22 March 2018

Parshas Tzav – Shabbos HaGadol

Parshas Tzav – Shabbos HaGadol
by Rabbi Winston Shlit”a

For whoever eats chometz, that soul 
shall be cut off from the Jewish people. 
(Shemos 12:15)

IF A PIECE of treif meat becomes accidentally mixed together with two identical pieces of kosher meat, making it impossible to know which is which, the entire mixture is kosher. The rabbis tell us to not eat at least one of three, but the Torah permits it.

Likewise, if you were stirring your hot fleishig cholent on Erev Shabbos with one hand while drinking milchig coffee at the same time with the other hand, and someone bumped into you causing some of your coffee to jump into the cholent, you may not have to panic. If the milk disappears into the cholent and you know that it was only one-sixtieth or less in proportion, everything is still kosher. You can eat that cholent on Shabbos with a clear conscience.

“Bittul,” the halachic nullification of a forbidden substance is a remarkable concept and rather counter-intuitive. Who cares if there is more kosher meat than treif meat? When the person eats the third piece of meat, he will DEFINITELY have eaten the treif one! So out of doubt, it makes more sense not to eat ANY of the three pieces of meat, and indeed, some have that opinion.

Not because they disagree with the Torah, God forbid, but because they know how people think. Why is the Torah is telling us that in such a situation of bittul the treif becomes kosher? How? Only God knows, and maybe a few Kabbalists a well. But since the average person cannot get their head around that, they will THINK that the Torah has allowed them to eat a piece of treif meat, which is wrong, COMPLETELY wrong.

Therefore, one opinion tells us to throw away at least one piece, so the person can’t know he is CERTAINLY eating what was once a treif piece of meat. Some say throw away two, and some say three. They don’t want people thinking that they can go against the Torah with the Torah’s permission. If any of this happens to a person, they should consult their local Orthodox rabbi for a decision.

An exception to this rule is chometz. From the time Pesach comes in to when it goes out seven days (eight in the Diaspora) later, any chometz mixture is forbidden. It could be 10 million portions of kosher l’Pesach food to one portion of chometz, and the mixture is still forbidden. There is no bittul of actual chometz during Pesach. It is in the halachic vernacular, “assur b’mashahu,” forbidden even in the tiniest of quantities.

Why is that? Why are we super-stringent about chometz as opposed to other issurim? Because chometz on Pesach is an “Issur Kares” (a person is cut off from the Jewish people)? There are other “Issurei Kares” that can be nullified in the right amount. Is there even a halachic basis for such a stringency, other than the fact that the rabbis insist on it?

If they insist on it, there is a reason. And though it may not have to do with the halachic parameters of bittul, it does have to do with the reality of chometz itself, which is something quite Kabbalistic. After all, Kabbalists describe the rectification of Creation being, the result of God breaking the letter Ches of “chometz” (spelled, Ches-Mem-Tzaddi) into the letter Heh of “matzah” (spelled, Mem-Tzaddi-Heh). That has to mean something important.

This alone tells you that chometz, as delicious and seminal a thing it is to life, represents “tohu,” the null that preceded Creation. If the word was transformed into “matzah” to make Creation, then chometz, or the spiritual basis of chometz, has to be associated with the null and void that came before “Tikun Ma’aseh Bereishis,” the “Rectification of the Act of Creation.”

On and even simpler level, we know that chometz represents the yetzer hara, man’s evil inclination. It’s not only about food. It’s about anything that satiates the body, be it something we take in through our mouths or through our experiences in life. If it’s materialistic in any way, it is “chometzdik,” at least in the conceptual sense. The only question would be, then why is it permissible the rest of the year, and even in generous quantities?

The answer of course is back in time, when the Jewish people were still in Egypt. Something happened back then that WE take for granted, but “others” do not. DANGEROUS others and, it turns out, chometz makes us vulnerable to them. There is a rule in Creation. It says that when a person acts morally, they are protected from evil spiritual forces. The “mitzvos” they perform not only guard them against the Klipos, the Kabbalistic name for the source of evil in Creation, but the mitzvos even weaken the Klipos. Theoretically, enough mitzvos performed can even ELIMINATE them altogether, but so far that has only been wishful thinking.

Sins do the opposite. They draw the Klipos to a person, and strengthen the Klipos in the process. If a person does not do teshuvah and take care against the Klipos, then the Klipos have permission from God to spiritually attack the person, as they have done on so many occasions.

Unfortunately, such attacks aren’t easy to recognize or defend against. On the contrary, the person under attack may merely feel “free” of religion. They FEEL as if they’re MORE in charge of their lives, when in fact they are really more enslaved, bound to do the bidding of the Klipos. It is something that tragically only becomes clear to a person once it is too late to fix the situation, like moments before their departure from this world.

This only explains why chometz should be a problem ALL year round. Why is it only an issue during Pesach?

Because a great injustice was done against the Klipos during this time of year. The Jewish people had been holding on the 49th level of spiritual impurity until the Ten Plagues started. By all rights, they should have fallen completely into the hands of the Klipos—for good. The Jewish people should not have been saved.

Instead, because of the promise made to Avraham Avinu that the eighth generation would go free, God bent the rules. He sent Moshe Rabbeinu down to Egypt to not only free the Jewish people, but to increase their merit. He artificially sensitized them to the reality of God, by performing increasingly more spectacular miracles. With each passing plague, the Divine light only became more intense until the Jewish people had to quickly leave Egypt to save the Klipos, not themselves.

If you think the Klipos forgot about this “injustice,” think again. Quite the contrary, every year at this time they are reminded of what should have been, and what was instead. It makes them vengeful, and they look to take back now some of what they lost back then.

As a long a Jew remains COMPLETELY chometz free during Pesach, the Klipos cannot get to them. The light of Pesach once again keeps them away, allowing the person to live instead, enveloped by the liberating light of God. The Klipos can do nothing but helplessly watch from afar.

But if a person has even a speck of chometz on Pesach, it’s like whistling and yelling, “Hey Klipos! I’m over here!” It’s like putting a tracking device on yourself that attracts the Klipos right to you. The person becomes a “Korban Pesach” for the Klipos instead. Not a very appealing option, and certainly good incentive to make sure the house is well cleaned and properly checked in advance of the “Holiday of Freedom.”

Meir Ettinger – And The Living Will Take This to Heart?

