26 November 2021

Reb Neuberger: Vayeishev – Jealousy




First, an update: as soon as last week’s article on “Geshem … Rain” appeared, it started to rain in Israel!


I do not attribute this phenomenon to the article itself. However, it is possible that people started praying for rain after reading the article, and perhaps these prayers tipped the Heavenly scales. In any case, the Heavens did open and torrential rains fell on Israel.


“Hodu l”Hashem ki tov, ki l’olam chasdo … Give thanks to Hashem, for He is good. His kindness endures forever!” (Psalm 118) Rainfall is compared to the resurrection of the dead.


However, we must keep in mind that this is just the beginning of the season. As we are learning in the current Daf Yomi, and as we say every day in the Shema, “Yoreh” is the first rain of the season and “Malkosh” is the later rain. We pray that they come “b’ito … in their proper time.” If we deserve the rains, they will come “b’ito.” This is just the beginning. We need much rain and we need it in its proper time. It all depends on us.


I want to add an interesting point. Our grandson, Shmuel ha Kohain Hess, told me something several weeks ago which made me feel better about the initial lack of rain. He noted that, in relation to the solar year (meaning the “Gregorian” calendar), the Jewish year is “early” this year. Perhaps the rainy season depends upon the position of the sun. That could be why the rainy season may be later in starting this year. I thought that was a fascinating observation, and it illustrates the perspective which may be gained by using one’s brains to look at the world from a Torah viewpoint.


May we, the Children of Israel, be worthy in Hashem’s eyes of rainfall in the Land of Israel. Life comes to the entire world through us and our blessing, and rain in the Land of Israel is a sign of blessing for us.


The entire book of Beraishis is the wellspring and fountain for the entire future history of the world. There is a famous saying, “Ma’ase avos siman l’banim … the actions of the forefathers are a sign for the children.” (Ramban to Bereishis 12:6)


Our forefathers’ lives are a sign for what will happen to their children – meaning us! – through the ages to come. In this week’s Parsha we find the foundational episode of sinas chinom, causeless hatred and jealousy among the brothers, the twelve sons of Yaakov Avinu. Just as a seed of rebellion arose in Adam and Chava, which caused them to be expelled from the Garden of Eden, so a seed of hatred and jealousy caused strife and anguish among the Children of Israel, and that seed still sprouts to this very day.


Sinas chinom, unwarranted hatred, is the most tragic development in our history. This is what caused the Churban. We exist as a nation only by virtue of the Torah and the Torah was given only to a nation which is united, as it says, “like one man with one heart.” (Rashi on Shemos 19:2) Only because of that unity did we receive the Torah. Without it, we open the door to catastrophe, G-d forbid. All the tragic events of the past two thousand years happened because of sinas chinom, unwarranted hatred among the brothers.


And sinas chinom begins in this week’s Parsha among the Children of Yaakov!


OY! We must heal this now before more catastrophes come our way G-d forbid!


Do you think this is simple? If it were simple, it would have been healed long ago.


I will give you an example from my own life. The other day I told someone that we need some repair to the apartment we are renting. I said, “I have to take care of this, because the owner did not take care of it.”


My words were loshon hara! I said it! Why did I have to mention the owner?


When I realized this, I was crushed! How could I do this? I jeopardized my life in this world and the World to Come because of negative, unnecessary words about someone else. Why did I open my mouth?


I know why I said it: I wanted to look good in the other person’s eyes. For my ego, I put my eternal life in danger! We are walking on a minefield, my friends. A minefield! We need to watch every step!


In the yeshiva of the Alter of Kelm zt”l, one did not look up from the Prayer Book. A huge commotion could be starting outside the yeshiva, but everyone kept on davening.


What is the relevance to us? I’ll tell you.


Someone next to you at minyan is davening very loud or using his cell phone. He is disturbing you and others. You are angry. He is ruining your davening! You want to look at him and curse him in your heart!


But no! You control yourself! Look in your siddur and try not even to think about the disturbance. Don’t even look at him. You don’t want to know who he is. Try to concentrate on your conversation with the Ruler of the Universe. Try to tune him out!


It is so hard … but try!


Try to get over your anger by concentrating on the words of Torah!


