04 June 2019

Increase of Debilitating Diseases – GMO Foods: Worse Than We Thought

Combine GMO Foods Digested in our Bodies with Other *Unnaturals Being Forced on Consumer Contributes to (or causes) the **Devastating Illnesses Overtaking our Health and Lives.

I wish I had known about this in depth before now. But I bring this to you despite it being from 2013 because of it’s  importance, and to alert people to start eating more organic foods and staying away from GMOs (no matter who sways you). There are other videos that provide more recent and update information, and hopefully I’ll be able to post about them.

© 2013 NewsmaxHealth. All rights reserved. Over the last decade, as genetically modified, or GMO, foods have increasingly taken over our food supply, we've been learning more about their dangers to our health.

Now, one courageous doctor is pointing to mounting evidence that leaves no doubt — GMO foods are even worse than we were told.

As this respected doctor points out in a riveting new presentation, no long-term human studies have ever supported GMO safety. Shockingly, the World Health Organization only requires a mere 90 days of testing to claim that GMOs are safe. Well, no one dies from smoking cigarettes within 90 days of starting to smoke, either!

Yet while lifetime studies still have not been done on humans, scientists have done these studies on animals — and what they found is stunning. Lab mice fed just a 33 percent GMO diet begin developing aggressive cancers (particularly breast cancer), liver failure, and kidney failure.

Shockingly, 50 percent of the males and 70 percent of the female animals on the GMO diet succumbed to early death at an age equivalent to 40 to 50 human years.

While more people have begun to fight back against GMOs, the big GMO companies spend millions of dollars to defeat laws that would require GMO labeling. Quite simply, these big companies know that GMO crops are cheaper to grow, and therefore more profitable.

In the meantime, many health experts now warn us to take the only positive action available to protect our health — avoiding GMOs as much as humanly possible. But considering the fact that GMOs are hidden in over 30,000 food products, that is not an easy task.

Fortunately, one courageous doctor has stepped up to the plate. Dr. Russell Blaylock, one of America's leading medical researchers and nutritionists, has created a special free video presentation that explains the hidden health hazards of GMOs. Dr. Blaylock will show you how to protect your family from GMOs and their dangers — aisle by aisle at the grocery store.

Dr. Blaylock's new video presentation exposes how GMO ingredients and other harmful additives are hidden on labels under safe-sounding names. In fact, you'll see some of the actual labels and find out what to watch for.

And those stickers pasted onto fruits and vegetables? Using real examples, you'll learn a simple way to tell the difference between GMO produce that may also be packed with harmful pesticides and herbicides, and produce that is safe and natural.

Cracking the GMO Code

Travis Davis, health publisher at Newsmax, previewed Dr. Blaylock's presentation for our readers and reports: "GMOs enter your body through thousands of packaged and canned food products, through fresh produce, and through the meat, chicken, and fish you eat. The expert help Dr. Blaylock offers in this video reveals everything you need to know to avoid GMOs at the grocery store as well as restaurants."

Since the introduction of GMO foods, many cancers and other diseases have skyrocketed in humans. Can this really be a coincidence? Please use the information available in this online educational presentation, Cracking the GMO Code to help protect your own health — and the health of your family.

Renowned former neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock, M.D., left conventional medicine after decades of practice to concentrate on nutrition and disease prevention. He is the author of several health books and medical editor of The Blaylock Wellness Report.

Editor's Note: This video blows the lid off the GMO controversy and exposes little-known dangers. Plus, you'll see exactly how to avoid GMOs in their many hidden forms, in grocery stores and in restaurants.


*Unnaturals include vaccines for ordinary childhood diseases, and perhaps all vaccines that incorporate toxins and 'foreign to humans’ ingredients (plus any ‘hidden’ time-released agents).
**This includes the big “C” and other neurological dis-eases, including Autism Spectrum Disorders, Alzheimers, Dementia groups, Parkinsons, MS, and many more. These can be attributed to poisons ingested via food, water, air, and not being cleared from the system naturally. The most poisonous are all soy, corn, canola, and now wheat. Omitting gluten aids the digestive tract. In the air are ‘altering particles’ that we breathe in, having mysterious effects on our breathing, mental abilities and physical life (eyes, nose and lungs). Residues of glyphosate have poisoned our water, so recommended is the Berkey Water Filtering System that can remove 95-99% of unwanteds. It is known that the makeup of glyphosate includes a military grade ingredient. All of this information is verified scientifically and most of which by the FDA, CDC and the other alphabet corporate and governmental and educational entities. The premise of saving starving peoples is a farce; Earth provides plenty of food for all peoples, but the problem is in ‘distribution’ and evil governments not doing what is right and correct for their citizens.


Anonymous said...

One needn't be a rocket scientist to see the truth about what's causing so many illnesses happening from the youngest to the oldest these days. Everything has been corrupted - the earth itself, the air, the water and the poisons added to practically everything grown. Just a few years back, the power of the chemical industry didn't allow companies to list GMO's on packaged food products. Think there was a big backlash and groups got together and sued and that's why GMO's are now listed on the packages by stating 'Non-GMO'. But, so many people are unaware and will eat anything and just don't have an understanding they are slowly being poisoned. At this time in history, where technology has even overreached, there are more diseases than ever before - WHY? Humanity is always the ones guilty of the evil brought on them because they go against Hashem and His natural forces of nature. They want to change and corrupt it and the public pays the price. H' yerachem!

Neshama said...

There is so much more to understand the devastation caused by greedy corporations not really caring for the lives of the people on this planet. Maybe they prefer less people!
I hope to bring more info to anyone caring enough to read. Please pass on to others.

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