15 January 2021

Reb Neuberger: Vaeira – The Code Word


By Roy S. Neuberger



“I shall harden Paro’s heart and I shall multiply My signs and My wonders in the Land of Egypt. Paro will not heed you, and I shall put My hand upon Egypt, and I shall take out My legions – My people, the Children of Israel – from the land of Egypt with great judgments. And Egypt shall know that I am Hashem….” (Shemos 7:3-5)


My friends, this is what we can expect to see in the near future, in our own days. The events narrated in our current Parshios are the blueprint for our own period in history, as we near the end of our own long Golus.


A new president is coming to the United States. For all his histrionics, Donald Trump was a friend of Israel. Now he is departing, and the sky is darkening. The point is not to make predictions, but we learn from our current parshios that a “new Paro” forgot Yosef. It is possible that similar things may happen in our own days.


Whatever happens, it is clear that world events are nearing a climax. The current plague is disrupting life as we know it and is proving extremely difficult to control. Just as the vaccine appears, so does a new strain of Corona. Military and political tensions in the Middle East are dangerously high, and Europe is legislating anti-Torah decrees. The world is closing in on the Children of Israel, just as it closed around us in Mitzraim.


We must observe coming events closely; we will very likely see great upheavals. Unless our viewpoint is firmly rooted in the events narrated by the Torah, we will not be able to understand them. But if we learn from the Torah, we will know that upheavals are the prelude to Redemption.


It has taken almost two thousand years of Exile to reach this point. The Satan, our accuser, has unveiled his mightiest weapons to prevent our Redemption. In ancient Egypt, we were tempted to assimilate into the foreign lifestyle; many disappeared into the morass of idolatry and disappeared with the demise of Mitzraim. In Biblical times, our enemies drowned before our eyes and those of us who clung to Moshe Rabbeinu’s holy mission were saved. They made it to Har Sinai and became the Eternal Torah Nation. They praised G-d, saying, “I shall sing to Hashem for He is exalted above the arrogant, having hurled horse with its rider into the sea….” (Shemos 15:1)


Here is prophesy concerning the future of Mitzraim, once the mightiest of nations:


“They shall be a lowly kingdom… Among the kingdoms it shall be the lowest, and it shall no more exalt itself above the nations, and I shall diminish them they shall not rule over the nations….” (Yechezkel 29:15, the Haftara for this week’s Parsha)


And here is a prophesy concerning the future of Israel:


“So said my L-rd Hashem/Elokim. ‘When I gather in the House of Israel from the peoples among whom they are scattered, and I shall be sanctified by them in the eyes of the nations, and they shall dwell on their land that I gave to My servant … Yaakov, they shall dwell upon it securely and build houses and plant vineyards …. when I execute judgments upon all who disdain them … then they shall know that I am Hashem, their

G-d.’” (ibid 28:25-26)


Moshe Rabbeinu was given a sign when he came to Mitzraim. He used a doubled code word, “Pokad pochad’ti … I shall remember… I shall remember them.” This was an expression we have heard before. Yaakov Avinu (according to Rashi) used it to reassure his sons of the future redemption, and Yosef in turn reassured his brothers with this double expression. (Rashi on Shemos 3:18) When the Elders of Israel heard Moshe Rabbeinu say these words, they knew the redeemer had come.


“Ma’ase avos siman l’banim … what happened to the fathers is a sign for the children.” Our Father in Heaven has given us signs for the Final Redemption. When we see the mighty nations crumble; when we see that the “New Paro” does not “know Yosef,” then we are to remember the events in Mitzraim. “Pokad pokad’ti….” He will surely remember us.


“On that day, I will cause the strength of the House of Israel to flower.…” (ibid 29:21)


May we see it soon in our days!