(That does not mean that you cannot speak to him later in friendship and give him kind words of correction, but only if you think he will accept your words.)


Right now the nations of the world are gathering against us! We need to be united so we can be united with Hashem. As the Prophet says in this week’s Haftara, we will be powerless if we are not close to Hashem, and “the most courageous of [our] heroes will flee naked on that day … [because Yosef was sold] for a pair of shoes!” (Amos 2:6ff)


My friends, we must learn to overcome jealousy and refrain from speaking evil of our own brothers! Jealousy sows evil seeds, G-d forbid, and the rains will not continue.


On the day we become one, “Hashem will be One and His Name … One!”


We need to bring that day soon. May our own eyes see it! Then blessings will fall like rain.







Beraishis: The Biblical Book commonly referred to as “Genesis.”

Churban: Destruction of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem

Loshon ha ra: Evil speech, negative words about someone

Rabbi Winston: Parashas Vayaishev – The Big Picture


THE BIG PICTURE Zoominar is off to a good start, b”H. Session #2 is this Tuesday, b”H. You can register at any time by writing to

There are so many instances in which Rashi points something out we would have otherwise missed because we did not spot any red flags. The section reads smoothly the way it is, and does not seem to call out for any special insight to understand it. Therefore, if Rashi says otherwise, it is a red flag that we missed something in the obviousness of the verse. 

For example, the parsha begins quite simply with:

Ya’akov dwelt in the land of his father's sojournings, in the land of Canaan. (Bereishis 37:1)

What’s wrong with this picture? Seemingly nothing. Ya’akov had been returning home for two years already, after living with Lavan for 20. He had first gone to Yeshivas Shem v’Eiver for 14 years before that, so altogether he had been away for a total of 36 long years. After all that, what could possibly be wrong with wanting to settle down?


When Ya’akov wished to dwell in tranquility the troubles of Yosef sprang upon him…The Holy One, Blessed is He, said: “It is not sufficient for the righteous what is prepared for them in the World-to-Come that they seek to dwell in tranquility in this world as well?!” (Rashi)

Well, yes actually. Why not? Which tzaddik would not want to be left alone in the Bais Midrash to learn Torah day and night, as Ya’akov had done with the first part of his life? Which tzaddik would not want to be free to perform all of their mitzvos the best way way possible and without distraction? 

It wasn’t as if Ya’akov wanted a vacation from righteousness. On the contrary, he only wanted a vacation from the things that interfered with righteousness. He wanted quiet time to serve G–D, not to turn his back on G–D. And let’s face it, there have been plenty of tzaddikim who have had this, and they don’t seem to have been taken to task because of it.

What does the midrash that Rashi quotes mean?

Furthermore, the Midrash says elsewhere that the episode of Yosef happened for a very different reason. It says that the sale of Yosef happened in order to bring the family down to Egypt as prophesied to Avraham back in Parashas Lech-Lecha (Tanchuma, Vayaishev 10). This means that all of that would have happened whether Ya’akov wanted to settle down or not.

THE SIFSEI HACHACHAMIM focuses on one word to understand Rashi: mevakshim—request. There is nothing wrong with living a tranquil life if it happens to come your way and not at the expense of spiritual responsibilities. The problem is actually seeking it out, as so many people do.

Why? Because this is not the World-to-Come, only the corridor to get there. This is Olam HaAsiyah, the world of action. As Kabbalah explains, everything in this world is constantly in motion, from the heavenly bodies to the human ones below. Even when we’re resting our bodies are not, and physical movement only comes to a stop with death.

I once got into a conversation with someone on a bus back to Jerusalem. He had made aliyah not too long ago, and I wished him an easy adjustment. He told me that he had been part of a group of four friends who had all invested in the stock market back in the eighties. The plan had been to make a lot of money quickly and then move to Eretz Yisroel

He was the only one, he explained to me, who followed through and actually made good on his plan. His other three friends were stuck in America, still wanting to come but unable to financially. Apparently, the story goes, when he decided he had made enough to start his life in Israel, his friends decided to stay in the market longer. “The more money we make,” they told him, “the more we take to Eretz Yisroel.” 

Unfortunately, their plan backfired. Shortly after the market fell out and they lost money. They regretted not getting out when this one friend did, and they envied the fact that he had been able to make aliyah, while they could not. It could have gone the other way and they could have been the ones with the extra money in Eretz Yisroel. It’s just that it didn’t. 

