE Redemption?

Megillas Esther by Taryag613

Esther 6:2, Question 1. Why does the verse describe the incident as “found?”

ב וַיִּמָּצֵא כָתוּב אֲשֶׁר הִגִּיד מָרְדֳּכַי עַל–בִּגְתָנָא וָתֶרֶשׁ שְׁנֵי סָרִיסֵי הַמֶּלֶךְ מִשֹּׁמְרֵי הַסַּף אֲשֶׁר בִּקְשׁוּ לִשְׁלֹחַ יָד בַּמֶּלֶךְ אֲחַשְׁוֵרוֹשׁ

2. And it was found writing that Mordechai related on Bigsana and Seresh, two eunuchs of the king from the guards of the threshold who sought to send their arm at King Achashverosh.

According to the Midrash (Esther Rabba 1:3), the verse describe the incident as “found” because, as bad as Achashverosh was, one good thing about Achashverosh was that he had everything recorded. One positive aspect of this is that he wrote both positive and negative events, a sign of humility. Another positive aspect of this is that writing down a chronicle of events helps a person grow spiritually (Pri Tzaddik, Chukas 4). After being inspired, the absence of a written record may cause that inspiration to disappear.

There is an incident in which, as a young man, Rav Shlomo Brevda was walking in a poorly-maintained street when the street lights went out. He walked carefully, and when the lights cam back on, he found himself on the precipice of a large hole. He was inspired to pray the next morning with extra feeling and gratitude. However, when the next morning arrived, he found this inspiration gone like a deflated balloon. Upon asking several rabbis for an explanation of this phenomenon, he was directed to the Chazon Ish. After a rather lengthy bus ride to seek out this gadol’s advice, the Chazon Ish explained to him, “there is a special yetzer hara designed to deflate your inspiration immediately after a miracle.” One way to fight this and tap into your emotion is to write down that event.

The Malbim writes that Haman erased mention of Mordechai from the public document, and replaced any mention of him with his own name. Since he was unable to erase Mordechai’s name from the king’s private record, Achashverosh found it odd, if not suspicious, that Mordechai was the one who helped save him. This will help explain why his treatment of Haman and Mordechai from this point become the polar opposite of his treatment of them previously.

The Talmud (Megillah 16a), commenting on the abnormality that the verse says kasuv (“writing”) instead of kasav (“written”), which Rashi explains (there) means that it was being written anew teaches that Haman’s son, Shimshi, was attempting to erase Mordechai’s name, but the angel Gavriel was rewriting it. Interestingly, the Rokeach and M’nos HaLevi point out that the gematria of the first six words of our verse, “vayimazei chasuv asher heegeed Mordechai al”

(6+10+40+90+1+20+400+6+2+1+300+200+5+3+10+4+40+200+4+20+10+70+30=1,472) is equal to this Talmud’s statement = “shimshi mochek v’Gavriel kosev”


The Talmud (Megillah 16a) continues that if something is written about the Jews below cannot be erased, how much more-so is this true in Heaven! In explanation, the Bobover Rebbe says this is hinting to H-Shem’s two books – one below and one above, mentioned in the Mishnah (Avos 2:20) in which H-Shem does His accounting for our behavior.

Rebbetzin Tzipporah Heller stresses the tremendous effect of one human’s singular act written in a book leading the Jews to redemption. Accordingly, this is why the Rambam writes (Mishnah Torah, Hilchos Teshuva 3:1) that just one good deed tips the scales for individual and for the whole world.

Esther 8:12, Question 1. Why is the battle and plunder limited to a single day?

יב בְּיוֹם אֶחָד בְּכָל–מְדִינוֹת הַמֶּלֶךְ אֲחַשְׁוֵרוֹשׁ בִּשְׁלוֹשָׁה עָשָׂר לְחֹדֶשׁ שְׁנֵים–עָשָׂר הוּא–חֹדֶשׁ אֲדָר

12. “On one day in all the states of King Achashverosh, on the thirteenth of the twelfth month, which is the month of Adar.”

Rashi explains that the gentiles’ property was only included in the letter because the Jews’ property had been threatened in Haman’s original decree.

The Vilna Gaon writes that the Jews did not want to plunder, and it would have been enough for them to be out of this great danger, but Mordechai and Esther had to have parallel language to Haman’s decree (Esther 3:13).

The Maamar Mordechai points out that when a government kills someone, it seizes that person’s property; here, Achashverosh wanted to give it to the Jews.

Malbim notes that there was less time for looting to stress that the Jews were really focused on self-defense.

In Yosef Lekach’s opinion, Achashverosh gave permission to take spoils, but Mordechai limited the time in which it could be done to lessen the Jews’ ability to enjoy the plunder in order to avoid the same problem as occurred in the time of Shaul (Shmuel 1 15:9), when they did not completely wipe out the property of Amalek for the sake of their flocks.

R’ Moshe Dovid Valle notes that the Torah (Devarim 19:18) speaks of eidim zomemim, who are false witnesses proven to have not been in the location of the crime regarding which they are testifying. Their punishment is to receive the same consequences their testimony would have incurred on the person about whom they testified. Here, too, the enemies of the Jews – having testified falsely about the Jews – receive the consequences they wanted for us.

Esther 8:11, Question 2. Why do the letters command the Jews to plunder?

R’ Dovid Feinstein writes that the Jews were expected to plunder the wealth of the gentiles because of mida kineged mida (“measure for measure”). After all, Haman’s decree (Esther 3:13) included gentiles plundering the valuable of their Jewish victims.

However, the Malbim points out that, as opposed to Haman’s letters, these letters did not imply that the plundering was to take place after the enemy was killed out. Rather, they only had one day! This is because Haman gave plenty of time to plunder in order to help motivate the hordes. Mordechai, on the other hand, did not need to do this since survival is the greatest motivator.

Class Participant YML suggested that if this letter were written by Achashverosh, it is possible he only gave them one day out of his anti-Semitic desire to give the Jews less than what they were entitled to receive.

Esther 8:11, Question 3. What does the word es add to the command?

The Ginzei HaMelech writes that the word implies that the Jews were allowed to annihilate these enemies, despite the fact that Amalek is the only nation we are allowed to annihilate. This includes nations not of Amalek involved in the attempted annihilation of the Persian Jews.

The Ginzei HaMelech continues by questioning how we can annihilate another nation. He quotes the Rambam (Mishneh Torah, Hilchos Melachim 5:4-5) who points out that the Assyrian king, Sancherev, mixed the nations that he conquered, and we no longer know the actual national pedigree of any people

He answers by quoting his friend, R’ Akiva Stolper that this permission includes any nation that exhibits the characteristics of Amalek. He proves this with a story of R’ Chaim of Volozhin, who once visited St. Petersburg. He saw a little boy there named Nikolai, about whom he confessed to his companion, “he worries me. He is Amalek.” That boy grew up to be the raging Jew hater, Czar Nikolai. Nikolai’s pedigree to the Russian royal throne was unquestionable, so the only way for him to be Amalek is in his personality.

