15 July 2019

Earthquake Alert for California

OVER 10,000 Aftershocks and CLIMBING! Line stretching 60 MILES! (manmade or Nibiru)

DAVE DOBBS:  Earthquakes in California Due on 16th (or thereabouts) July 2019 (astronomical findings) (Nibiru flyby)

We cannot say that we did not see this coming in or that we didn't comprehend how the movements of the Planet X system rupture nuclear power stations. They all need to be shut down for the next two big transits. W have to take responsibility.

Climate/Weather Engineering Causing US and World Food Damages

Economic Collapse 2020: Cosmic "Perfect Storm" cause Rising Food Prices

ICE AGE FARMER:  The continuing devastation to crops globally is causing food prices to rise, and ultimately will push the troubled global economy over the edge. The powers that be plan for (and welcome) this, in order to lock people down and maximize the efficacy of their blood sacrifice.

Start growing food now. [Listen carefully beginning at 16:30m.]


GeoEngineering (man-made) creating increased cloud cover on Earth
Cloud cover accounts for the real changes in global temperatures
This is further supported by researchers at Kobe University in Japan who published a nearly simultaneous paper that reveals how changes in our planet’s magnetic field govern the intensity of solar radiation that reaches the lower atmosphere, causing cloud formation that alters global temperatures.

Carbon dioxide, in other words, isn’t the “pollutant” that climate change alarmists have long claimed it to be. CO2 won’t destroy the planet and barely has any effect on global temperatures. In fact, NASA was forced to recently admit that carbon dioxide is re-greening the Earth on a massive scale by supporting the growth of rainforests, trees and grasslands. [probably to counter the geo-engineering hoax]

Carbon Dioxide is the Miracle Molecule of Life
Science Daily:
[…]increase in cosmic rays was accompanied by an increase in low-cloud cover, the umbrella effect of the clouds cooled the continent, and Siberian high atmospheric pressure became stronger. Added to other phenomena during the geomagnetic reversal — evidence of an annual average temperature drop of 2-3 degrees Celsius, and an increase in annual temperature ranges from the sediment in Osaka Bay — this new discovery about winter monsoons provides further proof that the climate changes are caused by the cloud umbrella effect.

The extreme alarmism of climate change lunatics — […] insistence that humanity will be destroyed in 12 years if we don’t stop burning fossil fuels — is all based on nothing but fearmongering media propaganda and faked science.

[Global Warming i.e., Climate Change = population control (on steroids)]


14 July 2019

“How goodly are your tents, O Jacob, your dwelling places, O Israel!”

Third Century Sage … Speaks to the 21st Century

“Balaam raised his eyes and saw Israel dwelling according to its tribes.”
“How goodly are your tents, O Jacob, your dwelling places, O Israel!”
 (Numbers 24:5).

*Rabbi Shmuel Rabinowitz:  This question was asked in the Talmud, and it seems that the answer given by Rabbi Yohanan, the greatest of sages in the Land of Israel in the 3rd century, was meant especially for us, living in the 21st century: “He saw that the doors of their tents did not exactly face one another, whereupon he exclaimed: Worthy are these that the Divine presence should rest upon them!” (Bava Batra 60).

Balaam saw the Jewish people’s customs in the spheres of modesty and privacy, and understood that this is the secret of this special nation. In the Israelites’ camp, the tent doors did not face each other, so that each family could have privacy. Balaam understood the significance of this – the Jewish nation is one whose culture does not push to externalize all aspects of life, but, rather, leaves a wide area for people’s private and personal lives.

WE LIVE in a generation that has left us almost completely exposed, and therefore we must learn the limits of suitable exposure. Learning this is particularly crucial for youth. In order to build a stable personality of high quality, a person must learn to respect his own privacy!

Excessive extroversion, the sort that exposes details of a person’s personal life, do not allow for introspection or refinement of emotions – processes that are crucial for spiritual development. Ultimately, excessive exposure even leads to greater loneliness!

This is the challenge and responsibility we face now, and we do not have the luxury of shirking it. Every period of time brings its own challenges, and one of the challenges unique to this generation, Generation Z, is acquiring the ability to discern between moments and events that are suitable for exposure and those that should remain intimate and personal.

We must preserve the Jewish nation’s special characteristics and teach ourselves, our children and our pupils how to be worthy of the blessing

 “How goodly are your tents, O Jacob, your dwelling places, O Israel!”


*Rabbi Rabinowitz is the Rabbi of the Western Wall, our Kotel, and Holy sites.

A Hot, Sweltering and Scorching Tammuz and Av

This is going to be a very HOT and BURNING next two months’ of Tammuz and Av

Arabs throw firebombs at Border Police base in northern Jerusalem, cause vehicles and scooters to go up in flames. The fire broke out after Arabs threw firebombs at the base. A number of vehicles and scooters went up in flames as a result of the attack. Firefighters prevented the fire from spreading to other vehicles and nearby buildings.arutzsheva

"We will take the settlements bordering Gaza. In any future war, the enemy must expect groups behind enemy lines to enter and control those settlements," said a commander of one of the terrorist groups in Gaza to the Lebanese Al Akhbar newspaper on Wednesday. One of the most significant lessons that the Gazan terrorist groups learned from the 48-hour escalation in May, is that the Iron Dome could be overcome and even targeted directly in some places. According to the commander, 700 rockets were fired in the last round of fighting, with the Iron Dome only succeeding to intercept 240 rockets. The terror groups in Gaza found that, "if shells are fired from areas close to the [Gaza] border, there is a weakness in the [Iron Dome's] response," the commander told Al Akhbar. The terrorist groups also found that if more than 10 rockets are fired at once, the Iron Dome's performance is also weakened – but that the rockets must be fired in a period of no longer than five minutes for this to work. They implemented this practice by launching "very heavy bursts of rockets – up to dozens of rockets in one burst – towards one target," in order to allow one or two missiles to get past the Iron Dome and hit residential areas, he said.

Unfortunately, the Israeli Government does not sufficiently value our Jewish lives;
they are more afraid of the EU than the Palestinians
(but that will all change soon)

Cracks in the Dome?
by Martin Sherman

strategic israel:  The huge investments made in defensive systems are slowly emerging as an exorbitant and costly failure—or at best a very partial and temporary success. The time has come to rethink Israel’s strategic paradigm.

…the ability to defeat the enemy means taking the offensive. Standing on the defensive indicates insufficient strength; attacking, a superabundance of strength— Sun Tzu, “The Art of War”, circa 400 BC.