Golus: Exile

Har Sinai: Mount Sinai

Mitzraim: Biblical Egypt

Moshe Rabbeinu: Moses

Paro: Pharaoh, King of Egypt

Parshios: Weekly Torah portions

Shemos: The Biblical Book of Exodus


Morse Code Machine

Rabbi Kahana: Va’aira – Traumatic Events of Past and Present

 Va’aira 5781

by Rabbi Nachman Kahana | Jan 12, 2021

BS”D Parashat Va’aira 5781

Rabbi Nachman Kahana

Traumatic Events of the Past & Present

People experience traumatic episodes with various physiological and psychological repercussions. Some experiences become relegated to a dark area of the subconscious never to re-appear again in one’s window of consciousness. Memories of others, like those who went through the atrocities of the Shoah, are forever engraved in their consciousness, as one of the witnesses at the John Demjanjuk trial said, “if you were not in Treblinka you cannot enter; if you were there you can never leave”. And the third type of traumatic memory emerges from time to time from the subconscious to one’s consciousness brought about by association with other thoughts.

I would like to share with you, dear reader, an autobiographical traumatic experience which occurred when I was 12 years old, which was not yesterday.

My family moved to 1710 West 2nd street, corner of Quentin Road in Flatbush when I was 5 years old and my brother Meir was 10, when our father became the rabbi of the Shaarei Tfila shul on West 1st street where he served for the next 30 years.

Our street consisted of first- and second-generation Catholics – Italian and Irish, with only 4 Jewish families.

Our next-door neighbors were Italians by the name of Colombo. They had a son called Charles, like his father; he was nicknamed Junior. He was one year older than I. 

Whenever Junior saw me, he would call out “dirty Jew”, which sent me home in tears. One day my mother found out that Mrs. Colombo’s father was a Jew (not her mother). My mother told me that the next time the little shaygetz called me “dirty Jew”, to give him the details of his yichus (genealogy). It happened the very next day. He made his usual neighborly statement and then I said to him “your grandfather is also a dirty Jew”.

He went home, and from that day we became the best of friends. Our bedroom windows faced each other across a narrow alley, and we would blabber until going to sleep.

Now to the point. When I was 12 and Junior was 13, we went to the local public park to play basketball, as we often did. It was about a ten-minute walk from home. As we were playing, a little shaygetz about 10, came to the court and began to interfere with the game. I, or maybe Junior, scared him off. Soon after a gang of older teenagers appeared and began pushing us around. I was wearing my kippa, so they concluded that Junior was also a “dirty Jew”. Then began the fist fights. I started to run but was able to only make it to the metal fence surrounding the yard. They threw me down on the ground and began kicking my whole body. I recall saying to myself that if I don’t get away, I will die here. I counted to three and suddenly got up and ran towards the little shack where the park attendant kept his supplies, with the gang right behind. The attendant saw what was happening. He shoved me into the shack closed the door and left.

Now try to imagine being there. The shack was small, about 2 meters square with a little window high up. The gang surrounded the shack and were pounding on the walls and door, screaming like the Nazis that they were. I knew it wouldn’t take long before the door would give in. There I was,  a 12 year old boy in a tiny hut surrounded by numerous goyim with murder in their eyes. During those moments I could have been in Spain or in the Rhine Valley during the Crusades or in any of the many pogroms in our history; but I was in the park on Macdonald Ave. between avenue R and S in Brooklyn in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Suddenly I heard a police siren and the goyim scattered. The police opened the door and brought me home.

Junior had escaped and told my parents, who then called the police. The doctor said that I had a concussion and sent me to bed.

A few hours later Junior’s mother came to our home to see me. After inquiring how I was she said, “I want you to know that not all Catholics are like that”, and I thought to myself, not all, just most.

Reliving the experience of being in a tiny hut surrounded by goyim who wanted to beat me to a pulp is a very traumatic experience, especially for a 12-year-old. It was my personal “Kristal Nacht”. I recovered physically and was able to push away the reality of my feelings of those terrible minutes. However, twice in the past I relived those horrible moments.

Once about 30 years ago, while visiting in the U.S., my dear friend Dr. Frank Laifer bought tickets for us to a Giant’s football game. Before leaving the house, he handed me a Giant cap to replace of my kippa, so I should not look Jewish (??).

