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28 November 2012

Another King is Dead

Another "King" is dead ... Wouldn't it be just apropos for all the Nuclear Facilities to experience failure when the Kings of Evil and Nations of Evil devise their next solution to the Jewish problem.

King of Saudi Arabia 'Clinically Dead'
The king of Saudi Arabia, King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz, is clinically dead, reports the daily Al-Sharq il-Awsat.

World Bank gives Hamas terror organization 6.4 Mil (in preparation for their next war)

Hungarian MP wants govt to create 'Threat List' of Jews: "call by a far-right Hungarian MP for a list to be drawn up of Jewish politicians and government members who pose a “threat to national security” has caused outrage among both Hungary’s estimated 80,000-strong Jewish community and liberal politicians"

The undated diagram that was given to the AP by officials of a country critical of Iran's atomic program allegedly calculating the explosive force of a nuclear weapon -- a key step in developing such arms. (AP)

Iran is creating a plan for peaceful purposes: Nuclear Bomb Bigger Than Hiroshima." Iran is planning to build a nuclear bomb with at least triple the force of the bomb that destroyed Hiroshima in World War II, diagrams obtained by the Associated Press indicates ...The diagrams discovered by the IAEA show Iranian scientists calculating the desired "nuclear explosive yield" in a device they were apparently working on. IAEA inspectors described the diagrams in a report, and a senior official who is working with the Geneva-based UN organization confirmed that the diagrams obtained by AP were the same ones mentioned in the report." See Fox and ArmyTimes and AP Exclusive

25 November 2012



Cease Fire will not last ... Two Reasons Hamas Truce May Blow Up: Jihad and Salafists
Possible Clash THURSDAY over Palestinian Bid at UN
UN ignored Israel's Pleas to act against Hamas, then RUSHED to STOP ISRAEL's self-defense!
HAMAS says it never vowed to stop arms smuggling
Satellites: "IRAN moving quickly to rearm HAMAS ... Iran reloads ship with Missiles for HAMAS"
"Violent CLASHES as Morsi assumes powers in (Pharaonic) Egypt"
FATAH doesn't want to be left out: "We also fought in Pillar of Defense"
"Clinton WARNS Netanyahu against retaliating" any UN vote for Palestinian Bid.
"VATICAN: Israel is a Baby-Killer"


IRAN trying to CHOKE ISRAEL: Iran is trying to surround Israel on three sides with its “axis of evil” by offering free oil to Jordan.

Iran and Syria, through its Hizbullah ally, threatens Israel on the northern border, and the Hamas-Muslim Brotherhood alliance south of the border allowed massive rocket and missile attacks on Israel [during] Operation Pillar of Defense.

Who Was His Mother?

I wonder who Mosab's Mother is/was, because he is so sympathetic to Jewish survival. Unfortunately there are many Jewish children born into Arab families in Gaza and other Arab areas:

Mosab Hassan Yousef told Israel’s Channel 2 News on Friday that taking down his father’s terror organization “is a necessity, not just for Israel, but for humanity.”

Speaking from a safe house in a secret US location 48 hours after a fragile ceasefire ended eight days of Israeli-Hamas conflict, the former terror operative turned Israeli informant said, “Let’s not forget that our enemy is a barbarian enemy and they are using women and children as a shield.”

“Hamas was born to destroy. Hamas does not know how to build,” he said. “I doubt they will be able to build a modern Palestinian state and hope their lies will be exposed to the Palestinian public.” Times of Israel

20 November 2012

Glenn's Message to Israel


"Let me get this straight... If Mexico fired a missile into El Paso, you know what we would do? If Japan fired a missile into Beijing, you know what China would do? So why does Israel have to hold back?"

G-d Bless Glenn Beck, a true courageous and brave and caring person
Source Arutz Sheva

War and Evil in the Middle East

For All of Us

Rockets Damage and Kill 
Precious Neshomas

"She was modest and gentle," ... "She literally gave her life so that women would learn the laws of family purity."


