18 December 2019


“Jewish” (Israeli) School in Herzylia Religionizing Students via Christian Holiday Symbols

"Our son, who is in eighth grade, told us he doesn't understand why the school's staff is working to provide preferential treatment of Christian holidays at the expense of Jewish holidays," one of the parents said. "It seems that the school made a concerted effort to make the Christian holiday attractive, while neglecting and marginalizing Hanukkah.”

Tantalizing little innocent children with XMAS symbols

Yad L'achim noted the hypocrisy of liberal organizations and some of Israel's media outlets, which investigate every Jewish activity in schools and constantly protest "religionizing" while pretending to remain neutral - but which ignore activities which are blatantly "religionizing" when the religion in question is Christianity and the activities trample the values of the eternal nation.

Chanukah is all about the Greeks trying to destroy Judaism in Eretz Yisrael
so where is the education ministry?

Hanukkah - The Greeks Are Striking Again

Hanukkah - Who Really Won the Jews or the Greeks - (Current Events 2018)

Who Deserves To Celebrate Hanukkah

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moshe said...

What's happening now in EY is very disturbing. Do not think it ever reached such a low since the rebirth 70 years ago. Was reading on the Shearim blog about the xmas holiday being celebrated at the First Station in Yerushalayim with many people showing up and whereas there was always a Chanukah celebration at this time, there was none now. Believe something sinister is really happening. A pact was made with the devil, so to speak and those at the top are responsible more than anyone for dejudaizing the State. The only thing there is to say is that all these secular, G-Dless Jews in Israel who have the zchut to live in EY and bow down to the avoda zora while discarding any semblance of Yiddishkeit will have no share in the Land, unless they do teshuva and do it soon. Moshiach is around the corner; they better wake up. Believe also this is part of the global agenda and the infiltration of goyim to slowly and not so slowly replace the Jews and make it their center for their planned one world religion, c'v. Their plans are for nought but that there are so many illiterate, ignorant and uncaring so-called Jews living in EY and falling for this tumah is a disgrace and a chilul H', beyond any words that I can think of. H' yerachem!!!