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30 April 2020

Israeli Population is 8,631,516 as of Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Out of nearly 8.6 Million in Israel, only 15,870 were infected?
Does that mean everyone else DID NOT get the Virus?
Or does that mean the remaining 8615646 Million did get the Virus and created “Natural Herb Immunity”?
What do these numbers really mean?

The Ministry of Health on Wednesday evening published updated data showing that the death toll in Israel as a result of the coronavirus has risen to 215.

The total number of cases is 7,386 and a total of 15,834 people have been infected since the outbreak of the virus began.

115 patients are in serious condition, and 90 of those are connected to respirators. 83 patients are in moderate condition.

8,233 cases have recovered. (SEE CHART FOR TOTAL NUMBERS)

Following the conclusion of Independence Day, and the lifting of the restrictions on movement between cities, the government will discuss a series of additional relief measures in the coming days.


Meanwhile, Trump on Wednesday received the support  of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) for his promotion of an anti-malarial drug to treat the coronavirus. AAPS presented data obtained after a study of 2,333 coronavirus patients treated with the hydroxychloroquine drug (of course with Zpak or Zinc). The study found that 91.6% of patients got better after being administered the drug. arutzsheva

Who Keeps Eretz Yisrael?

72 Years Of Not Thanking G-D for Our Return To Eretz Yisrael

Where Are Your Masks? and Mandatory Social Distancing?

Oh, excuse me, it’s ok, because you are Zionists Celebrating
It wouldn’t look nice?
By the way, where was G–D in all your celebrations?
HE could not possibly be there because of the licentious entertainment!
Each year it looks less and less “nice"



Here is a screen shot of the Yeshiva Boys in a Corona Hotel

Here is a screen shot of Yeshiva Boys learning Torah Wisdom in a YESHIVA


29 April 2020

“Leave while it’s possible. Things will get worse . . .

. . . it will be difficult to move from one country to another.”

Rabbi Chaim Yaakov Frankel from Brooklyn, known as the Rimanover Rebbe, in 2015 issued an unequivocal order for Jews to leave their homes in the diaspora and immigrate to Israel, before a civil war breaks out in the United States. JPRESS April 29, 2020

The Rimanover Rebbe visiting his forefather’s grave in Poland in 2018

An heir of Menachem Mendel of Rimanov—one of the early promoters of the Chasidic movement in Poland (alongside Rabbi Yaakov Yitzchak the Chozeh of Lublin, Rabbi Yisrael Hopstein the Magid of Koznitz, and Rabbi Avraham Yehoshua Heshel, the Apter Rebbe—Rabbi Frankel has been active in recent years on social media, especially with his talks on YouTube, which often touch on the coming of Moshiach.

This week, according to B’Hadrei Haredim, while visiting South-American and French Jews who have moved to Florida, Rabbi Frankel was extremely specific about the urgent need to make aliyah now: “Leave while it’s possible. Things will get worse and it will be difficult to move from one country to another.”

“After World War II, the survivors came and asked why the Gedolim and the Rebbes did not order European Jews to leave while there was still time and emigrate to Israel or the United States before the war broke out,” Rabbi Frankel told his small audience following the morning prayer service. “Truth be told, they (the rebbes) said and then some, they begged the Jews to flee the scorched earth, but part of the decree was that the Jews didn’t listen.”

“Today,” the Rimanover Rebbe said, “Listen to me well, dear Jews, whoever can afford to rise and ascend to the Holy Land should [do] it as soon as possible, and this includes large parts of South America and most of Europe. The US will also become a dangerous place mired in war, and it is still too early to tell which US state will survive, but many parts will be destroyed and poisoned, and a civil war will break out within the US, and states will secede from the federal government. The US will no longer be a place of refuge, but there will be a Jewish remnant here. The Land of Israel will be the safest place to survive the war, even though there will be terrible difficulties there as well.”

Regarding Chabad emissaries, the Rimanover Rebbe said that they could remain in their places as long as they have real work to do, but they should encourage Jews to immigrate to the Holy Land and flee, and wherever their activity ends, the mission is over and they must leave the city in which they were operating.

“If I could do it myself, I would get up and immigrate to Israel and pray on its soil, but what can I do, I don’t have permission to do so – in Heaven they holding me back for the time being, to stay here in the US,” the Rimanover Rebbe said.

Meir Ettinger – A Poem for Yom Atzmaut (Hebrew)

בעלות המשיח משער רומי

מאיר אטינגר בשיר קצר ליום העצמאות: ראו שגאולה בוששת, וחשבו שלא תגיע יותר / ואמרו לעצמם שמוכרחים לוותר. / בנו מדינה משברי לוחות ומילים..

ובעלות משיח מהשער שלרומי ראה דגל ומחולות.
אז שאל הנער – מה זה קול ענות?
ענה לו: זהו קול. קול חסר קול.
קול ענות גבורה, קול ענות חלושה. יש מהכול.
ראו שגאולה בוששת, וחשבו שלא תגיע יותר.
ואמרו לעצמם שמוכרחים לוותר.
בנו מדינה משברי לוחות ומילים.
אהרן בנה מזבח, סביבו פזרו עגלים.
העם נתן מדמו, עירב מי שעירב ויצא זה הדגל.
אז הציבו דגל בבית אל, דגל בגוש דן, שלא יעלו לרגל.
שברי לוחות מחוץ לארון. מזבח ללא אהרן.
התייאשו מבואך שבושש, ברגע האחרון.
אז אמר המשיח: אני שומע במחנה קול מלחמה.
אכן, ואני האויב, ענה נערו באימה.

Unfortunately this does not translate well into English.

GIFT OF LIFE: Antibody Research vs The WHO Threatens

A lifesaving quest to harvest the plasma of Covid survivors
On April 1, Rabbi Leib Kelemen, a well-known author and rosh kollel in Jerusalem, sent out a podcast. Imagine, he told his listeners, a scene in which all the negative news coverage of chareidi Jews was suddenly replaced by images of chareidi Covid-19 survivors lining up in multitudes to give potentially life-saving convalescent blood plasma to those still battling the virus. Little did he know that the wheels were already turning that would bring his vision to pass.