A Sample of Soul Searching Reactions:

Another Rosh Chodesh Kislev Tragedy?
Killed on Mumbai Anniversary
They were holy shluchim of the Rebbe. Boruch Dayan Emes!!


There's a statement in the Gemara that the dead of a tzaddik atones for the generation (Moed Katan 28a). That is, sometimes there is a judgment hanging over the Jewish people, or over particular Jews, and sometimes Hashem in His mercy picks a tzaddik to die instead of allowing a greater amount of death and suffering to happen to other Jews. The shluchim killed on Rosh Chodesh Kislev illustrate that engaging in kiruv is a great act of righteousness that has unlimited merit. We should all find a way to engage in kiruv/shlichus in our own way, whether it is organized, or just by being a kiddush Hashem in every way to our fellow Jews who are not (yet) frum (as well as non-Jews.)

As if to emphasize the importance of achdus and the loftiness of kiruv, Gavriel Sanders, the Jewish boy killed in France last year, was named after R' Gavriel Herzberg, and his parents were (non-Chabad) kiruv professionals!


A clear message to us!! when it came to saving lives the Rebbe wasn't either politically correct, & made sure ppl knew hoe to stop these TRAGEDIES!! true there are no good explanations wrote: however where the Rebbe specifically said there are things we in NY (& Chutz-Laaretz) can do to prevent blood shed & tragedies like these from re-occurring, we need to take his words seriously!

it's for our own well being that the Rebbe alerted us as to WHAT WE CAN DO to stop such things & instead bring all sorts of blessings to our family & communities:

1. Daily Chitas Rambam (even 5min is better than nothing)
2. Regular du“ch ch”hn to Aseh Lecha Rav (personal mentor)
3. Make time daily to be involved in the chinuch of your kids (30min minimum)
4. Hidur in Taharas Hamishpach & laws of Modesty
5. Give Tzedaka daily,
..... .,.
we know the Rebbe can be trusted as Tachlis HoEmes!


We Must Do Something Different This Time
Something drastic like never before.
Something so great, so holy, so spark-raising that there will be no other choice but to reach the Geula Shleima. I am calling all Jews wherever you are to reach VERY DEEP in your heart today and remove ALL BASELESS HATRED from its recesses. Instead of that Sinat Chinam - let the Light of Hashem heal the wounds. Let the Light of Hashem heal our collective neshama. Please. We must do this clearing out of the grievances and machlokot. However old they may be.


We must all do all in power to stop these tragedies!!

although the Rebbe almost always refrained from justifying G-d's actions in tragedy none the less the Rebbeh attributed unexpected calamities in our midst SPECIFICALLY TO lack of Tsnius!!

Yet, as uncharacteristic of the Rebbeh to attribute specific causes to calamity & tragedy, re Tznius the Rebbeh took no chances & MADE THESE CONNECTIONS VERY VERY CLEAR - in the interest of protecting our community from harms-way!!!


it is hard and difficult to say this. but it must be said.

the Rebbe said numerous times that what happenes "here" reflects on what happnes in eretz hakoidesh.

the fact that many people and schluchim cannot walk safely and freely in 770 including leaders and people who were put by the Rebbe in positions of moisdos, this fact means that we have a lot of work to do on our end.

isnt it odd that after many years of rockets the first time anyone was killed as a direct result of a rocket were members of Anash? And on the yortzeit of holtzberg.

think about it.


The Rebbe said clearly that being careful with tznius k’halacha brings shmira protection to yidden in Eretz Yisroel. So tehillim (neged tillim and ) tznius.


its not just the Rebbeh who links specifically Tznius to Protection

many mefarshim on the Pasuk "VeHayu Machanecha Kadosh" explain it the same way that Hashem doesn't punish but rather REMOVES his protection from a group that has in it's midst the opposite of Modesty

19 November 2012

What next ...

