31 May 2017

The Element of PURGING – UPDATE

to get rid of people … because you do not agree with them. CambridgeDictionary

PURGE: Sean Hannity. 
Alex Jones spoke with inside sources at Fox News who say Sean Hannity’s days at the network are numbered  . . . Sean Hannity is set to be fired next week as the purge of pro American media accelerates! [ed. Just because he defends Trump and exposes lies]

UPDATE: Published on May 27, 2017 – News Source:https://goo.gl/NxjpTA
HE’S LEAVING Sean Hannity Shocks Viewers With Sudden Announcement
Sean Hannity has just announced that he is going on vacation for the rest of the week after he found himself in hot water over his reports on murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich and his unproven communication with WikiLeaks. It is not known whether or not Hannity’s vacation was preplanned. Also see Video: In his own words

PURGE:  Jared Kushner.
While quick to demonize Kushner, the mainstream media are quick to ignore then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s use of the Clinton Foundation as an illegal back channel to funnel donations to the foundation in exchange for favors.

While his wife was Secretary of State, former President Bill Clinton received nearly $1,175,000 in fees for three speeches in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). In return, the Clinton State Department promoted two conferences to bring foreign commercial investment to Dubai.

IN ERETZ YISRAEL – Deep State Virus

PURGE: Interior Minister Aryeh Deri and his wife Yaffa.
Deri and his wife interrogated as police arrest 14 in probe. Ex-convict interior minister questioned over suspected real estate and tax offenses; top officials among detainees . . . Amid graft probe, police may request house arrest for Deri. [ed. Why x-convict? Is that not slander and prejudging?]

Fake News: Some Israelis want to take down Israel’s government (sounds like they caught the American Deep State Virus). Livni whispers leftist ideology into Greenblatt’s ear; Lapid smells a weakening and so begins to post damaging FAKE NEWS, “Entire Israeli security establishment is worried by Trump’s Saudi arms deal”. [“Some Israelis” sounds like “Anonymous Sources”]

PURGE:  Meir Ettinger. 
After receiving notice of the tightening of the administrative restrictions against him, Meir Ettinger publishes his response to the IDF generals who are about to sign the administrative orders against Meir Ettinger. After receiving notice of the tightening of administrative restrictions Meir Ettinger publishes his response to the IDF generals who are about to sign the administrative orders against him BDS. 

for: GOC Central Command Roni Numa. 
GOC Home Front Command Tamir Yedi'i. 

In response to the notice of the hearing regarding the intention to issue a restraining order. 

1. With regard to the essence of the security information: 

I will argue that this is a fraud by the General Security Service, which is intended to conceal the purpose of the real order - harming legal and legitimate information activities. This is consistent with the message that the Shin Bet coordinator gave me when he presented me with the previous administrative order, which he claims was signed for punitive purposes for passing classes and meetings - activities that, to my knowledge, are still legal in the State of Israel. 

The essence of the "security information" detailed in the invitation to the hearing is the "copy of the glue" that was written a year and two years ago. This fact alone has to prove that this is not security information, but rather a security pretext for an order intended to harm the agenda and ideology Is not suitable for the security forces. Needless to say, since my release from administrative detention, only one case has been opened against me for participating in a legal demonstration. 

I very much hope that the demonstrations are not grounds for administrative orders in the State of Israel, which purports to boast of freedom of speech and the right to protest. If there are any complaints about my conduct in that demonstration, then this can be clarified in court. Apart from this during the past year, I have not been interrogated or even charged with any illegal activity

In addition, Jerusalem has been my place of work (teaching), a beit midrash for the last six months, and there I conduct my academic studies. And, like every Jew - a place of holiness and prayer - at the Western Wall, in the tomb of King David and on the Temple Mount. 

This is a limitation that would have puzzled how it would have gone without any concrete argument, had it not been for the sweeping silence of the media. As a Jew, I will stand up for my right to visit the holy city of the world and allow freedom of religion to exist. In my opinion, all the circumstances that I mentioned to harm me in the wake of the order are themselves grounds for the existence of a restraining order from Jerusalem intended to punish and injure fundamental rights in order to deter legitimate activity and to combat the ideology of the security forces. 

I accept their right to think so, but the use of administrative orders to combat ideology, because democratic tools do not allow punishment against legal activity makes the regime in Israel a dictatorship and the greatest danger to the freedom of citizens. 

Of the conduct of the security services regarding the use of administrative orders, particularly in the past month. The General Security Service also uses administrative orders as a legitimate tool to prevent any activity (ie, legal activity) which, in his opinion, could lead to extreme activity in various circumstances, even though the object of the order is not the cause, and sometimes even On the contrary, in many cases it is proven that the purpose of the administrative orders is to declare boys in the hills to the street and to crime, if only they do not stay in the hills, including prohibitions against contacting educational institutions, and to aggravate the conditions for boys who are not part of the hard core in the hills.

 As the law of the general, all this in order to please various elements in the media and the leftist organizations.

Source: Meir Ettinger (a loose translation)


LTC said...

It's hard - no, impossible - to take seriously anyone who cites nutcase Alex Jones as a source. Get a grip.

DS said...

Thanks for sharing.

PS: funny translation.

Neshama said...

Our translator does a great job, no one else offered to do it. If you know a little Ivrit, try to read the original.

Sometimes the TRUTH comes from unlikely sources/people.