14 August 2020



by Roy Neuberger
“See, I am setting before you today blessing and curse. The blessing: That you will hearken to the commandments of G-d … and the curse, if you will not hearken …. And it shall come to pass, when Hashem … will bring you to the land … you shall deliver the blessing on Har Gerizim and the curse on Har Eival.”[1]
What do mountains have to do with blessings and curses? 
This Parsha is called “Re’eh,”which means “see.” We have to “see” that the Torah is real, standing in front of our eyes, like a mountain. 
Am Yisroel is about to cross the YardenRiver. The entire nation is to travel to Har Gerizim andHar Eival, two mountains near Shechem. Half of the tribes are to stand on Har Gerizimand half on Har Eival, with the Leviim and Kohanimin the valley between. A prescribed series of blessings and corresponding curses[2]is to be pronounced by the Leviim. Those on Har Gerizimare to answer “amen” to the blessings and those on Har Eivalare to answer “amen” to the curses. 
These are not new mitzvos, but rather a general affirmation by Am Yisroel, before the Nation separates into its respective tribal territories, that adherence to the Torah constitutes our only basis for success. 
What is the substance of these blessings and curses? 
Rabbi Samson Rafael Hirsch explains: “these are sins that, as a rule, escape people’s attention…. Human society, which upholds the law, cannot monitor them…. By their very nature [they] remain secret, and it is the very secrecy of these sins that is considered especially deserving of a curse ….. [for example, a person] who outwardly acts pious, but who privately denies that Hashem is the sole Deity; one who shows respect to his parents but inwardly despises them; one who cultivates a reputation for honesty, but who, when unobserved, infringes upon the rights of his neighbor ….”[3]
I believe that the point of this elaborate ceremony is to illustrate in the most graphic way that there are no secrets in this world. What we may think is secret will be proclaimed from the mountaintops. 
History has borne this out! If Am Yisroel keeps the Torah, the entire world knows it. If – G-d forbid! – the opposite happens … then the world becomes our enemy. 
“You shall safeguard and perform [the mitzvos], for [this] is your wisdom and discernment in the eyes of the nations, who shall hear all these decrees and … say, ‘Surely a wise and discerning people is this great nation!’”[4]
Here is another question: the entire scenario, these blessings and curses uttered from the mountaintops, is introduced in our Parsha, but the actual blessings and curses are not enumerated until sixteen chapters later, in Parshas Ki Savo.
Why not put it all together in one place? 
I would say that this in itself suggests an amazing lesson about the dynamics of training our inner self. We may believe that we are going to get away with something. We try to hide it and it may seem that we are successful. But then, years later, suddenly everything comes to light! 
Hashem demands not only outward observance but inner faithfulness. Rabbi Meshulam ha Levi Jungreiszt” l always used to repeat this Gemora“Hakadosh baruch hu liba bo-aiy … Hashem desires the heart!”[5]
Is it possible for us to control our emotions, thoughts, feelings, intentions? 
It may be challenging, but the Torah is telling us that is indeed possible, indeed it is the very foundation of our success! 

Do we not say every night before we go to sleep, “Ribono shel olam, I hereby forgive anyone who angered or antagonized me ….”What! I can forgive him? Yes! Hashem says we should work to attain this state of mind.
Similarly, the Torah tells us, “Shema Yisroel … you shall love Hashem with all your heart…..! ”We can train ourselves to love Hashem. 
Additionally, Hashem tells us not to “explore after your heart and your eyes ….”Can I control my heart? Apparently yes! If we look at the tzitzis, that will help us control our heart. Tzitzisare physical objects, but they represent the 613 mitzvos
Har Gerizim and Har Eivalare real mountainsAccording to Rabbi Hirsch, “The contrast in their appearance can still be clearly seen. Mount Gerizim [from which “amen” was said to the blessings] is verdant, with gardens covering the terraces. Mount Eival [from which “amen” was said to the curses] is steep, barren and desolate.”[6]These mountains, which stand opposite each other, illustrate by their very appearance the result of a blessing as opposed to a curse. 
My friends, we live in a world where many difficult challenges confront us. Moshe Rabbeinu is telling us to look inside for answers. After all, was not our current, agonizing two-thousand-year Goluscaused by a “matter of the heart,” sinas chinom, unwarranted hatred between Jew and Jew!
This week, we welcome Chodesh Elul, the month dedicated to doing teshuvain preparation for the awesome days of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur“Teshuva ”means cleaning out our neshomas! We are required to take stock of who we are and try to become who we are supposed to be. 
This is our avoda: to try to perfect ourselves. 
If we listen to the blessings and curses which emanate from Har Gerizim and Har Eival, then soon we can hope to hear another great sound: the Shofar Gadol announcing the coming of Moshiach ben Dovid and the Great Days when the knowledge of G-d will fill the world “as the sea fills the ocean bed.”[7]

