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30 June 2019

'America's Spiritual Underpinnings Come from Jerusalem'

“living, breathing piece of history”

Senior officials from around the world gather in City of David near Old City of Jerusalem for unveiling of 2nd Temple period Pilgrims' Road.

Representatives from around the world gathered in the City of David, just outside of the Old City of Jerusalem, on Sunday, for the unveiling of the Pilgrim’s Road, a key archeological site in the Israeli capital city.

US Ambassador David Friedman, White House special envoy Jason Greenblatt, South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham, Israeli ministers Rafi Peretz and Uri Ariel, Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations Danny Danon, Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s wife Sara Netanyahu, American Jewish philanthropists Sheldon and Miriam Adelson, and the US ambassadors to Portugal, Denmark, and France were among those in attendance at the ceremony.

Addressing the gathering, Ambassador Friedman hailed the discovery of the Second Temple-period walkway as one of the greatest archeological discoveries of the 20th century.

"The discovery in the City of David... is one of the greatest archeological discoveries, perhaps in the century,” said Friedman.

"The centrality of Jerusalem to the Jewish people and the two Jewish temples - we all knew that, but now we have the irrefutable evidence."

"The Pilgrimage Road and Pool of Silwan allow us to go back in time, back in history. It brings the Bible to life. We can walk that path and imagine the great rabbinical figures walking that path."

Friedman called the walkway, which linked the ancient City of David to the Temple Mount and was used for bringing sacrifices to the Temple, a “living, breathing piece of history”, “not a relic”.

UPDATE: A Terrorist State . . .

UPDATE: Emergency meeting over 
Arab takeover of Area C: 
MK Moti Yogev initiates discussion in Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee on PA takeover of Area C in Judea and Samaria. arutzsheva
A report released by Regavim reveals that over 28,000 new illegal structures have been established on Israeli-controlled territory in Judea and Samaria over the past decade, in accordance with the Fayyad plan for territorial contiguity in the area towards the establishment of a future Palestinian state.
In 2009, the number of illegal structures in Area C stood at 29,784, while in 2008 it was 58,435, but the more worrisome figure was the amount of the built-up area in dunams, In 2009 it stood at 44,538 dunams (11,000 acres), compared with 78,626 dunams (19,450 acres) in 2018.

. . . Right Around the Corner!
How did Prime Minister Netanyahu and Members of Knesset vote on the motion to establish a Palestinian state in Judea and Samaria?

Ever so quietly, while the Israeli government has been napping on the job, the Palestinian Authority has been hard at work, laying the foundations of a terrorist state right under our noses.

In the past decade, Arabs have built tens of thousands of illegal structures in Judea and Samaria – precisely in areas under full Israeli jurisdiction.

Hundreds of thousands of dunams of state-owned land in strategic locations have been seized through carefully-orchestrated “agricultural projects.”

All of this is made possible by the European Union, which pours hundreds of millions of Euros each year into the terrorist state that is taking shape just around the corner.

The State of Israel is perfectly capable of protecting its land and halting this dangerous process.
It’s not too late.

Join the fight – and help support the campaign:

Courtesy of Regavim Please Donate to this campaign.

Leftist Uprising at Opening of The Pilgrim’s Road to the Temple Mount

Not just the Leftists, Israeli Security Forces Attacked by Arab Rioters in Jerusalem Area
All in protest because of the dedication of the Pilgrim’s Way, steps leading from Ir David to the Temple Mount.
Imagine what would happen if Israel incorporates Area C into Israel proper??

Far-left activists clash with police while protesting against US diplomats David Friedman and Jason Greenblatt at east Jerusalem event. 
Activists from the far-left Peace Now organization clashed with police outside of the site of a planned ceremony set to mark the unveiling of an ancient walkway linking the Old City of Jerusalem to the City of David, just to the south of the Old City.

Left-wing activists protested the planned participation of two senior US diplomats in the unveiling ceremony – set to take place Sunday evening. At least one left-wing protester was arrested.

Both US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman and White House envoy Jason Greenblatt are slated to appear at the unveiling ceremony in the City of David.

City of David. The Pilgrim’s Way
Lifting the Barriers: . . .Fast forward 2000 years… Same principle, different day. It's time to return to Jerusalem, the real Jerusalem. The barriers have been lifted a long time ago. And not just that, the core of Jerusalem – where it all began, has been rising slowly from dust and ashes for the last 15 years. Now one can actually walk the paths, touch its ancient walls and dip your feet in what Isaiah refers to as the living waters of the Gihon spring. Even the last stretch of the Pilgrim Road, on which every pilgrim ascended to Temple Mount is being cleared of debris as this article is written. "…Clear the way for the people; Build up, build up the highway, Remove the stones," (Isaiah 62:10) Yup, you guessed it, another prophecy fulfillment and again in the very place where it all began – Ancient Jerusalem.
The ceremony will mark the formal unveiling of the “Pilgrim’s Road” – a walkway used during the Second Temple period to reach the Temple Mount.

The Palestinian Authority and far-left Israeli groups criticized the US diplomats over their decision to take part in the opening of the archeological site.

"The choice of Trump's team to adopt the settler narrative in the sensitive area of ​​the Holy Basin undermines the chances of negotiating the area within the framework of a peace agreement," said the Peace Now organization.

Earlier on Sunday, Greenblatt pushed back against the criticism, tweeting:

“PA claims our attendance at this historic event supports ‘Judaization’ of Jerusalem/is an act of hostility vs. Palestinians. Ludicrous.”

“We can’t ‘Judaize’ what history/archeology show. We can acknowledge it and you can stop pretending it isn’t true! Peace can only be built on truth.”

Source: arutzsheva

American Children Are Suffering

Betrayal Solution for Autoimmune Disease. This series began 6/29 for about 5-6 days. Please consider this if you have any allergies or other symptoms causing discomfort in your life.

Half of America’s Kids Suffer from Chronic Illness and It’s Getting Worse
by Marco Cáceres

It is hard to imagine a country where half of the children born will be diagnosed with autism. Yet, that is the scenario that senior research scientist Stephanie Seneff, PhD of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s (MIT) thinks the United States may face in 2025. I wrote about this in my last article in The Vaccine Reaction titled “A Nation Where Half of the Children Become Autistic?“1

Think of it. If American families with children continue to have an average of two children per family,2 3 within six years the typical family in the U.S. will likely have one autistic child. That will be the new norm. By then, many Americans will have forgotten that in the 1980s, the autism rate in the U.S. was reported at 1 in 10,000 children,4 and that even as recently as the turn of the 21st century it was unusual to have or know someone whose child or grandchild had been diagnosed with symptoms of autism.

