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30 July 2014

It's not the London Underground ...

It's not Boston
It's not DC
It's not NY
It's not Chicago

Imgur image creators often remain anonymous. It’s widely used by social news websites Reddit and Digg.

25 July 2014

' הודו לה'

הודו לה' כי טוב כי לעולם חסדו

On all the miracles happening. 

Shabbat Shalom

About Recent Statements Attributed to Rav Kanievsky About Mashiach ...

The Gaboim by Reb Chaim Kanievsky, Shlita deny any of the recent stories going around re: statements from Reb Chaim re: Mash'iach. I.e. Chasunah, mishulach, sefer, etc.

very very reliable source

Also noted on YeranenYaakov's Interesting Links.

23 July 2014


On radio this morning, Glenn issued a harsh condemnation of the FAA and the Obama Administration for empowering Hamas via this decision. As he explained, the flight moratorium offers Hamas a rare victory in this two-week-old bloody conflict, while choking Israel. Glenn reiterated his personal support of Israel and its right to defend itself. Here is the LINK to video

"I want to talk about what the FAA and the Obama Administration did. They gave a win to Hamas. I want you to listen to this and understand. Without an investigation, there was a rocket landed a mile away from the airport in Tel Aviv. They didn’t report that it landed on a house. How about we start with that one? You’re always talking about how the rockets of Israel are landing on houses. How about the rocket from Hamas? It didn’t land in an open field. It landed on a house. But it was a mile away from the airport. And, immediately, the federal government shuts down all American planes going to Tel Aviv and Israel and Ben Gurion airport.

"I know this for a fact: If you stop the airlines from going to Tel Aviv, you’re choking Israel to death. This was a 24-hour suspension without any kind of investigation at all. What they are doing is they are sending Israel a message. And let me just ask you: Do you believe that if American airliners feet it was unsafe to fly into Israel, they would make that call? Shouldn’t the airlines be the one, without my pressure, to say, ‘I don’t want to fly in there because I don’t feel safe’? Wouldn’t they do that? El Al is one of the safest airlines in the world and Ben Gurion Airport is one of the safest airports in the world. Israel is not like Boston.

"That’s not to say, God forbid, something couldn’t happen. But Israel knows, especially now, that if an airliner was about to be shot out of the sky, it would be horrible for their country as well as ours. You might say that’s counterintuitive. ‘Glenn, that would make Hamas look bad.’ Really? Let’s think this through.

"Who would the media blame? Would the media blame Hamas or would the media blame Israel? I contend that already the media would have blamed Israel, but now that there’s been an FAA moratorium, and the FAA is saying, ‘Hey, we’re a little concerned about planes flying into Israel.’ What have they done? They have just set Israel up. So if, God forbid, something does happen, Israel would get the blame because the President and everybody else would say, ‘See, they should have known better.’ That’s where it starts. Have you heard anyone talking about how Hamas should stop?

"Instead, we’re stopping people from flying, while we are lecturing the people who are trying to stop the people with the rockets. We are equating violence with violence. I heard the argument yesterday. I think it’s great. As if somebody who is trying to stop a rapist,I that their violence is equal to the violence of the rapist. No, no. That’s not the way it works.

"Could I ask you a question? Would JFK airport or Newark airport, if they were being bombed, would we have planes flying in there? ‘Yeah, Canadian Airlines, keep flying into Newark.’ Or would we say, ‘No, we know better?’ Would we have more compassion and say, ‘We don’t want 300 dead people burning up like in Ukraine. Would we want that? Would we want our international flights from our biggest allies, especially knowing that even our biggest ally will put the blame on us and not the separatists? This is a direct attack on Israel by our country and by the FAA, and all in the name of safety.

"America, answer a few questions: Do you think the FAA and the DHS know how to keep our airports safe? Do you think our airports are safer than they were on 9/11? I would be hard-pressed to find anyone to say yes. There are a lot of trappings. But do you really believe you are safer than you were on 9/11? Do you really believe this government – a government that didn’t know that a country in revolution was being taken over by Muslim extremists in Libya would be unsafe for an ambassador to fly into and go to a lightly guarded non-embassy in the heart of terrorist town on the anniversary of 9/11? This government didn’t see that one coming. You really believe they know what’s happening in the air space halfway around the world of another country? Do you really believe that they’re better to judge it than that other country?

"If I hadn’t seen the anti-Israel actions, the fruit of this government’s labor in the last six years, I would say to you, ‘They’ve got to know something that we don’t know, but I don’t.’ But, especially seeing that this President continually says, and I quote, ‘I get the news only TV, just like you did,’ I can’t give him credit he knows something that I don’t know. Even if he does, his very intelligence organizations were the ones that said that whole attack on 9/11, by Muslim extremists, was a video. That had nothing to do with extremism. Why would we listen to those advisors?

"So a message to Israel. Israel, hear me clearly: As an American citizen, I don’t represent all Americans. I don’t even come close to representing all Americans. I represent me. I’m sorry. I am really sorry. I am sorry to the Ukrainians as well. We have violated our oath to you to be your friends. We’re not going to come over and fight your wars, but, Israel, you don’t need anybody to fight your wars. You seem to do a mighty good job on your own.