If I Find a Donor
The story, which has the makings of a Hollywood thriller and which is far from over, begins with apparent serendipity. On March 29, Covid-19 patient Rabbi Mordechai Swiatycki of Monsey was taken to Westchester Medical Center, where his medical condition declined rapidly and he was placed on a respirator. At one point, the German-born infectious disease specialist overseeing Rabbi Swiatycki’s case, Dr. Bettina Knoll, began reviewing all the possible treatments with his son Abba.

She mentioned a number of possible medications, but also said she wished that she could try using convalescent blood plasma drawn from those who had recovered from the virus. Unfortunately, she said, there were no donors.

Abba asked what would happen if he could find a donor. Even though Dr. Knoll did not initially receive a favorable response from her supervisors to his suggestion, the seed had been planted in Abba Swiatycki’s mind.

On April 4, Abba contacted Rebbetzin Abby Fink of the Young Israel of New Rochelle, whose shul became the center of the first major outbreak of COVID-19 virus in New York State, when a shul member returned from a trip abroad and did not realize that he was infected. Rebbetzin Fink gave him the name of another man, Mordechai Serle of Flatbush, who had been searching for convalescent plasma for his hospitalized father-in-law. She informed Abba that Mordy Serle had found a donor. (Both Serle’s father-in-law, Reb Dovid Shurin, and Abba Swiatycki’s father recovered. The former never received the blood plasma that that a member of the New Rochelle community volunteered to give; the latter eventually received the convalescent plasma, but only after being removed from the ventilator.)

The two fortyish executives — Serle a partner in a law firm and Swiatycki a senior officer in a real estate development company — hit it off, however, and they decided to pool their efforts to see whether they could bring the convalescent plasma to more people in desperate need.

They didn’t have much medical background, but they possessed energy, creativity, a burning drive to get things done. Soon they would be commanding a national effort, to be named the Yitzchak Lebovitz Covid Plasma Initiative, to provide potentially lifesaving plasma to Covid patients.

By Motzaei Shabbos, April 5, the two had created a website covidplasmasavealife.com to register potential donors of convalescent plasma — i.e., all those who tested positive for Covid-19 virus and have been symptom-free for at least 14 days.

The entry of the first names in their data bank came about in a particularly poignant fashion. The family of Reb Meir Greenberg of Monsey were searching for convalescent plasma and had sought donors through one of the popular Orthodox websites for their critically ill father. At 2:00 a.m. in the morning on April 6, Abba Swiatycki received a call from one of the daughters; she sent him the names of all the people who’d offered to donate plasma to her father. Only later did Abba learn that she’d called him only moments after her father’s passing.

When Serle and Swiatycki first put up their website, the only hospital in the New York metropolitan area actively seeking convalescent plasma donors was Mt. Sinai in Manhattan. Playing a leading role in that campaign was a Monsey-based chassidishe importer of shoes, Chaim Lebovits, who has developed a volunteer sideline guiding individual patients with medical problems requiring the highest level of medical expertise. In the course of his activities, Lebovits had developed a close relationship with Dr. Jeffrey Bander, a cardiologist at Mt. Sinai Hospital.

Both Swiatycki and Serle had already been in contact with Lebovits, in the course of their search for convalescent plasma for their loved ones. Now he became the guide for his slightly younger colleagues and connected them with crucial contacts around the country, chief among them Dr. Shmuel Shoham, a native Israeli, now at Johns Hopkins University Medical Center in Baltimore; and Dr. Michael Joyner of the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.

The Angel and the Sword
Those contacts became crucial when the Mayo Clinic was appointed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as the lead research institution for the FDA’s Expanded Access Program (EAP). The Mayo Clinic had already been joined in a voluntary association with over 50 other leading academic institutions, including Johns Hopkins, on research on convalescent plasma.

This is far from the first effort to harness plasma to fight infection. The technique was employed in the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic and again against the H1N1 flu in 2009–2010. Of most direct relevance to the COVID-19 pandemic, it was used to combat two previous coronaviruses: SARS in 2003 and MERS in 2012.

But the FDA’s approval of Early Access Program for convalescent plasma, under the Mayo Clinic’s auspices, had the potential to make the technique much more widespread and accessible. Until then hospitals could only gain permission to use convalescent plasma under a cumbersome procedure on a case-by-case basis, and usually only when the patient was critically ill. And past experience shows that it is more likely to be effective at an earlier stage of illness.

Under the EAP, any hospital that complies with the Mayo Clinic protocols and appoints a senior investigator to oversee the clinical trials is able to use transfusions of convalescent plasma. Nevertheless, in a video issued on April 2, Dr. Joyner predicted no more than a “trickle” of cases using the therapy in the week to come, and pointed out that the logistics involved are extremely complex.

Though Dr. Joyner did not specify the nature of those logistical complexities, they are threefold. The first is securing an adequate supply of donors. The second is finding enough machines to draw the blood plasma. Few hospitals have their own machines, and the 70-minute process of extracting the blood plasma and restoring the donor’s blood, along with the preliminary intake makes for a two-hour process per extraction. Then there is the logistical nightmare of making sure that all the slots on the available machines are taken and do not go unused. Finally, hospitals must be convinced to join the EAP. Like most large bureaucracies, their natural tendency is to continue doing what they have been doing and to avoid rapid changes in procedures.

Dr. Joyner, early on, came to view the chareidi community as a major ally. Because the community was so hard hit by the COVID-19 virus, it constituted a huge reservoir of potential donors. In addition, he knew the community’s ability to mobilize once it identifies a goal. As Chaim Lebovits likes to say of himself, “How did a chassid with lange peyos get to the point where he can reach the top expert in any medical field within half an hour? It’s because my entire education was in Yiddish, and my English is so weak. I never learned the words, ‘I can’t’ or ‘No.’ ”

On Erev Pesach, Chaim was having difficulty convincing a particular hospital to try convalescent plasma on one of his “clients.” After consulting his rav, he arranged a conference call on Yom Tov with the head of the hospital and Dr. Joyner. On another occasion, Dr. Joyner called Lebovits on Erev Shabbos, and told him that he needed eleven donors in Brooklyn, Minnesota before the weekend. Reb Chaim, who wasn’t previously aware of the existence of a Brooklyn in Minnesota, reached out to his connections in the Minneapolis suburb of St. Louis Park. An hour before Shabbos, eleven chassidim showed up at the blood center in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota.

After the successful conclusion of the Yom Tov phone call, Dr. Joyner told Reb Chaim, “I’m named after the archangel Michael, but I need a sword. You [i.e., your community] will be my sword.”