Here, too, these people had the characteristics of Amalek. Despite the obvious fact that the Jews were ascending, these people were still planning an attack! Only Amalek would do something like that, as they did when they attacked the victorious Jews leaving Mitzrayim (Shemos 17:8) so many years before. The Midrash (Tanchuma, Ki Teitzei 9) compares Amalek to a person who knowingly scalds oneself by jumping into a boiling hot pool in order to convince others to do it, too.

Esther 8:11, Question 4. Why do the letters not name the enemies?

In Ma’aseh Chemed, the Steipler Gaon writes that the letters do not explicitly name the Jews’ enemies in contrast to Haman’s letter (Esther 3:13). There, Haman was concerned that some people might misinterpret his decree to target some other disliked minority. Therefore, he spelled out clearly who the enemies were. By being specific, the ring-leaders could start making plans, stockpiling weapons, collecting Jewish addresses, etc. However, by performing these acts, the Jews’ enemies made themselves conspicuous to the Jews. For this reason, the purported enemies in this verse could be vague because Jews knew exactly who they were already. How complete and precise is H-Shem’s justice! Haman and his cohorts dug their own graves.

Esther 8:12, Question 5. Why do the letters call the threat against the Jewish lives “al nafsham” (“on their souls”)?

In Machir Yayin, the Rema writes that the verse’s use of the phrase “al nafsham” (“on their souls”) rather than “al gufam” (“on their bodies”) implies that the Jews’ targets were their spiritual enemies, not their physical enemies. In other words, Jewish survival depends upon their defending themselves from sin.

The Sfas Emes focuses on the word al (“on”). He explains in this context that teshuva out of a sense of love is greater than teshuva out of fear. According to him, the Jews were on a higher level at this point – no longer threatened with annihilation – and the verse therefore uses the word al.

Source: MegillatEsther



"The deep state is rotten and disloyal. And it’s launching a coup to put its own Labor man in power” and other Purim Chelm Goodies:

"If you think CNN’s Trumpmania is bad, the Israeli police and media have spent the better part of a decade trying to invent ridiculous Netanyahu scandals. How ridiculous?

"Labor’s deep state still runs much of Israel the way it did when Ben-Gurion was still alive. It doesn’t just have the media and academia, the non-profits and the elites, the way most national ‘lefts’ do. It also controls the old machinery of government that it spent generations running and robbing.

"Ben-Gurion’s tenancy may be a factoid to most, but it’s a sore insult to Labor. And its deep state is working overtime to force Netanyahu out of office using fake scandals, fake news and fake police.

"Israel has a first-world military and a third-world police. . .Its police force is Middle Eastern. At its best, it’s useless and at its worst, it’s deeply corrupt and abusive. The same holds true for the entire justice system which remains a fossilized remnant of its socialist past that deserves to be classed with those of Russia or Uzbekistan.

"In the United States, the inciting incident of the Flynn investigation appears to have been his advocacy on behalf of FBI Supervisory Special Agent Robyn Gritz who had accused former boss Andrew McCabe and others of sexual discrimination. Police Commissioner Roni Alsheich used the campaign against the Prime Minister to accuse a female police officer who had complained about sexual harassment . . . .

"The leftist deep state isn’t interested in dealing with the real threat. It undermined Netanyahu’s efforts to take out Iran’s nuclear program.

"The deep state is rotten and disloyal. And it’s launching a coup to put its own Labor man in power."

Source: Read all of The brilliant SultanKnish

In Keeping With The Times

Talmud Bavli Megillah 15a-15b [R. Papa said]: 
They also called him, The slave who is purchased for a loaf of bread.

Here is a Rabbinic story based on this line from the Talmud:

Once the king [Ahashverosh] issued money and dispatched it to the heads of armies in order to help the armies [leftist deef state] conquer the provinces [PM]. Haman took half of this money and spent it on himself, and when he needed it for the soldiers he did not have enough left. He approached Mordecai [Mashiach] because Haman knew that Mordechai had money. In fact, the money was in Mordechai's hand just as the king had issued it to him. Haman said to Mordecai: Lend me from this money which is in your hand.  Mordechai said to him: I will not lend it to you unless you sell yourself to me as a slave. Haman accepted this upon himself and they both agreed to the loan. Mordechai wrote in the contract, "Haman, the slave of Mordechai, sold himself for a loaf of bread". From this point onwards, Mordechai considered Haman to be his slave and even his property. Later, when Haman got promoted by the king and asked Mordecahai to bow down to him, Mordecahi refused because he still considered Haman to be his slave.

The Final Geula and Connection to the 12 Dates the Brocha was Made on Erev Pesach

[Down Memory Lane:  a very interesting article from 3/16 bearing on our Redemption I present for re-reading, written by Joel Gallis And Dr. Robert Wolf]

We have been privileged to uncover a major, significant finding regarding our final Geula and its connection to the 12 dates that this Brocha has been made on erev Passover throughout our history.

Creation occurred in year 1, and 28 years later in year 29 the brocha was made, and 28 years later the brocha was made again and so on.

2. The 2 digits on the left side of the Jewish year will obviously increase, representing later ascending dates. However, the 2 digits on the right side in bold will ascend or descend. Again, nothing unusual.

3. We all know that if 2 odd numbers are added you arrive at an even number. And so we made pairs of the 2 right digits for the first 2 years and then the next two and so on as follows: 21 and 05=26; 37 and 21=58; 37 and 53=90; 37 and 69=106; 53 and 69=122; 85 and 69=154. You’ll notice the first unusual consequence as each total 26, 58, 90, 106, 122 and 154 are all ascending in value. This is unusual but nothing major.

4. But there is something unusual occurring here when you observe how much the ascent in value is. That is the difference between 26 and 58 is 32, the difference between 58 and 90 is 32, the difference between 90 and 106 is 16, the difference between 106 and 122 is 16, and the difference between 122 and 154 is 32. To understand this let’s quickly skip to the Book of Torah containing more secrets of our final redemption than any other book. At the end of the Book of Daniel in 12(4), the prophet is instructed to write the prophecies in an obscure manner, and to seal the book so that the secrets dealing with the end of days will not be revealed until that time. The prophet knew that people are skeptical regarding the use of numbers to uncover the truth. He knew that gematrias would seldom be used, and that a reverse gematria known as an atbash would hardly ever be mentioned. That is, until the actual time of the end. In Daniel 12(7) the prophet hears an angel explain that the end will occur after a “time, times and a half of time.” But exactly how much is a time? No one has been able to explain this.

Let’s return now to note 4 above dealing with the 12 Hebrew years when Bircas HaChammah fell on erev Pesach.

You’ll notice that in the above illustration unusual differences amounting to 32, 32, 16, 16, and 32 again are revealed.