The news said that another Jew had been murdered –
Meir Ettinger writes about the reactions and lack of reactions in the wake of the recent attacks.
4 Nisan 5778 – 20/3/2018

And The Living Will Take This to Heart?

The news said that another Jew had been murdered. I think it was a stab. And like all the last ten times, I was surprised. It caught me completely unprepared, just like yesterday and last week. And with all the shame, I struggle to make a face that is not surprised. And invent something quick in response.

I used to think that the word 'reaction' was like a back word. Yes, the place where you are stabbed from the back. And you suddenly had to respond. Because when I face reality, I can see what is in front of me. To reach out for peace or to rise and kill. But when I run away from reality. The knife reaches the heart, from the back.

And like all of you, I'm looking for what to do and how to react. Because it is so clear that we have to do and the question is only what. In the meantime, a market has been opened for immediate solutions to declarations and proposals. Some seem disconnected from the world of practice, and most of them are too attached to it. That a person's death takes place somewhere in the space between the body and the soul. And the pain zigzagged between his legs and his heart. And it is always hard to decide what is more important to do now to study or to teach, and if it is possible to do both together.

They say that the dead ordered us to live, I'm not entirely sure of it, I hear them ordering the taste of life. Even a little mockery of life, even with a tone of disdain. The sources say something like "He who gives life to his heart," because death is less compatible with reason - is primitive and outdated and does not understand the language of blood. Only cats live to live, people live to die. Someone offered such an advertisement "self-sacrifice - the taste of life." That when they are themselves they fade away. A few gallons of blood and a small hole in the pitcher. When I was a kid they told about people who were bigger than life, and today I ask if they really existed. A famous cliche says the dead do not suffer. And the sorrow and the pain is only of the mourners. And it's not a cliché that's the very essence of life.

There is a verse that plays for me once every few days. Right from the beginning of Shoftim. "These are the nations that the Lord has put to the test of Israel." "For the generations of the children of Israel to teach them war." "Only in the past he will not know." Poor generations will come who did not know what the war was. So God took pity on them and left them a little. Sometimes I really understand the idea and sometimes I really do not. We are the generation that did not know war. And no one in his eyes gave in without a fight. And like a child who fell asleep in third grade. We are stabbed in the back so that we wake up, and run to enroll in a school for bow studies.

Lately I've been getting more and more aware that I'm a leftist. Because I, too, like everyone else, released steam, squeaked a tweet and here I am also writing a blog. And still think it will not help ... Some say that you move slowly, it may settle with the brain, but I like the left heart burning like a steam engine, and even after all the explanations do not accept the standard deviation. Which determines how many liters of blood this year will be in statistics. And when you hear their blood calling to continue life. My ears hear to stop. To stop life and most importantly not to continue. I do not manage to brag about not breaking. I believe we should just make it over. Like you, I do not want to get used to it either.

I do not want to get used to complaining and complaining. Send an accusing finger and open an investigation. And whoever continues normal and does not break, his heart will turn to stone. And we'll be so heavy, heavy. And since we chose to settle down, it's so hard to get up and walk on. Even if we already understood that we had chosen to sit just in the middle of the road. If not really on the railroad tracks. And when Choni the circle asked whether it was possible to sleep for seventy years, it became clear to him that it was possible and possible, even while walking.

I finished writing, though I did not say anything. That's how it is when you talk in your sleep, a moment after you wake up to a stab. And ahead of the next attack. I have only one wish. Not to be stabbed from the back. Let me face the war. Not running away and not forgetting. Not trying to chase life that is already disappearing, but looking for someone to give it as a gift. That way I will know that in the next attack, the knife will reach the heart, and maybe something will move there.

Meir Ettinger – בחדשות אמרו שעוד יהודי נרצח ד' ניסן תשע"ח

בחדשות אמרו שעוד יהודי נרצח

מאיר אטינגר בבלוג נוקב על תגובות ואי תגובות בעקבות הפיגועים האחרונים. והחי ייתן אל ליבו? 

מאיר אטינגר ד' ניסן תשע"ח - 12:53 20/03/2018

בחדשות אמרו שעוד יהודי נרצח. נדמה לי שזה היה בדקירה. וכמו בכל עשר הפעמים האחרונות 
הייתי מופתע. זה תפס אותי לגמרי לא מוכן, בדיוק כמו שלשום ובשבוע שעבר. ומרוב הבושה אני מתאמץ לעשות פרצוף לא מופתע. ולהמציא משהו מהר בתגובה.

פעם חשבתי שהמילה תגובה דומה למילה גב. כן, המקום שבו דוקרים אותך מהגב. ואתה פתאום נאלץ להגיב. כי כשאני עומד עם הפנים למציאות, אני מסוגל לראות מה עומד לפני. להושיט יד לשלום או להשכים ולהרוג. אבל כשאני בורח מהמציאות. הסכין מגיעה אל הלב, מהגב.

וכמו כולכם, אני שוב מחפש מה עושים ואיך מגיבים. כי כל כך ברור שצריך לעשות והשאלה היא רק מה. ובינתיים כבר נפתח שוק לפתרונות מיידים להצהרות והצעות. חלקם נראים מנותקים מעולם העשייה, ורובם יותר מדי מחוברים אליו. כי מוות של אדם מתרחש איפה שהוא ברווח שבין הגוף לנפש. והכאב מזגזג לו בין הרגליים אל הלב. ותמיד קשה להחליט מה יותר חשוב לעשות עכשיו ללמוד או ללמד, ואם אפשר בכלל לעשות את שתיהם יחד.

אומרים שהמתים ציוו לנו את החיים, אני לא לגמרי בטוח בזה, אני שומע אותם מצווים את טעם החיים. אפילו קצת לועגים לחיים, אפילו עם צליל זלזול. במקורות כתוב משהו כמו "החי יתן אל ליבו", כי המוות פחות מתכתב עם השכל - הוא פרימטיבי ומיושן ולא מבין את שפת הדם. רק חתולים חיים כדי לחיות, אנשים חיים כדי למות. מישהו הציע פרסומת כזאת "מסירות נפש – טעם החיים". שכשהם לעצמם הם נמוגים והולכים. כמה ליטרים של דם וחור קטן בקנקן. כשהייתי ילד סיפרו על אנשים היו גדולים מהחיים, והיום אני שואל אם באמת הם היו קיימים. קלישאה מפורסמת אומרת שהמתים לא סובלים. והצער והכאב הוא רק של האבלים. וזו בכלל לא קלישאה זה עצם החיים.