The area where we sat was filled with goyim. After the first quarter they all smelled of beer, both men and women. By half time they were running to the bathroom in a pattern of beer, bathroom, beer, bathroom …

Many showed various degrees of drunkenness as they began shouting and jumping; just not very nice.

At some moment, the thought unwittingly came to my mind; what if one of them would yell out there are Jews here, let’s get them. Then the feeling of being in the park attendant’s little shack surrounded by half humans half animal gripped me once again.

The second time the feeling came over me was last week when I saw on TV the mob rushing towards the Capital, shoving the guards, and trampling the fabric of society that keeps the States united. I saw in my mind’s eye the same mob running towards a Jewish neighborhood with murder in their eyes.

There is much anger and frustration in the U.S. today, and it’s not going away. The US is a patch-quilt of ethnic groups whose common denominator is the great American dream that one day they could be financially comfortable in their little houses with all the other perks that make goyim happy. However, a society like that is like walking on eggshells which could shatter in one second.

Jewish history is a repetitive pattern of sin and punishment, sin and exile.

But today HaShem has provided us with the ability to break this vicious cycle. We are able to return home to Medinat Yisrael, and if we are wise enough, we can build on the dreams of 2000 years to recreate our nation of old under HaShem and His Torah.

This is the OBLIGATION of every Jew, and there are NO EXCUSES. Life is in Eretz Yisrael. The alternative is to be locked in a little shack surrounded by goyim who want to release the deep frustrations created in their dysfunctional societies on the “JUDE”.

The three Bs have merged into one  –  B HERE

JLMM   Jewish Lives Matter More

Shabbat Shalom and Chodesh Tov,

Shabbat Shalom,

Nachman Kahana

14 January 2021

Rabbi Winston: VaAira – GOD’s PROGRAM

 Dedicated in loving memory of

Moshe Leib Ben David, z”l

our dear father, grandfather, great-grandfather 

and teacher, who was always there for us. 

May his Neshamah have many aliyot.  

Shimon and Chana, 

Gilad and Racheli, Hadar 

and Hila Kedar.

Shabbos Night

IF PHARAOH had actually been the same king who did know Yosef, but who chose to ignore Yosef’s contributions to Egypt, he sure went to the other extreme. He went from not wanting to turn against Yosef’s family to being their greatest enemy. How did that happen?

The Torah answers:

But I will harden Pharaoh's heart, and I will increase My signs and My wonders in the land of Egypt. (Shemos 7: 22)

G–D did it. He tampered with Pharaoh’s heart, making it harder than it might otherwise have been on its own. Had G–D stayed out of the picture, it seems from the Torah’s own admission, Pharaoh might not have been as terrible the oppressor he ended up being to the Jewish people. Hmm.

The first question that arises from this exposé has been asked by many throughout the millennia: How could G–D interfere with Pharaoh’s free will? The answer: Why not? G–D gave man free will, so He can take it away from him as well. 

As the expression goes, “Abuse it, lose it,” a warning not just to Pharaoh, but to all of mankind. Free will is a merit, not a right, something you may grow into but which you can lose over time, if you do not appreciate its worth. It is frightening to think how billions of people over history have gone to their graves thinking they enjoyed free will when in fact, they lost it long ago.

What does it even mean to lose free will? 

That will depend upon what actually enslaves a person’s will. Surprisingly, not enough people know the answer to this question. Consequently, they do not have much access to their most prized attribute, with which they can earn their reward in Olam HaBa—the World-to-Come. That is tragic.

To begin with, we have all noticed at some time how we can feel like doing something different than we should do. It’s because we have a soul that wants to do the moral thing, and a body that feels like doing the comfortable thing. The body is not immoral or amoral per se; it is not even able to think for itself. It just resists “uncomfortable” activities, which moral behavior tends to promote.

Who cares, you might ask, as long as life is “good,” and you can live it with a smile on your face? But that’s like saying, “Who cares if we study for the exams or not, as long as we have a good time on the way to them!” or, “Who cares if we have money to retire with, as long as we can live freely today!”