"Here’s what I can offer: My prayers and my support. And I wish my country would support you, but don’t think that our country is our government. It’s not. Our country is set up unlike any other country in the world, even yours. Our country is ‘we, the people.’ And there’s a good number of ‘we, the people,’ a lot of people that – Republican, Democrat, independent, left, right – support you. We support our right to exist. We support your right as a Jew to live unmolested. We support your right to live in a state.

"Everybody is saying we need to have the UN try to come up with a solution. Everybody says we have to have the UN. What does the UN say? Well, why are all these people asking what the UN says? Because we have to have a global governance. We have to have a global community come together and agree on a solution. Well, the UN came up with a solution. You should be the most legitimate state ever created. Your borders should be the most legitimate of all time because all those people who say we have to go to UN should be reminded that it was the UN that created your borders in the first place. It was the UN and this beloved global body that put you in that space.

"You’re just trying to live by the rules the world and that global body set up. You have a right to defend yourself. And dare I say it, none of us would have put up with this as long as you have. If Canada had in its charter that their goal was to destroy the United States of America and kill every American, as Hamas has in her charter, that they want to wipe Israel and all the Jews off the face of the earth, this is a no-brainer. You can’t sit at a negotiating table when your ‘whys’ are different. Why does Israel want peace? Because we just want to live as neighbors side-by-side and just get along so we can raise our children. Why does Hamas want peace? Well, because it furthers my goal to wipe them off the face of the earth and kill all the Jews. There is no peace there.

"I know that Jon Stewart and everyone else can make a joke of that. That’s what they do. We are here to talk about adults. If this were happening to us or any other country, we would have bombed that country into the Stone Age. Be it right or wrong, that’s what most of us would have donej. Maybe you have an Israeli exceptionalism, because your Israeli exceptionalism would come from the same source, the God of Abraham Isaac, and Jacob that teaches us to be good the one another. Our best way to serve God is to serve our fellow man. And maybe that’s why our rage would have bombed Canada into the Stone Age, but I’ve never seen Israel act out in rage. Boy, you have had reason. But you don’t. You understood, when you took the Temple Mount, that God does not want bloodshed. You understood the sacred nature of that land, and so when you could have taken the Temple Mount, you didn’t because you know that bloodshed is not always the answer.

"Hear me, Israel. Sometimes, unfortunately, bloodshed is the only option left to a peace-loving people. I feel for the Palestinian people. I have met Palestinian people. We have working for us Palestinians. There’s a difference between those who have been rapped up in hatred. That’s not Palestinian. I feel for the Palestinian people and their children. I believe you do too, but you know and the rest of the world refuses to face that they are being lied to by their clerics and politicians. Unfortunately, in many ways, we are too. It isn’t hard to figure out who the bad guys are in this, when people are handing out sweets and candy and celebrating in the streets when there’s a kidnapping of a soldier, a kidnapping of anybody. I would say the same thing about you. That’s despicable. They did the same thing to us, but too many Americans have forgotten. They did exactly the same thing when our World Trade Center came down and all humans on the planet were sorrowful. All humans on the planet mourned with us and stood with us. They, the Palestinians, were handing out sweets and candy in the streets, exactly the way they are doing it to you now.

"The Palestinians have to stop the insanity themselves. Until they do, you have to protect yourselves. We pray for a peace and we pray for the end of bloodshed as quickly as possible, but don’t let us pull the rug from underneath you. Remain standing – even when your closest allies won’t stand with you – unflinched in your hour of need. But know this: Many Americans and many all over the world still stand with you. And we will stand with you to the end.

"While charity helped you build hospitals that take in friends and foe, our charity, Mercury One, has done the same. We have helped you build those hospitals, and, today, we are launching another initiative. We are going to help your military as well. We are sending supplies for your military – for you sons and daughters – who have been called into action and need flashlights, need blankets, need tents. Mercury One will deliver them. Quite honestly, I am thinking about delivering them myself this weekend.

"While your sons and daughters are fighting, we refuse to stand by and let them be in need. While they are protecting the only land the Jews has ever owned and the only land ever to be created not only by the United Nations but by the only global authority I recognize – the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

"Israel, you are not alone. God speed. God bless. And forgive us, for we know not what we do."

Turkey - Obama - Qatar : A New Axis Of Evil!

Caroline Glick wrote a tremendous article Obama to The Rescue ... Of Hamas" in today's JPost, revealing Obama's collusion with Turkey and Qatar for Hamas and against Israel. It's a good thing Sisi hates the brotherhood (Hamas) because it is helping Israel to continue the battle. Turkey and Qatar are the main countries supplying Hamas, beside Iran.

Caroline wrote:

"As Israel’s Calcalist newspaper reported earlier this week, Qatar is Hamas’s biggest and most important financier, a role it plays as well for ISIS, al Nusra, the Muslim Brotherhood and various jihadist groups in Libya."

"... Qatar, the tiny natural gas superpower presents itself to Americans as their greatest ally in the Muslim world. The emirate gives hundreds of millions of dollars to US universities to open campuses in Doha and pretends it is a progressive, open society, replete with debating societies. Qatar hosts three major US military bases on its territory. And it is becoming one of the most important clients for US military contractors. Earlier this year Qatar signed an $11.4 billion dollar arms agreement with the US."