יש פסוק שמתנגן לי פעם בכמה ימים. ממש מתחילת ספר שופטים. "אלה הגויים אשר הניח ה' לנסות בם את ישראל". "למען דורות בני ישראל ללמדם מלחמה". " רק אשר לפנים לא ידעום". יבואו דורות מסכנים שלא ידעו מהי המלחמה. אז אלוקים ריחם עליהם והשאיר להם קצת. לפעמים אני ממש מבין את הרעיון ולפעמים ממש לא. אנחנו הדור שלא ידע מלחמה. ואיש לישר בעיניו נכנע ללא קרב. וכמו שמעירים ילד שנרדם בכיתה ג'. דוקרים אותנו בגב כדי שנתעורר, ונרוץ להירשם בבית ספר ללימודי קשת.

בזמן האחרון אני מבין יותר ויותר שאני שמאלני. כי גם אני כמו כולם שחררתי קיטור, צייצתי ציוץ והנה אני גם כותב בלוג. ועדיין חושב שזה לא יעזור... יש כאלו שאומרים שמתקדמים לאט לאט, זה אולי מתיישב עם המוח, אבל אני כמו שמאלני הלב בוער כמו קטר קיטור, וגם אחרי כל ההסברים לא מקבל את סטיית התקן. שקובעת כמה ליטרים דם יהיו השנה בסטטיסטיקה. וכשאתם שומעים את דמם קורא להמשיך בחיים. האוזניים שלי שומעות לעצור. לעצור את החיים והעיקר שלא להמשיך. לא מסתדר לי להתרברב שלא נישבר. אני מאמין שצריך פשוט לעשות שזה ייגמר. כמוכם, גם אני לא רוצה להתרגל.

לא רוצה להתרגל לקטר ולהתלונן. לשלוח אצבע מאשימה ולפתוח בחקירה. ומי שממשיך רגיל ולא נשבר, סופו ליבו להפוך לאבן. ונהיה כזה כבד, כזה כבד. ומאז שבחרנו להתיישב, כל כך קשה לקום ולהמשיך לצעוד. גם אם כבר הבנו שבחרנו לשבת בדיוק באמצע הדרך. אם לא ממש על פסי הרכבת. וכשחוני המעגל שאל אם אפשר לישון שבעים שנה, הסתבר לו שאפשר ואפשר, גם תוך כדי הליכה.

סיימתי לכתוב, למרות שלא אמרתי כלום. ככה זה כשמדברים מתוך שינה, רגע אחרי שהתעוררת לצלילי דקירה. ולקראת הפיגוע הבא. יש לי רק משאלה אחת. שלא ידקרו אותי מהגב. שאהיה עם הפנים לקראת המלחמה. לא בורח ולא שוכח. לא מתאמץ לרדוף אחר החיים שגם ככה נעלמים, אלא מחפש למי לתת אותם במתנה. ככה אדע שבפיגוע הבא, הסכין תגיע ישר אל הלב, ואולי 
משהו שם יזוז.

Rabbi Nachman Kahana: Parshat Tzav – Shabbat Hagadol

Parashat Tzav – Shabbat Hagadol
Rabbi Nachman Kahana

Worlds Apart

1) This week’s pre-Pesach message is a repeat of what I have sent out for the past 15 years.
Nevertheless, it is always appropriate and timely. Because every year, as we draw closer to the final geula, the message becomes more challenging for contemporary religious leaders in galut who are as blind to HaShem’s personal guidance of the Jewish nation as were the 80% of the Jews who refused to leave Egypt.

2) I am annoyed when people who live in the galut say to me, “Rav Kahana, we so much enjoyed this week’s article”. My messages are intended to challenge, confront, dispute, oppose and defy the messengers and their false messages they preach to the innocent, captive, naive Jews in the galut; they are not intended to entertain. Although there are too many Jews in the galut who are not innocent, nor are they captive or naive. They are Jews who are unconcerned with the survival of our holy nation and our return to the Promised Land, they seek out rabbinic leaders who echo their disciples’ galut aspirations.

Now for the message…

A Luxurious Passover in America

Instructions: The following is to be read aloud by the leader of the seder, any time during the main course.

The scene is of a frum (Torah observant) family living in any one of the great Torah centers in the world. The family could even be your next-door neighbors in Boro Park or Flatbush.

Reb Sender and Rayza’s home is impeccable, as a result of the enormous time and energy – and not to mention, money – which the expeditious, skillful and mercurial ba’alat ha’bayit (woman of the house) has devoted to it.

The inviting sofas and armchairs in the sitting room are covered with uncomfortable thick plastic to ensure that the upholstery retains its “new” look.

The five-meter-long dining table is covered with the finest Irish linen tablecloth. In the middle of the table stand the imposing sterling silver candlesticks handed down from mother to daughter for generations. The china is the finest Rosenthal, with each plate delicately rounded off with a band of gold. The silverware has been put away in favor of goldware, in honor of the great night.

On the table, under a hand-embroidered silk cloth, lie the matzot. On the insistence of the two sons learning in the recently-opened Yeshiva Taharas Ha’Torah (purity of Torah) in Las Vegas (in order to bring the voice of Torah even to the entrance of Gehennom), the matzot are from the first 18-minute batch, guaranteeing that no naughty piece of dough was hiding in any of the rollers. The hand matzot were personally chosen by the rebbe of the shtiebel where the family has just joined because of the exorbitant cost of davening at the central shul. The rebbe assures the boys that the matzot are bubble-free and with no overturned edges.

The wall-to-wall carpet is as deep as the grass in the beautiful garden. Over the table hangs the family’s pride and joy – a multi-sided crystal chandelier, personally chosen by Rayza on the family’s last visit to Prague.

Reb Sender is wearing his new bekeshe (silk robe), the one with the swirls of blue and a gold-buckled gartel (belt). Rayza has just said the Shehechiyanu blessing over her $3000 dress imported from Paris. The boys are handsome in their wide-brimmed black hats; and the two girls will make beautiful kallahs (brides) when the time comes, dressed in their very expensive dresses.

The seder goes better than expected. Words of Torah begin with an invitation to the hungry to join them in the meal (despite the fact that there is not a needy person for 50 miles). Then a lively discussion develops on the characters of the “Four Sons”, and the afikomen (ritual dessert matza) is “stolen” by the youngest daughter who, for its return, has succeeded in extorting from Tattie (father) a vacation in Aruba.

