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30 July 2013

Why Continue Talks? ... Abbass Issued His Ultimate-um!

By the extreme statements he made Monday in Cairo on the issues before Israel-Palestinian negotiations beginning in Washington Tuesday, Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas was in direct breach of the secrecy pledge the parties gave US Secretary John Kerry;

Abbas declared that not a single Israeli, soldier or civilian, must remain in the future Palestinian state.

"An international, multinational presence like in Sinai, Lebanon and Syria - we are with that," he said, adding "East Jerusalem is the capital of the state of Palestine ... if there were and must be some kind of small exchange (of land) equal in size and value, we are ready to discuss this - no more, no less.”

As for the Jordanian border, Abbas said he stood by an understanding reached with Ehud Olmert that NATO forces could deploy there "as a security guarantee to us and them."  On the West Bank and Jerusalem, he said, “We’ve already made the necessary concessions.”

How Much More Foolish Can They Get??


CROWN HEIGHTS WOMEN FOR THE SAFETY AND INTEGRITY OF ISRAEL is organizing the event in response to the Israeli Government’s decision to release 104 Arab terrorists with the blood of Jewish children on their hands. We will be joined by representatives from all of the other leading Jewish activist groups standing up for the right of Jews to live securely in The Land of Israel.

On Sunday, July 28, 2013, the Israeli Cabinet voted to release 104 Arab murderers of Jewish men, women and children in another one of its “goodwill” gestures intended to coax the so-called Palestinian Authority back to the table for “peace talks.”

How much more foolish can they get?

Every gesture for peace the State of Israel signs onto endangers the lives of every Jewish citizen who lives in Israel. Every land for peace deal that Israeli and Jewish leaders have agreed to has brought war, terrorism, devastating property damage and loss, and has left traumatized vast numbers of our most precious commodity: our Jewish children.

The Lubavitcher Rebbe, the foremost defender of the Jewish People and their right to settle and live securely in the Land of Israel had this to say about the Israeli Government’s concessions and endless caving in to terrorism and World anti-Semitism:

One must scream about the horrible situation - without embarrassment and not from behind a curtain. One should bang his fists on the table if necessary because this issue affects the very lives of millions of Jews!

We insist that the Israeli Government immediately retract its offer to release 104 Arab terrorists, and we call on all Knesset Members with a Jewish conscience to vote “no-confidence” and bring the Israeli Government down to a grinding halt until this injustice is prevented. We urge Israeli politicians to heed the cry of the Lubavticher Rebbe and cease from further engaging in negotiations and reverse all past agreements so that once again Jews may dwell securely in their homeland.

"and even a vocal minority benefits the entire generation"

24 July 2013

A Dollar for Your Life

"They told me to blow myself up at a checkpoint.
  One little boy named Neaz told a reporter from Britain’s Channel 4 that at age 8 he was promised a handful of coins – worth a total of 91 cents -- by Taliban fighters
"I asked what I’d do with the money if I had to blow myself up."

This boy was smart; he lives, 
at 15 he gave this interview

These are the barbarians that want to rule the world

Biblical Heroes at Ancient Tel Shiloh

(Dov Bar Leib, are you a part of this re-enactment? Were you in Shilo on Wednesday?)

"This Has Been Our Land for Almost 4,000 Years"

Elkin: "We need to talk about why we are here. Not about why we should leave"

Bennett: “My suggestion for the Israeli negotiating team is that before they sit down to talk, they come here to Givat Haroeh, because this has been our land for almost 4,000 years already."

Hatovely: “I’m here to say that the ‘whole land of Israel’ is still the vision… There are many in the Israeli government who will not give these places up, and who will even be sure they are built up.”

Multimedia Meets Biblical Heroes at Ancient Tel Shiloh

Not a Finger, or a Hand, But the Whole Arm of God ... Now is the time to Stand for all Humanity

"Glenn:  It's exciting to watch what God does; watch what He does in Israel"

Full Speech before CUFI Conference:

At one point, Beck referenced a passage in the book of Ezekiel that he said has had a profound impact on him since he read it six years ago. It says God has put watchmen on the tower, and those who see trouble and don’t ring the alarm will have the people’s blood on their hands.

“It is on just a few that are awake to stop this from happening again,” Beck said, picking up the whip from Auschwitz. “Make no mistake, Hitler taught it to the Middle East and they lapped it up.”

PM Binyamin Netanyahu in his 2012 Speech at the CUFI gathering:

Oh, How the Truth Hurts ... And Will Hurt Even More ... When God Confirms Our Truth

The latest episode of rage coming from the Arabs and Muslims is their being presented with another piece of Jewish Biblical History which they cannot swallow. They believe that if they try to erase any connection of Jews to their Homeland, any Jewish Historical evidence from the Land of Eretz Yisroel they will be able to erase the Jews as well!

The following is an Arutz Sheva interview with the creator of the representation:

"What has caused upset in the Muslim world is a representation of the Temple Mount as it would appear with a rebuilt Jewish Temple atop it rather than Al-Aqsa Mosque that currently stands there.

"The site has been repeatedly targeted by hackers, and has been the focus of criticism in the Arab media. Sheikh Raed Salah, who heads the hardline northern branch of the Islamic Movement in Israel, has called for an “Islamic awakening” in response to the website.