[1] Dvarim (Deuteronomy) 11:28-29
[2] Found in Parshas Ki Savo, Dvarim 27:11
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[4] Dvarim 4:6
[5] Sanhedrin 106b
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[7] Yeshiah (Isaiah) 11:9

© Copyright 2020 by Roy S. Neuberger

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Rabbi Winston: Parshas Re’eh – “See” the Difference Between Them . . .

 See, I set before you today a blessing and a curse… (Devarim 11:26)

THIS SHABBOS IS Shabbos Mevarchin, because next Thursday and Friday is Rosh Chodesh Elul, b”H. It’s when we begin our ascent to the summit, to Rosh Hashanah and the 10 days of repentance. The Ashkenazim won’t begin saying Selichos until the week before Rosh Hashanah, but the Sephardim will begin right after Rosh Chodesh. Everyone will begin blowing shofar daily.

This week’s parsha, about blessings and curses, is a good start. Moshe is reiterating that our fate is in our hands. We can get angry at G–D for anything bad that happens to us, but it would be misdirected. According to the Torah, we have only ourselves to blame for what goes wrong in our lives. 

The only problem with this is that the Talmud, on Shabbos 156a, says that we are also affected by the sign under which we are born, even the day of the week. And even though the Talmud concludes that a Jew is NOT affected by mazel, Kabbalah explains that this is only partially true. Through the learning of Torah and the performance of mitzvos a person can mitigate their mazel, but not cancel it out completely. 

This means that from birth, some people will have an easier spiritual go at it than others and, indeed, we find that to be true. We may be born with equal rights, but we’re not born with equal abilities or family settings. So many people seem to fight off a curse before they have even had a chance to do anything bad enough to warrant it. Other people who seemingly deserve to be cursed seem to swim in a sea of blessing.

In fact, the Talmud even says:

Rabbi Meir said…[G–D did not reveal to Moshe the ways in which He conducts the world], as it says: “And I will be gracious to whom I will be gracious,” even though he is not worthy, “And I will have mercy upon whom I will have mercy” (Shemos 33:19), even though he is unworthy. (Brochos 7a)

This would seem to contradict what the Torah has just said. You can do the blessing thing and maybe still get the curse. Or, a person may be worthy of curse and still get the blessing. It’s G–D’s call, G–D told Moshe on top of Mt. Sinai. If he could not fathom it, how can we? 

We don’t have to. We just have to know that whatever G–D decides to do in any situation, it is always going to be the JUST thing. What we may not be able to understand is how what WE are seeing is that JUST thing. But we have to know with a complete heart that it is, and do OUR part to allow that justice to be clear to all.

After all, when G–D hides His justice from man, there is a price to be paid. Not too many people start off with the assumption that it still has to be fair, and then take the time to work out how. They usually go by what they see, and judge G–D accordingly. They lose faith, hope, and eventually morality. Why try to be good if being good doesn’t work in your favor in the end?

Look how many people enjoy seeing the bad guy “get it” in the end (if not earlier). Even people who consider themselves an atheist or agnostic still enjoy seeing good rewarded and bad punished. They may not accept the idea of Torah laws, but they do accept the idea of laws that punish offenders. When they see people whom they define as “good” suffer, and people they call “bad” prosper, it only reinforces their belief that Divine justice does not exist.