The answer of course is, though you may not care now, you will care later. And later, after you have failed your exams, or run out of money once you’ve retired, you will suffer so much that you will forget the good times you had. It will add regret to your misery as well. The wise person lives today with the future in mind, as it says:

This world is like a corridor before the World-to-Come. Rectify yourself in the “corridor” in order to be able to enter the “banquet hall.” (Pirkei Avos 4:16)

Who doesn’t want to follow this advice? But how many people actually feel like following it? So instead, they end up capitulating to their feelings, and then rationalize how they are really executing their wants when in fact they are executing their yetzer hara's desires. 

Free will is only free when it is free of the influence of the yetzer hara, the “evil inclination.”

Shabbos Day

THERE IS a story told of a dialogue between the Chofetz Chaim and his yetzer hara in his later years. Upon rising early one morning as he had done his entire life, his yetzer hara asked him, 

“Old man, why do you rise so early? Surely at your age you’re entitled to sleep later!”

But, without skipping a beat, the Chofetz Chaim answered his yetzer hara, “If you’re up this early, then why shouldn’t I be up this early!”

It can be assumed that this dialogue did not actually take place as if he was speaking to another person. More than likely, the Chofetz Chaim woke up early, for the first time felt an inclination to sleep later, and identified his yetzer hara as the source of it. So, rather than listen to it, he used it as an example for his inspiration to get up early. 

It’s an adorable story but with a profound message. Most people only know they have been duped by their yetzer hara after the damage has been done. They are only able to recognize their yetzer hara in their “rear-view mirror,” if at all…if they even believe they have one in the first place.

Learning to recognize your yetzer hara, and then going the next great step to harnessing its energy for good, is a life’s work, even many life’s work. We reincarnate, and probably many times already, to finish rectifying the part of our yetzer hara we failed to fix up in previous lifetimes. And we certainly can’t do it on our own:

The Holy One, Blessed Is He, says to the Jewish people: “I created the yetzer hara, and I created Torah as its spice. If you involve yourselves in Torah, then you will not fall prey to it…and if you don’t involve yourselves with Torah, then you will fall prey to it.” (Kiddushin 30b)

This is the whole point of Torah. By teaching us wrong from right, it tells what to look for to recognize our yetzer hara. By commanding morality, it gives us the means to bring the yetzer hara to the surface. By directing our actions, Torah gives us the means to harness the energy of the yetzer hara in the most ultimately meaningful ways, as the Chofetz Chaim was able to do.

But if a person does not believe in the idea of a yetzer hara, then they can only believe that every voice emanating from within them is their own voice, even if it results in regretful consequences. If a person does not believe in Torah, then they cannot believe in an objective right and wrong, and they will reduce everything to opinion only. Good is what they personally buy into, and evil becomes only that which they personally despise.

And if they don’t believe in G–D altogether, then they have nothing to guide or oversee their actions. They can be despicable and not feel too bad about it, believing that they will not have to answer for it. And that’s when society, ANY society can begin its slippery descent into very unG–Dly behavior. So, when Pharaoh asked, “Who is Hashem?” he basically indicated in which direction he was moving. He was a man driven by the yetzer hara.

Seudas Shlishis

THIS EXPLAINS Pharaoh, but not G–D’s tampering with his free will. This does:

Merit is engendered by means of the meritorious, and guilt by means of the guilty.(Shabbos 32a)

In another format, this deserves much elaboration. But for now, the short version will have to do, which is this. G–D has a master plan. It involves both good guys and bad guys. The good guys get to do the heroic stuff, and the bad guys, the stuff the heroes have to save us from. 

Who gets to be a good guy and who has to play the bad guy? That’s where free will comes in. Every person will have to make choices in life that, given their circumstances, determine whether they are with G–D or against Him, no matter…and this is really important…how it may look to us. The only question that really matters is, how does it look to G–D?

Once our free will has helped to determine what kind of person we want to be in life, righteous or average or evil, with a billion levels in-between, G–D knows where we stand. He knows which part in His “screenplay” we are best cut out to play. That is when He plugs us in, taking full advantage of what we have chosen to be like. 