There is a addenda to Voter Machine Rigging here at Why there won't be a presidential recount  even though 62,700 petitioned the Administration ... and you can read the nice long article that explains it all here.


Recount the election!

It has become blatantly obvious the voter fraud that was committed during the 2012 Presidential elections. In one county alone in Ohio, which was a battleground state, President Obama received 106,258 votes...but there were only 98,213 eligible voters. It's not humanly possible to get 108% of the vote!

If ID laws had been enforced (which the administration is completely against because that meant they would lose) then this wouldn't be an issue.

Rabbi Melamed ...

Rabbi Zalman Melamed* strengthens the IDF soldiers who are defending Israel against Hamas’ ongoing rocket attacks.

“May you succeed in defeating the enemy and silence it and make sure there are no more dangers and no more missiles and the like coming from Gaza into Israel,” he told the soldiers.

“We should know that we are in the midst of a spiritual and religious struggle between us and Hamas and all the other religious movements in the region,” said the rabbi. “They are all fighting against our existence and there’s no possibility of finding any solution for true peace between us and them, unless we manage to convince them about the truth of our way and the truth of our faith and our real right to the land of Israel. So the only way is to cause such a deterrence that they won’t try to hurt us. They’ll see they can’t move forward by using war and they will stop hurting us in terrorist attacks, in wars and in all the other ways.

“We need to know that we came to the land of Israel in order to build our faith here, striving for full redemption and to build complete lives for the entire people of Israel in the entire land of Israel, build the Temple and be a light unto the nations. We will continue.”

Seen on Arutz Sheva's Pillar of Defense coverage
*Rabbi of Beit El and Founding Head of Beit El Yeshiva

17 November 2012

What Does One Do If You Hear Code RED ?

Here's what to do, according to the Home Front Command:

How much time do you have?: The amount of time you have to get to a shelter from the moment the sirens go off depends on how far you are from where the rocket is launched. The Israeli military has provided the map at right to indicate the window of time throughout the country for rockets coming from Gaza: Sderot – 15 seconds, Ashkelon – 30 seconds, Ashdod – 45 seconds, Be'er Sheva – one minute, and the cities of Rishon Letzion, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem – one and a half minutes.

And what if?

If the rockets are NOT coming from Gaza
But rockets are flying from East Jerusalem?
Or from Be'er Sheva?
Or from Ramallah?

There is not enough time to run anywhere!

And the Government is even considering accommodating a 2 state 'solution'.

We know all about the Nations' idea 
of a "solution to the Jews"

I say Annexation ... And let those who don't want to stay in Israel leave ... The sooner the better!

15 November 2012

Hamas Aggression ...

Hundreds and hundreds of rockets that kill and destroy being lobbed at Jews living in Southern Israel and the enemy is insulted and furious when we defend ourselves .... !

This is Perpetual WAR
and Israel needs 'permission' from the US to defend ...

270 since yesterday

(Photos from Getty, on The Blaze)

14 November 2012

Come Home Wayward Children

Rabbi Lazer Brody Shlit"a is now in the States delivering his awe-inspiring shiurim, trying to reach the Neshomas of the rest of our family of Am Yisrael and inspire them to return home, to Eretz Yisrael. However, he wrote on his facebook pg:

"With Obama in term for another four years, this should be a clear sign that America is no longer the friend of the Jews it used to be...it's time to come home."

Reb Dov Bar Leib has been writing much lately, as a result of the elections, the decimation of much of NE Coastal American Jewry by 'Sandy', also in hopes of also reaching the rest of our family of Am Yisrael to return home to Eretz Yisrael.

You can read the spirited conversations on:

YeranenYaakov and Years of Awe, Dov's own blog. Be sure to scroll down and read his other postings.

And  LemonLimeMoon has been keeping us apprised of some unreported coastal happenings:

Nuclear Fuel gets Hot at Oyster Creek NJ
Oyster Creek NJ Nuke Reactor
Oyster Creek Continuing Nuke Worries

More at Fukushima

Prepare for the Fiscal Cliff Crisis:

The Blaze

13 November 2012

Shock and Awe

Maybe there is something to this Russian Professor's prediction that the US will break up after economic crisis?