"At the same time, according to the Calacalist report, Qatar is the major bankroller of ISIS and al Nusra in Syria and Iraq. It gives $50 million a month to jihadists in Libya. It gives Hamas $100m. in annual aid. And in the past two years Doha has provided Hamas with an additional $620m. dollars, including $250m. it transferred to Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal’s personal bank account, and $350m. in military aid to Hamas, transferred after the Egyptian military forced the Muslim Brotherhood government from power last July. Add to that the $100m. per year that Qatar pours into Al Jazeera’s satellite network – which has dedicated itself to undermining pro-Western Arab regimes while popularizing the likes of al-Qaida and Hamas, and Qatar is the largest financier of international jihad in the world."

We have a new axis of terror.

22 July 2014

Insane 10 Year Cease Fire Truce


"The terrorists want all crossings into Gaza opened, and an international airport to be opened in Gaza. The Rafah crossing is to be opened up to international traffic, under UN supervision, with international observers along the borders.

"Other conditions in the alleged proposal include the withdrawal of IDF tanks from areas they entered in Operation Protective Edge; a complete removal of the blockade on Gaza; an international sea port; no more flights by Israeli aircraft over Palestinian-controlled territory and expansion of the fishing zone to 10 km from the shoreline.

"In addition, the terrorists demand that Israel release the terrorist prisoners who were freed in the Shalit deal and re-arrested in Operation Brother's Keeper following the kidnap and murder of three Israeli teens. As part of the search for the teens and their killers, IDF forces arrested hundreds of Hamas terrorists, including dozens who were released as part of the prisoner swap to free captive IDF soldier Gilad Shalit in 2011, but who broke the terms of their release, which included not being involved in terrorist activity.

"Other conditions leveled by the terrorist groups include that Israel be obliged not to interfere with the activity of the "Palestinian unity government", and that industrial zones along the border will be rebuilt and renovated. " Unconfirmed

These rapacious blood sucking evil ones, even sent a warning to Israelis:

Again, we warn you - if your government 
does not agree to all of our conditions, 
then all of Israel will legally remain 
open to our weapons fire. 

Izz - Eddine al-Qassam Brigades

Israel cannot do this. What a boosha! BUT IF THIS BRINGS MOSHIACH ... BRING IT ON!

DEBKA REPORTS:   Kerry and Ban in truce bid to save Hamas from defeat.

Three rival groups are in a tug-o’-war over a ceasefire initiative for the Gaza conflict: The US and UN are pulling one way; Israel, Egypt and Saudi Arabia, the other; and Qatar, Turkey, Hamas and the Palestinian Authority, are trying to manipulate the others.

Monday night, July 21, US Secretary of State John Kerry and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon arrived in Cairo to press their case with Egyptian President Abdel-Fatteh El-Sisi: Kerry’s directive was outlined by President Barack Obama a few hours earlier, “to focus on bringing about a ceasefire than ends the fighting and can stop the death of innocent civilians.”

Ban came from Doha, Qatar, as part of a whistle stop tour of Kuwait City, Jerusalem, Cairo, Ramallah and Amman. Upon landing in Cairo, he told reporters: “The violence must stop, it must stop now. I urge all parties to stop violence unconditionally and return to dialogue."

Reported to be pushing for a long-term ceasefire, the UN Secretary went on to comment that it was impossible to go back to the situation that caused the conflict. He ruled out the “status quo ante” for the Gaza Strip as untenable.

*This was an indirect vote of support for Hamas’s terms for a ceasefire, such as ending the blockade on the Gaza Strip and reopening all the crossings.

21 July 2014

Ishmaelites Outdo the Nazis

"People don't imagine what a cruel enemy we're up against. The holy Klausenberger Rebbe of saintly and blessed memory, remarked, "The Nazis killed my wife and my eleven children. I suffered from them in ways that defy description. Yet, the Ishmaelites outdo the Nazis when it comes to cruelty. I shudder to think what will be." Holy eyes see far. Today, with the war in Gaza, we begin to understand what the Klausenberger Rebbe was talking about.  - LazerBeans

WHAT A JOKE, But Not The Kind You Laugh At!

The Sultan had a roundup of "It's Another Death To The Jews Weekend"

While rockets are still flying into Israel. View home video of rockets flying toward Ashkelon

While the IDF is valiantly eradicating Hamas terrorist tunnels in Aza, also or here

While Moonie is whistlestopping all over the Middle East to garner a global response

While John Kerry is flying to Cairo hoping to make a "pinpoint operation" on the Israelis


20 July 2014

Sounds Like a Leader

“We must stand together, united,” ... “We must be strong in difficult days like this, and in the days that may yet come. 

PM Binyamin Netanyahu

Binyamin* Area Without Power

Part of he Binyamin* Area is Without Power
Hamas has posted a video showing how they hacked down an electric tower ... Leaving many in the dark.

Why doesn't Israel stop supplying them with electricity!
Why are we still sending them food and water ?
Isn't this aiding and abetting the enemy?

First offer the moderate citizens to relocate; provide them a monetary incentive and airfare to anywhere they choose.

Now is the time to stop providing Gaza with electricity / food / water.
Now is the time to stop this craziness.
The Israel IDF has to destroy the Hamas terror network.
Why not bombard the entire Gaza border area with explosives to reveal and destroy all tunnels that open into Israel, if that will do it.

Why cannot we starve Hamas into submission.

UPDATE: *Talmon/Dolev area of West Binyamin.

18 July 2014


Thank you David Gleicher, in a letter to today's Jlem Post,
"...In order to remain under ground, Hamas [terrorists] need electricity and fuel, otherwise they would be forced above ground ...."

