31 October 2017

Joshua Describes a Solar Eclipse on October 30, 1207 B.C.E., Over 3,220 Years Ago. ALSO WITH WHAT THE TORAH SAYS

Joshua describes a solar eclipse on October 30, 1207 B.C.E., over 3,220 years ago.
Biblical Record of Eclipse 3,200 Years Ago May Rewrite Pharaonic Era in Ancient Egypt

Joshua said the sun and moon stood still: Now archaeologists think he recorded an annular eclipse in 1207 B.C.E.

Then spake Joshua to the Lord in the day when the Lord delivered up the Amorites before the children of Israel, and he said in the sight of Israel, Sun, stand thou still upon Gibeon; and thou, Moon, in the valley of Ajalon.  And the sun stood still, and the moon stayed." Joshua 10: 12-13

The Bible is replete with stories of miracles, and now at least one has been reinterpreted to exclude the deity. Joshua may have asked the Lord to make the sun and moon stand still, but scientists have reconsidered previous objections, and now think the Book of Joshua describes a solar eclipse on October 30, 1207 B.C.E., over 3,220 years ago.

The Gibeon eclipse isn't the oldest such reference in ancient writing – that apparently would be an eclipse of around 4,150 years ago that peeved the emperor in China, but it's one of the oldest.

Is the Bible a true story? A special Haaretz report.

The reinterpretation of event as eclipse rather than miracle, plus clues from ancient Egyptian texts, have led historians to redate certain Egyptian dynasties, notably that of Ramesses II (aka the Great) and his son Merneptah, Sir Colin Humphreys of the University of Cambridge and W. Graeme Waddington report in Astronomy and Geophysics.

Did a frog eat the sun?

To begin with the theory of eclipse rather than miracle, the authors suggest that rather than the sun and moon stopping in their celestial tracks, including based on the original Hebrew word, "a plausible alternative meaning is that the Sun and Moon stopped doing what they normally do: they stopped shining." This interpretation actually goes back at least a century, the authors themselves point out, to an article in the Princeton Theological Review of 1918.

"This interpretation is supported by the fact that the Hebrew word translated 'stand still' [dom] has the same root as a Babylonian word used in ancient astronomical texts to describe eclipses," Humphreys stated.

Still, the eclipse theory not only didn't gain traction, it was discredited, in part because scientists couldn't reconcile the dates of total solar eclipses to the postulated timing of the Joshua story. But if one relates to annular solar eclipses, that changes things.

The Merneptah Stele, which states: 
"Israel is laid waste, its seed is no more.” 

Not quite. Webscribe, Wikimedia Commons

During a total eclipse, the moon is relatively near the Earth and basically blots out the whole sun. During an annular "ring of fire" eclipse, the moon is relatively farther, does not completely cover the sun, and a ring of light remains screamingly obvious. It apparently took many millennia for our forefathers to distinguish between total and annular eclipses, not to mention to stop assuming a dragon or frog or some other beast had swallowed the light god.

Was there an annular solar eclipse in the right time frame for Joshua? There was, calculate the writers: on October 30, 1207 B.C.E., which is within the possible dates of Joshua's incursion into Canaan.

Having established that there was an annular eclipse on that day, we get to redating the pharaonic regimes of Ramesses the Great and his son Merneptah, to within a year.

When Merneptah woz here

While much of the Bible remains in dispute, third-party evidence of an ancient Israelite presence in Canaan between 1500 and 1050 B.C.E. comes from the Merneptah Stele.  That inscription dates to the fifth year of Pharaoh Merneptah, son of Ramesses the Great (aka Ramses). The stele describes Merneptah defeating the People of Israel in Canaan, ergo, the Israelites were definitely in Canaan by Merneptah's fifth year. The question is when that fifth year was.

The part of the Merneptah Stele showing the inscription saying "foreign nation Ysyreal" (line 27).

Merenptah makes an offering to the god Ptah Chipdawes

Mainstream Egyptologists date Ramesses II's reign to around 1279–1213 B.C.E., and Merneptah's to 1213–1203 B.C.E. Others have suggested their reigns were decades later, and a whole new set of theories for ancient Egypt, called the “New Chronology,” puts Merneptah's fifth year at 867 B.C.E.
The new information indicates that the mainstreamers were closest all along: Merneptah's reign apparently began in 1210 or 1209 B.C.E. And Ramesses the Great, one of the most powerful pharaohs of the lot, ruled the roost from 1276 to 1210 B.C.E., plus-minus a year. His remains are on display at the Cairo Museum.

Also very interesting:

Family Finds Roman-era Stables Beneath Their Garden, Arrests Made Over Looting. Eilabun residents uncovered elaborate caves carved out of bedrock in ancient Galilean Jewish village, and allegedly robbed the site.

Oldest recorded solar eclipse helps date the Egyptian pharaohs

Solar eclipse of 1207 BC helps to date pharaohs
Colin Humphreys Graeme Waddington
Astronomy and Geography (source)

See Also: Patterns of Evidence

A companion article appears in the Jerusalem Post daily, Tuesday, Oct. 31:

Researchers have tracked the eclipse to its exact date: October 30, 1207 BCE.


Joshua Stops the Sun (1273 BCE) 
On the third of Tammuz of the year 2488 from creation (1273 BCE), Joshua was leading the Jewish people in one of the battles to conquer the Land of Israel. Victory was imminent, but darkness was about to fall. "Sun," proclaimed Joshua, "be still at Giv'on; moon, at the Ayalon valley" (Joshua 10:12). The heavenly bodies acquiesced, halting their progress through the sky until Israel's armies brought the battle to its successful conclusion. (Yehoshua 10:12)

12  Then Joshua spoke to the Lord on the day when the Lord delivered up the Amorites before the children of Israel, and he said in the sight of Israel, "Sun, stand still upon Gibeon, and Moon in the valley of Ajalon.”

יב  אָ֣ז יְדַבֵּ֚ר יְהוֹשֻׁ֙עַ֙ לַֽיהֹוָ֔ה בְּיּ֗וֹם תֵּ֚ת יְהֹוָה֙ אֶת־הָ֣אֱמֹרִ֔י לִפְנֵ֖י בְּנֵ֣י יִשְׂרָאֵ֑ל וַיֹּ֣אמֶר | לְעֵינֵ֣י יִשְׂרָאֵ֗ל שֶׁ֚מֶשׁ בְּגִבְע֣וֹן דּ֔וֹם וְיָרֵ֖חַ בְּעֵ֥מֶק אַיָּלֽוֹן:

13  And the sun stood still, and the moon stayed, until the people had avenged themselves upon their enemies. Is this not written in the book of Jashar? (which is the Torah)? So the sun stood still in the midst of the heaven, and it did not hasten to go down exactly a whole day.

יג  וַיִּדֹּ֨ם הַשֶּׁ֜מֶשׁ וְיָרֵ֣חַ עָמָ֗ד עַד־יִקֹּ֥ם גּוֹי֙ אֹֽיְבָ֔יו הֲלֹא־הִ֥יא כְתוּבָ֖ה עַל־סֵ֣פֶר הַיָּשָׁ֑ר וַיַּֽעֲמֹ֚ד הַשֶּׁ֙מֶשׁ֙ בַּֽחֲצִ֣י הַשָּׁמַ֔יִם וְלֹא־אָ֥ץ לָב֖וֹא כְּי֥וֹם תָּמִֽים:

14  And there was no day like that before it or after it, that the Lord hearkened to the voice of a man, for the Lord fought for Israel.

