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30 November 2021

RABBI ANAVA: Ner Sheni – VIDEO Update

This Shiur was recorded for the second day of Chanuka: Powerful secrets about Chanuka that will change your Chanuka experience completely

Prayers to recite after lighting the Menora

  • Ha’Nerot Halalu
  • Tehilim chapter 30
  • Last verse of Tehilim 90 and full chapter of 91 – Read 7 times
  • Tehilim Chapter 67 (best to read with Menorah Shape)
  • Ana Be’Koach אנא בכח – Read 7 times every word
  • Ma Oz Tzur

To read prayers in Hebrew – Click here

To read prayers in English – Click here

Prayers to recite DAILY as for Rabbi Anava’s instructions for the next 40 days

Chanukah at the Kotel – Ner Shlishi


To Those Who Grasp The Vine

[. . .] The clear mirror is warning us to beware. Everything is foreshadowed. It is a spiritual law that both sides obey. It is built into the program/simulation. The evil ones MUST declare what they are planning on doing before they do it. They are warning another lockdown is coming and so it will. They are warning the power grid will be shut down and so it will. We have been forewarned about even more devious acts to come, but we have also been forewarned about the impending reset and given spiritual tools in how to prepare for it. The 44 spiritual Candles we light this Channukah can help elevate our minds to meet our conscious point at the entrance to Binah. That is all we need; the cosmos will do the rest for us.

We may not see any change; after all, we are in a simulation of a physical world about to undergo a complete reset, but we need see it for it have occurred on the level of our consciousness. The time limit for the global enlightenment was 3 years ago; now it is on an individual basis. Some of us may have already succeeded and we do not even know yet as we still have a role to play within the simulation including the helping of others to awaken. Think of it as being plugged into a VR game. Even if you were handed a fat life-changing check outside the game, inside it, you would still be battling monsters unaware.

While we battle our monsters, let us do everything we can to connect ourselves and others to the codes that open the Gates of Freedom. And now, more than ever we need to draw down the mazal and Moshiach Consciousness.

The two time periods of the Cosmic Wheel 108 and 89 days are combined in the value 1089, which as we recently learned is the number of initial Gimmels (ג) and Dalets (ד) in the Torah, 1089 or 332, or (1100 – 11) to incorporate the two primal frequencies.

The portion of Miketz (מקץ), meaning “from the end,” has a complete sofit gematria value of 1089 or 332, and in standard complete gematria Miketz (מקץ) has a value of 280, the same as the 5 final (sofit) letters independently associated with the end-of-days. The Arizal associated Miketz with our specific generation even though he lived about 450 years ago. He said it alluded to an auspicious date for Moshiach, a “ketz,” literally “an end” – an end to the exile.

The Zohar connected Miketz with the Ohr Haganuz (אוֹר הַגָּנוּז) of gematria 278, known as the light set aside from Creation for Moshiach.  The two final letters in Ohr Haganuz (אוֹר הַגָּנוּז) spell raz (רז), another word for “secret.”

In the Zohar Miketz portion 14:233 as it quotes Malachi 3:20 and refers to Ohr Haganuz, “ ‘But to you who fear my Name, the sun of righteousness shall arise with healing in its wings,’ Come and behold: The Holy One blessed be He, will cause to shine upon Israel the sun, which from the day the world was created, He concealed from the wicked in the world, as it is written…”
The Zohar continues in Miketz 14:234, “The Holy One, blessed be He, stored that light, for when it first came out, it shone from one end of the world to the other. But when He looked upon the generations of Enosh, the generations of the Flood, the generations of the Tower of Babylon and all the wicked ones, He stored the light.”

The darkest days are upon us. It is time we release the Light.

Chag Chanukah Samech


*the above is a guest commentary. as such i recommend that when you light the menorah, for the first half hour, do not utter a sound from your lips, concentrate on Hashem and speak to Him thru your moach (mind).

Say What About The Maccabees?

Would the Maccabees let this happen?

Bennett says ISRAEL is the modern Maccabees
More likely the govt of Israel are the Hellenist Greek invaders trying to ban Jewish religious practices and turn more Israelis into Hellenists! 

