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31 May 2017

The Element of PURGING – UPDATE

to get rid of people … because you do not agree with them. CambridgeDictionary

PURGE: Sean Hannity. 
Alex Jones spoke with inside sources at Fox News who say Sean Hannity’s days at the network are numbered  . . . Sean Hannity is set to be fired next week as the purge of pro American media accelerates! [ed. Just because he defends Trump and exposes lies]

UPDATE: Published on May 27, 2017 – News Source:https://goo.gl/NxjpTA
HE’S LEAVING Sean Hannity Shocks Viewers With Sudden Announcement
Sean Hannity has just announced that he is going on vacation for the rest of the week after he found himself in hot water over his reports on murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich and his unproven communication with WikiLeaks. It is not known whether or not Hannity’s vacation was preplanned. Also see Video: In his own words

PURGE:  Jared Kushner.
While quick to demonize Kushner, the mainstream media are quick to ignore then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s use of the Clinton Foundation as an illegal back channel to funnel donations to the foundation in exchange for favors.

While his wife was Secretary of State, former President Bill Clinton received nearly $1,175,000 in fees for three speeches in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). In return, the Clinton State Department promoted two conferences to bring foreign commercial investment to Dubai.

IN ERETZ YISRAEL – Deep State Virus

PURGE: Interior Minister Aryeh Deri and his wife Yaffa.
Deri and his wife interrogated as police arrest 14 in probe. Ex-convict interior minister questioned over suspected real estate and tax offenses; top officials among detainees . . . Amid graft probe, police may request house arrest for Deri. [ed. Why x-convict? Is that not slander and prejudging?]

Fake News: Some Israelis want to take down Israel’s government (sounds like they caught the American Deep State Virus). Livni whispers leftist ideology into Greenblatt’s ear; Lapid smells a weakening and so begins to post damaging FAKE NEWS, “Entire Israeli security establishment is worried by Trump’s Saudi arms deal”. [“Some Israelis” sounds like “Anonymous Sources”]

PURGE:  Meir Ettinger. 
After receiving notice of the tightening of the administrative restrictions against him, Meir Ettinger publishes his response to the IDF generals who are about to sign the administrative orders against Meir Ettinger. After receiving notice of the tightening of administrative restrictions Meir Ettinger publishes his response to the IDF generals who are about to sign the administrative orders against him BDS. 

for: GOC Central Command Roni Numa. 
GOC Home Front Command Tamir Yedi'i. 

In response to the notice of the hearing regarding the intention to issue a restraining order. 

1. With regard to the essence of the security information: 

I will argue that this is a fraud by the General Security Service, which is intended to conceal the purpose of the real order - harming legal and legitimate information activities. This is consistent with the message that the Shin Bet coordinator gave me when he presented me with the previous administrative order, which he claims was signed for punitive purposes for passing classes and meetings - activities that, to my knowledge, are still legal in the State of Israel. 

The essence of the "security information" detailed in the invitation to the hearing is the "copy of the glue" that was written a year and two years ago. This fact alone has to prove that this is not security information, but rather a security pretext for an order intended to harm the agenda and ideology Is not suitable for the security forces. Needless to say, since my release from administrative detention, only one case has been opened against me for participating in a legal demonstration. 

I very much hope that the demonstrations are not grounds for administrative orders in the State of Israel, which purports to boast of freedom of speech and the right to protest. If there are any complaints about my conduct in that demonstration, then this can be clarified in court. Apart from this during the past year, I have not been interrogated or even charged with any illegal activity

In addition, Jerusalem has been my place of work (teaching), a beit midrash for the last six months, and there I conduct my academic studies. And, like every Jew - a place of holiness and prayer - at the Western Wall, in the tomb of King David and on the Temple Mount. 

This is a limitation that would have puzzled how it would have gone without any concrete argument, had it not been for the sweeping silence of the media. As a Jew, I will stand up for my right to visit the holy city of the world and allow freedom of religion to exist. In my opinion, all the circumstances that I mentioned to harm me in the wake of the order are themselves grounds for the existence of a restraining order from Jerusalem intended to punish and injure fundamental rights in order to deter legitimate activity and to combat the ideology of the security forces. 

I accept their right to think so, but the use of administrative orders to combat ideology, because democratic tools do not allow punishment against legal activity makes the regime in Israel a dictatorship and the greatest danger to the freedom of citizens. 

Of the conduct of the security services regarding the use of administrative orders, particularly in the past month. The General Security Service also uses administrative orders as a legitimate tool to prevent any activity (ie, legal activity) which, in his opinion, could lead to extreme activity in various circumstances, even though the object of the order is not the cause, and sometimes even On the contrary, in many cases it is proven that the purpose of the administrative orders is to declare boys in the hills to the street and to crime, if only they do not stay in the hills, including prohibitions against contacting educational institutions, and to aggravate the conditions for boys who are not part of the hard core in the hills.

 As the law of the general, all this in order to please various elements in the media and the leftist organizations.

Source: Meir Ettinger (a loose translation)

30 May 2017

SHAVUOS – The Most Deeply Hidden

The Most Deeply Hidden
By Roy S. Neuberger

Why is Dovid Hamelech the eternal king of Israel? 

There was never anyone else like him. He is Kodesh Hakadoshim, Holy of Holies. He tried to remain hidden just as the Ribono shel Olam is hidden. His descendant, Moshiach ben Dovid, is extremely hidden. It seems quite likely that Moshiach ben Dovid is in the world today, but we do not yet know who he is. I am sure that, when he is revealed – may it be very soon, in our days! –it will be as it was when Yosef revealed himself to his brothers. 

“Now Yosef could not restrain himself in the presence of all who stood before him, se he called out, ‘Remove everyone from before me!’ Thus no one remained with him when Yosef made himself known to his brothers. He cried in a loud voice. Egypt heard, and Paro’s household heard. And Yosef said to his brothers, ‘I am Yosef. Is my father still alive?’ But his brothers could not answer him because they were left disconcerted before him.” (Beraishis 45:1-3)

Compare this please to the following description: “The House of Yishai had already despaired of having G-d’s glory revealed within it because of the ‘shame’ caused by Dovid. It was G-d’s will to conceal His plan from His loved ones until the appropriate time arrived. And now Shmuel (Hanovi) had come with a horn of anointing oil … to anoint a king from the house of Yishai. Yishai brought all his seven sons forward so that G-d might indicate which one of them was most fit in His eyes. However, Yishai did not call Dovid …. 

