19 May 2017

Monday/Tuesday is 42 in The Count of the Omer – REMEMBER

Reminder About

"The Vilna Gaon said that the 20th and 42nd days of the Omer were special days, spiritual windows of opportunity with respect to the Redemption of the Jewish People"

We need to understand the seriousness and weighty purpose of our prayers/davening on Monday nite for Mashiach to be revealed so we can stop this madness that is enveloping the world, and threatening the Jewish People and Nation.

It would be nice if everyone who visits this page, leaves in the comment section, what you are asking of Hashem; that we can share our prayers as if a unique unit of one people. It may give others inspiration.


ben Shlomo said...

Davin for Jewish unity!

Anonymous said...

I'm praying for Hashem to heal all the sick of our people - Physically and spiritually those who are under sway of crippling addiction. To release us from the grip of galut and the Yetzer Hara. To not be distracted. For the Jewish people to have their eyes opened to our identity and profound reality/relation to Hashem in the world. To feel the enormous weight and privilege of the Yoke of Heaven. I pray that G-d will have mercy on His world and not destroy it. To give us strength to better do His Will, to experience unity without tragedy, that all Jews will fear G-d and do T'shuva. I'm also praying for Hashem to assist us in our preparations for Aliyah.


Anonymous said...

I'm praying for Hashem to redeem us.

Read "Geulah, Moshiach, War III and Tefillah":

Avrohom Uriel Danziger said...


We are all davening for klal jisroel, b'erec jiszroel u'vhuc lo'orec far jede gite jiddise briders. To me'haven for l'akomo shine kdajse mi-afro, u'bad bias trein m'sihin, u'bead bias ha'bajis Ha'Slisi. Tekef u'mijad. Umajn.
Avrohom Uriel Danziger
Hungary Tápiószele

drbsd said...

I'm praying that Hashem's reputación and prestige is recognized by all his creation. I'm praying that all am Israel return to our Torah. I'm giving thanks to Hashem for tha good and the simingly bad. I'm praying that Hashem makes Kidush Hashem through me

Anonymous said...



Please unite me and my soulmate in a unity that is strong enough to serve YOU completely, be Shalom!
Please, keep my children close to YOU, to serve YOU in joy!
Please, Hashem, bring all AM ISRAEL to Eretz Israel now, have mercy and strength to reveal YOUR TORA, to make it OUR again!
Please Hashem, crown mashiah, so we can do what you expect from us in purity and holiness.
Please make it clear to the whole universe, that YOU ARE ONE, G'D of Avraham, Itschak and Jaacov and there is nothing beside YOU.
We are waiting for You Water. Give us DAAT, to never be hungry, thirsty and cold again!
Give us SHALOM.
Make us whole for we are broken without YOU as our visible KING.
Let us find Your COMPASSION to pray for us by YOURSELF!

Anonymous said...

How inspiring; we should all Daven for the Geula Shleima to TRULY SERVE H' as loyal servants; like our revered Manhig; Moshe Rabbeinu!