A future scenario in which half of the children born in this country will develop autism could be just around the corner. Yet, there appears to be relatively little urgency on the part of public health officials, doctors and educators to understand what is causing this historic change in the health profile of so many children and to consider all possible causes of the autism epidemic, leaving no stone unturned. The tripling of the numbers of vaccinations children get in the past three decades is a potential co-factor that is largely being ignored by leaders in the scientific and medical communities who stubbornly insist on taking the position that, “What must not be, cannot be.”5

As Harris Coulter and Barbara Loe Fisher wrote in their seminal book DPT: A Shot in the Dark, “It must not be true because, they think, whatever will we do if it is true?”5

There is no emergency health crisis in the U.S. right now that compares to the possibility that, in the future, one in two children born will develop autism. But there is one that is vaguely similar that may provide an indication of what is to come and that is evidence that there is a chronic illness epidemic that is already affecting millions of American children.

In 2001, NVIC co-founder and president Loe Fisher gave a presentation at a public workshop of the Institute of Medicine Immunization Safety Review Committee and said:
Individual and public health is not measured solely by an absence of infectious disease. Today, instead of epidemics of measles and polio, our children are experiencing epidemics of chronic disease and disability. In the past 20 years, rates of asthma and attention deficit disorder have more than doubled; diabetes and learning disabilities have tripled; and autism has increased by 300 percent or more in most states. Our public school systems are unable to build or staff special education classrooms fast enough to serve the millions of chronically disabled and ill children and the 425 billion dollar annual health care price tag to treat chronic disease continues to climb. The larger unanswered question is: has the increased administration of multiple vaccines in the first three years of life, when the brain and immune systems develop most rapidly, been an unrecognized co-factor in the epidemics of chronic disease and disability plaguing so many children today.6
A study published in 2011 in the journal Academic Pediatrics found that an estimated 54.1 percent of children in the U.S. suffered from at least one chronic illness.7 According to the study:
An estimated 43% of U.S. children (32 million) currently have at least 1 of 20 chronic health conditions assessed, increasing to 54.1% when overweight, obesity, or being at risk for developmental delays are included; 19.2% (14.2 million) have conditions resulting in a special health care need…7
Those statistics are now nearly a decade old, so it is likely that the problem has gotten worse. Additionally, for every child in the U.S. who has been diagnosed with a chronic illness, there are millions more who suffer from undiagnosed chronic illnesses.8 9

According to one source, 1 out of 5 children in the U.S. suffers from allergic eczema. One 1 of 6 children suffers from a mental health disorder, 1 in 6 from a learning disability, at least 1 in 8 from asthma, 1 in 10 from dyspraxia, at least 1 in 10 from ADHD, 1 in 12 from food allergies, 1 in 20 from pediatric depression or anxiety, 1 in 30 from severe mood dysregulation, 1 in 36 from autism, etc.7

A 2011 article in Age of Autism asked…
Why? When did school nurses become pharmaceutical specialists? When did reading and writing require an Epi-pen? Why does a jar of Skippy need a skull and crossbones for so many kids? When was Romper Room replaced by Early Intervention? And when did the gee-whiz days of youth come to mean G-tubes for feeding? Our kids are sick. Pediatrics has failed them miserably despite dozens of “well” visits before school age. What the hell has gone so wrong?10
Nobody seemed to know then, and nobody seems to know now.

As Judy Converse, MPH noted in a 2016 article, “Over half of U.S. children now suffer from a chronic condition, disability, or disease. Americans spend the least on food, the most on health care, have the most highly vaccinated kids, and have the sickest kids of any industrialized country.”11

She also asked the question, “When it comes to this topic of chronically ill kids, do you have moments that pierce the bubble of consciousness and take your breath away?”11

My answer to that question is a resounding YES! Every day. But I would add that the situation is nothing compared to what our country has been experiencing with autism and even less when compared to the catastrophe we’re headed for with autism in the next few years. In the meantime, those who have been entrusted with trying to figure out the cause of this health crisis are shrugging their shoulders and saying, “We just don’t know, but we’re real sure it couldn’t be vaccines. Besides, don’t you remember that debunked MMR study from two decades ago?”

It feels like the Titanic is sinking and all the crew can manage to do is busy itself rearranging the deck chairs.


This article or commentary provides referenced information and perspective on a topic related to vaccine science, policy, law or ethics being discussed in public forums and by U.S. lawmakers. The websites of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) provide information and perspective of federal agencies responsible for vaccine research, development, regulation and policymaking.


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10 More than 32 Million American Kids Chronically Sick: It’s Time to Demand Answers. Age of Autism May 2011.
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29 June 2019

A Look Into the Israel Tech Future

In the June 17 JPost article

“We have Wi-Fi onboard and a state-of-the-art entertainment system,” said Elgrabli, noting that El Al also launched Cockpit Innovation, its venture arm for technologies in the air travel industry.

The airline also recently launched several new direct flights, including one this month from Las Vegas to Tel Aviv. Last month, it launched San Francisco to Tel Aviv and last year, Miami to Tel Aviv. We are looking forward to opening a new route from Chicago as of March 2020,” he added.

Future El Al planes flying to US Cities to collect the Jews and fly them Home to Eretz Yisrael

28 June 2019

Parshas Korach: How Could He Do It?

By Roy S. Neuberger

How could Korach and his followers have rebelled against Moshe Rabbeinu?

It is so obvious! Moshe Rabbeinu is the representative of the Ribono shel Olam, who stood alone with Him on Har Sinai! He took us out of Mitzraim!

My friends, I wish it were difficult to understand, but in fact it is so easy to make egregious errors of judgment. They say, “Hindsight is 20-20.” In the thick of action, our judgment is frequently flawed or completely turned off. Sometimes, we just do not use our brains! 

In Mitzraim itself, at least eighty percent of Am Yisroel never left with Moshe Rabbeinu! (Rashi to Shemos 13:18 & 10:22) Because they preferred the foreign culture, they perished in Makkos Choshech!

Today, a similar nisayon exists with regard to the culture of Esav which surrounds us.

In my own life, I can think of countless instances in which I have been seriously wrong on vital issues, fooling myself for long periods – with, in some cases, very serious consequences – and at the same time being sure I was absolutely correct. As always, Dovid Hamelech says it perfectly: “Who can discern mistakes? Cleanse me from unperceived faults!” (Tehillim 19)

We have to fear error. 

