17 June 2019


Miriam Oryah Giladi
9:37 AM (0 minutes ago)
to me (Shalom Pollack)

Terrible! They should execute him on the spot.
You are absolutely right..

Il lun 17 giu 2019, 09:34 Shalom Pollack ha scritto:
Palestinian school janitor charged with raping 7-year-old Israeli girl The defendant allegedly bribed student with candy, brought her to the construction site, and violently assaulted her, according to the indictment. arutzsheva
Other Palestinians joined the scene with encouragement and glee.
Just imagine for a moment; what if... what if it was an Arab ("Palestinian") seven-year-old girl who was raped by a Jew ("settler"!).

Let that sink in for a moment.

Need I suggest what the world and Israeli media have to say?
What would Israeli politicians have to say?

The police would be called in just to control the lines outside the house of her parents as people wait to beat their breasts and beg forgiveness on behalf of the Jewish people. How the tears would flow - enough to fill the Dead Sea!


The hate onslaught against the entire "settler" community and every Jew with a kippa would be of tsunami dimension. The story would never move to the back pages. Remember the witch hunt atmosphere when Rabin was killed?

But it was merely (another) a Jewish victim (and an anti-peace settler no less) so it would not be right to generalize about Arabs. Generalizing about the "settlers" is another story.

There would be no emotional outpouring for the suffering of a Jew. Of course.

Its all about the occupation! Adopt the narrative of the enemy("peace partner") and peace will follow.

The people of Israel do not share the warped values of the "elites" and that is why these "elites" can never hope to govern this country again.

We must work towards a truly worthy Jewish leadership.

Shalom Pollack


comment: why not castrate him (them) and let them live in their disgrace!

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely right, and the father of this little girl should at least have the pleasure and right of neutralizing this piece of inhuman garbage! That's the least which should be done, and the piece of garbage's village done away with. This is what happens when man thinks he can make up new laws to make nice to evil but yet always punish the good instead. Only the Torah is the World's Laws (the seven for the nations) and the 613 for the Jews! Everything else is a mockery and an unprecedented chilul H'. As long as those leading do not know right from wrong and veer away from G-D's Truth, the whole nation is in danger!