We didn’t do this to provoke or to annoy the Arabs,” ...

“We’re presenting history as it was,”

"When asked whether he sees the simulation of the Third Temple as provocative, he said,

“If someone wants to get angry, what can I do?

"Because he’s angry, I should ignore my truth?”

"The desire to see a rebuilt Temple is central to traditional Judaism, 
and the Amidah prayer, which religious Jews recite three times daily,
 calls for the Temple to be rebuilt."

22 July 2013

A Cemetery For Negotiations by an Expert Tailor*

It is incumbent upon all Torah true Israelis/Jews to pour out our hearts to HaShem, and while this may be "part of the plan", we should not relinquish land willingly ... that shows we do not "cherish her stones, trees and dust (sands)". While there is a 'decree' being forced upon us here on earth, the same is occurring in Shomayim, and we should not just let the 'forces of Yishmael' steal our inheritance in Shomayim as well as on the Land without a struggle. We must show that the Land is dear to us, because the Torah, Eretz Yisrael and Am Yisrael are One.

MK Feiglin:

"I call upon all MKs from all factions who are dedicated to the Land of Israel more than coalition discipline to consider their next steps. Loyalty to the land of Israel needs to come before loyalty to the party.” INNews

Very interesting:
While Feiglin believes in making a difference from within Likud party which has dominated the Israeli political scene for so long, Bayit Yehudi supporters believe more influence can be wielded from outside of it. Both men are currently inside the Coalition, and as "peace talks" progress, they will doubtless feel mounting pressure to leave it.

This creates bookends, which from both sides of Likud will be pressure.

MK Bennett:

Referendum Law or No Budget. Bayit Yehudi supports Netanayhu initiative to bring any “peace deal” to a plebiscite. This is surely not an adequate response, more like a band-aid.

"... the party will demand that a Referendum Law be passed, as a precondition for supporting the national budget in the Knesset. The law will mean that any political agreement which involves the surrender of Israeli territory will need to be brought before the electorate in a direct referendum."

"Let's not be naïve,” " ... implications for what our security and that of our grandchildren will look like; for the nation's unity on the face of the difficult challenges that will follow such an agreement; for the ideological and value-related DNA of the state of Israel. And above all – our Land was given to us thousands of years ago. It is unacceptable that a political maneuver at a specific point in time will decide its fate. INNews


"While Netanyahu declares any agreement will be brought to referendum, Jordanian paper releases interview with PA chairman conducted immediately after renewed talks statement. Abbas says 'any solution must remove Israel permanently from Palestinian land' 'Here we go again Abbas' sasab

MK Tibi:

"Arab-Israeli lawmaker senses 'bottled-up rage on the Palestinian street over the occupation'; says Netanyahu government 'not a partner for peace' ... Tibi urged the government to release all 104 Palestinian prisoners who were incarcerated before the signing of the Oslo Accords, saying its refusal to do so would 'jeopardize at this early stage the first meeting in Washington'." Predicts Intifada

Nahum Barnea:

This could be prophecy ...Washington is a great place to celebrate the signing of an agreement, but it is a cemetery for negotiations.

Barnea: "There once was a poor Palestinian who wanted to sew himself a suit. He did not have enough cloth, and the tailor did not know how to do his job. The result was harsh: One sleeve was short and the other was long; the collar was crooked; the back was stretched on one side and loose on the other. What's the problem? The tailor said. Where the sleeve is short contract your shoulder, and where it's long push forward, bend your neck a little, walk on your side and everything will be fine. When the poor man got to the street people said: Look at that miserable fellow, what nature has done to him. He is crooked and distorted; he is hunched and he limps, but the tailor he found must be praised. Remarkably, he was able to design a suit according to the poor man's measurements."

* John Kerry is the new wonderful tailor. Ynet

The Particlization* of Eretz Yisrael and Am Yisrael ... Electron*-izing our Homeland

The Particlization* of Eretz Yisrael and Am Yisrael ... Electron*-izing of our Homeland
Our Future is Being Mapped Out for US
Isn't this just so 'coincidental' to be happening while the 'giants of 2013' are designing their creative solution for Our Homeland!

Am I the only naive one to be still hoping for a Jewish State on our Homeland, all of our Lands bequeated to us by G-d?

ARCHITACTICS-The Role and Responsibility of Architects in Conflict Resolution- an exhibition dedicated to SAYA’s work is opening on Thursday at ZeZeZe Architecture Gallery at Tel Aviv Port, and will be running between July 18th and August 22nd, 2013.

The opening evening will take place on Thursday, July 18th, 20:00 and is open to the public

*Particlization = Electron-izing

a minute portion, piece, fragment, or amount; a tiny or very small bit: a particle of dust; not a particle of supporting evidence.

In Physics:
a. one of the extremely small constituents of matter, as an atom or nucleus.
b. an elementary particle, quark, or gluon.
c. a body in which the internal motion is negligible.

*In an atom, the smallest subatomic particle is the electron. The electron is so small that it is often not even included in the mass of an atom.

*I created a new word, particlization, to describe the intricacy of dividing and slicing up Eretz Yisrael.