Recently, I quoted Rabbi Moshe Heinemann’s insight on the death of Rabbi Akiva’s twenty-four thousand talmidim“There was a subtle lack of kovod for one another which was enough for Hashem to require beginning anew the mission of giving the Torah to the next generation with absolute purity. This is similar to an angle which slants at an eighth of a degree, which is hardly [noticeable at first]. However, after a foot, these lines develop visible differences.” (Halachos of Sefiras Haomer and Shavuos)

I would like also to quote from my own book: “If a Jew deviates by one millimeter from the rules, in the course of time his deviation will become infinite.  Once you are headed in a different direction, you just keep going.  You tell yourself that it’s normal, and you try not to think about whether it’s true.” (From Central Park to Sinai)

The consequences of even a slight deviation are staggering. Look at how we are still suffering from the actions of themiraglim and Korach and all the other rebellions and mistakes our ancestors made over the course of history. We have to try to learn from the ancient advice of our Sages: “Consider the cost of a mitzvah against its reward and the reward of a sin against its cost.” (Pirkei Avos 2:1)

My friends, we are obligated to act with seichel. Hashem gave us brains. In addition to our hishtadlus, we have to beg, like Dovid Hamelech, that Hashem restrain us from “unperceived faults” as well as intentional sins. In the merit of refining our behavior, may He heal all our tzouris and send the Redeemer soon in our days! 

*          *          *          *
Roy Neuberger, author and public speaker, can be reached at roy@2020vision.co.il.

© Copyright 2019 by Roy S. Neuberger

Rabbi Kahana – Parshat Korach – A Letter to HaShem

BS”D Parashat Korach 5779
Rabbi Nachman Kahana

A Letter to HaShem

From my forthcoming book “Reflections From Yerushalayim”
It’s that time of year HaShem (the approach of Roah Hashana), when Your children withdraw a bit from the distractions of this life in order to introspect on what they have or have not done properly in the past year.
I will skip the formalities of asking how You are, because You are total perfection.
The following is my yearly e-mail (Elokim Mail) to report on the state of Your people as perceived from this virtual world, which of course is quite different from what is perceived from Your world of absolute truth.
There are two points I humbly wish to raise; but since You know my thoughts even before I, You know that they are in fact one point.
It is a time when seeing a few more white hairs in the mirror does more than just effect a shrug of the shoulders. It’s that time of year when we realize our frailty as we await the heavenly judgments that will be meted out in a few short days. Who shall live in this world and who will be taken away to another dimension; who will rise and who will fall; who will smile and who will weep?
It is a time when life is not taken for granted, and the “I” of each person becomes the most essential thing for us who are insecure in the knowledge that our futures are being determined by forces over which we have no control.
But, Father in Heaven, there are people who, in addition to their pains and longings, are very much aware that You, as the Judge of all things, are not exempt from pain. Of course, You put up an impressive show of strength and glory before the myriad of angels and other creatures ever present in the seven heavens.
However, we know all about that very secret room called “mistarin” (hidden) into which You enter every day alone to cry for the glory of Am Yisrael and Your glory, which was lost to the goyim, and the glory of the Bet Hamikdash, which You had to destroy. Don’t be surprised that we know about Your secret room. In fact, it’s right there in Masechet Chagiga 5a for all to see.
At this time, I have to confess to an ongoing sin, which I was unable to get rid of until a little light of understanding flickered within me. How can I explain? Upon following the events of human history, I thought that if anyone would run their business the way You run the world, he would quickly go bankrupt.
You created Adam and Chava and placed them in the Garden of Eden – the most perfect setting imaginable. Within the first three hours of their lives, they sinned, were sentenced to die and were driven out of the Garden. The next generation was even worse. Kayin killed his brother Hevel. Ten generations down the line, You destroyed all living things except for a small remnant enclosed in a floating pea pod.
You then destroyed the five cultural centers of the world: Sodom, Amora, Adma, Tzivoyim and Tzoar.
Indeed, it took 1948 years for the first person to be born who was capable of acknowledging You, our forefather Avraham.
However, as time goes by, I have come to get an inkling of Your infinite “business sense”. You made the “best deal” ever where You always win and never lose!
Starting from Adam, the goyim were never intended to be a profit-making endeavor. The first 2000 years of history was the time needed to set up the business when one always loses. The real “sechora” (merchandise) began with Avraham and Sarah. From that time on, Your capital and interest have soared to heavenly heights.
No matter what You bring upon Your chosen people, Am Yisrael, we always come back for more. Our loyalty to You is not dependent on Your actions towards us. The destruction of two Temples, 2000 years of Galut, inquisitions, crusades, pogroms, concentration camps and unceasing world anti-Semitism have never been able to extinguish the flame. Who else is capable of making such a perfect business choice?!
On the one hand, I can understand Your need to retire to the “room” in anguish over our suffering – as a parent does when the children are not well. On the other hand, You have every reason to be proud of Your loyal children who are the source of Your joy.
Just observe us at any given moment. We have returned to Your holy soil from which the world was created. Your children in Eretz Yisrael cling to every available meter of land, building and restoring it to its former glory, before it was devastated by the now extinct Romans.
Your children are bringing the voice of Torah to all parts of the land, and indeed to the world. There have not been so many yeshivot and batei knesset in the land since the time of Hillel and Shamai. The agricultural mitzvot, for which Your servant Moshe so much wanted to enter the land, have come alive: shmita, truma, ma’aser, etc.
Tzahal, the holy army of the future Mashiach, brings the call of Torah every day to the air and under the waves – places where they never had been before. The brave soldiers of King David protect Your holy people as has never been done in the last 2000 years. The youngest boys in boot camp to the highest officers are all imbued with the feeling that they are Your messengers in establishing Your new-old kingdom in Yerushalayim and in all of Eretz Yisrael – from the River Prat to the “great river of Egypt”.
The knowledge that we are surrounded by hundreds of millions of enemies does not deter Your children from fulfilling Your wish that the Holy Land be rebuilt as the spiritual center of the world.
In the fleeting second of my existence in this world, and the limitations You have imposed on my ability to comprehend, I can still discern the wondrous qualities of the people You have chosen.
Father in Heaven, You have every reason in the universe to be delighted with Your choice of the children of Avraham, Yitzchak and Yaakov. We, in Eretz Yisrael, will be eternally loyal to You, no matter what You in Your infinite wisdom deem proper and necessary to mete out to us. If there are signs of weakness or frailty in parts of our nation, it can be blamed on the difficult nature of our existence and not on their desire to rebel against Your kingship.
I know that this coming year will be critical for the history of Your world. I am thankful that the problems of terrorism, Iran, Islam, etc. are Your problems and not ours, because You have revealed to the prophets (Yoel 3:5 and Ovadya 1:17) that “there shall be refuge in Yerushalayim and Tzion.”
So, this Rosh Hashana, when You open the books of our lives, remember what the Gemara in Ketuvot declares, “Whoever resides in Eretz Yisrael is in a state of non-sinning (sharuy belo avon).”
While trying to be as impartial as possible, I can say in all frankness that You have every justification before the many prosecutors of Am Yisrael in the Shamayim:
  • To forgive our wrong-doings
  • To ignore our shortcomings in light of the love we feel for You and our mesirat nefesh (self-sacrifice).
  • To inscribe Your children in Eretz Yisrael, and those not yet here, in the Book of Life.
  • To bless us with feelings of inadequacy so that we should constantly strive for perfection in the performance of Your Torah.
  • To open our hearts and eyes to see the positive qualities in every person, as stated by the great Hillel, as being the essence of the Torah.
So, our omnipotent Father and King in Heaven, have a great Eternity.
Nachman, son of Harav Yechezkel Shraga HaKohen of Tzfat and Sarah Chana of D’vinsk, zichronam livracha, presently unemployed (as a kohen) but optimistically and anxiously awaiting the rebuilding of Your Bet HaMikdash.

