30 December 2021

Rabbi Winston: Vaeira – The PLAGUE of Darkness and The Four Fifths? Online Bookstore Link: To order directly from Amazon just search for books by Pinchas Winston.

IIuy Nishmat Moshe Leib ben David, z”l, Avi v’Mori!  May his Neshamah have many aliyot for how he always cared for his family! May we continue to always remember and learn from him. Chana Kedar and Family

* * *

WE CAN FINALLY sit back and enjoy the show. It’s always so comforting to watch the tables finally turn on Pharaoh and the Jews get a break. By the sixth plague, they won’t have to show up for work anymore, just watch the Six o’clock news each day and see their enemy pulverized. 

But it won’t be total joy the entire way through. There is going to be a very dark time between now and redemption, both literally and metaphorically. Every plague will only touch the Egyptians except for the ninth one, the Plague of Darkness. It will impact the Jewish community as well in a devastating way. Four-fifths of the total Jewish population in Egypt will perish, 12,000,000 Jews altogether

The Egyptians will not be the only ones mourning their losses after that plague is over. 

It has historic significance, especially today.

Rashi asks and answers: 

Why did He bring darkness upon them [the Egyptians]? Because there were wicked people among the Jews in that generation who did not want to leave [Egypt]. 

They died during the three days of darkness, so that the Egyptians would not see their downfall and say, “They too are being affected like us.” (Rashi, Shemos 10:22)

In other words, if G–D wanted to kill off those Jews who did not want to leave Egypt, why during the darkness? Rashi explains: to cover up their deaths. Even though it is hard to fathom how the Egyptians did not notice 12,000,000 less Jews in the country, somehow not seeing them go hid the fact that they too were affected by one of the plagues. G–D wanted it clear that the plagues were from Him and aimed at the Egyptians. He didn’t want the death of the four-fifths to cloud the issue. 

In fact, even more amazing is how their deaths aren’t even mentioned in the Torah, only hinted to. More people died during the ninth plague than in the Holocaust, and we certainly would not have relegated the Holocaust to only second page news. (Actually, I just read, the New York Times did.) And because the effect of the plague on the Jews is passed over, no one really considers how G–D can get at the Jews, when it is necessary, without making it look as if He is targeting the Jewish people specifically. 

That makes history very tricky. Why do teshuvah if our problem is a general problem? Why wonder what G–D is telling us specifically as a people if He is impacting the world as whole. Why worry about where things are going if they seem to be going there for everyone? 

So we don’t, and we are left completely in the dark until the enemy makes its nefarious plans clear to everyone. Then we kick ourselves and wonder why we didn’t see it coming and waited until it was too late to protect ourselves from it. It’s because we were looking for similarities to past atrocities that are never really apparent until well into the process. Sometimes it’s because the enemy keeps it a secret. Sometimes it is because G–D doesn’t put it into their heads until He is ready to.

I READ A book about 30 years ago by chance. When I say chance, I don’t literally mean chance. Everything is Divine Providence, and finding and reading this book clearly was as well. It’s just that the circumstance that led to my seeing this book, and the short section I just happened to turn to in the five minutes I had, were so random to me. I don’t even remember what it was called.

I don’t even know what the book was about. I had five minutes to look at it, and read where I had happened to open it up. But what I read taught me a really important lesson about being Jewish in this world.

It was a Californian doctor explaining why he went from being pro-abortion to anti-abortion. He had become a suicide preventionist and went to study about it from a German expert. At some point in time, he popped the question to his German mentor: How were the Germans able to carry out genocide?

He said she took a big sigh and said that she knew the question was coming. It was her answer that changed his opinion about abortion. 

She said that three things were necessary. First, they had to create the idea of a fatherland to create nationalist fervor. In Germany that is not hard because Germans tended to be very nationalistic. Next, she said, they had to make it clear to everyone that those who opposed the father-in-land were enemies of the state. 

But, she said, that still wasn’t enough to convince 50 million Germans to either carry out the Holocaust, or not interfere with it. A third step was necessary. They had to convince the people that an enemy of the state was also subhuman and then, she concluded, genocide becomes possible. 

It was lesson I have never forgotten, and the truth is, we’ve seen it here-and-there in different forms. Relatively “normal” people have murdered other relatively normal people in revenge. Sports matches have resulted in rampages that have destroyed other people’s property and have even resulted in death. 

