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31 May 2018

Parashat Be’ha’alotcha: Everything in This World has a Substitute

Parashat Be’ha’alotcha
Rabbi Nachman Kahana
Everything in This World has a Substitute

Eight times in his commentary on Chumash, Rashi asks, “lama nisma’cha” (“why did the Torah choose this particular sequence of verses?”). Meaning: since the episodes of the Torah do not always appear in their chronically historical sequence, nor is there always a logical human explanation for mitzva B to follow mitzva A, it is important to investigate the sequence of the Torah text.

Even though this question of lama nismacha could be posed almost everywhere in the Torah, Rashi does so in only eight places. The conclusion is that the lessons to be learned from the sequence of these eight places are of a special nature. One of these places is the link between the final episode of our parasha, Be’ha’alotcha, where Miriam questions Moshe’s decision to leave the family unit and next week’s parasha, Sh’lach which opens with the sin of the Meraglim (the scouts) who spoke disparagingly of Eretz Yisrael.

Rashi explains the sequence on the background of the shared sin of lashon hara in both episodes — Miriam speaks inappropriately against her brother, as do the Meraglim against Eretz Yisrael.

Rashi is certainly correct in pointing out what is common between Miriam and the spies, but what remains difficult is the unusual harshness with which Hashem treated these sinners: Miriam was smitten with tzara’at, and the Meraglim died a horrendous death.

I suggest:
Parashat Be’ha’alotcha is replete with many diverse themes:

  • The menorah, hewn out of a solid block of gold
  • Consecration of the Le’vi’im
  • Pesach Sheni on the 14th of Iyar
  • The clouds over the Israelite camp
  • The silver bugles (chatzotzrot)
  • The manna
  • Choosing 70 members for the Sanhedrin (Moshe was the 71st)

At first glance, it is difficult to find a reason for these diverse subjects to appear in the same Parasha. However, they indeed share a common denominator — each one is either a substitute for something, or can be substituted by something else:

  • The golden menorah, which was fashioned from one solid block of gold, may be substituted by any other metal, which may be welded or pieced together in any fashion and need not be made from a solid block of that metal.
  • The Le’vi’im are substitutes for the first born (bechorot), who forfeited their privilege to perform the sacrificial duties.
  • Pesach Sheni on the 14th of Iyar is a second opportunity for anyone who was halachically unable to bring a korban Pesach on the 14th of Nissan.
  • The clouds, which protected and guided the camp, changed from a cloud during the daylight hours to a cloud of fire during the hours of darkness.
  • The original silver chatzotzrot were set aside until future times and replaced with a second set.
  • The manna would change in taste according to the preference of the eater.
  • A total of 72 names were selected (6 from every tribe), from whom only 70 were to be chosen by a random lottery, making each one a potential substitute for another.

The parasha concludes with the Miriam episode, followed by next week’s parasha of the scouts — both receiving severe heavenly punishments.

The Torah is teaching us that everything in the world — the menorah, the firstborn, etc. — has a substitute (the cemetery is filled with people the world cannot exist without). Everything, that is, except for two things which are above any possibility of substitution – the Torah and Eretz Yisrael. Moshe is the personification of Torah in this world. To speak disparagingly of Moshe, as Miriam did, is to defile the Torah. Miriam knew that her brother was the wisest and holiest of men, but in her eyes, Moshe was still a man prone to mistakes as everyone else. But she was mistaken. Moshe was outwardly a “man,” but inwardly he was now different than anyone else in the world. Miriam was not cautious in her criticism, and for this she was harshly punished.

To speak disparagingly of Eretz Yisrael in any way is a Chilul Hashem — and for this the Meraglim were so harshly punished, because they made the same mistake as Miriam. They saw Eretz Yisrael as one views any other place on earth — water, hills, vegetation — a beautiful land, but no different than most places on earth. They saw the exterior of the land; but they did not comprehend that just as Moshe was “different” from any person who ever lived, so too is Eretz Yisrael different than any place on this planet — and for this they were punished. [emphasis mine]

Just as Christianity, Islam and Buddhism can never replace the Torah and Judaism, so too no place on this planet or in the created universe can replace the sanctity of Eretz Yisrael.

The towns of Satmar, Belz, Lubavitch and Lakewood can never attain the kedusha of the most remote piece of desert in Eretz Yisrael.

All the yeshivot and synagogues in the USA put together do not contain the kedusha of a football field in Eretz Yisrael.

If I live a thousand years, I will never understand how a religious Jew can willingly choose to remain outside the Holy Land when the gates to Eretz Yisrael are open wide and our mother Rachel calls out to her children to return home (Yirmiyahu chapter 31).

But perhaps the answer lies in the following story:
A man was climbing a high mountain, when night fell and the pouring rain created zero visibility. He slipped and began falling to certain death. Suddenly he put out his hand and grabbed a branch jutting out of the mountain side and found himself suspended between heaven and earth.
He began to pray. A thunderous voice emerged from nowhere. “Do you believe in Me?” the voice asked. The poor fellow cried out, “With all my heart and soul, I believe in You.”
“Do you believe I can save you?” HaShem asked. “I believe with every sinew in my body that You can save me.”
“In that case,” thundered the voice, “LET GO!”
The following morning, they found the man hanging on to the branch and dead of hypothermia, when between him and solid ground was a distance of 10 centimeters.
The lesson to be gleaned from this story:

some people can’t LET GO, 
even when HaShem comes to save their physical and spiritual lives.

Shabbat Shalom,
Nachman Kahana
Copyright © 5778/2018 Nachman Kahana

How Do I Kindle my Soul so That it Burns Brightly and Strongly Toward God?