Shabbat Shalom,
Nachman Kahana
Copyright © 5779/2019 Nachman Kahana

27 June 2019

Rabbi Winston – Parshas Korach

Korach the son of Itzhar, the son of Kohas, the son of Levi took 
[himself to one side]…(Bamidbar 13:2)

THE LAST MISHNAH in Tractate Sotah, speaking about the End-of-Days, mentions that chutzpah will increase. The truth is, when has chutzpah NEVER been rampant? Nevertheless, chutzpah will be even MORE noticeably common in advance of Moshiach’s arrival.
What does this mean? The Talmud gives examples, such as young people not showing adequate respect to their elders, etc. The GR”A however has a different explanation, and it is VERY eye-opening.
It’s part of another discussion about love of G–D triggering redemption. Both the Ramchal and the GR”A speak about different levels of love of G–D, and in this respect, there are two. There are “chassidim,” Jews who love G–D and Torah and do whatever they can do to do “good” and avoid “bad.” 
But there is a higher level. This is a love of G–D that drives a person to “Tikun Shechinah,” the rectification of the Shechinah. On this level, living by Torah is not enough to spiritually satiate a person, as long as the Shechinah remains in exile. 
Think about it for a moment. Many people enjoy life today because it is going well for them, thank G–D. They learn Torah and can freely perform mitzvos. They have homes and many of the niceties that once-upon-a-time were considered to be complete luxuries. They live in wonderful communities that support a Torah way of life, allowing their children to grow up in peace and comfort. How can it not feel very geulah-like for them?
Consider the following hard facts. There is no Temple in which the Shechinah can reside, and it has been replaced by a mosque, and that is surrounded by churches. Assimilation is higher than 80 percent, and intermarriage occurs quite freely. Even within the Torah community, there are serious poverty issues, health complications, among other debilitating problems. The situation is VERY far from perfect.
All of it results in terrible Chillul Hashem—profanation of G–D’s Name. People don’t know why G–D is justified in allowing all of this to happen to His people. So they just assume He isn’t there, or doesn’t care, which is a terrible Chillul Hashem.
Furthermore, the nation is still divided regarding the Land of Israel. Some love the Land, and others not so much. Some say it is our G–D-given land while others say we have no right to it, or at least all of it. All of that is also a Chillul Hashem.
The amazing thing is how easy it is to be “frum” and not take note of this, or care much about it. As long as a person is personally untouched by these problems, they can blissfully pursue a life of G–D and even earn the title, “lover of G–D” and “chassid,” a VERY high level. 
But there is a higher one. It is a love of G–D that drives a person to do whatever he can to rectify the Shechinah, the Divine Presence. Such a person doesn’t learn Torah only for himself, or perform mitzvos only to avoid punishment, get to the World-to-Come, or be more respected. They do ALL of it to contribute to the rectification of the Shechinah, to bring it back to the Temple, and to restore the nation to its land.
So the GR”A says, when the Talmud warns about chutzpah increasing at the End-of-Days, it does not refer to the very insolent, non-G–D-fearing people. That’s always been here, since man was first expelled from Paradise. Rather, the Talmud refers to the “chassidim” who no longer learn Torah for the sake of “Tikun Shechinah,” but only for their own PERSONAL reasons. 
So when a person learns this mishnah or sees the same warning later in the Talmud about increasing chutzpah at the end of history, just before Moshiach comes, and thinks to himself, “Well, this doesn’t apply to me. I’m FRUM. I LEARN Torah. I LOVE G–D.” He needs to ask himself one more question: Do I learn Torah and do my mitzvos to rectify the Shechinah? 
If the answer to this question is yes, then great. If the answer is no, then they should worry about whether THEY are precisely who the Talmud is talking about. Then they should find a way to change that, and focus instead on rectifying the Divine Presence.
And lest one think to himself, “Well, at least I LOVE G–D. At least I’m a chassid!” they should read this week’s parsha more carefully. Because the difference between the two levels can be the difference between Korach and Moshe Rabbeinu. Korach, believing himself a “chassid” of G–D attacked Moshe Rabbeinu’s authority, ultimately destroying himself and so many others along the way down.
Moshe Rabbeinu was called by G–D Himself, the most reliable person in G–D’s House. Reliable in what sense? In the sense that everything he did was for the sake of Tikun Shechinah. It was his operating principle, the standard by which Moshe measured the worthiness of whatever he did. It didn’t have to make sense to him, as it did to Korach, to be important to do. If G–D said it was the best way to rectify the Shechinah, then that is what he did.
This is very important. How a person looks at life determines how they understand it. A person’s worldview is the framework into which they weave the everyday details of their lives. Change the framework and you change the picture. If the framework is correct according to G–D, a person will see what G–D wants them to see. If it is wrong, then they will see the wrong thing.
It’s that simple, and that complicated. Building a framework is relatively straightforward. Build an incorrect one, and you will be deluded the rest of your life. You will misread situations. You will see good where there is bad and bad where there is good. In some cases it might be too subtle to notice at first, but down the line the mistake becomes obvious once it is out-of-hand and beyond repair.
This is worth thinking about. There are two levels of love of G–D. Which one are we on? Learning from Korach, it is advisable to make a point of reaching the higher one, and do EVERYTHING for the sake of Tikun Shechinah.


Rabbi Winston Invites You To The Global Geula Summit

I am honored and excited to invite you to what I believe will be a truly unforgettable event.

THE GLOBAL GEULA SUMMIT: Activating Your Purpose in Extraordinary Times, is a series of deep, life-changing online conversations that will run live (and by limited-time replay) each day over three weeks, beginning June 30th.
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The Summit will be hosted by Shifra Hendrie of the Gate of Unity.

Shifra’s interviews are known for their depth and intelligence, their inclusiveness, and for their often profound effect on the listeners’ lives. 

For this Summit she has brought together a world-class line-up of Torah and Kabbalah experts, each of whom will bring his or her unique perspective, topic and tools for change.

Each and every interview will be designed to help you activate and enrich your purpose, internalize the light of Geula (Redemption), understand the deeper meaning and potential of our unprecedented times, and start activating new power to uplift and transform your mind, heart, relationships, health, prosperity and world.

I’ll be featured on July 7 at 11 am eastern time.