Songs of thanks are recited to HaShem for freeing the Jewish people from slavery in Egypt, for it is a mitzva on this night for each person to consider him/herself as having been a slave in Mitzrayim (Egypt).

Birkat Hamazon (grace after meals) is said, as is the second part of Hallel. Chad Gadya puts the final touch on the mitzvot of the night. Now, just as HaShem destroys the “Angel of Death” in the song, father jumps up and gathers the family in a circle as they all break out in a frenzy of song – “Leshana ha’ba’a Be’Yerushalayim” – next year in Jerusalem. Again and again around the table “Leshana ha’ba’a Be’Yerushalayim” is sounded. Louder and louder do their voices resonate, until their song merges with the same melody bursting from the neighbors’ homes, cutting a path into the highest realms of heaven.

Without warning, Rayza begins crying real tears as she collapses into a chair. The singing stops. Reb Sender runs over and asks her why she is crying, just now, at the apex of the beautiful sacred night?
“What do you mean next year in Yerushalayim? What about the table, the chandelier, the deep carpet, the Rosenthal China? How can we leave all this behind?”

Reb Sender takes her hand, while gently dabbing the tears away, and in a voice full of compassion says to his beloved wife, “Darling, don’t cry. IT’S ONLY A SONG!”

Pesach In the Holy Land

Ten thousand kilometers to the east, in Eretz Yisrael, lives Reb Sender’s brother Kalman who moved to Eretz Yisrael many years ago and was blessed with a beautiful family, and an adequate apartment and income. His son Yossi will not be home for the Seder night, because he is doing his army service within the Hesder yeshiva system. The parents are not overly worried, because Yossi himself told them that he is in a safe place in the north and that next year they will all be together for the Seder.
At 12 noon, on the 14th of Nisan, Erev Pesach, Yossi and three other soldiers from the same yeshiva are called to the company commander’s room, where he informs them that they have been chosen for a mission that very night of the Seder. They are to cross the border into Hezbollah-held territory in Southern Lebanon and man the outpost bunker Hill 432.

Yossi knows the hill well. He has been there several times in the past year. It is euphemistically called a “bunker,” but in reality it is only a foxhole, barely large enough for four soldiers. Their assignment is to track terrorist movements and destroy them on contact. It is tolerable except when it rains, causing the bottom of the hole to be soggy and muddy. Today, however, the four soldiers are hoping that it will rain, even though chances are slim because of Pesach falling late in the season. The moon is full on the 14th of every Hebrew month, which presents a greater danger when crossing into enemy territory, so rain would be a mixed blessing.

At 5 PM, they are given the necessary equipment. In addition to the weapons and ammo, the army rabbinate has provided them with 4 plastic holders containing all the ingredients necessary for a Seder, as well as 4 plastic bottles of wine sufficient for 4 cups, and, of course, Haggadot (the ritual text).

At 6 PM, they wait at the fence for the electricity to be turned off so that they can cross into hostile territory. Yossi holds a map of the minefield they will have to cross. It is so strange, Yossi thinks to himself, that this is the area assigned to the tribe of Naftali, and we have to enter it crawling on our stomachs.

At 6:15 PM, the gate opens and they pass through. As they had hoped, it is raining and the thick fog turns to their advantage.

At that moment, ten thousand kilometers to the west, it is 11:15 AM, and Yossi’s two cousins in New York are just entering the immaculately clean mikva (ritual bath) to prepare for the Pesach holiday. They exit on a spiritual high, having purified themselves in body and soul to sanctify the holy name of HaShem.

The four soldiers reach Hill 432 after walking double time for 5 kilometers. They remove the camouflage and, settling in, pull the grassy cover over them.

Each soldier is assigned a direction. Talking is forbidden. If the murderers are sighted, a light tap on the shoulder will bring them all to the direction. They can now daven Ma’ariv (the evening prayers) and begin the Seder. They finish within a half hour, and miraculously the four cups of wine have had no detrimental effect on their senses.

At 6 PM in New York, Reb Sender and his two sons return from shul to begin the Seder. They are met with an uplifting scene. The table, the cushions to lean upon, the crystal wine decanter for the four cups of freedom, and even the maror looks sumptuous, after not having eaten since lunch.

At midnight in Eretz Yisrael, the four soldiers are waging a heroic battle against boredom and sleep. The minutes crawl by; and at the first approach of light, they leave their outpost and return through the minefield and electric fence to the base. After reporting to the officer in charge, the four enter their tent and collapse on their cots without removing clothing or shoes, because in an hour they will have to begin the Shacharit service.

Where do you and your family fit into the story?
Chag kasher vesamai’ach
Shabbat Shalom

21 March 2018


Homes eerily close to edge after HUGE beach erosion - Big sinkhole nearly swallows boat

Continuing disasters in the world, the collapse of buildings, houses will be swallowed up in the ground. Aircraft will explode, trains will fly from the tracks, vehicles, ships, spaceships and satellites - everything is complicated. Earthquakes, floods and storms, winds and fire will continue.

2018 IS STRANGE Part 3 - MARCH

30,000 evacuate ahead of "Atmospheric River" making landfall - San Diego "Geyser”!March 21, 2018: Possible epic flood and mudslides force evacuations in Santa Barbara County. A towering geyser erupts in the middle of I-5 near San Diego yesterday flooding both lanes of traffic.

20 March 2018





The Dobbs Planet X Trajectory

News Mar 2018 - Marshall Masters- Coming NIBIRU-Planet X Flyby, Evidence, Cover Up,Denial, Advice  [Marshall Masters gives a ‘realistic’ scientific update on the status of Nibiru now]

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Jared and the Prince – Prince Charming and Jewish Charm


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Where in Jewish History do we have such a comparison?
Who do these personas represent in history?


One year ago, two young princes began to forge a friendship at a lunch meeting in the White House's regal State Dining Room.

A snowstorm had kept away President Donald Trump's scheduled guest that day, German Chancellor Angela Merkel - giving the president and his advisers, including son-in-law Jared Kushner, more time to spend with the visiting son of Saudi King Salman.

Kushner and Prince Mohammed bin Salman, both in their 30s, had met before, but this would be their first formal sit-down since Trump's inauguration, and a bond developed between the two men, according to people familiar with their relationship who spoke on the condition of anonymity to speak candidly.