…Although it has been barely two weeks since the violence in the South subsided, public recollection of what transpired has faded rapidly—with the intervening Independence Day celebrations and the Eurovision hullaballoo helping to dull collective memory.
. . .One of the reasons advanced for the Iron Dome’s ostensibly diminished capacity was the intensity of the barrages fired at Israel concentrated within a short time period. Seemingly affirming that this was a purposeful tactic, a spokesman for Hamas’s Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades proclaimed: “The Qassam Brigades, thanks to God, succeeded in overcoming the so-called Iron Dome by adopting the tactic of firing dozens of missiles in one single burst.”

. . .These results prompted expressions of skepticism—even unfounded derision—as to the true ability of the Iron Dome system to effectively protect Israel’s civilian population—even prompting once source to claim—somewhat unfairly—“It’s not Iron Dome. It’s Iron Sieve.”…

JPF Pontes commented:

The state of Israel must expel the Arabs from its territory, which includes the West Bank and the Gaza Strip and the Golan Heights, because it is written in the Torah, in Exodus 23:31-33 and in Numbers 33:52, that God commanded Israel to expel the other inhabitants of the Land of Canaan and of the Land of Gilead, which is the Land of Israel, which includes all the Palestine and the Golan Heights. The Arabs invaded the Land of Israel in the year 635 CE, so they are [the] invaders, and must leave Israel, and return to their own land, which is Arabia [Egypt, Jordan and Syria]. This is not racism, because any person, of any race or ethnicity, can convert to Judaism. Moreover, the Palestinian Arabs are killing the Israeli Jews, so that the Israeli Jews need to expel the Palestinian Arabs from the Land of Israel, as self defense, in order to save their lives.

12 July 2019

Parshas Balak – Dangerous Power

By Roy S. Neuberger

Bilaam was a novi. A novi can give unique service to the Ribono shel Olam. His avoda is to transmit Hashem’s ratzon and thereby elevate the entire world. But, like every opportunity, it is a two-edged sword. Spiritually-powerful people need humility in order to ensure that they use their power properly. Who was more powerful than Dovid Hamelech? Yet Dovid says, “I am a worm.” (Tehillim 22)

Bilaam is trying to use his enormous spiritual power to destroy, chas v’Shalom, the beloved Children of the Creator of the Universe. How can brilliant people be such fools?

“The Torah of Hashem is perfect, restoring the soul. The testimony of Hashem is trustworthy, making the simple one wise.” (Tehillim 19) Every Shabbos, when I say these words, I pray that Hashem will make me wise through His Torah. It is easy to let theyetzer hara take over, pushing us to go “acharei levavchem v’acharei ainaichem … after [our] heart and [our] eyes.” (Bamidbar 15:39) We can elevate ourselves through the struggle against taiva, but at the same time we cannot afford to lose; the stakes are eternal and infinite.

“When a person gains certain mental attitudes in this world, that’s what he takes with him into the Next World. The attitudes, the ideals, the dei’os that you acquire in this world are what you take with you forever.” 
(Rabbi Avigdor Miller zt”l on Parshas Korach)

There is a science called “facial recognition technology.” This is widely used in China, where the government is trying to track every person at all times. By the year 2020, the government hopes to have 450 million surveillance cameras in place! This technology is spreading throughout the world. Chinese citizens are reportedly happy with this “progress.” A locked door opens when the camera recognizes your face, and you will no longer need a passport. The police can easily track criminals.

When I was a kid, we were all frightened by George Orwell’s book, “1984,” from which we learned the phrase, “Big Brother is watching you.” Now this is coming to pass.

I understand that this can be seen as a moshul, a reminder that above us is “a watchful eye, an attentive ear, and all your deeds are recorded in a book.” (Pirkei Avos 2:1) It is comforting to understand that Hashem is watching over us, but Big Brother, lehavdil, is a different story. 

When people like Bilaam believe they can run the world, life becomes precarious. Who, after all, is the criminal? Maybe Big Brother will decide that decent people are criminals and crime is normal. Did not Pharaoh suddenly decide that the Children of Israel were dangerous? Think how Hitler, ymak shemo, would have used this technology!

My friends, we are living in a desperately dangerous world. We need to daven every minute for Hashem to save us and to understand that the only salvation will be the moment when “Torah will come forth from Zion and the word of Hashem from Yerushalayim!” (Yeshiah 2:3)

There is nothing else. “Ana Hashem Hoshia na … Hashem please save now!” (Tehillim 118)

May we see the Geula Shelemah soon in our days! 

*          *          *          *
Roy Neuberger, author and public speaker, can be reached at roy@2020vision.co.il.

© Copyright 2019 by Roy S. Neuberger

Rabbi Winston – Parshas Balak (and BDS)

How can I curse whom G–D has not cursed, 
and how can I invoke wrath if G–D has not been angered? 
(Bamidbar 23:8)

BDS HAS ITS origins in this week’s parsha. “Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions” is an Arab-led initiative to force Israel to surrender land that really belongs to the Jews. Balak and Bilaam tried to do the same thing to the Jewish people in their time, to keep them from entering the land that G–D had given to the descendants of Avraham, Yitzchak, and Ya’akov. 

Ostensibly, the goal of BDS is to bring Israel to its financial knees, forcing the Jewish nation, for the sake of survival, to surrender land to Arab pirates. As self-righteous as it appears, any “success” BDS has had to date is because it garners support from people who do not like the Jewish people for one reason or another. History and International Law certainly do not support its premise, as anyone interested in the truth would quickly find out.

One could argue that Balak and Bilaam were there first, so why shouldn’t they defend “their” land against the invading Jewish army. The answer is, Balak was from Moav, and not one of the seven nations on the conquering list. Bilaam was from Midian, and completely off the agenda for the Jewish people. They had no business interfering with Jewish possession of the Land.

The Jewish people at that time had yet to take the land and set up a country. There was nothing yet to boycott, sanction, or divest from. Instead, Balak and Bilaam turned to something even more diabolical: a curse. 

It’s complicated. First of all, what is this curse business about, and secondly, how can such an EVIL person like Bilaam take advantage of it?
The Talmud answers this question:

Our Rabbis taught: G–D is angry every day, but how long does His anger last? A moment. And how long is a moment? One fifty three thousand eight hundred forty eighth of an hour is a moment. No creature could ever precisely fix this moment except Bilaam the wicked, of whom it is written “who knew the knowledge of the Most High”…He knew the exact hour when The Holy One, Blessed Is He, is angry…

Rebi Elazar said: “The Holy One, Blessed Is He, said to the Jewish people, ‘O My people, see how many righteous acts I did for you, in that I abstained from anger all those days! Had I been angry, none would have remained or been spared of the Jewish people’s enemies.’” This is what Bilaam referred to when he said, “How can I curse whom G–D has not cursed, and how can I invoke wrath if G–D has not been angered?”          (Bamidbar 23:8). (Avodah Zarah 4a)

To be clear, G–D does not actually GET angry. He just ACTS that way, with all the “trimmings”…for our sake. When we get angry, it is usually emotionally-induced. We become annoyed, our blood boils, and then we lash out, either to vent, to make our opinion known, our both. It may have little to do with the welfare of the person who has angered us.