Someone who comes to purify themself, they help them [to succeed]. If they sanctify themself a little, they sanctify them a lot. (Yoma 38b)

As the old adage goes, “If the shoe fits, wear it.” It was not by chance that the Sitra Achra used the snake to entice Chava to eat from the Aitz HaDa’as Tov v’Ra. As the Talmudic expression says, “the kind found its kind.” There are many expressions like this in probably every language and culture.

Likewise, when Pharaoh made that fateful decision to turn against the Jewish people, he chose the route of the bad guy. But the truth is, like everyone else around him, he had been making decisions all of his life that made it possible for him to make this one. So when history required an oppressor of the Jewish people, Pharaoh’s hand excitedly went up, so-to-speak, and he called out, “I’ll do it! Use me to subjugate Your people!”

The trouble is, we all do the same thing to some degree, and most of us without even knowing it. People do not realize how seemingly unimportant decisions, which are often made in private, will help to determine so much about their direction in life, and how G–D will work with them. No decision in life should be taken lightly, especially when moral integrity is involved.

At the very least, if a person just can’t get themself to live up to the standards they know they should meet, they should acknowledge this to G–D and to themself. They should not rationalize and legitimize sub-level behavior, because that is the slippery slope that so many people have descended on their way to spiritual ruin…even if they ended dying with a smile on their face.

Melave Malkah

SO HOW does G–D actually tamper with a person’s free will? Does He go into their mind and turn something on or off, or something more subtle?

Everyone has “hot buttons.” Those are the things we are sensitive to that, when triggered, tend to prompt an automatic response from us, and not always a favorable one. We all have our weaknesses, and knowing what they are allows us to avoid the situations, that instigate the yetzer hara to compel us to do what feels good, over what we really want to do (or ought to want to do).

This is one of the ways that G–D moves the “pieces” around. Every moment of history works towards the fulfillment of His plan for Creation, no matter how backwards life may seem to us, or how unG–Dly. Sometimes He works directly and without us, but most of the time He works through us, to “engender merit by means of the meritorious, and guilt by means of the guilty” at the same time. 

And no one knows a person’s “hot buttons” better than G–D. He knows who we are better than we ever can, and He knows exactly what makes us react to what and how. We have shown Him this by all of our previous decisions in life. He won’t take advantage for bad, of what we are not responsible for creating in ourselves, but He certainly might do so with that which we chose to become.

Thus “Pharaoh” was not only once the king of Egypt, but he has also been anyone who has followed his path in life, even today. Anyone who chooses to reject the idea of G–D, who disregards the morality of Torah, will have a difficult time being humble and sticking to G–D’s master plan. They will be the Pharaoh(s) of their generation, be plugged into history as the original Pharaoh was, and ultimately suffer the same end. The only variable in the equation will be the Jewish people…and just how severe an oppressor they will need to get them with G–D's program. 

Jonathan Pollard and the Shiloah Village

Jonathan Pollard and the Shiloah Village

Two weeks ago, Israeli hero Jonathan Pollard immigrated to Israel after being finally released from restrictions that were not in the United States. A particularly exciting event.

In the village of Shiloah there is a house named after Jonathan Pollard, the house of Jonathan, and we hope soon for the visit of Jonathan and Esther Pollard in the house.

After immigrating to Israel and the moving memorial service of the late Shlomo Madmoni, Beit Yonatan resident Hanna Dick wrote a special song that expresses the excitement of many of these important events.

Dad I came, me, your son.

I came here.

Dad, you know the synagogue is alive

That the Ark is full - full of Torah scrolls - here.

Jewish life is bustling and happy.

Stock of faith.

Your steps back and forth

Completed in their efforts - step by step.

House and another ruling house and another ruling.

And we're here.

Dad, you saw from afar and did not come

They did not give.

And I was left four years old, without you.

Your blood as milk spilled

And cry! And remember.

The people of Israel have not forgotten!