ABSTRACT: Effectiveness of convalescent plasma therapy 
in severe COVID-19 patients

Blood that Heals
Serle, Swiatycki, and Lebovits decided early on to follow a decentralized approach to compiling donor lists. In addition to their website, separate individuals and organizations in Crown Heights, Williamsburg, Monsey, Kiryas Yoel, Lakewood, and northern New Jersey have run their own donor campaigns. Already on April 1, Agudath Israel of America sent out a donor registration request to its membership.

Within two weeks, approximately 5,000 recovered coronavirus victims have signed up, out of an estimated potential donor pool of around 40,000. Each donor provides enough plasma at one session to benefit three patients (though where the patient does not respond to the first transfusion — perhaps because it is low in the necessary antibodies — a second unit is often given). Each donor can provide plasma every seven days.

The existing donors are already sufficient to cover every current slot for donations. The response of the chareidi community must further be put into the context of parallel efforts to enlist secular donors. This week, the ad hoc save-a-life campaign has secured 120 slots at two Delaware blood centers. Prior to Shabbos, the two sites had only two donors lined up. Similarly, a Pennsylvania blood center that services twenty-nine hospitals, with which negotiations have commenced, has only nine units of convalescent plasma on hand, representing at the most three donors.

The next bottleneck to be tackled was the shortage of machines capable of extracting the vital blood plasma containing antibodies to COVID-19. Maimonides Medical Center in Boro Park is one of the few hospitals close to a Jewish population center with the machine necessary to extract blood plasma. But, at present, it has only one such machine, and generally services no more than five donors daily.

Monsey businessman Leizer Sheiner and his Williamsburg counterpart Leizer Kestenbaum — both clients of Mordechai Serle — have been working closely with Maimonides to increase its collection and storage capacity by purchasing more tubing and collection bags, and hopefully, in the not-too-distant future, a second machine to extract convalescent plasma.

The big breakthrough, however, came when the group succeeded in bringing New York Blood Center (NYBC), one of the world’s largest blood centers, with affiliates across the United States, into the convalescent plasma project. NYBC has the capacity to extract hundreds of units of blood plasma daily.

One of the keys to clinching the deal was Mordy Serle’s undertaking to Dr. Beth Shaz, NYBC’s Chief Medical and Scientific Officer, that his group would handle all the paperwork connected to new donors and assist with the scheduling of donors. That work was done by data analyst Adam Kahn and a team of volunteers headed by Pam Sher, and including Henya and Dovi Grossman, Aliza Rubinstein, and Nosson Swiatycki.

Get Them on Board
But no matter how many donors are available and how many plasma extraction machines are humming, there is no benefit unless hospitals are on board with trying the convalescent blood therapy. The trio of askanim took on that responsibility as well.

Mt. Sinai had long been running clinical trials and was eager to partner with the Mayo Clinic from the start. At the initiative of Chaskie Rosenberg of Boro Park Hatzolah, Serle, Lebovits, and Swiaticki spoke by phone with Dr. Patrick Borgen of Maimonides Medical Center, and the hospital moved with great alacrity to join the EAP within two hours. Westchester Medical Center (WMC), which had already some experience using the convalescent plasma with a few individual patients also joined quickly. Dr. Elliot (Ari) Levine, an Orthodox cardiologist at WMC, has since taken a lead in handling inventory and allocation issues between NYBC and the various participating hospitals.

Other hospitals needed a bit more of a push, or at least education in the contours of the Mayo Clinic trials. Memorial Sloan Kettering, for instance, was not aware that the trials were not limited to critically ill patients.

As with compiling the donor lists, the ad hoc group has employed a decentralized approach to enrolling hospitals in the EAP clinical trials. Liba Lederer and Yehudah Kaszirer of the Lakewood Bikur Cholim, for instance, have been negotiating with hospitals in the Philadelphia and central New Jersey area, and other Orthodox groups are working with hospitals in northern New Jersey.

Still, just before Shabbos Chol HaMoed Pesach, Mordy Serle received a call from Dr. Shaz that she had 400 units of convalescent plasma in store and no takers. That Shabbos, Mrs. Serle delivered a baby girl at 11:30 a.m. Less than a quarter-hour after the birth, she told her husband that he had to do something about the missed opportunity represented by those 400 units, and while still in the delivery room, he began work on convening a conference call that afternoon.

When the conference call commenced, it included Dr. Joyner of the Mayo Clinic, Dr. Shoham of John Hopkins, Dr. Benjamin Chen and Dr. Jeffrey Bander of Mt. Sinai, representatives of ten New York metropolitan area hospitals — all of them serving significant Jewish populations — and most of the major Orthodox activists in the save-a-life group. All of the latter were acting under strict rabbinical guidance. The group heard a presentation by Dr. Chen and Dr. Bander on the extremely promising results from Mt. Sinai’s clinical trials to date, which was crucial to convincing some of the hospitals to become more active in using convalescent plasma. Then Dr. Joyner and Dr. Shoham answered all questions about the operation of the EAP. The former was able to allay concerns about any dangers arising from the transfusion of the blood plasma.

“Get the Chassidim”
Just two weeks since the launch of their website, the working group has given a major boost to use of a highly promising therapy for COVID-19 patients, and one that also has the potential to be used as a prophylactic for health care workers, who are the most exposed to the virus. There is still room for substantial expansion of the use of convalescent plasma in the New York metropolitan area. The donor base is already there, as the save-a-life initiative proves.

And the success of the program has created its own momentum, as more organizations seek to join in. The American Red Cross and Vitalent, a non-profit blood center, have announced that they are making available additional machines for the extraction of blood plasma. Meanwhile, the FDA has approved an antibody level test for recovered conronavirus victims, and the Mayo Clinic has committed to producing 1,000 tests a day, with the capacity to increase that to 20,000 if necessary. (These tests are crucial, as at present it is estimated that about five percent of plasma donors do not have high enough levels of antibodies for their plasma to be therapeutic, but until now, there has been no test for antibody levels.)

Not only can the model be expanded, but it can be duplicated around the country, particularly in areas hard hit by the coronavirus to date. Agudath Israel of America has already briefed all its regional directors on the program, and they are eager to work with hospitals in their areas. That has already happened with Sinai Hospital in Baltimore joining the Mayo Clinic protocols.