More recently, there has been road rage. It’s frightening how easy it is for people to see others as enemies, and how easy it is for them to harm them after they do. 

It doesn’t mean that the perpetrators don’t come to their senses later and, perhaps, feel some regret. But a lot of good that did six million Jews after the Holocaust, or the relatives of victims of hate and rage. Never underestimate the depths to which people can sink, or what they are capable of doing in the name of self-preservation.

That’s why I became concerned when I saw how the Trump-Clinton election brought out such anger and hatred for the other side. Politics aside, the resulting anger was unprecedented in recent times. Even families stopped talking to one another because of their political preference. Not a good sign.

And even though the Democrats took over the next time, the hatred and rage didn’t stop. The “winners” instead ramped it up, using one excuse or another to attack innocent people and impose their will undemocratically. 

But what really got me thinking was reading about the animosity towards non-vaccinated people by the vaccinated, spearheaded by Fauci himself. “Let them just die,” one congressperson is quoted as saying. Some people are calling for segregation and, I have even heard the term “subhuman” used a few times to slight those against the vaccination…even though we still don’t really how well they work, in many cases they haven’t, and many other cases they have even been deadly. 

But at least it’s not antisemitism. The coronavirus was manmade, but it’s targeting Jew and gentile alike. The ridiculing and the anger are aimed at anyone who is anti-vax. And if I am Jewish but pro-vax, then I will be just as safe as any gentile who is also. Sounds just like the four-fifths who died in the Plague of Darkness, and the secular 100,000 German Jews who chose to stay instead of emigrate to Palestine between 1930-39. 

THE TRUTH IS, I realized after reading the book, the lady was wrong. She was right about the three stages that led to the Holocaust, but she left out the fourth and most important one of all. Even after reading what the Californian doctor had written I realized that genocide on the scale of the Holocaust was not likely even after making enemies subhuman, which also included gypsies and other “societal misfits.”

The fourth element of course is G–D. He is the only One Who can take something from the side of the impossible or unlikely to the actual. The first three steps just prime the perpetrators, but He is the One Who has to push them over the top to do the ridiculously insane and deadly. But probably not believing in G–D, or at least to that level, the three stages she mentioned was all she had.

The Holocaust was a miracle, a very black miracle. Even after adding all of the factors that are considered to be the basis of it, the equation doesn’t work. There are still whys and hows in need of answering that do not get answered except by adding G–D to the equation. A divine decree was in place, and it completed what people could not.

That’s why one of the most dangerous statements people make is, “It could never happen in America.” Why? Because people in America are too honest…too civil…to respectful? Even that is being disproven among many sections of the population. But the most important reason why it is so dangerously naive is because ultimately, it has less to do with the people than it does with G–D’s will. Just look at how the Trump-Clinton election, the George Floyd death, and now the coronavirus pandemic has torn America, and even the world, asunder, as we see—even here in Eretz Yisroel

The politicians, the scientists, and activists are all just distractions. They’re just G–D’s means to get history to where it has to go next. It’s really irrelevant whether the coronavirus is as bad as they say or hyped, whether the vaccines are really vaccines and good for you, or not. It will be what G–D wants it to be, and it will affect what G–D wants it to affect. 

The plague was meant for the Egyptians, and we celebrate it as the second last before Pharaoh let us go. But in reality, no Egyptians are recorded dying from it, yet 12,000,000 Jews did. It made sure that the only Jews who left Egypt were the ones G–D deemed worthy of leaving, and there wasn’t a hint of antisemitism anywhere. If you want to survive as a Jew, you have to think outside the antisemitism box. G–D has more than one way to get the job done.


G–D.calm: Join the dots, see the bigger picture

WHICH CHILD HASN’T played Join the Dots? In this very high-tech society in which even small children play sophisticated electronic games, Join the Dots may be a thing of the past. However, once-upon-a-time, it was sufficiently entertaining for a child to take a pencil and draw a line from dot-to-dot, and watch a pre-arranged but seemingly random set of points become a clever picture before their very eyes.

However, though the game may be gone, the concept is as necessary to everyday life as ever before, perhaps even more so today so close to the end of history. While some people “throw the baby out with the bathwater,” others bathe the “baby” in water that ought to be thrown out. The only way to avoid either situation is by having the proper context, and that is a function of joining dots, historical dots.

