14 May 2017

Fake News or Lead-Up to the Redemption

Is Fake News “*mirmah utachbolese”?

"David Friedman tells Jerusalem officials to avoid confrontation with president over his efforts to renew talks [. . .] Washington’s newly appointed Ambassador to Israel David Friedman recently told Israeli diplomats that US President Donald Trump is intent on reaching a peace deal, and urged them to cooperate and aid the president in his endeavor, (according to) Haaretz written in TimesofIsrael.

"Top Trump Official . . . No plan to hold Netanyahu–Abbas Summit during upcoming trip.” JPost

Trump to discuss 'Palestinian self-determination’ – National security adviser: Trump will express his desire for self-determination for the Palestinians during upcoming Middle East visit. McMaster

Fake News is so rampant that it clouds what is really taking place. This can be a bad thing or a good thing. All of it is for the “ultimate Good”. We are witnessing events snowballing in one direction – to the culmination (the climax,  apex) of the Geula. Or can we view this as Trump “smoking out, weeding out, the **misinformants in his Administration? 

Will the Climactic Explosion of Reality be upon the Palestinians or upon Israel?

Will We Witness the Greatest Purim Miracle of all –A "V'nahafoch Hu" 

Rabbi Pinchas Winston Shlit”a – "Donald Trump is first and foremost a businessman. He is not a politician, though he may have to become one in office. He is a man for whom success is the spice of life, whatever and wherever it may be. It’s just the way he looks at the world.

"For Trump the businessman, it is not about making the Israelis happy. It is not about making the Arabs happy either. It is about making Donald happy, and that means success. He’s not interested in destiny or fairness. His attention is drawn to what he sees as win-win situations.

"God put Donald Trump into the White House at this very LATE stage of history as part of the final approach for the “landing” of world history. The focus should not be on politics, but on redemption. Ask not what the President can do for you, but what he is doing for the Final Redemption.”

"Time for Israel to Present its Own Vision"

“We can no longer operate a ‘bunker policy’,” MK Naftali Bennett said on Saturday night. "Israel must initiate and present its own vision. Otherwise, as seems to be happening once again, its fate will be determined by others. The Bar-Ilan speech was made during President Obama's term. The speech and the agreement to establish Palestine brought about boycotts, terrorism and a serious demographic threat, and now is the time to announce its cancellation."

"There are two possible methods: A continuation of the Bar-Ilan policy that advocates the establishment of a second Palestinian state, in addition to that in Gaza. That is a failed messianic formula that until now has led to bloodshed, political deterioration and will bring about a demographic disaster,”...

“Alternatively,” Bennett said, “The State of Israel can establish its own vision for the future of the region: Regional economic development based on entrepreneurship, the prevention of a second Palestinian state in addition to that in Gaza, the imposition of sovereignty over the Israeli territories in Judea and Samaria, the stabilization of the Gaza Strip and the strengthening of the State of Israel as a security, intelligence and economic anchor in the region. It's time to initiate. Our future is in our hands.”

Whenever the Jewish World is in Flux, one must think – “The Hand of Hashem” is stirring things up.


*"mirmah utachbolese" means “trickery and scheming.” It is a tactic used, historically, by the Sitra Achra, and quite surprisingly, by God Himself. [Rabbi Pinchas Winston Shlit”a] This is a phrase you might read often in the coming months.

** “Misinformants": To provide with incorrect information
As we approach Shavuos this year, it is well to remember Purim:

The Day We Accepted the Entire Torah at the time of PURIM, and as we approach SHAVUOS, we may need to solidify our acceptance in these days at this time.

Could the Story of Purim Happen in our Days? A discourse by Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi


Anonymous said...

H' never does bad! That is why He has the sitra achra working for Him. He is the evil doer of the world and when we and the world misbehave (the doings of the evil inclination: sitra achra), all the misfortune, c'v, come from him. He is the angel of Esav who does his job too well.

H' wants us to do teshuva and only good and then that angel will be undone by H'. All we have to do is heeding H's Mitzvot and rely only HIM and not the nations. That has always been our greatest sin.

Neshama said...

Anon, I need to clarify something you wrote. ALL actions come from HaShem. There is no other source for ALL things. Even the 'bad' is ultimately GOOD. So, there is NO OTHER force than HaShem. The yetzer is within each one of us, starting from Gan Eden, it is not a separate force, which would make him separate from HaShem, that would be a duality, and that is xtianity, not Judaism. People with the yetzer within them makes for evil. That is why The Torah implores us to CHOOSE to do GOOD, think GOOD, and live a GOOD life via the Torah requirements.

Neshama said...

Let me add, we cannot blame "others" but must look within ourselves to correct our actions and thoughts. Has, we stand against evil and evil doers, but the ultimate corrections are with the Jewish Nation.

Anonymous said...


Monday night we will count 42. Day of the OMER. On Tuesday, YOM SHLISHI, just day before Yom Yerushalayim is the 42.day, last of the week of YESOD, that keep the klipot away and opens gates straight to Heaven. Whats your prayer??? Tuesday 23 May, please, pray, Am Israel!

There is no other side to attack us! That means, that you can fully concentrate to make you to us. Us, Am ISRAEL, we can unite in genuine PRAYER to ask ABBA to help us. Its time for mashiah, Hashem is waiting for our request!

אורנה ניצבת

Neshama said...

Orna, you’re right on track. Thank you. Maybe I should post a “Reminder Alert” to hopefully stir the readers up to daven real strong. And they should alert their friends to do the same.

Anonymous said...

To Neshama, it is written that no bad comes from H'. Ultimately, everything is to the good, but H' uses his servant, the angel of Aisav, to do the bad. Our evil inclination comes from him. H' tests us, and we make the choices. Of course, everything is from H'! There is no other but H', Ein Od Milvado! L'havdil elef alfei p'amim, Aisav believes in the fiction of another Force. You obviously misunderstood my comment.

This is in response to Neshama's response to my comment above.