In addition, the group’s efforts have already had an impact in Israel. Chaim Lebovits relates with relish the discussion in a conference call between himself and Dr. Joyner and Dr. Shoham and a senior Magen David Adom (MDA) official in Israel. The MDA official’s main question concerned, “Where do you find the donors?” Dr. Shoham answered him in fluent Hebrew, “What’s your problem? Do what we did! Get the chassidim. You have plenty of chassidim.” The next day, the MDA official called back to say that they had successfully followed Dr. Shoham’s advice.

Indeed, there have been multiple calls from communal leaders in Israel, where there are fewer regulatory barriers to trying the convalescent blood therapy, for chareidim who have recovered from the COVID-19 virus to donate blood plasma. The Badatz-Eidah Hachareidis issued a proclamation that it is the highest priority for coronavirus surivors to donate blood. Similarly, Rabbi Elimelech Firer, the founder of Ezra L’Marpeh and considered one of the world’s greatest medical experts, appealed for donations of blood plasma and established a special hotline for those seeking to donate.

Public and Private
Not surprisingly, the story of a chareidi initiative at the forefront of research on what could become a game-changing therapy in battle against the coronavirus has attracted widespread media attention from outlets such as the Wall Street Journal, CNN, and Fox News.

But Mordechai Serle, Abba Swiatycki, and Chaim Lebovits — who, incidentally, have still not met one another in person — are focused not on media reviews but on saving more lives.

At all times, they have acted in accord with clear rabbinic guidelines, primarily from Rabbi Yisroel Reisman, a rosh yeshiva in Yeshiva Torah Vodaath and one of Flatbush’s most prominent shul rabbanim. He, in turn, has been in ongoing consultation with Rav Reuven Feinstein, on the one hand, and with leading infectious disease specialists to assess the potential benefit from convalescent plasma, on the other.

During World War II, Rav Dessler proclaimed that when Jews are being slaughtered, there is no more private life. The trio of askanim can attest to the truth of his words. During one conference call, Reb Chaim Lebovits told his colleagues that he had to get off the phone for a quarter of an hour for the levayah of his brother. And then, despite his personal mourning, he got back on the line.

As Easy as Drawing Blood?
As scientists are scrambling for vaccines, drugs, and other treatments against COVID-19, doctors have begun reexamining a century-old treatment for infections: infusion of blood plasma teeming with immune molecules, extracted from recovered donors.

Convalescent plasma therapy — which was used during the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic and against other infections before modern cures came along — harnesses antibodies found in the blood of people who have recovered from an infection (hence the term convalescent therapy), to treat patients who are infected. In this therapy, blood is drawn from a person who has recovered from the disease and the serum is separated and screened for antibodies — proteins produced by the immune system when the body is attacked by a pathogen.

These antibodies continue to float in the recovered person’s blood, primarily in the plasma — the clear, straw-colored liquid part of the blood — for months or even years.

The process for donating plasma is similar to donating blood. Plasma donors are hooked up to a small device that removes plasma while simultaneously returning red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, and other blood components to the body with a saline solution to replace the withdrawn plasma. While regular blood donation takes less than half an hour, source plasma donation takes between one and three hours. But unlike regular blood donation in which donors have to wait for red blood cells to replenish between donations, which takes up to eight weeks, plasma can be donated in some cases as often as twice a week. (Originally featured in Mishpacha, Issue 807

History of Antibody Plasma Use

  • 33 sick Israelis treated with antibodies from recovered COVID-19 patients
  • Head of Israel’s blood service is cautiously optimistic of results timesofisrael
  • Israel's MDA to treat coronavirus patients with new 'passive vaccine’. This assumes that those who have recovered from COVID-19 have developed special anti-virus proteins or antibodies in their plasma, which could therefore help sick patients cope with the disease. JPost
  • SEE ALSO: Before Vaccines, Doctors ‘Borrowed’ Antibodies from Recovered Patients to Save Lives.  Doctors first tried injecting patients with blood plasma in the early 1900s. The method has been used against diphtheria, the 1918 flu pandemic, measles and Ebola.
How does one understand the Miracle of an Antibody Plasma Treatment vs. a COVID-19 ReInfection (of the 30 'ongoing' mutations of this deadly disease)?

Is this why the WHO came out with this veiled threat?
MEANWHILE:  WHO says recovered COVID-19 carriers may not be immune to second infection
arutzsheva: WHO Says No Evidence Shows That Having COVID Prevents A Second Infection “There is no evidence yet that people who have had Covid-19 will not get a second infection,” WHO said in a scientific brief published Friday.  YWN: The UN health agency said in a scientific brief published on Saturday that more research is needed. It said that ‘at this point in the pandemic, there is not enough evidence about the effectiveness of antibody-mediated immunity to guarantee the accuracy of an ‘immunity passport’ or ‘risk-free certificate’.’

28 April 2020

BEFORE VACCINES: Antibody Plasma Serum

Before Vaccines, Doctors ‘Borrowed’ Antibodies from Recovered Patients to Save Lives
Doctors first tried injecting patients with blood plasma in the early 1900s. The method has been used against diphtheria, the 1918 flu pandemic, measles and Ebola. History.com
In 1934, a doctor at a private boy’s school in Pennsylvania tried a unique method to stave off a potentially deadly measles outbreak. Dr. J. Roswell Gallagher extracted blood serum from a student who had recently recovered from a serious measles infection and began injecting the plasma into 62 other boys who were at high risk of catching the disease.

Only three students ended up contracting measles and all were mild cases.

The method, while relatively novel, was not new to science. In fact, the very first Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine was awarded in 1901 to Emil von Behring for his life-saving work developing a cure for diphtheria, a bacterial infection that was particularly fatal in children. His groundbreaking treatment, known as diphtheria antitoxin, worked by injecting sick patients with antibodies taken from animals who had recovered from the disease.

Nobel Prize winning German bacteriologist and physiologist 
Emil Adolf von Behring, right, uses a syringe 
to inject a guinea pig held by lab assistant, circa 1890.
How 'Convalescent Plasma' Treatment Works
Von Behring’s antitoxin wasn’t a vaccine, but the earliest example of a treatment method called “convalescent plasma” that’s being resurrected as a potential treatment for COVID-19.  Convalescent plasma is blood plasma extracted from an animal or human patient who has “convalesced” or recovered from infection with a particular disease.