Not only this, but doing so is crucial for one of the most important traits a Jew can develop, bitachon—trust in G–D. By connecting the Torah dots, the picture that emerges is the Big Picture, the Aitz HaChaim, a vision that encompasses aspects of Creation far beyond that which is visible to the physical eye. It is a vision that comes as close to G–D’s perspective of Creation as is humanly possible. That is truly calming.

Such information can only result in a greater understanding of history and of how G–D runs His world. At this late stage of history, when so many events are occurring that seem to defy conventional wisdom, it is crucial to have a context—the Aitz HaChaim—into which to fit all those details—Aitz HaDa’as Tov v’Rah. It’s the only way to remain sane, which means realizing the spiritual opportunity of a moment, and using it properly.

The starting point is in knowing that there is information available to us, some of it going back thousands of years, some of it far more current. When woven together they result in an intellectual tapestry that yields an understanding that makes sense of even the most illogical aspects of history and human behavior. Some of it belongs to the realm of Nigleh, the revealed parts of Torah, and some of it to Nistar, the hidden parts of Torah. But all of it is crucial for spiritually, and perhaps physically, surviving the End-of-Days.

Tradition states that when history as we know it comes to a close, and the final stage of the War of Gog and Magog occurs, there will be many who will be shocked by what happens. The implications of such an ending to history will be staggering for them. Like people who had invested their life savings in a sham, they will feel as if they spent their entire lives walking the wrong path, with no time left to course correct.

Only a small group will be prepared. It is not always so easy to know who they are, because they aren’t always the most accomplished in the eyes of others. Even the great Shmuel HaNavi had a difficult time seeing why Dovid ben Yishai was more fitting to be king of the Jewish people than his more successful and popular brothers. Until, that is, he got to know him from G–D’s perspective.

Not only this, but after four-fifths of the Jewish population—12,000,000—were killed during the Plague of Darkness in Egypt, people were shocked the next day when they discovered who survived and who didn’t. This was because only G–D knows what is in someone’s heart, and where it might lead them in the future. 

Only G–D knows which roles will be necessary to fill in history, and who is worth keeping around just to execute them.

Imagine what it was like after the seven days of darkness during which the Jews died as well. Some family members survived, many did not. Some friends were still living, many had perished. Only one out of every five Jews, after only one week, remained.

But that was 3,319 years ago. What relevance is there today in knowing such a statistic?


G–D said to Moshe, “Stretch forth your hand toward the heavens and there shall be darkness upon the land of Egypt, and the darkness will be tangible.” (Shemos 10:21)

And why did He bring darkness upon them? Because there were wicked people amongst the Jewish people of that generation who had no desire to leave Egypt, and these died during the three days of darkness… (Rashi)  

Only one out of five left Egypt, while four-fifths died during the three days of darkness because they were unworthy of being delivered. (Rashi, Shemos 13:18)

Rava said: It will be likewise in the Days of Moshiach. (Sanhedrin 111a)

For the people, that is, who failed to connect the dots, the Torah dots, the dots of history that reveal the true undercurrent of Jewish history. Given that four out of every five Jews today is assimilated, prompting many to refer to this as a spiritual holocaust, one can assume that there is no better time than the present to get out our intellectual pencils, and to starting finding those dots in need of connection. 

We need to see the picture, the Big Picture.

Leah From Itamar: Parshat Va’era – Moshe vs. Pharaoh


Leah’s Blog:  Parshat Va’era 

Mumbling Moshe vs. Pharaoh – ruler of Egypt. Who are you placing your bet on?

There is something about the collision of evil and good, the sparks that come out when they grind into each other that always make for the best stories. It’s a refining fight. As people are serving holy cows today, it’s no wonder the plagues are hitting us. 

It gets worse before it gets better. We are being muzzled. 

But the resistance of the defiant to the heart hardened ones has always been our story. Signs and wonders were not only a thing of the past, antiquated legends nor were they myths. It’s the alive theme that is constant – whether it be in the bloody Nile, the guillotines of the Conquistador, the barracks of Auschwitz, or cancel culture. 