As their countries' chief negotiators on Israeli-Palestinian peace, Kushner and the Saudi prince were both seeking to prove their worth on the international stage. They consulted with one another frequently in private calls over the following months, according to people with knowledge of their communications. Kushner successfully pushed the president to make Saudi Arabia his first foreign visit last spring, against objections from other senior administration officials, and then personally visited Mohammed again last fall in Riyadh, the Saudi capital.

Kushner is now set to play a major role hosting the crown prince as he arrives in Washington Monday to kick off a tour of United States. In addition to official meetings, he is scheduled to attend several dinners with Mohammed, along with other U.S. and Saudi officials.

In courting the Saudi prince, Kushner has displayed an unorthodox approach to diplomacy that has unsettled national security and intelligence officials - relying on personal relationships instead of standard government channels to tackle complex problems, according to multiple people with knowledge of Kushner's role.

"The lack of leaks from or about Mr. Kushner's work - whether as part of the Middle East team, Mexico relations or prison reform - is a testament to the fact that he cares about results and not publicity and that he understands how to keep and share information with those in the Administration who should have it,”

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19 March 2018

Shabbos HaGadol – Tzav – Message of Nir ben Artzi ENGLISH


Message from Nir Ben Artzi
Parshat Tzav - Shabbos HaGadol
Sunday, 18.3  5778
[emphasis is mine]

The Lord of the Universe, Father in Heaven and in the Earth and of the entire universe, warns the world: No one, no man or country, no spirit, no earth, no fire can disturb the existence of the holy Land of Israel. Anyone who interferes with Israel will receive the 10 plagues, and much more difficult and in a repeat sequence.

The Land of Israel, the State of Israel, is the place of the Jews, pure and holy land, and Jerusalem, the Capital, revives the whole world.

Trump is a world hero. In 1948, the state was established and now, after 70 years, Trump came to the conclusion that Jerusalem is the Capital of Israel, and that the Land of Israel has entered a state of perfection, dignity and power in the world, a spiritual power over the Jewish mind is the strongest in the world, the most powerful technology in the world, the most powerful army in the world and the most powerful economy in the world.

No one can persuade and bring down morale, power and motivation to the Land of Israel and the people of Israel.

Israel is working with the US economically, militarily and politically, and the IDF and the US Army are training together, and the US maintains Israel because Israel is an endless force.

Jews [Israelis-yordim] who live abroad, invest all your money in the Land of Israel and at the same time make an urgent trip to the Land of Israel. Anti-Semitism is going to explode in the most difficult and horrific way, appalling and frightening. If the left in Israel made mistakes, got into trouble, canceled, and fell abroad, there is no justice and no judge, and a Jew who succeeds, the gentiles hurt him and eat him alive. The choice of man, to choose to come and live in the Holy Land.

Every time the leftists talk about the right, slander and gossip - the right makes its way, continues to advance, grow stronger, grow and get more and more seats - and the left is becoming extinct. The Holy One, Blessed be He, is interested in the Holy Land, "Do not touch me in the Holy Land.”

Russia, Putin says 'Let my soul die with the Philistines', like Samson the hero, he does not want a bad name on Russia. Putin speaks in pantomime, only body and face movements. He wants to control the Middle East so that he will have a strong and parallel power vis-a-vis the US He does not think twice, what he does not like is threatening, killing and removing ... Still, they say in Heaven: Nothing will help him. In order to balance, Trump is also very strong and guided from heaven, Russia wants to build military camps and the US is also building military camps in all kinds of places.

Syria will continue to be destroyed. Many people are killed and slaughtered. Come from all over the world to kill the Syrian people. Without their knowledge, they are killing the Syrian people - a process of the Holy One, Blessed is He. The Holy One, Blessed be He, put in their minds how to act.

Iran is more afraid of Israel than any other country, afraid that Israel will blow up atomic facilities and harm Iran. Iran quietly transfers ammunition to Hezbollah and Nasrallah - and the ammunition does not arrive. The Iranian people know the power of Israel.

Hizbullah and Nasrallah fear death from Israel. He takes cannabis and speaks nonsense, out of context. He says that he does not want to fight against Israel, because there are not enough ammunition and missiles, he has no reserves, he has only to defend himself. After all, the IDF does not believe a word of its own, they spend time to arm themselves and move missiles even though the United States protects and preserves the Land of Israel.

The United States, anyone who talks badly about the people of Israel, Trump boycotts him, Trump speaks openly that he is protecting Israel, he is not mistaken, he knows what he is talking about.

Turkey, Erdogan sends his troops, as if he controls his army. The rebels who began to revolutionize, multiply and strengthen. Soon they would wake up and fight him.

In Iran the same, more or less. Advice to the women of Iran: Gather in your masses in all the cities and go all over Iran to make a coup in power. You have the power to do this and also to influence your young men to overthrow the Iranian regime, which wants to bring about a holocaust, to kill and destroy the Iranian people through the atom. Their sword will come in their hearts and their bow will break, and their leaders will kill their people.

Jordan is waiting to remove the heavy burden of the infiltrators, the Syrians, Da'esh and Hamas, the king of Jordan is afraid, the people of Israel are protecting him and peace with him.

In Egypt, Sisi put his soldiers in the Sinai desert to fight against Da'esh, Hamas and the extremists, so that they would not reach Egypt, so that they would not reach the Aswan Dam. If Da'esh arrived in Egypt next to the Aswan Dam, they would blow it up.

Hamas continues to dig tunnels, despite the fact that they have suffered a severe fall. They and Abu Mazen take all the money they get into their pockets. They starve the Palestinians of bread and blame Israel.

Hamas, Palestinians, and Da'esh eat each other, they do not care about the establishment of a Palestinian state, they only care about taking and stealing all the money, and they are fighting for Abu Mazen's will - and he is still alive.

The Israeli left must descend from the tall tree. No Gentile will help you. No country will help you. Keep your honor, do not go to demonstrations, it does nothing. In the end, the Holy One, Blessed be He, decides what will happen, so it's a shame to waste your precious time. It's too bad for you to run for the infiltrators and for the opponents of the people of Israel. The whole world loves the Jews who hold the right and hold the holy land for Jews only. We are all Jews, there is no left and no right. Left and right in one body, in order to establish the Land of Israel.