“‘Are there no more youths?’ [asked Shmuel] … And [Yishai] replied: ‘there is a little one remaining and he is tending the flocks’…. Shmuel replied: ‘Send for him and bring him.’…
They sent and brought him. He was redheaded, with beautiful eyes and pleasant appearance…. And G-d said, ‘Rise! Anoint him, for he is the one. And he anointed him in the midst of his brothers.” (Book of Our Heritage, Rabbi Eliahu Kitov, p. 855ff)

Dovid is the man who said, “I am a worm and not a man, scorn of humanity, despised of nations. All who see me deride me; they open wide … their lips; they wag their heads.” (Tehillim 22:7-8)
Dovid is also the man who said, “Hashem, my G-d, will illuminate my darkness. For with You I smash a troop, and with my G-d I leap a wall!” (Tehillim 18:29-30)

In the world of Esav, everything is “me first.” People push in front. Drivers cut you off. Businessmen try to destroy their competitors. People want their face on the cover of the magazine. Politicians employ polling agencies so they can tailor their policies to what the public wants. Fashions are designed to attract the eye to what should not be seen. People dress to shock, so that others will look at them. The evil eye is everywhere, desiring that which belongs to others. There is no truth. There is no integrity. There is no dignity. 

And we, Am Yisroel, have contracted this deadly disease!

What is the ideal? We are supposed to imitate the ways of the Ribono shel Olam and He is the Most Hidden! Moshiach, the son of Dovid Hamelech, who will save the world, is deeply hidden. No one knows where he is. Jaws will drop when he is revealed, just as jaws dropped in Mitzraim“The stone the builders despised has become the cornerstone.” (Tehillim 118)

“Dovid … tended his father’s sheep. In a short time he became king, and everyone said, ‘He was just a shepherd and now he is a king!” He replied, ‘You are surprised about me? I am even more surprised than you!” (Midrash Shocher Tov 118:21)

“The Sages ask: why is Megilas Rus read on [Shavuos]? To teach us that the Torah can be acquired only through affliction and suffering.” (Yalkut Shimoni, as quoted in Kitov, p. 837) “No one suffered as much anguish in his life as Dovid, [who said] ‘Those who hate me are more numerous than the hairs of my head.’ (Tehillim 69:5, as quoted in Kitov, p. 839)

My friends, we desperately need to understand this. We need to prepare for Moshiach by imitating Dovid, who imitated the ways of the Ribono shel Olam. We need to eliminate from ourselves the traits of the fatally sick world which surrounds us. Dovid Hamelech was small in his own eyes. When we are small in our own eyes then we will understand that our only hope is to cling to the Ribono shel Olam in order to establish an identity and an eternity. “Dovid’s eyes were always lowered out of fear of his Master. When he walked among the people, there was no haughtiness in him.” (Zohar 2:101b)

As we approach Har Sinai to receive the Holy Torah, we need to discard the traits that are clinging to us from two thousand years of living amidst those who desire to destroy sanctity in the world. “Even after the merit of the Avos is used up, we count upon being redeemed in the merit of [Hashem’s love for us] … The Geulah that will take place at the end of days will be for the sake of Hashem’s Name with love. This is what the Gemara means by saying, ‘In the period preceding the coming of Moshiach … upon what can we rely? Only upon our Father in Heaven!’ (Sotah 49a, as cited by Rabbi Yechezkel Levenstein zt”l, Legacy of the Mashgiach, p. 270)

In the merit of our complete reliance on the Ribono shel Olam, may we accept the Torah completely and soon see the Geulah Shelemah and the anointing of Moshiach the Son of Dovid! 

*          *          *          *
Roy Neuberger, author and public speaker, can be reached at roy@2020vision.co.il.

© Copyright 2017 by Roy S. Neuberger

The Kever of Shmuel Hanovi, the Prophet who anointed Dovid Hamelech. 

SIGN BEFORE MASHIACH – Rise and Fall of Erev Rav

Sign Before Mashiach - Rise and Fall of the Erev Rav in Bible Code

Erev Rav doing whatever they can to besmirch the Orthodox – pure anti-Torah behavior


Mizmor Ledavid Music Original By Matityahu Glazerson


Containing the Lights
by Rabbi Yitchak Ginsburgh

When the Jewish people in its entirety stood beneath Mt.Sinai to receive the Torah, they experienced a miracle greater than the exodus from Egypt and the Ten Plagues and more wondrous than the splitting of the Red Sea. The miracle that happened at Mt. Sinai was the revelation of God’s light to the world. At the Exodus from Egypt we are taught that, “The King of Kings, the Holy One, blessed be He, revealed Himself and redeemed them,” at the sea, “A maidservant at the sea saw what the Prophets did not see,” But, it was only at Mt. Sinai, that the entire Jewish people prophesized together, “All the people saw the sounds.”

A miracle is a revelation of Divine energy, which is liable to merely disperse ineffectively if it is not contained. The vessels that can contain the Divine energy revealed through a miracle are God’s commandments, the mitzvot of the Torah. Indeed, we see that each miracle of the redemption was accompanied by a commandment: the plague of the Egyptian firstborns and the Exodus were accompanied by the mitzvot of sanctifying the New Moon and the Passover sacrifice; Rashi quoting the sages states that the splitting of the Red Sea was accompanied by the mitzvot of Shabbat, the red heifer and various laws; and most obviously, at the Revelation at Mt. Sinai we received the Ten Commandments and subsequently, Moses received the entire Torah with its 613 mitzvot.

Lights and vessels

The relationship between Divine revelation and the Torah’s commandments can be explained using the basic pair of Kabbalistic concepts: lights and vessels.

As mentioned above, a miracle reveals Divine light, but, without a vessel to contain it, the light is prone to disperse. The vessel gathers the tremendous energy released, contains it, and by integrating it in our daily lives, allows it to be transmitted as a matter of traditional observance from generation to generation. Therefore, at every stage of great enlightenment we need the appropriate vessels to contain the light. Following this reasoning, the sages state that in order to redeem the Jewish people from Egypt, God gave them the commandment of the Passover sacrifice and had them circumcise themselves—otherwise the light of redemption would not have been properly integrated.

