13 May 2017

Self-determination ??

Trump to discuss 'Palestinian self-determination’

"So the world wants Israel to give back the homeland they recovered defeating the arabs in the 1967 war. By the same thinking the US should return Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California acquired in the war with Mexico. Okinawa should be abandoned by the US. The Falkland Islands should be returned to Argentina. China should relinquish its claims on Tibet and Taiwan. Panama should be returned to Columbia. In fact, the original 13 colonies should be returned to 
Britain. Israel should snub all attempts to be removed from the west bank, Judea and Samaria. Once territory is recovered in war, to the victor go the spoils.”

[unsolicited comment]

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Anonymous said...

Of course, but H' is now hastening the Geulah, all the simanim are right in front of our eyes. The world is all against us! Geulah is so close - may it be with great rachamim aleinu v'al kol bnai Yisrael.