The papers are full of wordy articles expounding the tactical wisdom of Netanyahu, or to the contrary, the ineptitude of the current decision makers, in dealing with our being under attack once again in a never-ending campaign by these terrorist to rid the middle east of Jews.

Anti-semitism is becoming rampant all over the world, Belgium, France, Germany, in the US in California, New York and many, many other countries.

Our soldiers are entering Aza. With David's one cogent sentence, we have a tactic that could save many soldiers' lives as they walk the minefields of Gaza. This brilliant tactic stands strong against the myriad of columns of advice we witness every day online and inprint.

The Geulah message is, like a Harvester collecting the grain from His fields into the center for processing:  Jews come home to Eretz Yisrael where your neshomas and mitzvos are needed for the upcoming big Geulah harvest. But do the Jews in far flung areas of the globe see the handwriting on the wall or understand this? The message is not getting through. Their leaders are also entrenched in foreign ideologies. The Golus is so difficult to separate from. So the gathering continues, propelled by the Hand of HaShem.

The crack in the dyke of leadership was started by Naftali Bennett, and now widened by Danny Danon, and some say Moshe Feiglin is waiting to jump into action. Again, it is obvious that there needs to be a sea change in the decision-making direction of the leaders of Israel. 

Will this next change be the one to do it? To bring Moshiach finally? We have been told Moshiach is very close and waiting to reveal himself to us. 

Are we ready?

16 July 2014

TEN YEAR CEASE FIRE … Just enough time to restock the larder.

Hamas must have "something up its sleeve" in this new turn of events.

Hamas proposes 10-year cease-fire in return for conditions being met: Channel 2 reports Hamas seeks long-term truce; Its terms are the release of Schalit deal prisoners who were re-arrested, the opening of Gaza border crossings, and an end to Israeli naval blockade of Gaza JPost

Kleinonline is reporting what might be this "something":

IRAN ATTEMPTING TO REARM HAMAS WITH MISSILES. Amid international calls for cease-fire um, ten years of re-arming …  the Iranian-backed Hezbollah organization is already implementing plans to rearm Hamas in the Gaza Strip with more missiles following any truce, according to informed Middle Eastern defense officials.

Israel, meanwhile, continues its aerial offensive aimed at minimizing Hamas’ rocketing capabilities as the Arab League and the European Union join other international calls for a truce. Among them are Secretary of State John Kerry, who has offered to broker a cease-fire. kleinonline

Oh, gosh, here we go again, more negotiations.

Now, wait just a minute.

As the Israeli Cabinet delayed a decision on the next stage of the Gaza operation, the Hamas Wednesday, July 16, launched its heaviest barrage yet against Tel Aviv and its outlying towns, using M-75 missiles. An interesting analysis

Remember this chart:

All of these rockets contain WARHEADS. After obtaining enough reconnaissance data from the current onslaught, on how Israel applies the Iron Dome for attack and protection, they just may figure out chv"s a better strategy for their next attack, that is after they replenish … While they now can shoot 4 rockets at a time at their target, what if they manage to detonate more than 4 of the M-302's? Can the Iron Dome meet this and other scenarios.

I don't think we'll have to wait the full ten years.

YELLOWSTONE: It Turned The Asphalt Into Soup!


"Extreme heat from a massive supervolcano underneath Yellowstone National Park is melting a major roadway at the popular summertime tourist attraction. Park officials have closed the area to visitors.

"Firehole Lake Drive, a 3-mile-plus offshoot of the park’s Grand Loop that connects the Old Faithful geyser and the Madison Junction, is currently off limits. Park operators say the danger of stepping on seemingly solid soil into severely hot water is “high.”

“It basically turned the asphalt into soup. It turned the gravel road into oatmeal,” Yellowstone spokesman Dan Hottle said." Asphalt into Soup, Gravel into Oatmeal

""We believe it will erupt again someday, but we have no idea when," Farrell told National Geographic."


Everyone commenting on the govt's actions is not seeing the bigger picture. Netanyahu is not behaving like a Real Jewish Leader, we have many examples in Tnach. In contrast, he is acting more like an agent of world powers that are protective of all Arab actions. Yes he has issued bombing orders, but only as much as the world powers can stomach, not enough to eradicate the enemy, protect the Israelis, and bring true shalom. Shalom, it is said, is when your enemies fear to start up with you. It's not sufficient to claim he is wavering, he considers the legal ramifications, and that the IAF convinces of their ability to weaken the enemy. These are not tactics, they are weaknesses.

It's been years of negotiating off and on for peace. However, I believe Dafka because of this bomb-bardment from Aza, we are being shown from Shomayim that these negotiations are wrong and that the correct action is to finish off the enemy scourge. Is it not clear that with the Iron Dome (the Hand of HaShem) we are being given a choice opportunity. This scourge in Aza issued orders to attack the young Israeli families defending by populating the hills of Judea and Samaria, the very families that raised Gil-Ad, Naftali and Eyal. The very families, in their grief, that displayed Torah ideals and showed the Israeli People that we can get along. The world doesn't want to see these terrorists eliminated, they want them to continue to attack and irritate Israelis, in order to weaken their resolve, so they give in to suicidal land withdrawal. But from Shomayim we are being given the opportunity to take back Aza because it is our land. Let the occupiers go to an Arab country where they will be in their element.