G–D’s “anger” is different. It is JUSTICE-induced, meaning that it occurs for the sake of truth and justice. Therefore, if someone is a “recipient” of G–D’s anger, either DIRECTLY or INDIRECTLY, then it means that JUSTICE has demanded that the person “suffer” in some way. WE may not know why, but G–D does. In OUR world there CAN be “victims.” In G–D’S, there are NONE. 

Does a curse really have power? Of course not. G–D is the ONLY power in the world. It can’t work if HE doesn’t MAKE it work. So if a curse is going to be effective in any way, it can only be because G–D has decided to “give” it power, because the subject of the curse deserves its intended consequence.

The only question is, how can such an evil person set such Divine judgment into motion? They have no merit, so why do they get to be G–D’s messenger of Divine justice, and “enjoy” the destruction they themselves caused.
It is no merit to be G–D’s instrument of justice in this world, unless it is to destroy evil. Wiping out a city of idol worship, like Jericho in Yehoshua’s time, was a GREAT merit, and one that had to be earned. But being a punishing “strap” for good people is not a merit, but something for which a person will have to answer for at some point in time.

G–D: Why did you hit Dovid like that?

Shaul: You and I both know that if Dovid was not worthy of being hit, I could never have laid a finger on him!
G–D: Correct. But someone else could have done it. You chose to be someone who could hurt other people, and for that you are punishable. I just gave you the chance to prove that.
Shaul: Oops.

So what G–D was really saying to the Jewish people was, “Even though you were WORTHY of Divine judgment and punishment at the time Bilaam wanted to curse you, and Bilaam was “worthy” of instigating it, I suspended My judgment of you at the time, to render his attempt to curse you ineffective.” 

Not overlooked completely. 

There had been a stay of judgment, but only to give the Jewish people time to do teshuvah and avoid punishment altogether. But as the parsha reveals, we didn’t do the teshuvah, and disaster ensued as the result of a different kind of curse initiated by Bilaam: the women of Midian.

In the end, 176,000 Jews became involved in idol worship as a result of Bilaam’s “advice,” and were killed. Another 24,000 died from the tribe of Shimon because of plague. It made the total 200,000 altogether, which was quite a curse!

There are a lot of “enemies” of the Jewish people out there, most of them quite scary. But what ought to make them scary is not the power to hurt they project to the world, because they really have none. In the words of the famous Rebi Chanina ben Dosa, “It is not snakes that kill, but sin” (Brochos 33a). This is why Bilaam had the Jewish people sin first, in order to “cause” G–D to do to them what Bilaam had been hired to carry out.

But once the judgment was done, and Divine justice had been carried out, it was time to make Bilaam pay for his role in it. He got to pick up his “paycheck” for his role in the disaster at Shittim, but was executed shortly after before he could “cash it.”

11 July 2019

Incitement Warning to America

Horrendous Incitement Exposed inside Mosques Across North America

 israelunwired – This is happening right under the noses of the American authorities, across the United States. Tzvi Yechezkali, a Jewish Israeli reporter, went undercover as a Muslim across the USA, exposing the Muslim Imams, from New York to California and Texas, who incite their Muslim congregants to hate and murder Jews. Americans should be horrified that this is taking place and nothing is being done to stop it.

“Imams in Mosques (across North America) say horrible things about Jews, even calling to murder them. This is exactly what we witnessed in France 15 years ago that is now taking place today in the United States of America.”

When I was putting together this investigation I asked to meet with American government officials and I was told to meet with the government agency that monitors Mosques across America. The problem is that nobody (in that office) speaks Arabic. So I asked ‘how do you monitor the Mosques (that Preachers mostly preach in Arabic)’? They said they can only monitor what is said in English. “

Muslim Brotherhood and Radical Islam in America
[the A-S yelling and shouting in this video reminds one of gettyimages]

“In America, despite the terrorism they experienced on 9/11, they still lack the ability to adequately grapple with this. even though the writing is on the wall. Americans need to wake up to this reality.”

Yechezkali ends his report with a very surprising fact. He notes that while in the Middle East countries like Saudia Arabia, Jordan and Egypt are cracking down on incitement in Mosques, it is specifically in America where this horrendous incitement is spreading across the Mosques, with no crackdown from the American authorities.

If America does not want to turn into terror prone areas like exist today in Europe, it must crack down on this incitement in the Mosques immediately.

[Article and video from above link]

Clueless Experts

100 Police, Cyber Experts and Detectives Continue Probing Attack of ...
July 10, 2019
Two weeks following the release from prison of Dir Qadis resident Mahmud Qadusa, the main suspect in the assault case against a 7-year-old yeshivaworldnews

Maybe this will help the Police in their investigation:

Palestinian arrested on suspicion of molesting 13-year-old girl. Police say suspect met alleged victim at school in Ashdod where he worked, fled to West Bank after investigation was opened

Police announced Wednesday the arrest of a Palestinian man suspected of molesting a 13-year-old Israeli girl at the school where he worked. The suspect, a West Bank resident in his 30s, was working on renovations at a school in the southern city of Ashdod at the time the suspected crimes took place, according to a police statement.

Police said the suspect became acquainted with the victim while he worked there and that they once went to an apartment he was renovating near the school, where he is suspected of molesting her. timesofisrael

Witness Police Harassment of a Jew for Being a Jew

LISTEN TO THIS: Police ARREST Cameraman 
in the Middle of Filming Rav Richter’s Shiur

"Rav Yehuda Richter's shiur is interrupted by Israeli Police making an arrest, as part of a crackdown on activists, who protested against demolition of a home of a family of 8 children just for being Jewish in the wrong place.”

Police of the State of Israel. Looking for more trouble. It’s a LEGAL RIGHT to Protest when a Jew’s home is being demolished for no GOOD REASON. With everything that has happened in Israel this past week to ten days, the Police are a busy bunch: the mistreated Ethiopians, the harming of Haredim, the raping of little girls. But the inept, confused, immoral, egoistic and anti-Jewish politicians are all engaged in nonsensical banter.

Ethiopian Voices

Israel made us convert to Judaism and left my brother behind

The Ethiopian-Israeli protests express deep pain, bottled up inside for years, that erupted because our anguish fell on deaf ears

My name is Sewalem. I’m 22-years-old and live in Be’er Ya’akov. I made aliyah in 2003 at the age of 6, together with two brothers, one sister, and my mother. My father and my oldest brother had to stay in Ethiopia. After four years of our family being separated from each other my father died and my brother was left alone in Ethiopia.