We have GOT TO KNOW THOUGH- there is an exodus! There is a way out this mess.  Hashem promised. We learn out that Rosh HaShanah is called the Day of Remembrance, Hashem remembers us. Passover is the flipside, being the Celebration of Remembrance – we are committed to remembering ourselves in what Hashem did for us. What we experience in the wine, the bitter herbs, the seder plate, the matzoh – we eat the memory, we taste the bitterness, we drink and we sanctify. We carry the weight of the afikoman. We summarize the whole story by knowing its ending – only to start the new beginning and the reason for all of this – entering the Land of Israel. “Next year in Jerusalem!”, everyone sings the last page of the Haggadah. 

In the book “The Kuzari” written in the dark ages by Rabbi Yehudah HaLevi, we learn out that it is our obligation to recognize the exodus from Egypt as an absolute fact – as if you were there yourself, to remember it and teach it to your children in detail – plague to plague, miracle to miracle, whiplash to scars on our backs. 

Dark ages, middle ages to modern times has had us up against the wall in never ending scenarios where and when we could have just given up and forgotten Passover. We don’t mumble it, we sit straight up, lean a bit after a few cups of wine and finish the story to the end. 

We read it aloud. Hagaddah means to speak. Exodus and open mouth share a vision for the future redemption. Grinding like two wheels, speech and being muzzled is the theme of the story of the exodus. It’s about the recognition of G-d, the proclamation of G-d’s intervention and of being taken out of a hostage existence.

Opening the door to the scenes in Va’era has things getting worse before they get better. That’s actually very encouraging as dark clouds cover almost everything today. The Rambam lays out thirteen principles of faith for us. Two of which touch directly upon prophecy. 

One, that there is indeed prophecy; and that 

Two, Moshe Rabbeinu was a special prophet albeit his speech impediment. 

There is a living connection that joins Hashem to man in the prophet. You may say, how can we expect prophecy at such a low time as now? Mirror now to then, or to when Samuel was born and you can place your bet now. Times were desperate. 

Va’era is a developing story that leaves us on a cliffhanger. Only in the next Parsha (BO) when the plagues get fierce and the culmination of ten plagues later paralleling Ten Commandments do we feel the full impact of the wrath of Hashem and the consequences of the hardened heart finally breaking and releasing the captives. Mumbling, we all prophesized as open miracles opened our eyes and our mouths. 

מה שראה שפחה על הים מה שלא ראה יחזקאל בן בוזי”- (Talmud – tractate of Megillah 18)-” That a young maidservant prophesized (at the splitting of the Red Sea), Ezekiel did not even reach those heights!

It seems like the time has come to strive for spiritual heights and our rights to prophecy. Pestilence and disease result from the vacuum of it in our lives. The time has come to heal from these plagues and to go a new way, deeper than face value that, at any rate is covered with a mask. Pour pure waters upon us, part this sea, release us, lead us to the Promised Land!

Shabbat Shalom, Leah

Rabbi Weissman – Lessons From Mishlei Part 3

I was a guest once again on The Glazov Gang, and you can listen to the show here.  We discussed my book, How to Not Get Married: Break these rules and you have a chance, and many issues related to dating, gender roles, and the ongoing assault against the nuclear family.  

People who have only recently been introduced to me might not be aware that I devoted two decades to these subjects.  This includes three books from a variety of perspectives, nearly 100 articles, a documentary (Single Jewish Male), a series of short films (The Shidduch Chronicles), and nearly 100 events over the years (through my grassroots campaign, EndTheMadness).  How to Not Get Married is my most recent book, and I wrote it for EVERYONE, single and married, irrespective of religion or background.  

I'm almost as biased about this as the Mafia of Health is about the crapcines, but this book is one of my favorite pieces of writing, and the illustrations are terrific.  It's guaranteed to be safe and effective.  People who buy it have more than a 99% chance of recovering from covid.

If you're in Israel and don't want to buy it on Amazon, you can get a copy directly from me.


Tonight at 7 PM Israel time will be episode #20 of my Medical War Crimes series.  Our guest will be Laurie Cardoza-Moore.  She is President and Producer of and you can read more about her at

The link to register for the live program is and the recording will be available on my Rumble channel.

Contemporary Lessons from Mishlei – Part 3

Chapter 16 begins as follows:

 לאדם מערכי לב ומה' מענה לשון

The arrangements of the heart belong to a person, but from Hashem is the declaration of the tongue.