It’s Summer Vacation Time and Time to Protect Your Children

Children’s Lives Are in Danger . . . from the summertime

The Shaare Zedek Medical Center said Thursday that the condition of a 2-year-old boy who drowned yesterday in a Gush Etzion swimming pool continues to be critical. According to data from the Beterem organization for children's safety, in 2019, 8 children drowned to death in Israel, and in 2018 37 children died. Since 2008, 202 children have drowned to death. ArutzSheva

“Do or Die”


Rabbi Mizrachi – You Can't Fool God

Hidden Agendas

Earthquake Felt at the Dead Sea

An earthquake measuring 3.8 on the Richter Scale was felt in the area of the Dead Sea.
*[things are warming up, see below]

The epicenter of the temblor that took place early on Wednesday afternoon was Ein Bokek in southern Israel, according to Israel’s Geophysical Institute.

There were no injuries or damage reported.

The Dead Sea Rift is a series of faults that run from southeastern Turkey to the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula.

In May, an earthquake centered about 125 miles off the coast of the Mediterranean Sea between the northern Israeli cities of Haifa and Hadera measured 4.5 on the Richter Scale.

Last July, a swarm of more than a dozen small but noticeable earthquakes shook northern Israel near the Sea of Galilee. At least four measured higher than 4 on the Richter scale, with some felt as far away as Jerusalem. A similar swarm occurred in 2013.

Experts have warned that a large earthquake could strike Israel in the coming years. Israeli officials have warned that the country is not prepared for such a natural disaster.

Read Shirat Devorah:  Prediction - Gog UMagog War

26 June 2019


קורס קרייה רב-חושית וקסיבה

*My precious Moishy. Even as a little baby, his eyes danced with life. He was always ready to play and laugh. We watched in awed wonder as his baby talk progressed to words and then sentences, as he sat, stood, and took his first proud steps. In playgroup, his morahs were full of praise. “Moishy shares so nicely with the other children. May you have much nachas from him!” At his upsherin, so proud of his new yarmulke and payos. Then the big day – a real cheder yingel, going to yeshiva like his big brothers. Learning the alef – bais, then the nekudos. Mommy and Tatty, Bubby and Zeidy, are elated.

Primary, kitah alef, kitah bais. Somewhere along the way, Moishy’s excitement wanes a bit. The light in his eyes dims somewhat. His is very bright, say his rebbeim; brighter than most. He is well – liked and gets along with all the boys. Somehow, though, his reading is not up to par. Although he is keeping up with the subject matter, he is ashamed to be called upon to read a posuk, and never wants to be the chazzan. But don’t worry; he’ll catch up.

Kitah gimel, kitah daled, kitah hey. The upper grades, mesivta. Moishy goes through the classes, goes through the motions. His exuberance, his ebullience, his pure simchas hachaim, seem to have gotten lost somewhere along the way. I pray that nothing else gets lost. I look at his baby pictures, and my heart breaks. Where is my Moishy???

The above narrative is all too common. We all know of children who have fallen through the cracks. But it need not be that way! Many smart boys, and even very smart boys, have difficulty with kriah, kesiva, or both due to atypical “wiring” in their brain. Some children have vision problems, some have hearing issues, all entirely rectifiable. Some children need glasses, some need tubes inserted in their ears. And children with learning challenges, with the proper help, can progress just as well as anyone else.

There has been so much progress and so many advances made in the field of special education. Specialists have learned to target the difficulties in the brain, and, with research – based methods, to correct the imbalance. Mrs. Rivky Katz, a special educator of many years’ standing, was convinced that the methods used to teach learning – disabled children to read and write English can be adapted to kriah and kesiva as well. After many years of working with current and advanced research in remediation available in the secular world, she developed the Multi-Sensory Kriah and Kesiva course, a technique uniquely created to guide children from aleph – bais all the way through reading Rashi fluently.

Now in its 17th year, the course’s success has been astounding. Given to participants across the globe, the women’s course, given by Mrs. Katz herself, is extremely popular. This popularity has quickly spread to the men’s course, given by Rabbi Tzvi Fischer, a talented educator in his own right. It is pretty safe to say that the men’s course is even more crucial than the women’s course, due to the centrality of kriah in Torah learning.

We owe it to our children. Every parent, rebbe, and menahel can ensure that no child is left behind. Every student can become fluent in kriah, the foundation of their future learning, davening, and growing in avodas Hashem. All we need is the proper tools. Can we forgive ourselves if we did not take advantage of them?

There are still several slots available in the upcoming men’s course, scheduled to be given from July 31st through August 8th. Do not let this opportunity slip away. To enroll, please call (845) 422 – 3922, or email multisensorycourse@gmail.com. You’ll be glad you did!

* Article from Yeshiva World News

מנא מנא תקל ופרסין

*The Writing is on the Wall (twitter)
Are We Going to See a Repeat of These Famous Words of the Prophet Daniel (Ch 5:1-31)
[Khameni is pushing it and his days are numbered]

King Belshazzar holds a great feast for a thousand of his lords, and commands that the Temple vessels from Jerusalem be brought in so that they can drink from them, but as the Babylonians drink, a hand appears and writes on the wall.

מנא מנא תקל ופרסין

Belshazzar calls for his magicians and diviners to interpret the writing, but they are unable even to read them.

The queen advises Belshazzar to send for Daniel, renowned for his wisdom. Daniel is brought in, and the king offers to make him third in rank in the kingdom if he can interpret the writing. Daniel declines the honour, but agrees to the request.

He reminds Belshazzar that Nebuchadnezzar's greatness was the gift of God, and that when he became arrogant God threw him down until he learned humility:

"the Most High God has sovereignty over the kingdom of mortals, and sets over it whomever He will." Belshazzar has drunk from the vessels of God's Temple and praised his idols, but he has not given honour to God, and so God sent this hand and wrote these words:

Daniel reads the words

מנא מנא תקל ופרסין

"MENE, MENE, TEKEL, UPHARSIN" and interprets them for the king:

"MENE, God has numbered the days of your kingdom and brought it to an end;

TEKEL, you have been weighed ... and found wanting;" and

"PERES, your kingdom is divided and given to the Medes and Persians.

Then Belshazzar gave the command, and Daniel was clothed in purple, a chain of gold was put around his neck, and a proclamation was made… that he should rank third in the kingdom; [and] that very night Belshazzar the Chaldean (Babylonian) king was killed, and Darius the Mede received the kingdom

The Writing on the Wall (twitter)


Israeli Stealth Fighters Train Together With UK and US jets
F-35 fighters from Israel, US, and UK participate in joint 'Tri-Lightening' exercises over Mediterranean Sea. arutzsheva

F-35 Lightning II stealth fighter jets from the United States, United Kingdom and Israel participated in a joint exercise over the eastern Mediterranean Sea on Tuesday. The exercise, dubbed “Tri-Lightning”, was the first of its kind to bring together F-35 fighters from the three countries air forces. The “enemy” aircraft in the exercise included a number of different fighter aircraft, while the F-35 fighters played the role of friendly, or “blue”, aircraft.

