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29 September 2013

And So, Netanyahu is to Confront Obama ....

But will Netanyahu say the right things, will he declare our sovereignty as a Biblical Nation with the inheritance of Eretz Yisrael ... ?

Prof Dan Vogel, “Franz Kafka’s Foreboding of the Holocaust and His Late Thirst for Judaism,” in B’Or Ha’Torah issue 19. The author claims that Kafka had this “foreboding” [a vague fear of the future, inferred irrationally from clues in the present], which presented itself in his writings. 

(my synopsis) The uncanniness of comparison between Kafka's foreboding and that of the present-day oppression by the nations toward tiny Eretz Yisrael is striking. The duality of strangeness in Kafka's  writing was a veil over his strained relationship with his father and his upbringing (weak/negative Jewish role models), but also reflected the situation of the Jews of Europe of the time, and his prophetic (not prophecy) descriptions that became the eventual Nazi trademarks.

(such as:) “The process of depersonalization descending into dehumanization is graphically depicted in ‘The Trial’, in the case of an accused man … a victim of depersonalization, deprived of his normal self-confident character … he was guilty without sinning … his situation an effect without cause.”

We Jews are being pushed into being guilty of being Israelis (i.e. Jewish) and wanting to live on our Biblical Land. Arab depersonalization of Jews denies all of our ancient role models and G-d’s designation of Yitzchak as the one to carry the sovereignty of our People and Land. [Kever Yosef, Hevron, Har HaBayit]

Is this not what the world is doing with delegitimizing our right to be a people, the right to produce and sell, the right to build homes for our children … to squeeze us into a sliver of earth nearly impossible to defend against haters and murderers … is not the next step to deny our right to EXIST?

Feiglin is not Kafka, but now that the Shoah is part of our historical memory, one can easily recall how it all began, and with this remembrance “see” into the future, as Feiglin said “... And the catastrophe will come. It is on its way.”

27 September 2013

Moshe Feiglin declares ...

In Obama's Tuesday speech to the UN:  Israel cannot continue to exist as a secure, democratic state without “the realization of a Palestinian state,”

In Response, Moshe Feiglin declares:

"The goal is to lead the Nation of Israel and quickly – we do not have time,"

"Understand this...I have no complaint toward Netanyahu. I hold the man in esteem. I respect the man. I know that from his consciousness and his conceptual world, he cannot reach any other solution and he will not reach any other solution. And the catastrophe will come. It is on its way.”

“Once Israel recognized ‘the Palestinian nation and its rights,’ it began a worldwide process of loss of legitimacy for the existence of a Jewish state,” Feiglin stated, explaining, “It’s either our land, or theirs. If we recognized another nation’s rights to our land – we lost our own rights.”

“Until ... Rabin and ... Netanyahu, all Israeli leaders repeatedly stated the historic truth: that there is
no ‘Palestinian’ nation,
no ‘Palestinian’ history and
no ‘Palestinian’ national aspirations.

“There is an Arab nation that aspires to destroy Israel, and the ‘Palestinian’ invention is the main way to do that,”

“A Palestinian state is not a guarantee of Israel’s security, it’s a recipe for Israel’s destruction,”

He cited a statement from 1968 by Israeli cabinet minister Yaakov Shapira ... :

"We [the government - ed.] never announced that the Temple Mount belonged exclusively to the Arabs. We did not announce that it was forbidden for Jews to pray there, [and] we did not announce that it was forbidden for Jews to erect a synagogue there."

Sources: Israel National News and Arutz7 and Arutz Sheva.

24 September 2013

What a Joke!

Jewish Couple, Young Child, Escape Lynch-Mob in Jerusalem: "Young couple, along with their four year-old son, narrowly escape Arab mob; 'if they'd had a gun, it would have ended differently'."

They experienced rocks thrown at each of them, which injured them. There is no law and order in the Palestinian areas, and America believes these Palestinian wild leopards will change their spots... What a joke.

The nations have sympathy and protect murderers! They know not how to live in true peace with a moral lifestyle. The world is on the verge of Sodom and Gomorrah. We know how that ended, in fire amd brimstone, raining ash that consumed everything including the stones and boulders.

May G-d show His vengeance soon.

20 September 2013

ALARM BELLS ARE RINGING ... More on Fukushima

G-d Have Rachmonus on Your Children and Save the Earth

"Baby seals are suffering from radiation ... 
70% of the seals in California have died this way now."

"70% of the seals ...  It is a harbinger of what mankind has to look forward to. No, this isn't alarmist. If anything the world is yawning when it should be on full alert. Mankind had better wake up quickly as human mortality rates are climbing as well."

