31 March 2022

Rabbi Weissman: Torture Has No Place in a Jewish State


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In October of 2020 I wrote the following article. At the time I still believed there was a vestige of integrity in Jewish media outlets, and submitted it to a couple of them.  One ignored me and the other turned it down because, in their words, it was merely "a sermon on morality".  (Just for fun, I checked out their site as I'm writing this, and today they published a piece with the tagline "Israel must take a moral stand against Russia’s aggression in Ukraine.")

Today at 4 PM Israel time will be a special bonus episode with guest David Waldman, PR Director Honenu National Legal Help.  We will be discussing the Kfar Duma Arson Case in 2015, in which the Israeli deep state tortured a confession out of a young Jewish man, and disregarded powerful evidence that he was innocent of the charges.  The conviction is up for appeal, and David will give us the latest information.  We will discuss the system in general and legal information people need to be aware of.

You can see a history of the Duma affair at  

This is a fitting time to finally share this article, which will hopefully resonate even more strongly in light of the spreading tyranny that threatens every segment of society.

Torture Has No Place in a Jewish State

If ever I write something that should be considered uncontroversial, this should be it. If you disagree with me on everything else, you should agree with me here.

Torture has no place in a Jewish state.

I don't care if it is an Arab or a Jew.

I don't care if it is a known terrorist, a suspected terrorist, or a ticking time bomb.

I don't care if it is a minor or an adult.

I don't care how many lives the security agencies think they will save.

I don't care how badly they or their political bosses need to extract a confession to show they solved a crime.

And I don't care what you call it. Governments around the world have invented a slew of euphemisms to make the horrific sound acceptable. It isn't. It's horrific.

  • A Jewish state should not have dungeons where people are brought and tortured to extract information, coerce confessions, or simply intimidate them into submission.
  • A Jewish state should not have state-sanctioned, court-approved sadists who are paid to mentally and physically break people.
  • A Jewish state should not allow people to be arrested and incarcerated indefinitely in barbaric conditions without being charged with a crime, shown the evidence against them, or given any reasonable recourse.
  • A Jewish state should not allow people to be dehumanized and their entire families put through hell, because someone in authority signed an order.

We did not survive two thousand years of exile for this. We did not endure legalized brutality in every corner of the earth to learn how it's done and bring it back with us.

I am not a bleeding heart or a pacifist. I have no pity on Israel's enemies, and wouldn't trade one drop of Jewish blood for political favors or world approval. I believe we should ruthlessly defeat our enemies and show them what a holy war really is. Let them hate us if they wish, but let them respect us, and let them fear us. Let them crawl to us begging for peace, and if not, we'll hit them even harder.

We kill when we must in times of war, but we do not torture people. We respect the basic humanity even of those we must fight. We do not defile their bodies and behave like monsters, cold to their suffering or even enjoying it. That is what they do. That is not what Jews do.

When Jews behave like they are supposed to, God will help them win without need for sadism. That is a historical fact and remains true today.

The people of Israel love to disagree with one another. This is one issue on which there should be complete unity, from every part of the religious, political, and social spectrum. We must demand, together, that the dungeons close and the torture stops.

No more forced or coerced confessions. No more brutal interrogations. No more beatings of prisoners, no more sleepless nights, no more psychological torture, no more sadism.

No more excuses.

If you agree that torture has no place in Israel, please share this and help make it clear to those who have power and those who wish to be entrusted with power that this is now a deal-breaker.

The light unto the nations will no longer torture people in dark places.


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Eretz Yisrael Belongs to The Jewish People


Gush Etzion leader: 'Israeli government needs to wake up quickly'

'Attacks will continue until the Arabs among us understand that the Land of Israel belongs to the Jewish People,'

Gush Etzion Regional Council Head Shlomo Ne'eman on Thursday morning responded to a terror attack on an Egged bus traveling from Gush Etzion to Jerusalem

The stabbing, which took place earlier Thursday morning on a line 364 bus, left one person moderately wounded.

In his statement, Ne'eman noted that there has been "terror attack after attack, an implosion on a national level in the face of a murderous wave of Arab terrorism that does not differentiate between the residents of Judea and Samaria and the residents of Hadera, Bnei Brak or Be'er Sheva.”

"This morning it happened in Gush Etzion," he added. "If it wasn't for the decisive actions of one of our residents, who quickly killed the terrorist, we would have G-d forbid suffered significant casualties.”

"The Israeli government needs to wake up quickly," Ne'eman stressed. "In the face of this murderous terrorism, we must use strength and determination, and not get confused with 'peace conferences' when Jewish blood is flowing in the streets."

RAMADAN KILLING SPREE . . . Blood Thirsty Père Adam


Bennett: “It’s Time to Carry the Gun”

Terror Attack on Bus in Gush Etzion

Gush Etzion Regional Council Head Shlomo Ne’eman’s responded to this morning’s attack stating:

“Terror attack after attack, an implosion on a national level in the face of a murderous wave of Arab terrorism that does not differentiate between the residents of Judea and Samaria and the residents of Hadera, Bnei Brak or Be’er Sheva. And this morning it happened in Gush Etzion. If it wasn’t for the decisive actions of one of our residents who quickly killed the terrorist, we would have G-d forbid suffered significant casualties.

The Israeli government needs to wake up quickly.

