30 December 2019

Security vs. “Security”

With all the brave Jewish souls wearing weapons for Security to patrol and defend their brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers, Monsey could become a ghetto.

The first Jewish Ghetto in America. Would anyone have imagined that this could happen? Could America become a reflection of the European disaster of WWII?

Every Golus has an end. This is the last Golus of Jewish history. We know what follows.

Most of the Jews of Europe did not have anywhere to run. They didn’t have the funds or the connections to escape the inevitable. Many did not know the inevidable. Those who hoped for a miracle, it never came. Some did survive to tell the world. Those who fled had a chance.

It’s now 70 years later. Now there is another option. And many American Jews do have the funds to leave the frying pan. They can also pull resources to help the others, before the economic reality could alter that opportunity.

On Mount Sinai we were given our blueprint for the future. That future instructed the Jews to enter The Land to create a society based on the laws in that blueprint. It’s been thousands of years later and we are at the doorway to the End. HKB”H is beckoning His devoted remnants of believing Jews to heed His blueprint. Listen ONLY to HaShem and come Home to build that society. The Land needs you, before it could be swallowed chv”s by foreigners (a Rabbi Mizrahi shiur). The Land is where to testify to your Yerusha. When you step foot onto the adama you will be concluding the events begun by Adam Harishon.

Why else was the World created? Only for His children, the Jewish Nation.

American Jews are descendants of those who were able to leave before, during and after the ashes of Europe. They have since raised generations. They know deep down what the choices are.

It is not to remain in a foreign land.

HaShem gave you a place to survive and build, to raise another generation of believers. What for? To bring those neshomas back to Sinai and the Land of Eretz Yisroel. Why Avraham Avinu? Why Yitzchak Avinu? Why Ya’akov Yisroel? And why our Imahos?

We are their descendants, we are bnei Yisroel, Yehudim. We belong on the Land to bring belief in HKB”H back into the world.

Our Only “Security” is HKB”H

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