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31 August 2018

Parshas Ki Savo - The Fifteen Foot Ladder

By Roy S. Neuberger

There is a store in Lakewood where I buy hats and shoes. This place has my extremities covered. (I guess the neshoma is my responsibility!) I want to tell you why I like this store. 

Mr. Aaron Yosef Schreiber puts his neshoma into this business. I like to patronize stores where someone cares. I dislike chain stores, where you can stand on line at the checkout for an hour and no one is interested. They get a salary with or without you. 

Chain stores are an outgrowth of the culture of Edom, which is ravenous for gashmius, like Esav, who said, “Pour into me, now, some of that very red stuff!” (Bereishis 25:30) In that world, your credit card is more important than you, and Chazal tell us, “There is no kedusha in things which are weighed or measured.” (Taanis 8b)

At Mr. Schreiber’s store, there is a real person. And he climbs ladders! 

If you go to the back of the store, you will see shelves going literally fifteen feet in the air. There are thousands of shoes and hats up to the ceiling. Mr. Schreiber explained to me that most shoe stores have shelves in the back going up maybe six feet high. That is as high as the hired help are willing to climb. If the shelves would be fifteen feet high, everything above six feet would sit there until the end of time. 

But Mr. Schreiber is the Baal Habos, and he is going to climb. He is up and down those fifteen-foot ladders probably hundreds of times a day! And fast! Why? Because it’s his store! Does he get tired? I imagine he’s wiped out by the end of the day, but he does it. 

Reb Aaron Yosef is a human dynamo, bli eyen hara. His parnassa depends on it, but I think he loves it when his customers are happy. He loves it when a bar mitzvah boy goes out with a beautiful new hat and shining shoes and the father is brimming with pride at his son. Reb Aaron Yosef has nachas. In the chain stores, they don’t know what nachas is.

The other day, when we were in the store, my wife counted the shoes on display. She estimated there were literally one thousand! And they are all backed up by hundreds of shoes in the fifteen-foot-high shelves in the store-room, because you need every size of every model. 

This is not an ad; it’s just the truth. But I want to make a point. 

Rosh Hashana is a few days away. My friends, we have to climb that ladder. We have to be like Reb Aaron Yosef Schreiber. If we care, we are going to climb the ladder. If we know that we can make it only by climbing that ladder then we are going to climb the ladder. When you live like the surrounding culture – chas v’Shalom –your life is the credit card. 

“We express gratitude before You, Hashem, our G-d and the G-d of our forefathers, that You have established our portion with those who dwell in the study hall and have not established our portion with idlers. For we arise early and they arise early. We arise early for the words of Torah while they arise early for idle words. We toil and thy toil: we toil and receive reward while they toil and do not receive reward. We run and they run: we to the life of the World to Come, while they run to the well of destruction, as it is said, ‘But You, oh G-d, You will lower them into the well of destruction, men of bloodshed and deceit shall not live out half their days … and I will trust in You.’” (Hadran)

I heard a brilliant droshe on Parshas Shoftim from Rabbi Yaakov Landau Shlita”h at Congregation Chanichei Ha Yeshivos (Lakewood) on the words “Tamim tehi’ye” (Dvarim 18:13). Rashi says, “Look ahead to Him and do not delve into the future. But rather, whatever comes upon you, accept with wholeheartedness and then you will be with Him and of His portion.”  It all comes down to where we place our trust.

Aaron Yosef Schreiber on the fifteen-foot ladder
We can climb the ladder. We learned this at the beginning of our history. “And [Yaakov] dreamt, and behold: a ladder was set earthward and its top reached heavenward, and behold: angels of G-d were ascending and descending.” (Bereishis 28:12)

We have to depend on Hashem. We are exhausted, but we have to know, “ha nosain l’y’aif koach … He gives strength to the weary” (Morning Brachas) Rabbi Landau says that you can immerse yourself in the secular media and drown in depression because the world appears to be one overwhelming crisis. If that is your world, chas v’Shalom, there is no hope. 

But, lehavdil, we rely upon Hashem. We are going to climb the ladder. If we know that Hashem is going to help us … if we know the ladder goes up without limit … then we will climb, and Hashem will stretch out His Hand kaveochel to pull us up!