“Dissatisfaction is growing, and it is only being held back at the moment by the elections, and the hope” that President- elect Barack Obama “can work miracles,” he said. “But when spring comes, it will be clear that there are no miracles.”


list of all the states with petitions to secede on WhiteHouse.gov:

South Carolina
New York
New Jersey
North Dakota
North Carolina

Read the story at The Blaze  

See also: Voter Machine Rigging and Zero Votes in 59 Precincts   ...?

07 November 2012

About Voter Machine Rigging


Zerohedge: George Washington's blog -

Battering the East Coast ... again


While a powerful nor'easter lashes the coast in already Sandy-ravaged communities, snow will fall over a narrow swath of the interior Northeast Wednesday into Thursday

Colder air across the interior Northeast will allow snow to mix in or fall alone by Wednesday afternoon. A narrow band of accumulating snow will develop on the backside of the storm from eastern Pennsylvania to southern New York state and central New Jersey.

The heaviest snow, with the potential for a half a foot of accumulation, is forecast to develop over northeastern Pennsylvania to part of southeastern New York and into northwestern New Jersey.

A wintry mix and snow will reach over portions of Delaware, southern New Jersey, southeastern New York and central New England Wednesday into Wednesday night.

Enough snow can fall to make some roads slippery and dangerous over interior, hilly areas.

The weight of snow, sleet and ice may be enough to down some tree branches onto power lines. Scattered power outages are not out of the question.


06 November 2012

Jews Are in Danger ...

The following is appearing on many blogs, and very worth reading:

Discussion with Moishe’la (with his family-3)
A handicapped child
Chof Cheshvan 5773 (Nov 4’12)

Jews all over the world are in big danger

I just want to say that the world is falling apart and the United Stated of America no longer exists. I’m not a prophet and I can’t say for sure, but I believe wholeheartedly, that Barak Obama will be president once again. And I also believe that American Jewry is in big danger. I also believe that European Jewry is in big danger, and probably Jews all over the world are in big danger. But even though we went through the Nazis and suffered so much; so many Yidden were killed in very gruesome and sadistic ways, so many homes abandoned, so many lives destroyed, so many people suffering just because they were Jews.

Soon the Jews will be targeted again, and this time it will be even worse, because it will be the Jews all over the world and there will be no place to run. And when every Yid (that can get there) has arrived in Eretz Yisroel, at that point or near that point all the nations of the world will come against Eretz Yisroel. And that’s when Hashem will show His might. He will show that He is the Ribbono Shel Olam, the Creator and the Ruler of the world forever. Until then I beg my fellow Jews, I beg you come close to HaKodosh Boruch Hu. It’s the only way to save yourself. Do it with all your heart and soul and try, try very hard to leave the countries that you have been guests in for two thousand years and come back to your home, come back to Eretz Yisroel the land that Hashem gave to Avrohom Avenu and to his descendants.

The time is coming very soon! If you don’t make a move soon then it will be infinitely harder afterwards. True, Hashem will save all true Jews but it will be so much harder. The Yid that now picks himself up when he still has some gashmius left, and rejects it, and comes to Eretz Yisroel, has an enormous Zechus and Hashem will never abandon him. If he cries out to Hashem and puts himself in danger by coming to Eretz Yisroel, Hashem will never abandon him.

This Hurricane Sandy was a great warning, but the warning is only beginning. Within the next week or two there will be very shocking things happening. Hopefully more Yidden will wake up. Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long for the Geula. I Daven every day and every night that our Yiddishe Folk will see the truth and will prepare themselves, really prepare themselves for the coming of Moshiach.