Parshas Behaaloscha
by Rabbi Pinchas Winston

Speak to Aharon and tell him: “When you light the lamps, the seven lamps must cast their light toward the face of the Menorah.” 
(Bamidbar 8:2)

THE LAST PART of the previous parsha was consumed with the gifts presented by the leaders of each tribe as part of the inauguration ceremony of the Mishkan. As explained in the past, the weight of the gifts, 130 shekels, had great significance. They are connected to the “damaged” souls Adam HaRishon “created” during his 130 years of teshuvah, and which eventually reincarnated into the Erev Rav. It was the Erev Rav who made the golden calf for which the Mishkan was a “tikun.”
We have also spoken in the past about how the Torah presents each prince’s gift as if it is unique, when in fact it was an exact replica of the first one. It is one of the easier sections for a “Ba’al Koreh” to read on Shabbos, because the duplication of paragraphs results in a certain rhythm when read. 
If someone were to present that section of the Torah to an audience, they would probably just say, “And all of the leaders of the tribes brought the same thing: one silver bowl weighing 130 [shekels], one silver sprinkling basin [weighing] 70 shekels, etc.” They might mention the individual names of the princes, because that did vary from gift to gift. 
So, why did the Torah do the opposite, and “drag” us through all the details? To make sure the Torah had a certain amount of words and letters? They could have been made up elsewhere, and in a more interesting way.
Rather, the Torah is making a very IMPORTANT but subtle point. It is sharing with us HEAVEN’S perspective on our service of God. It is reminding us of how personalized service of God does not have to mean using your OWN or different words each time, but infusing the SAME words or act with a PERSONAL perspective. 
Every prince was different. They had different souls, and that automatically varied their experiences of life. They came from different families, had different upbringings. They married women who were different from each other for the same reason, impacting their husbands’ view on life. Who knows how many other factors made one prince different from another?
When it came time to offer their gifts for the Mishkan, no two moments were the same. Nachshon ben Aminadov was first, so he did not have someone before him to learn from. Nesanel ben Tzu’ar, who was second, did. But the actual moment he brought his gift was different, because time does not stand still. History had changed by the time his turn was up, and it changed the nature of the same gift of his predecessor. The same was true about each subsequent prince and gift. 
The same can also be said about every individual, especially when it comes to praying the same Shemonah Esrai, three times a day, six days a week. It’s the EXACT same words, phrased the EXACT same way EACH time. For people for whom the phrase, “familiarity breeds contempt” is a natural instinct, how is one supposed to put “umph” into their tefillah time-after-time-after-time?
That’s where THIS week’s parsha picks up. The first section returns to a discussion about the Menorah, which the Ramban sees as an allusion to Chanukah. But, the basic mitzvah discusses how to the light the Menorah:

Speak to Aharon and tell him: “When you light the lamps, the seven lamps must cast their light toward the face of the Menorah.” (Bamidbar 8:2)

When you light: Literally, when you cause to ascend. Since the flame rises, the Torah describes kindling in terms of ascending. He is required to kindle the lamp until the flame rises by itself. (Rashi)

All societies survive because of traditions that are passed down from one generation to the next, but Torah society DEPENDS upon it. It depends not just upon the accurate transmission of the material that is meant to technically guide us through life. It depends upon the accurate transmission of the “soul” meant to inspire each new generation to sincerely and energetically serve God. 
Therefore, the education job of one generation is not complete until the light of the next generation is able to stand on its own. If the inspiration that first “sold” our ancestors on Torah is not successfully passed on from one generation to the next, then most Jews will be unable to maintain much of a connection to Torah in general. 
What is the best way to measure the Torah inspiration level of a generation? By the way people perform their mitzvos, but primarily, by the way they pray.
Learning Torah is enjoyable, and it can even become competitive. Everyone wants to become a talmid chacham, and maybe even a Rosh Yeshivah one day. There is plenty to be excited about when learning Torah even without the kind of inspiration we are talking about. You can find people who zealously learn Torah, but who also unzealously perform their other mitzvos, ESPECIALLY prayer.
Tefillah is something that you cannot become inspired about, unless you are generally inspired in your service of God. Not only does such a person pursue a close and intimate relationship with God, they usually already have one. They are real with God as their benefactor, and they use prayer to both show their appreciation for what they have, and to ask God for what they need. They know that when they “show up” to prayer, God does as well. 
What does this mean? Of course God is ALREADY everywhere at ALL times. But, for a person to SENSE this, which changes the entire nature of the way they perform mitzvos, and especially the way they pray, they have to be both INTELLECTUALLY and EMOTIONALLY involved. This is what it means to “show up” for anything. 
Being somewhere intellectually is the less difficult of the two. Just being there already makes that easier, and focusing on what is being done adds to it. A person who comes to shul to pray, does what is expected of him, and even thinks about what he is doing is, for the most part,  intellectually “there.”
The question is, where is their heart? Where are they emotionally? Back at home, or the office, still thinking about what they were doing before they went to shul, or worrying about something they have to do once they leave? There are countless things that can distract a person’s heart from one moment to the next, and will continue to do so, if what the person is currently doing is not their activity of choice.

Every person works differently, but every person is like the kohen who lights the Menorah. A person’s inspiration will not kindle on its own, and if not ignited properly, the flame will go out. 

The question is the same for everyone: How do I kindle my soul so that it burns brightly and strongly towards God? How a person answers that question is their own personal service of God while down here on earth.

HAWAII – A Warning of World Retribution

'Pele's hair' is falling from the sky in Hawaii

WIKIPEDIA: Pele's hair is a form of lava. It is named after Pele, the Hawaiian goddess of volcanoes. It can be defined as volcanic glass fibers or thin strands of volcanic glass.[1] The strands are formed through the stretching of molten basaltic glass from lava, usually from lava fountains, lava cascades, and vigorous lava flows.

strands of Pele’s Hair
Pele's hair is extremely light, so the wind often carries the fibers high into the air and to places several kilometers away from the vent. It is common to find fibers of Pele's hair on high places like top of trees, radio antennas, and electric poles.

Add caption

USA TODAY: This isn't your typical weather forecast: "Pele’s Hair is falling in Pahoa," the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory announced Tuesday in a forecast for the Kilauea volcano.

The normally staid National Weather Service also got in on the act, warning that "Pele's hair and other lightweight volcanic glass from high fountaining fissures are being transported downwind.”

EXPRESS (no link): Hawaii volcano update LIVE: Latest USGS maps and pictures as lava flows SPREAD


HAWAII'S Kilauea volcano continues to wreak devastation across Big Island leaving vast swathes of land empty and major highways cut off. As the USGS issued its latest warning, here is all the live news, pictures and maps from Hawaii's volcano.

Reuters Photo. Fast-moving lava from Hawaii's Kilauea volcano has so far destroyed some 82 homes and dozens of properties as the molten liquid surged through the streets
6.00am: Hawaii hit by 5.3 magnitude tremors on Wednesday as natural disasters continue to strike. Hawaii was hit by a 5.3 magnitude earthquake on Wednesday as natural disasters continue to strike the island amid Kilauea chaos. Kilauea rumbled back to life on May 3 as it began extruding lava and toxic gases through a series of cracks in the ground on its eastern flank.