Why the great risk? Because at the time it did not seem like such a great risk. At the time, the market was hot and people kept on making money. If anything, the one friend who got out and moved to Israel seemed like the impetuous one, throwing away a great opportunity to make more great money. The potential to easily and quickly improve their lot blinded them to the risk of losing even that which they already made. 

Money will do that to a person. It is a such a fundamental part of life that all of us look for more of it wherever we can find it, and then jump at opportunities to make more of it effortlessly and quickly. That’s why lotteries and get-rich-quick schemes do so well. When your happiness depends upon something so much, your world tends to revolve around it. It is amazing, and sometimes even tragic, what people will give up for money. 

Unfortunately, the one thing that we should be driven to acquire like this is often the farthest from people’s minds, and that is reward in the World-to-Come. It’s a combination of being so abstract, so far in the future, and the world being so instantaneously pleasurable that, it is hard to remain focused on it. And it doesn’t help that our bodies tire so easily and love physical pleasure so much. 

It can be a challenge even for righteous people like Ya’akov Avinu. He would never have assumed that he had already done enough with his life or, that he had already accumulated all the reward he could ever want in Olam HaBa. But life often comes down to tradeoffs, and Ya’akov had already gone through so much and accomplished great things. But he never forgot how nice it was to sit quietly in the tents of Torah study. 

No one knew this lesson about life better than Ya’akov Avinu, which means that there might be a different way to learn Rashi. We learn it through our eyes. We need to learn it through his.

THIS MEANS THAT G–D did not send the Yosef fiasco specifically to interrupt Ya’akov’s tranquillity. He sent it to tell Ya’akov that he wasn’t done yet, that he still had more to accomplish in this world and more reward to gain in the World-to-Come. 

Understandably, he was tired. He had been through a lot. He had survived Eisav and then Lavan. He even fought with an angel and prevailed. He had to persevere the violation of his daughter Dinah, and the war that almost happened with the people of Canaan.

But G–D gives us the strength we need to do what we must when it comes to surviving our challenges and increasing our reward in the World-to-Come. If a person appreciates the value of a single moment of spiritual challenge, then G–D will give them the challenge, and the wherewithal to meet it. Not out of anger, or disappointment, but out of love (Brochos 5a).

Next week begins the eight days of Chanukah. They celebrate the miracle of the oil that burned for seven extra days, and the fact that one jar of pure oil remained even for one day. We’ll light 36 candles altogether to allude to the fact that the Ohr HaGanuz is in the Ner Shel Chanukah, somehow, somewhere. 

Another name for this light is the Ohr HaNissi—Miraculous Light. All miracles that happen in history are the result of this light, especially when they lead to redemption. It is the light that is the basis of Torah and even our souls. When this light emanates, more results in life than can be explained by the laws of physics. 

We have all witnessed this in our own lives at some time. Most just don’t realize why it has happened.

This is a fundamental lesson of Chanukah. The Talmud says that if a person sanctifies themself a little, Heaven will sanctify them a lot (Yoma 38b). It’s another way of saying that we don’t have to know specifically where we’ll get the energy or resources to do a mitzvah that seems beyond our capability. We just need to know that if we get things started, G–D will pick up the slack.

The Midrash says that G–D tells the Jewish people to make an opening the size of pinhole, and He will drive a wagon through it. It might work in cartoons, but how does that actually work in real life? Every situation is different, and G–D works in mysterious ways. Sometimes He shares His methods with us, most of the time He doesn’t. 

But does it really matter? The main thing is that we showed up, did the best we could, and remained willing to get the job done. How G–D makes that happen is His business. Ours is to trust that He will, and to know that physical limitations don’t stop Him from accomplishing what has to get done.  Taking that message to heart itself is extremely liberating.


WHETHER OR NOT one lights a menorah for every member of the household depends upon one’s tradition. However, whoever does light the menorah must follow the opinion of Bais Hillel, that the mehadrin min hamehadrin, the most beautiful way to perform the mitzvah, is to light a single candle on the first night of Chanukah, and then an additional candle each subsequent night.