As one person put it to me recently, “There are people out there earning billions of dollars, while I barely earn thousands. And they’re using their money to support organizations that the Torah might call ‘evil,’ whereas my money would support just the opposite. It can certainly be disheartening, and would be, if I did not keep reminding myself that, somehow, giving THEM the money and not ME is better for the goals of Creation…and for ME! But it would sure help if G–D, every one-in-a-while, would show me HOW!”

Moshe Rabbeinu had felt the same way, as Rebi Meir pointed out, which is why he asked G–D about it. He was not answered though, at least not in any complete way. It was for the same reason that people walk out of a movie, in which all the good guys win and all the bad guys don’t, deeply satisfied. They feel as if all the right pieces have fallen into their right places, when in fact nothing really has changed.

Movies and life have different objectives. Movies seek to be entertaining so that people will pay to see them, and make those involved in their production rich. For the most part, references to right and wrong, especially right being victorious over wrong, is because that is what sells. All that the movie is designed to accomplish is the flow of the money, from the movie-goer’s wallet to the production company’s purse.If that happens, then the movie has done its intended job.

Life is vastly different. The goal of life is tikun, first personal rectification and then world rectification. All references to ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ are not purely for entertainment purposes, but to inspire us to pursue the former and to rid the world of the latter. There can be no artificial or premature celebration of this happening; there is nothing to celebrate until it is done, and it doesn’t get done unless WE do it.

It is easy to forget this when our own personal lives reflect the right way of life, to some degree. We might be living by Torah, learning it and performing its mitzvos. We might even be doing it for the right reasons, and teaching our children to do the same. There might even be something Messianic about the world in which we live today, seeming far more idyllic than in previous generations. This can cause us however to forget just how much the world is not where it ultimately needs to be. 

Hakol LO b’seder.

This certainly becomes clearer when the wrong people seem to be successful, and even more clear when they use their success in ways that are counter to the goals of Creation. Yes, intellectually, we know that this can never be the case, that G–D ALWAYS exercises judgment and everything always is for the sake of the perfection of Creation. But emotionally, we don’t get to SEE that, a MERIT that we lose when we stop taking the blessings and curses of life seriously. 

In other words, when Moshe Rabbeinu told the Jewish people, “SEE, I set before you today a blessing and a curse…” it was a double message. The obvious part was, keep Torah and earn the blessing. Stay away from sin and you stay away from the curse. 

The less-obvious part was the “See” part. Moshe Rabbeinu was telling them, “See…how you can SEE the difference between the two of them now. That is a gift, because it will make it easier for you to follow G–D, to believe in His providence, to maintain hope, and be satisfied with life. You don’t want to see what the world looks like when that is not the case!”

That is when bad people prosper, and good people suffer. That is when people start to question the reality of G–D, and have no problem doing evil because they live with the impression, that they can get away with just about anything. And that only drives the people who know better to anger and frustration. It certainly does not make life very satisfying which, at this time of year, is wake-up call to get real with life, and to start doing whatever we can to rectify it. 

We’ll be judged for THIS, in particular, come this Rosh Hashanah, b”H. We might as well start working on it now.

Rabbi Kahana – Parshat Re’eh and The Valley of Dotan, Near Shechem

 BS”D Parashat Re’eh 5780

Rabbi Nachman Kahana


The Valley of Dotan, Near Shechem

Devarim 11:12

 ארץ אשר ה’ א-להיך דרש אתה תמיד עיני ה’ א-להיך בה מרשית השנה ועד אחרית שנה

A land which the Lord your God perpetually demands (cares for); the eyes of the Lord your God are continually upon it, from the beginning of the year to the end of the year

This week’s parasha introduces the new generation of Am Yisrael to the calamitous City of Shechem. There they would participate in a ceremony marking the nation’s confirmation of being Hashem’s chosen people. Even though the confirmation was first done in chutz la’aretz in the Sinai desert, it had to be repeated in Eretz Yisrael, its predetermined natural habitat, because the confirmation in chutz la’aretz did not have the same spiritual energy as the holy land.