יד  וְלֹ֨א הָיָ֜ה כַּיּ֚וֹם הַהוּא֙ לְפָנָ֣יו וְאַֽחֲרָ֔יו לִשְׁמֹ֥עַ יְהֹוָ֖ה בְּק֣וֹל אִ֑ישׁ כִּ֣י יְהֹוָ֔ה נִלְחָ֖ם לְיִשְׂרָאֵֽל:

15  And Joshua returned, and all Israel with him, to the camp to Gilgal.

טו  וַיָּ֚שָׁב יְהוֹשֻׁ֙עַ֙ וְכָל־יִשְׂרָאֵ֣ל עִמּ֔וֹ אֶל־הַֽמַּֽחֲנֶ֖ה הַגִּלְגָּֽלָה:

30 October 2017

Are We Watching The End Of An Empire?

Are We Watching The End Of An Empire?

[A]fter living over 200 years in the United States of America even the Frum Jews have almost lost this very important foundation of our Yiddishkeit. But now, my dear friends, I must tell all American Jews, religious or not that the time has come for you to realize that the party is over and it’s time to return to our beloved Eretz Yisroel. The world is moving towards total chaos. There is going to be a great war that has been foretold in our Nevuas-prophecies and this war will only be the beginning of the havoc that is going to be wreaked on the world as we know it, by Hashem

[M]any of the Gedolai Hador are saying the same things. It’s over! The Golus is over! It’s time to come home! The Shechina has left Chutz l'Aretz and it has gathered itself into the borders of ancient Eretz Yisroel. There is not that G-dly protection of the Shechina that went with us in to the Golus and stayed with us all those years. Now there is no protection. There is no reason to stay. If you cannot financially make the trip or if you don’t have enough Bitachon in Hashem to leave the comforts of your home and life in Chutz l'Aretz that you built with Hashem’s help then show Him that you want to do what He wants you to do by day and night begging Him with all your heart and soul to take you out of this bitter Golus and bring you and your family to Eretz Yisroel where your true destiny lies.
Meir Yisroel Message from Dani18

Depravity, Frivolity, And Dissent: Are We Watching The End Of An Empire?  ZeroHedge

The following excerpt is from:  Empires — The Rise and Fall [Excerpt from Four Horsemen: The Survival Manual by Mark Braund and Ross Ashcroft.]

In the age of decadence many people choose to behave in ways that are unsustainable, apparently unaware of the consequences. They indulge in excessive, often conspicuous, consumption. An absurdly wealthy elite emerges, but instead of repelling the masses it is admired and celebrated. Those outside the elite aspire to similar levels of consumption, and are encouraged by the availability of cheap credit. People become convinced that increased consumption is the key to happiness, but in its pursuit they become measurably less happy. As David Morgan says, “you can never get enough of what you don’t need.”

At this point in the life cycle of an empire frivolity, as Glubb calls it, comes to the fore. In order to distract people from what’s really going on, the economy creates diversions. Voyeurism becomes central to culture: the gladiatorial spectacles in decadent Rome are mirrored in today’s ‘reality’ television. People become fixated on celebrity as the genuinely noteworthty become understandably camera shy. These invented celebrities are ‘famous’ just for being famous…

…Debauchery is another recurring theme at the end of empire. Society develops a strangely immature obsession with sex. People drink themselves to the point of unconsciousness and shamelessly collapse in the street. In Roman times, binge drinkers were left to their fate. Today’s debauchery is supervised by the police; its ‘victims’ are taken care of by hard-pressed health care professionals, placing further pressure on the public purse. And, all the while, supermarkets and corporations make a killing selling discounted booze to people barely old enough to buy it. This is our modern-day bread and circuses, with obese citizens literally becoming a burden on the state.

But the small can never satisfy the large. Cheap pleasures fail to compensate for the absence of meaning in so many people’s lives. A hankering for something greater remains…growing numbers are denied access to work; they can find no meaningful involvement in their community, so their potential goes unfulfilled. When people are prevented from fulfilling their potential, they often self-destruct. (source)

29 October 2017

Climate Chaos UPDATE – Around the World and In Outer Space

Climate Chaos Around the World and Up In Outerspace

Ultra high speed object appears to 'ignite' a portal in the sky - "One for the X-Files"

October 28, 2017: A sky observer "DiversityJ" of Youtube captured a very rare, incredibly fast sequence of events on the evening of October 26, 2017 at 7:32pm while recording Saturn in the west sky. A nearly transparent ULTRA high speed object that seems to defy basic laws of motion, from the viewers's perspective it traveled directly across the surface of Saturn in the lower Western sky actually distorting the light of Saturn being recorded by a Nikon P900. Then, after it quickly passed Saturn the object appeared to trigger some sort of high intensity white "portal" high in the sky. If you look closely you can see the object turns from light orange to white as it seems to become one with the bright white flash of light, like a portal.
Very fascinating sequence of events observed from NE Ohio that would have never been noticed if it weren't for the great camera work and intuition of DiversityJ to have the camera recording just at the right time. Entire event lasted less than 2 seconds!

2000 mile wide typhoon remnant low generating 60ft waves near Alaska!
October 25, 2017: A 1000 mile wide are of 40ft+ waves are rolling through the North Pacific near the S Aleutian Islands of Alaska. Some waves were reaching heights of nearly 60FT!
This is the remnant low of typhoon LAN.

"Climate Chaos" - 'Freak Storm' appears in Central US - 32 inches of rain wreaks havoc in Osaka
October 23, 2017: A routine thunderstorm traveling NE through the central plains of the US on Saturday night around 9CSt was NOT so routine after all!!
Typhoon LAN wreaks havoc on Osaka as it makes landfall.

150,000 in dark as ENTIRE island of MAUI loses power - "Climate Chaos"
October 24, 2017: A severe 'thunderstorm' has recently knocked out the flow of electricity to the ENTIRE island of Maui.

More water disappearing - PA lake goes bone dry in 48 hours - Local man mystified!October 25, 2017: Images of a DRY lake sent in by Conrad of PA. This lake was full of water 48 hours ago...where did the water go? He has been driving past this lake for 20 years and has never seen it dry. He says this lake has no dam. POCONO

27 October 2017

Parashat Lech Lecha: On Truth and Beauty

Parashat Lech Lecha: On Truth and Beauty
Loving-kindness bridges the gap between Abraham's penchant for truth and Sarah's beauty
by Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburgh

At the end of Parashat Noah, we read about Abraham’s birth, but apart from gaining a superficial acquaintance with his family, there is no specific reference to Abraham that singles him out from any of the other individuals mentioned.

In Parashat Lech Lecha, God commands Abraham, “Go for yourself from your land… to the land that I will show you.” At the age of 75 years old, Abraham sets out on his journey to the Promised Land. His relocation is a relatively small step for an individual, yet a great stride ahead for humanity. This was a first step for the Jewish people, who will ultimately remodel the world with the directive of monotheistic faith.