In the face of this murderous terrorism, we must use strength and determination, and not get confused with “peace conferences” when Jewish blood is flowing in the streets. The attacks will continue until the Arabs among us understand that the Land of Israel belongs to the Jewish People.

We will win this war of independence only when we remove every question mark about the future of our country.

On behalf of all the residents of Gush Etzion, I send my best wishes for a speedy and complete recovery to the Gush resident who was injured in this morning’s attack, and once again I praise the resident who killed the evil terrorist.

To our residents who hold gun permits – arm yourselves, practice, and take your weapon everywhere. Our enemies are trying to harm our brothers and sisters, and must be dealt with stealthily in every location.”

Abbreviated, article in full:

30 March 2022

RAMADAN KILLING SPREE and "American Funding Anti-Israel …"


RAMADAN KILLING SPREE:  Beer Sheva, Hadera, Bnei Brak, Ramat Gan, Gush Etzion (?) . . . “Where” is the next attack?

NOTE:  *America Funding Anti-Israel:  America First Exposing Biden’s State Dept. $1 Million Grant Soliciting Attacks on Israel. [Fuel for Ramadan Killing Spree] See

Can the Israelis now see how fragile their lives are? Will the Israelis begin to understand that G–D is in charge and that ONLY G–D and TORAH PROTECTS.

* * * 

Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky, this generation’s preeminent Torah leader and known among the Haredim as “the Prince of Torah,” passed away ten days ago. Approximately one million mourners attended his funeral, making it the largest funeral in Israel’s history. And his passing may have taken with it a blessing of protection of his hometown, Bnei Brak, after a gruesome terror attack hit the central city for the first time ever.

The day that Rabbi Kanievsky passed away was Shushan Purim. Shushan Purim is the 15th of Adar when the people in Jerusalem celebrate Purim, one day after the rest of the Jewish nation. Rabbi Amram Vaknin, known for his deep connection to the Prophet Elijah and his prophetic visions, passed away on the same day Rabbi Amram Vaknin, known for his deep connection to the Prophet Elijah and his prophetic visions passed away. One day later, Rabbi Grainom Lazewnik, universally recognized for his piety, passed away at the age of 106 in Flatbush, New York. 

At the time, Rabbi Yosef Berger, a former member of the Sanhedrin and the son of the Mishkoltz Rebbe, warned that the passing of such a great and revered holy man would pose a threat to the nation. Rabbi Berger cited the Talmud (Sanhedrin 97a), which states that in the generation before the Messiah reveals himself, Torah scholars will decrease in number.

“The righteous of the generation, especially one as great as Rabbi Kanievsky, are taken to save the generation from trials and tribulations that are coming,” Rabbi Berger said. “In the last generation, no rabbi spoke about the imminent Messiah-like Rabbi Kanievsky did. He requested from me that since the Messiah is about to be revealed, anyone who wants to be spared from the birth pangs that precede the Messiah should immediately begin learning Torah and performing acts of loving-kindness. He told me to shout this from the rooftops, to announce it on loudspeakers, anything to get the people to listen.”

Rabbi Berger’s warning seemed to have materialized as this week; five terrorist attacks claimed the lives of 11 Israelis in the past week.

Rabbi Yehoshua Gerzi, the head of the Pilzno community in Ramat Bet Shemesh, explained that the ability to protect is inherent in every person.

“Yes, the righteous who work on themselves and improve themselves in service to God are always praying for the protection of others, and God hears their prayers. If everyone on this planet worked on themselves, improved in caring and sharing, prayed more deeply, we would all be protected on a much higher level.”

Rabbi Gersh related a story about Rabbi Avraham Yeshaya Karelitz, also known as the Chazon Ish. Rabbi Karekitz, recognized for his piety and acuity in Torah law, was Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky’s uncle. Before he left the world in 1953, Rabbi Karelitz walked around the entire city of Bnei Brak, where he lived, drawing a line on the ground as he walked. 

“He said that Bnei Brak would be protected,” Rabbi Karelitz related. “During the Gulf war or any times rockets fell nearby in Tel Aviv, people in Bnei Brak carried on without any worries. We knew we were protected.”

Rabbi Gersh recounted that Rabbi Kanievsky had assured the people of Bnei Brak in 2012 that no rockets would fall in their city.  An estimated 2,257 rockets were launched at Israel from Gaza in 2012. No rockets have ever fallen in Bnei Brak.

“Until this week, there was never a terror attack in the city either,” Rabbi Gersh stated. “Our shield has been removed.” 


This week, five terrorist attacks claimed the lives of 11 Israelis. Some experts believe that this violence results from Muslim ‘prophecies’ circulating for 25 years. And with Ramadan beginning Saturday night, this violence is, for many reasons, expected to get even worse.

On Wednesday night, a Palestinian terrorist murdered four Israelis in Bnei Brak. Just two days earlier, two Israeli-Arab terrorists murdered two 19-year-old Border Police officers in Hadera in an attack claimed by the Islamic State. One week earlier, a Bedouin-Palestinian terrorist killed four Israelis in a stabbing and vehicular ramming attack in Beersheba.