I’m very sad. In this last storm Jewish lives where lost and also homes where lost. People are destitute. People have gotten a very big shock, and I feel bad for the Yidden who suffer, but they just aren’t listening! They don’t listen to Hashem. They are not being what they are supposed to be. Many have gone so far afield, that their Yiddishkeit is almost unrecognizable except for the fact that they still wear Tefillin put on Tzitzis Talisim and so on.........

Mother: I heard about long gas lines. Why aren’t they giving out the gasoline in the areas affected by the storm?
Moishe’la: They want the suffering to be great. They want riots to begin. They want everyone to be unsettled. They want everyone to be miserable, and then they can take over.

Father: How come the Rabbonim don’t tell the people to come to Eretz Yisroel?
Moishe’la: I don’t know, the Rabbonim are interesting in America. Most of them are just as much in the Gashmius as anyone else. Don’t forget the Divrei Chaim z”l said clearly that at the end of time most of the Yidden and even the Rabbonim will be Erev Rav.
^^^see part 2^^^

Tue Nov 06, 12:31:00 PM 2012
Anonymous said...
^^^^part 2^^^^

Father: How come the Rabbonim don’t tell the people to come to Eretz Yisroel?
Moishe’la: I don’t know, the Rabbonim are interesting in America. Most of them are just as much in the Gashmius as anyone else. Don’t forget the Divrei Chaim z”l said clearly that at the end of time most of the Yidden and even the Rabbonim will be Erev Rav.

I want to tell you that the tragedies have not ended. I want you to understand that America has become an ugly place. The United States has lost its beauty. It’s lost it’s freedom and it has become a dangerous place, especially for people who believe in Hashem. But not only are the Jews in danger but believers of all kinds that believe in G-D are in danger Christians, Muslims, Jews. But as in every society where Amalek and Edom rule, there is a special enjoyment and feeling of elation from persecuting Jews and this is soon going to be in the United states as well.

The camps are ready. All that has to happen is Martial law, and from that moment the real suffering begins. And don’t think that if you are in Israel the long arm of the “New World Order” the American-style New World Order, won’t try to persecute the Jews in Israel. They will probably start with American Jews for all kinds of reasons.

I want to explain that wherever we are in the world we are in danger, however I want to reiterate that the only place now for a Jew, is in Eretz Yisroel. Because here Hashem will protect all those who cry out to Him for help, and sacrifice to be Yidden. Those people who believe very much and trust HaKodosh Boruch Hu will come to Eretz Yisroel and they will get much credit for coming because it’s not easy. There are those who live here already, but don’t trust Hashem. If they start to trust Hashem, they will also be given special treatment from Shomayim. All those who believe and trust in Hashem, all those who cry out to Hashem for help, and live in Eretz Yisroel, will have special treatment.

I also want to say that the Erev Rav which have taken control Kivyachol of our communities, of our cities, of the government of the Zionists, of the Knesset, those people even if they cry out to Hashem will not be helped. They are not really crying out to Hashem because they are not really believers in Hashem .The minute that things settle down, The Erev Rav will go back to their treachery so they are lost! But the true Jew whose Neshama was at Har Sinai will always be Hashem’s special son or daughter, always be closer to Hashem than any other people of the world.


A vote for Obama is a vote for a Palestinian State in Eretz Yisrael

Aaron Klein, WND's senior staff reporter and Jerusalem bureau chief. He also hosts "Aaron Klein Investigative Radio" on New York's WABC Radio.


(quote) Yesterday, a senior Palestinian Authority negotiator told WND that Obama quietly pledged to the Palestinians a campaign at the United Nations to renew U.N. Security Council Resolution 242, which calls for a Palestinian state to be established in the West Bank, Gaza Strip and eastern Jerusalem.

The PA negotiator said the White House had asked the Palestinians to slow their drive for the unilateral declaration of a state at the U.N. General Assembly.

The negotiator further said Obama had promised the PA that the establishment of a Palestinian state will be one of the main priorities for a second term.

“We were told that the negotiations for a Palestinian state will be a main goal for Obama,” said the negotiator.