Hashem has allowed a great secret to be revealed now. A time is 32, and times is 32 and 32, and a half of time is 16.

The number 32 has always been an extremely holy, but overlooked number. Hashem created the world by using אלקים, His holy name, 32 times. And when the world was finished and G-d had completed His work, the verse known as ויכלו appears. Where does it appear? In the 32nd verse in the Torah.

Thirty two is also the value of לב (heart) formed with the lamed, the last letter in Chumash, and the bais, the first letter.

When we finish reading the Torah, we immediately begin again.

Similarly, when the world as we know it runs its course, a new world (the real one) will immediately begin.

Additionally, if you add up 32 (time), 64 (times) and 16 (one-half of time), you get 112.

The brocha that is made at the recitation of Bircas HaChammah is , עושׂה מעשׂה בּראשׁית . The first letters of these 3 words have a gematria of 112. Not only that but these 3 letters can be rearranged to spell בּעם implying that the event of Bircas HaChammah every 28 years, and certainly when it falls on erev Pesach should be experienced by a בּעם , a multitude of people. [. . .]

The redemption is a slow process that began in 1948 when the State of Israel was born.

A proof of that as well as a proof of the connection between geula and the blessing of the Sun is to spell out the words of Bircas HaChammah, and then add up the values of these letters.

בּרכת החמה
בּית 412
רישׁ 510
כף 100
תיו 416
הא 6
חית 418
מם 80
הא 6


I omitted the ‘prediction’ because it did not happen. However, does that make the remaining amazing calculations void; I don’t think so. Only, that Hashem intervened. I searched to see when Trump first wanted to run, or did say he was running, for President. As President Trump is certainly under the “influence.” So far, I found this Time of Trump Presidential Campaign. 

Obama actually said this, "Say what you will about Mr. Trump, he certainly would bring some change to the White House. “ This video ( is of Obama’s White House Correspondents Dinner where he once again dug into Trump, jokingly as only Obama can. While everyone enjoyed laughing, I bet Trump then and there decided to run, after being “roasted” one time too many.

27 February 2018

UPDATE Have You Thought About THE REDEMPTION Lately?

I’ve posted about “The END” and so have other bloggers, shiratdevorah, tomerdevorah, and of course, endofdays. However, I do not think many people take this seriously. I am relieved to bring to you the next adventure into the Redemption, the Geula, with Rabbi Pinchas Winston Shlit”a:

UPDATE:Geulab’Rachamim new link


Years back I started a project called “Geulah b’Rachamim,” literally “Redemption with Mercy.” The attached file begins to explain why. Along the way I got sidetracked, as do most people who get involved with redemption. More on that later. Now I am trying to get it back on track again, b”H. It is “Connecting the Dots,” and more.

The average reaction to this topic is usually one of no interest to only mild interest. Try and raise money for it and it falls even lower. “They" have to be coming with tanks and guns before Jews realize the seriousness of the situation. People just don’t understand how God works, or how to read Jewish history. It’s why we always get burned at the end of an exile. Without fail.

This is the last exile. This will be the final redemption, b”H. I’m trying to help break the mold. I am building a program, God willing, that will go international. I may fail, but not from a lack of effort. But I certainly will fail without help.

Personally, I think it is the mitzvah of the day. I will hopefully prove that in the coming weeks. You’ll have to decide for yourself. I’m willing to do the work. According to the Vilna Gaon, you can buy into it by helping to fund it.

This is the link to the temporary site. Click here. The real one is still under construction.

Thanks for considering,
Pinchas Winston

A PURIM GIFT? Shaked Removing Judea, Samaria, from High Court’s Jurisdiction

Shaked Removing Judea, Samaria, from High Court’s Jurisdiction

[more and more the work of a 'prime minister in potential’]

The Ministerial Committee on Legislation on Sunday approved an initiative of Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked (Habayit Hayehudi), to transfer the powers over Judea and Samaria from the High Court of Justice to Administrative Affairs Courts, to be established in Israel’s Magistrate’s Courts.

Over the years, High Court of Justice judges have repeatedly rejected the state’s requests to postpone the evacuation and demolition of Israeli outposts, in order to be able to carry out infrastructure and other works needed to sanction them as legal settlements. Shaked’s view is that “the Administrative Affairs Court is the proper address that allows an examination of the facts rather than accepting for claims of ownership which are made casually and are not backed up by proof.”

The high court, being by definition a court of appeals, does not examine evidence thoroughly in land claims as would a lower court, leading to numerous rulings in favor of Arab claimants who had offered dubious and even forged documentation.

Minister Shaked claims that the new law would achieve three main goals: normalization of the Israeli-held part of Judea and Samaria and the erasure of the Green Line in all legal issues; ending the discrimination against the Israeli residents of Judea and Samaria, who are unable to conduct a factual inquiry in trials that come before the high court; and easing the workload of the Supreme Court.

According to the law memorandum drafted by the justice ministry, the district court will be authorized to hear cases regarding administrative decisions by the Israeli authorities in Judea and Samaria regarding planning and construction, restrictions on entry and exit to and from Judea and Samaria, and freedom of information requests.

In addition, this court will serve as an appeals court for restriction and control orders issued by military courts.

The rulings of the district court on these matters may be appealed to the Supreme Court, but unlike the situation today, the High Court of Justice will not be the first tier for Arabs’ petitions against land being used by Israeli settlers.

In short, the Shaked law would remove judicial review over the disputed territories from the hands of the High Court of Justice, except for its authority to hear petitions against decisions made by the IDF commander in Judea and Samaria, since he is the sovereign there – the way the high court now rules on petitions against ministerial decisions inside Israel.

Shaked told her committee on Sunday that “the burden on the Supreme Court is unparalleled in the world. My opinion is known – a High Court of Justice which handles about 2,000 petitions each year is forced to dismiss many of the petitions out of hand. The move I lead now we will channel additional burden to the lower courts.”

“Equally important is ending the discrimination currently practiced against the residents of Judea and Samaria,” she added. “Their rights should be equal to those of any other citizen.”

Last week, Shaked appointed her trusted jurist, Haya Sandberg, who used to head the committee for the regulation of outposts in Judea and Samaria, to be a judge in the district court which would help ease the high court’s burden.

The next step for the initiative is to go the Knesset for its first reading.

by David Israel for Jewish Press

ALSO: Shaked Picks Conservative Stein, Pro-Consumer Grosskopf, for Supreme Court

COLLUSION: Reflections of Rebashkin Case Judge

Collusion Discovered Between Judge, Investigator on Bezeq Case 4000
Hana Levi Julian (as seen in the Jewish Press) 
The chats revealed by Channel 10 took place prior to the remand hearings, according to the report, and show clear coordination between judge and investigator. "The question of corruption in the case of the Bezeq corruption probe is apparently no longer limited to the defendants, but has now widened to include a judge and an investigator as well, according to a Whatsapp conversation obtained by Channel 10 news that was revealed Sunday night.”