I wanted to express my thoughts about the demonstrations that took place last week throughout the streets of Israel. Everyone is talking about how violent the riots were and not about the reason WHY the youth felt they needed to be violent. These demonstrations were not just about the murder of Solomon Tekah, but about the unjust and unequal treatment we receive here from the government and from the authorities that are supposed to protect us.

As I see it, the root of the problem began with the aliyah of Beta Israel. After suffering for our Judaism in Ethiopia, the demand that we convert was deeply painful. The disparaging and insulting attitude of the authorities and those in power was even expressed by giving our mothers pills to reduce the birth rate in the community, by refusing to use any blood donations from Ethiopians — the examples are endless. The violence of our protests expresses deep pain that has been bottled up inside for years and erupted because our anguish fell on deaf ears!

Click for more Ethiopian-Israeli Voices.

I personally experience discrimination from the Interior Ministry (Misrad HaPanim), which refuses to bring my older brother to Israel on the grounds that he is not a Jew! How is it that my own brother, from the same father and mother, is not entitled to emigrate because he is not Jewish?

How then, am I Jewish, and why am I here? In countless telephone calls to the Ministry of the Interior, I have not received a single satisfactory response.

When my older sister got married we naturally wanted my brother to join us for the wedding, which is also his simcha, his celebration. The Interior Ministry refused to grant him an entry visa because they disputed the fact that he was actually my mother’s son.

I write this with a broken heart, in tremendous pain.

So now the question is, how can we change this warped reality? In my opinion everything begins and ends with education. It is necessary to invest in education from an early age, and only then will it be possible to change this reality, to reduce racism. Additionally, I think that we, the younger generation of the Ethiopian community, must study hard and succeed in life. We must reach senior positions that have influence and then try to institute change from within.

With prayers for peace among the Jewish people, Am Yisrael, and, with G-d’s help, for a complete redemption.

10 July 2019

The Inimitable Rabbi Mizrachi Shlit”a

Permissible Or Not - Including Current Events 
(must listen to the end!!)

My heart goes out to Rabbi Mizrachi; he’s trying so hard to save neshomos. Please listen to the very end, that is where he speaks exceptionally about the condition of the world. Believe him, it’s true. One must try their best to leave (yes, I know some are stuck in the meantime).


People please open your ears to what Rabbi M is saying....you need to move your assets to Israel NOW...take the time, do it, bcs reality will hit... this applies to Europe very much as well...its amazing how everyone is just sitting still waiting for the calm to return versus understanding that thiis is the CALM BEFORE THE STORM!

ACHZORIOS: "Those Who are Cruel to the Merciful Will be Merciful to the Cruel"

There’s a New Definition to the Term “WAR.LOCKS”
Israeli Cops Drive Motorcycle Into Yeshiva Bochur, Drag Him By His Peyos

Following the suspension of an Israeli police officer for dragging a Chareidi protester this past Friday by his peyos, new disturbing footage has surfaced showing the same behavior by Israeli Police. [Unresolved Punishment in Harassment of Haredim by Israel Police]

The attached showing footage was released by Bichadrei Charieidm and given to YWN.

It is from a protest in Bnei Brak around 7 months ago. A complaint was made to police, but nothing ever happened, and no action was taken. Watch how an officer drove a police motorcycle into a Yeshiva Bochur, and then other officers drag him forcefully by his Peyos, followed by him being violently kicked by police.

is there such a thing as
Jewish Anti-Semitism?

MK (Shas) Moshe Arbel on Monday evening turned to the head of the Justice Ministry’s Police Investigations Unit (PIU) regarding the investigation into the policeman documented pulling on the peyos of Yehoshua Mordechai Kroizer during his arrest in Beit Shemesh. Arbel indicates that the penal law states the policeman should be sentenced to three years imprisonment for his actions.

Arbel sent a letter to the unit’s head, attorney Karen Ben-Menachem, in which he explains that the video evidence in the case is clear and the responsible person, the policeman, must be held accountable.

He adds that the video is not complete, and there may be a cause for Kroizer’s detention pertaining to his actions prior to the arrest. However, even if there was just cause, this does not constitute a “free pass” for police to treat civilians as they wish, with violence or to humiliate them on the basis of religion. “There is absolutely no justification to pull a Jews’ peyos, and in general, regarding anyone resisting arrest, and certainly for one who does not resist. This is a disproportionate violation of human dignity”, he writes.

According to Arbel, “A Jew’s peyos have always been a sign of one’s Jewish identity, a symbol of his devotion, his beliefs and his religious affiliation.

Breach of Section 170 of the (Israel) Penal Code

In his actions, it appears that the policeman had therefore committed an offense under section 170 of the Penal Code, which states: ‘A person who destroys, harms or desecrates a place of worship, or any object held sacred to the public for the purpose of abusing their religion, or knowingly that they may regard this act as an insult to their religion, shall be liable to three years imprisonment’. This, in addition to the offense of violence committed. The full extent of the law must be exhausted in the matter of the policeman.”

"Why Are You Stealing?"

"למה אתה גונב?": המלחמה של החקלאים במשפחות הישראליות
"Why are you stealing?”

כאן חדשות | שום דבר לא הכין את החקלאים בישראל לתופעת הגניבות של המטיילים, ש"עושים שוק" במטעים ובפרדסים. התופעה הפכה להיות הקש ששבר את גב החקלאי – שמשלם על הקטיף הפרטי הזה כ-7,000 שקלים בחודש. כתבתה של נועה ברק, מתוך חדשות השבת 06.07.19

Google Translation:
Nothing has prepared the farmers in Israel for the phenomenon of thefts by travelers, who "make a market" in groves and orchards. The phenomenon has become the straw that broke the back of the farmer - who pays about NIS 7,000 a month for this private harvest. Noa Barak's article, from the news of the Sabbath

09 July 2019

UPDATE: Israeli Police Hostility and Cruelty Toward Religious Jews

Statement by victim Mordechai Kroizer: […] said the experience was reminiscent of anti-Semitic violence against Jews in Europe *“from many years ago.” Speaking to Channel 13 on Tuesday, Mordechai Kreuzer said the way the officers treated him was “very painful and very scary — the contempt and humiliation — and it shocked my family when they heard about it afterwards.”
"There was a ruckus next to my building, I went down and stood there with a friend. He managed to run away before the cops came and grabbed me. They kicked me, hit me, and pushed me to the ground. After that, several more cops joined in — lots of slaps to the head and kicks to the rest of my body. I was dragged by them, and when we approached the street [where a police cruiser was parked], they stood me up, and started pulling with force on my sidelocks, and tore out part of my left sidelock.” At least one cop told him, “You will die today,” Kreuzer said


Yehoshua Mordechai Kroizer was arrested at a protest against the destruction of an illegal building earlier in the week, a structure that was used as a shul in Beit Shemesh. Police claim he assaulted a policeman and threw rocks at police. However, a video of the events shows a different story entirely, and its was the police who were violent. In fact, one of the officers has now been suspended – after footage revealed that he dragged Kroizer by his Peyos as he walked him to a waiting police car.