When reading the verses in the Torah, one might gain the impression that until the age of 75 nothing noteworthy ever happened to Abraham. Yet, by reading the interpretations of the sages, a completely different picture emerges. The Oral Torah depicts Abraham’s earlier years as no less significant than those that follow. Many of us are already familiar with some of the accounts from our kindergarten days. The midrash teaches us that Abraham (then called “Abram) recognized his Creator as a young child and discovered the “Owner of the Byre.” He broke the idols in his father Terach’s store, thus shattering Terach’s livelihood and his faith in those false gods. Terach had his “reckless” son arrested and brought for judgment before Nimrod, the idolatrous king, who subsequently punished Abraham by casting him into a fiery furnace. Abraham miraculously survived the punishment, and exited the furnace unscathed. This story is implied in the Torah in God’s opening words to the “Covenant between the Pieces”: “I am God who brought you out of Ur of the Chaldeans …” You, Abraham, did not escape Nimrod’s furnace (ur means “furnace”) by yourself; it was I who brought you out of there.

Despite many more accounts of Abraham’s life before his debut at the age of 75, his “official” history begins from Parashat Lech Lecha. Some commentaries count Abraham’s self-sacrifice at Ur of the Chaldeans as one of the ten trials that he endured,[i] but many enumerate leaving his homeland as the first. From this latter perspective, all that transpired prior to Parashat Lech Lecha is prehistory, and is not worthy of mention. In the following paragraphs, we will discover why this is so.

From Truth to Loving-Kindness and Back

At the outset of his life, Abraham’s guiding light was truth. He battled for the truth in a world dominated by falsehood, and he followed this philosophy to the extreme. Idols are false deities; therefore, they must be demolished, even at the expense of suffering a head-on-collision with his father’s wrath. Nimrod was the king of falsehood, but Abraham preached the truth in his face, willing to pay the price of being burned alive (obviously, he was not aware in advance that he would be miraculously saved). Abraham’s truth incited his entire generation against him, and he found himself heralded in the news of the day as a young revolutionary who challenged the entire world, and he was condemned by them all, “Abram the Hebrew (עִבְרִי) – the whole world was on one side (עֵבֶר) and he was on the other side.”

By contrast to his early penchant for truth, later in life Abraham is renowned for his loving-kindness, as the verse states, “Give… loving-kindness to Abraham.”[ii] He is renowned for his love of people, his charity, his hospitality and for his incomparable attribute of judging people favorably.

Abraham teaches us that true loving-kindness does not contradict truth. His loving-kindness motivates him to demand justice and truth for the people of Sodom, and to stand boldly before God to ask, “Will the Judge of the World not behave justly?”

Throughout his long life, Abraham never surrendered his attribute of truth. Nonetheless, his emphasis gradually changed. As a young man, his burning desire for truth lashed out at any falsehood that met his path. Such conviction infuriates individuals who are comfortable living in a world of falsehood. However, following God’s command to leave his homeland, Abraham refashioned his strategy. On arrival in the Promised Land he equipped himself with a great deal of patience.

Upon his arrival, a famine broke out and Abraham emigrated temporarily to Egypt. Later, God described to him His long-term plan: Abraham would become the forefather of the Jewish people. A long exile is in store until the nation finally returns to its homeland, as God told Abraham, “Your offspring will be a foreigner… for four-hundred years.” In the meantime, “the Canaanites were then in the Land.” Abraham had to reconcile himself with the presence of those nations who settled there. It would take time.

The time involved demands a transition in the attribute of truth. From now on, the truth must be less pointed. Practically speaking, it must make way for the attribute of loving kindness and allow it to orchestrate the music, with truth playing a secondary role. At the moment of creation, the attribute of truth determined that man should not be created because he is full of falsehood. In response, God hurled the truth to the earth, to sprout from there. Instead, He founded the world upon loving-kindness.

Abraham’s initial belief is reminiscent of our first encounter with Moses, who zealously smote the Egyptian taskmaster whom he saw striking a Jewish slave. Indeed, a passion for truth is a necessary quality for a leader. But, whereas Moses continued his exacting conduct throughout his leadership, Abraham restructured his tactics, curbing his desire for truth, so that the first chapter in his life is only hinted at in the Bible. Nonetheless, the past cannot be erased completely, and it still appears in our historical records for all to see… However, the Torah teaches us that sometimes it is necessary to start over and change the emphasis. By overlooking the truth in the name of loving-kindness, eventually truth and loving-kindness will be able to reunite.

The Man of Truth Marries a Beauty Queen

Let’s put Abraham aside for a moment and discuss our Matriarch, Sarah. The most prominent description of Sarah in the Torah is in Abraham’s words to her, “Now I know that you are a beautiful woman.”[iii] Indeed when Abraham and Sarah descended to Egypt, Sarah’s beauty became the central axis around which the entire story revolved, so much so that the Midrash compares Sarah’s beauty to the beauty of the sunrise, “From here, our sages learned that any woman, compared to Sarah, is like a monkey before a man.”[iv]

Having seen how Abraham initially excelled in his penchant for truth, we now discover that the first Jewish family, an archetypal couple, presents a fascinating connection between truth and beauty. In general, truth is a masculine attribute. It descends from above, representing the absolute sense of, “This is how it should be.” By contrast, beauty is a feminine attribute that manifests in the lower realms. Kabbalah teaches us that there are sparks of holiness concealed in reality. When refined and released from their captivity, these sparks illuminate the darkness of mundane existence with their extraordinary beauty.

Loving-Kindness Makes the Match between Truth and Beauty

The ultimate connection between truth and beauty depends on loving-kindness. Just as a cold skeptic cannot admire a work of art, absolute truth has no consideration for beauty. Yet, when truth is enclothed within the attribute of loving-kindness, the sparks of beauty in reality are gradually refined, so much so that even a man of truth can no longer pass off beauty as inconsequential. “Charm is deceitful and beauty is vain,”[v] but, a God-fearing woman like Sarah is one who is praised even for her charm and her beauty. Truth without beauty remains in heaven, while beauty without truth plummets into the abyss. Abraham’s kindness mediated between his original attribute of truth and Sarah’s beauty until she too became as true as she was beautiful.

This leads us to a better understanding of Abraham’s words to Sarah. How was it that until their descent to Egypt, he had not known that she was a beautiful woman? The profound explanation for this is that only then did Abraham achieve the level at which truth could acknowledge beauty and elevate it to higher levels. According to the Arizal, most of the sparks of holiness fell into Egypt and were lost there. Abraham and Sarah’s descent into Egypt marked the moment when they began to refine the abysmal Egyptian culture, which followed the pleasure principle, seeking physical beauty, and idolizing it (which is why Abraham is so certain that the Egyptians will not “overlook” Sarah’s beauty). By bonding between truth and beauty, even the pleasure principle can be elevated to a level of sanctity, until beauty becomes a source of the highest levels of Divine pleasure. Abraham began this refining process by bringing loving-kindness to Egypt. Yet, Sarah is the one who effected this process. She did so by subduing Pharaoh by virtue of Abraham’s power of zealous truthfulness, so much so that Pharaoh was unable to approach her.

Truth Sprouts from the Earth

This picture of Abraham and Sarah marriage is not complete until we note that the very same truth that Abraham was so adamant about in his youth later became Sarah’s personal attribute. Indeed, it is Sarah who stands guard to refine Abraham’s loving-kindness and protect it from becoming radical liberalism. It is she who came to the uncompromising realization that Ishmael was unworthy of inheriting Abraham’s legacy, telling Abraham, “Banish this maidservant and her son!”[vi] (and God agrees with her, telling Abraham, “listen to her voice”). Although God “threw truth to the earth,” from there it begins to sprout in its refined form and ascends once again to return via Sarah, “Truth will sprout from the earth.”[vii]

Let’s conclude with a numerical allusion: the sum of the numerical values of “beauty” (יֹפִי; 100) and “truth” (אֶמֶת; 441) equals “Israel” (יִשְׂרָאֵל; 541). Adding “loving-kindness” (חֶסֶד) to the total brings us to a total of 613, which alludes to the perfection of the Torah and its 613 commandments.