"Hawaiian waters will be going nuclear in 2015 say the senior scientist of Union of Concerned Scientists’ Global Security Program Dr. Edwin Lyman"

"Now a crack has been found in the stacks 200 feet above the ground and they may be more difficult to deal with than the ground water! Already it has released a high radiation dose to the area."

With gratitude to LemonLimeMoon for continuing to sound the alarm on this and other things seriously effecting life on earth.

17 September 2013

Critical News For The World As We Once Knew It To Be ...

See, I have set the land before you; come and possess the land which the Lord swore to your forefathers, to Abraham, to Isaac, and to Jacob, to give them and their descendants after them.

ח. רְאֵה נָתַתִּי לִפְנֵיכֶם אֶת הָאָרֶץ בֹּאוּ וּרְשׁוּ אֶת הָאָרֶץ אֲשֶׁר נִשְׁבַּע יְהֹוָה לַאֲבֹתֵיכֶם לְאַבְרָהָם לְיִצְחָק וּלְיַעֲקֹב לָתֵת לָהֶם וּלְזַרְעָם אַחֲרֵיהֶם:
(Devarim 1:8)

An After Thought ... After Rosh HaShana and Yom Kippur

Our World is terribly in pain, it is crying out with floods, sink holes, biblical downpours, chemical and nuclear poisoning, with nations and peoples consumed with hatred and war. Only one nation, the Jewish Nation that stood before Moshe Rabbeinu vowed to "choose life." Only one nation, the Jewish Nation, is determined to be a light unto the nations. Some have come to respect us, but others are jealous and hateful. The G-d of the Entire World, including the outer atmosphere with all its planets, black holes, meteors, asteroids, etc. are patiently waiting for mankind to recognize Him and abide by laws of decency that were given to His Chosen Nation, the Jewish People.

A snipet about the following was first read on TomerDevorah. Plus linked here are two of her posts that one should read. One is a conversation with Moishela, The Final Hours of this Golus. The other is aptly entitled, The Criminally Insane.

The article that prompted TomerDevorah is below, and I'll add LemonLimeMoon to this because she has been steadfast and continuous in alerting us to the Earth's suffering. Both women bloggers, caring and responsible.

The REAL Fukushima Danger
Posted on September 14, 2013
The Real Problem …

The fact that the Fukushima reactors have been leaking huge amounts of radioactive water ever since the 2011 earthquake is certainly newsworthy. As are the facts that:

Tepco doesn’t know how to stop the leaks. Scientists have no idea where the cores of the nuclear reactors are. Radiation could hit Korea, China and the West Coast of North America fairly hard
But the real problem is that the idiots who caused this mess are probably about to cause a much bigger problem.

Specifically, the greatest short-term threat to humanity is from the fuel pools at Fukushima.

If one of the pools collapsed or caught fire, it could have severe adverse impacts not only on Japan … but the rest of the world, including the United States. Indeed, a Senator called it a national security concern for the U.S.:

The radiation caused by the failure of the spent fuel pools in the event of another earthquake could reach the West Coast within days. That absolutely makes the safe containment and protection of this spent fuel a security issue for the United States.

Nuclear expert Arnie Gundersen and physician Helen Caldicott have both said that people should evacuate the Northern Hemisphere if one of the Fukushima fuel pools collapses. Gundersen said:  Move south of the equator if that ever happened, I think that’s probably the lesson there.

Former U.N. adviser Akio Matsumura calls removing the radioactive materials from the Fukushima fuel pools “an issue of human survival”.

So the stakes in decommissioning the fuel pools are high, indeed.

But in 2 months, Tepco – the knuckleheads who caused the accident – are going to start doing this very difficult operation on their own.

The New York Times reports:

Thousands of workers and a small fleet of cranes are preparing for one of the latest efforts to avoid a deepening environmental disaster that has China and other neighbors increasingly worried: removing spent fuel rods from the damaged No. 4 reactor building and storing them in a safer place.

The Telegraph notes:

Tom Snitch, a senior professor at the University of Maryland and with more than 30 years’ experience in nuclear issues, said “[Japan officials] need to address the real problems, the spent fuel rods in Unit 4 and the leaking pressure vessels,” he said. “There has been too much work done wiping down walls and duct work in the reactors for any other reason then to do something…. This is a critical global issue and Japan must step up.”