Poor Danny Danon, he is behaving like a brave soul and that's why he got trounced. He sees things clearly and that was a danger to the PM, who worries day and night over his control of his political position. Many have compared him to the sad Shaul who couldn't bring himself to eliminate Amalek. So may be the fate of the PM.

He needs to continue worrying.

It is so obvious now.

14 July 2014


What a wonderful idea


Rabbi Yitzchak Zilberstein, the well-known and popular rabbi of the Ramat Elchanan neighborhood in Bnei Brak, compiled the list, together with the members of the Beit David Kollel he heads in Holon. His list of mitzvot to be performed when learning of the advent of a Hamas missile is as follows:

1. Upon hearing the siren, one should imbue his heart with complete trust in G-d, the knowledge that He directs all events, and the certainty that every bullet and rocket has a Divinely-designated address.

The Rambam (Maimonides), whose listing of the 613 Torah commandments is the most authoritative, does not list this mitzvah specifically, though it is certainly connected to the commandments to know that G-d exists, to love Him, and to fear Him.

2. One must pray, by reciting a chapter of Psalms or other prayer, that the oncoming rocket not harm any Jew, and that it be successfully intercepted if necessary. The Torah commands us to pray for salvation when we face trouble and tribulation.

3. One must also engage in thoughts of repentance. The Rambam writes, "It is a positive Torah commandment to cry out and sound trumpets for every tribulation that faces the community; this is one of the ways to engage in teshuvah, repentance... in the knowledge that the troubles stem from [our] evil deeds…"

4. After the rocket is intercepted or falls harmlessly in an open area, we are bidden to express our thanks to G-d for His kindnesses. The Baal HaShe'iltot wrote that thanking G-d for a miracle is a positive Torah commandment.

5. One who is safe in his home during a missile alert must remember those who are in the street frantically searching for a safe area. He must open his door for them, thus fulfilling two mitzvot in one: Hospitality and saving others from danger.

Regarding the commandment to give thanks, Rabbi Zilberstein added the following "bonus" concept: A verse in Psalms (35,18) praising public thanksgiving is this:  אודך בקהל רב, בעם עצום אהללך – "I will thank You in a great congregation, amidst a large nation I will praise You."



A little War Humor

"JNS.org - Israel’s Iron Dome anti-rocket system has become a media darling during the Jewish state’s current conflict with Hamas, with press around the world praising its ability to prevent civilian casualties.

"The Associated Press called the Iron Dome “a game-changer,” saying that not only does it prevent numerous civilian deaths, but also provides “a much-needed sense of security on the home front.”

"BusinessWeek published an article Friday titled “Israel’s Iron Dome is amazing, and that’s a problem,” in which journalist Peter Coy writes that the missile defense system “is more popular in Israel than hummus and falafel,” but explains that its outstanding performance at saving lives has left Israeli citizens with little sympathy from the rest of the world despite ongoing rocket attacks by Palestinian terrorists."Algemeiner

But those in the know, know that it is the Hand of HaShem protecting us (read it all and scroll down a bit).

13 July 2014

War Widens

Opens joint operational room to rain rockets on Jewish state


"In the last 24 hours, the Iranian-backed Hezbollah group reopened an operational room with Hamas to coordinate regional militant developments, including attacks against Israel, informed Middle Eastern defense officials told KleinOnline."

"The operational room, commissioned at the direction of Iran, is located in Lebanon and is coordinating with the Hamas command and control in the Gaza Strip, the defense officials said. Further, the defense officials said they are aware of Hezbollah plans to bring more weapons into the Gaza Strip in the coming days."

"Iran is attempting to use jihadist surrogates in the Gaza Strip to cause a mass casualty event in Israel that would provoke an Israeli ground operation" Kleinonline


On the John Batchelor Show are interviewed the following, giving a good analysis for the English audience. Every Thurs evening, usually in the second a half the third hour,  John and Malcolm give an analysis of events in Israel and the larger Jewish world, together with other interviewees on topic. On July 10 were the following (audio feed below):

Malcolm Hoenlein, Conference of Presidents.
Pinhas Inbari, Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs
Neri Zilber, visiting scholar at Washington Inst.
Ido Aharoni, Consul General of Israel in New York.
Michael Singh, Washington Institute.
Lt Col Peter Lerner, IDF Spokesman, intl media

Hour Two (download audio feed)

Hour Three (download audio feed-first half only)

Above Map of Rockets courtesy of the John Batchelor Show Podcasts Page

The HAMAS War Against Jews and The Israeli People … An Inside Look

The HAMAS War against the Israeli People is generating worldwide attention:

This is from Breitbart TV:

"TheUnitedWest.org and Center for Security Policy present Operation Protective Edge - An Inside Look: Destroy HAMAS.

"This first episode offers analysis, commentary, opinion and activism aimed at aiding Israel in its efforts to defeat the terrorist organization Hamas from correspondent Barry Shaw from Israel, Center for Security Policy’s Frank Gaffney, former U.S. Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence Lt. Gen. (Ret.) William "Jerry" Boykin and Breitbart News' Israel reporter Jordan Schachtel."

