23 May 2018


Watering Crops with Desalinated Water in Israel Leading to Mineral Deficiency

The extensive use of desalinated water to water crops in Israel has reduced the level of magnesium in fruit and vegetables. Magnesium is a crucial mineral, deficiency in which may lead to medical problems. Haaretz
Bad trend: Home water use up 10% in last two years. Reversal undermines Water Authority’s reduction of home water consumption in face of country’s long dry spell

According to the Infrastructure Ministry and the Water Authority, over the past two years household water consumption has gone up by more than 40 million cubic meters annually, a 10 percent increase. During the previous decade the Water Authority had conducted a massive publicity campaign to encourage water conservation that included the distribution of water-saving accessories for the home. The result was a 10 percent decline in water consumption. Haaretz

Herbicide linked to Parkinson's widely-used in Israel stirs debate
The Ministry of Agriculture opposes a ban on the pesticide, paraquat, because they consider it crucial to farming.

A few months ago the Health Ministry prepared an opinion recommending that use of the substance be stopped. Not only does it poison those using it, wrote the ministry, but also cited studies on laboratory animals and among agricultural workers suggesting a link between paraquat and the onset of Parkinson’s disease. In laboratory animals exposure to the substance caused behavioral changes that were similar to the symptoms of Parkinson’s in human beings.

Could the draught in Israel be lingering because of the ingenuity of the Israelis in desalinating seawater, usurps the need to “beg Hashem to send rain”? Hashem holds the keys to our rain? Why are we not begging Hashem to send us the rain and dew from Shamayim?
is this another “by the strength of OUR HANDS”?

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Anonymous said...

Exactly, this is H's way of showing that all the technology in the world doesn't even measure to a drop of water. H' wants us to RELY on Him. Technology is fine as with all the other inventions, etc. that have emerged in the last two hundred plus years, such as the industrial revolution and forward. But, today's technology has reached a point where those in charge think they do not need G-D, because they can now all be gods. It doesn't work that way; it is only H' who rules and runs the world and gives the knowhow, and to what degree He allows, to man to make life easier, but only up to a point. If instead of technology, all the efforts were put into true Torah learning and all Jews returning and doing teshuvah, miracles would become the 'natural'. It is not technology that we must pursue but our connection to H'.