Tri-Lightening included three variants of the F-35 Lightning II fighter, including American F-35A aircraft, British F-35B fighters, and Israel’s F-35I variant.

“We build capacity with our strategic partners to harness our air component’s capabilities and skills,” said Lt. Gen. Joseph T. Guastella, U.S. Air Forces Central Command commander. “The transatlantic strategic relationship between the U.S. and our allies and partners has been forged over the past seven decades, and is built on a foundation of shared values, experience and vision.”

The American F-35As which participated in the exercise are stationed at Al Dhafra Air Base in the UAE, while the the Royal Air Force F-35Bs flew from RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus. The Israeli Air Force F-35Is flew from Nevatim Air Base.

New Trump Sanctions on Iran Target Ayatollah Khamenei

DEBKA:  New, “hard-hitting” US sanctions deny Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and his office access to key financial resources under an executive order signed Monday, June 24 by President Donald Trump in response to the downing of a US drone last week.

“We will continue to increase pressure on Tehran, until the regime abandons its dangerous activities” including its nuclear ambitions, Trump told reporters in the Oval Office. “We do not seek conflict with Iran or any other country,”

Trump added. “I can only tell you we cannot ever let Iran have a nuclear weapon.”


The Leftist Scourge – Haaretz

Stop dehumanizing the 7-year-old rape victim
We should not let this 7-year-old Jewish girl turn into another statistic representing a rape victim who was silenced and never lived to see justice for the grave crime that was committed against her. arutzsheva
by Rachel Avraham, President of the Dona Gracia Mendes Nasi Center for Human Rights in Middle East, and a political analyst at the Safadi Center for International Diplomacy, Research and Public Relations 

American psychiatrist Judith Lewis Herman once wrote, “In order to escape accountability for his crimes, the perpetrator does everything in his power in order to promote forgetting. If secrecy fails, the perpetrator attacks the credibility of the victim. If he cannot silence her absolutely, he tries to make sure no one listens.”

This truth cannot be more self-evident when one is discussing rape and how society responds to it. And if the rape is nationally motivated, even publications that would usually jump over backward to defend women’s rights will find themselves helping the rapist to ensure no one will listen to his victim.

Sadly, Mahmoud Qatusa, a Palestinian who is accused of raping a 7-year-old Jewish school girl, has succeeded to turn an Israeli newspaper against his victim. Numerous reports in Haaretz were published ridiculing the 7-year-old rape victim and her family, questioning the victims’ mental state and her credibility. Some of these reports even go as far as saying “no hard evidence has been found to connect Qatusa to the crime” and “the Maccabi doctor who examined the girl didn’t find unequivocal evidence of sexual assault.” Other reports mock her family for allegedly only filing a police complaint “after consulting a rabbi.” Similarly, an article by Amira Hass in Haaretz claims that Israel is using whatever means possible in order to “frame a Palestinian” for rape.

Do the authors of such articles have no shame? A 7-year-old girl, who is not even old enough to verbalize what is sex and what is rape, was violently abducted and raped. The victim specifically identified Mahmoud Qatusa as her rapist and said that he had two other accomplices. She described the room where she was raped and the police found physical evidence to verify her description. All of the professionals who have spoken to her believe that she was raped, based on her mental state and her behavior.

Under any scenario, this should be enough in order to take the allegations put forward by the victim very seriously and not to dehumanize her. It should be enough even if everything she says can’t be verified. After all, she is a traumatized 7-year-old child, not a mentally sound adult.

Whether or not there is hard evidence yet tying Qatusa to the crime or “unequivocal physical evidence of sexual assault” is irrelevant. The fact that Qatusa changed his story regarding his work and there is a young girl who identified him as her rapist is enough to keep him behind bars until the legal proceedings against him are over.

After all, rape is not like robbery or physical assault. If a car is stolen, anyone caught in possession of the stolen vehicle is a prime suspect and can be prosecuted. If one is physically assaulted, then all one has to do is take pictures of the bruises and you have your physical evidence that a crime occurred. But if a man rapes a woman or girl, how is she supposed to prove that based off of physical evidence alone?

Rape is not a crime that one can witness physically on the outside of the body and unlike a car robbery, it generally occurs inside, where there are no witnesses.

Rape is not a crime that one can witness physically on the outside of the body and unlike a car robbery, it generally occurs inside, where there are no witnesses. Furthermore, not all virgin rape victims lose their hymens during the act of violence committed against them. In fact, there are many instances of child rape victims who keep their hymens intact. So, how can anyone with an ounce of humanity jump to discredit the victim? How can anyone offer excuses on a golden platter to her rapist merely due to lack of physical evidence alone?

Furthermore, given that this is the situation, why should we care that Qatusa claims to have an alibi for March 5, when the rape victim is not fully old enough to name a specific date for the occurrence of the crime?

Why should we judge the victim for waiting 10 days to file a police report, when the girl herself is not even old enough to understand the implications of what truly happened to her?

After all, a child who doesn’t know what is sex cannot verbalize a rape as quickly as an adult can. In fact, it takes some 7-year-old rape victims years to understand what happened enough so that they can go to the police. Why judge her for needing 10 days?

One must ponder if journalists like Amira Hass at Haaretz would jump to defend a rapist if the 7-year-old victim wasn’t a ;settler; and the criminal who did this to her was not a Palestinian Arab. The answer to this question is likely if the political circumstances were different, they would not be defending a rapist as “a framed victim.” To the contrary, they would be on the side of the victim.

However, Haaretz subscribes to an ideology that proclaims that the victims must always be Palestinian and the villains must be Jewish. And it is due to this warped perception of reality that they found themselves criticizing a 7-year-old Jewish rape victim and defending an adult male Palestinian rape suspect. However, all journalists who care about terror victims and women’s rights must not fall into the same trap that Haaretz fell into.

Israel’s Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan stressed that this rape should be investigated as a terror attack because it is believed that the rapist was influenced by Palestinian incitement. According to Palestinian Media Watch, an Al Aqsa TV video called upon Palestinians to “expel the thieving occupier from the enraged land of Jerusalem, rid your house of that one, that Zionist in his humiliation.”

In a separate PA TV clip, a girl read a poem where she called upon her people to wage “a war that will smash the oppression and destroy the Zionist soul.” In the eyes of some Palestinians, the ultimate humiliation for the State of Israel is to rape Jewish women. It can also be perceived as the best method to “destroy the Zionist soul” due to the enormous despair that such a crime causes to society at large. Indeed, throughout the course of the Israeli-Arab conflict, nationally-motivated rapes targeting Jewish women and girls have occurred.

Dr. Mordechai Kedar once explained that in Arab culture, victory over Islam’s enemies must be total: “The ultimate victory is when you humiliate your enemy and the ultimate humiliation is when you rape your enemies’ daughter, if possible before his eyes.”

