11 December 2019

Who is G-d That We Daven to? And the Prelude to Mashiach

A new shiur from Rabbi Mendel Kessin Shlit”a is something every Jew must listen to and incorporate into their Mitzvah kavana.  The Rabbi is a fascinating presenter of Torah and hashkafa. Some discourage those who try to imagine who or what G-d is. But Rabbi Kessin lays out the Torah sources that beg us to seek this closeness to HaShem.

This shiur is explained as thus:
Who is G–d, Part One
Although this shiur (class) is part of a dedicated series, it covers material from the missing shiurim at the beginning of the Derech Hashem series. The material not covered here is the Hakdama (introduction), in which the Ramchal summarizes his method of systematic learning and retention of material. Rabbi Kessin has dedicated videos of this method in videos and playlists on this channel.

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It is not enough to ask “will Mashiach come this Shabbos or next Shabbos?”  (Mashiach does not come on Shabbos) While this gets your attention, there is much more serious thinking and soulful preparing to be done by every devoted Torah Jew before Mashiach arrives.

In 21st Century #49 | The Era Before Mashiach..... the Rabbi gave us a prelude to the (not so distant) future scenarios of what we can expect and look forward to as Mashiach makes his appearance.

Now in this series, “Who is G-d!” We are being taken a step closer. Masterfully, Rabbi Kessin is leading us through his exemplary shiurim, to actually prepare our neshomas for this reality (only in our world, but for the future world).

I believe this is what HaShem wants us to do in preparation.

An interesting aside, as I watched The Rabbi my eyes caught a sort of whitish glow on the Rabbis forehead in the place where the 'tefillin shel rosh' lays. Yes, it could be the lighting, but that exact spot did appear whitish on his forehead, not his cheek or chin, but that spot. That’s all I am saying.

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