ISRAEL says, “you can have your donuts and menorah, but leave us alone to travel on Shabbat! Let us be any gender we want! Get rid of cows, goats and lambs, ban meat, butter and milk; we want you to eat (contaminated gmo) soy and bugs, to save the planet.

Hypocrisy and distorted thinking is prevailing. Religious Jews arriving to pay condolences to family of Eli Kay made to board plane under threat of arrest and desecrate Shabbat, Back to Dubai! All over the ridiculous "scariant".

29 November 2021

Wow, Rome and Zagreb, Crotia

 now we need Israel to get with it

People are chanting We are not giving you our children!

Chanukah at the Kotel – Ner Sheni


Belgium and Germany are Getting With It!


This is Happening in Austria!



 And this too:

Wake up World!

What is Happening in ISRAEL??

The Jerusalem Report' with Ilana Rachel Daniel 

What is Going on in Australia?? Not Conspiracy Now Fact!

 [Rabbi Anava said things would get much worse. Good Grief]
[This is awful and a sign of what’s next in other locales, absolute tyranny and gestoppo tactics. Where will this end? Be forewarned. Use your ‘peh’ to implore HaShem!]

News Report:

Almost two years into the pandemic, COVID measures are increasing beyond any reasonable expectations with quarantine camps in Australia and legally mandated universal vaccinations.

The new measures are extreme, reminding some of the country’s history of leper colonies. One person tweeted an article in which an epidemiologist wrote that the COVID quarantine facilities would be “used for a new class of lepers – the unvaccinated.”

“Yes, they actually wrote that,’ Bernie Spofforth tweeted. “At this point your Government funded media are excusing human rights atrocities,” adding “They will never be forgiven.”

The comparison was not lost on the professional straff. Mount Gambier hospital opened a COVID triage tent at the entrance to its emergency room for mandatory testing before treatment. Patients who test positive would be admitted to a separate ward. The executive director of medical services Dr. Elaine Pretorius noted the separation.

“We don’t want to treat people with COVID like lepers, and we would never do that,” Dr Pretorius said. “But we do want to manage them in a safe way.”

One rabbi sees this as an ungodly determination to replace God.


Australia is setting up COVID-19 quarantine camps for unvaccinated travelers. A 1,000-bed facility is located in the Damascus Barracks at Pinkenba, Brisbane and a similar facility is being built in Toowoomba. Two more facilities were established in Australia’s Northern Territory. More facilities are being constructed as plans are made to use them for Australians returning from overseas as well as unvaccinated citizens traveling between sections of the country. This includes travelers who have only received two doses of the vaccine. Unvaccinated Australians are not permitted to leave the country and unvaccinated Australian citizens are not permitted to enter the country. Non-Australians, even those who are fully vaccinated, are currently prohibited from entering the country. Domestic travelers must also undergo a two week quarantine, despite 56% of Australians being fully vaccinated. 

The quarantine facilities are also for non-travelers who have come in close contact with the infected; 14 days for the unvaccinated and seven days for the vaccinated. 

People in the quarantine facilities are restricted to their rooms and are supervised by “officers”. They are tested three times over the course of 12 days. Visitors are prohibited as are care packages, personal goods or meal deliveries.

Accommodations are single rooms though some facilities have limited ability to house families in shared rooms.

Vaccinations are required for some professions and several hundred public servants have been fired. The unvaccinated are prohibited from public events as well as many businesses and restaurants. Lockdowns are frequent and extreme.

The national average shows that over 57% of the population is fully vaccinated. Victoria, the second-most populous state with a quarter of Australia’s 25 million people, has an 87% vaccination rate and has endured six COVID-19 lockdowns totalling nearly nine months.

The Aboriginal population has a much lower vaccination rate with just 46.7 percent over the age of 16 being fully vaccinated, presenting special difficulties for health authorities.. “Some Aboriginal communities’ sociocultural practices may place them at higher risk of transmission because they involve mobilisation and participation in communal cultural activities,” a health announcement stated. 

This is despite Australia having just under 190,000 infections and 1,591 deaths, far fewer than most developed countries. 