HUGE EARTH CHANGE: Kilauea - Earthquakes are RAPIDLY increasing near the summit

THE WAR IN SOUTH ISRAEL and The Spiritual Cause

Current Events On The War In Israel
and Samson And Delilah
(finishing Naso and Beha’alotcha) 
The Root of the Problem, the Spiritual Element, Is in the Hands of Hashem

Birchat Kohanim has 60 letters = of Spiritual Protection for the People ~ the 60 Body-Guards surrounding the Bed of Shlomo HaMelech to Defend Him (this is a spiritual thing) from Demons and Other Bad Things in the World.

In the Last War with Hamas:  We shoot very well in training, we can target where the rockets fall, but their G–D is Saving Them!

Spiritual tumah of Jews, from non-kosher food, prevents spiritual truths

Non-Jews are allowed to eat anything (as long as its dead), bugs, and other things.

The biggest non-Jewish Prophet (Bilaam): I would like to die like the death of the Jews = and I want to end where the Jews end.  Gentiles do not; only if they Convert strictly al pi Halacha, in modesty (in dignity), kashrut, and accepting ALL the laws of Judaism. 

Liberal Jewish women are not sensitive to their modesty and appear dressed like the non–Jews.

In defense of comments about Mrs. Kushner, when appearing at Jewish functions she dressed modestly, especially when in Eretz Yisrael. This is a serious sensitive topic so please be considerate.

UPDATE:  "IDF publishes photos of some of the Hamas and Islamic Jihad targets that were struck in Gaza” BUT NO TERRORISTS WERE KILLED. Hence a message to Israel!


If I may, the serious nature of the transgressions of Am Yisrael (All of the Jews) is, perhaps, preventing the arrival of Mashiach. This may mean that Am Yisrael must suffer sufficiently to change the balance of our merit, to one that allows the fulfillment of the End Days Prophecy. Please read Three Kinds of Sins to be forewarned and to encourage personal Teshuva. A Jew must take a Spiritual Accounting of his/her life to determine where one needs to improve. If one does hitbodedut (unstructured, spontaneous and individualized form of prayer and meditation), one can usually sense what one needs to work on. This can be accomplished by secluding oneself in a room, sit quietly, and listen to the ‘inner voice’. Or one can go to a place of nature, with many trees and no people, and likewise sit quietly and ‘contemplate’. It works and is a pleasant experience.

30 May 2018



Once again parts of Israel did not sleep last night.

For them, it was yet another a night of fear and trepidation. It was a night of frustration with a government that has still not solved the problem of basic security despite two wars fought to do so. It should have been a night of repentance and basic reevaluation.

Who decided on the 12 hours of living nightmares?

Hamas in Gaza did. They decide and we respond. When they have enough and stop trying to kill Jews, we stop responding (usually well-chosen abandoned targets - we don't want to get anyone too angry..) and wait in anxiety for the next round that they decide to initiate.

It was far different before the "Disengagement" from Gaza in the summer of 2005 (the tenth or Av), when almost ten thousand brave Jews lived and created a paradise in Gush Katif. They were the wiling wall between Israel and barbarism. They were dragged from their homes and beloved synagogues, cemeteries, and Israel's paradise. This was the greatest operational success of the IDF since the Six Days War. Medals were handed out.

Hamas did not rule then.

Masses of Arabs did not rush our border. There were no attack/kidnap tunnels reaching into Israel. Tens of thousands of missiles did not fly into Israel. Incendiary kites and balloons did not burn our beloved forests and fields bordering Gaza. Israelis on that border slept far better then.

Iran did not call the shots the either.

What is done is done?

I just wonder how many of those who sneered at the "fanatic" Jews of Gush Katif in their hour of excruciating pain and tears, pause in reflection today as they and their families live a never-ending nightmare.

Hamas decides if they will sleep at night.

Hiding behind concrete is not enough. They nervously clamor for armored convoys to take them from shelter to shelter.

This is so incredible a turn of events it reminds me of the Bible's “tochacha" warning of ever increasing punishment and helplessness for the stiff-necked.

Just as we abandoned Gaza to the terrorists in 2005 which we were told was a great Zionist undertaking, so too did we flee southern Lebanon in 2000 (another superb Zionist undertaking), abandoning our longtime south Lebanese allies in the bloody lurch and grip of Hizbullah. So much for Israeli loyalty to friends and allies.

The vacuum we created was filled by Iran. What a surprise!

We have since fought two wars on that border losing many precious souls. Make no mistake, the residents of northern Israel will dive into their holes again when Hezbollah decides it is time. Meanwhile, we live on pins and needles - the direct result of fleeing terror and abandoning our most loyal ally.

Similarly, when Israel abandoned large tracts of Judea and Samaria to Arafat in 1994, each one of those now "Judenrein" parts of Israel became terror dens – and the list of dead Jews spiral out of control.

Is there a pattern here?

Am I the only one who sees it?

Am I privy to an insight that our greatest political and military minds are not?

Is it some huge secret that when one feels terror, it pursues you?


B”H More Jewish Babies in Israel: Fertility Rising

*Analysis: With Fertility Rising, Israel Is Spared a Demographic Time Bomb
Our fertility rate is much higher than elsewhere in the developed world, and it’s rising

In 2014, the fertility rate among Muslim and Haredi women was 6.9, but it has been dropping overall over the last two decades. For non-Haredi Jewish women, the rate is high compared with their sisters in Europe and North America. For women who define themselves as secular, it was 2.1; 2.6 for traditional women; 3 for traditional-religious women; and 4.2 for Orthodox women. In contrast to the rest of the developed world, the Israeli fertility rate is about the same as it was in the ’60s. And it has been rising in most groups in Israel in recent years.

In one survey conducted in 2012, many Israelis cited the security situation as encouraging more babies, while others cited social norms and the government’s pro-family policies – among other things a rate of fertility treatments that is 13 times the level in the United States on a per-capita basis. Many experts cite the latter as the reason as well.

Another possible explanation is that Israel didn’t suffer the sharp economic downturn that most of the rest of the developed world did after 2008, with this contributing to demographic optimism.
Fore sure, a family’s financial situation is a factor is deciding how many children they have – but not in the way people intuitively think of it.

The 19th-century social theorist Thomas Malthus had predicted that the world’s production of food would be outpaced by the growth of its population, leading to disaster.

In fact, technology enabled harvests to exceed population growth and the decline in fertility that followed in the next century wasn’t due to poverty or want, but people’s improved economic conditions and higher education.