It seems the Buzz Word 
for this year is  
*This echoes the Rubashkin Case Judge who colluded with whomever she could to substantiate “her” pre-decided verdict (which some believe is attributed to the Obama defense team).

"Following the revelation, attorney Jacques Chen, who represents Elovitch, called for the immediate release of his client. . . 'It has now been revealed that the arrest is entirely illegal’.”

*Too bad this conclusion of evidence did not produce the same for Rubashkin.


"The latest twist in the investigation – for which two of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s aides have been in police custody for the past week – was first reported by Channel 10 news. That was followed by an announcement from Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked and Supreme Court Justice Esther Hayut saying they would refer Pozansky-Katz, the pre-trial judge in what is known as Case 4000, for potential disciplinary action.” JPost

Ayelet Shaked has proven to be an honest Justice Minister for Israel.

"'Court Collusion the Worst Case I've Ever Seen'
Senior justice official slams judge for coordinating decision with investigator prior to hearing. 
'Its justice system's Day of Atonement.’” arutzsheva

26 February 2018

Parshat Ki Tisa Message of Nir ben Artzi, 10 Adar ENGLISH


Message from Nir Ben Artzi 
Parashat Ki-Tisa 5778
Sunday, 10th of Adar 

The Master of the Holy World, Blessed be He, leads the world and Created the world in His glory alone. Everything on the Earth: humans, wild and domesticated animals, fish, poultry and birds, trees, land and the sea - everything was created by the Holy One, Blessed be He, in His honor only! 

He chose the Jews who are a special, stubborn, good-intentioned, intelligent, wise and knowledgeable people, brave and courageous and successful in all, to win the Holy Land, purify and purify the entire world. The Jews from all over the world must come urgently to the holy land of Israel before its too late. Do not procrastinate, go up to the Holy Land! The Land of Israel is your place, the place of the Jews, the purest and holiest place in the world. The exile is over and you are suffering for nothing!

The Jews abroad are in a state of opacity and closeness, in darkness and fog, and the Creator calls upon them to ascend to the Holy Land, before it is too late, and the Almighty blames all the nations of the world, between the prime ministers and presidents of the world, complications and conflicts. 

Gog and Magog and chaos and complications - outside the Land of Israel.

Everything that is happening in the Land of Israel, one big confusion left and right, and members of the Knesset are all in shock, where do all the complaints come from? Every day a few complaints about senior officials are revealed. All this is done by the Holy One, Blessed be He, in order to neutralize evil and hatred (sinat chinam) in the Land of Israel. In Israel they are confused and do not know what (sinat chinam) hatred is and where it comes from. The Holy One, Blessed be He, cleans and sifts, like flour in a county, only clean flour will remain. All the worms and germs are thrown aside.

The Creator wants to fulfill the Ten Commandments and turn from bitter to sweet, without questions.

Arik Sharon, yes, he was the last! Anyone who came to the prime minister after him, was not prime minister, all the parties controlled him and there are complications. Only Mashiach himself, when he publishes in public, will solve all the problems of the people of Israel and the world through God's Will.

After the great pain and all the confusion in the people of Israel, Moshiach will come out in public, and then everything will be good!

Every Jew who repents and corrects the twisten, knows more or less what he took and returned, what he did ceases - everything will turn him into a heart without pain and sorrow.

The IDF is to be alert and strong in the borders, which means that the evil will be opened from the north, the Holy One, Blessed be He, meant that the evil will be with the gentiles - from the north of Israel, meaning Syria and Turkey that entered there, the Iranians, Hezbollah and Da'esh. 

This is the prophecy that says, 'From the north shall the evil arise.' Yes, the evil will be in the north - against the north of Israel! In Syria and Lebanon there is total destruction.

Syria will continue to be erased. No one can stop, no one can get off the tall tree. They would fight each other until they were finished.

Hezbollah and Nasrallah live in illusions, rely on Iran, and Iran - zero zeros, is nothing. Just arrogant, noisy and muddy.

In Jordan the situation is devastated and complicated. Waiting for the United States to throw all the refugees and Hamas out, the Holy One, Blessed be He, says to her: The United States will not help you. Do not wait for her. Really cool. They have their problems.

Egypt, Sisi came to the people of Israel, hidden and revealed. Doing quietly so that the Egyptians do not harm him. The Nile in Egypt is currently on hold, this is Judgment Day weapon. If the Egyptians and Sisi continue to be at peace with Israel, they will do-teshuva with Israel - nothing will happen with the Nile. If they want to fight or do evil to Israel, the Nile will finish two-thirds of Egypt.

There will be a revolution in Iran. Yes, there will be a revolution in Iran, patience. Those who complain and go against the government kill him. The Iranian people are waiting for huge groups that organize and gather to demonstrate and topple the government. Iran is not directly fighting with Israel, only indirectly through Hezbollah, because it is afraid that Israel will bomb atomic plants and finish Iran once and for all.

USA, Trump loves the Land of Israel and the Jews in the Land of Israel, the Land of Israel is the only place in the world that helps and protects the United States. They protect us and we keep them. The United States uses a great deal of energy in Israel and in the State of Israel, in all the patents and advanced technology, ammunition and weapons that no one in the world has, only Israel.

Russia, Putin loves the Land of Israel, as long as he sells arms and ammunition and the IDF blows it up.

Turkey - pride up to Shamayim but nothing. Turkey wants to show that they are whole, that they have strong forces. The Turk, whatever he does, will turn over him. The Turk is in a whirlpool that he can never get out of - Erdogan.

Of all the Arab countries, the Arabs overrun and conquer Europe. They have streets named after them, became 'homeowners' of Europe. In the United States there are places where they rule, the Muslim Arabs hate the Christians and the Jews, are jealous, they know what Jews are and what their power is, and what to do, jealousy over everything like Cain's jealousy, like Esau hates Jacob.

The Holy One, Blessed be He, forbids Jews to assimilate.

All the bribery and deceit, the treachery, the theft and the subversion will continue to be caught. They will do a complete teshuva - the Lord will save them. The promise of the Holy One, Blessed be He.

The rain - welcome rain.

Purim will be joyful and will work miracles, from the Queen Esther and Mordechai the Jew. The Holy One, Blessed be He, will continue to perform miracles for the people of Israel, and despite this, "You will be very careful for your souls," that every Jew should look after himself, and not say, 'It will not happen to me.' 

The Holy One, Blessed be He, wants a Jew to take care of himself, not to sit idly by and say: 'The Rabbi Blessed me,' 'I was in the graves of the righteous and I am still single' or 'I have no livelihood.' To receive a blessing from the rabbi is very good, but one must also act on his own, to make an effort. Not to blame the Holy One, Blessed is He, neither the rabbis nor the graves of the righteous. Only himself, he is the first culprit..