A similar need arose after the Parting of the Red Sea and the exuberance attained by the people with the Song of the Sea. Once they left the shores of the Red Sea, they came to Marah, where they could not find water to drink. The name Marah literally means “bitter,” not only describing the fact that the only water to be found was bitter, but also the psychological bitterness that many times accompanies the slump following an exhilarating experience. When the energy accompanying a spiritual experience disperses and we are left with only the drudgery of life, we may be prone to depression. To alleviate the bitterness that ensues and sweeten it, we need more Torah and more mitzvot.

At Mt. Sinai, the revelation was so powerful that the people in the camp were unable to bear it. So much so that they entreated Moses, “You speak to us and we will hear, but let God not speak to us, lest we die.” In fact, according to the sages, “with every commandment [they heard from God], their souls parted [from their bodies].” Great spiritual light descends to the world and immediately disperses but the mitzvot are a suitable vessel in which the great light of the Revelation at Mt.Sinai can be preserved.

In every generation, every Jew should feel that it is he himself who was redeemed from Egypt. The light revealed during the great events from the Ten Plagues to the Giving of the Torah is preserved in the vessel of the mitzvot. By, keeping the mitzvot throughout the centuries, generation after generation, our forefathers ensured that the great light of the Divine revelation experienced then remains with us even now.

613 candles and one great light

Another way of understanding the relationship between lights and vessels is to see them as principles and details. The light revealed at Mt.Sinai constitutes the general principle, while the 613 mitzvot are the myriad details that serve to contain the light. “For a mitzvah is a candle and the Torah is light.” Every commandment is a candle; a well-defined vessel that can contain the Torah’s light.

The many commandments with all their details and precise requirements (all written with such small print in the Shulchan Aruch) may seem dark and detached from great spiritual light. Indeed, some people searching for the light, for exhilarating spiritual experiences, find it difficult to comprehend why we need the mitzvot at all. What purpose does the vast world of halachah (Jewish law) serve in our quest for spirituality? Isn’t it better to experience Jewish spirituality by singing songs with friends and playing the guitar? This is a common mistake. In fact, here in this world we need an abundance of vessels to contain the lights because only the appropriate vessel can help us integrate the light.

In the words of the Zohar, the 613 mitzvot are 613 pieces of “advice.” Just as appropriate practical advice can aid an individual in a moment of distress, so too every mitzvah is a vessel that contains light like no other mitzvah. If you want to find the lights that illuminate reality, just calculate the value of the word “lights” (אוֹרוֹת) and you will find that it is 613, the exact number of mitzvot in the Torah! Meaning that if you are looking for spiritual “lights” the place to find them is in the Torah’s 613 mitzvot.

Dark treasures

In spite of all we have explained, the vessels still appear more lowly and mundane than the lights. The reality of routine mitzvah observance appears far less exciting than the spiritual fireworks that we experienced at Sinai. Nonetheless, since we inhabit a physical reality and Divine light is so spiritual and supernal, we need practical mitzvot to act as an intermediary to capture the light, contain it, and integrate it.

But the inner dimension of the Torah teaches us that in fact, “the source of the vessels is higher than that of the lights.” Surprisingly, the vessel containing the light actually emanates from a higher level than the light it contains. Above and beyond the Divine light revealed during the Exodus and the giving of the Torah is the even higher source of the vessels, which from our physical perspective appears absolutely dark. Therefore, in Kabbalah it is referred to as “the supernal darkness,” not because it is inherently dark, but because we cannot perceive its illuminated state. It is from the supernal darkness that the vessels through which we can integrate the light descend into our reality.

This is exactly what the Torah relates regarding the experience at Mt.Sinai. While the entire people stood at the foot of the mountain, saw the voices and the torches and heard God’s word—an incredible experience of Divine light―Moses had to enter the place of darkness and bring down the Torah from there! Mt.Sinai was shrouded in “darkness, cloud and fog,” three screens, one inside the other with each progressively darker than the last. “Moses approached the fog where God is,” and it was from this “thick cloud” that we received the mitzvot.

In the book of Yeshayahu there is an amazing expression that illustrates this idea, “And I shall give you the treasures of darkness and the hidden caches.” The greatest treasures are hidden in darkness, like a king who hides his most precious treasure in a dark, secret hiding place.

The treasures of the soul

When considering the human soul, or psyche, the vessels manifest as the three garments through which the soul expresses itself: thought, speech and action. The lights are the soul’s attributes and essential faculties, the personality as it is in and of itself. Here too, the soul’s expressive garments (or, vessels) seem much lower than its essential faculties. Yet even so, the three garments descend from the soul’s highest unconscious root, the three super-conscious heads of the crown, as explained in length in Chassidut.

Thus, the greatest Divine treasures are present in the vessels, the mitzvot, which we practice with the soul’s garments: thought, speech and action. This means that the vessel that eventually transmits the light, although dark by nature is not only subordinate to the great light that is above it, but actually expresses the “fog where God is,” the very same darkness that is high above the lights. Indeed, the word “treasures” (אוֹצָרוֹת) is composed of the word “lights” (אוֹרוֹת) with an additional letter tzadik (צ). The tzadik, the righteous leader of the generation, like Moses is not content with the lights experienced during moments of spiritual exhilaration, but enters deeper into the thickness of the cloud to bring the “treasures of darkness,” the 613 mitzvot. These are the 248 positive commandments and 365 prohibitions that we keep with our 248 limbs and 365 sinews.