Continuing disasters in the world, the collapse of buildings, houses will be swallowed up in the ground. Aircraft will explode, trains will fly from the tracks, vehicles, ships, spaceships and satellites - everything is complicated.Earthquakes, floods and storms, winds and fire will continue.

All the bribes, the scammers, the thieves, those living on the backs of others and the conspirators - will all be caught. They will do teshuvah - from Heaven they will make it easier for them.

Europe is conquered by Muslims.

Britain and France are threatened by Putin, the Jews in Europe are pushed in all directions, they will soon be taking their homes and their livelihood.

The infiltrators in Israel must be transferred to the countries where they were born. They have almost a hundred times more land than Israel. They just want to be here, to get in the way.

Iraq wants the Jews. They regret that they were expelled because they know they have an affinity to the Holy One, Blessed be He, and have a blessing.

And now all the countries of the world want to build the embassy in Jerusalem, to taste the blessing of the Jews. All the problems in the Israeli Knesset will not be resolved and no solution will be found until the Creator of the world will crown the Mashiach.

Shout to the Creator to bring Moshiach, so that they would stop all the disputes that cannot be resolved without Moshiach. The whole world is in the midst of complications and conflicts, and the most severe disturbances, until the reign of King Mashiach.

Israel is flourishing and happy. It's so good in Israel - the government is dealing with trivial things, with boredom. Who will deal only with the help and protection of the Holy Land, the Land of Israel.

The Land of Israel is the holiest and most holy place in the world, the Holy Land. The Holy One, Blessed be He, took the people of Israel out of Egypt, from the most impure place in the world, to bring them into the holiest and most holy place in the world.

The Holy One, Blessed be He, wants His Jewish children to celebrate Passover in the Holy Land of Israel, and not in the soil of an unclean strange land. On the contrary, the Holy One, Blessed be He, asks the Jews living outside the Land of Israel to celebrate Passover with the Jews in the Holy Land of Israel. In Israel everything is good.

The month of Nissan will be Blessed. In Nisan, the people of Israel were redeemed and with the help of G–D, we will receive our righteous Mashiach in Nisan! That the Holy One, Blessed be He, will have mercy on His children, who will announce the revelation of the Mashiach. Everyone should plead and pray to the Holy One, Blessed be He, that Mashiach will lead the Mashiach on Pesach. Moshiach acts and works to save the people of Israel, for himself he does not want anything.

The only interest of Moshiach is to redeem the people of Israel and that all will be believers in the Holy One, Blessed is He. Moshiach works at night and saves the people of Israel!

Shabbos HaGadol – Tzav – Message of Nir ben Artzi HEBREW


מסר מפי הרב ניר בן ארצי שליט"א
לפרשת צו - שבת הגדול תשע"ח
נמסר ביום ראשון, ב' בניסן תשע"ח 18.3.18 | 8:30

ריבונו של עולם, אבא שבשמיים ובארץ ושל כל היקום, מזהיר את העולם: אף אחד, לא אדם ולא מדינה, לא רוח, לא אדמה ולא אש, לא יכול להפריע לקיום ארץ ישראל הקדושה. כל מי שיפריע לישראל, יקבל את עשר המכות, והרבה יותר קשות וברצף חוזר.

ארץ ישראל, מדינת ישראל, היא המקום של היהודים, אדמה טהורה וקדושה, וירושלים עיר הבירה - מחייה את כל העולם.

טראמפ גיבור עולם. בשנת תש"ח (1948) קמה המדינה ועכשיו אחרי 70 שנה, בא טראמפ וקבע שירושלים היא עיר הבירה של ישראל, קבע למטה - חתמו למעלה! זאת אומרת שארץ ישראל, מדינת ישראל נכנסה למצב של שלמות, של כבוד וכוח בעולם, מעצמה רוחנית מעל כל מדינות העולם, גם גשמית. המוח היהודי הוא הכי חזק בעולם, הטכנולוגיה הכי חזקה בעולם, הצבא הכי חזק בעולם והכלכלה הכי חזקה בעולם. כשלא ישחקו כדורגל בשבת, גם בכדורגל יהיו הכי טובים בעולם. שבת היא מקור הברכה ליהודים.

אף אחד לא יכול לשכנע ולהוריד לארץ ישראל ולעם ישראל את המורל, את הכוח והמוטיבציה.

ישראל עובדת עם ארה"ב כלכלית, צבאית ומדינית. צה"ל וצבא ארה"ב מתאמנים ביחד. ארה"ב מחזיקה בישראל, כי ישראל היא כוח אין-סוף.

יהודים שגרים בחוץ לארץ, תשקיעו את כל כספכם בארץ ישראל ובמקביל תעלו דחוף לארץ ישראל. האנטישמיות הולכת להתפוצץ בדרך הקשה ביותר ובצורה זוועתית, מחרידה ומפחידה. אם השמאל בישראל עשה טעויות, הסתבך, התבטל ונפל - בחו"ל אין דין ואין דיין. בחו"ל יהודי שמצליח, הגויים פוגעים בו ואוכלים אותו חי. הבחירה בידי האדם, לבחור לבוא לגור בארץ הקודש.

כל פעם שאנשי השמאל מדברים על הימין, לשון הרע ורכילות - הימין עושה חַיִל, ממשיך להתקדם, להתחזק, לגדול ולקבל עוד ועוד מנדטים - והשמאל הולך ונכחד. הקדוש-ברוך-הוא מעניין אותו אדמת הקודש, 'אל תגעו לי באדמת הקודש’.

רוסיה, פוטין אומר 'תמות נפשי עם פלישתים', כמו שמשון הגיבור, הוא לא רוצה שם רע על רוסיה. פוטין מדבר בפנטומימה, רק תנועות גוף ופנים. רוצה לשלוט במזרח התיכון כדי שיהיה לו כוח מקביל וחזק מול ארה"ב. הוא לא חושב פעמיים, מה שלא מוצא חן בעיניו הוא מאיים, מחסל ומסלק. בכל זאת, אומרים בשמיים: לא יעזור לו כלום, הקדוש-ברוך-הוא הביא את טראמפ כדי לאזן. גם טראמפ חזק מאוד והוא מודרך משמיים. רוסיה רוצה להקים מחנות צבאיים וגם ארה"ב מקימה מחנות צבאיים בכל מיני מקומות.