Although environmentalists may be happy with the trend, economically speaking, an aging population and the disappearance of babies do not augur well for nations. [. . .]

Kibbutz Babies
Israel is some kind of miracle. On the other hand, though, it means overcrowding, insufficient infrastructure, an uneven distribution of resources and an increase in the proportion of low-wage workers, which significantly offset our advantages.

Planning for the future is the most important thing we need to do.


The first sensible thing Labor has said:
Veteran Labor MK: Annexation the only way to save two-state solution. Responding to criticism over plan to annex settlement blocs, Eitan Cabel tells Times of Israel his party is out of touch with the public it represents.
There’s plenty of space in Judea and Samaria to build Jewish cities. 

29 May 2018

OUT OF THE BLUE: New Exhibit on Tekhelet at Bible Lands Museum

New Exhibit at Jerusalem Bible Lands Museum, June 1

Woolen fleeces dyed in different colors with dye extracted from Murex trunculus snails (courtesy of Ptil Tekhelet/Moshe Caine)

Long sought by Jews to revive the ancient practice of wearing a fringe of techelet, the revered colors were also the subject of other Ancient Near East cultures’ fascination and ritual worship and the source of a hugely prosperous ancient dyeing industry, according to a new exhibit at Jerusalem’s Bible Lands Museum, “Out of the Blue,” which is set to open on June 1.

The exhibit spotlights the lure of the blue stone lapis lazuli for ancient Egypt (spurring the production of the first imitation blue dyes), Caanan, and Mesopotamia, featuring ritual items and jewelry, including a rare lapis lazuli-dotted horned crown of a Mesopotamian deity.

It pivots into the lucrative purple dye industry of the ancient Phoenicians, drawn from snails (their name meaning the “purple people”); points to the proud adoption of the shade by Persian and Roman royals; underlines finds linking the elusive techelet and argaman with the Murex trunculus shellfish and notes Jewish scholarly efforts to revive the pigment based on a cryptic Talmudic description of the hilazon snail that produces the sacred ink.

Set to be exhibited for the first time, for example, are punctured, ancient Murex trunculus snail shells, excavated at the Tel Shikmona site in northern Israel and dating back to the 10th-7th centuries BCE, according to a curator at the museum, Yehuda Kaplan.

“And you can see that for some of them, there is a breach in the shell,” he said during a tour of the exhibit. It was from those holes that a gland from the snail was extracted, the source of the rich dyes, with each yielding only a “minuscule” amount of the rare and highly coveted pigment, according to the museum. For a single kilogram of dye, thousands or even tens of thousands of the snails were needed.

“These snails, the Murex trunculus, probably about 4,000 years ago it was discovered that they could produce magnificent dyes with the most beautiful colors, dyes that were fast on wool, never faded. And that was something in the ancient world that was simply unheard of, it was priceless,” said Dr. Baruch Sterman of the Ptil Tekhelet organization, which produces techelet fringes to revive the Jewish commandment, and co-author of a book on the subject, “The Rarest Blue.”

In a showcase nearby are coins minted in the Phoenician city of Tyre, now southern Lebanon, in which snail shells — its “trademark” — are featured, further bolstering the link between the creature (still found on Israel’s shores) and the purple dye.

City Cloud of Tekhelet Wearers in Israel

Excerpts from timesofisrael

More on Techelet:

Ptil Tekhelet

Techelet Factory Tour

Photographic Evidence That Angels Are Real?

A Michigan man says his security cameras picked up footage of an angel with a sword recently.

“I said, ‘That’s an angel!’ And I was just blown away, I couldn’t wait to send it to my wife and send it to - - - - -. And I said, ‘I got an angel, and my camera took a picture of an angel,'” Glen Thorman tells WNDU.

Last night at the Thorman’s house, the security camera recorded this snapshot. Glen Thorman is the fire chief for East Jordan …( they attend Jordan Rivers) Yep folks… It’s an angel. I guess there is no question who is watching over their residence while they sleep, and yes, they pray that The Angels of the Lord will surround them and their property….These photo’s have not been altered in anyway. The second photo, the security camera also shot because the angel was moving away. The camera is designed to photograph anything in motion or unusual…. lots of tears today when they opened the security on their camera …WOW!

“We have studied the photo from all possibilities. This ‘Being’ is behind the truck with translucent wings. We checked the temp at 12:49 am for this location. 46* was predicted in town, 39* degrees at the Thorman’s perhaps lower, but the average for his home is a 7 degrees difference in temperature. (Their home is out in the sticks which is much colder than us near Lake Charlevoix) The photograph was taken early morning on the 9th. @ 12:49… And it’s believed the ground was still cold,” the statement read, as reported by the Christian Post.

“We contemplated the piles of snow at the residence until May 3rd, (left over from the 3 1/2 + ft. snowstorm April 16-20th).and accounted for the melt down factor which took quite a few days. …And although moths have been seen in temps of 35* according to research, not a mosquito or moth has been seen yet to-date in their neck of the woods or ours, not sayin’ there ain’t any; just that we haven’t seen any yet in these parts….and tonight, we have another round of frost. So… that’s the last of the scientific research.  endoftheamericandream.


Comment: Say what you will, but the photo is highly unusual. Even though this is a xtian site, the photo is undeniably reminiscent of what one thinks an Angel might look like.


Scientists have Warned a Major Yellowstone Tectonic Shift could spark a Mega Eruption

Pacific Ring of Fire: Scientists have warned that a major tectonic shift at Yellowstone Supervolcano will spark a massive eruption that will devastate the planet.

As the world’s volcanoes begin to wake up, experts have turned their attention to the unusual activity going on at Yellowstone. Increased activity above and below the surface at the US super volcano has set off alarm bells for those who are monitoring the site for a potential eruption.

Major Yellowstone Tectonic Shift Sparks Fears Of Mega Eruption:
Tectonic Shift

Unusual Eruptions At Yellowstone’s Largest Active Geyser Steamboat Baffles Scientists:


Yellowstone Super-Volcano, USA, Hydrogen Sulfide 21.5 ppm, Canyon, Madison River

Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) is very toxic in high concentrations.

Hydrogen sulfide is a colorless, flammable gas with a strong, offensive odor. It is sometimes referred to as sewer gas. Interestingly, the human nose is more sensitive to H2S than any gas monitoring instrument we have today: air mixtures with as little as 0.000001% H2S are associated with a rotten egg smell.
Unfortunately, however, our sense of smell is not a reliable alarm - at mixing ratios above about 0.01%, H2S becomes odorless and very toxic, causing irritation of the upper respiratory tract and, during long exposure, pulmonary edema. Exposure to 500 ppm can cause a human to fall unconscious in 5 minutes and die in an hour or less.