We can only hope to HaShem that His Divine Wisdom has an antidote to this heartbreaking development on our road to the Geula, and it will not take too long to occur. I must admit that we Jews are to blame for this; we brought it upon ourselves for the unending feuding between brothers.

Despite all my emuna and bitachon, there is a cloud of sadness forming around me.

19 July 2013


Well, of course, the PLO terrorists say NO, therefore Obama calls Netanyahu to apply pressure:

to weaken, give in, give up, 
renege, abate, abolish, annul, cancel, 
dissolve, do in, end, finish off, 
invalidate, knock out, negate, nix, nullify, 
quash, reject, renege, repeal, retract, 
revoke, scrub, torpedo, undo, 
vacate, vitiate, void, 
abandon, accede, acquiesce, admit, back off, 
back out, back pedal, backtrack, 
balk, beg off, bow out, cancel, 
cave in, chicken out, chicken out, 
concede, cop out, demur, 
give ground, give in, give up, go back on, 
have no fight left, 
hold back, pull back, pull out, 
recant, recoil, renege, 
retreat, submit, surrender, take back, 
wimp out, withdraw, 
withdraw from agreement or statement, 

PA member of parliament Mustafa Barghouti said "most factions" within the PLO had rejected Kerry's proposal. Stymied by PA, Kerry Goes Home

Obama Urges Netanyahu to Resume Peace Talks. Obama calls Netanyahu, asks him to continue to work with John Kerry in order to resume talks with the PA.

Ashamed To Defend Their Home ... A Torah Perspective

Ashamed To Defend Their Home

Why Moses was Denied Entry into the Holy Land

Rabbi YY Jacobson/Jerusalem

Joseph Vs. Moses

"G-d became angry with me because of you, and He did not listen to me," Moses states in the beginning of this week's portion (Vaeschanan). "G-d said to me, ‘It is too much for you! Do not continue to speak to Me further about this matter.’”

Thus, G-d refuses the pleading of His faithful servant, Moses, to be allowed entry into the Promised Land. Instead G-d tells Moses: “Ascend to the top of the cliff and raise your eyes westward, northward, southward, and eastward, and see with your eyes, for you shall not cross this Jordan.”[1]

The Midrash, which transcribes the oral traditions passed down the generations, presents a moving dialogue between Moses and G-d:[2]

Moses said to G-d, “Master of the universe, the bones of Joseph will enter the land, and I will not?!”

What he meant was this: At the conclusion of Genesis, Joseph the viceroy of Egypt, just before his death, adjured the children of Israel, that they take his bones with them when they leave Egypt. More than a century later, when the Jewish slaves embarked on their path to freedom, “Moses took the bones of Joseph with him, for he [Joseph] had firmly adjured the children of Israel saying, ‘G-d will surely remember you, and you shall bring up my bones from here with you.’”[3]

Joseph’s casket wandered with the Jews during their forty-year sojourn in the desert. When Joshua led the people into the land, Joseph’s bones were interred in the city of Shchem,[4] known today also as Nablus. (The gravesite was burned and destroyed in October 2000, in the beginning of the second Intifada. Rabbi Hillel Lieberman, who came to protect the site, was murdered. Since then it has become forbidden for Jews to visit the site, besides for certain occasions.)

This was the irony hinted in Moses’ plea to G-d: I was the one who carried Joseph’s bones for forty-years; yet these bones that I carried all this way will enter into the Holy Land, while I will remain behind!

What perturbed Moses, according to this Midrash, was not so much that he wouldn’t be allowed to enter the Land alive. Moses could understand that his leadership was designed for the generation that left Egypt and that now it was time for his pupil Joshua to take over the reins. The brunt of Moses' hurt was that G-d would not allow even his body to be interred in the soil of the Holy Land! The remains of Joseph, who died 180 years earlier, can enter the land, while the body of Moses, who led the Jews all the way till the border, cannot enter?

G-d’s response is nothing less than astounding. It goes like this:

He who acknowledged his land, will be buried in the land; he who did not acknowledge his land, will not be buried in the land. Joseph acknowledged the land; Moses did not.

The Midrash quotes two episodes demonstrating Joseph’s loyalty to the land.

The First Episode

At the age of seventeen, Joseph was living with his father Jacob in Hebron. The young handsome lad was kidnapped by his brothers and sold into Egyptian slavery. There he acquired the trust of his master, Potiphar, who put him in charge of the home, while his wife was unsuccessfully attempting to seduce Joseph into immoral behavior.

One day when nobody was home, the woman held on to Joseph, demanding that he betray his morality. Joseph fled the home leaving his cloak in her hand. She seized the opportunity and cried out: “Look! He [my husband] brought us a Hebrew man to sport with us; he came to lie with me but I screamed out loudly! When he heard that I raised my voice and screamed, he left his garment beside me, fled and went outside!”[5]

For this, Joseph was sentenced to prison. For twelve years he remained incarcerated in an Egyptian dungeon, until he was finally liberated to interpret a mysterious dream of the Egyptian emperor, Pharaoh, following which he rose to become the viceroy of the country.