The Talmud does not explain why an additional candle is added each day of the holiday. However, doing so means lighting thirty-six candles over eight days, and the question is, is this incidental or intentional? 

It certainly seems like the latter from the Talmud. Besides, what if the oil had burned for six extra days, or nine, making the total candles 28 or 45? It only needed to burn for seven extra days because that is the time it took to make new pure olive oil for the mitzvah, a technical reality. 

The truth is, it is just the other way around. The holiday needed to be eight days long because that is the number that alludes to the supernatural relationship between G–D and the Jewish people. This is why Bris Milah, which symbolizes that unique relationship, is on the eighth day from birth. Moshiach is destined to come in the eighth year of a Shmittah cycle because all redemptions are supernatural.

Clearly Chanukah belongs to this realm as well, as we say during Chanukah:

You, in Your great mercy, stood up for them in their time of trouble, and fought their battle, judged their judgment, took revenge for them, and handed over the strong to the weak, the many to the few, the impure to the pure, the evil to the righteous, and the scoffers into the hands of those who learn Torah.

Therefore, the number eight is not incidental, and neither is the number thirty-six. In fact, the miracle and victory occurred in 3597 (165 BCE), in the 36th century from Creation. Chanukah had to be an eight-day holiday, as we sing:

From the remainder of the jars, 

a miracle was done for the shoshanim.

The children of Binah (understanding), 

they established eight days of shir urnanim.

Binah is the eighth of ten sefiros, spiritual filters through which G–D implements His plan for Creation. It is a light of understanding, one that was necessary at that time of history especially as the Jewish people were about to enter their fourth, final, and longest exile. 

The events of Chanukah made that possible, and to understand how is to understand the indispensable meaning of the number thirty-six. The Light of Thirtysix: Accessing the Hidden Light of Creation On A Daily Basis (Paperback, Kindle, and PDF).

25 November 2021

Leah From Itamar – Parashat Vayeshev Chanukah 2021

Leah’s Blog Parashat Vayeshev Chanukah 2021


Dear Rabbi & Rebbetzin / Moshe and Leah Goldsmith,


It’s my humble pleasure and honor to be a part of Eretz Yisrael, especially during these unfathomable times, when all the Jews from around the world should unite and be as one, just like any other times for that matter. I thank HaShem for being able to continue making my input into our common goal of bringing the Times of Moshiach closer.

Please, send my best wishes, lots of blessings, and warmest regards to the entire community of Itamar, G-D Bless you and all of us! Happy and marvelous Chanukah to all!


Dear Friends- I’m cutting to the chase but this demonstrates how Thanksgiving for the people that live in the territory of Yosef HaTzaddik in the heart of Israel feel when getting this declaration of mutual responsibility, love and care for each other and the land of Israel. 

The letter was sent to me in response to my thank you for her simple declaration of faith in Hashem’s plan for Israel and the dry bones to sprout and faith in the people that live here and serve G-d, handle tragedy, plant seeds of hope and inevitably see redemption. It’s a good foreshadowing to the harsh story of parshat Vayeshev that evolves to this very day. We are definitely in the times described by our prophets. Thankfully, we see it flowering albeit the backdrop is dark and scary indeed!


The time table of events that happen in the Torah is not chronological. There are sequences of events that correlate, there are things that happen in these stories that happen again later, numerous times. Not in coincidence is time accelerated and folded into a parallel narrative running like a clock ticking ever so slowly in Vayeshev. 

The story of Yehudah and his sons expands over a chunk of time while the frame of the story of the selling of Yosef happens in a short span. The Torah lassos time here in order to highlight the theme running through the two spheres of Yesod and Malchut- the ideas behind Mashiach Ben Yosef and Mashiach Ben David. The caption on the joint theme- despair. Yosef is hated by his brothers for being a psychic, voicing premonitions in dreams and sold. He seems abstract to their world- this makes them bitter. His brothers sit down to eat bread and actually celebrate the isolation after its a done deal. Inevitably Yosef is the one feeding them and they will eat bread out of his hand. His dreams all come true but until then he has had a humbling moment or two. 

Yosef has to endure the pain of baseless hatred. He has to withstand temptation, and more than anything this prince of Israel has to go down to the dregs of the dregs, into the filthy dark prison of Egypt for crimes he did not commit. He seems to know that he was sent to the sludge and that he has an important task of releasing hidden sparks of holiness embedded there in that inky filth. He is on a mission.