“Netanyahu will be declared the main person responsible for the collapse of the peace process.” (end quote)

04 November 2012

A Rainbow Appeared ...

A flood of water covered all the land adjacent to the waterways of Manhattan and the New York Metropolitan area, including Coney Island, Long Island, Woodmere and the Rockaways, Staten Island, and including the coastline along the Eastern States of America.

There were days of warnings and ominous reports.

Now that the storm is over, America can say we have witnessed a monstrous storm in real time! This was not in another country, with nameless peoples affected, with America sending disaster relief and personnel, and international offers of rescue aid. This occurred in ... the America of our friends, families, and regular citizens. This occurred in the country that other nations look to for help and rescue when they are in disaster mode.

The areas under greatest hardship had people left without their home, possessions, utilities for personal dignity, transportation, food and water, trying to protect their lives from marauders and looters.

In what seemed a small version of an EMP attack, the lights went out and fear and desperation moved in.

There have been other 'attacks' on America in recent years, killer tornadoes, killer hurricanes, freezing storms, earthquakes, doughts and mid-country flooding, destroying towns, homes, and food supplies and farming crops.

Was there ever another time in history that America experienced such 'natural' onslaughts? Maybe in Biblical times, maybe in Noach's time.

Do you think all this is the capriciousness of "weather"? Man does not control the weather. G-d controls 'nature', nature is an expression of G-d.

A rainbow appeared over Manhattan as the water and clouds were receding after the storm moved northward toward Canada. The rainbow is a sign, a "covenant of the rainbow is between G-d and man and the animal kinds that were with Noah on the Ark: a promise that there would never be such an event again that would destroy all flesh on the land." We have witnessed other local floods since then therefore this is a promise that there would never be another global flood to destroy all flesh.

The world is in such upheavel, Europe in financial decline and social discord; the Middle East experiencing a rolling blackout of death and destruction attacking all the countries surrounding little Israel.

In the midst of the disintegration of mores and values, "the good ole days" of one's memories, and the seeming balance of good and evil that fills our planet earth, something is coming undone. "It" is undeniable now. If one has eyes to see and ears to hear, one cannot deny the demoralization and collapse of national infrastructures.

Nations and Peoples need to be rescued from tyranny, authoritarianism, domination, oppression, coercion. Peoples and nations need inspiration, purpose to their daily life, encouragement to learn how to earn a living independently, return a world back to farming. There is so much land underutilized in depressed areas. Build factories so workers can create supplies for their own people, town and country. Governments are failing to 'enable' (empower, employ) their citizens in meaningful produce and production.

A one world government domination is the epitome of evil.

A recognition of G-d as the Creator of the world, the Jewish People as His Chosen Nation, non-Jews observing the Noahide laws, and the Jewish cultivation of Life in their homeland of Eretz Yisrael.

Peoples of the World need to return to the Noahide laws, provided here via Wikipedia:

In Judaism, the Seven Laws of Noah (Hebrew: שבע מצוות בני נח‎ Sheva mitzvot B'nei Noach) form the major part of the Noachide Laws, or Noahide Code. This code is a set of moral imperatives that, according to the Talmud, were given by God as a binding set of laws for the "children of Noah" – that is, all of humankind.

According to religious Judaism, any non-Jew who adheres to these laws is regarded as a righteous gentile, and is assured of a place in the World to Come (Olam Haba), the final reward of the righteous. Adherents are often called "B'nei Noach" (Children of Noah) or "Noahides".

The seven laws listed by the Tosefta and the Talmud are:

Prohibition of Idolatry
Prohibition of Murder
Prohibition of Theft
Prohibition of Sexual immorality
Prohibition of Blasphemy
Prohibition of eating flesh taken from an animal while it is still alive
Establishment of courts of law

Noahide Laws comprise the six laws which were given to Adam in the Garden of Eden, according to the Talmud's interpretation of Gen 2:16, and a seventh one, which was added after the Flood of Noah. According to rabbinic Judaism, the 613 mitzvot or "commandments" given in the written Torah, as well as their reasonings in the oral Torah, were issued to the Jews only, and are therefore binding only upon them, having inherited the obligation from their ancestors.