The sages teach us that not only Jacob, but also Abraham and Isaac are referred to as “Israel.” In fact, the letters of the word “Israel” (יִשְׂרָאֵל) include the initial letters of all the Patriarchs and Matriarchs (the yud and the reish appear twice): Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, Rebecca, Jacob, Rachel and Leah (אַבְרָהָם, שָׂרָה, יִצְחָק, רִבְקָה, יַעֲקֹב, רָחֵל, לֵאָה) – alluding to the fact that each one of them reached the ultimate inter-inclusion between “beautiful truth” and “truthful beauty.”

[i] Avot 5:3.

[ii] Micah 7:20.

[iii] Genesis 12:11.

[iv] Baba Batra 58a.

[v] Proverbs 31:30.

[vi] Genesis 21:10.

[vii] Ibid 12.

26 October 2017


By Roy S. Neuberger

“Know with certainty that your offspring shall be aliens in a land not their own, and they will serve them, and they will oppress them, four hundred years. But also the nation that they will serve I shall judge, and afterwards they will leave with great wealth … And the fourth generation shall return here ….” (Beraishis 15:13-16)

Why did Hashem say these difficult words to Avraham Avinu?

I would like to say that navua is the cornerstone of Jewish existence. It sets us apart from all other peoples because it establishes our unique relationship with the Ribono shel Olam. The King of the Universe allows His beloved children to share to some extent His vision, which is beyond time and space. Yes, there were non-Jewish prophets, but the essence of prophesy relates to the advancement of Torah goals, and the non-Jewish prophets ultimately served to further the spiritual advancement of Am Yisroel.

Here, at the very beginning of Jewish history, our Father Avraham receives direct communication from the Ribono shel Olam. This occurred only because Avraham thought deeply about life and understood that Hashem must exist. Based on this realization, he sought Hashem. Hashem responded by communicating directly and personally with him.

What is the point of prophesy?

The point, my friends, is Reality. We Jews live in Reality.

We are created “b’tzelem Elokim.” Our avoda is to try to imitate Hashem’s midos, to communicate with Him and to receive His communications. We study Torah in order to understand how to live, and Torah originally came to us as a direct communication from Him. That we are unable to receive prophesy today is testament to the dramatic decline in ruchnius that has occurred over the millennia, but we desire to return to that madreiga, and the Torah we study lifts us toward that goal. We do not give up.

Navua allows us to live in Reality. If nisyonos are on the horizon, then we can rise to meet them. When Dovid Hamelech saw challenges approaching, he said, “Hashem is with me. I have no fear…. All the nations surround me; in the Name of Hashem I cut them down.” (Tehillim 118)

Other nations are trapped in the current moment, but Am Yisroel – lehavdil – lives with a perspective that allows us to transcend time and space. As a result, we can anticipate the future and rise toward the level of Shomayim. We live eternally because we are constantly trying to achieve dvaikus with the Eternal One. We are released from slavery to time and space.

Hashem told Avraham Avinu that his children would be aliens in a foreign land and that they would be oppressed by that foreign nation. As a result, Avraham was able to instill in his children the unique ability to see beyond the alienation and oppression and to survive against seemingly impossible odds.

In the classic book, “Lieutenant Birnbaum,” (Mesorah Publications, 1993) the author quotes the late Klausenberger Rebbe’s amazing Kol Nidre droshe delivered in a displaced persons’ camp just after the liberation of Buchenwald. The Rebbe zt”l enumerated the sins listed in the Machzor, and he kept asking, “Does this (sin) apply to us?” This was the first Yom Kippur after the liberation, and he told his emaciated listeners, time and again, “No, this does not apply to us…. ‘Dibarnu dofi.’ (Have we spoken slander?) We didn’t speak any slander. We didn’t speak at all. If we had any strength to speak, we saved it for our SS guards so that we would have enough strength to answer them…. ‘Latznu.’ (We have scoffed.) We were so serious in the camps. There was no such thing as smiling or making a joke.”

There was only one sin that the Rebbe could ascribe to the survivors, and these are his words: “How many times did we recite Krias Shema … at night and think: Ribono shel Olam, please take my neshoma so that I do not have to repeat once again in the morning, ‘I am thankful before You, the Living King, who has returned my soul to me.’ I don’t need my soul! You can keep it!

“None of us expected to survive. Yes, we tried to survive, but none of us expected to. Every morning, we saw this one didn’t move and that one didn’t move, and, as we carried the dead out, we looked upon them with envy. Is that emunah in Hashem? Is that bitachon in Hashem? …. We must pray to get back the emunah and bitachon we once had, the emunah and bitachon that went to sleep these last few years in the camps.”

The leaders of our People instill us with emuna and bitachon so that we can fulfill our mission as Hashem’s emissaries in this world. Hashem revealed to Avraham Avinu that difficult events would unfold in the lifetime of his children. This was an intense trial for the Father of our Nation. Why did he have to go through such a nisayon?

Our Father Avraham, as a result of the navuah that was given to him, reached a supreme madreiga from which he was able to imbue his descendants with the spiritual power to overcome future tests. His son Yitzchak had the incredible strength to offer himself up willingly as a korban, and future generations passed through fire and water to sanctify the Name of G-d, as it says, “Avinu Malkeinu, act for the sake of those who went into fire and water for the sanctification of Your Name.” All this was possible because our Father Avraham was able to see ahead and plant within his children monumental powers of spiritual greatness.

This is what we call zechus avos, the strength implanted within us by fathers and mothers whose entire lives were dedicated to the service of the Ribono shel Olam. “For Hashem has redeemed Yaakov and delivered him from a power mightier than he! Blessed are You, Hashem, Who redeemed Israel!”

* * * *
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SPECIAL: They Keep Trying to Silence the Voice of the Jewish Heart

They Keep Trying to Silence the Voice of the Jewish Heart
What is the End Goal of the Erev Rav?

It appears that the sole objective of the erev rav is to silence the Voice of the Jewish Heart. They attack us from every direction. What is the end goal: elimination of Torah Jewry. What are their methods: arrests, detentions, trials, slander and..get ready...encouraged assimilation.

Yes, the erev rav forbids anything related to Judaism to be made available in the schools but encourages all things related to Christianity (see recent events in Tel Aviv and Hertzylia). They do not want the children to be "Judaized." Even the IDF encourages missionaries and restricts Rabbis.

Now, they come after Lahava who has saved and is saving thousands of Jewish women, some very young, who find themselves lured into abusive relationships with Arab men. What is the crime? In the eyes of the erev rav, intermarriage is just one of the many channels through which they destroy Torah Jewry. It reminds me of Australia. The government sponsored and implemented a program whose purpose was to eradicate the original inhabitants of Australia. How would it be done? They would "breed" out the race. This is what the erev rav wants to do through their encouragement of intermarriage and harassing of all those who fight for HaShem to save every Jewish child.

May Moshiach please be revealed soon. In the meantime, we must Resist!