As this is going on, Yehudah in a most backward way, is siring a son after it just seemed stagnant, wrong and impossible. Not JUST a son, but the kernel that sprouts into Mashiach Ben David. All the wrong things happen here. His sons do not want to or can procreate. Malchut seems hopeless. His daughter in law disguises herself as a harlot– They meet in the dark. He accuses her, then apologizes. It’s an abstract tale of how the impossible becomes possible. The kingdom rises from here.

In the light we see. In the dark we have yearnings. We dream. The core things are hidden to us in the dark. Today redemption appears hidden as quite obviously darkness is covering goodness, someone ignited baseless hatred, the consequences reverberate throughout the entire world. Yosef has been forsaken and kingship never seemed on certain levels further away. The antidote- please G-d, measure for measure: we feature a light on the darkest day of the year. The light grows with every night. Like everything, 

Chanukah and Thanksgiving are synchronized exactly at the time the family reunites in remembering miracles. We are remembering despair. “סומך ה לכל הנופלים וזוקף לכל הכפופים”! “He raises the fallen and drooping!” The sheaf is rising.

The kingdom IS RISING!

Chanukah Sameyach     Shabbat Shalom! Leah

Rabbi Nachman Kahana: Va'yaishev

BS”D Parashat Va’yaishev 5782

Rabbi Nachman Kahana

Halacha, Science & Technology

When necessary, as in cases of halachic uncertainty, the Sanhedrin when sitting in its appointed chamber (Lishkat Hagazit) in the Bet Hamikdash, had the God-given authority to disclose through exegesis (critical interpretation of the Torah’s text) additional levels of halacha. Approximately forty years prior to the destruction of the second Bet Hamikdash, the Sanhedrin voluntarily diminished much of its authority by departing from its Temple chamber to an area outside the Temple Mount.

From that time, poskim in every generation were limited to adjudicating their decisions based on halachic precedents brought down in works such as the Rambam, Rabbeinu Asher and many more. Their decisions were not always unanimous, and this gave rise to the whole literary world of Halacha, continuing to this day.

The rapid development of science and technology often presents challenges to poskim of our generation for lack of precedents; so, the usual outcome of these halachic challenges is to rule in practice with the most severe opinion (chumra).


Who is the mother?

An example of this halachic dead-end is the matter of Gestational Surrogacy, also known as host or full surrogacy, when an embryo created by in-vitro fertilization (IVF) technology is implanted in the uterus of a surrogate carrier who will bring the baby to birth. Gestational surrogacy has several forms, and in each form, the resulting child is genetically unrelated to the surrogate.

An halachic problem appears when the egg donor is a Jewish woman and the surrogate a gentile, or the reverse. Upon birth the immediate question is the essence of the baby – a Jew or a gentile? Is the Jewish neshama transferred through the genetic egg or through the surrogate?

There are four decisions on this question posed by the leading halachic authorities of our time.

  1. The surrogate mother is the halachic mother.
  2. The donor of the egg is the mother.
  3. Both are considered to be the mothers.
  4. It depends on where the egg was on the 40th day of fertilization; if it is in the surrogate’s womb then she is the mother with all its halachic implications, if not (the egg is in the laboratory) then the egg donor is the halachic mother.

As previously stated, that in the absence of precedents, the halacha is that the child must undergo gi’yur (conversion). One ramification of conversion will be that if the baby is a girl, she will be prohibited from marrying a kohen.

In short: the problem is one of nature vs. nurture. The egg is nature, the womb of the surrogate is nurture because when the embryo will be in the surrogate’s womb it provides it with food and oxygen which determine its physical growth and many characteristics. Is this baby Ya’akov or Aisav?

Let’s extrapolate from the physical DNA of the woman’s egg vs. the overwhelming influence of the embryo’s environment, to the reality facing the modern orthodox Jew in the United States.

On the one side he or she is born to a Jewish mother; however, he or she is brought up in an overwhelming non-Jewish environment which provides the individual with cultural nourishment and oxygen of gentile values. An environment whose values do not include fear and love of HaShem. Whether they realize it or not, their orientation is to the values they receive from the goyim who in reality are the spiritual womb of the young Jew!