28 May 2018


ONCE in a 1000 years but it happened TWICE

May 27, 2018: ELLICOTT CITY, MD - The staggering odds of this happening twice in the same exact community are astronomical. Also, the nearby river gauge went vertical setting yet another new record. Astonishing times.

Flooding has taken over parts of Ellicott City this afternoon, prompting MULTIPLE rescues as people simply were not prepared for this. People just weren't prepared for this - MULTIPLE water rescues underway

Sub-Tropical Storm Alberto in the Gulf Coast
Southeast braces for Subtropical Storm Alberto


Is civilization on Hawaii going to disappear beneath the Lava?
Hawaii Volcanic Eruption

Living on top of 19 Volcanos on the Islands of Hawaii

Hawaii Volcanic History since 1788 (1832 records)

HAWAII proper is made up of 5 volcanos:
Mauna Kea
Kilauea – erupting slowly since 1983
Mauna Loa – 1984 eruption



There is Great Confusion about the “Biblical Nation of the Jews” returning to its biblical homeland, designated by G–D for the descendants of Yaakov (Yisrael – the Nation of Jews) Avinu.

FRENCH IGNORANCE SPEWS INTO ANTI-SEMITISM. The Europeanization of France's foreign policy towards the Middle East conflict – from leadership to EU-accommodation. tandfonline AND IN FRENCH POLL, MAJORITY SAY ZIONISM IS A JEWISH CONSPIRACY. The poll also revealed widespread hostility toward and ignorance about Israel. JPost  So France won’t move their Embassy to Jerusalem . . .  et tu France

GERMANY’S TWO FACES. The Europeanization of Germany's Foreign Policy toward the Israeli–Palestinian Conflict: Between Adaptation to the EU and National Projection. AND The Europeanization of France's foreign policy towards the Middle East conflict – from leadership to EU-accommodation. tandfonline So Germany won’t move their Embassy to Jerusalem?

Nations are taking sides via political–economy, thus aligning with evil vs. good.

What’s wrong with American Jewish liberals: Liberal American Jews “are not especially connected to Israel because they are not especially connected to being Jewish.” ArutzSheva  See also PewForum: Population/Distribution Charts

Why aren’t Jews in America moving back to the Jewish Homeland ?
(from whence they were originally banished)

"You Never Looked So Good" by Eytan Kobre in Mishpacha Magazine:  Growing hunger for the fleeting high of the superficial

Rabbi Mizrachi, shlit”a, in one of his shiurim, spoke about “Fake Jews.” Jews who look Jewish, practice Jewish customs, pray and “learn”, but are not internalizing Torah *“ethics” [Pirkei Avos] and values. Rampant dishonesty, lashon hara, heretical views within a Jewish lifestyle, and this he calls “Fake Jews.” [The Final War Can Begin] Perhaps along with the Erev Rav, the estranged and ‘fake Jews’ are the "generation wholly guilty”?  Or is it “heresy”: any belief or theory that is strongly at variance with established beliefs or customs. Or, because of our long long history in this Golus, we are unintentionally “wholly innocent”?

"The Son of David (Moshiach) will come only in a generation wholly guilty or a generation wholly innocent"

Talmudists discuss the question of redemption at length, we see that to them it means a colossal uprooting, destruction, revolution, disaster, with nothing of development or progress about it. "The Son of David (Moshiach) will come only in a generation wholly guilty or a generation wholly innocent" "The Son of David will not come until the kindgom is subverted to heresy.” [Sanhedrin 98a]

BABYLONIA TALMUD:   Tractate Sanhedrin: Folio 98a:

Kings shall see and arise, princes also shall worship? R. Eliezer countered, But is it not written, if thou wilt return, O Israel, saith the Lord, return unto me? R. Joshua answered, But it is elsewhere written, And I heard the man clothed in linen, which was upon the waters of the river, when he held up his right hand and his left hand unto heaven, and swore by him that liveth for ever that it shall be for a time, times and a half' and when he shall have accomplished to scatter the power of the holy people, all these things shall be finished. At this R. Eliezer remained silent.

R. Abba also said: There can be no more manifest [sign of] redemption than this: viz., what is said, But ye, O mountains of Israel, ye shall shoot forth your branches, and yield your fruit to my people of Israel, for they are at hand to come. R. Eleazar said: Than this too, as it is written, For before these days there was no hire for man, nor any hire for beast; neither was there any peace to him that went out or came in because of the affliction. What is meant by, 'neither was there any peace to him that went out or came in because of the affliction?' — Rab said: Even for scholars, who are promised peace, as it is written, Great peace have they which love thy law, 'There [shall] be no peace on account of the affliction.' Samuel said, 'Until all prices are equal.’

R. Hanina said: The Son of David will not come until a fish is sought for an invalid and cannot be procured, as it is written, Then will I make their waters deep, and cause their rivers to run like oil; whilst it is written, in that day will I cause the horn of the house of Israel to bud forth.

R. Hama b. Hanina said: The son of David will not come until even the pettiest kingdom ceases [to have power] over Israel, as it is written, He shall both cut off the sprigs with pruning hooks, and take away and cut down the branches; and this is followed by, in that time shall the present be brought unto the Lord of hosts of a people that is scattered and peeled.

Ze'iri said in R. Hanina's name: The son of David will not come until there are no conceited men in Israel, as it is written, For then I will take away out of the midst of thee them that rejoice in thy pride: which is followed by, I will also leave in the midst of thee an afflicted and poor people, and they shall take refuge in the name of the Lord.

R. Simlai said in the name of R. Eleazar, son of R. Simeon: The son of David will not come until all judges and officers are gone from Israel, as it is written, And I will turn my hand upon thee, and purely purge away thy dross and take away all thy tin: And I will restore thy judges as at first.

R. Johanan also said: The son of David will come only in a generation that is either altogether righteous or altogether wicked. 'in a generation that is altogether righteous,' — as it is written, Thy people also shall be all righteous: they shall inherit the land for ever. 'Or altogether wicked,' — as it is written, And he saw that there was no man, and wondered that there was no intercessor; and it is [elsewhere] written, For mine own sake, even for mine own sake, will I do it.