Our acquittance with the city of Shechem leaves a bitter taste. The Midrash (Pesikta Zutrata Bereishiet 33) describes the city and its environs as:

a place destined for catastrophe

It was there that Dina, daughter of Yaakov and Leah, was assaulted by one of the city’s most respected citizens. It was there that Yosef was sold by his brothers to Egypt, and where Yeravam ben Navat led the northern tribes in seceding from the Monarchy during the reign of King David’s grandson, Rechavam ben Shlomo. And it was that place where the greatest catastrophe to befall our nation was designed to occur.

What’s the story?

A motion picture is composed of thousands of individual frames passing through the projector. The history of mankind also consists of a series of time frames of 70 years (“The span of our life is 70 years or with strength 80 years” – Tehilim 90:10). And just as one cannot understand the plot of a movie from a fleeting glance at a single frame, one cannot unravel HaShem’s intent in history from experiencing a single frame or even a thousand.

Photo of Yoseph’s tomb from the book published in 1899 “מראה ארץ ישראל והמושבות” by Yeshayahu Rafalovits and Moshe Eliyahu Zacks


In parashat Vayaishev (Bereishiet 37,17) the Torah relates that Yosef met up with his brothers in the Valley of Dotan, near Shechem. After removing his many-colored cloak, nine brothers (excluding Yosef, Reuven, and Binyamin who was with Ya’akov at the time) initiated the betrayal of their brother. They lowered Yosef into a pit of snakes and scorpions, before selling him to Ishmaelites and Midianites.

On Yom Kippur, and Tish’a Be’Av we read the heartbreaking saga of the ten martyred rabbis, who were cruelly murdered by the Romans in lieu of the punishment deserved by Yosef’s brothers. The decree was verified when the angel Gavriel revealed it to the Kohen Gadol Rabbi Yishmael ben Elisha.

We weep over the fate that befell these great men and the implications it has had for the Jewish People. Yet, HaShem’s ways are mysterious. No one can fathom the intentions of the Creator; whose gaze encompasses all generations from Adam to the last man on earth.

The Mufti of Yerushalayim spent the years of World War II in Berlin, with his mentor Hitler. The two entered into an agreement: the Mufti would enroll thousands of Moslems from Bosnia and its related areas into the ranks of the S.S. In return, the Germans, after conquering Palestine, would construct a major death camp on the scale of Auschwitz, to which the Jews of the Middle East would be brought to be murdered.

However, HaShem had other plans.

In November 1942, General Rommel was defeated at the battle of El Alamein; Eretz Yisrael did not fall to the German Amalekites and the murderous plan for the Palestinian Auschwitz was averted.

The site earmarked for the camp was the very same Valley of Dotan. The place where Yosef was betrayed by his brothers and the Jewish descent to Egypt began.

Now the pieces fit together.

The death of the Ten Martyrs was an atonement for the sale of Yosef. However, the Mufti and Hitler could never have known that their deaths were sufficient to appease the demands of Midat HaDin (the Strict Quality of Justice). So, in our day, 2000 years later, calamity was averted in the Valley of Dotan.

The composers of the Yom Kippur liturgy included the saga of the martyred rabbis in the prayers with the moral lesson, that a sin left unrepented would not be forgiven even after thousands of years. And the myriad sins of the gentile nations would never be forgiven.

Remember the three Bs:

B careful,  B healthy  B here

and JLMM Jewish Lives Matter More


Shabbat Shalom,

Nachman Kahana

Copyright © 5780/2020 Nachman Kahana

Rabbi Mizrachi – An Assessment of the Situation


13 August 2020

Rabbi Mizrachi — A Trojan Horse Is Among Us

An Excellent Shiur

So many new eye–openers for those interested in deepening their understanding of Torah

And when the great Shofar will be blown, who will be able to  . . .

12 August 2020

The Gates Are Closing . . .


Diaspora Jews are burying their heads in the ... Galut once again, and continuing on with their mass denial and fantasy lives. Op-ed by Tzvi Fishman, arutzsheva 

My heart is broken. I am very sorry to say that Diaspora Jewry has not learned the lesson of Corona and the wave of violent riots. 