Although one can (and should) prepare his words before he speaks, he still needs Hashem's help to utter the words properly. This is obvious to anyone with a speech impediment, but it is equally true for all people.

This is one of the countless ordinary activities that people take for granted, believing they have power over an action just because they normally get the expected result. People who prepare their words do tend to speak better, and I'm sure there are studies that prove it. But even the best orators have occasional gaffes; they stumble on their words, they say the wrong thing, their mind goes blank, or it just doesn't come out right.

These should serve as humbling reminders that nothing is automatic, not even the simplest action that we prepared in advance. Without God's help every single time we want to say something, we will be bumbling fools.

Indeed, every time we are about to begin the shemoneh esrei, our primary prayer, we preface it with King David's prayer in Tehillim 51:17: ה' שפתי תפתח ופי יגיד תהלתך. Hashem, open my lips, and my mouth will tell Your praises. We have to say a prayer before we pray just to be able to recite the prayers!

These days it is all about control. Governments are trying to control their populations, under the guise of controlling the spread of the covid strain du jour. Idolatrous priests in white coats insist their pharmaceutical products are essential for our health, and should be forced upon us. Their marketing department – the media – controls the narrative. Tech companies control the flow of information. Riot police control the crowds. Education czars control the children. They even want to control the climate.

But don't worry, they reassure us after each dose of their fear-mongering. Everything is under control.

That's the real lesson of this proverb. Everything is indeed under control – God's control. These puny tyrants who wish to control everything cannot even control their own b….. movements, or their tempers, or their ability to fall asleep, or the blood vessels carrying oxygen throughout their bodies. Prepare as they might, they cannot even control the words that leave their mouths. God grants them the ability to speak, so long as it suits His will. And when it suits His will, He pulls a Bil'am on them.

Realizing how powerless we truly are is the most empowering step we can take. This leads us off the path of idolatry, ascribing power to others or ourselves, and toward God as the only source of power. Only those who recognize God's control can live with any degree of confidence and tranquility. The more we fear God, the less we fear anything else, for we recognize that everything comes from God.

So, by all means, prepare before you speak. Then say a prayer that it should come out right.

Whatever you do, don't let godless maniacs control your existence.


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Pushing The Limits of The Immune System . . .

 . . . with each jab one’s immunity goes down, down, down, thereby pushing the needle pushers into more and more jabbing! Until ...  Until the actual MORBITY rises and rises capturing more and more neshomos and transporting them to Shamayim. The antibodies do not last in this vicious cycle, causing need for more and more .... Then ADE takes over.

Israel’s Sheba Medical Center on Monday began the world’s first trial of a fourth dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine.

Sheba, the largest medical center in Israel and the Middle East, recruited 150 employees for the study. Each had received a third, “booster” dose in August but now has a low antibody count of below 700, according to a hospital spokesman.

Led by Dr. Gili Regev-Yochay, director of Sheba’s Infectious Disease Epidemiology Unit, the study was approved by the Health Ministry’s Helsinki Committee, which oversees human medical trials.

Although the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has not yet approved a fourth Pfizer shot, Israel’s Pandemic Expert Committee wants to administer fourth shots to medical personnel and citizens over age 60, because the protection offered by the third dose seems to wear off at six months.

Regev-Yochay said her goal is to determine whether the fourth dose is effective in stimulating the production of antibodies and whether it is safe.

“This study is expected to shed light on the additional benefit of giving a fourth dose. We will [seek to] understand whether, and to whom, it is worth giving a fourth dose,” she said. “We will have safety data within a few days.”

The results will help guide Israel’s policy and that of the rest of the world as the Omicron variant is causing a new wave of infections. Many experts believe the current formulation of the vaccine is ineffective against Omicron.

The first to receive the shot was heart transplant surgeon Dr. Jacob Lavee, who said it was “one small jab in the shoulder but one giant leap for mankind in the global battle against the Covid infection.”

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett noted that “Israel is continuing to stand at the forefront of the global effort to deal with the pandemic. The citizens of Israel were the first in the world to receive the third dose of the Covid-19 vaccine and we are continuing to pioneer with the fourth dose as well.”

It’s not true that someone died of Omicron – They died WITH Omicron. Mostlikely they died from ADE. [this is how they fool the masses]

29 December 2021

About NIBIRU . . .

