25 November 2021

Rabbi Weissman: The Official Narrative

[here we go again: Fears Mount for FIFTH WAVE]


This is the official narrative, by Rabbi Chananya Weissman

“The Science” is incontrovertibly on their side.  

All the doctors and all the experts agree with them, except for a few quacks who don't count.  

All the religious leaders agree with them, except for a few people who are insignificant and are not qualified to express an opinion.

The people with real power are all in agreement.

The media companies are totally on their side.

The tech companies are totally on their side.

The large corporations are totally on their side.

The entertainment industry is totally on their side.

Celebrities and athletes are totally on their side, except for a few who no longer matter (or who had heart attacks while performing).

They have pretty much all the money, all the resources, and all the microphones.

Yet, somehow, a “small but vocal” group of crazy conspiracy theorists with no money, no power, no resources, no science, no experts, no power, and no organization has swayed a huge segment of the population.  Billions of people, in fact, and more with each passing day.  They've pulled this off despite facing censorship, persecution, and every attempt by the establishment to discredit them.  (emphasis mine ns)

The establishment has every advantage, yet billions of people still find a few quacks more convincing.  That's the official narrative.  It's one of the most unlikely underdog stories in history.

The only plausible explanation is that the underdogs are the ones telling the truth.


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