How did Potiphar’s wife describe Joseph? As a “Hebrew man” (“Look, he brought us a Hebrew man to sport with us.”) This was a most obvious and conspicuous characteristic of Joseph's. Clearly, he never disguised his origin; everybody was aware that he was member of the Hebrew tribe, coming from the Land of Israel.

The Second Episode

The second episode occurs ten years later, while in the Egyptian dungeon. There, Joseph interprets the enigmatic dreams of two of Pharaoh’s assistants, his baker and his butler. The baker, Joseph predicts, will be executed; the butler will be set free and restored to his previous post in the palace.

Joseph asks of the butler: “If only you can do me a favor, and mention me to Pharaoh, and get me out of this place, for indeed I was kidnapped from the land of the Hebrews, and even here I have done nothing to them to put me in the dungeon.”[6]

Here again Joseph proclaims his connection to the Holy Land. “I was kidnapped from the land of the Hebrews.”

Indeed, when the butler does present Joseph’s case to Pharaoh, two years later, that is exactly how he describes Joseph: “There [in the dungeon] with us was a Hebrew youth, a slave….”[7] The first characteristic by which he defines Joseph is his being “a Hebrew youth.”

Why Risk Your Freedom?

In Egyptian society, to be a Hebrew was a badge of shame.[8] That may be the reason why Potiphar’s wife when seeking to gain credibility for her version of the story that Joseph attempted to violate her, defined him first and foremost as a “Hebrew man.” She knew that this would help her case. When people will hear that he is a Jew, they will believe all the ill behavior attributed to him. The Jew is capable of all…

And Joseph made it known that he was a Hebrew, a resident of Israel. Disguising it would perhaps allow him to integrate into Egyptian society, but that would mean lying to himself and to the world. What type of life is that?

Years later, while suffering in prison, attempting to seek the Egyptian ruler’s grace to set him free of his misery, it would have been even more logical for him to underplay his true identity. Why did he tell the butler, “I was kidnapped from the land of the Hebrews” and put his entire freedom at risk?

Furthermore, how can Joseph define the land as “The land of the Hebrews”? At the time, the land was home to 31 kingdoms, consisting of large and powerful tribes, while the Hebrews were comprised of fewer than 70 members,[9] and lived in part of one city, Hebron?

As dawn broke, settlers of Chavat Maon, a settle-
ment of 13 Jewish families in the Judean desert, assembled
to pray the morning services. Photo: Isaac Nachshon

An Organic Connection

What is the connection between the Jewish people and the Holy Land, both in the past and in the present? Is it merely a national one: Jews reside in Israel they are citizens of the country, so they are naturally connected to it. No! For the last 2000 years, Jews have been exiled and dispersed all over the globe, yet they still spoke of Eretz Israel as their home; they cried for it as their spiritual epicenter. It was the core of their longings, dreams, and aspirations.[10]

For 2000 years, Jews have prayed three times a day in the direction of Israel; they have beseeched G-d to return them to their homeland; they have concluded every Seder and Yom Kippur service with the declaration, “Next year in Jerusalem!” they have fasted each year, without fail, on the day their exile from Israel began.

Why? If it were merely a nationalistic obsession, it should have diminished with the two millennia of living elsewhere.

The answer to this enigma has been articulated in countless works of Jewish philosophy and mysticism:[11] Each and every Jew—secular and observant alike—is organically linked to the land of Israel. Israel for the Jew is not merely a nationality; it is the home of the Jewish inner consciousness: The Jewish soul is rooted in the energy vibrating in the atmosphere of Eretz Israel.

The 10th century Jew thriving on the Rhine, the 16th century Jew walking the streets of Krakow, the 20th century Jew struggling in communist Moscow, and the Jew of 21st century sipping coffee in a Soho Starbucks—each of them was and is aware, on a conscious or subconscious level, that his or her soul is inherently interconnected with Eretz Israel. He may have never visited the physical territory, but it is still home. How? Because his or her soul originated there, and was merely grafted to the Diaspora, in order to imbue it with the sanctity of Eretz Israel.

Joseph was a slave, then a prisoner. He was living in Egypt and was powerless to change that. Ultimately he would become the prime minister of the country. But that was only his body; his soul was still living in Eretz Israel. Thus he was never ashamed to remain loyal to himself and declare the truth: I am residing in Egypt, but a part of me has never left the Holy Land. I may one day come to love Egypt, but Eretz Yisroel will always remain my home. Because it is home.

One with the Land

Now let us shift our attention to Moses.

Following his escape from Pharaoh’s sword, Moses spent time at the well of Midyan. There, the Jewish boy who grew up in the Egyptian palace rescued Jethro's seven daughters from the shepherds who were harassing them, and he gave water to their sheep. When the daughters came home and their father asked them how they managed to make it home so quickly, they replied, “An Egyptian man saved us from the shepherds and he even draw water for us and for the sheep.”[12]

“An Egyptian man” was the way they described Moses. In other words, Moses allowed them to get the impression that he was Egyptian. Moses did not necessarily tell them he was an Egyptian; he merely didn’t protest their impression of him as such.

Joseph, concludes the Midrash, embraced his land, hence he was interred there; Moses did not, hence he remained outside of it.

