28 February 2018

The Final Geula and Connection to the 12 Dates the Brocha was Made on Erev Pesach

[Down Memory Lane:  a very interesting article from 3/16 bearing on our Redemption I present for re-reading, written by Joel Gallis And Dr. Robert Wolf]

We have been privileged to uncover a major, significant finding regarding our final Geula and its connection to the 12 dates that this Brocha has been made on erev Passover throughout our history.

Creation occurred in year 1, and 28 years later in year 29 the brocha was made, and 28 years later the brocha was made again and so on.

2. The 2 digits on the left side of the Jewish year will obviously increase, representing later ascending dates. However, the 2 digits on the right side in bold will ascend or descend. Again, nothing unusual.

3. We all know that if 2 odd numbers are added you arrive at an even number. And so we made pairs of the 2 right digits for the first 2 years and then the next two and so on as follows: 21 and 05=26; 37 and 21=58; 37 and 53=90; 37 and 69=106; 53 and 69=122; 85 and 69=154. You’ll notice the first unusual consequence as each total 26, 58, 90, 106, 122 and 154 are all ascending in value. This is unusual but nothing major.

4. But there is something unusual occurring here when you observe how much the ascent in value is. That is the difference between 26 and 58 is 32, the difference between 58 and 90 is 32, the difference between 90 and 106 is 16, the difference between 106 and 122 is 16, and the difference between 122 and 154 is 32. To understand this let’s quickly skip to the Book of Torah containing more secrets of our final redemption than any other book. At the end of the Book of Daniel in 12(4), the prophet is instructed to write the prophecies in an obscure manner, and to seal the book so that the secrets dealing with the end of days will not be revealed until that time. The prophet knew that people are skeptical regarding the use of numbers to uncover the truth. He knew that gematrias would seldom be used, and that a reverse gematria known as an atbash would hardly ever be mentioned. That is, until the actual time of the end. In Daniel 12(7) the prophet hears an angel explain that the end will occur after a “time, times and a half of time.” But exactly how much is a time? No one has been able to explain this.

Let’s return now to note 4 above dealing with the 12 Hebrew years when Bircas HaChammah fell on erev Pesach.

You’ll notice that in the above illustration unusual differences amounting to 32, 32, 16, 16, and 32 again are revealed.

Hashem has allowed a great secret to be revealed now. A time is 32, and times is 32 and 32, and a half of time is 16.

The number 32 has always been an extremely holy, but overlooked number. Hashem created the world by using אלקים, His holy name, 32 times. And when the world was finished and G-d had completed His work, the verse known as ויכלו appears. Where does it appear? In the 32nd verse in the Torah.

Thirty two is also the value of לב (heart) formed with the lamed, the last letter in Chumash, and the bais, the first letter.

When we finish reading the Torah, we immediately begin again.

Similarly, when the world as we know it runs its course, a new world (the real one) will immediately begin.

Additionally, if you add up 32 (time), 64 (times) and 16 (one-half of time), you get 112.

The brocha that is made at the recitation of Bircas HaChammah is , עושׂה מעשׂה בּראשׁית . The first letters of these 3 words have a gematria of 112. Not only that but these 3 letters can be rearranged to spell בּעם implying that the event of Bircas HaChammah every 28 years, and certainly when it falls on erev Pesach should be experienced by a בּעם , a multitude of people. [. . .]

The redemption is a slow process that began in 1948 when the State of Israel was born.

A proof of that as well as a proof of the connection between geula and the blessing of the Sun is to spell out the words of Bircas HaChammah, and then add up the values of these letters.

בּרכת החמה
בּית 412
רישׁ 510
כף 100
תיו 416
הא 6
חית 418
מם 80
הא 6


I omitted the ‘prediction’ because it did not happen. However, does that make the remaining amazing calculations void; I don’t think so. Only, that Hashem intervened. I searched to see when Trump first wanted to run, or did say he was running, for President. As President Trump is certainly under the “influence.” So far, I found this Time of Trump Presidential Campaign. 

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