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SHABBAT DESECRATION:  In her final ruling as Chief Justice, Miriam Naor rejects petition against the opening of Tel Aviv businesses on the Sabbath.  [A fitting ending, she has sealed the verdict in Shamayim against her life’s work] ArutzSheva

25 October 2017

Meir Ettinger הבלדה לגדר: מאיר אטינגר כותב על הדרישה לעוד כבישים עוקפים ומצלמות

הבלדה לגדר
מאיר אטינגר כותב על הדרישה לעוד כבישים עוקפים ומצלמות
    ה' חשון תשע"ח - 12:59 

תנו לנו עוד מצלמות וגדר!
את הטרמפיאדות כדאי לבצר,
תסללו לנו כביש עוקף לעוקף
כביש שאת תפיסת העולם ישקף –

לעקוף מימין להקיף משמאל,
למה להתמודד? אם לברוח אתה יכול?

לא לחכות לפיגוע הבא!
עכשיו ומיד לברוח מכל הסביבה.
תביאו לנו כיפת ברזל נגד מספריים
שתיירט אותם עוד במכנסיים.

פעם הפגנו בעד ארץ ישראל השלמה
היום מפגינים בשביל עוד מצלמה.

Google English Translation

Give us more cameras and a fence,
The -------- should be fortified,
Build a bypass road for us
A road whose outlook will reflect - 
Bypass right surround to left,
Why deal? If you can run away?
Do not wait for the next attack!
Now and immediately escape from all around.
Bring us an iron dome against -----
Who had intercepted them in their ——--.

Once we demonstrated for Greater Israel

The 7 Laws of the Gentiles by Rabbi Mizrachi

The 7 Laws of the Gentiles and More (a Shiur from 2013 with a ‘younger’ Rabbi Mizrachi)

JEWS FOR NON-JEWS -- Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi On Universal Noahide Code

24 October 2017

The State of Israel or a Jewish State?

Shame, shame, on the State of Israel that wishes to be thought of as a Jewish State. One would think, after the Shoah, that those who survived would be cared for until they leave this world;

One would think, after the Shoah, that to be Jewish, observant of the Torah, even Haredi, that the government would be proud of its citizens being demonstrably Jewish. Instead, they dish out delicatessen–style Judaism, albeit with plenty of hummus.

* * * 

Tel Aviv orders Chabad rabbi to shutter tefillin stand, six weeks after Herziliya fines rabbi for putting tefillin on willing passersby

In September, a Chabad rabbi was slapped with a NIS 736 ($209) fine from Herziliya city municipal inspectors for offering passersby the opportunity to put on tefillin, causing national furor. [the mayor has since apologized profusely; however, that this even occurred at all is disturbing.]

Agudas Chasidei Chabad, the umbrella organization for Chabad emissaries had said that "it's hard to believe that out of all the places around the globe where Chabad emissaries help Jews put on tefillin and connect to their parents' tradition, only in Israel will a person be fined or brought to court for it. Not in New York, not in Moscow's Red Square, not in London or at the foot of the Eiffel Tower. Only in Herzliya, a city in Israel.” ArutzSheva

The Tel Aviv municipality has not responded to Friday's incident in Ramat Aviv
Read also: Chabad Tefillin Stand

IDF Soldier Who Was Harassed by Dozens of Anti-draft Protesters Faces Possible Assault Charges. ArutzSheva

The female soldier, who had to stop her car when she reached the demonstration, can be seen confronting demonstrators, demanding they make way. Some of the protesters responded by spitting at the soldier [kicking her] and calling her “shiksa”, [plus another] derogatory Yiddish slang word referring to non-Jewish women.

In a Similar Incident:

According to Channel 2, a police officer who was filmed drawing his sidearm and threatening to shoot protesters during Monday night’s demonstration will NOT BE INDICTED.

[Is this discrimination against female soldiers by the Police Dept.? Should not this be held under IDF review?]

What Does This Remind One Of?

TATOOING NUMBERS ON JEWS (HAREDIM) is against Halacha and reminiscent of the numbering of JEWS in World War II– Haredi anti-draft demonstrators arrested during protests across the country last week have refused to provide their names or ID numbers to authorities, leading police to mark those arrested with numbers on their arms and hands

“The Committee for the Salvation of the Torah World which is representing the arrested members of Peleg said that marking the arrested with number is ‘a Nazi tactic. It is as if we underwent a holocaust, 13 hours on a bus.’” YWN Numbers on Arms

Intelligent Police Response: 'Haredim all look the same'

After police mark haredi demonstrators with numbers, spokeswoman explains decision: 'They all look the same, we had no choice.’ ArutzSheva

The decision to label the 27 detainees on their arms and hands drew criticism, those police were quick to defend the move, saying officers were left with few options given the detainees’ refusal to identify themselves.

On Monday, police spokeswoman Merav Lapidot appeared on Channel 2 to justify the labels, but drew additional criticism when she argued that such alternative identification procedures were necessary when dealing with haredi detainees, claiming that haredi Jews “all look the same”.
* * *

When Rabbis condemn and label the protestors with unsavory comments, it gives the secular public energy to denounce and criticize ALL HAREDIM, which includes anyone that is Orthodox (whether they agree or not with the protestors).

Hagaon HaRav Chaim Kanievsky On The Peleg: “Like A Sheep Without A Shepherd.” [Their shepherd is Rav Auerbach Shlit”a. One should not interpret this letter with their own words and understanding]. AND "Senior haredi rabbi compares radical haredi anti-draft group to ISIS TERRORISTS: 'They could teach Nazi propagandists a thing or two.’"

A Day of Rage: Analysis YWN. These are Talmidim of Rav Auerbach Shlit”a and we have not heard from the Rav, most likely because he is in the hospital.

18 Cheshvan Yahrzeit of Rabbi Meir Kahane – His words are chilling.

23 October 2017


Mt Rainier Volcano is beginning to RUMBLE 
Seismographs very active!

October 23, 2017: Mt Rainier in Washington is showing signs of increased activity. Seismographs on the north side of the 14,000ft volcano show tons of activity

Active Volcano Mt. Rainer Shaken By 'Swarm' Of 23 Earthquakes ZeroHedge
Don’t panic - it's only an active volcano. What’s the worst that could happen? Some two dozen earthquakes have shaken Washington State’s Mt. Rainer over the past two weeks – but seismologists say people who live nearby shouldn’t panic.

“In the past, these swarms last a couple of days to a week or so and then die out,” said Paul Bodin, of the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network at the University of Washington. The first of the 23 quakes struck on Sept. 11 near the volcano’s summit. The largest of the quakes registered magnitude 1.6. During the same period, Mexico experienced two of the deadliest earthquakes in decades.

According to the Seattle Times, earthquake swarms typically don’t signify that an eruption is imminent.

YouTube: Climate Chaos

Los Angeles, So Cal,  prepare for extreme HEAT and are "battle ready" for wildfires. October 22, 2017:  The National Weather Service on Saturday issued a red flag warning, indicating extreme fire danger, from Santa Barbara to San Bernardino counties for the next three days as higher-than-normal temperatures and Santa Ana winds combine to create volatile conditions.