In 1997, Sheikh Bassam Jarrar, a Hamas-affiliated Palestinian scholar, wrote  “Israel’s Disappearance in 2022 – Quran Prophecy or Numerical Coincidence”. In the book, Jarrar interpreted a section of the Koran known as the Sura al-Isra, which stated that the Jews corrupted the land twice. Jarrar interpreted this to mean that Jews corrupted Medina in the time of Mohammad and would come to corrupt Jerusalem in current days. Using Arabic numerology known as Hisāb alJummal, Jarrar inspected the appearances in the Koran of the number 19, a significant number in Islam. Ironically, he cites a “legend or prophecy” he attributed to an old Jewish woman from Tiberias who, before the state was established,  predicted Israel would exist for 76 years (four times 19) and no more.

Based on his calculations, Jarrar stated that 2022 was the beginning of Israel’s downfall. On 5 March of this year, Jarrār predicted that a huge event would mark the beginning of the “Israeli downfall.” 

The Israeli government deported Jarrar to Lebanon in 1993, but his book sparked a wave of ‘prophecies’ about the imminent demise of Israel. In an interview with Al Jazeera, Sheikh Ahmad Yassin, the founder of Hamas who died in 2004, told Al Jazeera that Israel will cease to exist in 2027. He based this on the story of 40 years of wilderness wandering mentioned in the Koran and the Torah. He explained that this was an example of an entire generation as a stage of change. Each phase is forty years, and upon the completion of two generations, Israel will lose its foundations and collapse.

Iraqi  Sheikh Mohammed Ahmed Al-Rashed cited Yassin while listing seven reasons Israel will cease to exist this year. He also related a story about an old Jewish woman who, upon hearing in 1948 that Israel had declared its independence, cited a ‘prophecy’ that this was a sign of its ultimate destruction and would not last more than 76 years.

Al-Rashed linked his conclusions to Jewish astronomy and astrology, claiming that rabbis attach much importance to astrological events. Al-Rashed referenced Halley’s comet, which passes by the Earth every 76 years. He stated that its appearance in 164 BCE signaled the destruction of the Jewish presence in “Palestine” (sic). 

This reference by Al-Rashed is incongruous as Haley’s Comet is not expected to pass by the Earth until 2061. It is incongruous as the First Temple was destroyed in 586 BCE, and the Second Temple was destroyed in 70 CE. The first confirmed sighting of Haley’s Comet was in 240 BCE, over 300 years after the destruction of the First Temple. 

Haley’s Comet did appear in 66 CE but was described by the Romano-Jewish historian Josephus as appearing several years before the destruction of the Second Temple.

In 2014, Hamas Interior Minister Fathi Hamad said that the Palestinians would liberate all of Palestine “within eight years” in 2022. In 2015, in an interview on Lebanese TV, the Imam of the mosque of Al Quds in Sidon, Maher Hamoud, said that “according to calculations based on the Quran, the end of Israel will be in 2022.”

In February, Dr. Mohammad Makram Balawi, a Palestinian writer and academic based in Istanbul, wrote that “for many Palestinians, 2022 is an exceptional year as it marks the beginning of the ‘downfall’ of the Israeli occupation.”

“How these prophecies might affect the attitudes and behaviors of the people who believe in them could be the right question. Yet, we will find many in the traumatized Arab World who would wait for them to come true,” he wrote.

Perhaps the most influential of these ‘prophecies was stated in an interview with Al Jazeera by Sheikh Ahmad Yassin, the founder of Hamas who died in 2004. Yassin told Al Jazeera that Israel would cease to exist in 2027. He based this on the story of 40 years of wilderness wandering mentioned in the Koran and the Torah. He explained that this was an example of an entire generation as a stage of change. Each phase is forty years, and upon the completion of two generations, Israel will lose its foundations and collapse. Yasin cited the Koran’s version of the Exodus in which Allah commanded the children of Israel to wander in the wilderness for 40 years so that the cowardly generation would die and a warrior generation would rise in its place. 

Yassin claimed that “the Palestinian people were defeated in 1948 and expelled from their homeland”. He noted that 40 years later, the Intifada broke out in Gaza and “forced Israel and the world to recognize the existence of the Palestinian people.” He used this as the basis for his claim that Israel would end within the next 40 years.

These ‘prophecies’ will take on intensified import in the coming weeks as the month-long Ramadan period will begin on Saturday evening.



*Will this eventually be the Gog UMagog War, being the US vs Israel? How does an entity tear apart the umbilical cord in order to survive and breathe on its own?

Rabbi Weissman: Two Rabbinic Distortions – Part Two

 (B”H I decided to check my Spam, and found these two submissions of Rabbi Weissman)

Two Rabbinic Distortions – Part Two

Back to the Walder situation. One of the Torah sources the Erev Rav distorted to justify throwing out all the laws of lashon hara is the beginning of Shulchan Aruch Even HaEzer 11. They claimed that if there are rumors circulating about an alleged abuser for more than a day and half, then anything goes.

They were counting on you not looking up the actual source. I looked it up. You can find it online here.

The Shulchan Aruch is discussing a case of a suspected adulterous wife. Her husband did not warn her not to be alone with a specific man, in which case witnesses that she was subsequently alone with the man would be sufficient to render her a sotah. In the case at hand, there were witnesses that she and the man engaged in extremely unseemly behavior, but it is not conclusive that they had actual relations.

If the husband divorced her based on this, she is not allowed to marry her romantic partner. If they got married anyway and had children together, she is not obligated to leave him.