This was not a punishment. Moses, we can be sure, had good reason for his behavior. (Moses stood up to the superpower of his time, so he clearly suffered not of Jewish self-hate, nor was he fearful of sounding “too Jewish.” The reason he behaved so is beyond the scope of this present essay). Nevertheless, to be worthy of the Land of Israel, you need to be one with it.

The Modern Crisis

In recent years, some of our brothers have lost touch with this innate sense etched in the hearts of our people for four millennia. We began to question our right to that small territory in the Middle East, surrounded by hundreds of millions of Muslims. The Balfour declaration of 1917 and the UN resolution of 1947 became for many the sole basis for our right to establish the State of Israel.

Israel’s neighbors, acutely aware of this change of heart in Israeli modern culture, seized this weakening of the Jewish connection to Israel in order to build their armies with the objective of defeating the country. Instead of giving the terrorists a full blow the moment terror reared its ugly head, Israel was consumed by self-doubt as to its own legitimacy in conquering “Arab land”. Israel had a strong army, but it lost much of the spirit giving the Israeli military a soul and a passion.

Now Israel was horrifically awakened from more than a decade of illusions. The dream that concessions, a withdrawal from the 1967 occupied territories, the creation of a Palestinian state with its capital in East Jerusalem will create a climate for peace, has tragically turned into a nightmare. We hoped the Israeli left would have been proven right, but that was not the case. The country that was relatively safe in the mid-80’s, has, following the Oslo Peace accords, become a bloodbath. Thousands of innocent Jews and Arabs lost their lives in the process.

At this defining moment, we must reclaim our inner sense of unity and purpose, embedded in the depth of every Jewish heart. The Land of Israel is really the land of the Jewish people. It is not about occupation; it is about reality: The Jewish soul is linked with a million chords to the territory of Eretz Yisroel; it is an inherent connection, coded into the very DNA of the universe.

Over the past 4000 years the Torah never let us down. Not once. We can trust it on this truth, too: The land is G-d’s gift to the Jewish people.

Joseph was a man of the world. He walked the corridors of the United Nations and the State Department. He was a loyal and faithful citizen of Egypt, contributing immensely to its economic growth and rescuing it from famine. But he never hesitated to say the truth: that Israel was the eternal home of the Jewish people, given to them as a gift from the Creator of heaven and earth.

Today we all need to be Josephs.

[1] Deuteronomy 3:26-27.
[2]Midrash Rabah Devarim 2:8.
[3]Exodus 13:19.
[4]Joshua 24:32.
[5] Genesis 39:13
[6] Ibid. 40:14
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[9] Ibid. 46:27
[10] See, for example, the extraordinarily dramatic poem by Rabbi Yehudah Halevi (12th century Spain), “Zion will you not seek the welfare of your prisoners?”
[11] See, for example, Likkutei Torah Parshas Massei. Sefas Emes Parshas Balak.
[12] Exodus 2:19.

Source: Yeshiva.net

Birds of a Feather? Updated

Is this not the same University of California Board that Janet Napolitano (a/k/a Big Sis from Homeland Security) is joining?

"The University of California appointed a Muslim American woman as a student member of its governing board on Wednesday." Haaretz/Reuters

Read about the new UC Board member:

"...opposition to her appointment is two-fold:

1. As a Student Senator, she co-sponsored an Israeli divestment resolution singling out only the Jewish State for punitive action and calling for a divestment from Caterpillar, Hewlett-Packard and Cement Roadstone Holdings for doing business with Israel.

2. She authored a bill to curb the First Amendment rights of free speech for UC lecturer and pro-Israel activist Tammi Benjamin, which violates the very essence of being a member of the Board of Regents."

“She is prominent in the anti-Israel boycott campaign, an extremist movement that demonized the Jewish state, rejects dialogue, and fosters bigotry,” Roberta Seid, a research-education director at StandWithUs, an organization promoting education of Israel, told regents before the vote."

18 July 2013

Evil Devices or Evil Advice

Are Frum Children in Jeopardy

This is unbelievable, but according to the below article, evil advice is being disseminated to Mothers of Jewish children. Whether this appeared in that "cartoonist's Pashkvill" or in a haredi publication of sorts (undocumented), it is comparable to Arab mothers' devotion to their children sacrificing their lives as shahids. Since we see so-called Jewish mothers and women going against their own religious norms in clothing , behavior, and practice, this may be the next step in waging war on the world. Frum Jewish children are in jeopardy.

While I don't believe this is the norm, there just might surface one or more "devoted Mothers captured by this extremist ideology".

chv's Dear G-d Al-mighty uncover these evil persons and prevent this.

This (picture below) was allegedly published in a haredi newspaper in Israel. "It says that mothers should consider killing their sons or cutting off some of their fingers or poking out one eye if they use smartphones, computers, iPods, etc., which the paper calls 'evil devices.'"

Someone, please find this paper, and get to the editor or publisher and talk some sense into them!

Maybe A Little 'Krav Maga' is Needed Here ...

Why aren't these army guys knowledgeable in Krav Maga? A legal type of Marshal Arts could be extremely beneficial against Arab attackers and protection against any other threats of bodily harm, even if their attacker is dressed in black!

"The Kibbutz Movement is undertaking a protection program for haredi soldiers needing to enter the ultra-Orthodox – and increasingly radical – Jerusalem neighborhood of Mea Shearim, the group announced on Wednesday.