Naftali Bennett on Fox News: We will Defend Ourselves

Naftali Bennett on Fox News With Rocket Piece

12 July 2014

"Tefilin Instils Fear in Hearts of Israel's Enemies"

Yeshiva World News:

"In light of the current situation in Israel hundreds of rabbis in Israel, members of the Rabbinical Congress for Peace (RCP), have issued a call to Jews around the world to intensify the Tefilin Campaign citing the Talmudic dictum that Tefilin instills fear in the hearts of Israel’s enemies. Our Sages in the Talmud quote the Divine promise that in the merit of the mitzvah of tefilin, “all the nations of the world will see that the name of G-d is called upon you, and they will fear you” (Deuteronomy 28:10).


"The Palestinian Authority has asked Israel 
to provide its towns with siren equipment 
and Arabic translations of the IDF Home Command’s 
directives for safety procedures against rocket attack."


07 July 2014

Same Motivation Wearing a Different Costume

This is the motivation for continued instigation against, rioting and murder of Israelis. It only takes a bit of incitement to get the Arab rioters into a frenzy destroying property and attacking Jews. The age-old and current vendettas against Jews anywhere, and Jews living in Israel is not going away, no matter how the Israelis try to enable a peaceful society. The Arab leaders will find any excuse, real or invented to fight against the Jews (Israelis). The Israeli Government must protect its Jewish citizens no matter what the circumstances, no matter who (Obama/Kerry, EU, NATO et al.) says otherwise.

The motivation was/is the same.

"Nazi flag bearing a large black swastika 
was seen waving above the Palestinian village 
of Beit Ummar.

"The town of 13,000 is located northwest of Hebron, relatively close to where the bodies of three Israeli teens were discovered in a shallow grave last Monday. The youths — Gilad Shaar, Naftali Frankel and Eyal Yifrah — were kidnapped on June 12 and murdered, allegedly by Hamas terrorists.

"It is not the first time the Nazi banner has been hoisted up over the town. In May 2013, the Israel Defense Forces Civil Administration ordered the Palestinian Electrical Company to remove a swastika flag that had been hung on one Beit Ummar’s electric wires, Israel Hayom reported. Algemeiner.

These people fear no one. They know the world leaders will not stop them. The Nazi costume has been replaced by the keffiyeh.

Arutz Sheva weighs in

06 July 2014

More Duplicity and Hypocrisy ... We're fed up!

US 'Troubled' by American's Beating by Police During Riot?
America is troubled?

But the US was NOT troubled by the Israeli-American Frankel's death at the hands of Palestinian terrorist-murderers! America was NOT so troubled... "Naftali [Frankel] was only 16 years old. He had family in Brooklyn [dual citizenship] and considered it his second home. He was the oldest of seven children..." 
Blood on Hamas' Hands

The World Continues its Ferocious Demented Jew Hatred

"Ukrainian anti-Semitism is legendary for its crudity, ferocity, and innateness. Ukrainians’ reputation for ongoing racism and ever-virulent intolerance is equally well-earned:

"News that the mass grave of thousands of slain Jewish men, women, and children was ransacked by Ukrainians in their lust after fabled riches..." "The latest grave-looting incident occurred on June 20 in Volodymyr-Volynsky, just north of the once heavily Jewish Lvov. In 1941 no fewer than 18,000 Jews were shot and dumped into open trenches at that location . . . It was already reported in 2010 and in 2011 and now again. Odds are that this also isn’t the only location for such ghastliness." Editorial: "The antisemitism that was initially unfashionable in postwar western Europe is burgeoning again in the shape of antiZionism, whereas in Ukraine it's vulgar and in your face as it was before the Soviets temporarily compressed the evil genie back into its bottle. Such phenomena should have been unthinkable subsequent to the Holocaust and today's Europe should regard them as a badge of dishonor."Ukrainian Jews come home to Israel.

said so eloquently by Shmuely Boteach in today's JPost edition:

". . .something changed with the murder of these three innocent teens. It was not just the senselessness of the act; three defenseless teen boys killed for no reason other than that they were Jewish, for no other purpose but to indulge Palestinian hate. Rather, it was a feeling that this had happened one too many times. That there was a critical mass of dead Jews that had now been reached, beyond which the Israeli public and the world Jewish community is not prepared to mourn any more.

"That we were finally fed up. That we weren’t going to take it any more. That we weren’t going to make peace any longer with the fact that Jews are born to die. That Israel doesn’t have to make do with the sight of children’s carcasses found rotting in caves.

"That Israel, even after all the innocent men women, and children it has buried in the Arabs’ 66-year war to annihilate it could still be shocked by the sight of more young Jews dying just because they wore yarmulkes.

"Israel and the Jews are fed-up with the sight of dead Jews.

"Fed up with Palestinians justifying barbaric murder in the name of their grievances.

"Fed up with the foul moral equivalence of Jews dying as targets of terrorists and Palestinians dying undertaking acts of terrorism.

"Fed up with a world that has indulged in anti-Semitism for thousands of years continuing to scapegoat the State of Israel and overlook dead Jews.

"Fed up with Western media that makes more of Israelis adding rooms to apartments in east Jerusalem than 150,000 Arabs killed in Syria.

"Fed up with the United Nations condemning the only democracy in the Middle East while overlooking the ghastly human rights abuses of its Arab neighbors.

"Fed up with watching Jewish mothers and fathers wailing over the coffins of their children.

"Fed up with Palestinians ululating at the same scene.

"Fed up with Islamic terrorists believing they were getting sex with virgins in heaven for killing children on earth.

"Fed up with haters of Israel being more concerned with how Palestinian terrorists are treated in Israeli jails – humanely – than with their victims’ families, whose lives have been destroyed forever.