The disciples of R. Jose b. Kisma asked him, 'When will the Messiah come?' — He answered, 'I fear lest ye demand a sign of me [that my answer is correct].' They assured him, 'We will demand no sign of you.' So he answered them, 'When this gate falls down, is rebuilt, falls again, and is again rebuilt, and then falls a third time, before it can be rebuilt the son of David will come.' They said to him, 'Master, give us a sign.' He protested, 'Did ye not assure me that ye would not demand a sign?' They replied, 'Even so, [we desire one].' He said to them. 'if so, let the waters of the **grotto of Paneas turn into blood;' and they turned into blood. When he lay dying he said to them, 'place my coffin deep [in the earth],


* Pirkei Avos (Ethics of the Fathers). Pirkei Avot consists of the Mishnaic tractate of Avot, the second-to-last tractate in the order of Nezikin in the Mishnah, plus one additional chapter. Avot is unique in that it is the only tractate of the Mishnah dealing solely with ethical and moral principles; there is little or no halacha (laws) found in Pirkei Avot. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pirkei_Avot

* The background surrounding the Second Temple Period: Second Temple Turmoil and the Ethics of the Fathers. Rabbi Berl Wein gave a tremendous synopis this Shabbat, as an intro to his shiur on Pirkei Avos [but, of course, I cannot remember enough to write it here, see following:]

Harvard.edu. When the nascent Jewish community returned from exile in Babylon circa 515 BCE, the Temple was rebuilt and rededicated. The Second Temple stood for approximately 500 years. During the Second Temple period, the religious practices that emerged during earlier Israelite Biblical history (particularly the Israelites’ slavery in Egypt, kingship in Israel and Judah, and conquest and exile by the Assyrians and Babylonians) became further developed and refined into a more formal, post-Biblical Jewish identity. The development of what we know as Judaism today took place late in this period, as the religious leadership of the rabbis emerged. . . After the destruction of the Second Temple by the Romans in the year 70 CE and during the subsequent exile of the Jews from the land of Israel once again, the rabbis confirmed and remodeled Jewish practice into some of the systems more contemporary Jews may recognize today. Translating the laws of the Torah into a new cultural language, the rabbis established a comprehensive ethical system that ordered the entire life of the Jewish people. Rabbinic Judaism is therefore built upon the Torah’s commandments (mitzvot in the plural and mitzvah in the singular), encouraging Jews to serve God in manifold ways both ritual and ethical. The mitzvot concern both one’s relationship with God and with other people. As one of the early rabbis put it: “The entire world stands on three things: the Torah, the service of God, and acts of loving kindness" (Pirkei Avot [Ethics of the Fathers] 1:2).

**grotto of Paneas: The once very large spring gushed from the limestone cave, but an earthquake moved it to the foot of the natural terrace where it now seeps quietly from the bedrock, with a greatly reduced flow. From here the stream, called Nahal Hermon in Hebrew, flows towards what once were the malaria-infested Hula marshes. Banias.

The ancient city that lay at Banias was originally Dan (Mivzar Dan – the Fort of Dan) which stood atop a cliff containing a cave dedicated to the Greek god Pan (from here the name Panias comes, and this was changed to Banias when translated to Arabic.) During the conquests of the land, the city fell under the rule of the Romans, and King Herod, built a temple here in memory of Augustus.

Today, amid the natural beauty of the Banias reserve lies ruins from the past two of which are especially noteworthy. The Banias Cave is that cave mentioned built for the Greek god Pan, and in front of this, the remains of Herod’s temple can be seen. Banias Waterfall

27 May 2018


Huge Storm Created Flooding in Western Oman
Mountainous Waterfall

Hurricane #Mekunu made landfall creating unbelievable scenes of flash flooding and very large water falls rushing down from the mountain into the city below.

For Perspective:

24 May 2018


Parashat Naso
Rabbi Nachman Kahana

The Torah as a Way of Life
The holiday of Shavuot, when we receive the Torah every year anew with great satisfaction and pride has now passed. However, in the first year when the Torah was given at Mount Sinai there is an apparent contradiction in the attitude of our ancestors’ willingness to receive it.

On the one hand the Torah states (Shemot 24,7):

ויקח ספר הברית ויקרא באזני העם ויאמרו כל אשר דבר ה’ נעשה ונשמע
Then he (Moshe) took the Book of the Covenant and read it to the people. They responded, “We will do everything the Lord has said; we shall obey.”

Rashi explains that Moshe read the Book of Bereishiet and the three mitzvot that were given at the Mara encampment, to which the nation agreed wholeheartedly to accept. However, the Gemara (Shabbat 88a) states that HaShem uprooted Mount Sinai and held it above the people saying, “If you accept the Torah now then all is well; however, if you refuse then here will be your burial place”.

So, which is it. Did the Jews readily accept the Torah or did HaShem have to coerce our ancestors to do so?

We will return to this.

How can the Torah be a chok?
The Torah contains two types of mitzvot; mishpatim and chukim. Mishpatim are those laws which are conducive to human understanding and may be found in the law books of other nations. Chukim are beyond logic and are not to be found in any other society. For example, the laws dealing with tuma (ritual impurity) and, of course, the Red Heifer.

Parashat Bechukotai begins, “If you follow My chukim (laws. Vayikra 26:3) you will be blessed.

The use of the word bechukotai (My chukim) describing the Torah as a “Chok” is problematic, because the Torah consists of many laws that we can understand (mishpatim)?

I suggest:

When we, as individuals or as a nation, perform a single mitzvah or a number of mitzvot, such as avoiding usury or fulfilling the laws of interpersonal relations between neighbors, we reap blessings and a good life. Yet living according to the entirety of the Torah presents daunting challenges, as the Torah, itself, recognizes.

Regarding the Sabbatical year we read (Vayikra 25,20):

וכי תאמרו מה נאכל בשנה השביעת הן לא נזרע ולא נאסף את תבואתנו:
“In the seventh year, you might ask, ‘What will we eat [in the seventh year]? We have not planted, nor have we harvested crops.”

In an agricultural society, such as existed in Biblical times, it seems impossible that an entire nation could stop working the fields for a year. In response HaShem says:

וצויתי את ברכתי לכם בשנה הששית ועשת את התבואה לשלש השנים:
“I will direct My blessing to you in the sixth year, and the land will produce enough crops for three years” (verse 21).

HaShem makes clear that He knows that in those days an agricultural society could not survive while following the Sabbatical laws. So, He promises that He will intervene miraculously to make it possible.