Yomam Noraim are coming. We can climb to the top. Nothing can stop us. It is our life! It is our future! Moshiach is coming! The entire structure of emptiness around us is going to evaporate! 

“Arise! Shine! For your light has arrived, and the glory of Hashem has shined upon you! For behold: Darkness shall cover the earth and dense cloud the kingdoms, but upon you shall shine Hashem, and His glory shall be seen upon you. Nations will go by your light, and kings by the brightness of your shine….” (Haftaras Ki Savo)

May we see it soon in our days!

*          *          *          *
Roy Neuberger, author and public speaker, can be reached at roy@2020vision.co.il.

© Copyright 2018 by Roy S. Neuberger

30 August 2018

Bringing Bikurim to the New Bet HaMikdash

Parashat Ki Tavo 5778
Rabbi Nachman Kahana

Bringing Bikurim to the New Bet HaMikdash

Our parsha begins with the mitzvah of “bikurim”. A landowner who grew any one of the seven species of flora which are indigenous to Eretz Yisrael: wheat, barley, grape, fig, pomegranate, olive or date, must bring a sampling of the first growth to the Bet HaMikdash starting after the holiday of Shavuot.

The landowner declares his recognition and thanks to HaShem for the bountiful blessings he received as an owner of land in Eretz Yisrael and presents the fruit to a kohen who places it near the altar.
Then the landowner voices a short historical overview of Jewish history, ending with:

(ח) ויוצאנו ה’ ממצרים ביד חזקה ובזרע נטויה ובמרא גדל ובאתות ובמפתים:
(ט) ויבאנו אל המקום הזה ויתן לנו את הארץ הזאת ארץ זבת חלב ודבש:
(י) ועתה הנה הבאתי את ראשית פרי האדמה אשר נתתה לי ה’ והנחתו לפני ה’ אלהיך והשתחוית לפני ה’ אלהיך:
(יא) ושמחת בכל הטוב אשר נתן לך ה’ אלהיך ולביתך אתה והלוי והגר אשר בקרבך:

8 The Lord brought us out of Egypt with a mighty hand and an outstretched arm, with great awe and with signs and wonders.

9 And brought us to this place and gave us this land, a land flowing with milk and honey;

10 and now I bring the first fruits of the soil that you, Lord, have given me. Then place the basket before the Lord your God and bow down before him.

11 Then you and the Levites and the converts residing among you shall rejoice in all the good things the Lord your God has given to you and your household.

It is interesting to note that the Bikurim declaration deals with very material agricultural matters while ignoring the bigger implications of the Jewish nation and our great spiritual mission as HaShem’s chosen people. The reason is that at the time of HaShem’s revelation at Sinai, world history was not yet sufficiently developed for the Jewish nation to impact on humanity. The great empires of Persia, Greece and Rome were not yet born, nor had the major religions, which grew out of Judaism, appeared on the world stage.

With the blessings of HaShem and the sacrifices of dedicated, loyal Jews in Eretz Yisrael, the Bet HaMikdash will soon ascend above the mountains of Judea and our landholders will bring to it their first fruits. But their declarations will be a bit different than the text of our parasha.

One part of the declaration will be to point out and offer thanks to HaShem for the great material wealth that this land has given forth to those who dwell in it. Riches that will reach the quality and quantity of King Solomon’s legendary monarchy, in which the Talmud states that gold abounded like stones in the street.

Then the declaration will deal with the miraculous survival of a handful of Jews in a world that tried in every way to eradicate our existence.

The declaration’s crescendo will focus on the unbelievable, miraculous, unprecedented establishment of Medinat Yisrael and the return of the Jewish nation from the far-flung corners of the galut. It will deal with the Medina’s destruction, demolition and devastation of the false gods of Islam and Christianity, each one claiming that it replaced the Jewish nation as God’s chosen people, with the proof being the never-ending exile of the Jews from the holy land. Our very return to Eretz Yisrael, regardless of the spiritual level of many here is a devastating rejection, rebuttal, denial, contradiction, repudiation and disavowal of all of their false claims.