“Convalescent plasma has been used throughout history when confronting an infectious disease where you have people who recover and there’s no other therapy available,” says Warner Greene, director of the Center for HIV Cure Research at the Gladstone Institutes. “There must be something in their plasma—i.e. an antibody—that helped them recover.”

Convalescent plasma interacts differently with the immune system than a vaccine. When a person is treated with a vaccine, their immune system actively produces its own antibodies that will kill off any future encounters with the target pathogen. That’s called active immunity.

Convalescent plasma offers what’s called “passive immunity.” The body doesn’t create its own antibodies, but instead “borrows” them from another person or animal who has successfully fought off the disease. Unlike a vaccine, the protection doesn’t last a lifetime, but the borrowed antibodies can greatly reduce recovery times and even be the difference-maker between life and death.

“Convalescent plasma is the crudest of the immunotherapies, but it can be effective,” says Greene

Plasma Treatments Cut Spanish Flu Fatalities in Half
The Spanish Flu Was Deadlier Than WWI

After von Behring’s antitoxin was distributed worldwide to treat diphtheria in 1895, doctors experimented with the same passive immunity technique for curing measles, mumps, polio and influenza.

During the pandemic influenza outbreak of 1918 known as the “Spanish flu,” fatality rates were cut in half for patients who were treated with blood plasma compared to those who weren’t. The method seemed particularly effective when patients received the antibodies in the early days of their infection, before their own immune systems had a chance to overreact and damage vital organs. In the 1930s, doctors like Gallagher used convalescent plasma effectively against measles.

[…] Korean War Troops Were Saved by Plasma Treatments

By the 1940s and 1950s, antibiotics and vaccines began to replace the use of convalescent plasma for treating many infectious disease outbreaks, but the old-fashioned method came in handy yet again during the Korean War when thousands of United Nations troops were stricken with something called Korean hemorrhagic fever, also known as Hantavirus. With no other treatment available, field doctors transfused convalescent plasma to sickened patients and saved untold numbers of lives.

Greene says that convalescent plasma was even deployed against 21st century outbreaks of MERS, SARS and Ebola all novel viruses that spread through communities with no natural immunity, no vaccine and no effective antiviral treatment. Today, the best treatment for Ebola is still a pair of “monoclonal antibodies,” individual antibodies isolated from convalescent plasma and then cloned artificially in a lab.

[…] Fighting COVID-19 With Convalescent Plasma

One of the best-known modern uses of convalescent plasma is for the production of antivenom to treat deadly snake bites. Antivenom is made by injecting small amounts of snake venom into horses and allowing the horse’s immune system to produce antibodies that neutralize the poison. Those equine antibodies are isolated, purified and distributed to hospitals as antivenom.

In March 2020, doctors at Johns Hopkins University began testing convalescent plasma as a promising stop-gap treatment for COVID-19 while the search continued for a permanent vaccine. The advantage of convalescent plasma is that it can be drawn from recovered patients using the same plasma separation technology used at blood banks.

"It's all doable,” says immunologist Arturo Casadevall, lead researcher on the COVID-19 study, “but to get it done it requires effort, organization, resources… and people who have recovered from the disease who can donate the blood."

*Graphs from: Potential Use of Convalescent Plasma During a Flu Pandemic, Jay Epstein, MD, U.S. Food and Drug Administration ICDRA 2008 WHO

The World To Come by Rabbi Alon Anava

Everyone should watch this video and take notes, add this to our repertoire of other videos “explaining the origins and reasons” for this pandemic. 


In the screenshot page from the novel, a character named Dombey narrates a story about a Chinese scientist who brought a biological weapon called "Wuhan-400" to the United States:

"To understand that," Dombey said, "you have to go back twenty months. It was around then that a Chinese scientist named Li Chen defected to the United States, carrying a diskette record of China's most important and dangerous new biological weapon in a decade. They call the stuff 'Wuhan-400' because it was developed at their RDNA labs outside the city of Wuhan, and it was the four-hundredth viable strain of man-made microorganisms created at that research center.”

First, it's worth pointing out that in the original 1981 edition of "The Eyes of Darkness," this biological weapon was called "Gorki-400," in reference to a Russian locality. The name of the weapon was changed to "Wuhan-400" when the book was released again in 1989, according to the South China Morning Post. [interesting, I read that Vladimir died in Gorki, Russia]

It's true that the current coronavirus outbreak began in Wuhan, China. But the idea that the virus was created in a lab is actually a conspiracy theory that originated from unverified social media accounts and has since been widely dismissed by scientists from both China and the West.

Experts are still trying to figure out the exact source of the virus, but research indicates that it likely originated in bats and was transmitted to an intermediate host before jumping to people -- just like its cousin that caused the 2003 SARS epidemic.



The Temple Mount

(read about the Copper Scroll)

The Temple Mount: Dimensions

At the beginning of the Second Temple period, the area of the Temple Mount was five hundred cubits square (approx. two hundred and fifty square meters). During the time of Herod, the area was greatly expanded and reached its present day dimensions, approximately 36 acres (150,000 square meters). The Holy Temple and its courtyards were situated on the Temple Mount.

The Temple Mount: 2nd Temple Era

The bottom left picture depicts the Temple Mount following Herod's expansion to current size, (approximately 36 acres). The top left picture highlights the Holy Temple and the area of the Temple Courtyards, surrounded by the low wall known as the Soreg, beyond which point Jews with tamei met (impurity due to contact with a dead body), and non-Jews, were forbidden to enter. The picture on the right shows Temple priests and Passover pilgrims with their lambs, passing through openings in the Soreg.

The Temple Mount Walls: The Eastern Wall

The wall surrounding the Temple Mount rose to a height of forty cubits. However on the eastern side the wall was lower, so that the kohen (priest) could see directly into the entrance to the Heichal (Sanctuary) of the Holy Temple, while standing on the Mount of Olives, (also called the Mount of Anointing), due east of the Holy Temple, where he slaughtered and prepared the ashes of the red heifer.

The Temple Mount: Sanctity

The Temple Mount was defined as the "Levite Camp." The source for the sanctity of the "Levite Camp" is the Camp of the Levites in the desert; its parallel in the Temple is the entire Temple Mount plaza (seen in the pictures on the right inside the red line), enclosed by the Stoa colonnade. Maimonides writes: “The Temple Mount is more sacred than the city itself, in that women who have just given birth [and others who are temporarily impure] may not enter it... [On the other hand,] a corpse may be brought there, and certainly one who is impure from having come in contact with death may enter” (Beit HaBechira 7:15).