The same applies to the thrice-yearly pilgrimages to the Temple in Jerusalem, as the Torah says (Shemot 34, 23-24):

(כג) שלש פעמים בשנה יראה כל זכורך את פני האדן ה’ א-להי ישראל:
Three times each year, all your males shall thus present themselves before HaShem the Master, Lord of Israel.

How can entire cities empty out all their inhabitants, when society contains thieves, and foreign enemies who could easily occupy our country? So, the following verse states:

כד) כי אוריש גוים מפניך והרחבתי את גבלך ולא יחמד איש את ארצך בעלתך לראות את פני ה’ א-להיך שלש פעמים בשנה:
When I expel the other nations before you and extend your boundaries, no one will be envious of your land when you go to be seen in HaShem’s presence three times each year (verse 24).

HaShem promises that He will guard the Jewish homes when everyone is in Jerusalem for the pilgrimages.

From here and other examples we see that the Torah in its entirety, as a political, religious and economic system transcends nature, and cannot succeed if HaShem does not intervene in the functioning of society. Therefore, the Torah in its entirety is indeed a chok; a way of life beyond human understanding.

No turning back
To return to the apparent contradiction regarding our receiving the Torah. When Moshe read from the book of Bereishiet and the three mitzvot that were given to the Jews at the Mara encampment, as Rashi explains, the nation enthusiastically proclaimed נעשה ונשמע – – We will do everything the Lord has said; we will obey”. 

However, when the full gamut of mitzvoth were presented to them as well as its impossible implementation as a rational, practical national program, there were calls of regret. At that point HaShem uprooted Mount Sinai and held it above the people saying, “if you accept the Torah now then all is well, however if you refuse here will be your burial place”.

The die was cast the moment they said נעשה ונשמע – there was no way of return.

The Ultimate Chok
The Torah is not yet the law of the land in Medinat Yisrael, nevertheless HaShem intervenes in every aspect of our lives. In no natural way could the small population of 650,000 people in 1948 with no tanks, planes or heavy weapons have repelled five standing armies of surrounding Arab states if not for HaShem’s intervention.

In 1967 we fought a coalition of Arab states backed by Russian advisors, including pilots and others, and increased the area of the State threefold in only six days. And without the help of HaShem in the 1973 Yom Kippur war, the Syrian army could have easily walked into Haifa and the Egyptian army into Tel Aviv.

Our precarious security position in the midst of 22 Arab states of the Middle East and North Africa, as determined by HaShem in the Torah, is the very heart of the paternal relationship we have with our Father-in-Heaven.

As absurd as it is for a doctor to deny the godly miracle of the human body, or for an astrophysicist to deny the presence of a master intellect behind the trillions of heavenly bodies; it is ever more absurd and bizarre that a Jew could doubt that HaShem has brought about and sustains the Jewish State.

The ultimate CHOK which is beyond all human understanding is the day to day lives we lead in Eretz Yisrael, with our phenomenal success in all walks of life.

Why would any believing Jew want to live anywhere else except in HaShem’s Holy Land?

Shabbat Shalom,
Nachman Kahana
Copyright © 5778/2018 Nachman Kahana

Parashat Naso Message of Nir ben Artzi

The Rambam (Rabbi Maimonides) clearly states the criteria for identifying the true Moshiach:

  • From the dynasty of King David
  • Studies Torah and does Mitzvos, following both the Written Torah as well as the Oral Torah
  • Gets all the Jews to follow the Torah in all its details
  • Fights the wars of G-d (in a peaceful way, through teaching the nations about G-d)
  • Moshiach will ultimately achieve the eternal victory of goodness, build the Holy Temple and gather all the Jewish People from around the world.
  • (See Rambam, Laws of Kings and their Wars and the King Moshiach 11:4; talk of the Rebbe King Moshiach Shlita, Vayigash 5752 (1991))
Due to many requests, we are providing the following in English only. Remember, one is not to believe anyone is the Mashiach until Eliyahu comes to announce and annoint.

Message from Nir Ben Artzi
Parashat Naso
Monday 7 Sivan 5778

(this is pure google without my proofing; if you see anything that needs correction, please notify me)

The King of Kings, the Holy One, blessed be He, gave a great gift to the people of Israel, the Torah. He chose from among all the nations the people of Israel who said, 'Let us do and we will hear.' The Torah is the power of existence of the world, the power of the vitality of the world, the power to live in this world and in the next world and to be in the first circle. The Torah has powers for all that the human body, soul, spirit and soul need. Money, health, peace - home - by virtue of the Torah. Wisdom and knowledge above every person in the world - from Torah study.

While Torah study has physical activity in the human body, the activity of the brain. Torah study places the Jewish mind in the capacity of memory, absorption and understanding, wisdom and knowledge, protection and protection. It is the Jewish people that is different from every other people in the world, thanks to Torah and its connection with the Holy One, blessed be He, through the Torah and the soul.

The Holy One, blessed be He, gave the Ten Commandments at Mount Sinai. If one fulfills the Ten Commandments and learns Torah, this is perfection in everything. If you study Torah and do not observe the Ten Commandments, do not do anything, it's worse than the bad, as if, God forbid, a gentile studying Torah, God forbid.
If a person has evil traits and does not observe the Ten Commandments, he goes against the Torah, because the Torah is the Ten Commandments. No one can change the Torah or interfere with the Torah.

On the holiday of Shavuot, the Feast of the Giving of the Torah, all the people of Israel who have learned the Torah, each and every one of His people - will be blessed by the Supreme.

Everything that happens in the world, Gog and Magog and chaos, is exclusively abroad, all abroad. Floods, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, fires, harsh winds, complications of countries within themselves, wars of countries within themselves - all abroad - the most difficult for the countries of the world - that are going against Holy Land, To strike the holy land of Israel and the Jews who live in the holy land of Israel - the Creator of the world will not have mercy on them, will beat them with the ten plagues and multiply the ten plagues every ten times wherever they go against the holy land of Israel. "The countries that will support Israel and transfer their embassy to Jerusalem, They will have a pipeline of blessing, from Jerusalem to their country.

The Holy One, Blessed is He, makes miraculous miracles and miracles in Syria and everywhere in the world.

The IDF is the most powerful army in the world, it has a direct pipeline from the Creator of the World, Israel is developing scientifically, technologically, and develops stratagems and patents, the Creator says to Jews living abroad: 'Do not play with me. Do not be tarry. From Europe go straight to Israel and not to any other country. I, the Holy One, blessed be He, gives a livelihood to every person in the world.