"Fed up with an American government which, with the best of intentions, pushes Israel to recognize a Palestinian unity government with Hamas when the United States would never even talk to al-Qaida, which murdered so many innocent Americans.

"Fed up with seeing Israeli communities in the West Bank surrounded by barbed wire to keep killers out while the Palestinian villages live openly and without fear because they know Israelis don’t target children.

"Fed up with the big lie that Israeli settlements are the reason for Palestinian terror when the PLO was founded before Israel ever conquered the West Bank in a defensive war; Hamas has launched thousands of rockets at Israel even after Israel forcibly removed every last settler.

"Fed up with morally confused churches like the Presbyterian Church USA initiating boycotts against Israel for simply protecting its citizens from terrorists, while overlooking Arab atrocities against Christians throughout the Middle East.

"Fed up with having to teach our children to fear the basic neighborliness that was once so common in Israel, like hitching, lest your children never arrive home.

"Fed up with Arab nations claiming to feel humiliated by, and swearing eternal enmity toward, a tiny little sliver of Jewishness that is a but a small fraction of total Arab land.

"Fed up with a never-ending river of Jewish tears.

"Fed up with a tragic history that never seems to recede.

"And we have every right to be fed up. No nation should have to live like this. No nation should have to die like this. Something has to be done. The status quo is unacceptable. No-one quite knows how it can be remedied, but what we do know is that the option of dead Jews is no longer acceptable. We have a right to live."

Shmuely, thank you, for saying what is in the heart of almost all the Israelis (almost, unfortunately, there are those Israelis who lack true Ahavas Yisrael and prefer our enemies).

04 July 2014

Shame on Satmar

Shame on Satmar
Shame on Satmar  Shame on Satmar

  • Condition of the bodies
    • It appears we can add regarding the merit the boys had for 18 days - words that Rav Yaakov Roza Shlit"a, the rabbi of the Zaka Organization, said in his role as rabbi of the Pathological Institute in the Institute for Law Health in Abu Kabir:
      For the first time in my life, I came across such an occurrence where bodies that were lying in the field in hot weather for 18 days and no worms were found on their bodies. I can attest that on the 3 Kedoshim, no maggots overtook them. Besides the gunshot wounds, there were no signs of abuse or injuries. According to the doctors at the Institute for Law Health, there is no scientific explanation for this phenomenon.

03 July 2014

Rabbanit Rachel Frankel

Rachel Sprecher Frankel (sometimes spelled “Frenkel”) is the director of the Advanced Halakha Program at Matan, a very advanced women’s institute of Orthodox Jewish studies in Jerusalem. She also teaches Jewish law at Nishmat, another women’s seminary Jerusalem.

Sprecher Frankel is called Rabbanit by her students, not becuase her husband is a rabbi, but because she is very learned.

She is also a yo’atzot halakha in Hebrew (Jewish law adviser) for women.

But more than all this, Rachel Sprecher Frankel is the mother of Naftali Frankel, the 16-year-old boy who was murdered last mont along with two other teens by terrorists who kidnapped them near Hebron in the West Bank. The three boys’ bodies were found early Monday morning. All three were buried yesterday.

At the end of the eulogies at her son’s funeral, as his body lay before her, Rachel Sprecher Frankel stood with her husband and their younger son and began to say kaddish – something most Israelis have never seen, even though Jewish law clearly allows women to recite the mourner’s prayer if they so desire.

There, not more than a few feet away from her, were the haredi Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi of Israel David Lau; Rabbi Yaakov Shapira, the dean of the Zionist Orthodox flagship Mercaz Harav yeshiva; and Zionist Orthodox and Sefardi haredi Knesset members.


I read elsewhere that both Chief Rabbis said Amen when the Rabbanit finished.

Source: S Rosenberg

Israel's Plan of Action Decided by Egypt, Qatar & Jordan . . .

. . . and of course the terror escalates:

Debka Reveals

"Wednesday night, July 2, Israel’s security cabinet held its third special session in two days to map out a response to the kidnapping and murder of Eyal Yifrach, Gil-Ad Shaer and Naftali Frenkel, who were laid to rest in mass funerals Tuesday.

"Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, Defense Minsiter Moshe Ya’alon abd Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz decided that instead of smashing Hamas infrastructure at its home base in the Gaza Strip, the Israeli army would continue to pound its networks on the West Bank.

"This decision was the outcome of heavy arm-twisting on the part of Egypt, Qatar and Jordan. They urged Israel to continue to smash Hamas in Mahmoud Abbas’ West Bank domain, but to leave the Islamist organization be in the Gaza Strip.

"By heeding Arab advice on how to respond to the tragedy of three murdered young Israelis, the government found within hours that it had opened the door to unbridled violence both in Jerusalem and against the communities who have the misfortune to live within range of Gazan rockets.

"Tons of rocks and explosive devices were hurled during the day at Israeli police and security forces attempting to restore order in Jerusalem’s Palestinian districts.

"In the Gaza Strip, Hamas and the Jihad Islami leaders, knowing they were safe from Israeli retribution, let loose with volley after volley of rockets and mortars – 30 in a single day – against Ashkelon, Netivot, Sdot Negev, Sderot, Kerem Shalom and the Eshkol District. Three were downed by Iron Dome interceptor. But no defense system is proof against a missile blitz on this scale."

