23 December 2019

Chanukah Warm Wishes From President Trump

President Trump sent his “warmest wishes” to the Jewish community Sunday in a White House message ahead of Chanukah.
“More than 2,000 years ago,” the statement read, “the Maccabees boldly reclaimed the Holy Temple in Jerusalem, securing a victory for the Jewish people and their faith. They proudly lit the menorah to rededicate the Second Temple. Even though there was only enough olive oil to burn for one day, through divine providence, the flames miraculously burned for eight nights.
“As the Jewish community gathers together to celebrate this special and sacred time of year, we are reminded of G-d’s message of hope, mercy, and love. Throughout the coming eight days, each candle to be lit on the menorah will signal to the world that freedom and justice will always shine brighter than hate and oppression.
“Today, the relationship between the United States and Israel, one of our most cherished allies and friends, is stronger than ever. We will continue to stand with the Jewish people in defending the G-d-given right to worship freely and openly.
“As our Jewish brothers and sisters gather around the menorah each night, we pray for a memorable and blessed celebration of the Festival of Lights. May the light of the menorah and the fellowship of family and friends fill your hearts with happiness and a renewed sense of faith.”


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