Other places around the world are still in the throes of deepening pandemic restrictions. Last week Austria became the first European country to make Covid vaccination a legal requirement, with the law due to take effect in February. About 65% of Austria’s population is vaccinated. In the meantime, Austria has returned to a full national lockdown, the fourth since the pandemic began. Austrians have been asked to work from home and all non-essential businesses have been shut down until December 12, at which time the situation will be reassessed.  Schools remain open but parents have been asked to keep their children at home. 

The measures have met with massive popular resistance with tens of thousands of people protesting with occasional violence breaking out. Protests have also broken out in other countries like Croatia and Denmark.  Guadeloupe has seen three days of looting and vandalism over a mandatory vaccine order for health workers coupled with rising fuel prices.

Germany has been considering similar measures. The Netherlands is under a three-week nationwide partial lockdown, forcing restaurants to shut earlier and banning fans at sports events. The Czech Republic and Slovakia also banned unvaccinated people from some shops and services, including pubs, from Monday.


Rabbi Yosef Berger, the rabbi of King David’s Tomb on Mount Zion, noted that these measures, as well as the public reactions, had all been predicted.

“When the pandemic began less than two years ago, people who predicted camps and forced inoculations were called conspiracy theorists,” Rabbi Berger said. “They were told that such actions would be too extreme, unnecessary and certainly not permitted legally. And here we are, seeing those very things happening. And the people who object are called extreme.”

The people who do this have set up science as a god that cannot be questioned and knows no boundaries. They do not acknowledge, do not want to see, that the real master over man’s body and soul is God. The Torah acknowledges this.”

“Tsaraath, usually translated as leprosy, was a disease of the soul that was expressed as a disease of the body. Until the Kohen ‘diagnosed’ the person, he was not considered to be sick. And when he was, he was sent out from the camp. The Sages teach us that Tzaraath was caused by lashon hara (speaking libel). Being separated from the Congregation of Israel was part of the healing process, healing the soul and then the body.”

“These camps and the lockdowns are separating people from each other when what we really need is to come together. That is what the demonstrations are; people coming together and shouting that they need their fellow man. 

This is the precursor to everyone coming together and acknowledging that God is One and His name is One, just as we did when we were one camp in the desert.”

28 November 2021





Prayers to recite after lighting the Menora

  • Ha’Nerot Halalu
  • Tehilim chapter 30
  • Last verse of Tehilim 90 and full chapter of 91 – Read 7 times
  • Tehilim Chapter 67 (best to read with Menorah Shape)
  • Ana Be’Koach אנא בכח – Read 7 times every word
  • Ma Oz Tzur

To read prayers in Hebrew – Click here

To read prayers in English – Click here

What Was The War With The Greeks Really Like?

 Maccabean Revolt - Anti-Hellenic Rebellion in Judea DOCUMENTARY

(stop watching at 23 min)

Despite this remarkable War with the Greeks, we Jews recall the Miracle of the Oil for the Spiritual Message of victory over our oppressors. In this vein, let us concentrate on the beautiful light of the Menorah and while doing so, plead with Hashem to remember His children and turn around the forces that are overruning humanity in our days.






The omicron “variant” media hysteria is pure fiction. It’s nothing but a 1984-style Orwellian psychological terrorism operation that has been engineered to keep the populations of the world enslaved and obedient while terrorist governments carry out their global depopulation / genocide programs.

The evil genius of this narrative is that it requires no evidence whatsoever. Since no one can actually see a “variant” — and since no isolated omicron viral samples exist anywhere in the world for lab test confirmations — a coordinated mass media hysteria campaign simply implants human consciousness with the illusion of omicron, accompanied by extreme fear.

To date, no one in America has even been diagnosed with the variant, and no one has died from it anywhere on the planet. Yet thanks to mass media journo-terrorism, half of America is now freaking out over something that likely doesn’t exist at all. “Omicron” is almost certainly a coordinated fabrication.

Yet out of nowhere, the media has managed to program the population to lose their minds upon mention of the word, “mutations.” Although random mutations in genetic material take place literally millions of times each day in every human being’s own body, suddenly “mutations” are the scariest thing imaginable, according to the hyperventilating media. (Which is why I call omicron a “scariant,” not a variant.)