סוריה תמשיך להיהרס. הורגים ושוחטים המון המון בני אדם. באים מכל העולם להרוג את העם הסורי. בלי ידיעתם הם הורגים את העם הסורי - תהליך של הקדוש-ברוך-הוא. הקדוש-ברוך-הוא הכניס במוחם איך לפעול.

איראן מפחדת מישראל יותר מכל מדינה אחרת, פוחדת שישראל תפוצץ את מפעלי האטום ותיפגע בכל איראן. איראן מעבירה תחמושת בשקט בשקט לחיזבאללה ונסראללה – והתחמושת לא מגיעה. העם האיראני יודע מה כוחה של ישראל.

חיזבאללה ונסראללה מפחד פחד מוות מישראל. לוקח קנאביס ומדבר שטויות, לא לעניין. הוא אומר שלא רוצה להילחם נגד ישראל, כי אין לא מספיק תחמושת וטילים, אין לו רזרבות, יש לו רק כדי להגן על עצמו. בכל זאת צה"ל לא להאמין לאף מילה שלו, הם מרווחים זמן כדי להתחמש ולהזיז טילים למרות שארה"ב מגינה ושומרת על ארץ ישראל.

ארה"ב, כל מי שמדבר רע על עם ישראל, טראמפ מחרים אותו. טראמפ מדבר בגלוי שהוא שומר על ישראל. הוא לא טעה, הוא יודע מה שמדבר.

תורכיה, ארדואן שולח את חייליו, כאילו הוא שולט על הצבא שלו. המורדים שהתחילו לעשות מהפכה, מתרבים ומתחזקים. עוד מעט יתעוררו וילחמו בו.

באיראן אותו הדבר, פחות או יותר. עצה לנשות איראן: תתאספו בהמוניכן בכל הערים ותצאו בכל איראן לעשות הפיכה בשלטון. יש בכוחכן לעשות זאת וגם להשפיע על הבחורים שלכן להפיל את השלטון האיראני שרוצה להביא שואה, להמית ולהרוס את העם האיראני דרך האטום. חרבם תבוא בליבם וקשתותם תישברנה, ומנהיגיהם יהרגו את עמם - הם מקיימים את הפתגם הזה בדיוק.

ירדן מחכה כדי להוריד מעליה את העול הכבד של המסתננים, הסורים, דאע"ש וחמאס. מלך ירדן פוחד, עם ישראל מגן עליו ובשלום איתו.

מצרים, סיסי שם את חייליו במדבר סיני שיילחמו נגד דאע"ש, חמאס והקיצוניים, כדי שלא יגיעו למצרים, כדי שלא יגיעו לסכר אסואן. אם דאע"ש יגיעו למצרים, ליד סכר אסואן - הם יפוצצו אותו.

חמאס ממשיך לחפור מנהרות, למרות שיש להם נפילה קשה. הם ואבו ומאזן לוקחים לכיסם את כל הכסף שמקבלים. הם מרעיבים את הפלסטינים ללחם ומאשימים את ישראל.

חמאס, פלסטינים, ודאע"ש אוכלים זה את זה. לא אכפת להם מהקמת מדינה פלסטינית, אכפת להם רק לקחת ולגנוב את כל הכסף. הם נלחמים על הצוואה של אבו מאזן - והוא עוד חי, בינתיים.

השמאל הישראלי צריך לרדת מהעץ הגבוה. אף גוי לא יעזור לכם. אף מדינה לא תעזור לכם. תשמרו על הכבוד שלכם, לא לצאת להפגנות, זה לא עושה כלום. בסופו של דבר, הקדוש-ברוך-הוא מחליט מה יהיה, אז חבל לכם לבזבז את זמנכם היקר. חבל לכם לרוץ בשביל המסתננים ובשביל המתנגדים לעם ישראל. כל העולם אוהב את היהודים שמחזיקים בימין ומחזיקים את אדמת הקודש ליהודים בלבד. כולנו יהודים, אין שמאל ואין ימין. שמאל וימין בגוף אחד, כדי להקים את ארץ ישראל.

יימשכו אסונות בעולם, התמוטטות של בניינים, בתים יבלעו באדמה. מטוסים יתפוצצו, רכבות יעופו מהמסילה, רכבים, אוניות, חלליות ולוויינים - הכל מסובך.

יימשכו רעידות האדמה, שיטפונות וסערות, רוחות ואש.
כל אנשי השוחד, הרמאים, הגנבים, החיים על גב אחרים ואנשי הזימה - ייתפסו כולם. יעשו תשובה - משמיים יקלו עליהם בצורה משמעותית.

אירופה נכבשת ע"י מוסלמים.

אנגליה וצרפת מאוימות ע"י פוטין. היהודים באירופה נדחקים לכל הכיוונים, עוד מעט ייקחו להם את הבתים ואת הפרנסה, זה בדרך.

את המסתננים בישראל צריך להעביר למדינות בהם נולדו. יש להם אדמה כמעט פי-מאה מישראל. סתם רוצים להיות פה, להפריע.

עיראק רוצה את היהודים. הם מתחרטים שגירשו אותם, כי יודעים שיש להם זיקה לקדוש-ברוך-הוא ויש להם ברכה. ועכשיו כל מדינות העולם רוצות להקים את השגרירות בירושלים, כדי לטעום את טעם הברכה של היהודים.

כל הבעיות בכנסת ישראל לא ייפתרו ולא יימצא להן פתרון, עד שבורא עולם ימליך את מלך המשיח. לצעוק לבורא עולם שיביא משיח, כדי שיפסיקו כל המחלוקות שאין להן פתרון בלי שמשיח ייצא לאור. כל העולם נמצא בסיבוכים וסכסוכים והפרעות קשות ביותר, עד שיומלך מלך המשיח.

ישראל פורחת ושמחה. מרוב שטוב בישראל – הממשלה מתעסקת בדברים הטפלים, מרוב שעמום. שיתעסקו אך ורק בעזרה והגנה על אדמת הקודש, ארץ ישראל.

ארץ ישראל היא המקום הקדוש והטהור ביותר בעולם, אדמת הקודש. הקדוש-ברוך-הוא הוציא את עם ישראל ממצרים, מהמקום הכי טמא בעולם כדי להכניס אותם למקום הכי קדוש וטהור בעולם. הקדוש-ברוך-הוא רוצה שילדיו היהודים יחגגו את חג הפסח בארץ ישראל הקדושה ולא באדמת נכר טמאה. ההפך, מבקש הקדוש-ברוך-הוא מהיהודים החיים מחוץ לארץ ישראל, שיבואו לחגוג את חג הפסח עם היהודים בארץ ישראל הקדושה.