The month of Adar, a good month. In Nissan, too, it will be good. The Holy One, Blessed be He, awaits our prayers. The Baba Sali and all the righteous who are up in heaven, from the beginning of the world, the Avos and the Imahos, pray and beg the Holy One, Blessed be He, to keep His laws and take care of His children in the Land of Israel and abroad. King Mashiach.

The Holy One, Blessed is He, pressed them to go up to the Holy Land, because it bothers the Land of Israel.

The wives of the rabbis, Torah scholars and Torah scholars, whose husbands received the vision, who would either persuade or convince their rabbis to speak about the vision and who the Holy One, Blessed be He, had chosen for Mashiach ben David. 

They do not choose, HKB”H chose Mashiach, and shows them in a vision his name, his mother's name, his surname and his place of residence. The great sages of Israel should speak among themselves, to inform and publish that in our time, in our generation and at this moment, the Mashiach ben David is found, works and labors, and is revealed in public!

Parshas Ki Tisa – Message of Nir ben Artzi 2/25/18 HEBREW

מסר מפי הרב ניר בן ארצי שליט"א
לפרשת כי-תשא תשע"ח
נמסר ביום ראשון, י' באדר תשע"ח 25.2.18 | 8:30

ריבונו של עולם הקדוש-ברוך-הוא, מנהיג את העולם וברא את העולם לכבודו בלבד. כל מה שנמצא בכדור הארץ: בני אדם, בהמות וחיות, דגים, עופות וציפורים, עצים, האדמה והים - הכל ברא הקדוש-ברוך-הוא לכבודו בלבד! בחר ביהודים שהם עם סגולה מיוחד, עקשנים למטרה טובה, חכמים, נבונים ואנשי דעת, גיבורים ואמיצים ומוצלחים בכל, כדי שיזככו את ארץ הקודש, יזככו ויטהרו את כל העולם כולו.

 היהודים מהעולם כולו צריכים לעלות דחוף דחוף לארץ ישראל הקדושה, לפני שיהיה להם מאוחר. לא להתמהמה, לעלות לארץ הקודש! ארץ ישראל היא המקום שלכם, המקום של היהודים, המקום הטהור והקדוש ביותר בעולם. נגמרה הגולה ואתם סובלים לחינם!

היהודים בחו"ל נמצאים במצב של אטימות וסגירות, באפלה וערפל ובורא עולם קורא להם לעלות לארץ הקודש, לפני שיהיה מאוחר. הקדוש-ברוך-הוא מסבך בין כל מדינות העולם, בין ראשי ממשלות ונשיאים בעולם, סיבוכים וסכסוכים והכל מאגו וגאווה, כולם מתוסכלים ומבולבלים. גוג ומגוג ותוהו ובוהו וסיבוכים - מחוץ לארץ ישראל.

כל מה שקורה בארץ ישראל, בלבול אחד גדול ימין ושמאל, וחברי הכנסת כולם בהלם, מאיפה באות כל התלונות? כל יום כמה תלונות על בכירים שמתגלים. את כל זה עושה הקדוש-ברוך-הוא כדי לנטרל את הרוע ואת שנאת-החינם בארץ ישראל. בארץ ישראל מבולבלים ולא יודעים מה זו שנאת-חינם ומאיפה היא באה. הקדוש-ברוך-הוא מנקה ומנפה, כמו קמח בנפה, יישאר רק קמח נקי. כל התולעים והחיידקים נזרקים הצידה.

בורא עולם מבקש לקיים את עשרת הדיברות ולהפוך ממר למתוק, בלי שאלות.

אריק שרון, כן היה אחרון! כל מי שעלה לראש ממשלה אחריו, לא היה ראש ממשלה, כל המפלגות שלטו בו ויש איתם הסתבכויות. רק משיח בעצמו, כשייצא לאור בפרהסיה, יפתור דרך ריבונו של עולם את כל הבעיות של עם ישראל והעולם.

אחרי הכאב הגדול וכל הבלבול שבעם ישראל, ייצא משיח לאור בפרהסיה, ואחר כך הכל יהיה טוב!

כל יהודי שחוזר בתשובה ומתקן את המעוות, יודע פחות או יותר מה שלקח ומחזיר, מה שעשה מפסיק - הכל יהפוך לו לְלָבָן בלי צער וכאב.

צה"ל להיות ערני וחזק בגבולות. מה שכתוב שהרעה תיפתח מִצפון, התכוון הקדוש-ברוך-הוא שהרעה תהיה אצל הגויים - מכיוון הצפון של ישראל. הכוונה לסוריה ותורכיה שנכנסת לשם, האיראנים, חיזבאללה ודאע”ש.

 זאת הנבואה שאומרת ש'מִצפון תפתח הרעה'. כן, הרעה תהיה בצפון - מול הצפון של ישראל! בסוריה ולבנון שם יש הרס מוחלט.

סוריה תמשיך להימחק. אף אחד לא יכול לעצור, אף אחד לא יכול לרדת מהעץ הגבוה. ילחמו זה עם זה עד שיגָמרו כולם.

חיזבאללה ונסראללה חיים באשליות, סומכים על איראן, ואיראן - אפס אפסים, היא כלום. סתם גאוותנים, אנשי רעש ובוץ.

בירדן המצב הרוס ומסובך. מחכה לארה"ב כדי לזרוק את כל הפליטים והחמאס החוצה. אומר לה הקדוש-ברוך-הוא: ארה"ב לא תעזור לך. אל תחכי לה. חבל על הזמן. יש להם את הבעיות שלהם.

מצרים, סיסי בא לקראת עם ישראל, בנסתר ובנגלה. עושה בשקט כדי שלא יפְגעו בו המִצְרִים. הנילוס במצרים כרגע בהמתנה, זה נשק יום הדין. אם המצרים וסיסי ימשיכו להיות בשלום עִם ישראל, יעשו תשובה עִם ישראל – לא יקרה כלום עם הנילוס. אם ירצו להילחם או לעשות רע לישראל – הנילוס יגמור שני-שליש ממצרים.

באיראן תהיה מהפכה. כן, תהיה מהפכה באיראן, סבלנות. מי שמתלונן והולך נגד השלטון - הורגים אותו. העם האיראני ממתין לקבוצות ענקיות שמתארגנות ומתאספות כדי להפגין ולהפיל את השלטון. איראן לא נלחמת עִם ישראל ישירות, רק בעקיפין דרך החיזבאללה, כי פוחדת שישראל תפציץ את מפעלי האטום ותגמור את איראן אחת ולתמיד.

ארה"ב, טראמפ אוהב את ארץ ישראל ואת היהודים שבארץ ישראל. ארץ ישראל היא המקום היחיד בעולם שעוזר ומגן על ארה"ב. הם שומרים עלינו ואנחנו שומרים עליהם. ארה"ב נעזרת המון המון בעם ישראל ובמדינת ישראל, בכל הפטנטים והטכנולוגיה המתקדמת, התחמושת והנשק שאין לאף אחד בעולם, רק לישראל.