29 May 2017

Meir Ettinger - "הצגה ואחיזת עיניים” כ"ט אייר תשע"ז - 25/05/2017

"הצגה ואחיזת עיניים"

לאחר שקיבל הודעה על החמרת ההגבלות המנהליות נגדו, מאיר אטינגר מפרסם את תשובתו לאלופי צה"ל העתידים לחתום על הצווים המנהליים נגדו

  • מאיר אטינגר 
  • כ"ט אייר תשע"ז - 15:24 25/05/201

לאחר שקיבל הודעה על החמרת ההגבלות המנהליות 

נגדו, מאיר אטינגר מפרסם את תשובתו לאלופי צה"ל העתידים לחתום על הצווים המנהליים נגדו
אלוף פיקוד המרכז רוני נומה.
אלוף פיקוד העורף תמיר ידעי.
במענה להודעת השימוע בגין הכוונה להוצאת צו הגבלה בענייני.
1. לגבי תמצית המידע הבטחוני: אטען שמדובר בתרמית של שירות הביטחון הכללי שנועדה להסתיר את מטרת הצו האמתית – פגיעה בפעילות הסברה חוקית ולגיטימית. הדבר עולה בקנה אחד עם המסר אותו העביר לי רכז השב"כ כאשר הציג בפני את הצו המנהלי הקודם, שלטענתו נחתם למטרות ענישה על כך שאני מעביר שיעורים והתוועדויות – פעילות שככל הידוע לי עדיין חוקית במדינת ישראל.
אותה תמצית ה"מידע הביטחוני" אשר פורטה בהזמנה לשימוע, הרי היא ב"העתק הדבק" אותה התמצית שנכתבה לפני שנה ולפני שנתיים, בעובדה זו בלבד יש להוכיח כי לא מדובר במידע בטחוני, אלא באצטלא ביטחונית לצו אשר נועד לפגוע באג'נדה ובאידאולוגיה אשר אינה מתאימה לגורמי הביטחון.
מיותר לציין, אשר מאז שחרורי ממעצר מנהלי נפתח כנגדי תיק אחד בלבד על השתתפות בהפגנה חוקית – אני מקווה מאד שהפגנות אינם עילה לצו מנהלי במדינת ישראל, המתיימרת להתפאר בחופש הביטוי וזכות המחאה. ככל שישנם טענות בגין התנהלותי באותה הפגנה הרי שהדבר יוכל להתברר בבית משפט. מלבד זאת במשך השנה האחרונה, לא נחקרתי ואף לא הואשמתי בשום פעילות בלתי חוקית.
בנוסף, אטען שהתנהלות שירות הביטחון הכללי בשימוש בצווים מנהליים (23 צווים מנהליים בתוך חודש) מלמדים שהשימוש בכלי המנהלי כלל לא נעשה בצמצום כפי ששירות הביטחון הכללי נוהג לספר - אלא בחתימה קולקטיבית של צווים. ללא כל אבחנה. "ירי לכל הכיוונים" - כאשר כלל לא נלקחת בחשבון הפגיעה בחירותם של אנשים ללא משפט. השתיקה הציבורית הביאה לכך שהיד קלה מאד על ההדק. שיטת העבודה נקבעה כך שהדרך הקלה לפתרון בעיית הטרור ביהודה ושומרון, היא על ידי השתקת המחאה היהודית כנגד פעולות הטרור והשתקתו, במקום לטפל בתוקפים הערביים – שזו משימה קצת יותר מורכבת.

אטען בכל זאת כי כל הטיעונים התקפים לגבי איסור הכניסה ליהודה ושומרון חלים גם על איסור הכניסה השרירותי לירושלים. ברור, שגם לטענת ה"מידע הבטחוני" כאילו יש לי השפעה על פעילי ימין, אין כל משמעות לגבולות העיר ירושלים, מלבד הרצון להעניש אותי בהגבלה האוסרת עלי לבקר בבית הורי.
בנוסף בעיר ירושלים – עיר הולדתי גרים כל יתר משפחתי שאינם גרים ביהודה ושומרון (הורי עם אחי ואחותי שאינם נשואים, עוד 3 אחים נשואים, סבתא שלי, ועוד 3 דודים ודודות. בנוסף בעיר ירושלים מתגוררות 2 דודות של אשתי). קשה לצייר את הפגיעה בהרחקה שרירותית מכל משפחתי, מאירועים משפחתיים, ומביקורים יום יומיים.
בנוסף, ירושלים היא לי מקום עבודה (בהוראה) , בית מדרש בחצי השנה האחרונה, ושם אני מקיים את לימודי האקדמאיים. וגם, כמו לכל יהודי – מקום קדושה ותפילה – בכותל המערבי, בקבר דוד המלך ובהר הבית. זוהי הגבלה שתמוה כיצד הייתה עוברת ללא כל טיעון קונקרטי, אילולי השתיקה הגורפת של התקשורת. כיהודי אעמוד על זכותי לבקר בעיר הקדושה בעולם ולאפשר את קיום חופש הדת.
לטענתי, כל אותם הנסיבות שציינתי לפגיעה בי בעקבות הצו – הם עצמם העילה לקיומו של צו הרחקה מירושלים, שתכליתו לענוש ולפגוע בזכויות בסיסיות, על מנת להרתיע מקיום פעילות לגיטימית, וכדי להילחם באידיאולגיה אשר לתפיסת עולמם של גורמי הביטחון, הינה מסוכנת ל"דמוקרטיה". אני מקבל את זכותם לחשוב כך, אך השימוש בצווים מנהליים כדי להילחם באידאולגיה, בשל העובדה שהכלים הדמוקרטיים אינם מאפשרים ענישה כנגד פעילות שהיא חוקית הופכת את המשטר בישראל לדיקטטורה ולסכנה הגדולה ביותר לחירות האזרחים.
מהתנהלות שירות הביטחון בנוגע לשימוש בצווים מנהליים, בפרט בחודש האחרון. וכן העולה מהתבטאויותיו של אלוף הפיקוד ורכזי שב"כ שונים, מתברר כי שירות הביטחון הכללי משתמש בצווים מנהליים ככלי לגיטימי למנוע כל פעילות (והכוונה לפעילות חוקית) אשר לדעתו תוכל בנסיבות שונות לגרום ולהיגרר לפעילות קיצונית, על אף שמושא הצו אינו הגורם לכך, ולעיתים אף להיפך. במקרים רבים מוכח שמטרת הצווים המנהליים הינה במוצהר לדרדר נערים בגבעות  לרחוב ולפשע, ולו בלבד שלא ישהו בגבעות, בכלל זה איסורי יצירת קשר עם גורמי חינוך, והחמרה בתנאים דווקא לנערים שאינם חלק מהגרעין הקשה בגבעות, מדובר בחציית קווים של ממש, וניצול סמכויות שלא כחוק של האלוף, כל זה על מנת לרצות
גורמים שונים בתקשורת ובארגוני השמאל.