 . . . You think it might be possible that all this depopulation agenda was put into action and their frantic push to vax everyone could be because they know all about NIBIRU and are terribly scared, soon to dive into their underground bunkers thinking they will be safe?? 

Maybe those anti–God non believers will become insane when they realize their bunkers are their end days burial chambers!

We recognize that HaShem is bringing history to its next chapter, and not everyone will be included. We don’t know all the details, but we do know that HE is in charge and we must do our personal heshbon hanefesh (personal accounting) if we want to be included.

Rabbi Kessin gave a very detailed comparison of our situation being just like in Mitzrayim, except for Lashon Hara. “We were redeemed because we didn’t speak lashon hara even though we were full of sin at the 49th level.” Today we are guilty of speaking lashon hara, and are similarily at the 49th level, but if we concentrate on preventing speaking lashon hara about each other, Mashiach will bring about our final redemption. 

And Dave Dobbs is the most reliable earthly accounting of the NIBIRU effects:

And “MrMBB333” shows this:

Sinkholes are Beginning to Show the Next Phase of Earth Changes - Around the Dead Sea in Israel

Unfortunately this will continue unless we stop the LASHON HARA!
Using MORONIC OMICRON to threaten people and enact inhuman edicts:

Lockdowns, Mandates Force Millions to Starve, Arrests Made at NYC Burger King For No Jab Passes. The new measures are intended to combat what French authorities have described as a "megawave". Starting from next week, working from home will become mandatory for those who are able. Additionally, public gatherings will be limited to 2K people for indoor events. This comes as France reports more than 100K cases over the weekend.
Elsewhere, in NYC, residents are suffering through the second day of jab mandates for private businesses. Footage of police arresting the un jabbed inside a Burger King in the city is already going viral on social media.-

This Says It ALL . . .

 New York Times Deputy Editor Dies of Heart Attack Day After Getting Moderna Shot

Shalom Pollack: NO FEAR


The past weeks have witnessed unprecedented action by members of

  civil society across the world against the injustice of Israel’s

  disproportionately brutal response to the firing of missiles from



  If you add together all the people who gathered over the past weekend

  to demand justice in Israel and Palestine – in Cape Town, Washington,

  D.C., New York, New Delhi, London, Dublin and Sydney, and all the

  other cities – this was arguably the largest active outcry by

  citizens around a single cause ever in the history of the world."


  The above are the words of the much-praised humanitarian and freedom

  advocate Anglican Bishop Desmond Tutu who passed away this week in South Africa.


  It was published a few years ago in the  Haaretz newspaper, the

  well-known Israeli platform of providing comfort to the enemy.


  The match between the two is perfect.

  Haaretz also published a front-page appeal by prof. Sternhell, a

  renowned Israeli academic who urged the" Palestinians" to murder Jews

  only beyond the green line in order to not lose the sympathy of

  moderate Israelis for their cause. Tutu, Sternell, and Haaretz -  may

  live on different continents but they share the same passion.  They loathe Israel, the Jewish country.



  I will not attempt to examine the murky depths of Tutu's  Israel

  hatred or for  Haaretz's self-loathing. It remains a mystery of sorts.


   Proud Jews not plagued by the unique malady -  Jewish guilt, do not

  understand the self loathers. Thankfully in Israel,  the large

  majority of Israeli Jews scoff at them today.


The Oslo calamity and the brutal, senseless Jewish expulsion edicts have taught the average Israeli that academic titles and high government positions no longer enjoy a monopoly on public credibility.

  On the contrary, we are nearing a place where thanks to social media

  and untold tragic policy directives, relying on "experts" with titles is a fading phenomenon.


  Jews who hear the likes of Tutu compare Israel to the very worst

  actors in history don't need Haaretz to explain to them that we just  don't understand the nuance and tough love.

He was an Israel hater. He didn't hate Jews because of Israel. He

  hated Israel because of the Jews.

  How do I know?


  He never used the same poisonous rhetoric for any other people or country. Has he not heard of North Korea, Iran, Cuba, Pakistan, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Russia, China, Syria, Iraq, etc..?

They did not reach the levels of evils that Israel did.  They did not deserve according to Bishop Tutu, "the largest outcry in the history of the world"


  He may have heard of those countries but he was too busy pointing his

  finger at the worst criminals on earth - the state of the Jews.