רוסיה, פוטין אוהב את ארץ ישראל, העיקר שמוכר נשק ותחמושת וצה"ל מפוצץ.

תורכיה - גאווה עד השמיים ואין על מה. התורכי רוצה להראות שהם שלמות, שיש להם כוחות חזקים. התורכי, כל מה שהוא עושה - יתהפך עליו. התורכי נמצא במערבולת שלא יוכל לצאת ממנה לעולמים - זה ארדואן.

מכל מדינות ערב, הערבים, גולשים וכובשים את אירופה. יש להם רחובות על שמם, נהיו 'בעלי-בתים' של אירופה. גם בארה"ב יש מקומות בהם הם שולטים. הערבים המוסלמים שונאים את הנוצרים וביהודים הם מקנאים. הם יודעים מה זה יהודים ומה הכוח שלהם, ומה לעשות? הקנאה מעל הכל כמו קנאת קין, כמו עשיו ששונא ליעקב.

מבקש הקדוש-ברוך-הוא, אסור ליהודים להתבולל.

כל אנשי השוחד והמִרמה, הנוכלות, הגניבה והזימה – ימשיכו להיתפס. יעשו תשובה שלמה - יציל אותם ריבונו של עולם. הבטחה של הקדוש-ברוך-הוא.

הגשם - גשמי ברכה.

פורים יהיה שמח ויתפעלו מהניסים, מאסתר המלכה ומרדכי היהודי. הקדוש-ברוך-הוא ימשיך לעשות ניסים בעם ישראל ולמרות זאת –'ונשמרתם מאוד לנפשותיכם', שכל יהודי ישמור על עצמו, לא להגיד 'לי זה לא יקרה'. הקדוש-ברוך-הוא רוצה שיהודי ידאג לעצמו בעצמו, לא לשבֶת בחיבוק ידיים ולהגיד: 'הרב בירך אותי', 'הייתי בקברי צדיקים ועדיין אני רווקה' או 'אין לי פרנסה'. לקבל ברכה מהרב זה טוב מאוד, אבל צריך אדם גם לפעול מעצמו, לעשות השתדלות. לא להאשים את הקדוש-ברוך-הוא, לא את הרבנים ולא את קברי הצדיקים. רק את עצמו, הוא האשם הראשון.

חודש אדר, חודש טוב. גם בניסן יהיה טוב. הקדוש-ברוך-הוא מחכה לתפילותינו. הבבא סאלי וכל הצדיקים שנמצאים למעלה בשמיים, מתחילת העולם, האבות והאמהות, מתפללים ומתחננים לקדוש-ברוך-הוא שימתיק את הדינים ולא יקפיד על ילדיו בארץ ישראל ובחו"ל. הם מתפללים בעוצמה אדירה וגדולה שהקדוש-ברוך-הוא ירחם על עם ישראל וימליך את מלך המשיח.

הקדוש-ברוך-הוא לוחץ שיעלו לארץ הקודש, כי זה מפריע בארץ ישראל.

נשות הרבנים, אנשי תורה וגדולי תורה, שבעליהן קיבלו את החיזיון, שידובבו או ישכנעו את בעליהן הרבנים שידברו על החיזיון ועל מי שבחר הקדוש-ברוך-הוא למשיח בן דוד.

 לא הם בוחרים, הקדוש-ברוך-הוא בחר אותו. ומראה להם בחיזיון את שמו, שם אימו, שם משפחתו ומקום מגוריו. גדולי ישראל צריכים לדבר ביניהם, להודיע ולפרסם שבזמננו, בדורנו וברגע הזה, מלך המשיח בן דוד נמצא, פועל ועובד ומתגלה בפרהסיה!

Haman-Taschen Gluten Free Plus Recipes

gf Fruit Hamantaschen 

1 cup (110 g) cashews
1 egg
1 cup (95 g) almond flour
Pinch sea salt
½  tsp baking soda
3 TBS (45 ml) maple syrup

¼  cup (28 g) coconut flour

1 cup (140 g) frozen raspberries (or fresh, if in season)
¼  cup (60 g) coconut palm sugar
½  lemon, juiced

½  cup (160 g) fruit-sweetened apricot preserves
1 TBS (8 g) poppy seeds

Preheat the oven to 350°F (177°C). To make the cookies, place the cashews into a food processor or blender and pulse until you have a “flour.” Next add in egg, almond flour, salt, baking soda and maple syrup. Blend more until all ingredients are well combined and form a dough.

Spoon the dough onto a piece of parchment paper and begin sprinkling in the coconut flour, 1 tablespoon (7 g) at a time. The dough will be sticky to start, but the coconut flour will take care of this.

Fruit Hamantaschen:  The Nosher
*Visit to what looks like a (in pic) delicious, delicious caramel apple hamantaschen

gf Lekvar (Prune) Hamantaschen

• 11 oz Prunes (dried plums), pitted/chopped
• 1 cup Raisins
• 3/4 cup Water
• 1/3 cup Lemon Juice
• 2 cup Blanched Almond Flour
• 1 cup Arrowroot Flour, plus 1/2 cup for dusting
• 1 tsp Salt
• 1 tsp Pure Vanilla Extract
• 1/2 cup Pure Maple Syrup
• 1/4 cup Organic Coconut Oil, melted

  • In a medium sauce pan, add the prunes, raisins, water, lemon juice, and maple syrup. Heat over medium heat.
  • Bring filling to a boil, while stirring. Continue to stir frequently, while "mashing" the filling with a wooded spoon.
  • Once the liquid has reduced, and you have a thick filling of plump prunes and raisins, remove from heat and set aside for filling the cookies.
  • In a large mixing bowl, stir together the almond flour, arrowroot, and salt.
  • Add in the vanilla extract, maple syrup, and melted coconut oil. Stir until all ingredients are combined and you have a ball of cookie dough.
  • Place ball of dough on to a sheet of parchment paper, adding additional arrowroot flour and kneading the dough until it is firm enough to be rolled and cut into shapes.
  • Place another sheet of parchment paper over the dough, and roll into a 1/4 inch thick layer.
  • Dust dough with additional arrowroot, as well as dip the cookie cutter in arrowroot flour, so the dough does not stick.
  • Carefully cut circles in the dough, and remove the excess dough from around the circles.
  • Add about a tsp of filling to the center of the cookies, and carefully fold three sides in, making a triangular shape. Pinch the corners in to seal the cookies.
  • Transfer the parchment to a baking sheet, and bake cookies 350 for 20 minutes. Remove from oven and place on a cooling rack.
  • Repeat this process using a fresh sheet of parchment, for the remainder of the dough, until you have used all of the cookie dough.