"Yoel Marshak of the Kibbutz Movement’s Projects Division said on Tuesday that any male volunteers wishing to make themselves available to meet with haredi soldiers on Thursdays and Fridays at the edge of the neighborhood would be welcomed." JPost

17 July 2013

Treachery ... the fingerprint of Antisemitic Semites

The Next Step ...

Arabs ready Anti-Israeli Resolution over Nukes

"Arab nations relaunching efforts to single out Israel for criticism at the International Atomic Energy Agency conference by preparing resolution over the country's alleged nuclear arsenal, suggesting Israel's refusal to acknowledge it has such arms threatens Mideast peace.

"The renewed Arab push is reflected in a draft resolution seen by The Associated Press on Monday and endorsed by all 18 Arab members of the IAEA.

(Erev Tisha B'Av) "... Arab official said the document was formally submitted to IAEA chief Yukiya Amano late Monday for inclusion on the conference agenda.

(However) "...the document remains confidential until it is formally published by the IAEA as an agenda item."

(A-P and Israel Hayom)

Bringing the Battle for Yerushalayim a Bit Closer

Only the Times of Israel had this in their report about the racist EU:

"...the EU’s new policy is in effect demanding that Israel deny 
in writing — 
any rights to the Western Wall,
Judaism’s holiest site, as a precondition for signing any agreement with the EU."

The North and South of Israel is in a Tenuous Situation

Whatever the pretext

The Al Qaida linked Rebels have captured an unmanned Israeli Base on the Golan


The Egyptians are in the Sinai in the South of Israel:

ENOUGH RAPES ... Ship Them OUT ... Enough!


Suspect, 30, broke into woman's house, threatened her with knife, raped and robbed her

Put an End to 

16 July 2013

Tisha B'Av 5773 Decree

EU Redraws Israel Borders to 1949 Lines
EU formally forbids trade with bodies located beyond 1949 Armistice lines, including Golan: The decision also states that any future agreement signed with Israel must include a section that says the “settlements” are not part of sovereign Israel and therefore not included in the agreement."This is the first time in which a explicit and formal instruction like this is issued. Until now, there were silent understandings and agreements that the EU does not work beyond the Green Line” – as the 1949 Armistice Line is known – “but this is an official and binding prohibition.”

"Deputy Foreign Minister Ze'ev Elkin said, Tuesday morning, that a European Union decision to ban its members from funding or cooperating with Jewish entities beyond the 1949 Armistice Line, starting Friday, is "very disturbing". Responding to a report by the Ha'aretz daily, he said the decision will make it difficult for Israel to conduct contacts regarding its joint agreements with the EU.

"Chairman Davidi Perl of the Gush Etzion Regional Council condemned and denounced the decision, saying, "It's time the Union deals with its own problems instead of forcing its policy on Israel." Referring to the idea of Palestinian Authority statehood in Judea and Samaria (Shomron), he continued, "The idea of ​​two states stood up for a very short period and died long ago. Today it's clear to everyone that the Palestinians do not want and cannot reach an agreement and understandings, and furthermore, they do not have the ability to run a country. It's exactly the time that the prime minister stand up and apply Israeli law to these areas of the homeland and thus fix an ongoing historical distortion."

This also makes it clear that it is not a Palestinian State that the nations of the world want to enact  it appears they (are manipulating the Palestinians) in order to create another Final Solution!

More sources:

EU Attack on Israel "It's a very worrying initiative launched at a bad time, because it only reinforces the Palestinians' refusal to restart negotiations"

Lack of Agreement

Economic Earthquake

EU Secret Funding of Anti-Israel NGO's

15 July 2013

Kerry is Coming ... So the Riots Start ... Are We Heading for a Showdown

Muslim Extremists Force Jews From Temple Mount

“Today, on the eve of Tisha B'Av, the Israel Police failed do discharge its duties again,” ... “Hundreds of Jews who came to the Mount from all parts of the Land of Israel, were kept waiting for a long time at the entrance to the Mount, at the only gate where Jews are allowed to pass, while hundreds of Muslims entered from the other gates without any check or delay... Michael Fua, of the Jewish Leadership faction of the Israeli Likud Party.

"As the third group that the police allowed inside entered the Mount, many Muslims began to gather and shout. As usual, instead of preventing the rioters from ascending to the Mount and grouping together, the police quickly informed the Jewish pilgrims that it will not allow them to carry out a full tour of the Mount, and quickly made them leave through the nearest gate.”

"Fua, who videotaped the event, explained: “The video shows Dr. Yoel Elitzur and some of the ascenders, faced by the Muslim mob that is familiar to us from the previous days. It s amazing to see how the Israel Police plays into the hands of the Muslim rioters, and actually encourages them to threaten and run amok.

"This scenario is one that is known in advance and it is time that the police change their behavior, so that the scenario may change, too.”

Feiglin is Fighting Back

In his letter to Attorney General Weinstein, Feiglin said the ban (against his going up to the Temple Mount area) was in contradiction to three basic laws: the Jerusalem Basic Law, the Knesset Basic Law and the Basic Law on Human Dignity and Freedom. Feiglin also claimed the prohibition went against the freedom-of-religion clauses of the Declaration of Independence.


