21 November 2021

Recommended Viewing

These videos were recommended by a reader to this blog. I have not viewed them. Comments appreciated.

Dr. Mel Bruchet interviewed by Kuldip Randhawa at the North Vancouver RCMP office, just prior to Dr. Bruchet and Dr. Daniel Nagase filing charges against elected and appointed government officials, to determine if any have conflict of interests regarding provincial lockdowns, vaccine mandates and vaccine passports.

People were gathered outside the office concerned with news that thirteen babies were stillborn in a 24 hour period at Women’s and Children’s Hospital. We do not yet have confirmation about that number, but we do know there has been an increase in sick babies at Women’s and Children’s Hospital since mid 2021.


Anonymous said...

How far did out society devolved during the last year and a half ?
When DOCTORS that simply doing their jobs, healing people, are being punished and forbidden to practice medicine.

Did it really happened during the last year a half or it was just dormant ? That is a tough question !

May Ha Shem guard and protect ALL of those precious REAL DOCTORS and give them all the tools to heal the soul of our society.

May Ha Shem open the eyes of innocent and make the compliant and evil repent.


Neshama said...

Victoria, I hear your concern and worry.
However, by now, those doctors who want to live up to their oath to do no harm, should not be practicing in CV wards or in hospitals that adhere to the big tech big farma narrative. Those who stay and see what is happening to those who got the shot, are complicit. And those who took the shot themselves wont be around much longer.

Yes, its a very sad sad situation. But consenting to be complicit in this bio war are traitors to Hashem.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Neshama,
But the disturbing question is - Did it really happened during the last year and a half or it was just dormant ?

Probably, It has been always there, who knows, for how long....?
The REAL Doctors have been a small minority.
We just never saw it or refused to believe it,

We cannot deny the fact, that those "now bad" doctors in the past were helping their patients to get better. I do not really know, it must have been a different level of healing.

Guess this is the process of real awakening for us, Ha Shem takes of our eye coverings, one by one.
But those "bad" doctors always have a choice to repent and do chuva. May Ha Shem help them to do so and turn away from evil.


Neshama said...

Victoria, I believe all along little by little BF and BT have been paying the doctors for using their meds, and they did so relying on what BF and BT were telling them, and they didn’t even do any research themselves. So when it came time to spread the vx the doctors just WENT ALONG. Then when they were in the hosps. it wasnt difficult to get them to GO ALONG. But when the drs realized what was REALLY GOING ON, and they didn’t back out, they became complicit with jen.o.side.