On Friday, police arrested Kroizer, a resident of Beit Shemesh who participated in the protest against the destruction of an illegal building being used as a shul earlier in the week. The protest on erev Shabbos, on Ben Ish Chai Street in the Cheftziba neighborhood, resulted in police protecting municipal workers who arrived to clean the graffiti against Mayor Aliza Bloch, who is referred to as a “terrorist” for destroying the shul.

At the arraignment hearing in the Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court, Kroizer was charged with assault and throwing rocks at police. His attorney embarrassed police during the hearing.


From the (police) video, which was published by Kikar Shabbos News, one sees Kroizer standing next to a parked car, not in the center of the protest, and a policeman approached him, assaulted him, pushed him, smacked him and then dragged him and knocked him to the ground while other policemen joined in.

Screenshot of police cornering Kroizer

At the court hearing, a police representative described the events that occurred. He explained during the afternoon hours; police escorted city officials to protect them while they executed a demolition order. “The crowd began to gather and attack police as they actively resisted, using violence as they shouted ‘Nazi'”. The police representative labeled Kroizer ” a dominant figure in the protest among the many throwing rocks, claiming the policeman who tried arresting him encountered fierce opposition and violence, and he (Kroizer) attacked the policeman, leading to the policeman suffering a fractured leg.

Attorney Roi Politi, who is representing Kroizer, asked the court to release his client immediately, before Shabbos while police asked to remand him for five additional days to permit them to continue the investigation and gather evidence to indict Kroizer. Politi explained to the court that not only did his client not attack anyone, he was the victim of an unprovoked police attack. Police in response to the damaging video evidence told the court that the video was “partial” and the court did not see the events which occurred prior to what the video showed.

The court ordered Kroizer held until Sunday, and at the next hearing, police asked that Kroizer be released with restrictions, including a promise that he arrive at questioning when summoned by police, distancing him from future protests for five months, and a cash bail. The court accepted most of the demands made by police and appeared to have adopted the police version of events. According to the court, there was a reasonable case against Kroizer, stating that for as long as the video prior to the arrest is not present, then the suspicions against Kroizer remain.

Meanwhile, on Monday afternoon, police released a statement that the officer who pulled the peyos of a Kroizer has been suspended pending the outcome of the probe into events.

Minister Aryeh Deri responded too, stating, “The disgraceful appearance of a policeman pulling a chareidi man’s peyos while arresting him should shake every Israeli. The police must conduct a thorough examination of how such an incident, which borders on anti-Semitism, takes place within it, to deal with the case and ensure that such sights do not recur.

A straight line passes between the severe and unbridled incitement we witness toward the chareidi public and these images. I hope that this event will constitute a stop sign and an immediate change in the form of discourse towards the chareidi tzibur.”

See coverage on timesofisrael:
“He pulled my sidelocks — it was humiliating and painful. If he had pulled a little harder, they would have been torn. I couldn’t do anything, not even resist, and they say that I attacked police,” Kreuzer said. Evidence from the incident had been transferred to the Police Internal Investigations Department. Kreuzer has since been released. Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan, who has come under fire as police have been accused of brutality against Ethiopian-Israelis, called the incident appalling and said he approved of suspending the officer.

Kroizer needs to sue the police for abuse, endangerment, and cruelty. (maybe a Haredi class action suit?)
It's time for a new organization to be created to monitor ALL SUCH ANTI-JEWISH BEHAVIOR TOWARD THE RELIGIOUS. They will need to collect information of all such behavior by Israeli City and Government Personnel, all year long. Then this needs to be presented to the Knesset for legal redress.

* about 70 years ago! It seems “Erdan” is going to create a special unit to “investigate cruelty by police” (what I proposed in above comment)

Expose on the Ethiopian Community by Yaron Dekel (ivrit)

The protest of Ethiopian immigrants following the killing of Salomon Tekke, this week, suddenly raised the plight of the community, which for three decades has been struggling to integrate.

In the opinion of many, the struggle this week crossed borders, but the Ethiopian Israelis who went to the roads and intersections believe that this is the only way to overcome the discrimination and distress, and to reach the decision makers and every home in Israel.

Yaron Dekel 's article from “HaShavua”

The shooting death of an Ethiopian-Israeli youth by an off-duty police officer renewed accusations of police brutality and racism toward the community.

Kan English News (audio file on their website)

Dr. Avital Mentovich, an associate professor of criminology at the University of Haifa, told KAN's Naomi Segal that while the use of lethal force by police against civilians is relatively low in Israel compared to other countries, such as the United States, underlying biases cause such incidents to be directed more often against minority communities, such as Ethiopian-Israelis.

משיח קיילו : HaRav Eliyahu Speaking to Ethiopian Young Men

בלי העולים מאתיופיה היינו חסרים | הרב שמואל אליהו | רחובות - תמוז התשע"ט

לקבלת עדכונים, הלכות יומיות, סרטונים, אקטואליה יהודית וכדו' מפי הרב שמואל אליהו שליט”א:

הרה"ג מרדכי אליהו זצוק"ל היה שופע אור בשעה שהיה לומד ומלמד תורה. התורה שלו האירה עיניים ושימחה את הלבבות. כל מי ששמע את דבריו הרגיש את אהבת העולם שבה ניתנה תורה לישראל. אהבה שאיחדה בין ההלכה לאגדה. בין הלמדנות לדרשנות. בין החסידות לקבלה. בין ארץ ישראל לעם ישראל. בין ישראל לאביהם שבשמים. את התורה הזאת אנחנו מנסים להמשיך.
This is what they need, to hear words of Torah from a giant, HaRav Shmuel Eliyahu:

Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu zt "l was full of light when he was studying and teaching Torah. His Torah illuminated the eyes and made the hearts happy. Everyone who heard his words felt the love of the world in which the Torah was given to Israel. A love that united halakhah with legend. Between scholarship and preaching. Between Hasidism and Kabbalah. Between the Land of Israel and the people of Israel. Between Israel and their Father in heaven. We are trying to continue this Torah.

A Prediction of Enormous Consequences

Bill Gates and his “Population Control and Vaccine Madness”

“30 million will die within 6 months." 

Bill Gates sent shockwaves through the crowd when he made that grisly confession ...(2018). He predicts a terrifying pandemic could strike America at any moment - killing 166,000 people PER DAY.
Why Now?