Those forbidden to enter onto the Temple Mount Plaza (Levite Camp) were:

Men and women experiencing irregular emissions.

Menstruating women; Women who had recently given birth.

Lepers. (Lepers were also forbidden to enter the walled city of Jerusalem.)

The Soreg: Those who had been rendered impure through exposure to the dead were not allowed to proceed beyond the Soreg fence, which was a low built partition,(seen in the pictures on the left inside the red line). A number of openings in the Soreg allowed for pilgrims who were permitted, to pass through.

Gentiles were permitted to enter the Temple Mount up until the Soreg fence. Large signs made of stone were placed along the Soreg with warnings engraved on them, forbidding entry to gentiles and those who were impure. Some of these signs have been found in archaeological excavations. Written in Greek and Latin, the signs state: "The stranger may not pass the Soreg and the partition around the Temple. A stranger who enters, does so at his own risk.”

Please visit the Temple Institute Illustrated Tour to read more and view the magnificent photo-depictions for the following:

Temple Mount: The Outer Gates: The Chuldah Gates
Temple Mount: The Chulda Gates: Sanctity
Temple Mount: The Kiponos Gate
Temple Mount: The Kiponos Gate: Function
Temple Mount: The Tadi Gate
Temple Mount: The Shushan Gate
Temple Mount: The Temple Mount Plaza
Temple Mount: The Cheil
Temple Mount: The Temple Mount Wall

The Copper Scrolls Mystery and Discovery?

UPDATE:  A very nice commentary (today) on this video can be found at yearsofawe blog, post: "The End of QeReN Qayemet in Olam HaZeh”, under “newest comment” around the 4/27 timestamp (446/447) by Dan G and a reply by Dov Bar-Leib, but watch the video first.

I watched the entire video a week ago (4/23) and it was indeed very interesting. If the implications of this relating to our third Beis HaMikdash is sincere and real, our Israeli Government knows all about it. However, it is my impression that if this had been brought out into the open Israeli public, there would be a disastrous response from the Arabs in Gaza and Ramallah.

There seems to be a connection to the Peace Plan that the American Administration has developed. Should this be true, it would enable the sovereignty and annexation agendas to be fully enacted to reveal and possibly lead to the building of the Third Beis HaMikdash, of course with Mashiach leading the way. [Unless the PM erects a roadblock]  This all seems fantastical, but the research and excavations have been going on for years. So many “happenings” have been filling our minds for several years now, all leading many to see the “Hand of Hashem” leading the way. Much of this has been secreted from us, until Hashem in his Kindness and Mercy will allow the entire world to know.

h/t Anonymous 4/21/2020 1:52 AM
on Reb Dov’s blog.
We are all eagerly awaiting the next instalment YearsofAwe
perhaps entitled, End of Olam HaZeh

Attitudes Toward The Elderly Very Disturbing

The Elderly Are Our Link to the Previous Generations and How Life Was Then
(some may not want future generations to know how it was)

TORONTO (JTA) — The coronavirus pandemic of 2020 is shaking the world in disturbing ways. As someone who is no longer young, I find one aspect of the crisis to be particularly unnerving: the attitude toward the elderly. vosizneias

The media is filled with stories about the problem represented by the elderly. What will happen if there aren’t enough respirators for everyone? Should the elderly, who have lived their lives long enough, have the same right to medical care as young people who have their whole lives ahead of them?

There are cold, calculating cost-benefit analyses associated with this grim reaper scenario. One columnist came down on the side of “saving Grandma” only after weighing the pros and cons as if it were an accounting problem. Others have said that the elderly should sacrifice themselves for the good of the country.

But this is not the Jewish attitude. Psalm 92 proclaims that “in old age [the righteous] still produce fruit, they are full of sap and freshness.” In his Mishneh Torah, the great philosopher and doctor Maimonides states that “even a young scholar should rise before an old man distinguished in age.” In Guide for the Perplexed, he writes that “with the ancient is wisdom.”

I always thought that the psalmist’s plea “Do not cast me off in old age; when my strength fails, do not forsake me” was addressed to God. Now I understand that it is an appeal to our fellow men and women as well not to abandon the elderly when their “use” is no longer manifest.

It is heartbreaking to see so many deaths due to the virus and the personal stories associated with those losses. In many countries, a large proportion of the dead are in nursing homes where the elderly are warehoused with inadequate staffing and medical care. In Canada, otherwise a deeply caring society, over half the deaths have been in nursing homes where revelations of what goes on behind the doors of those institutions have shocked the nation. We can and we must do better than this for the elderly and for everyone.

When this crisis is finally over, and a semblance of normalcy resumes, we will need to answer many questions about the economy, health care, the appropriate political response to an extreme emergency and the nature of our global world.

But no less important is the question of the very nature of our society and its values. What lack within us gave rise to the discussion of the disposability of the elderly? This crisis has exposed a materialistic calculus, a coarsening of society’s discourse since the dismissal of the religious sensibility that built our system of values and ethics over millennia of civilization.

If we have, indeed, entered a post-Christian, post-religious society, a trauma such as the current one reveals its consequences. I would argue that we have seen the underbelly of a society that has forgotten its roots, no longer has a strong set of values and does not understand the importance of honoring all life. If ever there was a time to rethink the journey we have taken as a society and recalculate our direction, it is now.

What an irony it would be if we learned to preserve physical life infinitely better than previous generations only to abandon their more sophisticated search for truth and meaning in life.

What will it profit us to reestablish our economy, restructure our health care and solve our global problems if we ignore the human issues that underpin it all? What is the purpose of life if we fail to see the humanity in everyone around us?

PAUL SOCKEN-is a distinguished professor emeritus and founder of Jewish studies at the University of Waterloo.

Dreaming of Mashiach: Leave While You Can — A Warning to American Jews

Leave While You Can...

The Rimanov Rebbe: "A civil war will erupt"

* Gave unequivocal instructions: Leave (USA and Europe) to the land of Israel because civil war will erupt in USA.