  • Friends in America and Canada have informed me that the initial panic in the Jewish community has calmed now that they know how to guard themselves from the virus. 
  • Also, the intermission in the rioting has presented them with an opportunity to return to “business as usual,” and to the illusion that Jewish life in the Exile will last forever. 
  • Diaspora Rabbis have returned to their old cobwebbed sermons, synagogues have hired armed guards, Jewish op-edders are continuing to op-ed in New York, and kosher travel agencies are preparing attractive Corona packages for the day the skyways are reopened.
In other words, the masses of new olim that the Jewish Agency and Nefesh B’Nefesh have been forecasting are not going to arrive – at least for now – until the Almighty gives Diaspora Jewry another nasty wake-up call. Corona 3, or a widespread, “Let’s Get the Jews” pandemic, may come in a few months or a year, but it is surely on the way. 

In the meantime, Diaspora Jews will bury their heads in the mudslide of Galut once again, and continue on with their mass denial and fantasy lives. Some will make Aliyah, probably a few hundred more than last year, but, sadly, there isn’t going to be an Aliyah explosion. Now that things seem more stable in America, and now that Israel has ongoing Corona and unemployment troubles of its own, the majority of frightened Jews who rushed to fill out Aliyah-registration forms will throw them into the wastebasket. 

And unfortunately, a large percentage of those who do come will decide to return to the sweet-smelling swamp pits of Boca, Brooklyn, and Beverly Hills, even though the stink of burning homes still wafts in the air, because their motive for coming to Israel was not founded on ideological reasons, such as fulfilling the Zionist dream or getting closer to G-d, but, instead, on fear. 

In truth, Diaspora Jewry missed the boat decades ago when the State of Israel was founded. That was the time to come. Certainly for the religious Jews who had been praying to return to Zion for almost 2000 years, the historic event was a clear shofar-call from Heaven to come home. 
The Haredi Jews failed to come because of their mistaken understanding of the Torah's view, and the religious Zionists didn’t come because of the good life in America. As their lives in America prospered, their love and attachment to their foreign Gentile land became as strong as super-glue. 
Rabbi Meir Kahane warned them, but no one wanted to listen. He was banned from speaking in their shuls. By and large, in the then Modern Orthodox world, Rabbis paid lip service to the Jewish State in their sermons, with declarations of support and pride, even going so far as to encourage young people to visit the new Jewish Disneyworld in the Holy Land, and to spend a year learning in the Land of our Forefathers, but they failed to encourage Aliyah. 
When the young people grew up and the time came to establish families of their own, they chose to follow in the footsteps of their parents, and not those of Avraham Avinu, choosing the material life in America. By and large, embarking on a new life in the Promised Land, the dream of generations, couldn’t compete with the promise of high salaries, houses with swimming pools, and Empire chickens. 
From the beginning of Jewish History, from the first conquest of the Land to the annals of Modern Zionism, brave Jews, religious and secular Jews alike, were willing to sacrifice their lives in order to build a Jewish Future in Zion, but for the spoiled Jewish youth of America, with their Audis paid for by mom and dad, the possibility of having to serve in the Israel Defense Forces (except for the handful of oddball idealists who actually believed in the Torah), was so far out of the question that it wasn’t even a question at all.

Instead of making Aliyah and taking part in the rebuilding of the Jewish Nation in the Chosen Land, Diaspora Jewry chose to ignore HaKadosh Baruch Hu and help to build synagogues and Jewish community centers in America. Instead of educating their children to become proud Jews in the Jewish Homeland, they educated them to become make-believe goyim in Christian America. Yes, they wrote generous checks and donated a portion of their dollars to many worthy causes in Israel, but self-sacrifice? Practically none.  

Now, tragically, the gates to the Promised Land are closing. Ben Gurion airport may remain open to half-empty flights of olim, but the gates of the minds and hearts of Diaspora Jews are so imprisoned by the spiritual darkness of foreign lands, by the relentless pursuit after material comfort and the America dream (even as it crumbles before their disbelieving eyes), that Zion has been forgotten, and “Next year in Jerusalem” has become a meaningless mantra that no one really believes.  