Public Alert

Weather Alert

LA Heat Warning

21 October 2017

Rabbi Mizrachi – The World Then And The World Today

Twelve Minutes to End the Evil Ones in the World
Materialism and Modern Lifestyles the Greatest Danger to Your Neshoma

The sad fact about the level of reading Hebrew in Israel among ALL plus Professionals

Religious People (Haredim) will be Hated
No more Shame in the World
Daughter in law disrespects Mother in law
Boys have no Shame from their Parents
Jewish Girls (60,000) date, living with, and/or Married to Arabs
Many Arab children are Jewish, from Israeli Mothers married to Arabs
(amazing story about an Arab boy)
More amazing stories – MUST HEAR
Holocaust children / grandchildren marry Germans (from Nazi family)
[Kibbutz IDF guy fell for a blonde German girl / his buddies locked him in a room and prevented him from marrying the German girl - great story]


20 October 2017


By Roy S. Neuberger

I had the privilege during Aseres Ymai Teshuva of speaking at Yeshiva Zeev Hatorah in the Holy City of Yerushalayim. This is the makom hakodesh presided over by the illustrious Rabbi Shmuel Brazil shlita”h. One of the bocherim, a young man named Yoel Fingerer, asked a very interesting question. We were discussing Milchemes Gog Umagog and the contemporary conflict between Bnai Yishmael and Bnai Esav (see the Malbim on Yechezkel 32:15 and the introduction to my book, 2020 Vision).

His question was, “How do the events surrounding North Korea fit into this scenario?”

There are remarkable parallels between current events and the events narrated in Parshas Noach.

The Generation of the Flood said to Hashem, “Leave us. We have no wish to know Your paths.” (Sanhedrin 108a) They “took for themselves wives from whomever they chose,” and their moral perversion influenced even to the world of animals. “Wherever you find immorality [mass destruction comes upon the world] and kills good and bad [people alike].” (Ohr Hachaim quoting Beraishis Rabbah 26:5 and Rashi)

“The Generation of the Flood transgressed everything [that they were commanded by G-d], but the decree of their punishment was not sealed upon them until they stretched forth their hands in robbery.” (ibid) As it says, “Now the earth had become corrupt before G-d; and the earth had become filled with robbery. And G-d saw the earth and behold, it was corrupted, for all flesh had corrupted its way upon the earth.” (Beraishis 6:11)

An arrogant person has no thought of punishment. Hashem’s Presence is not included in his world view; he follows his ways oblivious to any consequences. “During the one hundred and twenty years [preceding the Flood], Noach planted cedars and cut them down. ‘What is this for?’ he was asked. ‘The Sovereign of the Universe has said that He will bring a flood upon the world,’ he replied. ‘If He brings a flood,’ they said, ‘He will bring it only on your house.’ When Mesushalach (Noach’s grandfather) died, they said to him, ‘See, the deluge has come only on your house.’ They mocked him, calling him ‘despised old man.’” (Berashis Rabbah 30:7)

Although Noach explained to those who questioned him what Hashem was preparing, they were not interested. They were so devoted to their lifestyle that they could not see outside it. And so, from a distant place, the waters came. “In the six hundredth year of Noach’s life, in the second month, on the seventeenth day of the month, on that day all the foundations of the great deep burst forth and the windows of the heavens were opened. And the rain was upon the earth forty days and forty nights.” (Beraishis 7:11-12)

The punishment came from a place beyond the control of man, but it resulted from man’s actions upon the earth. The generation assumed there were no consequences for their actions. They did not want to know that, above them, was “a watchful Eye, an attentive Ear and all [their] deeds [were] recorded in a book.” (Pirkei Avos 2:1)

My friends, we must know that, tragically, today we live in a world which resembles the world before the Mabul. The nations pursue their own courses. They pass laws which institutionalize perversion and think there will be no consequences. Bnai Yishmoel and Bnai Esav plot against the Children of Israel and think there will be no consequences. They plot to steal Yerushalayim and think there will be no consequences. The list goes on and on.
As this transpires, there is a man in a distant country who seems to be living on a different planet. He does not march to anyone else’s step. He threatens the entire world and is oblivious to the rest of mankind. He seems beyond the control of any person or nation or logic. How do you speak to him? How do you approach him? Who is he? He seems to be driven by incomprehensible motives, yet he cannot be ignored.

Mankind has to know that there are consequences for our actions. If the laws that Hashem has established for all the children of Noach are ignored, then somewhere, somehow there will be consequences. We don’t know what those consequences will be, but there are always consequences. Hashem is patient, but it seems there is a limit, just as there was a limit in the days of Noach. The world can do teshuva, just as Nineveh did teshuva. Because they did teshuva, the people of Nineveh were saved.

The events of Parshas Noach come to tell us that we cannot pretend Hashem is not watching or listening. At some point, the weight of rebellion against the will of the Ribono shel Olam may reach a point at which teshuva is no longer possible. That happened in Noach’s day.
Soon, b’ezras Hashem, we will read Parshas Vayaishev, about which Chazal comment, “The shevatim were occupied with the selling of Yosef, Yosef was occupied with his sackcloth and fasting [mourning his fate], Reuven was occupied with his sackcloth and fasting [doing teshuvah for the sin of rearranging his father’s lodgings], Yaakov was occupied with his sackcloth and fasting [mourning Yosef], Yehuda was occupied with marriage. And Hashem? He was occupied with creating the light of the King Moshiach . . . Before the first enslaver was born, the final redeemer was born.” (Rabbi Moshe Wolfson Shlita”h on Beraishis Rabbah 85:1)

What is really going on in our dark world? The light of Moshiach is being prepared.
“And so too, Hashem, grant honor to Your people, praise to those who revere You … and preparation of a lamp for the son of Yishai, Your Moshiach … speedily in our days.” (Yomam Noraim)

Some of the bocherim from Yeshiva Zeev Hatorah with the Rosh Yeshiva, Rabbi Shmuel Brazil, shlita”h (third from right in the front row). The Mashgiach, Rabbi Leiby Ritholtz, is fifth from the right; the author is standing between them.

* * * *
Roy Neuberger, author and public speaker, can be reached at

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19 October 2017

Rabbi Mizrachi is Back: Genesis - The Secrets Of The Divine Creation

I missed the Rabbi while he was in Israel and am very happy that he is back. Not many Rabbis give a shiur on Bereshis. I was delighted to listen to some of the secrets of this Parsha, plus his explanations on other topics within. I learned some things, and so could you.

18 October 2017



Stockholm Sun Darkened, Loud Bangs Disturb Residents

UK SOLAR ECLIPSE? Genuine footage of the Massive Solar Eclipse over the U.K.
15th October I filmed the whole thing but it’s gonna take me a while to get all the footage up, OMFG this thing was huge. Filmed using my iPhone 7 no filters bar the couple of shots of me moving the green welders glass and my IR750 lens in front of the camera but theses are obvious. I have brought the brightness down but nothing else.

UK IRELAND ANOMALY Pictures Pouring In From UK/Ireland Showing 2 Suns
Two Suns


Wildfire 2017 California-Drone footage-KMart Burned -Trees Untouched!
Officials Asked about DEW [?]

Santa Rosa, Northern CA Fires DEFY THE LAWS of PHYSICS
MUST SEE VIDEO (Where'd the houses go??)

for eyes that can see, there is something wrong here, the melting/ burning point of common household materials like glass (2600℉) and stainless steel (2800℉) are DOUBLE the temperature of house and forest fires (1100℉) ... and you might expect Rod Sterling to pop out at any moment in this footage..bc it's like the Twilight Zone!!


Existence of Gravitational Waves Predicted by Albert Einstein

Cassiopieia supernova  Photo Credit: WikiImages / Pixabay

Researchers at Tel Aviv University have confirmed that gravitational “ripples in space” occur after the collision of neutron stars, very small (typically 18 miles across) and very dense bodies that are the remains of a massive star, after a supernova explosion.

On August 17, 2017, scientists at the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) detectors in Louisiana and Washington and at the Virgo detector in Italy detected the first “ripples in space,” or gravitational waves, produced by the merger of two ancient remnants of stars known as neutron stars.