Outrage as Culprit in Hevron Massacre to Manage Holy Site

Taysir Abu Sneina, a terrorist who was involved in the murder of six Jews in Hevron on May 2, 1980, is the man whom the Palestinian Authority has appointed to manage the Muslim side of the Cave of Machpela (known in English as the Cave of the Patriarchs ... "Abu Sneina makes no attempt to hide his terrorist past, and actually seems quite proud of it. His Facebook page proclaims that he is “one of the heroes of the operation at Dabuya," as the area of Beit Hadassah is known in Arabic. The cover photo of his profile is of the terror squad that carried out the attack, with Abu Sneina's face circled."

In his letter to Attorney General Weinstein, Feiglin said the ban (against his going up to the Temple Mount area) was in contradiction to three basic laws: the Jerusalem Basic Law, the Knesset Basic Law and the Basic Law on Human Dignity and Freedom. Feiglin also claimed the prohibition went against the freedom-of-religion clauses of the Declaration of Independence.



Amalek? Rabbi 'Only Meant Bayit Yehudi Leaders'
Sources in Rabbi Shalom Cohen's household: he did not mean to disparage the entire National-Religious public
[Is this his wife (household = Beis = wife), coming to rescue him?]

Naftali Bennett:

“Shame on You!”, Bennett wrote: "For those who do not know, Amalek is the expression used for those who must be wiped off the face of the earth. No less. At this moment, thousands of wearers of knitted kippot [the kippot favored by the religious Zionists, ed.] are present along the borders, from that of Syria to that of Egypt, from the regimental commanders to the last soldiers, and spitting blood to defend all of us – including the respected rabbi.”

Rabbi Druckman: Why Such Hatred?

Venerated religious Zionist rabbi reacts to Shas sage's vicious attack on non-hareidi Jews. "This is a desecration of G-d's Name." "they constitute a 'hillul Hashem' [a desecration of G-d's name – ed.], and one is not allowed to ignore a 'hillul Hashem,' so we must react.”

"I cry out from the depth of my heart – where does such deep hatred come from? How far does it reach and to whom is it directed? Toward those who are true sons of Torah, who fulfil the complete Torah, which includes commandments that are between a person and his nation, his country and his state,”

14 July 2013

From the Evil Side ...

Since Naturei Karta defends the haredi pogrom on religious Jews, Israelis and National Religious Israelis -- ALL JEWS -- then it is from the EVIL side.

This is what Yisrael Meir Hirsch said about the pogrom in Meah Shearim:

"It's just like a thief will come to your house and you'll defend yourself," says Yisrael Meir Hirsch, leader of 'Neturei Karta' and one of the residents of the neighborhood. "Will you go ask the rabbi whether to attack or to remove him from the house?"  Behadrei

But why won't he say that about Haredi sexual perverts that pray upon little Haredi children and young boys?

They, too, are "like a thief will come to your house" however you are told to "go ask the rabbi whether to attack or to remove him from the house?"

I believe we are witnessing the battle of the Erev Rav/Zeir

The following is a summary of the defining factors of the Erev Rav and Erev Zeir.

Erev Rav of the Left

• Religion - Mainly based on belief, if not outright secular. Should not require any action on behalf of the believer.
• Morals - Morals shall be deduced by human reason alone. "I don't need G-d to tell me how to be a good person".
• Science - Achievements in science are valued, as it brings understanding, does not necessitate the obligation to any sort of belief.
• Politics - Separate Religion and State
• Geulah - "We can make our utopia here and now", there is no "process" of Geulah. They desire to do all the work.

Erev Rav of the Right, the Erev Zeir

• Religion - Mainly based on action, deeper/outside understanding of Kabbalah/Science is not stressed.
• Science - Any seeming challenges coming from science are attacked, science is deemed unnecessary/heretical.
• Politics - Separate Religion and State (by this I mean that there is no desire to eventually come to a "Torah" mode of governing, any religious influence is at most on the "dalet amot" scale)
• Geulah - "We cannot make our utopia here and now, only Moshiach can, we must wait." There is no "process" of Geulah. They pray for Moshiach to do all the work.

The above appears on, where you can read more about, Keitzmeguleh


Haredi violence is damaging Israel's Image

"The violent clashes show Israel in a horrible light and cause a great deal of damage to its image in America," one Hasidic rabbi, a resident of the Borough Park neighborhood told Haaretz.

"If Jews strike Jews, what will the gentiles say?" 

The Pot Calling The Kettle Black
a/k/a erev rav vs erev zeir?

Shas Rabbi calls religious Israelis "Amalek" On the Haredi website Kikar Hashabbat, Rabbi Shalom Cohen, a member of Shas’s Council of Torah Sages and the head of the influential Porat Yosef Yeshiva, is seen calling national religious Israelis “Amalek” and suggesting that they aren’t Jews

Bennett rebukes Rabbi Shalom Cohen, a member of Council of Torah Sages, for calling non-Haredi Orthodox ‘Amalek’

Hgr"y Schwartz: retires from Nahal I will not take part in the cultural war. Like a Captain who jumps ship and leaves the sailors onboard. [This is not the answer. It is not the end of the Haredi way of life. But it may be the end of ghetto life. There is yet time to soften the blow, and reign in Lapid.]