Bill Gates Warns About the Next Pandemic That Could Kill Nearly 33 Million People. The billionaire philanthropist said that our World and the US in particular are falling short in pandemic preparedness. interesting engineering

Is this the Ebola Virus that has been unleashed on shores of America?

The world is rapidly heading towards globalization with advancements in technology and with the given pace, it is also susceptible to pandemics. This is what Bill Gates believes, and he is of the opinion that with the increasing mobility, there’s a significant probability of a new flu epidemic against which our society is unprepared.

Speaking at a discussion about epidemics organized by Massachusetts Medical Society and the New England Journal of Medicine, the billionaire philanthropist said that the world and the U.S., in particular, is falling behind in “pandemic preparedness”. He spoke about the possibility of new flu that could kill more than 30 million people in just six months.

Gates said that he’s super-optimist and believes that life keeps getting better for most people in the world through new immunization and interventions that are helping in eradicating diseases like polio and malaria. However, "there's one area though where the world isn't making much progress," Gates said, "and that's pandemic preparedness."

He pointed out the risk of future pandemics taking the example of an outbreak of Swine Flu in 2009 and the Ebola epidemic, where the U.S. and world were too slow to respond. With the ease of developing biological weapons of mass destruction, Gates fears that the world is at a risk of a bioterror attack.

Gates showed a simulation developed by the Institute of Disease Modelling which predicted that the new flu similar to the one in the 1918 pandemic that wiped out 50 million people, could kill nearly 33 million people worldwide in just six months.

He said that the world needs to prepare for pandemics in a way that military prepares for a war. "In the case of biological threats, that sense of urgency is lacking," he said.

While the government, philanthropic funders and people in the private sectors are already putting efforts in the development of a universally accessible flu vaccine, Gates believes that the preparedness isn’t enough.

“The next threat may not be a flu at all. More than likely, it will be an unknown pathogen that we see for the first time during an outbreak, as was the case with SARS, MERS, and other recently-discovered infectious diseases,” Gates said.

Breakthrough Antibody Fights Against 99 Percent of HIV Strains

He thinks that in order to pro-actively fight against the next deadly pandemic, the world needs better tools, early detection system and a global response system. And, the US should lead in developing the responsive pandemic preparedness for the world.

“We need to invest in other approaches like antiviral drugs and antibody therapies that can be stockpiled or rapidly manufactured to stop the spread of pandemic diseases or treat people who have been exposed,” he said.

Gates also highlighted some of the recent medical advances happening globally that could someday help in preventing the spread of pandemic diseases.

Advances such as the recent development of a point-of-care diagnostic test that utilizes the power of CRISPR to detect the evidence of a pathogen using paper strips similar to a pregnancy test. In addition, advances in monoclonal antibody therapies have led to the development of products for Cancer and Ebola-infected patients.

The Microsoft co-founder concluded his speech saying that there is a roadmap lying in the history of such collective efforts and we must find it in order to develop efficient pandemic preparedness and response system.
(Article from interesting engineering, link above)

Technology Interview with Gill Gates: Q&A with Bill Gates | 2019 Breakthrough Technology | MIT Technology Review


Just ask yourself why is this man so involved in “helping the people’s of the world”? He is connected to some very questionable scientists that are involved in not so nice things. My estimation is that this is all ”created by a select few”, and the DS is engineering all this to reduce earth’s population, making it easier to control. They might also believe that they could create a community on mars or the moon, to escape to after they turn Earth into an ice cube. Why? Thats a good question. Sound appalling, well just do some research while there is still some evidence online. The powers to be are censoring all information that does not agree with their “plans.”

08 July 2019

“Double Standard” Toward Peleg . . . And a New Wave of Ethiopian Protests

Watch Israeli Cops Attack Chareidim At Same Time Ethiopians Wrecked Havoc

The YWN question of a double standard seems to have been answered. At precisely the same time that Israeli police did absolutely nothing as Ethiopians in Israel wreaked havoc by destroying dozens of police cars and blocking traffic across the country, Israeli police were treating Yeshiva Bochrim affiliated with the Peleg Yerushalmi violently.

YWN in no way condones the actions of anyone breaking the law and blocking traffic and inconveniencing hundreds of thousands of people. YWN is simply exposing the very obvious and disturbing double standard shown by Israeli police towards anyone wearing a Yarmulka.
The attached video (still) is just one example of police brutality:
in this still photo, from off the side of the camera, a policeman "flies over and jumps the Jew" to the ground; is this a new anti-terror maneuver? To see video go HERE 

OK, we have passed thru the “shock and hurt” of the unfortunate death of one of their members.
 NEW protests are unwarranted

The demonstrations, dubbed the “Ethiopian protests”, which began following the shooting death of an Ethiopian teenager in Haifa last week, are expected to continue this week, following a lull over the weekend. Relatives of the slain teen, Solomon Tekah, said Monday morning that they planned to continue the mass protests against Israeli police, demanding that the officer involved in the shooting be charged with murder.

“We won’t stop the protests until the situation changes,” relatives of Tekah said, according to a report by Maariv.  arutzsheva

A report based on a ballistics examination has confirmed that the bullet which killed 19-year-old Solomon Tekah last Sunday evening was fired at the ground, and struck Tekah only after it ricocheted off the ground. The report confirms a key part of the officer’s story, and likely reduces the odds he will be charged with manslaughter. arutzsheva

* * * * *


Here is what one commenter had to say:
This is what happens when the Jewish Agency ... imported anyone who said they were Jews which we know so many are NOT. For instance, the Russian population, and the Ethiopians.

With the first immigration of the Ethiopians, they were considered real Jews but many of the Africans took advantage of this situation where they, too, can have a better life and said they were really Jews and had to convert to Xtianity. The original Ethiopians were very angry and disappointed that the the Israeli government did not heed their warning that these newcomers are NOT Jews. 

This has not only been bad for the Ethiopian Jewish community but, of course, for the whole community of Israel.

Critical Deadline Looms and Overshadows the Summer Vacation

NYS Reissues Education Guidelines, 
Yeshivah Advocates Object
By Reuvain Borchardt Hamodia

The New York state Education Department on Wednesday published proposed guidelines for private-school education, largely identical to those struck down last year by a judge on procedural grounds, drawing swift condemnation from yeshivah advocates.

The required hours of secular-studies instruction would obligate yeshivos, with a four-day week, to teach upwards of a four hours of secular education per day in junior high school, and more than three hours per day in high school.

The rules seek to provide detailed instructions for how private schools fulfill the longstanding legal requirement that they provide an education “substantially equivalent” to that provided in public schools.