בישראל הכל טוב. חודש ניסן יבוא מבורך בכל. בניסן נגאלו עם ישראל ובעזרת ה' שנקבל משיח צדקנו בניסן! שהקדוש-ברוך-הוא ירחם על ילדיו, שיכריז על גילוי משיח. כולם צריכים להתחנן ולהתפלל לקדוש-ברוך-הוא שימליך משיח בפסח. משיח פועל ועובד כדי להושיע את עם ישראל, לעצמו הוא לא רוצה כלום. האינטרס היחיד של משיח הוא לגאול את עם ישראל ושכולם יהיו מאמינים בקדוש-ברוך-הוא. משיח עובד בלילה ומושיע את עם ישראל!

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18 March 2018

AI – Intuition vs Logic

AI – Intuition vs Logic

Parshas Vayikra

And G–D called to Moshe, and spoke unto him 
out of the tent of meeting, saying . . . (Vayikra 1:1)

[A] face often reveals what a person is feeling inside, it can also conceal it. Sometimes a person does not even know what they are TRULY feeling at the moment, and smile as if everything is normal, when it is not. Or, they do know, but have chosen to hide it from others, giving other people the wrong impression and sometimes resulting in hurtful misunderstandings. An empath picks up the TRUE vibes.

This has also helped me tremendously with my writing, b”H. I write, for the most part, intuitively. I KNOW what can be said, but I FEEL how it SHOULD be said. What I start to write intellectually can make perfect sense. But after writing it, I can feel that it lacks a certain added element to best make the point for the reader. 

Even non-Empaths use gut feelings a lot in life, often with great results. Intuition plays a major role in many professions, and has often saved people a lot of money, and in some cases, their lives. The intellect is great for making calculations and carrying out technical chores in life, but it is intuition that adds the human element to all of it, and which allows people to access higher levels of truth. 

This is why “Artificial Intelligence,” or “AI,” is a problem. As enticing as the idea may be, it is inherently flawed because, quite simply, you cannot mechanize intuition. You can mimic it to some degree, but it cannot be replicated by man, making AI potentially the greatest threat to mankind.

[T]here is a limit to how much I am prepared to allow MECHANIZED things to govern HUMAN life. If human logic—which is what would be used to program AI—alone dictated how to deal with humanity, human logic alone would probably eliminate it. It is only because of DIVINE logic that we are STILL here.

That “little” something extra that makes life so non-automated is alluded to in the “little” Aleph at the end of the first word of this week’s parsha. As discussed many times in the past, the small Aleph at the end of the first word, “vayikra,” alludes to the Aleph of “Adam,” and the soul of man. That’s why the Aleph is missing from the word “kisay” at the end of Parashas Beshallach. Amalek tries to cut it off, transforming the word “vayikra” into the word “vayikar.”

Without the soul’s involvement, life becomes quite mechanical. The physical world of the body is very limited. It seems unlimited, especially when it comes to physical gratification. There are SO many ways to give the body pleasure. A person could live an entire lifetime and never experience every PHYSICAL pleasure there is to enjoy.

Nor would a person want to. How many steaks can you eat at one time or even over the course of a single week? How many sweet deserts can you enjoy before your body says, “Please! No more!” Even people with addictions know that they do not derive pleasure from that to which they are addicted. It just hurts too much not to fill it. 

In any case, without the involvement of the soul, life just becomes too mechanical. Take prayer for example. Though people show up for minyan on a regular basis, they often forget to bring their soul along with them. Oh, it’s there alright. Otherwise the person would not be alive. But it’s not in their prayer, which is why it looks and feels so mechanical. The “vayikar” is there, just not the “vayikra,” with the Aleph, and that makes any service of G–D perfunctory.

How does one bring their soul to prayer, or to anything they do? The most important part of our service to G–D is our hearts. It’s a real shame to go through the motions, actually put the time into a mitzvah, and leave out the most important ingredient of all: kavanah—intention. 

We can take advantage of this special Shabbos to answer the question. This Shabbos is “Parashas HaChodesh,” the fourth of the special Maftirs read before and after Purim. Since it happens to be Rosh Chodesh Nissan this Shabbos as well, it is even MORE appropriate that we read about the mitzvah of Rosh Chodesh where it first showed up, in Parashas Bo.

A Jewish month is called “chodesh,” from the word “chadash,” which means “new,” because the moon renews itself every 29 and some odd days. Every month the Jewish people announce the upcoming new month on the previous Shabbos, and then celebrate its actual arrival on Rosh Chodesh. How many cultures do that, month after month, year after year, millennium after millennium?

The Jewish people do. We do it because it is a reminder to us as well about the importance of constant renewal. It tells us that the nature of people is to get used to things, and then to lose respect for them. So we need to do that which makes the old new on a daily basis. This is a big portion of our service of G–D.

There is even an important mitzvah of developing “chiddushei Torah” on Shabbos, as the week ends and leads to the beginning of a new week. On a day that we retreat from the mundane world and contemplate the true meaning of life, we make a point of revealing new Torah ideas that emerge from within old ones.

There is nothing mundane about Torah. There is nothing habitual about the service of G–D. We may go to the same shul every day, doven in the same minyan each time, but every tefillah is a first. It is built upon all of our previous prayers, but we are different, the world is different, and therefore our prayer should be different as well.

But, and this is important, it doesn’t happen on its own. If people wait for the experience of prayer, or of any mitzvah, to “wow” them, they will wait in vain. Occasionally, as a gift, G–D will inject a mitzvah with something extra to help us, but for the most part, that is OUR avodah, our service of G–D. We are the ones who are supposed to attach the “Aleph” to “vayikar.” We have to find our own personal way to “mechadash”—renew—what is already very familiar to us.

This is not something only “spiritual” people do. It is something people do to become spiritual. Fortunate is the person who knows this, works on it, and already enjoys success. THEY are true servants of G–D, and of themselves, because they will enjoy learning Torah and performing mitzvos, the source of eternal reward in the World-to-Come.

And, as we have said in the past, and will soon say again, b”H, it is this approach to life that is the true source of freedom.