Jews who live with gentiles - convert them urgently, there will be no opportunities when the Messiah will be revealed in public.

The IDF is not to be complacent, especially in East Jerusalem, and soldiers and officers when you are tired of guarding or otherwise are asked to replace you when a soldier enters into complacency and the habit is dangerous, IDF soldiers will always be vigilant to be protected and guarded.

The Holy One, Blessed be He, warns and enlightens the eyes of the IDF, the Shin Bet, the Mossad and the Israeli government - to be careful to beware of all Arabs with a blue identity card. Many of them constitute the most difficult problem of all the difficult problems with the Arabs in the Land of Israel. They are like residents of the Land of Israel with a blue identity card, and they transmit information and make the most difficult troubles within the Land of Israel. They transfer a great deal of information to the Gaza Strip, Jenin, Hebron, Nablus and East Jerusalem, for a great deal of money. For money they will give themselves up as well. Are the most serious danger within the Jewish people.

Nevertheless, the Creator of the Universe says, "You are very careful about your souls and do not rely on the miracle, not to say, 'It will not happen to me.’

King of Jordan as if against Israel so as not to be exceptional from all nations against Israel. Waiting for Trump to find a solution for the millions of refugees.

Egypt, President Sisi is listening to Israel. Sisi closes the road from the Sinai Desert to Egypt, by the most heavy tests. Sisi knows that if they enter, there will be a big mess in Egypt and the government can fall, there is famine in Egypt, half of Egypt hungry for bread, and Sisi will invest more efforts in the economy than in security.

Turkey, Erdoğan from Berber and rattles for nothing, so that they will not suspect him of being a Da'ash, controlled by Da'ash, who dictates to him what to do. Erdogan takes people and raises them, looking for honor. The economic situation in Turkey is complicated and confused, there is no quiet day or night. Turkey before a general fall.

Iran will not help. Fearing death to disturb Israel directly, but sending arms from all directions to disrupt Israel. The Holy One, Blessed be He, is complicating the Iranian army with itself. The Iranian women are doing a great job in Iran. They make very harsh demonstrations against the government because they know and fear their children. They know that the regime in Iran cares only about itself and the money, it is not kosher, it is not clean and it does not feel sorry for the Iranian people. The women of Iran, will continue to demonstrate and be stronger in many cities in Iran. You are on the right path and the Holy One, blessed be He, helps you to overthrow the government. Everything needs effort in nature and there is help from Heaven.

Syria is shattered, collapsing, destroyed and destroyed, there will never be order. Muslims want everyone to win.

Russia knows that the Muslim nation is crazy and stupid, Putin knows that the Holy One, blessed be He, with the Jews, does not intervene, wants a presence in the Middle East and wants to sell arms and ammunition to the Arab countries. Attempts on Syria, testing all types of bombs on it.

USA Trump is interested only in the Land of Israel, the Land of Blessing, the Land of Abundance, the land from which life and good go out, and Trump knows that the Jews in Israel are the breathing, living and throbbing brain in the world.

Europe and all its citizens will make the mistake of their lives if they support Iran and do not go with the US on the nuclear issue, the Iranian regime is a crook and a deception, wants to create an atomic bomb and control all Europe and European countries help it. forged.
England, France and Germany, it is very worthwhile listening to Trump, he has all the knowledge about what is happening in Iran, for the benefit of the world. You are in Europe - you have zero knowledge of who Iran is. Then you'll hear Trump and it'll be good for you and the world.

Anti-Semitism in the world is increasing day by day. They see their eyes, their behavior against every Jew and Jew. It's scary. The Muslims in Europe are multiplying and want to harm the Jews abroad and their mistake that they do not immigrate to Israel, instead of understanding that if circumcision is interrupted, and if they are afraid to wear skullcaps, they are fighting for emptiness and grinding water against the Muslims.

The Jews and the Jews will fight only on the Holy Land of Israel, go to Israel, do not try the Holy One, Blessed be He. Will no longer protect the Jews of the world, only the Jews who live in the Land of Israel, because the time has come for your redemption.

The president of Korea is wobbling, the money is running out because of the atom he will create: once he wants peace and once a war, there will never be a nuclear war in the world.

Hezbollah and Nasrallah will continue to fight between them. The whole world, the still and the living, wants peace and tranquility, they want to breathe the clean, pure and pure air, and everyone is fed up with the impurity and filth, the Holy One, Blessed is He, will not give up any country you go to. Against Israel, will harm them with all the elements of nature.

The fires in Israel are caused by people or by accident or deliberate sabotage.

In Jerusalem, the capital of Israel will multiply like the mushrooms of the embassies of all the countries of the world. One will pull the other. They want a holy pipe to Jerusalem, to the Third Temple. As at Mount Sinai, we received the Ten Commandments, the humans, the animals and the beasts, the sea, the trees, the spirits and the earth, did not move or move, they waited to hear the voice of the Jews.

The Creator at Mount Sinai, the lightning and the voices, to hear the Ten Commandments in the giving of the Torah - so today, are waiting for such a status to receive Moshiach in public! Thanks to the Torah, we enter a new world, the Holy One, blessed be He, wants the people of Israel to be united and united.

The Holy One, Blessed is He, wants to give a gift that awaits her from the beginning of the world - Moshiach Tzedekinu. A gift with life forever. The Holy One, blessed be He, gives the minds of the nations of the world to understand what Jerusalem is, the capital of Israel. Jerusalem is the capital of the Jews and no one in the world can interfere. If the nations knew who they were fighting with, they would stop. You are fighting against God. The Jews know and do not know what Mashiach is. The people of Israel are a stiff-necked people, who want conclusive evidence. Christians know there is a messiah. The Muslim Arabs are raging against Israel because they know that they will be slaves of the Holy Land of Israel and of the Jews in the land of Israel. They fight like a wounded animal.

The Messiah works and works in the Land of Israel for twenty-four hours. All the actions, miracles, wonders and wonders that are happening in the Land of Israel, the IDF and all the Jews in the Land of Israel - through the Creator, through Moshiach ... Do not procrastinate and do not give up. The Creator of the Universe rejoices in them and adds more power to the land of Israel, to the Jews in the Land of Israel, and to the revelation of Moshiach in public!

What Can You Do In Fifteen Minutes?

  Just like Netanyahu’s excitement about “Israel , the Vax Lab” read this and then don’t underestimate Netanyahu’s excitement about possible...