But not all is lost. As our Prophets teach, “Surely the arm of the L-rd is not too short to save.” No doubt, He has something up His sleeve. May it come with mercy – and soon. Amen.

Rabbi Mizrachi – Don't Miss The Train

11 August 2020

More Dangerous Than Coronavirus

More Dangerous Than Coronavirus

If Bill Gates Was President??

U Tube at its finest! = https://youtu.be/OX_jYEI6Z3Q  

 James Corbett and Spiro also analyze the events that have led up to todays current situation regarding the virus and the response to it. From the beginning of this crisis, we have all asked... Will the cure be worse than the problem. It seems evident at this point, that the answer to that question is a resounding yes! Spiro and Corbett delve deep into the problem reaction solution perspective known as the Hegelian Dialectic we are seeing play out in this manufactured crisis. The end game is clear. The only question is... Will the people accept what the social engineers have in store for humanity? 

 James Corbett’s Website 

10 August 2020

Rabbi Kessin on the Extraordinary Aspects of the Redemption Process

21st Century #57 | Extraordinary Aspects of the Redemption Process 


Rabbi Kessin begins speaking about "Hashem "gathering" us from the ends of Heaven to Him." He explains it in the terms of Kibutz Galios. 

Could it actually means something else? Since it is speaking of the End of Days.

I also read about "gathering" in a Torah article I read over Shabbos. But this "gather(ing)" was in relation to "death and dying”. 

So I gathered (sic) some of the sources of "gather" from various places in the Torah and propose: 

Perhaps this "gathering" of us from the ends of Heaven really relates to the very end of days in the phase of "Techias HaMeisim”? It is explained that in order to proceed to the Seventh Millenium (...culoh Shabbos) there will be a resurrection of neshomas and bodies, and of those who remained alive at this time, they too will experience a "death (a kiss of Hashem) and then an immediate resurrection". Then all of us purified will proceed into the great Seventh (of eternal Shabbos). 

The Bible uses terms that seemingly indicate different stages or aspects of death. In particular it makes a distinction between “died” and “gathered.” 

"G–d will "gather you" you and "take you" to Himself" 

"Aaron shall be gathered to his people" "Aaron is “gathered” and then he also dies" 

We are told that Miriam was “gathered” and separately that she died. But the word “gather” in her case is interpreted differently. “And Miriam was shut up without the camp seven days; and the people journeyed not till Miriam was gathered.” "Did Miriam recover and was gathered to join the journey, as commonly interpreted? Or was she “gathered” as part of the process of death?" 

Yechezkel (Ezekiel 38:8): "From many days you will be remembered; at the end of the years you will come to a land [whose inhabitants] returned from the sword, gathered from many peoples, upon the mountains of Israel, which had been continually laid waste, but it was liberated from the nations, and they all dwelt securely." 


The Beirut blast wasn't supposed to take place in Beirut

Because of the preoccupation with the Coronavirus, the blast in Beirut on Tuesday, August 4th got much less attention than it deserved. Sure, the world looked at the explosion in superficial 21st Century style but failed to understand the ramifications of the blast, which are far more important to Israel and the Jewish People than Coronavirus. 

While Coronavirus is a pandemic, the Beirut blast wasn't planned to be in Beirut. It was planned to be a Hiroshima holocaust to level the city of Haifa, all of the Haifa Bay area and kill a million Jews, Heaven forbid. Hashem prevented that just as King David said he would. 

King David said in Psalm 7:16 that our enemy digs a pit but he himself falls into it. That's exactly what Nasrallah and Hezbollah did. 

Le[t]r me emphasize that the Lebanese People are not our enemy. Nasrallahh and Hezbollahh are. They stored tons of highly volatile ammonium nitrate illegally in Beirut's Port, despite Nasrallah's denials. The corrupt Lebanese government, which Hezbollah controls by force, blackmail and bribes, knew all about it but didn't do anything. 