[. . .]

The existence of gravitational waves was first predicted by Albert Einstein a century ago. They afford insight into an event that took place in a galaxy 120 million light years away and provide valuable information on the evolution of exploding neutron stars, as well as the origin of gold, uranium and other heavy metals on earth.

“It is difficult to exaggerate the importance of this discovery,” says Prof. Poznanksi. “Until recently, we could observe the universe only through light waves that reached us. This new ability to study gravitational waves is analogous to a sense of touch. It’s as though we now have the ability to explore the universe through both sight and touch.”

“This discovery has allowed astronomers to combine gravitational waves with light and produce a detailed model of the emission for the first time. This introduces a new era in astronomy,”

17 October 2017

The Schizophrenic Israeli Government

The Schizophrenic Israeli Government’s Impact on Society
A Case Against Insanity (update at end article)

Website fined for encouraging 'Jewish labor'
'Jewish Labor List,' which encourages employers to hire Jewish laborers, fined 40 thousand shekels plus legal fees for 'discrimination.’ ArutzSheva.
A suit, filed against the manager of the site by the Reform Center for Religion and State and the Mossawa Center and joined by the Equal Opportunities Commission at the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, the court ruled that the site illegally discriminates, as delineated in “Prohibition of Discrimination in Products, Services and Entry to Entertainment and Public Places Law” of 2000.

As a result, the court imposed a fine of 40,000 shekels ($11,400) on the manager of the site, plus legal fees.
* * *

[This so angered me: She is not advocating for a return to the Kibbutz Era raising of children, no, she wants to indoctrinate your children with Communism]
MK: The nuclear family is unsafe for children. Zionist Union MK says children shouldn't be raised by their parents, but by strangers chosen by the government.
Speaking on Australian television in September, Michaeli argued that "the core family as we know it is one of the least safe place for children - not just in Australia but in the entire western world."
Michaeli is renowned for her progressive views on family issues. On Monday, Michaeli tweeted support for an article published in Yediot Aharonot that called for the government to take control over children's education from their parents. Michaeli is also a fierce opponent of the institution of marriage and has advocated for its abolishment. In 2012, she gave a TED talk on the issue, where she told the audience that marriage was responsible for the abuse of women. ArutzSheva
"We must cancel marriage," said Michaeli. 
"Not only religious marriage, marriage is not an issue of religion. 
Also civil marriage. 
I want all secular states to totally eliminate all registration and regulation of marriage. 
I want to cancel the very concept of marriage."
"Children are our future, and the future of “our society” and “our country”, Michaeli tweeted. "They are not a private issue.”

A Commenter’s salient rebuttal:
There is no such sentient being called "Government." Any government, whether democratic or tyrannical, is composed of people. Those people are in no way significantly different than any other people. They do not have blue blood. Their bodily functions and needs are identical to anybody else. They are not ubermenchen. They may fantasize that they are somehow inherently superior to the rest of humanity but they are not. So why would any of them be better qualified to raise a child more than the child’s parents? The answer is they would not be. The reason that psychopathic, fantasizers want to steal children is to use them for their own ends and not for the benefit of the child or the great good of society. They want the children in order to satisfy their physical desires and to turn them into obedient drones that will obey any orders given them. We have seen this throughout all of history. Most recently we saw this by the Nazis and the Communists.

A second rebuttal: “As an unmarried woman with no children of her own, Michaeli may not have the personal experience to teach her what most parents intuitively know and what the data proves – that traditional, nuclear families with both biological parents married to each other is the most successful family arrangement, and the safest place to raise children. With such statistics readily available, however, a person in such a position of power should at the very least take the time to examine what the data says, rather than simply engage in moral preening and indulge in righteous indignation.”

“I oppose opening the gate [to PA workers] before any lessons are learned [from the attack]; only afterwards can we sit down and figure out whether or not we should open the gate [to PA workers]. While the attack took place just outside of the fence, it could have easily ended inside it. The despicable terrorist had wanted to get inside the town, and it was only because the town security director happened to spot him that the attack happened outside of the gate, and that was a miracle.”

* * *

[Most Palestinians are not terrorists, but all terrorists in Israel are Palestinians]
'People here are too scared to sleep at night'
Exactly three weeks ago, an Arab resident of the Palestinian Authority murdered three Israeli security personnel at the back entrance to the town of Har Adar. “I oppose opening the gate [to PA workers] before any lessons are learned [from the attack]; only afterwards can we sit down and figure out whether or not we should open the gate [to PA workers]. While the attack took place just outside of the fence, it could have easily ended inside it. The despicable terrorist had wanted to get inside the town, and it was only because the town security director happened to spot him that the attack happened outside of the gate, and that was a miracle.”  Har Adar councilman slams plans to reopen town to Arab workers after terrorist gunned down three. 'Most people won't even hire them now.’ ArutzSheva

* * *
[Is the Left now usurping the Right’s Agenda?]
'Land of Israel belongs to the Jews, God promised it to Abraham,' says Zionist Union chief.
Zionist Union chief Avi Gabbay refused to retract his recent statements opposing the eviction of Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria in a potential future peace deal with the Palestinian Authority, despite blowback he received from his Labor faction.Gabbay argued instead that Israel would need to find "creative solutions" about what to do with Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria in a future peace deal. ArutzSheva

[I guess he sees this as a solution to the “Palestinian problem” and the “settlement problem”]

* * *

[Avraham Avinu might be turning over in his kever upon learning this:]
Criminal Missionary Predator
"Right now, [Israeli] Democracy protects the missionary predator's "right" to prey upon his unsuspecting victims, but the Torah commands us to "destroy the evil from your midst" specifically with regard to enticing Jews in Eretz Yisrael to follow another god.”

The Missionaries are fast at work stealing neshomas in Israel. Please read: "Destroy the Evil from Your Midst”

Environmental Protection Minister Zeev Elkin (Likud) on Wednesday morning spoke to Kol Barama Radio. In part, Elkin also spoke about Labor leader Avi Gabbay's declaration that "if we succeed in reaching a peace agreement, then...creative solutions should be found in order to avoid evacuating settlements."

According to Elkin, Gabbay learned this tactic from Yesh Atid Chairman Yair Lapid. "When the leftists protest, he says he's a leftist; when the rightist protest, he says he's a rightist," Elkin explained. "But anyone going over the Zionist Union's party list knows that the Zionist Union is a radical leftist party, the likes of which have never been known before.” The Zionist Union is a joint list made up of Labor, Tzipi Livni's Hatenua party, and the Green Movement.

REVIEW: END OF DAYS: World War III, Redemption and Mashiach

End of Days
World War III, Redemption, The Messiah and Prayer
Is a third world war inevitable? It depends on us

Rabbi Eliyahu Lopian wrote: “While in London I heard from the holy Rabbi Elchanan Wasserman quoting the Chofetz Chaim who quoted our sages saying the War of Gog and Magog will be in three phases. The Chofetz Chaim said that First World War was the first battle of Gog and Magog and that in about 25 years there would be a second world war, which would make the first one seem insignificant. Then there would be the third war…”
True to the Chofetz Chaim’s prediction, WWII began in 1939, exactly 25 years later! How did his prediction materialize so accurately? The Gemara states, “The Tzaddik (righteous one) decrees and G-d fulfills.”