  As in the USA  and other places, South Africa's  Jews were at the

  forefront of the struggle for Black rights in South Africa.  I wonder

  if those same Jews accept the fact that according to Tutu their hero,

  the Jewish state deserves the "largest outcry in the world"?

  Progressive Jews have a difficult time identifying anti-Semites who are not White men with shaved heads and swastikas on their necks.


   BLM and Tutu surely must have real grievances against Jews; the kind

  that we are too obtuse or privileged to understand. It can not be that

  they are anti-Semitic. It just doesn't fit the model.


  To all my normal Jewish brothers and sisters out there: It's perfectly

  legitimate and indeed necessary to identify your detractors. whoever

  they are; Black, White  Jew, or Gentile, professor or bishop.


No fear.


  My book, Jews, Israelis, and Arabs"  is  available

28 December 2021

Well, You Had To Jab Them, Didn’t You!

Preparations for 340 children in serious condition from coronavirus

Faced with skyrocketing COVID-19 *infection rates, hospitals plan for wave of pediatric hospitalizations.

* infection. This is from the vax. 
Sooner they come clean with the people the better it will be for them.


This is quite an exaggeration! It’s not Omicron! 
It’s all the jabs and boosters that are doing-in Israelis!

New Covid Variant Sparks Waves Of Terror Across Israel
Frighteningly, this time they don’t need machines for just the elderly.

Right now, Covid and the highly infectious omicron variant are spreading at a dangerous rate in Israel, with over 2,000 new *covid cases just this past Monday. The government is preparing for the most intense wave yet and has commanded hospitals to prepare accordingly as new data from the Israel Health Ministry has shed horrifying light on the new variant: Some of the most susceptible to infecting Omicron are little children ages 5-11.

* cases, not infection. Because the PCR cannot and does not identify covid, just the remnant from an old cold (i.e. coronavirus) but not covid.

Holodomor 2022




As the unv'd are locked out of farmers markets and grocery stores, so too are unv'd farmers precluded from selling their grains. 

Ministers who warn of impending food shortages are promptly removed from office. The mainstream food supply is now in full collapse, and we must be creating ALTERNATIVE food supplies. 

Thanks to Dave Steenburg for his video about Canada/USA truckers stopping: 

 Thanks to the People's Media for standing up in a Toronto farmers market:

הוראת הרב קנייבסקי לחיסון בני ה-5: הבלוף הגדול


27 December 2021

Rabbi Weissman: SmartPhones and Internet

Rav Chaim Kanievsky: Children 5 and Up Should Get Smartphones and Internet

Rav Chaim Kanievsky said today that all children over the age of five should be given a smartphone and begin using the Internet. The statement came during a meeting at 23 Rechov Rashbam, Rav Chaim's home in Bnei Brak, with senior education officials and doctors, who told Rav Chaim that this will increase their Torah study.

Rav Chaim was also informed that the US Department of Education approved bringing the Internet into every classroom from the age of five.

At the meeting were the heads of Israel's Education Ministry, leading experts from phone and Internet companies, and Dr. Mushlam Hart, Rav Chaim’s personal physician.

The experts presented info to Rav Chaim regarding the Internet usage of millions of children in the United States and research on the effects on their learning. “The educational benefits and advantages to children with Internet and smartphones significantly outweigh risks and side-effects,” they told Rav Chaim.

Rav Chaim, who said little during the meeting, responded that children over five should be given smartphones and Internet access, and gave a blessing to those who follow his instructions.

There is a video of Rav Chaim's grandson screaming the question into his ear until Rav Chaim says “Yes”, while the experts look on. We know the rest because that's what they told us happened. This is a definitive halachic ruling, the matter is closed, and anyone who has a problem with it a sheigitz.

This story was first reported by Kikar HaSheker, then it was picked up by Vos Isn't Neias, Arutz Sheker, The Jerusalem Compost, the Slimes of Israel, and others who played the telephone game. It is now established fact, and if you don't believe it, you're crazy and have no respect for the Torah.