* The Admor said: "Leave while you can. The situation will get severe and it will be difficult to move from state to state"

* Whomever can make Aliya to the holy land, do it sooner than later while still possible. This includes wide-scale USA and most of Europe!

* The USA will be a place of danger in the war, it is too early to tell which state in the USA will survive but many will be destroyed and poisoned. A civil war will burst out in the USA and states will detach from the Federal Government. USA will not be a fugitive haven but there will be residual emission.

Thank you DreamingofMashiach

27 April 2020

New York City of Chelm – UPDATED

(those who viewed this, who live in Brooklyn, please pass on the message)

There’s video circulating that speaks of a patient who penned a letter explaining that death came not from the coronavirus, but from starvation. The above video is not the one. This one is even more threatening.

The one takeaway from the 1918 Flu Pandemic that led to the survival of may ill people, WAS THE DEDICATION AND ATTENTION GIVEN BY THE “PERSON NURSING THE PATIENT”; in many instances it was a neighbour, a stranger who opened their heart and spent hours “nursing” the ill. It was a one-on-one “nursing” of one person to another, without medical experience, a nursing degree, or uniform and mask or PPL.

Something is Not KOSHER in the Goldene Medina!

Tel Aviv is Not to be left out of this gruesome picture:

vosizneias TEL AVIV (VINnews) — Famished, frail corona patients without a medical team available in their ward. This is the all too familiar claim being made by families of coronavirus victims in Israel who are furious and worried that the health of their loved ones, including their mental health is deteriorating due to neglect of the hospital staff which doesn’t frequent the corona wards enough since it requires special protective measures each time. The result is that patients are starving and desperate for some food, according to a Channel N12 investigation.

Yehuda Lev-Ari passed away last month at Ichilov hospital in Tel Aviv at the age 71 after he was diagnosed with the coronavirus. His son Shai claims that his father had initially gone to hospital due to weakness and a slight temperature. After his corona test came out positive he was transferred to a special ward. He felt depressed that his family could not visit him there and called them to complain that he was not getting enough food and ended up hungry because the food came late or at irregular hours. When he told a nurse that he needed meals at fixed hours due to his diabetic condition, she said that it was the doctors decision and not hers. Shai says that the lack of balanced diet harmed his father’s health and that the nurses told him to drink water.”You could hear in his voice that he was getting weaker. He complained on Shabbat that he was very weak since he hadn’t eaten and there was no doctor on hand to check him.”

The family tried visiting him during those last days but were prevented from seeing him and could only communicate by telephone. On March 28th, the final Shabbat of his life, Yehuda complained that he couldn’t move his right leg and it was paralyzed. Shai heard him telling an orderly that he could not move his leg.

During the night the family tried calling and there was no answer from Yehuda or from the hospital reception. Desperate, they called his roommate who said that Yehuda had suffered a stroke and had been sedated and intubated. Only later the next the family was informed that he had undergone an emergency catheterization procedure but it was too late to save him. Four days later he died and Shai claims the hospital “wasted precious time and foot-dragged, costing my father his life.”

Others also testified that the hospitals were neglecting corona patients. “My father was scared of dying of hunger, not of corona,” a child of a COVID-19 patient in serious condition said.

Another patient who recovered said that “I was weak and frail, I asked to eat but it always took hours until one of the staff came and gave me food. From my family I couldn’t ask anything because they couldn’t enter the hospital, so I was left to the whims of the staff who did not succeed in providing the most elementary thing- food. Even when I asked for tea or coffee they said that it wasn’t possible because the hot water facility was faulty.”

The hospital responded by saying that “the patient was admitted with severe signs of COVID-19 and other previous conditions. The day after he was hospitalized he was checked by three separate doctors: An internal medicine specialist as well as a vascular specialist and a neurologist. He had a CAT- scan and catheterization procedure at short notice. The hospital investigation revealed that it took a considerable time until the family was updated about his condition, but this was a night shift in a very complex coronavirus department with seriously ill patients requiring attention. Despite this the medical treatment he received was correct.”

HBOT USA: differences in how oxygen and pressure impact our absorption

Can grounded airplanes be used as Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers for Covid-19?

In this video Dr. Jason Sonners offers a whiteboard explanation to illustrate the differences in how oxygen and pressure impact our absorption.

Click the timestamp below to jump topics in the video:
Different elevations above and below sea level illustration: 1:31
Sea Level and Climbing: 1:53
Sea Level and Descending: 2:11
Different units used to measure atmosphere: 2:53
Elevation (Feet), Descent (Feet) Pressure (PSI, mm of mercury), Percentages of Oxygen: 3:32
Numbers at Sea Level: 4:09
Climbing above sea level: 5:24
Can an airplane be a hyperbaric chamber?: 8:47
Whats the difference between Hyperbaric Oxygen (Pressure) and Ventilator (Pressure)?: 11:03
Descending below sea level: 13:25
Oxygen System at each seat on an airplane: 16:38
Airplane on the ground / Oxygen System at each seat: 17:13

What we Do NOT know: Could we flow enough oxygen, at enough pressure, for a long enough period of time where we can deliver a rate of oxygen that exceeds the typical oxygen on an airplane?

What we Do know:
Airplanes are capable of pressurizing 8-12 psi. If we can pressurize 8-12 psi, we can massively increase the percentage of oxygen we are treating our patients with.

There are still a lot of unanswered questions about this concept that need answering. Please leave comments below.
To learn more, visit our websites below:

HBOT USA Website :

HBOT USA Instagram

NJ HBOT Center Website :

Dr Sydell Fighting For the Lives of COVID-19 Patients

POA (legal power of attorney mandatory for your ill loved ones going into the hospital; to advocate for necessary life-saving procedures. read Our Mom …)

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Vs. Ventilators for Respiratory Virus -Response to Dr. Cameron Kyle-Sidell (this is in response to Dr Sydell’s first video, who since has been removed from ICU because he goes against “suspect protocol”)

For the medical community! Could COVID-19 be causing DIFFUSION hypoxemia?
Rather than primarily V/Q mismatch or shunt physiology, could COVID19 disease be a DIFFUSION hypoxemia triggering maladaptive pulmonary vasoconstrictive responses?

COVID19: As requested - ARDS explained for the general public!
Is ARDS part of the natural disease evolution of COVID19 or a result of ventilator induced lung injury? Even if lung injury is unavoidable, this is an important question.

