28 November 2021

What Was The War With The Greeks Really Like?

 Maccabean Revolt - Anti-Hellenic Rebellion in Judea DOCUMENTARY

(stop watching at 23 min)

Despite this remarkable War with the Greeks, we Jews recall the Miracle of the Oil for the Spiritual Message of victory over our oppressors. In this vein, let us concentrate on the beautiful light of the Menorah and while doing so, plead with Hashem to remember His children and turn around the forces that are overruning humanity in our days.


moshe said...

Very interesting & informative video, but not too Jewish in its presentation, as there are truths that were omitted. This obviously was not made according to our true Jewish history. The reason that the Chashmanoim were eventually defeated after a long run of rulership was that power corrupts and they took upon themselves kingship and eventual alliances with the Romans, two things which are vehemently against Jewish Law. The Chashmanoim were Kohanim and only the Judean descendants of the Davidic dynasty are allowed 'kingship'. Because of this sin and the sin of alliance with foreign entities ended the Chasmanoic dynasty for good.
Because of the alliance with Rome, we are still in the Roman exile after 2000 years, r'l. May the end of our galut come speedily b'chesed and rachamin from Above. There is only One Who Rules and that is Hashem, G-D Almighty!

Neshama said...

Yes, you’re right. But I thought it would be interesting to understand the element of the war that was fought. It was a brave and courageous effort to fight the enemy. HOWEVER, WE KNOW the real enemy was inside each mityavim, that fell for the Greek way. Even now most people are almost zombies and have no awareness of the danger they’re in!

moshe said...

Exactly. Today's Jews on the whole are very, very much like the mityavnim of that time, r'l. The Chashmonim were tzadikim at that time and unbelievably courageous and they merited to be the heroes of the Chanukah story. Their war was even greater against the enemy from within our midst than even the outer enemy, the Greeks, who eventually morphed into the Roman empire. Again, today we see that the so-called Jewish government has brought in the Romans and look at the terrible state of affairs we now find ourselves in; but, this time, it will lead to our ultimate Redemption with the coming of Moshiach tzdkeinu! Amen!