לאור כל זאת אני טוען שמטרתה של ההרחקה המנהלית מירושלים הינה כדי לפגוע בפעילותי החוקית, על ידי ענישה
 ופגיעה בקשר שלי עם משפחתי, ופגיעה במקורות הפרנסה שלי.
3. לעניין מעצר הבית הלילי: אם איסור הכניסה לחלק גדול משטחי המדינה מהווה פגיעה בחירותי - על אחת כמה וכמה שמעצר בית לילי - אשר מונע ממני יציאה מהבית במשך מחצית מהיממה, אינו מאפשר לי לנסוע לטיולים, לנסוע לשבת, לצאת להתבודדותלהשתתף בחתונות, בשמחות משפחתיות, באירועים חברתיים, התוועדויות, ושיעורי תורה ועוד - כל זה ללא שנחקרתי, נחשדתי, והואשמתי בדבר.
ברור לכל, שמטרת מעצר הבית הלילי הינו להלך אימים בלבד. אף בטיעונים אותם הציג כביכול שירות הביטחון הכללי, לא נטען מעולם שאני מעורב בפעילות אלימה בפועל. (הדבר מוכח גם בפרוטוקולים של הדיון בבימ"ש המחוזי בעניין המעצר המנהלי). לאור זה אין שום היגיון במעצר בית לילי. אין בכדי לנטרל "השפעה אידאולגית" מדומה כזו או אחרת בעזרת מעצר בית לילי. מלבד הרצון בענישה קולקטיבית כנגד נערי גבעות ככלל. 
מדובר בבריונות לשמה של שירות הביטחון הכללי, העושה ככל העולה על רוחו, ללא כל שומרי סף, ומתוך ידיעה שאין כל ערכאת ערעור על צווים מנהליים שמוציא אלוף פיקוד העורף.  
4. לעניין איסור יצירת הקשר: אינני יכול לקבל את הודעת השימוע כקבילה.הפגיעה הנשקפת לי מאיסור יצירת קשר קונקרטית כלפי כל אדם ואדם שממנו אתם מבקשים להגביל את קשרי עמו. לא יתכן שאתבקש להגיב לשימוע ללא הודעה על זהות האנשים מהם אתם מבקשים להגביל אותי.
הודעה סתמית ולקונית זו יש בה ללמד על היסח וקלות הראש שבה רואה אלוף הפיקוד את הצווים המנהליים ככלל ואת איסור יצירת הקשר בפרט., האדם הוא ייצור חברתי [מורה נבוכים] וקשריו של אדם עם חבריו הם חלק בלתי נפרד מחייו. על פי החוק הישראלי עליכם להוכיח מסוכנות ממידת הקשר עם כל אחד ואחד, ולאזן את איסור יצירת הקשר עם הפגיעה עם אותו אדם, כך קבע גם נשיא בית הדין הצבאי לערעורים .
מניסיון העבר חלקם של האנשים איתם קיבלתי איסור יצירת קשר, הינם שותפים עסקיים שנבצר ממני לעבוד איתם בעקבות הצו, חלקם קרובי משפחה, שותפים ללימודים, וסתם אנשים שלא שמעתי את שמם עד קבלת הצו. לא יתכן להגביל חירות של אדם בצו דרקוני כל כך, ללא הליך שימוע נורמלי, שבו יוכל לטעון באופן ספציפי על זכויות היסוד אותם אתם מבקשים לקחת ממנו, ולתאר את מידת הפגיעה שנגרמת לו בעקבות הצו
כאמור, לא אוכל לטעון לעניין איסור יצירת קשר ללא הליך שימוע ראוי וחוקי. ולאור זאת, מובן, שצו מנהלי כזה שיוצא ללא הליך שימוע ראוי וחוקי הינו בלתי חוקי.
5. ולסיום: למעשה, ברור לי וגם לכם, כי הליך שימוע זה אינו אלא הצגה ואחיזת עיניים, את ההחלטה על הגבלת חירותי קיבלתם זה מכבר. על כן, אני מבקש לענות למסמך שאותו הצגתם – כפי מה שהוא באמת – מכתב איומים.
קשה לי לנחש מה עומד מאחורי מתקפת הצווים המנהליים האחרונה, ועל מה ולמה האפליה הבוטה כנגד יהודים. בשש השנים שעברו מאז קיבלתי את הצו המנהלי הראשון שלי, לאחר ניסיונות כושלים, התייאשתי מלנחש מה עומד מאחורי הרדיפות וההיסטריה. בחרתי במקום זאת להתמקד בשאלה מה חשוב לנו כיהודים המצפים לגאולה, לקדם ולעשות.
הדבר היחיד אותו אני יכול לזהות היא היסטריה הולכת וגוברת אצלכם, שהולכת וגודלת משנה לשנה. היסטריה זו מובילה אתכם לצעדים אשר מבעירים את השטח, מגבירים את התסכול, ופוגעים באינטרסים היהודיים. פחד ורתיעה מהאחר הם לעולם לא מתכון מוצלח לחיים מאושרים. אני בטוח שאם תצליחו להשתחרר מההיסטריה, תגלו שביחד נוכל להעלות את עם ישראל אל המסלול בו נגשים את יעודנו כעם הנבחר.
סימנתם לעצמכם כיעד את חיסול "נוער הגבעות". אבל זוהי משימה בלתי אפשרית, נוער הגבעות הוא לא ארגון או חבורה אותה אפשר לפרק או לחסל. מדובר בתנועה חברתית, שצומחת על רקע הריק האידיאולוגי במימוש החזון אליו בדיוק ציפו יהודים בכל הדורות. כל עוד קיים החלל שבין הציפיות לגאולה, בין התפילות אותם אנחנו אומרים כל יום בתפילה למציאות שאנחנו רואים מול עינינו, סביר להניח שזה לא יפסק.
 אתם מרבים להשתמש בדימוי של 'עשבים שוטים', ובכן, דעו לכם שהאדמה היא זו שמצמיחה את העשבים השוטים לדעתכם, גידוליה של הארץ הטובה, הנאחזים בחלומה. גם כשעוקרים שוב ושוב, ארץ ישראל מצמיחה לוחמים וחולמים את החלום של כולנו – כולנו כולל אתכם.
החלום של עם ישראל לא נפסק גם באלפיים שנות הגלות הארוכות, וגם מול אויבים שונים. אמנם, הניסיון של דורנו קשה במיוחד, לפעמים רבות אנחנו מבולבלים ולא זוכרים מה הייעוד שלנו כיהודים, מבלבלים בין אויב לאוהב, ומפחדים מהעומק של עצמנו.
אפשר עוד להאריך בזה הרבה אבל כל זה מיותר. אם תשכילו להיפטר מההיסטריה והפחד - תגלו שאתם לוחמים לחינם באויב מדומה. האמת היא שכולנו יהודים, בכולנו בוערת הנקודה הפנימית שמצפה לתיקון העולם במלכותו של ה'. וכולנו יחד צועדים בדרך למדינה יהודית, אל בית המקדש.  אם תרצו – גם זו לא אגדה.