Nevertheless, is a third world war inevitable? It depends on us. The Gemara says, “There are three things that have the ability to annul harsh decrees. They are: prayer, repentance and charity.” In addition one should involve himself in Torah and acts of kindness.

What is Redemption?

Rabbi Zecharia Wallerstein explains: “The redemption is not all in one moment. Rather, it’s a process.” Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai says, “The redemption won’t happen all at once, but rather a little at a time.” Similarly, the Malbim says, “A long time before the redemption a few men of the Diaspora will gather and settle in Jerusalem. After many years of life there, the birth pangs of the redemption will reach them and then the great ingathering of all the exiles will begin.” The Gemara describes the redemption with a metaphor: “The Ultimate Redemption will be like the morning star, which is very dim as it emerges, but then it will burst forth and be seen in its full, luminous glory.”

Rabbi Pinchas Winston says it’s well known that only one-fifth of the Jewish population in Egypt at the time actually left with Moses. As Rashi explains, four-fifths died in the Plague of Darkness, and Rabbi Yechezkel Levenstein reiterates: “The exodus from Egypt liberated only one out of five Jews — and some say one out of every 50 – because all those emotionally attached to Egypt who didn’t want to leave died in the three days of darkness and were not privileged to leave. That is, only those who desired redemption with all their hearts were redeemed. Likewise, the Final Redemption depends upon our yearning.” As we say every morning in the Yigdal prayer, “By the End of Days He will send our Messiah, to redeem those longing for His final salvation.” So we must first desire the redemption.

Then we must have faith. Rebbe Shimon bar Yochai says, “…When G-d decides to bring the Redemption He will look down on the world and see if there is someone righteous worthy of bringing the redemption. Hashem will see that there is no one who has sufficient merit for this, and He will need to bring great tribulations on the Jewish people, in order that the redemption should take place. At the same time, fortunate is this generation, for someone who passes the tests of this trying period with strong faith will merit seeing the light of G-d.”

How can one develop both desire and faith in the redemption?

The Chofetz Chaim says, “If we truly yearn for the final Redemption and wait each day for its arrival, then we would prepare ourselves learning the relevant laws, for there are many laws to be learned and they cannot all be covered in a short time… For if it would be revealed that in a short time the final Redemption would arrive, then certainly millions of Jews would quickly learn the laws of the Holy temple, since at that time all of these laws will be relevant, not only for Kohanim but for all Jews. For instance, the laws of eating sacrifices and visiting the temple… Therefore, if we are truly waiting and yearning for the final Redemption… we too should arouse ourselves and learn these laws with all our strength.”

Is there any book that exists nowadays which has relevant laws about the Holy Temple? Yes! It’s called Days Are Coming by Rabbi Moshe Silberstein. What is the book about? It’s an In-Depth Analysis of the Practical laws relevant to visiting the Holy Temple. When you study this book you imbue yourself with faith that G-d will redeem us. Secondly, a person should designate some type of article of clothing – i.e. suit, shirt, hat, belt or shoes etc., that he/ she has designated to wear when the Messiah reveals himself. As the Sefer HaChinuch says, “A person is fashioned by his deeds.” Therefore, saying the 12th Principle of the Ani Ma’amins every day or learning the order of ‘Kodshim’ about sacrifices and service in the temple isn’t enough. You need actions. Conversely, the Rambam says, “Anyone who does not long for the revelation of the Messiah denies the teachings of the prophets; even worse than that, he rejects the Torah and Moshe our Teacher.” So we have: a. desire for the redemption, b. faith that it will happen and c. actions to bring us towards the redemption.

What’s the purpose of the redemption? To sanctify G-d’s Name … As the Rambam says, “The Messiah will correct the entire world to worship G-d together, as it says, ‘For then I [G-d] will turn to the peoples a pure language, that they may all call upon the name of the G-d, to serve Him with one consent.’”

What’s the main reason we pray for ‘restoring our judges as we had formerly’ every day? So that You G-d alone should rule over us. The whole world should know of Your existence! In the evening prayer we ask our Creator, “Gather us from among the nations” in order that, “… All the nations that You have made will come and bow down before You, O L-rd, and they will give glory to Your Name.” So sometimes, a person needs to ask himself, “Am I in this world to sanctify G-d’s Name or my own name? The Prophet gives us the proper mindset: “You are My servant, Israel, through whom I am glorified!”

Can one repent after the Messiah reveals himself? 
The Ramban says that repentance is no longer a possibility.

Where will the Messiah reveal himself from? Rebbe Shimon bar Yochai says, “He shall reveal himself in the land of Galilee because in this part of the Holy Land the desolation (Babylonian exile) first began, therefore he will manifest himself there first…” The Jewish Messiah is truly a human being; He is born of ordinary human parents and is of flesh and blood like all mortals. He will be a leader of all the Jews,( unprecedented since King Daivd and Solomon!) having great wisdom, power and spirit. In addition, he will bring eternal peace, love, prosperity and moral perfection to the entire world. A feat which no world leader has been able to accomplish!

Rabbi Elchonon Wasserman, wrote in a letter: “Several times I heard from the holy Chofetz Chaim, that we can learn about the end of our exile from what happened at the end of our exile in Egypt…”

Rabbeinu Bachya wrote: “Even though the time of the redemption had arrived, they weren’t worthy of being redeemed. However, once they all cried out in unison from the work that they were undergoing, their prayers were accepted… This is to teach you that the prayer of a person is only complete when one cries out from the pain and stress that are contained within one’s heart. This type of prayer is more accepted by G-d than mere lip service.” Along the same lines the Midrash states: “Just as the first redemption from Egypt was caused through crying out to G-d, so too, our upcoming redemption will happen in the same fashion.”

The Chofetz Chaim states: “All the many troubles which came upon us which we still suffer from are because we don’t scream and pray more fervently because of them. If we’d pray properly, we wouldn’t return empty-handed. Praying the Amidah prayer three times each day is insufficient; several times a day we must pour our requests out to G-d in solitude, at home, from the depths of our hearts. The three regular prayers are so much part of our routine that one does not really concentrate on them. But if each person would contemplate his plight in solitude... then he would pour out his heart like water to G-d. This prayer would be full of very deep intent and great humility, coming from a broken heart. Such a prayer will certainly be answered…!” Indeed every morning we say, “He responds to His people when they cry out to Him.”

The Midrash states, “When Israel went out of Egypt, they looked back and saw the Egyptians chasing after them… When Israel saw that they were surrounded on all sides; the sea in front of them blocking their path, their enemy chasing them from behind, and wild animals on both sides in the desert – they lifted up their eyes to their Father in Heaven and cried out as it is written: ‘…and the Children of Israel cried out to G-d.’ Why did G-d surround them from all sides? Because G-d yearned to hear their prayers.”

Rav Yitzchak said, “The salvation of Israel depends only on it is written: ‘...with crying, they will come and with lamentations, I will lead them.’” When an infant wants his parents to give him attention, he cries. If they don’t hear him or ignore him, he screams even louder or throws a tantrum, until his parents come and attend to his needs. The Chofetz Chaim says: “We must demand the redemption, just as a hired worker demands his wages; if we fail to do so, it shows this matter doesn’t really bother us!”

With G-d’s help, may we all merit, very soon, to witness the revelation of the Messiah, who will make our Creator’s Name Great Again!

This article is dedicated in memory of The Chafetz Chaim, Rabbi Elchanan Wasserman and the Lubavitcher Rebbe

Article compiled by Mordechai Lewis, noted in a comment on YeranenYaakov.

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