If I Forget Thee O Jerusalem…

Pride in being HaShem’s chosen people and being connected to the destiny of Am Yisrael, which above all is the return to our biblical homeland, is not a part of the American value system.

Two incidents to which I was a witness demonstrate my thought, both occurred when I visited New York in the 1990s.

I was invited to a wedding in an exclusive Manhattan hotel with all the usual trimmings that accompany a young Jewish couple on their initial steps of establishing a new Jewish home. The ceremony went well, as did the haute cuisine. I was eating in the fabulous dining room, when I suddenly noticed that there were very few men there. I left the dining room to find out where they had all gone. I entered the foyer and these men dressed in tuxedos sat transfixed to a football game and sitting among them was the holy chatan who left the love of life-wife with the other women, while he was absorbed “in the line of scrimmage”.

All the men there were born Jews, but they were culturally orientated with the values of their gentile surrounding, even a chatan who was under the holy chuppah just minutes before.

Incident two: Around that time, I was invited to be the guest of honor at the yearly dinner of the elementary school yeshiva that I had attended. It was a lavish affair held at the NY Hilton at five PM on Sunday. The food and ambience were impeccable. Aside from several friends who had kept up a relationship for many years, no one there knew me. But everyone paid a substantial sum to the yeshiva to see me and to see each other.

After the main dish, I was invited by the master of ceremonies to deliver the main address of the evening. There were hundreds of people present and it was a great opportunity to speak about the values I cherish.

The central theme of my speech was our sovereignty over Yerushalayim and the Temple Mount for the first time in over 2000 years, and its significance to our relationship with the Creator, who chose us as His intimate nation in both worlds.

At the close on my 45-minute address, I did something unusual. I asked the guests to join with me in singing

אם אשכחך ירושלים תשכח ימיני

If I forget thee, O Jerusalem, let my right hand forget her cunning.

Immediately, one thousand or so people stood up, the house lights dimmed, and the orchestra began playing. This continued for about five minutes, during which time the guests stopped speaking about their new cars, renovated homes, and planned trips to Aruba for Pesach, etc., and everyone appeared to be deeply immersed in Yerushalayim. I said to myself, “Nachman, take a look! You did something immense on your visit here”. The song ended. The lights brightened, but there was a silence, a spell that no one wanted to break.

Then the MC announced, “Ladies and gentlemen I wish to make a very important announcement. “Our yeshiva’s basketball team just defeated Ramaz 47 to 39”. At that moment the magic spell dissolved, and the men clapped each other’s backs, and everyone returned to their mortgages and new cars. I recall thinking, “Nachman, what are you doing here? Go back to Eretz Yisrael where you belong”.

These incidents are merely the tip of a huge and quickly melting Jewish iceberg. Sports, pets, careers, vacations, multiple homes, the kiddish club on Shabbat with the expensive drinks are what seem important.

These are Jewish born men and women, but their gentile surroundings make them think like goyim and have shared values. This is not theory because I experienced it in the 24 years that I lived in the U.S.. And just as one cannot jump into a pool of water and remain dry, one cannot mix with the goyim and remain a pure Jew.



This dvar Torah is dedicated to the holy memory of Eliyahu David Kay, who was murdered on Sunday in the Old City while going to the Kotel, where he was a guide. Eli was born in South Africa. As a teenager he left his birthplace and family to fulfill his dream of living in Eretz Yisrael. He completed his army service in the paratrooper brigade. Eli was born a Jew. He overcame his non-Jewish surroundings and was murdered because of his dedication to the Jewish people. May his memory be for a blessing and a guide to the values that Jews have sanctified in life and in death.


Shabbat Shalom

Nachman Kahana

Copyright © 5782/2021 Nachman Kahana

Is There A "Next Pandemic?"

 Rabbi Anava said “it will get worse, very worse”

Billionaire eugenicist Bill Gates is already signaling the arrival of his next plandemic, which appears to involve the intentional release of a smallpox bioweapon.

The mainstream media has been littered as of late with stories about mysterious smallpox “vials” and other things related to smallpox. We also reported about eight years ago that the federal government was stockpiling smallpox “vaccines” for some reason.

