17 November 2012

What Does One Do If You Hear Code RED ?

Here's what to do, according to the Home Front Command:

How much time do you have?: The amount of time you have to get to a shelter from the moment the sirens go off depends on how far you are from where the rocket is launched. The Israeli military has provided the map at right to indicate the window of time throughout the country for rockets coming from Gaza: Sderot – 15 seconds, Ashkelon – 30 seconds, Ashdod – 45 seconds, Be'er Sheva – one minute, and the cities of Rishon Letzion, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem – one and a half minutes.

And what if?

If the rockets are NOT coming from Gaza
But rockets are flying from East Jerusalem?
Or from Be'er Sheva?
Or from Ramallah?

There is not enough time to run anywhere!

And the Government is even considering accommodating a 2 state 'solution'.

We know all about the Nations' idea 
of a "solution to the Jews"

I say Annexation ... And let those who don't want to stay in Israel leave ... The sooner the better!


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