However, writes the Shulchan Aruch, this is only the case when the townsfolk were murmuring about her and her romantic partner that they had relations, and these rumors persisted uninterrupted for at least a day and a half. Furthermore, neither the woman nor the man had enemies who were spreading the rumors. Otherwise, the woman would be allowed to stay married to her romantic partner even if they didn't have children, and even if there was a single witness that they had adulterous relations – in addition to the rumors!

Don't you see how clearly this source applies to the Walder situation? Me neither. Unless you surgically remove the line about a rumor persisting for a day and half, ignore the entire rest of the source, then just make up a new law.

How any rabbi can derive from here that the rumors about Chaim Walder justify the wild, unrestrained campaign against him is a mystery. The source has literally nothing to do with the Walder situation. The fact that general rumors persisted about him for more than a day and a half in no way justifies concluding that the allegations are true – in fact, this is forbidden. There was certainly no halachic justification to declare him public enemy number one.

This is especially true in light of the following:

1. The rumors were not based on halachically valid testimony of unseemly behavior, but hearsay from completely unknown sources. Such information is nothing more than forbidden slander and is halachically worthless.
2. The rumors were fueled and spread by people with an agenda, and given credence by a kangaroo court that trampled on Jewish law every step of the way.
3. Despite the oft-regurgitated propaganda to the contrary, it was not common knowledge that Walder was a predator with dozens, hundreds, thousands of victims over a period of decades. That claim was always highly suspect and the loud protestations have failed to support it.

In a recent podcast, dubiously called “Don’t waste a tragedy; Chaim Walder exposé and death”, the host, Dovid Lichtenstein, asked his final guest, Jonathan Rosenblum, if he had ever heard any whispers about Walder. Rosenblum said no. Mind you, Rosenblum has been a very prominent columnist for the so-called Charedi community in Israel for decades. Supposedly Walder has been abusing dozens, hundreds, millions of people for decades, and everyone knew about it, yet Rosenblum had never heard so much as a whisper.
Nevertheless, he was absolutely certain that Walder was guilty. The kangaroo court said so, Walder's alleged suicide (highly dubious in its own right) was an “admission of guilt”, and that's it. It is incredible and tragic that highly intelligent Jews can draw such firm conclusions, with such dangerous implications, in defiance of halacha, yet believe this is their religious and moral duty.

The fact remains that any rumors against Walder have no halachic value. He was never the talk of the town. People believe he was always the talk of the town because that's what they are being told only now. That's not how it works – at least as far as the Torah is concerned.

(It's also worth listening to the conversation with an earlier guest, Rabbi Zalman Graus. The host tried very hard to justify the official narrative against Walder, and was frustrated by Rabbi Graus's clear, knowledgeable explanations of why the Torah simply isn't on the side of Shmuel Eliyahu's kangaroo court. Did the host issue a mea culpa and change the trajectory of the show, or did he carry on implicitly supporting the self-righteous moral crusade against Walder? No need to ask.)

The damage caused by the normalization of kangaroo courts, worldwide lashon hara campaigns, book burnings, and throwing out halacha for "the greater good" is far greater than anything Walder could possibly have done. There is something very sinister going on here, and it has nothing to do with Torah or protecting anyone from abuse – just the opposite.

Once again, Erev Rav distorted clear Torah sources, and many supposedly Torah-observant Jews fell for it. This is not acceptable. We have an obligation to study the sources and refrain from jumping to conclusions. The Erev Rav want us to rush headlong into irresponsible behavior that jeopardizes our physical and spiritual health, just because they give it a kosher stamp.

Everyone who concluded that the accusations against Walder are definitively true violated halacha and must do teshuva. Everyone who continued to spread this lashon hara and took other actions against him committed monumental sins that will be difficult – perhaps impossible – to fully rectify. We are talking about some of the most severe sins a person can do.

As for the instigators: We must expose the corrupt rabbis who distort the Torah, confront them, and banish them from our midst. There is no place in our community for Erev Rav who lead the people down such a destructive path. They need to face the music. They need to stand before a rabbinical court themselves and answer for their behavior.

If there are genuine rabbis out there with a real spine, this is your time.
Do not fear them. Let them fear us.
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*   *   *
Last week there were over 10,000 "cases" a day, but "Omicron" has magically just disappeared.  No one even thinks about it anymore. The media doesn't just control what people care about, it can cure pandemics.

Rabbi Weissman: Two Rabbinic Distortions – Part One

 (B”H I decided to check my Spam, and found these two submissions of Rabbi Weissman)

Two Rabbinic Distortions – Part One

We have a serious epidemic of Erev Rav distorting the Torah. They have tricked many Jews to commit grave sins and endanger their very lives. I don't know what these Erev Rav did to earn blind obedience – the very notion is antithetical to the Torah, and fittingly based on more distorted Torah sources – but it needs to stop.

Even the greatest rabbis can make an honest mistake at times; they are human and imperfect like everyone else. Any rabbi worth the title will be grateful when someone brings the error to his attention, and will rush to correct himself. Catching a rabbi in a mistake is not grounds to dismiss him as an Erev Rav, particularly if is he honest and humble about it.