Our Hypocritical World

After over 18 days of fear, concern, emotional trauma, we awake this morning to a Jerusalem Post headline, saying that "... Slaying of Arab youth limits options on response to killing of Israeli teens". The Government has weakened after a massive show of achdus, and now falls victim's - again - to Arab lies, distortion and subterfuge.

The Israeli leaders had to beg and coax the world's leaders to recognize and condemn the kidnapping and premeditated murder of three Jewish teens, but on superficial slander involving an Arab youth, right away they condemn, attack and threaten Israel without knowing the truth. The Israeli media is very much complicent in this barrage against a still grieving Jewish Nation. They rush to make headlines without thinking of their ramifications, playing into the subterfuge of the world so-called powers. Read what the world has the temerity to say:

"World leaders were unanimous Wednesday in condemning the killing of Mohammad Abu Khdeir, a 16-year-old Palestinian who was most likely kidnapped and murdered in revenge for the death of three Israeli teens that were abducted and recently found dead in the West Bank."

"The White House spokesperson said the death of the Palestinian teenager was a "heinous murder" and called on the perpetrators to be brought to justice."

"In a series of posts on Twitter, National Security Adviser Susan Rice said the US is paying close attention to the investigation into the death of 17-year-old Mohammed Abu Khdeir. She also offered condolences to his family and the Palestinian people." Did we hear from Obama about our boys?

“There are no words to convey adequately our condolences to the Palestinian people,” Secretary of State John Kerry said in the statement." And: "He said it was sickening to think a young boy could be “snatched off the streets and his life stolen from him and his family" Was it not sickening, Mr Kerry, when Three Jewish boys were snatched...? All of a sudden Kerry is at a loss for words ... Good, he should continue to be at a loss for words, especially when offering advice to Israel, and when trying to create a peace partnership between freedom loving Jews and murderous Arabs.

"Quartet Representative Tony Blair also commented on the killing saying, "There is no possible justification for such a horrendous act - and the perpetrators must be found swiftly and brought to justice. Extremists must not be allowed to exploit the events of the last weeks to spark a further escalation in violence."

After the Mayor of Jerusalem believed the lies and went public in condemnation, only one of his Councilmen had the constitution and clarity of mind to say it like it is -

"Rioting the Product of Premeditated Incitement: Jerusalem Councilman Aryeh King blames rioting on lack of police presence, claims murder planned specifically to arouse unrest." "Over 75 Israeli and Palestinian Arabs have allegedly been injured rioting, which included burning down three light rail stops and throwing rocks, pipe bombs, and Molotov cocktails at both police and press."

And what about all the fires in and around Jerusalem? "A week ago, a major fire broke out in the forest near the Jerusalem neighborhoods of Kiryat Yovel and Ein Kerem. Hundreds of residents of nearby apartment buildings were evacuated as the flames reached roads in the area." Families forced from their homes by flames. Choking smoke around Jerusalem. What a coincidence! Just when Arabs are rioting!

No, no such thing as "coincidence" ... These too are premeditated - arson.

And what about the Rocket attacks? Are we now a punching bag for Hamas, so they can lob all the rockets they want and we are to "show restraint"!! The world says be careful, slow down. And the Israeli leaders decide not to lead but to cave in to 'world pressure'.

The hypocrisy is astounding. But as Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi has said "Look what the Creator will do to them; He will ruin their economy, as they wanted to do, measure for measure, to Israel.  Their swords will go in their own hearts; their arrows will break and cause themselves damage." this because the entire Arab world is in chaos, caused by and perpetrated against their own.

SO NOW HAMAS WANTS TO UP THE AGGRESSION: In a statement, Islamic Jihad held Israeli authorities and the army responsible for what it said were “continuous attacks on Palestinians, their lands and religious sites.” The Islamic Jihad terrorist group said on Wednesday that “settlers” were a “legitimate target” for “the resistance”, the Ma’an news agency reported.








01 July 2014

An Awful 18 Days … Burial on Gimmel Tammuz

Baruch Dayan HaEmes

Speaking to the media on Tuesday morning 3 Tammuz, HaGaon HaRav Bentzion Mutzafi Shlita explained the boys, Gilad Shaar, Naftali Frenkel and Eyal Yifrach HY”D were chosen to be a kapora for Am Yisrael.

“This is a most difficult gezeira that was decided as a kapora for Am Yisrael” explained the rav, adding “These holy boys, the kedoshim, were selected as a kapora for the people. We were all awakened to do teshuvah, to do a tikun, to learn more Torah, to kedusha, tahara, and we call to soften the ‘Midas HaDin that has befallen us”.

The posek added “This is a very big עת רצון, an opportune time, a time when the three kedoshim are sacrificed, a churban Beis HaMikdash, a kapora for all, an awakening and a chizuk that began on the Shabbos on which we learned about the spies (Parshas Korach) until Parsha Balak where we are taught הֶן-עָם לְבָדָד יִשְׁכֹּן, וּבַגּוֹיִם לֹא יִתְחַשָּׁב (lo, it is a people that shall dwell alone, and shall not be reckoned among the nations),

This makes us unique from all the nations and together, united, we will march forward to greet Moshiach”.

The rav then turned to security forces with a message, telling them “We are Jews, Bnei Yisrael, we are sons of HKBH and remember His Name and he will be there to assist”.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

What Can You Do In Fifteen Minutes?

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