The thundering words of the prophet Yeshayahu will be realized, as brought down in the second chapter of Yeshayahu:

1 This is what Isaiah son of Amoz saw concerning Judah and Jerusalem:

2 In the last days the mountain of the Lord’s temple will be established as the highest of the mountains; it will be exalted above the hills, and all nations will stream to it.

3 Many peoples will come and say, “Come, let us go up to the mountain of the Lord, to the temple of the God of Jacob. He will teach us His ways, so that we may walk in His paths”. The law will go out from Zion; the word of the Lord from Jerusalem.

4 He will judge between the nations and will settle disputes for many peoples. They will beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks. Nation will not take up sword against nation, nor will they train for war anymore.

5 Come, descendants of Jacob, let us walk in the light of the Lord.

We Reap What We Sow

However, not every Jew in the world will merit to share in the exhilaration of grandeur that will be part of our nation’s future.

If one does not toil to bring forth the spiritual and material richness of HaShem’s blessed land, preferring to dedicate his energies to foreign lands and cultures, how can he expect to share in the rewards awaiting those Jews who sacrificed so much to sanctify HaShem’s name?

As we approach the Days of Awe, Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur, we should all remember that no action or thought is forgotten before the Almighty. Although He is our merciful Father “Avienu”, He is also “Malkaynu” – our King who metes out justice based on “a measure for measure” – what you invest is what you receive in return.

Shabbat Shalom,
Nachman Kahana
Copyright © 5778/2018 Nachman Kahana



Listen carefully to Rabbi Kessin as he explains and enlightens us to what JUDGMENT DAY means. Also pay attention to the Rabbi’s eloquent spiritual difference between Jews and non-Jews (he goes into after stating his questions to the audience). (hat tip to ShiratDevorah). We are but a few days before this momentous day, so I urge one to take this very seriously THIS YEAR when so many unrealistic, unusual  happenings are covering our Earth, our ONLY HOME.

Then listen to Rabbi Mizrachi who spoke here in Eretz Yisrael to the audience in Beit Shemesh


29 August 2018

Rav Richter on Jews Getting Trumped by Trump Parts 1 & 2

Rav Richter Gets to The Point in the Following Two Shiurim
About the War Against the Jews and the Torah

Jews getting Trumped by Trump, Rav Richter part 1 (NEW)

Jews getting Trumped by Trump, Rav Richter part 2

Documentary About Our Skies

FrankenSkies is an 80 minute social change documentary regarding the Solar Geoengineering/Chemtrail agenda that affects every living being on earth. The struggle of bringing awareness to this subject, despite the obstacles of a socially engineered populace and the military industrial complex with its endless resources, is palpable in this awakening truth feature. Should this video disappear, one can find it at https://www.real.video/5822525490001


Seventy-three years after the end of the second world war the secret files of the US and Russian (former USSR) governments have allowed the public to take a peek.

A similar item that appeared in both files raised some eyebrows. The information was originally kept from their respective publics for fear that the common man might not appreciate the higher moral necessities of the then-secret government decisions.

Just months after the devastating surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, a family member of the Japanese leadership was in need of emergency medical attention that was available only in the famous US Mayo Clinic.

The request was discussed at the highest levels. Ultimately the Supreme court opined that "the woman in need of medical care did not pose a threat to US security and so it was to be expected, in the spirit of American values to treat her as best as we can just like any other human being.” 

She was the daughter of the fanatically anti-American Prime Minister Yamamoto. All this took place as hundreds of thousands of US servicemen and women were locked in a life and death struggle with the Imperial Japanese forces directed by the woman's father.

After completing her successful medical procedure young Kurisuni Yamamato was escorted back to her doting family Japan even as the Japanese leadership continued to vow to totally crush the USA.

Importantly, American values were not dented, despite the ongoing savage war waged against them.

Another interesting and similar revelation was recently made available for historians to study.

In a similar circumstance, just months after Hitler launched operation "Barborosa" intended to annihilate the Soviet Union, a strange communication went forth from the "Wolfs Lair,”  Hitler's favorite Bavarian fortress home.