Below is a comment made to my post of He Who Sets the Boundaries of the Waters.... Thank you to the concerned Lakewood poster. [I’ve made one editorial addition because much of what was written could be applied to all these communities of our brothers and sisters.] We are all in this together.

Dear Brothers and Sisters of Lakewood 
[Boro Park, Flatbush, Williamsburg, Monsey, Monroe, etc.]

With much of Lakewood NJ still without power for days, I humbly feel that Hashem is trying to send us a message that: "we" are putting out the light the power of the beauty of Lakewood, the largest town in the US of Torah learning. The light of the Kedusha the light of thousands of Torah learners right here in our town of Lakewood is being distinguished by us with our actions 

We have more Yeshivas and Mesiftas than in any other town or city in America BY"H so we have more responsibility to keep Hashem happier with our way of life, get closer to Hashem as to be an example to the world how a Ben Torah is to behave

It's time for all of us to make a Cheshbon Hanefesh and see what could be corrected to bring back the light of the Shechinah to Lakewood the town of Torah and Chessed the town that was build by the big Rosh Yeshiva z"l

If we don't take the message from this storm seriously who knows what other difficult messages Hashem might have to send us in order to wake up and do Teshuva?

Take a moment and think...are we truly living a spiritual life at least similar to our great grandparents, the way they lived when they arrived in America some 60 years ago? or are we indulged in our clothing, i.e. shoes, jewelry, belt, coat, & mink coats, handbags, boots, sun glasses, non-stop shopping, hunting for bargains, living in restaurants, redoing our kitchens every so often, always planning our next vacations, now Leshem Mitzvah we are busy planning our winter vacation, and of course don't forget Motzai Shabbos hot Pizza & fries, eating it in the pizza shops with mixed company, we have turned into a major "planning board" not leaving enough time to see and plan our lives as "how to serve Hashem better”

Lets be honest it's almost impossible to walk the streets and keep our eyes clean, and yes, I am referring to neighborhoods of Bnai Torah and Chassidim, not in Harlem, Miami Beach or Las Vegas etc.

The "Franken-Storm" effect has been felt by many of us, we are all suffering because of it, one way or another, but..... The million dollar question is: are we waking up to Hashems cry?

Now it's our duty to be strong and say to Hashem: 

OK we are ready to change our lives, our materialistic lifestyle that we have lived up to now, will change!!! We’ll start getting ourselves ready for the coming of Moshiach by living a true Torah life. BTW when Moshiach arrives there will be nothing left of all our Gashmius, so get a head start...and get rid of it now. Lets be more careful with all of the Halochos and 613 Mitzovos of our special sweet Torah.

Thank you for giving up your time and reading this note of Chizuk. Please copy and paste in Shuls, schools etc. so others can get Chizuk too.

s.p. It would be nice if everyone takes the Frankenstorm warning from Hashem very seriously to prevent future catastrophes.

Newsflash November 1st, 2012 Jerusalem, Israel

Israel's Sephardi Chief Rabbi, R' Amar announced today that the public should avoid "bug free" lettuce, scallions, and vegetables that are now very popular around Israel.

Due to [allegedly] toxic levels of pesticides found in routine checks of the "bug free' vegetables, R' Amar says its forbidden to eat them, and its far better to buy traditionally grown leafy vegetables, and simply wash them off, as done in the days gone past

For explanation with good comments, 
read full post at The Muqata

It might be a good idea to buy the "traditionally grown leafy vegetables" and inspect and clean them the old-fashioned way. They look better and healthier anyway.

Israeli Sues For 1M NIS (Covid) Compensation

  After Getting Handicap Allowance For COVID Vaccine Side Effects, Israeli Sues For 1M NIS Compensation JERUSALEM (VINnews) — A 69-year-old ...