Over the last two years, globalists have confirmed that FEAR, not “science,” is their ultimate mechanism of control over humanity

Remember when we were all told in 2020 that if just 60 – 70% of the country agreed to take two shots, everything would return to normal and covid would be over? It was all a calculated lie from the start.

The lie promised freedom if people would just comply, but what it delivered was tyranny and fear… along with never-ending obedience to government-coerced vaccine compliance.

What 2020 and 2021 have now exhaustively proven to the globalists is that fear is their ultimate weapon against humanity. Through the use of coordinated fear, they can convince about half the population of the world to be injected with deadly spike protein gene therapy shots that will kill them over time. 

Conveniently, all those deaths can be blamed on something else — like cancer — thereby avoiding any blame being focused on the vaccines.

Why is there already a 29X increase in stillborn babies, by the way? As Steve Kirsch writes at Substack.com:

There is a 29X increase in the rate of stillborn babies in Waterloo, Ontario that started after vaccination program rolled out. All the mothers of the stillborn babies were vaccinated…

Yes, this is a big deal. But nobody is listening. Cardiac risk could go up 1,000X after vaccination and it wouldn’t matter. Nobody is listening.

As psychologists know very well, when fear is combined with sensory overload (i.e. too much news, too many voices, conflicting reports, etc.), people naturally default to anything that resembles authority. Their rational mind is completely shut down, and they can no longer engage in critical thinking. 

Once they are sufficiently pounded into relentless fear, the governments of the world herd them into vaccination centers for their obedient depopulation shots. With a page ripped right out of the Stanford prison experiment, they also transform obedient vax recipients into societal “prison guards” / enforcers who demand that everyone else be injected with the same concoction… or else.

This is why so many vaxxed people have turned into raging lunatics who try to force their death shots on everyone around them. (And just maybe, the vaccine prions are eating their brains, too, causing aggressive personality changes…)

Ten predictions for how omicron hysteria will be exploited by terrorist governments to accelerate their murderous genocide against humanity.  […]

Here are […] ten predictions for Omicron and 2022:

Prediction #1: Omicron variant hysteria will be used to reset everyone’s vaccine passports to zero, coercing people into a whole new round of vaccines for this new variant. Those stupid enough to go along with omicron variant vaccines will be signing up for a never-ending series of spike protein bioweapons injections, which will eventually kill them.

Prediction #2: Omicron hysteria will be exploited to justify aggressive vaccine mandates, demanding that this “new emergency” overrides all human rights, medical freedom and body autonomy.

Prediction #3: Although the omicron variant has so far only been found in fully vaccinated people, the lying corporate media will blame its origins on the unvaccinated.

Prediction #4: The omicron variant will be used as a cover story by the corporate media to try to explain away all the Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE) deaths caused by covid vaccines. Even as vaccinated people die in large numbers, the media will blame the unvaccinated (see #3, above) and demand that unvaccinated people be completely locked down and denied access to society.

Prediction #5: Omicron hysteria will be used to attempt to criminalize dissent against vaccines, mandates, government “authority” or the covid criminals behind the gain-of-function research, such as Anthony Fauci. All such dissenting speech will be designated a “danger to society,” and those who utter such speech will be accused of killing people.

Prediction #6: Mass hysteria pushed by the journo-terrorist media will justify governors ordering more lockdowns, leading to more supply chain failures, product scarcity and price inflation.

Prediction #7: If the media can push the omicron hysteria with enough ferocity, it will be used to either cancel the 2022 mid-term elections or demand universal mail-in voting, citing the “extreme dangers” of anyone going out in public.

Prediction #8: Every economic failure caused by the incompetent, criminal Biden regime will be blamed on omicron. This imaginary “variant” instantly becomes the scapegoat for sky-high energy prices, supply shortages and empty grocery store shelves. The media will blame everything on omicron, and then they will blame omicron on the unvaccinated.

Prediction #9: At some point, either the omicron variant or the next one that’s unleashed will be used to justify door-to-door mandatory vaccines in America, along with the medical kidnapping of anyone who resists, taking them away to covid concentration camps for efficient extermination. (This practice has already begun in Australia, where the military is kidnapping indigenous people and taking them away to camps at gunpoint.)