However, when a rabbi distorts the Torah to push an agenda, it's a different ballgame. This is not a time to show deference, for he is destroying the very foundations on which our society rests. This is especially true if he rests on his laurels and refuses to engage those whoquestion him. Such a person has exposed himself as a megaleh panim b'Torah, and his crime outweighs his merits. Indeed, the greater his prominence, the more damage he can cause with such corruption. His prominence is not a reason to whitewash his corruption, but even more of a reason to oppose him head on.

Rabbis have been distorting the Torah right and left on behalf of the pharmaceutical oligarchy, and, more recently, to promote a worldwide lashon hara campaign against Chaim Walder (see here, here, and here). The Torah is unequivocally against them in both cases, as I have demonstrated extensively. It's not even a debate; their position would have been dead on arrival if they didn't have positions of prominence – which they no longer deserve – and a corrupt propaganda machine squarely on their side.

Here are two additional Torah sources which vindicate my harsh words against these Erev Rav. I encourage everyone to confront them with this information, without deference or fear, and demand an explanation. If you want to be rid of the Erev Rav once and for all, you need to do something about it.
Many rabbis have falsely claimed that we must follow the presumed majority of doctors if they tell us to get injected with who-knows-what. They provided neither context for nuance for this incredible expansion of the power of doctors over all our lives. Just like that, if a bunch of doctors can be bribed, blackmailed, or fooled into pushing a pharmaceutical product, we have no choice but to take it.

There is neither Torah basis nor historical precedent for doctors having such far-reaching authority over the Jewish people. The Torah does not authorize doctors to give instructions to the masses, only to individuals. Even the cases in which an individual must follow the advice of a doctor – or a collective of doctors – are severely limited. Bodily autonomy is sacrosanct in the Torah, whether your ignorant, paranoid neighbor likes it or not.

Nevertheless, the Erev Rav were given a job to do – make it work – and they did it. They needed to find sources that doctors have some role in society, then take these sources out of context and blow them out of proportion. That's what they always do. They depend on the average person being too lazy to look into it themselves, too simple to tell the difference, or too afraid to challenge them. That's how they get away with it.

One of their favorite sources was the halacha that one who is ill must eat on Yom Kippur if even a minority of doctors believes that fasting may endanger his life. Aha! We have to listen to the doctors and protect our health. Take the shots!

Their sleight of hand is so amateurish that it's a wonder anyone fell for this. As I noted in this rebuttal of one such rabbinic magician, who was defending another, a doctor is indeed empowered to rule leniently for an ill patient that the prohibition of eating on Yom Kippur should be relaxed to protect his life. 
Attempting to derive from here that doctors can mandate that everyone, including perfectly healthy people, must inject themselves with experimental drugs – all of which have clear risks and unknowns, unlike eating some food on Yom Kippur – is a total mystery, and a corruption of the Torah.

The claim that this source means what they claim it means is so patently absurd that it doesn't require a rebuttal. Nevertheless, I recently came across the following comment from the Pischei Teshuva that is too good not to share. It is a passing comment in Shulchan Aruch Even HaEzer 13 near the end of the siman:
דבעלמא אין האמנם לרופא אלא לספק עלינו ויהיה ספק פיקוח נפש דדוחה שבת ויום הכיפורים
In general there is no trust for a doctor except to bring doubt upon us, and there would then be a possibility of saving a life that would push aside Shabbos and Yom Kippur.

In other words, we trust a doctor to the extent that we will administer medical care on Shabbos or feed a person on Yom Kippur based on his concerns. That's pretty much it. A doctor has zero authority to make rules for healthy people, and extremely limited authority when it comes to unhealthy people – even if he holds the majority opinion. Patients are not prisoners, and are not beholden to a referendum when it comes to their personal care.

The Pischei Teshuva clearly writes that doctors have credibility only to permit us to take precautions on behalf of sick people. They have no credibility to declare that a pharmaceutical product is “safe and effective”, nor that anyone or everyone is obligated to be injected with it. They have no credibility to decide that we must close our shuls and yeshivos, imprison people in their homes, obstruct our respiratory pathways with hideous masks, keep a distance from other human beings, or go to other insane extremes to prevent the spread of an illness of any kind.

Doctors have no such trust. Period. They never did and they never will. Any rabbi who claims otherwise is responsible for spiritually and physically harming his followers, and disgracing the Torah, and should be banished from our midst.
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*   *   *
I strongly urge all Jews to join together in this campaign to increase our connection to Hashem, the Torah, and Shabbos.
*   *   *
🇨🇦🇺🇸🇷🇺🇺🇦 What in the world is happening?
February 24 Zoom Community Event with Dr. Paul Alexander, Dr. Roger Hodkinson, Attorney Christopher Ferrara, Rabbi Yitzchok Dovid Smith, Rabbi Michoel Green, and Dr. Heshie Klein.
*   *   *
Here is evidence that directed energy weapons were used to murder the Jews at Meron last year:  The same technology was used on a lower level against protesters in Australia. Also see the following, which was compiled before this information came to light.
*   *   *
Interesting email below that someone shared with me.  I've been thinking the same thing, though I didn't know all the historical numbers.  A reverend in India can say this, but not Jews, whose hearts always bleed for those who hate them.
A few thoughts about the Russia -Ukraine war.
In February 1905, a pogrom occurred in Ukraine in which the Ukrainian people slaughtered 300 Jews and injured thousands more. Another pogrom occurred in Ekaterinoslav, during which Ukranian's finest sons murdered 120 Jews.

