08 December 2019

A DAY'S WAGES: Farms "Like Lambs To The Slaughter" - Grand Solar Minimum

An excellent and soulful video by Christian of Ice Age Farmer

As damages from the flooding in US Midwest surpass $5.3 billion -- affecting farmers across the nation -- and more flooding is expected in 2020, it is time to step back and take stock of what is happening. The war on farmers -- the war on our food -- is a silent war with quiet weapons, meaning we must work to SEE what is going on: farm after farm lost.

KISSINGER said, Control food and you control the people.





#I want to tell you a true story. Me and my wife went grocery shopping. We went to Costco then we went to Vons for our meat. It has been probably 6 or 7 months since I personally went shop with my wife? she normally does the grocery shopping for the house and I go every once in a while. When I walked into Costco I was simply amazed at the amount of food but really surprised at the low prices. I was thinking to myself how could the producers of this food sell this food for such a low price, especially when the crops last year was completely wiped out? and this year they were decimated along with the cattle? It really made me think, and really made me realize we are in big trouble, I mean big big trouble. Because I know the farmers and ranchers can not sell all this produce and meat for this low price, they just can't. they have to be losing billions of dollars overall. It really suprises me that there is still so much food on the store shelves. It even made me think? It there really a problem? I personally know farmers and ranchers, I have family in California and the mid-east they crow crops of vegetables and in California they grow citrus,nuts, and avocados and all if them are in financial trouble. They are hurting bad, and it can't continue, they will be out of business in the next year 2020 unless they raise the prices alot or get help from the State they have their farm or ranch in or the Federal government. Period, in not they will be bankrupt for sure 100%. Some of my family have been farmers for over 100 years and I personally was raised on a small ranch until I was 14 years old, so I know about ranching and farming. My late uncle. My dad's brother. His family has two cattle ranches, the big one is in Oklahoma and the smaller ranch is in north Texas. The ranch in Texas is more of a breeding ranch, were they insinuate the heffers and raise premium bills and they do DNA stuff. The ranch in Oklahoma is just a pure cattle ranch, were they take the cattle from Texas to live and graze until they are taken to market. My uncles family cattle operation is a small one compared to the big ones out there, I'm thinking 25,000 head of cattle, in the last 8 months they are down to about 12,000 head, they lost more than half their cattle, most drown in a big flood they had this last spring and the ranch is in big big trouble financially????? sure they had insurance that paid from some of the losses but much more than cattle was destroyed and sure they had some insurance for that also but with raising anything it's the time and bredding cycles you can't get back no matter what you do. Anyways this comment totally depresses me. We are in high trouble, I mean BIG, BIG trouble. This stores might be packed this years end with food and meat at cheap price. But only because the government and their price setting, the government is 100% screwing our great farmers and ranch, it's sad and makes me want to cry and totally pisses me off at the same time. I'm also "SCARED" because I know what's coming to our Country and the World. I have Children and Grandchildren and that is who I'm scared for. Screw myself, it is what it is, but my kids, my grandkids, what does the future hold for them? They will not have the same life we all have had, it's going to get nasty, not just a little inconvenience, but all out mad max. Think I'm exaggerating??? Think again, take a real hard look at the evidence, no food? What would you do to feed your starving child that is crying because he or she is hungry. GOD I hate writing this. But this will be the reality of things to come. So, please if anything prepare yourself and your family for what is coming. God Bless you and your family and may God Bless the United States of America.

#Many thank-you's go to you for mentioning Bosnia, which like other war damaged countries is, along with all other European Nations, now facing agricultural collapse due to heavy out of season snows, horrific winter snows, frightening hailstorms, flood rains & a commonality of life threatening winds + deliberate & malevolent government decisions leading to disaster after disaster. Many of our leaders seem hell bent on collapsing their countries while at the same line lining their own pockets..

#When you talk to the older Germans they will do almost anything to keep the farmers in the black and it's because they've seen starvation. They know the true value of growing food and what happens when you can't. When I see the farmers in Canada growing canola it's such a joke to me. I don't consider that's real food. The nutritionist will tell you that when you hydrolyze canola oil you mess it up compared to olive oil. Farming is big business. There are people here farming 60+ quarters of land. They don't really care about the land they're renting or the glyphosate in the food chain.

#Frightening news, so many unaware! Our parents' generation who lived thru WW2 see the signs in climate plus farming & food/media nazis AND a repeat of signs & signals before WW2.

#and still on a daily basis in the good ole ussa they throw out thousands of pounds of food a day at every grocery store in every state. perfectly good food. due to a bruise, or a nick or anything. meat, dairy cheese ewggs vegies fruits. thousands and thousands of pounds of food goes in the trash. people need to wake up. soon when there is nothing left, maybe then they will be up in arms on how this should have been top priority - horse feed went up 5 dollars a bag in less then 5 months. hay shortages everywhere. some bales are 7-9 dollars for a small sq bale. folks wont be able to afford it. so they will end up at slaughter for human consumption in europe. we are in trouble folks.

#If I remember my history correctly, this is the exact same set up as in the late 1920's. The farm economy had fallen off a cliff well before the stock market crashed.


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