Hypocrisy ... Tongue in Cheek or Fork-Tongued

Shas ‘Disgusted’ by Attack on Hareidi Soldier. Hareidi-religious Shas party expresses shock, disgust over ‘wicked’ attack on soldier.

Police raided the printer of the Chardakim campaign ads

Police uncovered those behind the Chardakim campaign"

Behadrey Haredim "... police arrived to the printing press-Achva in the Makor Baruch neighborhood of Jerusalem and confiscated ads and printed material against haredi soldiers, within the Chardakim campaign waged against the Orthodox serving in the IDF."

Kol HaKavod Imma!

Jerusalem - Mother Wants Justice For Haredi Soldier Son Attacked By Ultra-Orthodox
While demanding that “severe” justice be metered out, the mother of a uniformed Haredi IDF soldier who was attacked Tuesday by a group of ultra-Orthodox wants his attackers to know that her son just became Haredi five years ago and that he was on his way home from Torah study when he was assaulted.

"Pogroms against a haredi soldier, a ba'al tshuva in Jerusalem: on Gamzu Street in the heart of Mea Shearim."  [Coincidence?  "Nachum Ish Gamzu's name is described in the Talmud as having grown colloquially from Nachum's tendency to react to misfortune with unyielding optimism, in each case uttering a phrase that became famously attached to him: "gam zu le-tovah," meaning, "this, too, is for the best." wikipedia ]

Jews Attacking Jews

"D. has been pelted with stones, B.’s uniform has been stolen off clothesline, H.’s door has been vandalized with graffiti, A. is constantly denounced by acquaintances, and M. defines life as ‘constant terror.’ As campaigns against IDF draft gain momentum, ultra-Orthodox troops experience growing hostility, including verbal and physical assaults."

"'Suddenly he threw a big rock at me'":  [No the rock thrower was not an arab, he was a Bnei Brak Haredi youth!]

Spring Valley Peaceful Hatefest

Teaching the children to hate Jews in Eretz Yisrael.
Spring Valley, NY - Satmar Students And Teachers Stage Peaceful Anti-Israeli Draft Protest at Yeshiva In Monsey

Military Summer Camp 

... Children and guns at Hamas summer camp: Usually when discussing summer camps for children we think of a pool, hikes and other fun activities. But the Hamas summer camp in the Gaza strip looks completely different. Children aged 12-16, dressed in camouflage gear; spend their summer holidays in what looks to be a military camp. They march, crawl and hold shooting drills against targets that represent the Zionist enemy.

Summer Camp in Gaza: Kidnap the Jew!

09 July 2013

First Gush Katif, Now Amona on Tisha B'Av

Motzei Shabbat_UPDATE: Court grants postponement for evacuation of Amona outpost IBA news

The High Court has allowed for another nine-day postponement of the deadline for evacuating the Amona unauthorized settlement outpost in the Binyamin region. It was to have been Monday, but Monday night and Tuesday is the Tisha B'Av fast day.

The justices, led by Supreme Court President Asher Grunis, asserted that they have been presented with documents that show that portions of the five plots of land at the outpost were, in fact, purchased by the settlers, but that the State must evacuate the plots that were not purchased.

On Thursday, the "Yesh Din" group asked the High Court to order the state to evacuate the unauthorized outpost as soon as possible.

Why don't these guys look at the calendar once in a while!

I don't believe this! AGAIN the Israel Government has scheduled the destruction of yet another homesteading community on the 8th of AV! The day before the 9th. The "day of crying and wailing," the "day of the Miraglim," and the "day of destruction"

Yesterday I was on a tiyul to visit all the resettled Gush Katif families, in each of their new homesites. We saw building in the works, homes taking shape, a gan full of children. Some of these children were born during or after the expulsion. It has been taking 8 years to get the building under way. However, you can see that families are still living in Israel's new housing extravaganza: "Caravillas."

This is a Gush Katif transplanted Community in the making:

We met families who have already moved into their new/old homes and heard about their struggles and the beauracracy of the gov.il.

We witnessed repair, revival, regeneration and strong Emuna focused on their future. We were asked to envision all this with the trees replanted (they are in the Negev, protected and waiting to be replanted in their new homes). It was an amazing day.

What a beautiful land we have.

And now the Israeli Government wants to create another catastrophe ... by uprooting Amona!

Despite the renewal we witnessed, one should not think everything is rosy for them. These brave people from the Katif uprooting have spent years struggling to rebuild their families' lives, with still so many are still shattered from their efforts to pick up the pieces and go forward.

It's over 8 years and some of these people are still homeless, and still having the mortgages from their destroyed Katif homes deducted from their [now empty] bank accounts. This has prevented some from investing in a new home; and some have yet to find work because they are over 50 and no one will hire them. It's outrageous.

And now the government wants to add Amona to the list. There are just too many Jewish homes destroyed while the arabs are allowed to build everywhere!

What Can You Do In Fifteen Minutes?

  Just like Netanyahu’s excitement about “Israel , the Vax Lab” read this and then don’t underestimate Netanyahu’s excitement about possible...