Is Covid-19 Causing Diffusion Hypoxemia? Direct Response to Cameron Kyle-Sidell

Low Blood Oxygen (Hypoxia), Pulse oximeters, Hemoglobin and Covid-19 (this meter is needed, but family not allowed in to advocate for patient)

Urgent Nurse in NYC gives dire warning please share!!

26 April 2020

Our Mom Survived COVID-19 But Died Of Hopelessness, All Alone

Open Letter: Our Mom Survived COVID-19 But Died Of Hopelessness, All Alone

NEW YORK (VINnews) — The following open letter was submitted to VINnews. vosizneias

This is an open letter to Governor Cuomo, President Trump, the medical community, or anyone else who cares:

My siblings and I are now sitting shiva for mom. Mom survived COVID-19 but died of hopelessness, all alone. We are not bitter about it and we’re not here to point fingers at anyone. We believe that mom’s passing was the will of God and we fully accept it. We would like to publicize this letter simply to let the world know what’s going on in hospitals in the hopes that it brings about change, fast, so that more needless deaths can be avoided.

Mom was 62 and had underlying medical issues. She fought like a tiger and survived many medical battles. She was full of life and full of hope. She was there for others and was a source of hope to many.

Despite being quarantined for several weeks, mom woke up with a fever on Friday, March 27, and was advised by her doctor to report immediately to the nearest emergency room. Despite mom being very forlorn due to the chaos around her in the hospital, we were still able to communicate with her via her cellphone. She was very weak, but we stayed in touch. By Monday, March 30, her breathing regressed and she needed to be intubated and placed on a ventilator. She stayed on the ventilator for 18 long days, and finally on April 16 we received the great news that she was removed from the ventilator.

Mom continued her progress and after a few days she was able to communicate with us verbally. Not more than a word or two, but we heard her voice, and more importantly she heard ours. We had sent the hospital a device to be clipped on her bed which would allow us to see mom the whole time and talk to her.

The plan was a good one. We would continue being with mom virtually through the device and keep on injecting her with care and hope, while we would stay in touch with the nurses (and bring them chocolate) on a daily basis.

But the plan didn’t work out.

The device was on the hospital’s Guest WiFi which kept on refreshing and kicking off devices, and we were advised that we cannot connect to the hospital’s more stable internal WiFi. We had lost contact with mom. Then mom stepped off the ICU and now only had a nurse in her room once every hour or two! We were then advised that mom is no longer communicating verbally but she still communicates with her eyes. Mom was regressing.

On Wednesday, April 22, I spoke with the hospital social worker and said quite frankly that if this keeps up mom will not make it. While based on the charts, mom was “progressing”, I knew that given her underlying medical issues her secret to survival was the joy of her family (3 children, 18 grandchildren, and 1 great grandchild). Without being in touch with her family, hopelessness would set in which would aggravate her underlying medical issues. I pleaded with the social worker to give mom the therapies she needs in order for the NG tube to be removed so that we could transfer her to a high care nursing facility or even home with a nursing aide. I pleaded with the nurses to reconnect the device so that we could have some kind of human connection with mom. I sent a text to the hospital liaison saying “Compassion please. My mother is laying like rag and a nurse goes in only every hour and a half.”

Later that night I started hitting the redial button to the nurses’ station. I had sent in a MiFi card (again, with chocolate) and begged them to reconnect the device so that I can talk to mom. It took many attempts. At one point one nurse said, “please call back later, it’s a zoo here.” At another point the nurse said that they are still doing their rounds giving out medication. This was at 1 am and they came on shift at 7 pm. Finally, at 1:15 am the nurse called me saying that she connected the device.

I saw mom but for one second and then mom’s device tilted away, and I just saw the bed. Before I could ask the nurse to adjust it, the nurse was gone. I was happy to be able to talk to mom. “Mommy, I hope you can hear me,” I said, “we’re here for you and we’re trying the best we can to care for you. We’re in touch with the nurses and we’re working on a plan to get you to a place where we can take better care of you.” Then I sang mom a lullaby, and only then went to sleep.

An hour later, I saw the hospital number on my caller ID again. This time the doctor on the other side of the phone informed me that mom had just passed away.

In the days after mom was removed from the ventilator we were in touch with doctors, nurses, hospitalists, social workers, chaplains and liaisons. We were pleading with them that survival could not be expected just by pumping meds. The medical literature if full of hard evidence that hopefulness and emotional wellbeing plays as large a role as medical interventions. Many cared, others offered to do something, some made some efforts, but the overall situation remained the same. My family was shocked with the news considering mom’s recent progress, but I was not shocked.

I’m not blaming I’m just beseeching policy makers to please bring about change, fast. I ask that family members who had tested positive for COVID-19 and are 14 days post symptoms should be allowed to stay with their loved one. I likewise ask that hospitals that can’t provide humane care should close their doors to new patients who can be sent to less busy hospitals (or to the Javits hospital or to the military hospital ship). It just makes sense.

True, COVID-19 caught us by surprise, but right now we no longer have any excuses to continue with medieval practices. If inmates on death row are given rights, so should my mom and others like her.

Mordechai Neuman
Licensed Clinical Social Worker


Maybe someone should blame? This is not the first “unfortunate” loss to a family. How many other “parent, child, grandparent” were allowed to pass from this world to the next because of “less than optimal treatment”? 

There’s video circulating that speaks of a patient who penned a letter explaining that death came not from the coronavirus, but from starvation, because they were not given adequate food nourishment.

The one takeaway from the 1918 Flu Pandemic that led to the survival of may ill people, WAS THE DEDICATION AND ATTENTION GIVEN BY THE “PERSON NURSING THE PATIENT”; in many instances it was a neighbour, a stranger who opened their heart and spent hours “nursing” the ill. It was a one-on-one “nursing” of one person to another, without medical experience, a nursing degree, or uniform and mask or PPL.

Space Grade Ventilator and Fog Disinfectant as Coronavirus Treatment

NASA Presents Trump with NEW Space Grade Ventilator and Fog Disinfectant to Combat Coronavirus

to all those idiots who are mocking the President about “disinfectants
they just don’t know how to deal with a genius

Rabbi Winston – Shlach Lecha and 2000th Issue

THIS IS OFFICIALLY the 2,000th edition of Perceptions , boruch Hashem , a personal milestone. It is hard to believe that I have done this 2,...