Prediction #10: Omicron won’t be the last variant that’s used to evoke mass hysteria and multi-billion dollar government payouts to Big Pharma. This scamdemic will be repeated every year or so, in perpetuity, for as long as the people remain in fear and go along with it.

* The Greek Alphabet


Let us hope that we, the children of Hashem, will realize our foolishness and return to Him, our Creator, and none of these predictions come to be, but only the arrival of Mashiach to march us into our future.

Rabbi Anava and Chanukah Schedule of Shiurim

LIVE broadcast lecture Sunday 11/28 at 7pm Israel time 

More information about the lecture and how to view live will be posted here shortly – Come back soon! 

Tamar Yonah – CHILDREN

Israel News Talk Radio · Jabs for Kids & The Real Threat - The Tamar Yonah Show

Parents are reporting to the VAERS website, serious adverse events in their children almost immediately after allowing them to receive the experimental mRNA injection. What do parents need to understand before injecting their children with an experimental product that might cause them permanent damage?

Tamar speaks with Dr. Jessica Rose, a researcher with experience in Applied Mathematics, Immunology, Computational Biology, Molecular Biology, and Biochemistry. Her more recent research efforts are aimed at descriptive analysis of the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) data in efforts to make this data accessible to the public.

Find out more here:

website: i-do-not-consent.netlify.app

substack: jessicar.substack.com/

substack article about 5-11 year olds: jessicar.substack.com/p/adverse-even…orted-for-5-11

The Tamar Yonah Show 23NOV2021 - PODCAST

Important Information

על אלה אני בוכיה 

עיני עיני ירדה מים


While Hamodia and other news outlets FALSELY claim that Rav Chaim Shlita has said that 5-11 year old kids should get “vaccinated” for corona, (see https://hamodia.com/2021/11/25/hagaon-harav-chaim-kanievsky-children-need-to-be-vaccinated/ and


we KNOW it’s IMPOSSIBLE that Rav Chaim was presented with the data and actually gave a psak, because his own daughter testifies that Rav Chaim no longer recognizes her. He is extremely weak, is not himself, and can barely say a word, 


Additionally, we DO have a recording from last December, when Rav Chaim was presented with the FDA’s own list of 22 possible deadly side effects of the shot, and he said NOT TO TAKE IT



It’s halachically impossible that Rav Chaim said kids should be injected, because kids aren’t dying in our communities from corona, so what would be the heter to inject them with a product that many doctors are warning can cause death? 

If this question was truly and properly presented to Rav Chaim as they claim, let us see the detailed video of the dangers being explained to him as well, together with the fact of zero risk of death from the virus to healthy children, together with the effective available treatments for the virus. 

Let us see an explanation of why we would not follow Orach Chaim 618/4 that tells us that we follow even 2 expert doctors who are concerned against 100 who say no problem? 

This is not true. 

It cannot be true. 

Let them show a psak in writing. 

Someone tried reaching out to one of his family members and he ignored him. 

SOMETHING IS WRONG HERE. Pfizer is earning BILLIONS from the shots. Clearly there is a governmental financial agenda resulting in a tremendous distortion of the truth. 

We also previously spoke to someone VERY close to Rav Chaim, who testified that a letter proclaiming kids should get the shot was placed in front of Rav Chaim and he SAID NOTHING - and then the proclamation was issued in his name!

See this message my friend received today:

”Hi. I saw reported this morning that Rav Chaim Kanievsky said to vaccinate the 5 year old + children and I felt compelled to write to you to inform you that I have been very close to the Kanievsky home for many years and have been mainly close to Rav Chaim and there's no way that Rav chaim was maskim to vaccinate the children . I have also spoken to other people close to Rav Chaim and they agree, two of whom had personally asked Rav Chaim if they should vaccinate their children and he answered with an unequivocal NO. There's a hidden agenda going on with one of Rav Chaim's family members that keeps saying things in Rav Chaim's name. This is extremely dangerous as torah yiddin obviously take Rav Chaim's word as halacha, as it should be if he's really the one giving the psak.  

My message is “be wary of information that you get that seems legitimate but may very well not be.”