The invaders also remember

Pretend to have murdered and inherited

And claim to get dirty that is theirs.


We have not forgotten your teachings-

I'm here, your granddaughter too

And the grandson and granddaughter overseas.

We arrived safely

A deaf walker clings to a treadmill supported by Cohen.

Crowned on our heads

Win to continue your way - rebuild.

Past and present unite bound to the earth planted in it

with love.

You were defenseless, murdered in cold blood

And today, behind - community

Hydrogen - tight security

From my left - a minister in the government

And above the heads of the Goddess.


Guy Ben Hinnom laughs

The Mount of Olives laughs

Jonathan returned.

Madmoni returned.

and sons came back to their borders.

Thanks I see.

And takes part

Again H. Zion


Johns Hopkins Scientist: ‘A Medical Certainty’ Pfizer Vaccine Caused Death of Florida Doctor

Dr. Jerry L. Spivak, an expert on blood disorders at Johns Hopkins University, told the New York Times Tuesday that he believes “it is a medical certainty” that Pfizer’s COVID vaccine caused the death of Dr. Gregory Michael. https://childrenshealthdefense.org/defender/johns-hopkins-scientist-medical-certainty-pfizer-vaccine-caused-death-florida-doctor/

The Florida Health Department and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are investigating the death of a Florida doctor who died Jan. 3 from a rare autoimmune disorder he developed on Dec. 21, three days after receiving Pfizer’s COVID vaccine.

As The Defender reported last week, Heidi Neckelmann, the wife of Dr. Gregory Michael, said that in her mind, her 56-year-old husband’s death was “100% linked” to the vaccine. 

PS:  these vaccines are not vaccines at all. They are experimental mRNA technology platforms. 

She Saved The Girl’s Life Only to Discover Later That it Was Her Sister.


Sunday, 6:37 AM:  Sara Goodman checked the time once again, mindlessly drumming her fingers on the console. 6:37 AM. She saw the long line of cars in front of her. Was there some kind of accident? She was definitely going to be late to work.

Sunday, 6:40 AM: 

Miri’s head felt heavy. Her entire world exploded with agony. Pain blinded all thought, removed her from all reality. Where was she? Who was screaming? She looked down, and saw a growing pool of blood. Then, everything went black.

Sunday, 6:41 AM: 

Sara hung up with her boss and sat in the car, staring into space. She could hear the wail of sirens growing closer. It must have been an accident. She might as well daven for whoever was in the accident. It couldn’t hurt. She reached into her bag and pulled out her fraying tehillim.

Sunday, 6:46 AM: 

Miri was floating. She felt lighter than ever. She was high up, looking down at an overturned car. Miri recognized her own motionless body down there slumped on a stretcher, swimming in a pool of blood. Tiny black dots were gracefully swirling around her body. As they began to float up, she started to make out what they were. They were hundreds of words of tehillim.

Sunday, 6:48 AM: 

Miri gasped, taking a glorious gulp of air. She was on a stretcher, surrounded by EMT’s who stared at her in utter shock. “She came back to life!” one of them shouted.

When Sara’s sister called her later that day to tell her that she survived a terrible accident, she was in shock. But when she heard the strange story how the letters of Tehilim brought her back to life, Sara broke down in sobs. It was then that she realized her tehillim saved her sister’s life.

Tehillim has gotten us through the good times and the hard times as a nation. Right now, there is an incredible opportunity to receive a tehillim with a signed bracha from Rav Chaim Kanievsky. Those who donate to help sick families in Israel will receive a Sefer Tehillim with an inscription of his powerful bracha:

This special opportunity to own a tehillim with Rav Chaim’s blessing and signature proclaims that you are partners with him in giving tzedakah to help the cholim of Eretz Yisroel. Click here to order this one-of-a-kind Tehilim. So when you say your Tehilim, you'll be saying it with the gadol hador.

13 January 2021

This is Not a Vaccine . . .When Will They Learn?