Other sectors of Lebanon's population, such as the Christians, the Druze and many of the Sunni Moslems, suffer from Hezbollah tyranny and from their emasculated government's lack of protection. The proof is that Hezbollah cared not at all about the safety threat to the Beirut populace. 

However, what the liberal Western media doesn't tell you is that the ammonium nitrate was destined to become the supercharger of Hezbollah's missile warheads – tens of thousands of them – which turn conventional rockets into quasi nuclear threats as we saw in the mushroom vapor cloud that went up from the explosion in Beirut Port – it looked just like a mini Hiroshima. 

Here's a little history that the progressive media won't tell you either. Hezbollah became world specialists in developing explosive devices and weapons enhancers through the use of ammonium nitrate. Ammonium nitrate was the explosive material used in the roadside bombs that wounded and killed so many Israeli soldiers between the First and Second Lebanon Wars. 

Hezbollah exported this sinister know-how to their Afghani counterparts, the Taliban, by way of Iran. According to intel sources, Iran’s Revolutionary Guards (IRG) have been active amongst Taliban terrorists opposing the Afghan government. In fact, the same Iranian IRG military advisors that work with Hezbollah have also worked as advisors to the Taliban. 

Now hear this, America – the same roadside ammonium-nitrate based bombs that wounded and killed so many Israeli soldiers are the culprits that maimed and killed so many American soldiers in Afghanistan. 

When you put the puzzle together, it all connects to Iran. 

This massive 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate, which is 6 million pounds, had been sitting in Hangar 12 of the Port of Beirut, stockpiled by Hezbollah as the secret weapon to implement another Holocaust that Nasrallah and Khomeini had planned for the Jewish People. 

In 2016, with a nasty smirk on his face, Nasrallah promised that a "nuclear explosion" just might detonate in Israel in the near future. Ever since, he and the IRG have been promising that Israel's demise is near. While the blast on Tuesday was "accidental", the damage would have been megatimes greater if but a few kilograms of ammonium nitrate were placed at the tips of 150,000 Hezbollah warheads fired with deadly precision all over Israel, Such a supercharger on a warhead makes it tens of times more devastating, depending on the rocket and its payload capacity. 

Israel knew all about the stockpile. The Mossad even tipped off Britain's MI5 recently about 3 tons of the deadly material the Hezbollah stockpiled in the UK, where they were planning a hit similar to their devastating terror attack in Burgas, Bulgaria in July of 2012, when a Hezbollah suicide bomber blew up a bus carrying 42 Israeli tourists. The same was being planned for Golder's Green or Stamford Hill. 

Israel cares more about Beirut's citizens than Hezbollah and Iran do - much more.

Contrary to the attempts to pin the blame on Israel, it is easy to prove that Israel had nothing to do with the blast. Hezbollah stockpiled the ammonium nitrate in warehouses that held shipments of Iranian missiles that Hezbollah was also stockpiling.  

But Israel goes deep inside Syria and Shiite-controlled portions of Iraq to prevent weapons transfers to Hezbollah in Lebanon by ground routes. Israel's Navy also monitors Beirut Port to prevent weapons shipments by sea. In fact, as soon as Israel discovers missile shipments and stockpiles intended for Hezbollah – no matter where they are, in Syria, in Lebanon or in Iraq – Israel attacks and blows them up. There is, however, one exception – the Port of Beirut. 

Israel could have easily blown up the weapons stockpiles in the Port of Beirut, but refrained from doing so, despite the terrible threat to its citizens, because Israel knew that the stockpiles stored next to them would also blow up, causing devastation to a civilian population. 

Israel cared about preventing damage to the people of Beirut whereas Nasrallah, Hezbollah, Iran and Khomeini could not have cared less. The arch-terrorist criminal Nasrallah connived that if he stockpiled his weapons where the ammonium nitrate was, they'd be safe from Israel. He was right; he knows that Israel risks its own soldiers to avoid damage to civilian populations of enemy countries. The reason Israel doesn't destroy all of Hezbollah's weapons depots in Beirut Port and in South Lebanon is because they're all in the midst of the civilian population, not just in warehouses but in mosques and hospitals. 