Among the required subjects is arts, which many yeshivos and Orthodox Jewish parents object to.

The Push to Progressivism and Liberal Ideologies

Under the rules, yeshivos are placed under the purview of the local school authority (LSA), which will visit each yeshivah to determine whether it is fulfilling the substantial-equivalency requirement. In most areas of the state, the LSA is the trustees of the board of education of the district; in New York City, it is the school’s chancellor.

LSA’s are required to make an initial visit to each school within its district by no later than the end of the 2022-2023 school year, and make regular visits thereafter.

The Education Department issued largely similar guidelines in November 2018, but after a lawsuit was filed by Jewish, Catholic, and non-religious private-school groups, a judge ruled in April that the guidelines were an illegal circumvention of the rulemaking process, which requires publishing the proposed rule, giving time for public comment, and having a public hearing and vote by the state Board of Regents.

Wednesday’s publication of the new guidelines commences a public-comment period, which ends September 2. A vote by the Board of Regents on a final set of regulations will likely be held sometime in the fall.

Education Commissioner MaryEllen Elia said in a statement Wednesday that “nonpublic schools are an important part of the educational landscape in New York State,” and that “with the regulations, we will ensure that all students — no matter which school they attend — have the benefit of receiving the education state law says they must have.”

But yeshivah advocates and parents sharply condemned the guidelines as an intrusion into parental choice and religious liberties.

Parents for Education and Religious Liberty in Schools (PEARLS), a yeshivah-advocacy organization, said that the proposed regulations “disregard the long history of success demonstrated by private schools across New York State,” “undermine the choices made by parents who choose private schools for their children,” and “substitute the education bureaucracy in Albany for the private school leadership sought by parents and students.”

PEARLS said it urges the Education Department “to work with the private school community in a manner that respects the success, autonomy, history and purpose of private schools.”

Emily DeSantis, the Education Department’s Assistant Commissioner for Public Affairs, told Hamodia, “We will consider all feedback we receive on the draft regulations before issuing final regulations.

Yeshivah parents who spoke with Hamodia said they strongly oppose state regulation of education.

“As a parent, my responsibility is to prepare my children for a successful and happy future,” said Tziri Hershkovitz, a Williamsburg mother. “To that end, education is an absolute priority. But in a free country, what that education should entail, should be the choice of the parents. The hours not spent on secular studies are when we inculcate Torah values that shape their identity and prepare them for meaningful living.”

A Boro Park mother, who asked to be identified only as Leah, said, “I spend $15,000 a year sending my child to a yeshivah high school, which I selected because I think it will best provide him the education I want him to receive. Though his yeshivah’s secular-studies curriculum — provided in addition to the grueling schedule of Torah studies — is fewer hours each day than public schools, he performed far better on his Regents exams than most public-school students. He is a scholar both in Torah and in secular studies.

“The state should not be interfering in how I choose to have my son educated; this is about parental choice and religious liberties.”



WRONG ARGUMENT: The argument should not be “a parent’s choice” because then NYS believes that (the argument is) it’s “only a matter of opinion” and that NYS says its opinion “outways" (= exceeds in value or importance) the parents’ choice. That makes it a secular inyan. Instead, the argument (is religious) is that the Jewish Religious Community is following the laws of the Torah, given to them and the world by the G–d of the world. Its the Torah that mandates Jewish education, not NY State! Standing up for the Torah is what this is all about. That’s why Yeshivos must stand firm.

To understand the importance of Torah Learning (for children, women and boys and men) is crucial to the life of Jews. Therefore it is suggested to listen to the three shiur series of the “Importance of Torah” by Rabbi Mendel Kessin, in which he elucidates the hierarchy of the importance of Torah based on the sefiros.


https://torahthinking.com/the-greatness-of-torah-part-1/ –

07 July 2019

Tribute to a Larger Than Life Mechanech

My Rebbe, Rav Dovid Trenk // A Talmid Remembers a Master Mechanech
as told to Gershon Hellman by Rabbi Yisroel Fuchs
By Ami Magazine

For over half a century as a rebbe and rosh yeshivah in Talmudical Academy of Adelphia, Camp Monk and Yeshivas Moreshes Yehoshua in Lakewood, Rav Dovid Trenk, zt”l, touched the neshamos of thousands of students. He was a towering personality and great talmid chacham who was willing to literally do whatever it took to reach every student. His incredible love for every student shone through and was felt by all. Rabbi Yisroel Fuchs, a prominent educator in Baltimore and a close talmid of Rav Trenk’s, shares some of his memories of his rebbe:

I first became a talmid in Adelphia over 35 years ago, when I entered Rabbi Trenk’s ninth grade shiur in the yeshivah. He was a very energetic man with a larger-than-life personality, and I was a bit scared of him at first.

If I remember correctly, he taught us Yevamos that year, and he had a bunch of “mentchie” figurines on his desk, which he used as educational tools to act out the cases in the Gemara for us. At first, I thought that it was strange, but he was so engaged in what he was teaching that we all got drawn into it and became engaged in the learning ourselves. It was the first time that I really started to love to learn. He made learning enjoyable. He was running around the classroom and jumping up and down with excitement. I didn’t know what hit me but I loved the shiur.

Rebbe did not really give mussar speeches to us. Instead, Rav Kalman Krohn, zt”l, would come in on Thursday nights to give us shmuessim. But Rebbe’s whole life was a shmuess. Everything he did, the entire way he conducted himself, was a mussar lesson. He really was a walking mussar sefer. The following story really brings out this point:

When I was in tenth grade, I was in a dorm room shmuessing with a few guys after Shacharis. One boy was holding a lit cigarette in his hand. Smoking was one of the things that Rav Dovid would get very animated and upset about. Suddenly, Rebbe walked into the room and saw the bachur with the cigarette in his hand. We all froze, waiting to see what would happen. Rebbe put his head down and said, “I apologize. I forgot to knock on the door before coming in.” And he walked out without saying a word about what he had seen—and never brought it up again.

Later in life, I became a menahel and rebbe myself, in a yeshivah with a dormitory. Before I ever entered any room, I would knock on the door. Because that is what I learned from Rebbe. In that moment, he taught us about respecting a person’s privacy and what it means to be a mentch.

Everything Rebbe did was a lesson for us. The way he davened. The way he talked to people. The way he had respect for everyone—both Jew and non-Jew, young and old. The courtesy he always had.

He was not “acting” in a courteous manner. It was real. He was the most real and genuine person you could ever meet. And his love for everyone was purely genuine.

