07 November 2012

Battering the East Coast ... again


While a powerful nor'easter lashes the coast in already Sandy-ravaged communities, snow will fall over a narrow swath of the interior Northeast Wednesday into Thursday

Colder air across the interior Northeast will allow snow to mix in or fall alone by Wednesday afternoon. A narrow band of accumulating snow will develop on the backside of the storm from eastern Pennsylvania to southern New York state and central New Jersey.

The heaviest snow, with the potential for a half a foot of accumulation, is forecast to develop over northeastern Pennsylvania to part of southeastern New York and into northwestern New Jersey.

A wintry mix and snow will reach over portions of Delaware, southern New Jersey, southeastern New York and central New England Wednesday into Wednesday night.

Enough snow can fall to make some roads slippery and dangerous over interior, hilly areas.

The weight of snow, sleet and ice may be enough to down some tree branches onto power lines. Scattered power outages are not out of the question.