A 75 year old woman who on Wednesday morning received the second dose of the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine was found lifeless in her home in Lod hours afterward, Channel 12 reported. The Health Ministry reportedly intends to open an investigation into the incident. No connection has so far been found between the vaccination and the death of the woman, who was said to have suffered from "many complex underlying conditions.” https://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/294861

You may have read about this, but maybe not.

The nation of Israel is at this moment engaged in a historic and decisive juncture that will determine the trajectory of this people now and for the foreseeable future. It is an undertaking that cannot be overstated.

PS: these [called] vaccines are not vaccines at all. They are experimental mRNA technology platforms

As is now widely publicized, revealed initially by former PM Ehud Barak [1] and then Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu himself [2], a deal has been made. In Israel, Pfizer has found a home for its experimental pilot program of expansive human trials. According to Barak, Pfizer has chosen our country for its decades of meticulously recorded medical and vaccination records, which allow it to explain adverse reactions to its product by pointing to previously existing conditions within the patient.

In effect, Bibi has signed up his people, all seven million citizens aged 12 years and over [3], without our informed consent, to become the first country in its entirety to do human testing on a technology which has been, for many decades, attempted and failed in the laboratory. Thus far, the pilot study is moving at truly astonishing speed; some two million people have already been injected under a program that runs daily from early morning until late night, even on Shabbat. [4]

However, the Israeli people have not been given the information required to make a sufficient risk benefit analysis in this extraordinary endeavor. In fact, they have been given little information at all and that includes complete opacity of data on the unfolding outcomes of adverse reactions currently taking place.

Our citizens must first and foremost define the discussion in order to accurately weigh their choices. What they are being asked to inject is not a vaccine as defined by the CDC as “A product that stimulates a person’s immune system to produce immunity to a specific disease.” [5] Rather, it is an experimental and novel technology. By definition of the FDA [6] as a component used as treatment to affect a body’s function, it is indeed a medical device, a physical device that comes in a molecular sized package. 

Erroneously referring to this intervention as a vaccine exploits the public's ingrained trust of the vaccination program to solicit knee jerk response and action. It keeps us entrenched in needless debate in place of taking the necessary measures to investigate the impact on our health.

DNA is, in short, the basis for our genetic structure. Inside each cell are codes which transfer its information to make proteins through messenger RNA. Messenger RNA is an intermediary between gene and protein and the protein elicits the immune response, not the RNA. The contents of this shot being given on an experimental basis is a synthetic messenger RNA that is inserted into the human system to activate the cell to manufacture, in this case, a spike protein. [7] An mRNA vaccine is not a vaccine, because it does not elicit an immune response. What it is, is genetic engineering.

There are a number of prominent concerns of serious adverse reactions of which include, 

in brief summary, some of the following:

In previous clinical trials since the 1960’s [8] attempts to vaccinate against RSV, [9] Dengue, [10] SARS and MERS, the studies each failed during the animal phase. Cats, ferrets, monkeys, and rabbits each and every time experienced Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE), also known as pathogenic priming or a cytokine storm. This occurs when the immune system creates an uncontrolled and overwhelming inflammatory response upon being confronted with the pathogen in the real world, and the outcome, tragically, is death. The same immune system overreaction took place in a number of infants in clinical trials who received an attempted RSV shot, as well as some six hundred Filipino children who died following early vaccination against Dengue [11] and it remains a viable concern today. [12]

Autoimmune disease occurs when the body's immune system can't tell the difference between its own cells and foreign cells, and causes the body to attack its normal cells. [13] It has been suggested that "molecular mimicry" may contribute to this problem, with antibodies to SARS-CoV-2 cross-reacting with structurally similar host protein sequences and raising an acute autoimmune response against them. [14]

Scientists have determined that the same spike protein found in SARS viruses are also responsible for the development of the placenta in mammals, including humans, and is therefore an essential prerequisite for a successful pregnancy. If a woman’s body is primed to attack these protein spikes, the immune system may prevent a placenta from being formed, which would render that woman infertile. [15]