Pogroms occurred in 64 cities (Odessa, Ekaterinoslav, Kiev, Simferopol, Romny, Kremenchug, Nikolaev, Chernigov, Kamenets-Podolsky and Elisavetgrad) and in 626 villages. The pogroms lasted several days. 
The Ukrainian murderers who slaughtered Jews were proud train workers, traders in local shops, artisans and industrialists.

During the Russian Civil War, between 1918 and 1921, Ukrainians proudest sons continued to murder Jews. A total of 1,236 violent incidents against Jews occurred in 524 towns in Ukraine. The estimates of the number of killed range between 30,000 and 60,000. Of the recorded 1,236 pogroms, 493 were carried out by Ukrainian People's Republic soldiers under command of Symon Petliura, 307 by independent Ukrainian warlords, and 213 by Denikin's army.

The Ukrainian people were delighted to "help" the German people murder Jews during the Shoah. 
In 1941, Operation Barbarossa destroyed the Jewish population of Ukraine, and reduced it from 870,000 to 17,000. 
The German massacres could not have been accomplished without the aid of the local Ukrainian population, because the Germans lacked the manpower to reach all of the communities that were annihilated, especially in the remote villages.

The nationalist OUN-Bandera faction of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army "openly advocated violence against Jews." In August 1941 at its Second Congress in Kraków OUN-B embraced anti-Semitism. "Twenty so-called 'foreign' nationalities were listed as enemies of Ukraine: Jews were first." The resolution stated: "OUN combats the Jews as the prop of the Muscovite-Bolshevik regime." On September 1, 1941, Ukrainian language newspaper Volhyn wrote: "The element that settled our cities (Jews)... must disappear completely from our cities. The Jewish problem is already in the process of being solved." 
The Lviv pogroms were two massacres of Jews that took place from June 30 to July 2, and from July 25-29, 1941. 

According to Yad Vashem, six thousand Jews were killed primarily by rioting Ukrainian nationalists and a newly formed Ukrainian militia. 

Ukrainian nationalists assisted German Security Police and the Einsatzgruppen. They compiled lists of targets for the branch offices of the KdS and assisted with the roundups (as in Stanisławów, Włodzimierz Wołyński, Łuck), as well as in Zhytomyr, Rivne and Kiev among other locations. 

In Korosten, the Ukrainian people carried out the killings by themselves--even without the German present.

Did they think that the past oppression, cruelty, murders of the Jews staying there would go unpunished?
This is all part of Ad-nai's work. (blog editing)
He had said that vengeance was His, in His own time.
The bones of His chosen people will cry out. 
Praying for the safety of our Jewish brothers and sisters stranded in Ukraine.
Ad-nai will protect them and guide them to safety.
Rev.K. Paul
Pune, India
*   *   *
One quick thought about what's going on.  There are a lot of theories about what's really happening there and what it's really all about.  There's only one thing I know for sure: whatever the media wants us to believe is NOT the real story.  The same media that is totally corrupted, deceiving the public day after day, didn't suddenly become trustworthy when it comes to the situation with Russia and Ukraine.  Don't let the fake media draw conclusions for you about anything.

29 March 2022

International Military Tribunals

 EXPOSING SOME TRUTH:  This is a witness to Ukrainian military shooting at their own people and  buildings. (I hope these are in the right order to follow her conversation. Maybe from bottom to top is correct)

International Military Tribunals will handle the bio-lab documentation. One should not automatically trust the Ukrainian Military to not stoop to atrocities. (after there is a history here) Zelensky ordered his “reporters” to make sure to ‘accuse the Russians’ (i.e. because the MSM is slanted for Ukraine and against Russia)

Rabbi Kessin: Rav Chaim Kanievsky Z”TL – A Living Sefer Torah. . .

. . .  and Moshiach

Rabbi Weissman – Dr Peter Breggin Interview

Episode 32 of the Root and Branch Medical War Crimes series, featuring Dr. Peter Breggin, is available at  Highly recommended.


Great interview with Dr. Peter Breggin + More abomination from JOWMA

When JOWMA isn't busy serving as a propaganda arm of the Gates Foundation to convince naive Orthodox Jews to get injected with bioweapons, they are busy using Jewish-looking female missionaries to insinuate anti-Torah ideas into Orthodox communities.  See this recent ad (attached) for classes on “women's health” that is a thin veil for promoting contraception and eugenics.  

Here's one of the presenters, Sahar Wertheimer, who is also the Chair of JOWMA's “Women's Health Committee”, introducing herself:

“The pain of not being able to create a family, whatever the reason may be – life circumstance, infertility, disease, cancer, being in a same-sex relationship – is a pain that really resonates with me.”

This organization that for the last two years has been obsessed with getting Orthodox Jews to take injections that have caused nothing but carnage, that supported the closing of shuls, yeshivas, and mikvas, along with other assaults on Jewish life, is run by abomination activists who erode Torah-observance under the guise of women's health and “empowering” women.  

Ironically enough, this ad promoting contraception appeared in a supposedly Orthodox publication called Family First, part of Mishpacha Magazine.  Mishpacha frequently reminds readers that they conduct themselves based on “Da'as Torah”.  I would love to know if they consulted “Da'as Torah” before publishing ads from this anti-Torah organization led by feminist activists, who are responsible for countless Jews taking shots that caused serious illness, miscarriages, and death.  Mishpacha received a great deal of blood money to run these ads.  What does “Da'as Torah” have to say about that?