It seems that one of Hitler's favorite nieces had an unusually severe psychiatric disease which was causing her and her family extreme suffering. It was known that a certain Professor Demetri Kaganovich, a world renown Soviet psychiatrist had made a unique medical breakthrough which might cure Hitler's niece.

Should she be allowed for medical treatment in the "Lenin psychiatric Institue" in Novosibirsk?

The Soviet leadership consulted with the best legal and political minds and concurred that the young girl was not a threat and that Soviet humanism should prevail.
Young Helga was admitted and after successful treatment was released back to the warm embraces of the loving Hitler family.

Hitler did not stop his war of annihilation against the USSR for a moment, but Soviet superior morality won their point.

In the wake of the above revelations, Israel's supreme court was encouraged to follow the example set by the two embattled Superpowers.

In fact, the learned Israeli jurists lectured that it was in the very essence of our Israeli democracy and humanitarian tradition. This approach was, they insisted, in fact, authentic Judaism.

This week, five women, close relatives of the Hamas leadership were admitted to Israel for medical care.

Hamas, like Imperial Japan and Nazi Germany, is waging a war of annihilation against Israel. In return for Israel agreeing to help to save the lives of their loved ones, Hamas has not paused even one second in their poison rhetoric, and efforts to kill as many Jews as possible. Not for one second, not even as their loved ones were handled daintily by Israeli medical personnel.

As you may have understood, the first two examples are a product of my wild imagination.

No, the US and the USSR were not "kind to the cruel”.

Israel actually is.

Israel does not fear that her population will not appreciate the higher moral calling of Israel. There are no secret files.

It is happening, in the open, even as I write these incredulous words.

Israel is supposed to be a light unto the nations, not the world's sucker.

This is the Chelm like reality we live in Israel today. The current slide to self-destruction was given a mighty push with the Oslo tragedy/crime that has thrown our moral/self-preservation compass totally berserk.

Hamas decides when Israel will burn; when millions will run for cover; when to try and kill as many Jews as possible. They also decide when they had enough and we routinely abide by their decision. They hold our citizens' hostage and the bodies of our murdered soldiers and we agree to allow thousands of trucks of goods into Gaza. We agree to treat the families of our worst enemies - in the name of "humanity" we are told by our (Osloian) wise men and women.

Ahab, one of the most powerful kings of ancient Israel, defeated a cruel enemy that attempted to destroy Israel at the time, the king of neighboring Aram.

When incredibly, Ahab defeated the mightier army of Aram, its king fled for his life and hid in a cave naturally fearing Ahab's revenge.

His advisors with him in the cave told him that the kings of Israel were known for their mercy. Having nothing to lose, the enemy king surrendered to Ahab. To his surprise and delight, Ahab invited him into his chariot and called him brother.

Shortly after the humanitarian gesture (in the spirit of Judaism?), Aram amassed another force and attacked Israel. The king of Aram gave explicit instructions to his men to seek out and kill king Ahab. 

This  they did.

We have a saying in Judaism,  "He who is merciful to the wicked will eventually be cruel to the merciful" Ahab pursued and killed the true God-fearing prophets of Israel but saved the enemy king. He had innocent farmers killed and took their land. But he saved the enemy and felt that was his moral calling.

In today's Israel, ten thousand Jews are dragged from their homes; their land was given to Hamas killers. The same Hamas enemy ( or perhaps just adversary...or troublesome neighbor..?) is treated oh so humanely in our hospitals.

The Arab enemy within is becoming ever more emboldened as they wave the enemy PLO flag in the heart of Tel Aviv and shout for the destruction of Israel. Who thought it could come to this?

Wait. it has only just begun.

Even Ahab would not believe it!

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28 August 2018


FunVax (VMAT2) Gene Many Scientists Refer to as "The God Gene"
FunVax = fundamentalist vaccine

Wikipedia: G-d Gene (=VMAT2)

The God gene hypothesis proposes that human spirituality is influenced by heredity and that a specific gene, called vesicular monoamine transporter 2 (VMAT2), predisposes humans towards spiritual or mystic experiences.[1] The idea has been proposed by geneticist Dean Hamer in the 2004 book called The God Gene: How Faith is Hardwired into our Genes.