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(not the one above)

“Rabbi Chaim Kanievski Rules: Children Should Be Vaccinated In Their Talmud Torahs” 

[BTW who wrote this “Ruling”? Who heard the entire “Ruling”? :

#As I understand it, due to his age and medical condition, Rav Chaim doesn’t write letters. Neither does he speak in public anything more than a word or two. Additionally he is hard of hearing. At the same time, his attendants are not letting the public to get close to him. Therefore the obvious question: how do we know if Rav Chaim did indeed say anything. The only thing we do know is that his attendants say so. His attendants are NOT Daas Torah, and we have no obligation to obey his attendants.

#This so called journalism should be ashamed of themselves to mislead the public as to use a good man’s name for their propaganda. The good Rav. Can barely talk or recognize his daughter. This is all Yanki’s doing, his grandson.. All for money… Disgusting… People need to do their own research on this, don’t take my word.. But lots of posts have been circulating. Also, responsable parents, do your research on this so called shots, which have killed and affected many for the past year.

#the control over rav chaim has been going on for years. I came with a shaila in the gemara, and yanki would not let me ask the question. anyone else, coming just to complain about their lives or get haskamos for their books, were accepted and given lengthy amounts of time.

#Between this ruling of R Chaim and Trump getting the booster. One thing is clear it’s obvious that the covid anti vaxxers are going into complete meltdown mode. (joke)

#what a load of rubbish! He didn’t rule anything. Show me a psak halacha, I don’t take medical or spiritual advice from a media report.

Rabbi Anava New Series

Sha'arei Kedusha introduction (Gates of Holiness) שערי קדושה | By Rabbi Chaim Vital

26 December 2021

Distorted Thinking . . .


JERUSALEM (VINnews) — A stunning conversation took place between a well known proponent of the anti-vaccine movement in Israel and a vaccine supporter, both Charedim

During the heated phone call, anti-vaxxer [‘vaccine' questioner] Rabbi Dr. Yoav Alon debated Itcha Dzalovski, who is in charge of the Health Ministry’s Charedi phone hotline. The discussion, as reported on Charedi news site Kikar Shabbos, offered a fascinating insight into the mindset of Covid vaccine opponents. Rabbi Alon staunchly asserted that Gedolei Yisrael are being misled and given false information. He also said that Klal Yisrael is headed for catastrophe.

Rabbi Alon said, “I am sure that these vaccines are very dangerous for Am Yisrael and the leadership we have today in the guise of Gedolei Torah is very dangerous for Am Yisrael. We are heading for catastrophe. The new world order really wants to destroy us. These vaccines are really very dangerous. Giving them to five-year-olds is crazy.” [rather a non-vaccine, but a toxic-bio-brew]

Rabbi Alon added that one of his goals is to show people that there are Gedolim who oppose Covid vaccines.

Mr. Dzhalowski asked if Rabbi Alon believes that the many Gedolim who support vaccines are making a mistake, including Rav Chaim Kanievsky, Rav Gershon Edelstein, the Gerrer Rebbe, the Vizhnitzer Rebbe and others.

Rabbi Alon replied that they are *'surely mistaken' in their support for the vaccines. 

Mr. Dzhalowski accused Rabbi Alon of misleading certain Gedolim into believing that Covid vaccines are unsafe. He suggested that he and a group of “anarchists” are manipulating leaders into believing nonsense. [“Anarchists", like those going against the former USSR?]

Rabbi Alon defended himself by saying that there are Gedolim who agree with him, such as Rav Malkiel Kotler and Rabbi Yosef Binyamin Wozner, and he asked why they are being ignored.

Mr. Dzhalowski replied that there are many more Gedoim who support vaccines, and that it is more likely for a handful of Rabbonim, who do not have medical opinions backing them up, to be misled. [THERE IS A WEALTH OF SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE CONTRARY TO MR DZHALOWSKI's DISTORTED THINKING]

At one point, Rabbi Alon said that he was told that Mr. Dzalowski had not been vaccinated, and asked if that claim was accurate. Itcha replied, “Of course I’ve been vaccinated, three doses. Do you think I’m crazy? Do you think I would listen to nonsense from people whose thinking is distorted?”


[me: However, It’s obvious who’s “thinking is distorted” and who is “misleading who”! 

*Rabbi Alon is giving the Rabbis the benefit of the doubt. (When others have said those who support and promote the vaccine are possibly compromised in some way. However, not in the case of Rav Kanievsky because it is known he is "not feeling well”.]

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