Furthermore, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is not the only arena where radical Muslim terrorists have raped non-Muslim women. During the Yezidi Genocide, 70,000 Yezidi women and girls were raped. During the Bangladeshi War of Independence, between 200,000 and 400,000 women were raped after Pakistan issued a fatwa saying Bangladeshis were Hindu and it was therefore kosher to rape them. Countless Hindus were also raped during that war. A few years ago, the two daughters of Bangladeshi Food Minister Sadhan Majumder were abducted and forcefully married to Muslims; nobody took any action to save his daughters because he is Hindu. The fact that he is a government minister was not sufficient enough for the Sheikh Hasina government to take action to save his daughters.

Throughout the world, radical Islam utilizes the rape and abduction of non-Muslim women in order to spread terror and to demoralize their enemies. In light of this, this rape must also be investigated as an act of terror, even if the prime rape suspect is presently denying that he ever had such intentions.

It is also of critical importance that everyone in the media demonstrate sympathy and give moral support both to the 7-year-old rape victim and her family. To do otherwise would not only encourages more Palestinians to rape Jewish women and girls. It would also represent a victory for Palestinian terrorism. It would send the message that the Palestinian terror groups have finally found a method to terrorize Israelis that would even prompt Jewish Israeli publications to denounce the victim and her family if only the perpetrator sang the right tunes.

For this reason, we must all stand strong against nationally-motivated rapes in the same manner that we fight against all other acts of terror. We should not let this 7-year-old Jewish girl turn into another statistic representing a rape victim who was silenced and never lived to see justice for the grave crime that was committed against her.

25 June 2019

Part II: A Nation Where Half of the Children Become Autistic?

Dissecting Dangerous Propaganda Part II

On June 5, 2014, senior research scientist Stephanie Seneff, PhD of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s (MIT) Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory made the following statement at an event sponsored by the Groton Wellness organization in Groton, Massachusetts:

At today’s rate, by 2025, one in two children will be autistic.1

A Nation Where Half of the Children Become Autistic?

Dr. Seneff repeated the prediction at a conference on Dec. 18, 2014.2 In December 2014, Dr. Seneff was interviewed about the prediction by journalist Thom Hartmann on the Thom Hartmann radio program.3 She was interviewed again about the prediction by Hartmann in January 2015 for RT television.4 In that interview, Dr. Seneff noted that she had been misquoted and that what she actually said was that “half of all children born in 2025” will be autistic. She said:

The CDC data are on 12-year-olds. People don’t realize that—kids who are 12 years old today. So when you look at 2014, you’re looking at 2001 in utero. So we want to look at the situation in 2001. Since then, things have gotten a lot worse in all the vectors—the toxic chemicals that I have identified are connected to autism. And, of course, the one I’ve really singled in on is glyphosate. I think it’s the single most prominent chemical that’s responsible for the epidemic. That is the active ingredient in the pervasive herbicide Roundup.4

Dr. Seneff explained how she arrived at her prediction:

If you take the data that the CDC has provided since 1975 and plot it, you can see that it’s an exponential growth curve. You can extend the line. When you extend the line, it intersects 2025 at one in four, and 2032 at one in two. Now, my feeling is that things are worse than the line. So I think that one in two in 2025 is not an unreasonable prediction.4

At the time of Dr. Seneff’s interviews with Hartmann, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimated the rate of autism in the U.S. at one in 68 children. That estimate was based on data involving eight-year-old children four years earlier in 2010.5 6

The current CDC estimate of eight-year-old American children with autism is one in 59, which is based on 2014 data.7 So there’s always a four-year lag time in the CDC’s determination of autism rates and it is based on eight-years-olds, not children in utero or at birth—which is what Dr. Seneff’s prediction is based on. Using the CDC’s system for calculating autism rates, an estimate of one in two children diagnosed with autism would be not be reached in 2025 but rather by 2033. Given the four-year lag, that estimate would not be reported by the CDC until 2037.

Whether it is 2025, 2033 or 2037 or whether it is children in utero, at birth or eight years of age, the idea that a country in which one in 59 children are now diagnosed with autism—and there is even a possibility that in the future one in two children would become autistic—represents a public health crisis of historic proportions. The impact on America’s social structure, economy and national security is immeasurable, particularly when you combine that trend with an aging population that will, not only be unable to help care for these children, but will be competing with them for available care.

And yet, there appears to be a relatively little sense of urgency about the autism epidemic from doctors, government and the media. Unlike the alarm created by about 1,000 cases of measles reported this year, the autism epidemic has been the perpetual elephant in the room for two decades. Few people want to speak about or entertain the possibility that it is being caused, at least in part, by environmental factors such chemicals like glyphosate and even vaccines and their “synergistic effects,” which Dr. Seneff mentioned in her radio interview with Hartmann. “There are many chemicals in vaccines that are synergistically toxic with glyphosate. We’re getting more vaccines on the agenda,” Seneff said.3

The fall back theories are that autism is genetic or that there really is no epidemic at all, that the rising rates are simply due to greater public awareness and reporting of autistic-like symptoms, as well as a more liberal classification of the disorder. That is a theory that has been espoused by pediatrician Paul Offit, MD:

I don’t think there’s an epidemic of autism. I think that if we went into a time machine, and went back 30 or 40 years, and use the same diagnostic criteria that we currently use to diagnose autism, and introduce it into the communities so that everybody is aware as they are now, and also make it very clear in that community now 30 years in the past that you will qualify for services if you have this diagnosis, I think you would find that the incidence of autism would be the same 30 years ago as it is now.8 9
In the 1980s, the autism rate in the U.S. was reported at one in 10,000 children.10 According to Dr. Offit, that rate was wildly inaccurate and so there is no need for alarm. Everything is as it has always been. Will this same “Emperor’s New Clothes” mentality be as readily accepted when the estimate for autism reaches one in two children?

This article or commentary provides referenced information and perspective on a topic related to vaccine science, policy, law or ethics being discussed in public forums and by U.S. lawmakers. The websites of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) provide information and perspective of federal agencies responsible for vaccine research, development, regulation and policymaking.

References and full article can be found HERE


Weedkiller found in granola and crackers, internal FDA emails show
(read: plus many many other foods)

How to Avoid Glyphosate Residue

Glyphosate can be found in these and many other foods:
especially in Boxed Grain Cereals;
Soy (this means soy products and soy or vegetable oil)
Corn and corn oil. [all corn is GMO]
Canola seeds used in canola oil. [GMO]
Beets and beet sugar.
Dried peas.