The God gene hypothesis is based on a combination of behavioral genetic, neurobiological and psychological studies.[2] The major arguments of the hypothesis are: (1) spirituality can be quantified by psychometric measurements; (2) the underlying tendency to spirituality is partially heritable; (3) part of this heritability can be attributed to the gene VMAT2; (4) this gene acts by altering monoamine levels; and (5) spirituality provides an evolutionary advantage by providing individuals with an innate sense of optimism.

According to the God Gene hypothesis, spirituality has a genetic component, of which (VMAT2) comprises one component by contributing to sensations associated with mystic experiences, including the presence of God and feelings of connection to a larger universe.

FROM WantToKnow.info

The Pentagon may vaccinate large populations in the Middle East with what is being called FunVax – a fundamentalist vaccine. As explained by Pentagon researchers, the FunVax uses an airborne virus to indiscriminately infect populations considered high risk for religious fundamentalism. The virus in this vaccine purportedly has been tested and shown to reduce fundamentalism and religiosity in all who are infected by damaging what is called the "God gene."

Though this may sound like some bizarre science fiction novel, the four-minute Pentagon video presentation and official FunVax report below show that this vaccine against fundamentalism is actively being tested for implementation. As it has been a few years since this date of this video and report, it is entirely possible this program has already been started.

Four-minute Pentagon video presentation of FunVax dated April 13, 2005

Government report on the fundamentalist vaccine: Quarterly FunVax Review, June 1, 2007


NIH–VMAT2: a dynamic regulator of brain monoaminergic neuronal function interacting with drugs of abuse document


Comment:  Can you fathom the extent some will go to rule over others. If something like the above will come into existence and usage, will “they” stop at nothing. Just imagine what nefarious chemicals could be included in vaccines and those chemtrails littering our skies in order to make the world into what they think the world should be? Or to change or hide what “they” don’t want “We the People” to know and see? Can you understand why Trump was made ruler of the strongest nation in the world; to clean the swamps of corruption, deception, and anti-GOD leftists and progressives? I stumbled upon this (min haShamayim) while gathering information to post on my blog.

Several years ago this claim was circulating. While SNOPES says it is “untrue”, the evidence says otherwise. If “they” (it’s “they” again) can do this, “they” can do anything:  

In October 2014, a group of concerned Catholic bishops in Kenya released a statement claiming a tetanus vaccine program aimed at women entering or in their childbearing years was in actuality a stealth attempt to sterilize women en masse for unstated reasons. … We sent six samples from around Kenya to laboratories in South Africa. They tested positive for the HCG antigen. They were all laced with HCG.

This proved right our worst fears; that this WHO campaign is not about eradicating neonatal tetanus but a well-coordinated forceful population control mass sterilization exercise using a proven fertility regulating vaccine. This evidence was presented to the Ministry of Health before the third round of immunization but was ignored . . .Either we are lying or the government is lying. But ask yourself, ‘What reason do the Catholic doctors have for lying?’ The Catholic Church has been here in Kenya providing health care and vaccinating for 100 years for longer than Kenya has existed as a country.

Usually we give a series three shots over two to three years, we give it anyone who comes into the clinic with an open wound, men, women or children. If this is intended to inoculate children in the womb, why give it to girls starting at 15 years? You cannot get married till you are 18.

27 August 2018


Constant Interruptions From Smartphone Can Impact Brain Chemistry, Scientists Say

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Constant interruptions from alerts and messages on your smartphone can impact brain chemistry. phia.CBSlocal

It can be hard to concentrate when you’re always being diverted by your phone. It’s a pattern that scientists say creates something they call the switch cost.

Research shows constant interruptions can create a different chemistry in the brain.

“There’s this phenomenon they call switch cost that when there’s an interruption we switch away from the task that we were at and then we have to come on back. We think it interrupts our efficiency with our brains, by about 40 percent. Our nose is always getting off the grindstone, then we have to reorient ourselves,” said Dr. Scott Bea, a psychologist at Cleveland Clinic.

The new reality for many is that technology has put the brain on high alert most of the time, waiting for the next notification. Doctors say when it happens, people can get little surges of the stress hormone cortisol, which can cause the heart rate to jump, some people to get sweaty hands and muscles can get a little tight.