* * * * *

Vignettes of a Remarkable Person [from Mishpacha Magazine]

* When the daughter of a talmid was diagnosed with an illness, the talmid and his wife were completely overwhelmed. They were in the hospital on that first day, speaking with the doctor, when Rebbi walked into the room. He realized they were in consultation with the doctor, but he didn’t leave. He waited next to the young girl’s bedside for 45 minutes, simply being — feeling, feeling, feeling so deeply — and then he left, without having said a word to his beloved talmid, who was still deep in conversation with the doctor.

* There was a difficult young man in yeshivah. During bein hazmanim, the challenging teenager and his parents had a bitter fight. In desperation, his mother called the only rebbi her son had ever liked. Rabbi Trenk spoke with her, then suddenly said he had to hang up. Two hours later, there was a knock at the front door of the Brooklyn home — it was Rabbi Trenk, there to speak with his talmid. Rabbi Trenk sat with the bochur for ten minutes, reminding him of who he was, the path on which he was headed, then turned to leave, driving two hours back to Adelphia.

*Rabbi Trenk read to them from a mussar sefer each day — not one of the classics, but All For the Boss. He wanted them to dream big, to live Yiddishkeit to the fullest. Rabbi Trenk would speak about gedolei Yisrael with reverence, describing the ahavas Yisrael of his rebbe, the Kopyczynitzer Rebbe, and the kavod haTorah of his rebbi, Rav Shmuel Brudny, who had such respect for his own young talmidim that he would stand up when they came to ask him questions. He told and told and told, speaking of tzaddikim like an art collector discussing priceless works of art, but to the bochurim, Rabbi Trenk was simply articulating the greatness they already saw in him.

* He saw a boy sitting forlornly on a bench during lunchtime on Erev Tishah B’Av. The camper was just a few weeks after his bar mitzvah, and he was terrified about the impending fast, the long, hot, hungry day ahead. Rabbi Trenk sat down and asked what was wrong. The boy didn’t answer, but when Rabbi Trenk persisted, the boy admitted that he was anxious.
“About Tishah B’Av?” Rabbi Trenk asked in surprise, as if the day were six months away.
“Yeah, it’s tonight,” the boy said.
“But Mashiach can still come! ” Rabbi Trenk said. “There won’t be a Tishah B’Av. You’re all worried about nothing.”
That night, this camper saw Rabbi Trenk come into the dimly lit dining room for Kinnos. Rabbi Trenk looked completely devastated, as if trying to process something incomprehensible.
Mashiach hadn’t yet come.

I didn’t know the Rabbi, but after reading about him, I was very moved and felt great sadness that the boys will be deprived of such greatness that lived among us for a while. What a tremendously special person he was. 

But as Rabbi Miller explained in Parshas Chukas, ‘meis’ really means ‘moving on’ to another dimension (that he called Olam Habah). So maybe the Rabbi is looking down on Am Yisrael and watching over his boys.

Remember the Geulah Summit Today

Rabbi Winston Speaks Today

Our world is changing in so many ways. And many of us are feeling personally challenged by that change.

But what if you knew that many of these changes were predicted by the Torah thousands of years ago, and that according to the Torah, they presage the unfolding of new human potential and a world of Heaven on Earth?

Tapping into that new potential is what the Global Geula Summit, Activating Your Purpose in Extraordinary Times, is all about.

Geula means liberation, awakening and redemption, all in one. The world of Geula is a world of heaven on earth...of peace and unity... and of Divine truth and light revealed within each one of us, each of us shining that light in our own unique and precious way.

That's why Geula is for every human being. And it's already starting to emerge into the world.

When you connect to the light of Geula, you can stop struggling, and START LIVING... with authentic purpose, power and joy.

The Global Geula Summit begins on June 30th at 11 am eastern time. It will be three weeks of deep, provocative online conversations that will change your life.

I’ll be featured on July 7, 2019.

Rabbi Pinchas Winston

06 July 2019

New Evidence About the Tragedy of Ethiopian Israel

The following evidence sheds light on the circumstances of the initial “spark” that exploded into the Ethiopian rioting.

The police investigation of the shooting incident which led to the death of an Ethiopian man, Solomon Tekah, revealed that the police officer shot at the ground, as he had insisted from the beginning. An autopsy of Tekah revealed that only a bent sliver of the bullet was lodged in his body, proving that the bullet first hit a hard surface. Furthermore, the remaining part of the bullet was found lodged in the ground at the scene of the shooting.

A Walla! report related the policeman's version of what happened that fateful day. The off-duty policeman went out with his wife and his children to the park in the evening and saw three young Ethiopian men beating up a 13-year old boy and trying to steal his money and phone.

The policeman approached the scene, ordering them to leave the boy alone but they ignored him. The officer then identified himself as a policeman, but to no avail - the men began cursing at him and threatening him. The policemen then decided to leave the scene since the boy had run away and he noticed that the men seemed to be drunk.

However, shortly later the three men returned and began throwing rocks at the officer, hitting him in the head, chest and shoulders. The officer called for back-up, but meanwhile, feeling like his life was in real danger, pulled out his gun to warn and deter the men. He shot towards the ground and a nearby wall. "I didn't shoot in the air out of fear of harming passersby since it's a populated area," the officer said at the investigation. The evidence regarding the bullet revealed in the investigation cited above, corroborates the officer's testimony.


This means that the bullet that hit the ground fragmented and a piece struck the victim, ending his life. [was this from Shamayim?]

The officer and his family is being threatened. By whom? This needs to be further investigated to see if “outside parties” are stoking the fire.

This entire ordeal is symptomatic of the dichotomy between the older generation and the younger generation of Olim. Especially that the Ethiopian Community is an ancient and very poor segment (albeit ghettoised) of the African community. The parents, Rabbis and Kessim are very mild, faithful and devoted to Jewish religious life. Not so for many of the younger ones, who are trying to find their way in the permissive and ill-guided "Israeli Youth Culture.” They can be looked upon as victims themselves. Trying to fit in, but frustrated because of the thousands of years of their Traditions that come in conflict with the modern Israeli lifestyle (and add to this the breakdown in morality, a sure sign of the end).

Remember the Yemenite Children fiasco? There were protests then also, met with severe police action and governmental overview. The Israeli Government just did not get it!

Now a repeat of that disaster is occurring within the Ethiopians, not torn asunder physically from their parents, but rather ideologically torn asunder.

Rabbi Dov Lipman wrote a good article, Lessons from the Ethiopian community protests, about his being stuck amidst the protesting for 5 hours, and his attempts to mediate, and the reactions of the other Israelis stuck in their cars. His impression was that the Israelis in the cars were sympathetic to their protests; however, after a number of hours they became agitated at the disturbance of their lives.

This “explosion” onto the pages of the papers and internet could be announcing the psychological breakdown of Israeli society [especially that the mossad purchased cigars for Bibi - ouch, big trouble brewing]. One cannot deny that the Zionist Dream is faltering.