28 May 2017



Something to think about. 

Could this barrage orchestrated against Trump and his ‘appointees’, plus White House leaking  be ‘min- haShamayim’[did Obama sanction bugging the WH? Is there a political traitor inside the ‘insiders'?] because  Trump did not follow through on his promises to Israel? And because he is allowing himself to be “advised” by Obama appointees? [And because he is wavering in his ‘min-haShamayim’ appointment to the presidency and as a political-world-shaker?]

When Israel is unjustly harangued, America suffers
[and Hashem wants Jews’ teshuva]

Not only is America suffering because of the Administration’s political position toward Israel [orchestrated by Obama holdovers] but within the Land of Israel itself is a looming threat, tenaciously monitored by DEVASH (see Special Features and Featured Posts on sidebar):

We are in a war – a war for the hearts and minds of Am Yisrael. From the very beginning the HaYovel Ministry was envisioned as a Trojan Horse - a conduit for feeding Christians into the Land of Israel in order to wage a spiritual battle upon the Jews here.

NOT SURE IF THE SOURCE FOR THE FOLLOWING IS FAKE NEWS, BUT I READ ELSEWHERE THAT TRUMP WANTED TO BEGIN THE PROCESS FROM THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION, i.e. with the *Arab world recognizing Israel to create a stable atmosphere before bringing the parties together to discuss (blah, blah, blah). However with Jason Greenblatt arriving in Israel right after Trump leaves, is this a good sign? Thus:

It’s Starting: Trump Demands Israel Transfer Land to Arabs BEFORE Deal

By David Israel
The US is demanding that Israel transfer land from Area C, which, according to the Oslo accords is under complete Israeli control, to Area B, where the Palestinian Authority has administrative control while the IDF is in charge of security, Israel’s Channel 10 TV reported Wednesday night.
According to the same report, Prime Minister Netanyahu opposes the move, arguing that political capital should not be wasted on minor measures, when there are greater and more significant measures to come. (read more at above link)

*According to Hebrew newspaper Israel Hayom, Abbas rejected Trump's offer of a regional plan which would first entail normalizing relations with Israel's neighbors and only afterwards discussing a Palestinian state.JPost AND Report claims that Trump proposed plan based on 'Arab Peace Initiative' - with priority given to regional peace before the Israeli-PA issue. JPost


Other lies and distorted facts are now thrown-up onto the pages of the Washington Post:

Another Washington Post anonymously sourced hit job dropped on the Trump White House — this one about Jared Kushner asking the Russian ambassador for a “secret channel.” It dropped just in time to greet the president upon his return from his first international trip and the very day after Attorney General Jeff Sessions pledged to “put an end to” the rampant leaks coming from within the government. The leaks that produced this story, according to sources, came from inside the West Wing.

“They are solely focused on themselves 
and planting false stories, 
to put targets on other people’s backs, 
to shift attention from their own records.”

The latest claim stems from a supposed meeting that President Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, and Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn had on Dec. 1 or 2 with the Russian ambassador, Sergey Kislyak. According to The Post, U.S. officials who reviewed intercepts between Kislyak and Moscow saw that Kushner requested “a secret [communications] channel with Moscow rather than relying on traditional government systems.” [not including link]

[ed. one by one, the will go after Trumps administration supporters]

Complete Deep State ‘Leaks’ to Far Left MSM Outlets – With Analysis. "These ‘leaks’ in all cases still are not supported with any names of so-called sources and in all cases the ‘leaks’ are meant to destroy the current President."

In Every Generation We Must Take Control of the Land of Israel

"BAMIDBAR begins with the decree that Israel take a national census. Many of history’s great Torah luminaries explain the entire purpose of this count to have been for the organization of a military force that would liberate the Land of Israel from foreign rule. The holy Ohr HaḤaim even adds that there was a hidden miracle involved in the census – that every man counted was in top physical condition and eligible for combat service.

"In his supplement to the Rambam’s Sefer HaMitzvot, the Ramban teaches that it is a Torah commandment in every generation that the Nation of Israel take control of and inhabit the entire Land of Israel." (read full article at title link)

Donald Trump, NWO, and the Deep State’s War Against Jerusalem

By Trump essentially declaring that Jerusalem belongs to Israel, he has out flanked the global elite. By doing that, the President has pushed them to increase their animosity to himself and his agenda. McMaster and Tillerson will try to derail Trump’s accomplishments he made between the Arab world and Israel. Expect the leaks to increase and the investigations to begin to focus on the President himself. All the while the North Korean crisis will erupt and drag America into a serious war, leaving Israel vulnerable to attack. (read full article at title link)


[ed. But did Trump in fact do that? Was this the unspoken message to the Saudis? Did he convey that to the Israelis? How long can Trump act independently of Tillerson and McMaster?]


What Does This Shavuos Mean to You?

On this Erev Shavuot, when we remember how we stood at Har Sinai and received the Dvar Hashem, the Word of Hashem, and the Lucos Moshe Rabbeinu brought down to the people gathered below, we love and learn our precious gift from Hashem. Today we have many Yeshivos and Kollelim with erliche Jewish bochurim and husbands sitting and learning, about our history,  how we developed as a nation, a historical bond with the Aibeshteh, and we appreciate the laws and statutes that He gave to us to live a meaningful and purposeful religious life as a “ Be holy because I am Holy”. 

After receiving our Holy Torah, we were to have traveled to the Promised Land, promised to Avrahom, Yitzhak and Yaakov, our Holy ancestors, but something surreal happened and we have spent thousands of years wandering in the desert of the Nations. Just 70 years ago we were Remembered and the Land was Remembered, and slowly our broken bodies and souls returned to fulfill our destiny in the Promised Land, our Eretz Yisrael, our Homeland. We came, we settled, we farmed, we built yeshivas and a Nation.