What does “Da'as Torah” have to say about same-sex couples who, nebach, want to start a family, or educating and empowering young girls about contraception?

If you want to ask Mishpacha, their contact information is here:

For more on the snakes at JOWMA:



28 March 2022

Rabbi Weissman: Doctors, Torah Class, and Interview

My latest weekly Torah class is available here.  We also had a really informative, far-reaching interview with Dr. Peter Breggin last week, which is available here.

The Best Doctors Go to Hell

In September of 2020 I published an article called The Best Shadchanim Go to Hell. The springboard for this article was the last Mishna in Kiddushin, which contains a remarkable comment by Rabbi Yehuda in the name of Abba Gurya: “The best of the doctors will go to hell.”

This was a few weeks before I fully understood that hospitals had been converted into death camps, and those charged with protecting our health were moonlighting as executioners. In light of all we have learned, let us revisit this prescient teaching from Chazal and apply it to our times.

Once again, here are ten explanations from our commentators for why the best doctors go to hell. It is a partial list.

1) He is overconfident in his ability to prevent illness through his knowledge of nutrition and science, and does not humble himself before G–D. (Rashi)

In other words, many doctors have a G–D complex. They do not view themselves as intermediaries for G–D's healing, but substitutes, and superior ones at that. This, despite the fact that much of what they refer to as “the science” today will be a punchline tomorrow. It is certain that they are wrong about many things they believe are “proven facts” – just like their predecessors – but they pretend otherwise. Not only that, they insist we indulge their arrogant fantasy at risk of our health and very lives.

2) Sometimes he kills people through carelessness. (Rashi)

If only they left it at that! Even in better times, medical malpractice was one of the leading causes of death – and that's only counting the cases they didn't manage to cover up. Nevertheless, people live in terror of cancer and heart disease, yet have no compunctions about running to a doctor for everything and giving him their blind trust.

Before covid and the shots we could generally chalk up those misdiagnoses, wrongful prescriptions, and operational disasters to human error. It doesn't make the result any better, but at least there was no malice involved.

Nowadays, however, we know that the vast majority of reported “covid deaths” were really medical murders. Sick people were denied proper treatments, residents of nursing homes and other vulnerable people were deliberately harmed, and even perfectly healthy people were declared “covid patients” and whisked off to be drugged, ventilated, and starved. Hell is not hot enough for everyone who perpetrated these horrific crimes.

3) He does not treat the poor. (Rashi)

Nowadays poor people can get medical care some of the time, but it's still all about the money. When it comes to public healthcare (a misnomer if ever there was one), treatment isn't based so much on what individual patients can pay, but on the overall bottom line. Most of all, if their sugar daddies in government and the pharmaceutical industry are bribing them to prescribe a certain treatment over others, that's the treatment people will receive – even if it kills them.

4) Sometimes he gives up on people's lives too soon and does not bother to treat them, thereby causing their death. (Meiri)

Once again, if only this happened today through ignorance and not by design. If only they were merely giving up on people's lives out of despair, and not directly causing their deaths for cash rewards.

5) Sometimes he does not try hard enough for a patient. (Meiri)

A doctor who cares about a patient will leave no stone unturned even if the case appears hopeless. Many doctors today refuse to look under any stones at all. They simply follow orders. If Remdesiver and ventilators were turning mildly sick people into cadavers, a good doctor would raise the alarm and search for a better alternative. But most simply shrugged their shoulders.

6) He does not admit when he doesn't understand an illness and pretends to have expertise when he does not. (Meiri)

What does your doctor really know about covid, various treatments, the dubiously called “vaccines”, and vaccines in general? Most likely he will parrot the official line, but has no actual knowledge and understanding of the subjects. How could he? He never really studied them. Just as a Torah scholar cannot speak intelligently about a volume he never learned, a doctor only knows what he actually learned.

The typical doctor who speaks authoritatively about covid and vaccines, while dismissing others as inadequate, learned nothing about the science and history of vaccines during his medical training. The pharmaceutical oligarchy informed him that vaccines are just terrific and handed him a schedule for vaccination.

In other words, the typical doctor was given a book of recipes and thinks he knows how to cook.

7) He thinks he is superior to everyone and does not consult with others for advice. (Maharsha)

Offer to show your mask-wearing, crapcine-pushing doctor information that could potentially save many lives, though it would involve modifying his beliefs. I'm sure he will be curious, interested, and most appreciative – whether you're a layman or have the finest credentials.  Find me one such doctor.

8) He is engaged in matters of life and death, yet does not always appreciate the gravity of the situation. (Tiferes Yisrael)

The typical doctor today views a patient with less gravity than an auto mechanic views a car under repair. Especially if the patient is elderly, or a baby with a serious medical issue, or is otherwise not “valuable” enough.

9) Doctors are indiscriminate in their treatments; what heals one person will kill another, and treating everyone the same way is tantamount to malpractice. (Ramban)

Vaccines for everyone! Follow the data!