The Japan Times writes:

In November, Tepco plans to begin the delicate operation of removing spent fuel from Reactor No. 4 [with] radiation equivalent to 14,000 times the amount released by the Hiroshima atomic bomb. …. It remains vulnerable to any further shocks, and is also at risk from ground liquefaction. Removing its spent fuel, which contains deadly plutonium, is an urgent task…. The consequences could be far more severe than any nuclear accident the world has ever seen. If a fuel rod is dropped, breaks or becomes entangled while being removed, possible worst case scenarios include a big explosion, a meltdown in the pool, or a large fire. Any of these situations could lead to massive releases of deadly radionuclides into the atmosphere, putting much of Japan — including Tokyo and Yokohama — and even neighboring countries at serious risk.

CNBC points out:

The radioactive leak at Japan’s Fukushima nuclear plant is far from under control and could get a lot worse, a nuclear energy expert, who compiles the annual “World Nuclear Industry Status Report” warned.


The big danger – and it was identified by Japan’s atomic energy commission – is if you lose water in one of the spent fuel pools and you get a spent fuel fire.

CNN reports:

[Mycle Schneider, nuclear consultant:] The situation could still get a lot worse. A massive spent fuel fire would likely dwarf the current dimensions of the catastrophe and could exceed the radioactivity releases of Chernobyl dozens of times. First, the pool walls could leak beyond the capacity to deliver cooling water or a reactor building could collapse following one of the hundred of aftershocks. Then, the fuel cladding could ignite spontaneously releasing its entire radioactive inventory.

Reuters notes:

The operator of Japan’s crippled Fukushima nuclear plant is preparing to remove 400 tons of highly irradiated spent fuel from a damaged reactor building, a dangerous operation that has never been attempted before on this scale.

Containing radiation equivalent to 14,000 times the amount released in the atomic bomb attack on Hiroshima 68 years ago, more than 1,300 used fuel rod assemblies packed tightly together need to be removed from a building that is vulnerable to collapse, should another large earthquake hit the area.

Tokyo Electric Power Co (Tepco) is already in a losing battle to stop radioactive water overflowing from another part of the facility, and experts question whether it will be able to pull off the removal of all the assemblies successfully.

“They are going to have difficulty in removing a significant number of the rods,” said Arnie Gundersen, a veteran U.S. nuclear engineer and director of Fairewinds Energy Education, who used to build fuel assemblies.

The operation, beginning this November at the plant’s Reactor No. 4, is fraught with danger, including the possibility of a large release of radiation if a fuel assembly breaks, gets stuck or gets too close to an adjacent bundle, said Gundersen and other nuclear experts.

That could lead to a worse disaster than the March 2011 nuclear crisis at the Fukushima plant, the world’s most serious since Chernobyl in 1986.

No one knows how bad it can get, but independent consultants Mycle Schneider and Antony Froggatt said recently in their World Nuclear Industry Status Report 2013: “Full release from the Unit-4 spent fuel pool, without any containment or control, could cause by far the most serious radiological disaster to date.”


There is more to read at the link above.

13 September 2013

Gmar Chatima Tova to All Klal Yisrael

Wishing a Gmar Chatima Tova to all Clal Yisrael

May this be a year of deep retrospection on our being gathered together on our Eretz Yisrael, and the  further ingathering of our family members in all the countries on the globe. 

As Dov Bar Leib has succinctly stated, "I am blown away by America's collapse as a world power. It happened before our eyes over the course of about 48 hours." The prophecies are unfolding before us.

The preparations for our Geula are very much in the making, and Am Yisrael needs to open their eyes and see what is happening, as The Lubavitcher Rebbe stated years ago, and to understand why this is occurring. 

We need to open our hearts to one another, to respect each other, and to reciprocate the kindness that our G-d is showering upon us.

May this be a year of many awakenings, and a year of Bracha and Hatzlacha, health, financial stability, family cohesiveness, toleration for our splintered people to be nourished here on the Land.

May this be a year of shock and awe for the peoples and nations that fight against us.

08 September 2013

5773 Sure Was a Year of ... Squabbles

"Year of the Funny: The 9 most embarrassing moments of 5773
Ministers who conduct steamy love affairs on national TV, MKs and the first lady bare altogether too much - oh yeah, 5773 was not all tears."

I must admit at the time it wasn't funny, but look what one man, newly elected to the Israeli Government has provoked.... and he doesn't even appear in this cartoon.

Rabbi Winston – Shlach Lecha and 2000th Issue

THIS IS OFFICIALLY the 2,000th edition of Perceptions , boruch Hashem , a personal milestone. It is hard to believe that I have done this 2,...