This was not without hardships. Some Jewish neshomas, poisoned by the years of living with people of foreign ideologies, returned to our Homeland and with deception, cruelty and force created a society that did not recognize Har Sinai and the Special Gift given to His children when we were beginning our sojourn as a nation. They wanted us to be like the other Nations, the ones we suffered under for millennia. Because of their numbers and force they prevailed and are still pushing their agenda on the innocent neshomas and the rest of us believers in Hashem’s Torah. They have succeeded in many ways, but they are not finished; because we are thriving, they want to finish their “Agenda".

With this in mind, below is the text of a special letter in support of the protesters who are protesting the “Agenda”:

Witness to the Fallacy of Blindness

It’s obvious to all that Eretz Yisroel is in a perpetually precarious state of existence: Living in the shadow of an Iranian nuclear bomb in the making, encircled by heavily armed, sworn enemies, singled out for scorn by the so-called community of nations.

All of this makes the situation of acheinu b’nei Yisroel in artzeinu hakedosha unique, and uniquely dangerous. This mortal threat to our survival is something of which we’re all painfully aware.

Yet, there’s another crisis unfolding there that few if any of us are aware of. It presents an immense existential threat to our nation in general and to the yishuv in Eretz Yisroel in particular, and it raises the danger posed by the enemies seeking our destruction to unthinkable levels.

Simply stated, the danger we speak of is that the flourishing community of yeshivos and b’nei yeshiva, that has grown by leaps and bounds across the length and breadth of Eretz Yisroel will be decimated – not by 2040, nor even in as long as a decade from now. Instead, within a handful of years, the world’s largest and most vibrant community of lomdei Torah will undergo a drastic downsizing. The Olam haYeshivos as we know it – and with it, the frum community of which it is the beating heart – will cease to look as it does today.

That’s not hyperbole. It is incontrovertible fact.

And it is chilling beyond all words. The following paragraphs will set forth the state of affairs in Eretz Yisroel today regarding the drafting of b’nei yeshiva into the Israeli army, based on first-hand knowledge, in-depth research and copious documentation. Little if any of this information has been known or publicly discussed in the American Torah community – until now. Anyone who contests these plainly demonstrable facts is welcome to step forward and provide counter-evidence in refutation of what is written here. We are confident that our rendition of the terrifying reality will withstand scrutiny.

As the Israeli draft law stands today, the government is required to set a goal of drafting several thousand chareidi young men for military service each year and to engage in various activities designed to achieve that objective. This includes the use of well-trained, undercover government agents from within the chareidi community whose mission is to persuade the b’nei yeshiva they target to enter the army.

Currently, all b’nei yeshiva are exempt from serving, provided they follow the prescribed procedures and otherwise qualify for exemption. It should be stated that under the current law, a majority of b’nei yeshiva have a fairly easy time in securing their exemptions: They’re able to appear in groups at conscription offces, spend minimal time undergoing physical examinations and promptly receive the necessary exemption papers.

But here’s the untold story: Thousands of b’nei yeshiva – in particular, those who are vulnerable either because they learn in smaller or lesser-known yeshivos, or due to having certain backgrounds, such as Sefardic b’nei yeshiva from weaker chareidi backgrounds and ba’alei teshuvah – are being targeted by the army and other governmental departments for intensive recruitment efforts. Many of these b’nei yeshiva have been imprisoned for failure to comply with every last detail of the bureaucratic exemption process, despite good faith efforts to do so. Many others remain free but live in constant fear of being apprehended and jailed.

Large numbers of these b’nei Torah, however, are neither in military prison nor on the run.

Unbelievable as it may seem, they are now serving in the Israeli army. Despite being full-fledged b’nei yeshiva, they have been wrenched from the bais medrash and forcibly inducted into the IDF for failing to meet the legal requirements for exemption. Their conscription enables the army to fill the yearly quotas of thousands of chareidim demanded by Israeli draft law. The basis for the drafting of many of these bnei yeshiva is that they fail to meet the technical requirements of a “ben yeshiva” as defined by law.

For example:

A bochur cannot qualify for exemption as a ben yeshiva unless he learns in a yeshiva gedolah that has at least twenty-five talmidim who qualify as b’nei yeshiva, i.e., who are at least eighteen years old.

A bochur who has earned any taxable money from employment, even if only during bein haz’manim or bein hasedarim, cannot qualify for exemption as a ben yeshiva. Thus, for example, abochur who earned a meager salary during Yom Tov break to help with his impoverished family’s expenses will be forced into army service. Only talmidim of offcially recognized yeshivos qualify for exemption; no new recognitions, however, have been issued in over a year, and the talmidim of such institutions are thus not exempt.

Why Learning Torah is So Important

Under new rules about to be instituted,

1) a bochur in his last year in a yeshiva k’tanah (the equivalent of an American mesivta) who will be one of the first in his class to reach the conscription age of eighteen, will not be eligible for exemption becausehis yeshiva k’tanah doesn’t have the minimum number of b’nei yeshiva, as described in a)
above; and

2) bochurim learning in yeshivos that do not accept Israeli government funding will not qualify for exemption from the draft. The army is in the process of setting up a sophisticated inspection system under which, in an unprecedented breach of the religious autonomy of the yeshivos, it will begin to directly intervene in those institutions to enforce the draft law.

Appeals to individuals and organizations to use their political clout to help the large numbers of bnei Torah who are in desperate straits, in the army, in prison or cowering in hiding from the authorities, have been in many cases unsuccessful. Everything that has been described until this point reflects the deeply disturbing current state of affairs. The Israeli military refers to it as a “tekufat histaglut,” a very temporary “adjustment period,” in order to enable the frum community to adapt to the coming, far more ominous reality.

In 2020, the next stage of the draft law will come into effect, under which what were previously non-mandatory yearly recruitment goals will become mandatory yearly quotas of chareidi young men required to enter the army, and the quota levels will rise as well.

Then, in 2023, the law providing exemptions to b’nei yeshiva comes to a complete end. The only b’nei yeshiva who will continue to be free of army service will be those over the age of twenty-four, who are entitled to a permanent exemption.

However, the large numbers of b’nei yeshiva who reach conscription age each year, numbering approximately seven thousand annually, will be forcibly drafted. It boggles the mind to envision the mass conscription of b’nei Torah in Eretz Yisroel, but that is the looming reality.