Drs Yeadon and Wodarg further explain; “To my knowledge, Pfizer/BioNTech has yet to release any samples of written materials provided to patients, so it is unclear what, if any, information regarding (potential) fertility-specific risks caused by antibodies is included. According to section 10.4.2 of the Pfizer/BioNTech trial protocol, a woman of childbearing potential is eligible to participate if she is not pregnant or breastfeeding, and is using an acceptable contraceptive method as described in the trial protocol during the intervention period (for a minimum of 28 days after the last dose of study intervention). This means that it could take a relatively long time before a noticeable number of cases of post vaccination infertility could be observed.” [16]

We have additionally heard the reports of multiple cases of Bell's Palsy in both trials [17] and administration, numerous cases of anaphylaxis shock even when no previous allergies were detected, as well as several announced incidents of “false positive” HIV tests. [18]

The remaining elephant in the room is that of the greatest unknown, of tampering with the human genome. There is much we have yet to comprehend of the complexity of the human body and immune system. Science has gotten it wrong many times before, having made assumptions about its ability to exert its dominance over nature. It is still and always nature which has the final say. In the human genome project they tried genetic engineering by changing a singular gene which they believed was the defect in the genetic process. Unexpectedly, instead of correcting, it caused a domino effect of uncontrolled regulation onto multiple other genes.

Of the media press release of 95% efficacy taken as gospel and repeated as fact, Peter Doshi of the British Medical Journal posits whether the study trials were designed too poorly not to fail. With 3,410 total cases of suspected, but unconfirmed COVID 19 in the overall study population accounted for makes a relative risk reduction of 19%, far below the 50% required for emergency use authorization. [19]

Pfiizer, Moderna, Dr Anthony Fauci and Dr Soumya Swaminathan, the WHO’s chief scientist, have made it abundantly clear that the novel mRNA strand entering the cell is not intended to stop transmission but rather as a treatment. However, were we at long last permitted to hold public discourse on the profoundly viable and formerly ubiquitous treatments such as Ivermectin, [20] for one example, and were these treatments not denied us both in access and scientific data but disseminated to the global community, we might not have had need for an emergency use technology at all.

If this experiment does prove to cause any or combination of these problems in a year’s time or a few more and has already been administered to billions worldwide it will be too late. It cannot be removed and it cannot be turned off, it has been irretrievably unleashed into the cellular system. And there is not a government in the world nor the manufacturer himself who will be held accountable if you find yourself come to grave harm. [21]

In a multitude of monumental changes that have taken place over the course of the last year the one thing that has remained consistent is that the mortal risk a Covid-19 infection poses is, with exception, to those above 65 years or with comorbidity. There is not in existence a reasonable scientific or medical indication to inject an experimental technology forever into the veins of anyone outside that narrow group. I argue that to do so it is a reckless and cynical display of disregard for human life and well being in the perverted name of saving a particular few.

We claim an unbridled love of science and yet we are missing the crater sized gaps in reason. A tremendous risk of known and “known unknown” issues is considered against the singular benefit to avert symptoms in questionable potential at best. Tested on an uninformed populace, this is not a flag for public health. The use of the word “vaccine” and the magic bullet it has come to represent confounds the discussion as does its expeditious administration alongside an exponentially changing world. The brevity with which this technology was so recently produced is long forgotten and I, with many others, face the sobering fact that with a now live totalitarian Green Passport initiative, must choose which of my freedoms to concede, the loss of my self determination or my autonomy of body itself.

I stand for your right to understand the risks and choose to take this intervention. I ask you to stand, equally and emphatically, with my right to understand them and choose not to. However forcefully you may disagree with my perspectives, the risks of my being wrong don't touch the risks of removing the freedoms to choose them. Free choice is what breathes living into life. It is what gives us the opportunity to learn. It is what gives us hope for the future. These are the greatest challenges we will ever meet. Whatever you are called to do to make change, do it soon, do it now. Your choice matters.

Ilana Rachel Daniel is a Health and Wellness Counselor in Jerusalem and dedicates her time to research health and advocacy. www.reasonandchoice.com

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