Just the other day, a worker at a laboratory outside of Philadelphia supposedly stumbled upon about 15 vials of smallpox … something inside of a refrigerator. The FBI and other federal agencies reportedly intervened and are conducting an “investigation.”

Then, the Daily Mail (U.K.) reported on a warning from Gates, who claims that “terrorists” (himself?) are planning to unleash a smallpox bioweapon. This, according to Gates, requires that governments spend billions of dollars to “prevent future pandemics.”

It just so happens that Gates addressed all of this at his “Event 201” initiative, which conveniently occurred right before the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) was first announced by the mainstream media.

This plandemic exercise, which occurred in October 2019, laid the groundwork for the Chinese Virus. Now, Gates is laying the groundwork for a smallpox plandemic, which we speculate will soon go viral (pun intended).

Biden bought millions of dollars’ worth of smallpox drugs back in September – WHY?

For years, we were told by the government and the media that smallpox was eradicated. This supposedly occurred back in 1980. Now, however, it is making a resurgence in the headlines, at least, and will probably soon emerge in humans.

Back in September, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) under Pedo Joe Biden arranged for the delivery of $112.5 million worth of a drug called TPOXX, which just so happens to be a pharmaceutical medication designed to treat smallpox.

Why was this order placed? Does the Biden regime know something that the rest of us do not? Is smallpox soon to become the next plandemic? Will they call it Smallpox-21?

“… while there is a chance that these three stories that might seem unrelated actually are ‘unrelated’ to each other after-all, there’s also the chance that the three stories are sewn together like a perfectly stitched ‘conspiracy,’ one used to further crack down upon the free people of the planet,” warns All News Pipeline, referring to individual stories about the smallpox vials, Gates’ smallpox bioweapon warning, and the HHS purchase of TPOXX.

What many are wondering is how did “mystery” vials appear in Philadelphia when there are only two labs in the entire world that have been authorized to store smallpox samples?

This Philadelphia lab, by the way, is owned by none other than Merck & Co. Does this mean that Merck is developing some kind of drug concoction to be strategically released just after the smallpox bioweapon is released?

Gates has also recently spoke about “germ games,” which he likened to “war games” used by militaries during conflicts. Is the deep state planning to soon unleash a biological war against the people?

“… while the flu or common cold being ‘eradicated’ (as Gates put it) would be great, these ‘germ-games’ Gates speaks of sound like false flag exercises to push ‘germs’ out into the world, and coming at a time when we know that the globalists need (in their insane minds) to ‘eradicate’ a large portion of the world’s population,” All News Pipeline further reports.

Smallpox, in case you are unfamiliar with it, is said to be “a contagious, disfiguring and often deadly disease that has affected humans for thousands of years.”

Sources for this article include:

Rabbi Weissman: The Official Narrative

[here we go again: Fears Mount for FIFTH WAVE]


This is the official narrative, by Rabbi Chananya Weissman

“The Science” is incontrovertibly on their side.  

All the doctors and all the experts agree with them, except for a few quacks who don't count.  

All the religious leaders agree with them, except for a few people who are insignificant and are not qualified to express an opinion.

The people with real power are all in agreement.

The media companies are totally on their side.

The tech companies are totally on their side.

The large corporations are totally on their side.

The entertainment industry is totally on their side.

Celebrities and athletes are totally on their side, except for a few who no longer matter (or who had heart attacks while performing).

They have pretty much all the money, all the resources, and all the microphones.

Yet, somehow, a “small but vocal” group of crazy conspiracy theorists with no money, no power, no resources, no science, no experts, no power, and no organization has swayed a huge segment of the population.  Billions of people, in fact, and more with each passing day.  They've pulled this off despite facing censorship, persecution, and every attempt by the establishment to discredit them.  (emphasis mine ns)

The establishment has every advantage, yet billions of people still find a few quacks more convincing.  That's the official narrative.  It's one of the most unlikely underdog stories in history.

The only plausible explanation is that the underdogs are the ones telling the truth.