Chocolate Hamantaschen

Recipe by Tami Lehem café
For the dough:
270 gram powdered sugar
120 gram cold butter (or sub) cut into cubes
190 gram white flour (gf flour mixture)
40 ml whipping cream (coconut cream)
½ gram baking powder
¼ TBS vanilla extract
Pinch of salt
For the filling:
440 grams chocolate spread
20 grams date spread
1 TBS cocoa powder
¼ tsp brandy (op)
10 grams chocolate chips
Preparing the dough:
1. In a food processor, mix the butter, flour, and powdered sugar into a crumb-like mixture.
2. Add the rest of the ingredients, and mix until the dough is consistent. Be sure not to knead the dough too much.
3. Wrap the dough in clingwrap and place in the refrigerator for four hours.

Preparing the chocolate filling:
1. Mix together all the ingredients.
2. Add the chocolate chips separately, after adding drops of the mixture into the center of the dough circle.
From Haaretz (surprise!)

gf = gluten free

Baal Shem Tov on Megillah


The Baal Shem Tov gives another interpretation: If you read the Megillah as past history, as something that happened to Mordechai and Esther long ago, you have not fulfilled your obligation. 


Because the story told by the Megillah is absolutely relevant to us here and now!

In order to understand how those events are relevant to us, we need a little explanation…
The essence of the story of Purim began many years before the times of Mordechai and Esther, Haman and Achashverosh. Purim really began not long after Bnei Yisrael had come out of Egypt. After all of the miracles which had taken place, all the nations of the world were afraid of the Jewish People — all of the nations excluding Amalek. Chassidus explains that the numerical value (the gematria, for those of you who know the word) of the Hebrew word Amalek equals the gematria of the word safek — doubt, skepticism. Amalek had also heard of the miracles which took place.

But the Amalekite philosophers argued,
“Come on, what are you talking about? G‑d is interested in what goes on down here? Those weren’t miracles. They were lucky coincidences!” 
And so they attacked the Jewish people, cooling down the fear of G‑d and the dread that other nations had of us. Others too began to be skeptical about the miracles that had taken place…

In later generations, Amalek clothed himself in the treacherous Haman, who demanded the total destruction of the Jewish people. And so, in every generation, there is an Amalek, a Mordechai and an Esther.

That which cools down the enthusiasm to fulfill HaShem ’s will is none other than Amalek. You’ve most probably heard something like the following many times:
“You’re not going to eat only that kosher certification, are you? Come on. Don’t be such a fanatic!” 
Or, after you have just come out of a shiur :
“You’re walking around with these books, just like a bochur in Yeshivah ?” 
And then you say,
“Maybe I am being too religious; maybe I should just cool it! Maybe I took this upon myself prematurely; maybe I’m not ready for it.” 
And so you start questioning what you’re about to do.

Amalek can come from many different places. From things that you read, from what people say, from you yourself. But the end result is all the same:

“Come on, don’t get so excited about Yiddishkeit.” 

That’s Amalek and you have to fight it. Because when you fight Amalek, you will be together with Mordechai and Esther! And when you win — because you will win if you are determined to do so — then you will get a taste of Purim as it will be revealed in the future.

25 February 2018

Meir Ettinger – יש עניין שנתהפך הכל לטובה 22/2/18 ENGLISH

There is a matter that has 'turned everything upside down’ – V'Nahafochu 

The instability in the governmental system reminds us that only Gd is stable, and like Mordecai the Jew, we must be prepared to exploit opportunities out of faith

by Meir Ettinger

Those who follow the news, especially in the recent period, and especially in connection with Netanyahu's investigations, are certainly impressed by the uncertainty that we are all in.

No one can predict what will happen tomorrow. Commentaries written last week with great seriousness and importance do not compare to the paper on which they were written. And because it has been happening all over the past year, it can be predicted that the same thing will happen next week as well.

There are those who can be weakened by this lack of clarity. He tries to pursue an accurate forecast and is filled with worry and apprehension.

There is a natural tendency to want stability, to hold onto what is familiar and to step forward step by step. Contrary to this tendency, the statement of Adar and Purim, which "turned upside down" became his slogan, is that salvation usually comes as a surprise, from an unexpected place, and very far from our programs.

Rabbi Nachman of Bratslav said that "there is a matter that has turned everything upside down." He did not tell us how everything would turn over, when and with what help.

Beyond the encouragement of this trial, it actually requires us to be always ready, especially when there are significant social and political developments, to the possibility that now everything will turn out to be a good one, and we must be prepared to seize the opportunity.

How do you take advantage of this opportunity? The secret can be learned from Mordecai. Mordecai's stubbornness, as opposed to the pragmatism of all the other Jews in Shushan, ultimately led to the exploitation of the opportunity and everything turned upside down.

When the Jews of Shushan saw Ahasuerus' feast and realized that the expectation of returning to Israel at the end of seventy years had been disappointed, they fell into despair and concluded that nothing was certain.

Mordechai, on the other hand, saw this as a specific loss that only proves the failure of the way he saw it. It was precisely against this background that he chose to cling to what is truly certain - "he will not kneel or bow down," and in the belief that redemption will surely come.

The question of how to analyze the surprises in life is also related to the story of our war with Amalek. Amalek surprisingly decided to conclude the rupture of the Red Sea the opposite conclusion.

He came to the conclusion that if the sea had become ruined, there was probably nothing stable in the world. There is no doubt. In his opinion, just as the great power of Egypt, which lasted for hundreds of years, drowned in a moment, there is no reason why the new star - the people of Israel - should have a different fate.

One might think that Amalek committed suicide when he chose to fight Israel immediately after the attempted splitting of the Red Sea, but to him it was a natural matter. If Nachshon jumped into the sea the sea was torn, it was only a matter of probability that when I jumped into the boiling pool I would get a burn, nothing here was safe.

When reading news, you can reach the same conclusion. Everything is total chaos, you can not know the future, and if Netanyahu falls who knows what will be ... Maybe someone will come worse.

Mordechai sees that unexpected things are happening, and even if they currently look good, you can see that they are under personal supervision.

After all, it is not natural that his wife be taken to the king's house. He understands that God is cooking something here ... and waiting to see what.

True, he keeps praying, pleading, and acting. But every surprising occurrence, actually encourages him, and reminds him that there is someone who runs the business and even if it is not clear where, can be trusted.

It seems to me that the same can be said about the issue that preoccupies the general public today - the Netanyahu affairs. As a public that wants to lead the people of Israel, we should have a clear statement on the subject, but within the entire sea of ​​information on the subject, it is almost impossible to say a word of truth beyond the question of how to prevent corruption in a true Jewish state.

And yet, the political storms that are going on, whatever they may be, are sure to fill us with the way of life we ​​have chosen. When we see how no one is stable, and every reality is satisfied, unlike Amalek, our conclusion is that the only thing that is certain is Torah and mitzvot.

These are above all political accounts and calculations, far above initiatives or attempts to promote a revolution on our part. After all, we know that everything will turn out for the better, how and how? We just try nonstop.

History shows that when you work energetically and strive to your destination, the crises around you are moving forward and jumping a few steps along the way. On the other hand, when we sit idly by, they will always act against us.

