06 May 2017

Rare Pre-state Document [says] Israel Entitled to Judea, Samaria – "The Basic Equities of the Palestine Problem"

Rare Pre-state Document [says] Israel Entitled to Judea, Samaria – "The Basic Equities of the Palestine Problem"

The 107-page memorandum, entitled “The Basic Equities of the Palestine Problem”, was produced by eight prominent Jewish American jurists in September 1947, and sent to the United Nations in response to the UN’s Special Committee on Palestine’s report which suggested a partition of the country, leaving the proposed Jewish state with a tiny portion of the land originally allotted to it by the Balfour Declaration and subsequent League of Nations Mandate for Palestine.

Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and much of the Galilee were left beyond the borders of the proposed Jewish state under the UNSCOP’s plan.

The eight jurists who produced the memorandum included future Supreme Court Justice Abe Fortas; US District Court Judge of New York Simon H. Rifkind; Jerome N. Frank, a judge of the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, Second Circuit; Stanley H. Fuld, judge of the Court of Appeals of the State of New York; Abraham Tulin, member of the New York Bar; Milton Handler, law professor at Columbia University; Murray L. Gurfein, member of the New York Bar; and Lawrence R. Eno, member of the New York Bar
[. . .]

“Statesmen from the First World War already understood that the legitimate national aspirations of the Arab peoples of the former Turkish [Ottoman] empire have already been completely satisfied in the very same peace agreement which resolved to reestablish the Jewish national home.”

“More than a million square miles of the richest territory of the former Turkish empire were allotted by the treaty to the Arab peoples for the immediate establishment of independent states, and today that has been fully accomplished.”

The original mandate for a Jewish national home, the memorandum recalled, included all of the territory west of the Jordan as well as the area now included in the Kingdom of Jordan. [. . .]

Most importantly, the panel rejected the notion that Arabs living in the Mandate for Palestine were entitled to a separate right of self-determination within the land allotted to a future Jewish state


Footnote by Commenter:

The “The Basic Equities of the Palestine Problem” is clearly based on the Mandate for Palestine which explicitly denies the ceding of land to non-Jews, and the grants political rights only to Jews. The Mandate confirms the historic connection of the Jews to the land of Palestine and its right to reconstitute its home land there. The rights obtained from the League of Nations at San Remo were maintained in the UN charter, article 80. Even without this 'new' document the rights of Jews to Palestine and Jerusalem, in particular, are firmly based in International Law.

The post 1964 KGB false narrative of the Arab Palestinians must be shown to be as bogus as the 'Protocols' another KGB ruse. The PA has no legitimacy and must be treated as the Islamofascist jihadist terrorist organisation which it has always been.

Source: ArutzSheva

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