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24 November 2021


[the first 42 min of this lecture is dynamite, and not to be missed]

What should we do to fight the darkness? 
 Important updates about current events

[after an hour, gets into what we should do. It all lies in our mouth פֶּה. Lavan tricked Yaakov, (some of) our Rabbis, suits and authorities et al. Chanukah gives us an 8 day opportunity to use our mouth, פֶּה. against Lavan and the WAR. Shut your mouth … and you will achieve alot]

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Unfortnately their next step has begun:
Australia Update: Australia begins covid ethnic cleansing with military roundups of indigenous people (in the north).

Why Does Evil Exist

Ice Age Farmer: More Good News

In its latest predictive propaganda, the World Economic Forum asks, "What if extreme weather FROZE your bank account?" It is clear that deliberate interruptions to critical infrastructure are coming, and will be blamed on climate change in order to make the case that an imagined "climate disaster" requires carbon lockdowns and the totalitarian response for which the technocrats have been salivating for generations. Prepare for these disruptions -- particularly to our food -- now!

23 November 2021

Recommended Translation of Rabbi Anava’s Monumental Three Hour Lecture

Devorah from ShiratDevorah has committed herself to writing a translation of Rabbi Anava’s latest monumental lecture, “What is awaiting for us Before the Coming of Mashiach.”

This is a tremendous undertaking, and worthy of our reading.

Please visit

Of course, watching Rabbi Anava is the best approach, but you can skip through to where he begins the actual sayings of Sanhedrin, ch 97a. Because there is a special dynamic between speaker and listener, or reader and text, which if one merits, siata d’shemaya awaits.

22 November 2021

TAMAR YONAH: What to do With Your Money??


Money Collapse – Is It Coming? – The Tamar Yonah Show

Thank You Moshe Dayan

Eliyahu David Kay, 26, a recent immigrant from South Africa, a beautiful Jewish man who served in the IDF paratroopers was slaughtered by an Arab today near the Kotel.

He left a comfortable home to serve his people and land and raise a beautiful Jewish family.

It is not going to happen.

Of course the chief of police and politicians appeared for the photo op.

Surprise! Arabs kill Jews in the Jewish capital and land! 

How can that happen!

These are the same excuses for "Jewish leaders" who accused Jews for the  anti Semitic Arab pogroms a few months ago.

The Arabs are listening  to this libel and self hatred  - and act.

These  arrogant, petty, empty souls  take their cue from the original sin committed by the Defense minister of the Six Day War of 1967, Moshe Dayan.

The Arab murderer today would not be in Jerusalem today to kill a  Jew had Dayan not barred the way of his grandfather to flee our land when the IDF routed the enemy  in 1967.

The enemy population wanted to flee! The fear of God shook them.

Dayan made sure they stayed. Dayan had no God but himself.

He  was  so kind to the enemy. So cruel to his own .

One more Jewish soul on your bloody hands Mr. Dayan.

The pathetic ones in the photo op today  had a good teacher.

May we be blessed with true Jewish leadership.


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What’s New in Israel’s Defense Arsenal?



Israel has a new weapon in its defense arsenal — and enemies of the Jewish state will never see it coming.

The weapon, which reportedly can halt electronic capabilities of an enemy, is part of a new suite of electromagnetic warfare called Scorpius

The Scorpius “missiles” send narrowly targeted beams of energy that disrupt enemy electronic sensors, navigation, radar or other electronic activity, according to Gideon Fustick, the marketing VP of Israel Aerospace Industries, Israel’s state-run defense contractor.

Fustick told Forbes the electronic weapons fall under a category Israel calls “soft protection.”

But he said the new Scorpius weapons have an advantage over older forms of electromagnetic warfare because they can send targeted beams without interfering with unintended targets. He described Israel’s new weapon as a “revolution in warfare.”

“It’s an offensive weapon that doesn’t send out missiles. It’s not a hard-kill system,” he explained. “And yet, it’s very effective in engaging and disabling enemy systems.”

Despite their “soft protection” status, the weapons could cause damage to planes, drones and missiles, all of which function by electromagnetic means.

Electromagnetic warfare is not new and Fustick believes modern warfare will be increasingly centered in the electromagnetic domain.

“It’s the first system that can really detect anything in the sky and address multiple targets in different directions and different frequencies simultaneously,” Fustick explained.

Israel’s claim of the most advanced electromagnetic warfare can only stand for so long. The global electronic warfare market is projected to grow, reaching $20.82 million by 2027, up from $15.57 million in 2020, according to a report.