What a bizayon Hatorah, as those who seek to profit from the shot use image of the Gadol Hador to prop up their lethal agenda. 


Here are some firsthand accounts personally related to me (on top of about 60 kids’ post-vax deaths on VAERS, see www.medalerts.org):

1) My friend’s high school age daughter in Israel testifies that in her class, among the girls who are vaccinated, someone or other faints or becomes unresponsive once or twice a week. (What are these if not mini-strokes, causing brain damage bit by bit and putting them at risk for major strokes at any time?)

2) The rate of stillbirths among vaccinated mothers has gone sky high. Normally a stillbirth was a rare occurrence but now OB’s, chevra Kaddisha and a chapel all report high double digit numbers each month! 

3) A destruction of shalom bayis as women who got injected bleed for months on end, miscarry, and have ultra short cycles, while men who got the shot sometimes are severely affected in their own way (hameivin yavin), OR make their wives extremely sick to the point of total lack of shalom bayis. The amount of calls that experts in Eretz Yisrael are receiving about these problems both from EY and around the world, are staggering. 

4) Here is a testimony from someone local in the US:  “We are in Maryland.

 A 12 yr old neighbor boy had a heart attack and multiple blood clots (just like my father in another state did.) A 70 year old friend messaged me yesterday, two of her friends lost grandchildren to the Vax recently. BDE. And an ob/gyn friend said “many” frum women and girls here are having issues.”

5) Here are 2 other verified stories: A frum mother of a large family in England passed away 2 days after her injection, leaving a house of yesomim, and a tzaddik of a bochur, learning in EY, passed away very shortly after his injection - related to me personally by the Rav who warned him not to get the shot!

WHAT MORE NEEDS TO BE SAID? This is a DROP in the bucket! I can tell you dozens more stories of death and disability from the Covid shots, for which I have contact information to verify, in our communities. 

Contact Hamodia and tell then how wrong and dangerous their articles are!


The propaganda being issued in Rav Chaim’s name is only Part 1 of the horrible emergency facing Klal Yisrael. Part 2 is that there’s now a vaccine mandate on ALL TEACHERS in NYC. By December 20 they must get the shot, or the schools will be fined $1,000 per teacher. 

On the other hand, if the teachers do get the shot, the schools are paid per teacher. 

Some schools have already come out urging their teachers to get injected and offering a bonus (one school I was told offered $2,000 for teachers who get it before December 20).

HOW CAN ANY MOSAD mandate a killer shot for their teachers? Indeed, as any Rav who has done a thorough investigation knows, it’s completely asur to be injected with this substance because of the grave dangers to life, health, and fertility. 


Let us join together and speak up and resist!

See Beis Din testimonies by top world expert doctors and scientists clearly explaining the grave dangers and lack of benefit of the shots:


The Rabbonim came out with a very strong psak after the above testimony saying that the shots are absolutely assur for children and all people of childbearing age and issuing a strong warning for everyone else. 

See the next Beis Din testimony from this Sunday: 


See Dayan Yoel M. Friedman and Rav Shlomo A. Pollak (who have done independent research) clearly warning people of all ages NOT to get the shot EVEN if it means giving up their jobs, and coming out strongly against Mosdos mandating it:  https://odysee.com/@wisdomunited:5/mandates:e


Rav Vosner in Eretz Yisrael, the grandson of the Shevet Halevi, heard hundreds of hours of testimony with his Beis Din, and paskened that not only is the shot absolutely assur for kids, but EVERYONE WHO CAN PROTEST MUST DO SO WITH ALL THEIR MIGHT. 

If you think that only few Rabbonim agree with this, please see the following document:


May Hashem save His nation and His world. Sent from my iPhone


JERUSALEM:  There is more: “[…] the Jewish people as the ‘guinea pig’ for all these horrible human experiments that started in Dachau, continued on via Operation Paperclip – and which have been foisted on us in the corrupt State of Israel for the last 70 years."

Rabbi Weissman – Civil War in Israel & What Helps and Doesn't Help Singles

  Some people have asked for my take on all the brouhaha in Israel about judicial reform, civil war, etc.  I wonder how many more times your...