In conclusion: the current affair should be seen as another opportunity, one of many that everything will turn into a good opportunity, which will motivate us to continue with full force.


[my addendum:  From out of the chaos HKB”H created the world, from out of the chaos can come Mashiach]

יש עניין שנתהפך הכל לטובה – מאיר אטינגר ז' אדר תשע"ח

יש עניין שנתהפך הכל לטובה

חוסר היציבות במערכת השלטונית מזכיר לנו כי רק הקב"ה יציב, וכמו מרדכי היהודי, עלינו להיות ערוכים לניצול הזדמנויות מתוך אמונה

מאיר אטינגר ז' אדר תשע"ח - 09:38 22/02/201

מי שעוקב אחרי החדשות, בפרט בתקופה האחרונה, ובפרט בקשר לחקירות נתניהו, מתרשם בוודאי מחוסר הודאות שכולנו נמצאים בו.

איש לא יכול לחזות מה יקרה מחר, פרשנויות שנכתבו בשבוע שעבר בכובד ראש ובהרגשת חשיבות, לא שווות השבוע את הנייר עליהן נכתבו. ומכיוון שכך קורה בכל השנה האחרונה, ניתן לחזות שאותו הדבר יקרה גם בשבוע הבא.

יש מי שחוסר הבהירות הזו יכול להחליש אותו. הוא מנסה לרדוף אחרי תחזית מדויקת ומתמלא בדאגה וחשש.

ישנה נטייה טבעית לרצות יציבות, להיאחז במה שמוכר ולצעוד קדימה צעד אחר צעד. בניגוד לנטייה זו, האמירה של חודש אדר וחג הפורים, ש"ונהפוך הוא" הפך לסיסמתו, היא שהישועה מגיעה בדרך כלל בהפתעה, ממקום לא צפוי, והרחק מאד מהתוכניות שלנו.

ר' נחמן מברסלב אמר ש"יש עניין שנתהפך הכל לטובה". הוא לא גילה לנו כיצד הכל יתהפך, מתי ובעזרת מה.

מעבר לזריקת העידוד שיש במשפט הזה, הוא בעצם דורש מאיתנו להיות מוכנים תמיד, בפרט, כאשר מתרחשות התפתחויות חברתיות ומדיניות משמעותיות, לאפשרות שכעת הכל יתהפך לטובה, ועלינו להיות מוכנים לניצול ההזדמנות.

כיצד מנצלים את ההזדמנות הזו? את הסוד אפשר ללמוד ממרדכי. העקשנות של מרדכי לעומת הפרגמטיות של כל שאר היהודים בשושן, היא שהביאה לבסוף לניצול ההזדמנות ושהכל התהפך לטובה.

כשיהודי שושן ראו את המשתה של אחשוורוש והבינו שהציפייה לחזרה לארץ בתום שבעים שנה נכזבה, הם נפלו לייאוש, והגיעו למסקנה שכנראה שום דבר לא בטוח.

מרדכי לעומתם, ראה זאת כהפסד נקודתי שמוכיח רק את כישלונה של הצורה שבה הוא ראה את הדברים. דווקא על רקע זה הוא בחר להיאחז במה שבאמת ודאי – "לא יכרע ולא ישתחווה", ובאמונה שהגאולה תבוא בוודאי.

השאלה כיצד מנתחים את ההפתעות בחיים, קשורה גם לסיפור של המלחמה שלנו עם עמלק. עמלק באופן מפתיע החליט להסיק מקריעת ים סוף את המסקנה ההפוכה.

הוא הגיע למסקנה שאם גם הים הפך לחרבה, כנראה שאין שום דבר יציב בעולם. בכל אפשר להטיל ספק. לדעתו, כמו שהמעצמה האדירה מצרים, שהחזיקה מעמד מאות שנים, טבעה בין רגע, אין שום סיבה שהכוכב החדש – עם ישראל, יזכה לגורל שונה.

אפשר לחשוב שעמלק עשה מעשה של התאבדות כשבחר להילחם בישראל מיד לאחר ניסי קריעת ים סוף, אבל בעיניו היה מדובר בעניין טבעי. אם כשנחשון קפץ לים הים נקרע, זה רק עניין של הסתברות שכאשר אני קופץ לבריכה הרותחת אקבל כוויה, שום דבר כאן לא בטוח.

כאשר קוראים חדשות, אפשר להגיע לאותה מסקנה. הכל הוא כאוס מוחלט, לא ניתן לדעת את העתיד, ואם נתניהו ייפול מי יודע מה יהיה... אולי יבוא מישהו יותר גרוע.

מרדכי רואה שמתרחשים דברים לא צפויים, וגם אם הם נראים כרגע היפך הטוב, ניתן להתרשם שהם בהשגחה פרטית.

הרי לא מדובר בדבר טבעי שדווקא אשתו תילקח לבית המלך. הוא מבין שה' מבשל כאן משהו... ומחכה לראות מה.

נכון, הוא לא מפסיק להתפלל, להתחנן, וגם לפעול. אבל כל התרחשות מפתיעה, דווקא מעודדת אותו, ומזכירה לו שיש מי שמנהל את העסק וגם אם לא ברור לאן, אפשר לסמוך עליו.

נראה לי שאפשר לומר את אותו הדבר גם בנוגע לנושא שמעסיק את הציבור הרחב היום – פרשות נתניהו. ראוי שיהיה לנו כציבור שמעוניין להנהיג את עם ישראל אמירה צלולה בנושא, אלא שבתוך כל ים האינפורמציה בנושא כמעט ובלתי אפשרי להגיד דיבור של אמת, מעבר לעיסוק בשאלה כיצד ניתן למנוע שחיתות במדינה יהודית אמתית.

ובכל זאת, הסערות הפוליטיות המתרחשות, יהיו מה שיהיו, תפקידן למלא אותנו בודאות בדרך החיים שבחרנו. כאשר רואים כיצד אף אדם אינו יציב, וכל מציאות היא מסופקת, שלא כעמלק, המסקנה שלנו היא שהדבר היחיד שוודאי זו התורה והמצוות.

אלו עומדים מעל לכל חשבונות וחישובים פוליטיים, הרבה מעל ליוזמות או ניסיונות לקדם מהפכה מצדנו. אחרי הכל אנחנו יודעים שהכל יתהפך לטובה, איך וכיצד? אנחנו רק מנסים ללא הפסקה.

ההיסטוריה מלמדת שכאשר פועלים במרץ וחותרים אל היעד – המשברים מסביב מקדמים ומקפיצים כמה שלבים בדרך. לעומת זאת, כאשר יושבים בחיבוק ידיים, הם תמיד יפעלו לרעתנו.

ולסיכום: את הפרשה הנוכחית צריך לראות כעוד הזדמנות, אחת מיני רבות שהכל יתהפך לטובה, הזדמנות שתמריץ אותנו להמשיך בכל הכח.

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