But Nasrallah was wrong about something else – he didn't take God's Hand guiding historical events into account. No matter what the human or natural cause of the ignition is found to be, the timing and placement of the event that destroyed Hezbollah's doomsday weapon of ammonium nitrate and ignited the fire in Beirut Port is the result of the Hand of God. It is no less than a miracle. Even more telling, while less than 160 people were killed in the blast, which is sad enough, actually the number of fatalities should have been a hundred times greater. 

This article is not conventional news, but faith-based news. The purpose is not to present the news, to discuss politics or to analyze military strategy and scenarios. The purpose is to show that when and where the blast occurred means that Hashem is acting for us without our knowledge. 

In Psalm 117, King David calls upon all nations, including our enemies, to praise Hashem, because His mercy on the Jewish People is so great. This really sounds weird at face value: why should Hamas, Hezbollah and Iran praise Hashem for His mercy on the Jews, when their hate for us knows no bounds? The answer is simple – only they know what they have been planning for us and only they know the extent to which Hashem has spoiled their plans. 

 The least we can do – every Jew or peace-loving human whoever you are and wherever you are – is to thank Hashem, from morning until night. We can never take for granted every new day when the sun shines on is. Thank You, Hashem. G-d bless and warmest regards from the Land of Israel. 

by Rabbi Lazer Brody at arutzsheva

[however there is a video showing an underwater vision moving toward the port and when inside, the explosion occurred. could this be fake? only G–D knows]

MUST SEE VIDEO – TRUMP: "This May Be The Last Time You See Me For A While” URG MSG

TEXT From the video: "So I have a lot of enemies out there. This may be the last time you’ll see me for a while. A lot of very, very rich enemies, but they are not happy with what I’m doing… But I figure we have one chance to do it, and no other President is going to do what I do. No other President would do a favored nations, a rebate, a buy from other nations at much less cost. Nobody. And there are a lot of unhappy people, and they’re very rich people, and they’re very unhappy… They are so wealthy. They are so wealthy… Nobody has any idea who the hell they are or what they do. They make more money than the drug companies. You know, in all fairness, at least the drug companies have to produce a product, and it has to be good product." 

this is an ominous situation and President DJ Trump and maybe his family seem to be in danger because they want to correct all that has gone wrong in America. Those against what the President is doing are very dangerous, as the President has said. They will do 'whatever' to keep their positions. i'm sure his life (and family) has been greatly threatened. as many have said, this is a war of the evil vs the good. You may have wondered why the Coronavirus Team was up there with the President each time he called a Press Briefing, well now you know.


 President Trump Signs Executive Orders On Coronavirus Stimulus


this represents more than political differences, and the fires recently ignited all over the world, that the news has not covered, was maybe an ominous warning (in Beirut). we may even see more before the summer is over (sept 21). unfortunately, this also includes the Israel govt. 

Hashem, save your children and the righteous from harm. We know this is part of our Geulah process.

The Storm with fireworks!

ADDENDUM:  What our President is doing is beyond this world. He will win this war between good and evil. Those satanists, the pedos, the “beings” who walk among us are finished. President Trump was elected our President to take down the ds and others. With God’s guidance and the removal of these parasites, we will be truly free. Keep positive thoughts and pray for our President as there are many who are desperate and will try anything to change his course. But, it will be futile. The DS is going down and there is nothing they can do to change what was destined to be. Keep him and his family as well as all those who are helping him in your prayers. Keep our fellow Americans and all the people in the world in your prayers and stay positive even if everything appears to be falling apart. It’s not. Humanity will survive. Good finally triumphs over evil. God Bless everyone.

While Coronavirus is a pandemic, the Beirut blast wasn't planned to be in Beirut. 
It was planned to be a Hiroshima holocaust to level the city of Haifa, all of the Haifa Bay area and kill a million Jews, 
Heaven forbid. Hashem prevented that just as King David said he would. King David said in Psalm 7:16 that our enemy digs a pit but he himself falls into it. That's exactly what Nasrallah and Hezbollah did.