10) A doctor who is not also knowledgeable in G–D's Torah will see his practice as just a job, strictly a physical and material occupation with no higher purpose. (Maharal)

Human beings have been turned into numbers, statistics, test subjects, merchandise, cogs in a wheel that the rich and powerful control. Doctors too are just cogs in this wheel – slightly less expendable than their patients, but cogs just the same. Their main credo is not "do no harm", and certainly not to have a higher purpose, but to follow orders.

If something bothers them, they had best keep it to themselves, and if they see something disturbing, they had best look away. It's for the greater good, and most definitely for the good of their careers.


Chazal's teaching that the best doctors go to hell has surely raised the ire of many people over the years. Doctors save lives! They dedicate themselves to keeping us healthy! Modern science is a gift from G–D!

The divine wisdom of the Torah, as transmitted by our sages, has weathered countless attacks from the day it was given, and remains unsurpassed by scientist and philosopher alike. The events of the last two years demonstrate that what Chazal said about doctors thousands of years ago was not a social commentary or a primitive viewpoint, but timeless truth.

The “best” doctors, the “experts” who seek to displace G–D instead of humbling themselves before Him, are surely destined for hell. No punishment on this earth is enough for all the suffering they have inflicted on mankind in the name of protecting it.

Let the truly heroic doctors be given the recognition they deserve, and may the “best” doctors go to hell.


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Rabbi Yitzchok Dovid Smith on the responsibility of Rabbis

Rabbi Michoel Green's urgent messages regarding Chabad  [note: this is in 6 parts so far]

Shalom Pollack: Coming Your Way


Once upon a time, the Bedouin were considered loyal friends of the state of Israel.

I recall how for years I would encounter them in the Negev with my tourists and feel safe and confident that this colorful welcoming group posed no threat to me or to the Jewish state. They did not claim that the Negev was theirs.

They and the Druze were the minority groups that stood out from the rest of the majority of Muslim Arab citizens. These groups were enthusiastic about the opportunity to improve their lot and join the self-confident, success story called Israel.

There is no natural religious, social, cultural, or historic affiliation between Jews and these two groups that explain the alliance.

They simply went with a winner.

This was true as long as Israel was indeed perceived as strong and more importantly, confident; confident, and strong in its Jewish identity. This is a very respected trait for traditional communities with strong identities such as the Bedouin and Druze.

But change came and they were quick to sense it.

The Oslo capitulation and self-abasement were the clearest of signals.

The middle of the night flight from Hezbollah in south Lebanon and the desertion of our allies there was another.

The expulsion of thousands of Jewish families from their homes in 2005 and the retreat before Hamas there was yet another.

The above and more examples are but symptoms of the root problem; Identity.

Overwhelming military might and high walls cannot provide security for a people without an identity. They tell us that the Jewish state is not under attack from within; there is no war, no enemy, no victory, or defeat.  It is just a "situation" that a little less Jewish identity can solve.

A Jewish country "of all its citizens" will fail to be a Jewish country and very quickly will stop being a country at all.

Those who do their best to weaken the Jewish identity are the ones who turned allies into enemies. They quickly turn respect and awe into hate and contempt.

That is what is happening in increasingly "no go" zones in Israel.

That is what is happening in the Negev, the Galilee, in the "mixed cities", in Beersheba this week, and it's coming your way soon.

My book, "Jews, Israelis, and Arabs tell the story

available on Amazon and Book Depository

B”H The Swifts Have Arrived . . . To Yerushalayim and the Kotel

 . . . And with them is the coming of springtime temperatures

For thousands of years, the extraordinary, tiny birds that are unfairly called “common swifts” return religiously every spring to the Western Wall adjacent to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

Although they don’t go there to pray, the Rabbi of the Western Wall and the Mayor of Jerusalem hold a ceremony welcoming the birds (sis in Hebrew) near evening during the last week of February. This is the time when the swifts return to their nests in the crevices of the wall to lay their eggs. The audience, which includes representatives of youth movements and the Society for the Protection of Nature, recite prayers and praise the birds.

The Prophet Jeremiah was well aware of the swifts and their behavior, as the book (Jeremiah 8:7) states: “Even the stork in the sky knows her seasons, and the turtledove, swift and crane keep the time of their coming; but My people pay no heed to the law of G–d.”


WIKIPEDIA:  Common swifts are 16–17 cm (6.3–6.7 in) long with a wingspan of 38–40 cm (15–16 in)[7] and entirely blackish-brown except for a small white or pale grey patch on their chins which is not visible from a distance. They have a short forked tail and very long swept-back wings that resemble a crescent or a boomerang.

Their call is a loud scream in two different tone pitches, the higher of which issues from the female. They often form 'screaming parties' during summer evenings, when 10–20 swifts will gather in flight around their nesting area, calling out and being answered by nesting swifts. Larger "screaming parties" are formed at higher altitudes, especially late in the breeding season. The purpose of these parties is uncertain, but may include ascending to sleep on the wing, while still breeding adults tend to spend the night in the nest. 

Tracking swifts at their breeding colonies using radar has revealed that individuals often occur in flocks during evening ascent and dawn descent but not during the subsequent evening descent or prior dawn ascent, suggesting that this flocking benefits the swifts via cue acquisition and information exchange between individuals or through extending social behaviour.

Mayim Achronim — Balak

  Seventeen Tamuz and the Ten Plagues Next Tuesday is the seventeenth of Tamuz, commemorating a handful of tragedies in Jewish history start...