08 May 2018

Macron Knows Not France – After 70 Years

"We have witnessed 70* years of peace, the first time in the history of Europe. It’s exactly as if those 70* years of peace erased our politicians’ and population’s memories."

This episode from a series of investigative reports on the Muslim Brotherhood in the West, was first broadcast on Israel’s Channel 10. In this segment, the focus is on France and begins with Zvi Yehezkeli entering the home of a Brotherhood senior leader under an assumed identity. Following intelligence information provided to him, he enters the MB’s training school for imams and speaks to politicians, journalists and legal experts about the civil war brewing beneath the surface.

You will not be disappointed.
To watch Video go here: media video

Read JPost article here FalseIdentity


* "70 years” sound familiar?


Anonymous said...

Are you not going to publish Rabbi Ben Artzi's Message this week?
Please, I wait for it every Monday ...

Neshama said...

BD”E Reb Menachem ben Rivka has passed on. I was publishing his weekly messages until Reb Menachem returned to his blog. Since this will not be, I’ve decided not to continue. One can certainly visit the website to find his weekly messages.

Rachel said...

What is the website and how will we know if the google translation is accurate?

Rachel said...

Some people may be interested to donate, there is a fund for his widow.

Rachel said...

I tried to find it on the website but without a working knowledge of Hebrew it is impossible to find. I keep getting links to very old postings.

Rachel said...

Why are you no longer willing to post the R' Nir ben Artzi messages? I would really appreciate a direct link so I can try my luck with google translate. Thanks in advance.

Neshama said...

Rachel, I was sent an email that contained information I could not ignore. I can forward it to you if you send me your email at my google address.

Ps thanks for the chessed link.

Neshama said...

Rachel, the best from Parshat Behukosai is:

"There are within the atomic plant people who are not of Iran. Everything is complicated and in the end they will cause this plant to explode within themselves and will hurt a lot of people in Iran. It is called 'Their sword shall come in their hearts and their bow shall break.’" http://www.tairneri.co.il