Let us speak plainly: The world is looking on mutely as the evil Iranians, hell-bent on destroying the Jews, proceed with building the Bomb; by all accounts, they are perhaps a decade away from achieving that diabolical goal. But long before that point – indeed, in a short six years from now, if the current situation continues – the peerlessly glorious world of yeshivos overflowing with young and old, with talmidei chachomim delving continuously into the depths and breadth of Torah, will simply no longer exist in the form it does today. And with it, the single greatest source of protection from that Bomb and all the other threats we face – the intense, nonstop limud haTorah of thousands -- will be severely undermined.

In the foregoing paragraphs, you’ve been introduced to events and facts of which you were probably unaware; of which, strangely, no one speaks; and about which, our numerous media outlets are inexplicably silent. You, too, have a choice: You can turn the page, and turn your attention to other matters.

Or not.

אהרן משה שכטר

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The Rasha – Wicked & Corrupted Ideology From A Reform “Rabbi” From London who Promotes Homosexuality
[and other damaging anti-Torah Concepts]

The Shiur opens with shocking revelations. Rabbi Mizrachi was advised by esteemed Rabbis in London to expose a terrible scourge. Most of the first half of this shiur is devoted to alarming his audience and beyond of someone/something to be aware of.

Just after this section the Rabbi goes into extremely interesting facts about twins, and other matters, before leading us into Shavuot.

Some legal and social background on the proliferation of immoral thinking and legislation:

26 May 2017

Shabbat Shalom and Chodesh Tov Sivan

Chodesh Tov–Parsha and Current Events: Balance and Equality
Nature does not relish or encourage imbalance or inequality.
by Rabbi Nachman Kahana

The most elementary atom and molecule achieve stability through their equal number of positively charged protons and negatively charged electrons. However, when they become positively ionized by losing a negative electron, for example, they readily bond with an atom or molecule which became negatively ionized by losing a positive proton in order to regain stability.

Hashem created nature as a duality of equal parts, which when taken together create uniformity, equilibrium, and symmetry; imbalance in any of nature’s systems creates havoc.

Doctors cannot always understand why one’s immune system suddenly fails to function and serious disease ensues.

I suggest that the cause is a deep emotional crisis such as anger, sorrow or any of the many negative aspects of one’s personality which in turn create imbalance of the system. As in the words of the illustrious Ramban in his letter to his son Nachman: “One who is angry all sorts of Gehennom abound in him”.

In the same vein of thought, two people who first meet sense a feeling of equality and mutual respect. if A should do a favor for B, then the equality is breached. B becomes beholden to A either legally or morally with an accompanying feeling that the relationship is no longer one of total equality. The feeling of equality can be restored only when B returns the favor to A.

This certainly holds true also with our relationship with Hashem, the Creator. Every pleasure, favor or miracle delivered to us by Hashem generates a requisite obligation upon Am YIsrael.

The God-given emotion of love creates the responsibilities inherent in marriage. The delight in giving birth to a child is accompanied with the responsibilities of bringing up the child. Great wealth provided by Hashem obligates the recipient to share the blessing with those who are less fortunate.

Hashem’s bestowing of a miracle on Am Yisrael is not a freebie, with the resultant obligations equal to the intensity of the miracle.

The exodus from Egyptian slavery was accompanied with the obligation to fulfill the mitzvot of the Torah. When we miraculously entered Eretz Yisrael, three mitzvot obligated the nation: to anoint a king, to destroy Amalek and to erect the Bet Hamikdash.

The miracles of Chanuka and Purim brought in their wake all the halachot which accompany these festive days of thanksgiving.

When the Medina was established in 1948, the obligation to return home came into force on every Jew in the galut. But they did not come. And because of this the obligation stands before the heavenly throne demanding the punishment of those who discarded their God initiated national and religious commitments.


In 1967, Hashem blessed the Jewish nation with the greatest miracle since the dividing of the Red Sea - the sovereignty we now enjoy over Yerushalayim. It is Hashem’s gift to his loyal sons and daughters, and evokes upon us the obligation to develop the holy city in all its physical and spiritual aspects, and protect and defend our sovereignty at all costs. Did Hashem not say: “I will not enter the heavenly Yerushalayim until I have entered the earthy Yerushalayim (Taanit 5a)!”

The gentile world has always been cognizant of what is important for the survival of the Jewish nation at any particular time.

The Greeks prohibited the offering of sacrifices, the fulfillment of Shabbat and holidays, prohibited circumcision, and required the Jews to eat non-kosher food.

The Romans prohibited the Jews from having independent batei din (courts of law), from reading from the Torah, consuming matza on Pesach and praying in a bet knesset (synagogue).

The European Christians confiscated our holy books and burn them in the public square, for they knew that in these volumes lay the secret of Jewish survival.

The majority of nations today do not recognize Yerushalayim as the capital of Israel. A baby born to American parents in Yerushalayim will have stamped in his or her passport Jerusalem as the city of birth; but it will not say Israel. Most nations today including the USA do not recognize Yerushalayim as even a part of the Jewish state. The Gentile knows that the centrality of Yerushalayim connects all the dots of the Jewish nation, so Yerushalayim is the target point of the anti-Semite.

On Wednesday of this week we shall celebrate the unbelievable victory of Tzahal in the Six Day War. All the previous miracles wrought by Hashem for his nation Yisrael pale before what transpired in those six days between Monday and Shabbat. What took Yehoshua Bin Nun 7 years to accomplish, Tzahal did in 6 days. Then on Wednesday at 10:30 AM, the breathtaking announcement was made on the radio that General Mota Gur has just declared: “The Temple Mount is in our hands. Hold your fire.”

I lack the words to describe the greatness of those days. Emotions are overpowering, but unfortunately, they cannot accurately be put into words.

As unique and unprecedented as the Six Day War was, it was only a preview of what is yet to transpire here in Hashem’s holy land.

The next series of miracles that Hashem has in store for his loyal and dedicated children in Eretz Yisrael will be played out not in the limited region of the Middle East. They will be boundless and sweep across national borders in order to exhibit to the world that there is a Creator who is a “Religious Zionist”, and Am Yisrael is indeed His chosen people.

Shabbat Shalom Chodesh Tov

Israeli Sues For 1M NIS (Covid) Compensation

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