Dissecting Dangerous Propaganda Part I

After reading the below article, one should now be confronted with questions: 
“Why is the Measles Campaign Lying about Measles and the MRS vaccine, and Using Them Against Jews? 
What Could be the Purpose and Resultant Outcome? 
Could it be the enactment of “laws” to undo the religious safeguards of the First Amendment? 
Which also could be used against the Jewish Community’s educational system.
What is next? The Ebola Vaccine?? being imposed on people?
Yes, Ebola is in America, and the spread may be under the radar

You may have noticed a recent article in The Washington Post by Juliette N. Kayyem entitled “Anti-vaxxers are dangerous. Make them face isolation, fines, arrests.”1

My initial reaction was the article must have been written by a moron. However, my opinion changed when I discovered the author, Ms. Kayyem, who graduated from Harvard law school in 1995. So, it appears this article is a carefully crafted piece of pro-vaccine industry propaganda. In other words, a large pile of nonsense and misinformation masquerading as authoritative information. Propaganda pieces typically contain nonsense and blatant lies. That’s OK because the “Big Lie” becomes believable if repeated often enough. (Who Said That?)9 Let’s take a look at the main point and the most glaring falsehood in the article: “Anti-Vaxxers Are Dangerous.”

What is an Anti-Vaxxer?
The catch word, “anti-vaxxer” has become popular in the vaccine industry propaganda machine as a pejorative term for children who have been vaccine injured, and whose mothers no longer vaccinate them. This is aptly described by Barbara Loe Fisher in her article: “No Mercy for Mothers Or Their Vaccine Injured Children“2

The Big Lie: Unvaccinated are Dangerous
The easiest way to demonstrate the Big Lie: “Unvaccinated are Dangerous”, is to ask the CDC, the U.S. Government Center for Disease Control.

It is universally agreed those most susceptible to the ravages of infectious disease are the immuno-compromised, such as those undergoing bone marrow transplantation. If the “Unvaccinated Are A Danger,” then one would expect the CDC to advise keeping the unvaccinated away from the immunocompromised, those having bone marrow transplants. Quite to the contrary, the CDC says the exact opposite. The recently vaccinated, not the unvaccinated, must be kept away from the transplant ward.3

The CDC document Guidelines for Preventing Opportunistic Infections Among Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant Recipients contains this quote…3

Not sure you want to believe the CDC? 
Instead, lets ask the University of Kentucky Transplant Service.4 Are the unvaccinated a danger? and should they be kept away from the transplant ward? Again, they say the exact opposite, adults and children who are recently vaccinated with the chickenpox or polio vaccine are a danger and should be kept away from immunocompromised transplant patients.

Still Don’t Believe it?
Maybe the University of Kentucky is an exception? All transplant wards across the nation follow the American Society for Blood and Bone Marrow Transplantation Guidelines.5 What do they say? Are the unvaccinated a danger to be kept from visiting the transplant ward? No, again they say quite the opposite. Those who have been recently vaccinated are a danger. Nowhere in this document do they say the unvaccinated are a danger. Quite to the contrary they say those recently vaccinated with the following vaccinations are a danger to the transplant ward: MMR (measles mumps rubella) Polio vaccine (OPV), Varicella Vaccine, Rotavirus vaccine, Influenza Vaccine (LAIV).5

The Varivax Package Insert Says Vaccinated are a Danger to Others
This information is readily available. All you need to do is read the package insert for the vaccine. Merck, the manufacturer of the Varivax (chickenpox) vaccine openly admits in their product insert that people recently vacccinated with the Varivax vaccine pose a danger to the immune-compromised, pregnant mothers and infants.7 The danger is due to transmission of live vaccine virus from those recently vaccinated to those contacts around them. This is a quote from the Varivax product insert:

Due to the concern for transmission of vaccine virus, vaccine recipients should attempt to avoid whenever possible close association with susceptible high-risk individuals for up to six weeks following vaccination with VARIVAX. Susceptible high-risk individuals include: Immuno-compromised, pregnant mothers, and infants-(shortened for brevity).7

Healthy Unvaccinated People are Not Dangerous
The reality is that healthy unvaccinated individuals are NOT DANGEROUS, and are allowed visitation rights on the transplant wards across the country. It is the recently vaccinated who are “dangerous” and are restricted from visiting the transplant ward. Perhaps someone reading this could inform Juliette Kayyem and The Washington Post of this information so their blatantly incorrect article can be retracted, or at least modified to correct the false information contained.

The Unvaccinated are Causing the Measles Outbreaks
Another BIG Lie in this Washington Post article by Kayyem is the blame for the recent measles outbreak falls squarely on the unvaccinated. For this reason, the unvaccinated should be branded as criminals to be arrested, found guilty and sent to prison. For the moment let us ignore the obvious contrary argument that persecuting the unvaccinated like this is a violation of just about every form of national and international human rights and civil liberties laws you can think of.

Measles Outbreaks are Caused by the Vaccine Program Itself
Lets take a look at what Dr. Levy in 1984 J Epidemiology has to say about this in his article: “The future of measles in highly immunized populations”.6 Dr. Levy is not alone in stating the obvious. Because of limitations and failures in the measles vaccine program ( i.e. primary and secondary vaccine failure), we are creating a larger population of susceptible individuals, than before the vaccine era.6 Dr. Levy is saying the measles vaccine program itself is creating a larger population of people susceptible to contracting measles, and this is the reason we are seeing periodic measles outbreaks which are predicted to increase.

Dr. Levy says:
despite short-term success in eliminating the disease (measles), long-range projections demonstrate that the proportion of susceptibles in the year 2050 may be greater than in the prevaccine era. Present vaccine technology and public health policy must be altered to deal with this eventuality.6
What Dr. Levy is saying is that the unvaccinated are NOT to blame for periodic recurrent measles outbreaks. We will be seeing more and more of these outbreaks as a result of primary and secondary vaccine failure.

Dr. Gregory Poland, world expert on measles vaccine, said in Vaccine 2012 that measles outbreaks in highly vaccinated populations occur because of primary and secondary vaccine failure.8 Here is a quote:
Thus, measles outbreaks also occur even among highly vaccinated populations because of primary and secondary vaccine failure, which results in gradually larger pools of susceptible persons and outbreaks once measles is introduced.. This leads to a paradoxical situation whereby measles in highly immunized societies occurs primarily among those previously immunized (Quote Gregory Poland)8
Similar measles outbreaks have been documented in other highly vaccinated populations in countries such as Israel, Nigeria , Korea, Czech Republic, Australia and Japan involving the vaccinated as well as unvaccinated.8 This is discussed in more detail in my previous article.

Conclusion: Pro Vaccine Industry Propaganda has reached a new extreme which threatens to label the unvaccinated as criminals to be arrested and sent to prison. In case you haven’t noticed, its official, you are now living in a police state.

(article continued in Part II)

Note: This article was reprinted with the author’s permission. It was originally published at JeffreyDachMD.com.

This article or commentary provides referenced information and perspective on a topic related to vaccine science, policy, law or ethics being discussed in public forums and by U.S. lawmakers. The websites of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) provide information and perspective of federal agencies responsible for vaccine research, development, regulation and policymaking.

What Can You Do In Fifteen Minutes?

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