08 February 2018


The Murder of Rav Itamar Ben Gal, Hy"d - Rav Richter

Rabbi Richter Shlit”a tells us about the Prophecy that we are witnessing that appears in this week’s Parsha Mishpatim.

In stead of animal sacrifices, we are witnessing Jewish sacrifices.
He tells us about the many other Jews who were murdered in this very area.

This week begins the Four Portions Shekelim, Remember Amalek, Parah Aduma, Pashat HaChodesh. Rav Richter delineates upon all this.

Under the Kisei Hakavod is the Saphire (listen to his explanation of this!)

The worst Golus is that of Yishmael, that so many Jews are dying.

I think is its exceptional to take a ’stand’ (shtender) and deliver a shiur at the site of  every murder of Jews by the arab animals

400,000 Jews work on the Sabbath
92,000 work ONLY on the Sabbath (full 7 days)

HT: Tomer Devorah


It really pains๐Ÿ˜“me to see all these beautiful Jews being murdered (year after year), leaving behind widows and orphans, as is discussed in this week’s Parsha.

The arab animal drivers are murderously dangerous on the roads of Eretz Yisrael. They drive to MURDER JEWS. 

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