Being unable to check phones immediately can cause those feelings of anxiety to last until people are able to check their device. Doctors say breaking that pattern involves creating a new habit, which can take time.

“Initially, when you start trying to stay away from the technology, or confine it, you’ll be a little uncomfortable, you’ll have that fear of missing out, or a little anxiety that something is getting past you, but with practice, your brain can get used to it,” said Bea.

Breaking the habit is also difficult because experts say there can be an addictive component to technology as the brain gets rewarded with constant updates and the behavior is repeated over and over.

BRAINSWAY . . . Treatments for Brain Disorders

FDA Approves Marketing for Israeli-Developed OCD Treatment

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved marketing of the BrainsWay Deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation System for treatment of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), after reviewing data from a multi-center study.

Brainsway, an Israeli company that specializes in developing and providing advanced technology solutions for the treatment of a variety of brain disorders, explained that the treatment performs magnetic stimulation of the brain’s frontal lobe and its networks, targeting previously unreachable areas of the brain using its helmet-like device, which allows it to effectively treat OCD, as well as other disorders including schizophrenia and depression. JewishPress


BrainsWay is ushering in a new era of brain disorder treatment. Through ongoing investment in R&D and in research initiatives ranging from large-scale multicenter trials to personalized medicine studies, BrainsWay represents the next-generation of treatments for depression, OCD, and other brain disorders, achieving outcomes not thought possible with traditional medical solutions.

This is amazing for more reasons than for OCD. This is the first FDA Cleared non-invasive medical device for the treatment of OCD.

But there are other conditions that Brainsway can treat, and they have been doing so for 20 years in Israel. How did we not hear about this sooner? I’m sure there are thousands of persons who could truly benefit from this treatment.


26 August 2018


¿What is Happening to Hashem's World ¿

Fukushima - is the Pacific Ocean really dying?

The Fish from the Pacific are Dead and Dying. While some say that the poisoned waters of the Pacific will mix into the Atlantic and other waters, there is biblical evidence that these waters “do no mix” (next video).

The Seas not mixing with each other ┇ Quran and Modern Science
(Watch for the specialness of our Mediterranean Sea)

[I could not find a Torah source for the Oceans of the World (but there must be one) except for this:]

Genesis 2:10–14 lists four rivers in association with the garden of Eden: Pishon, Gihon, Chidekel (the Tigris), and Phirat (the Euphrates). It also refers to the land of Cush—translated/interpreted as Ethiopia, but thought by some to equate to Cossaea, a Greek name for the land of the Kassites. Wikipedia

The text that discusses these rivers can be found in Genesis 2:10–14, and reads as follows:

A river flowed out of Eden to water the garden, and from there it separated and became four heads. The name of one is Pishon; that is the one that encompasses all the land of Havilah, where there is gold. The gold of that land is good; there is the crystal and the onyx stone. The name of the second river is Gichon; that is the one that encompasses all the land of Cush. The name of the third river is Chidekel; that is the one that flows to the east of Ashur. And the fourth river, that is Perat.

What can be clearly deduced from a cursory reading of these verses is that there exist four rivers, Pishon, Gichon, Chidekel and Perat, which all seemingly flow from the same source, the Garden of Eden. Chabad

The name of the third river is Chidekel; that is the one that flows to the east of Ashur.

The Chidekel is widely accepted as being the Tigris River, which flows from southeastern Turkey through Iraq, and eventually spills into the Persian Gulf. Daniel describes standing on the banks of the Chidekel River while receiving one of his visions during the time when he was in exile in Babylonia.2 Clearly, the Chidekel River is in the region of ancient Babylonia, which is present-day Iraq.

Yonatan ben Uziel, a sage who lived in the Second Temple era, translates the word Chidekel into the Aramaic word Diglas.3 Even today, the Tigris is called Dicle in Turkish and Dijla in Arabic.

According to this identification, the location described in the verse, Ashur, refers to ancient Assyria, which was centered around the upper Tigris River.

And the fourth river, that is Perat.

The Perat is identified as the Euphrates River, which runs almost parallel to the Tigris. Together, these two rivers defined a large part of the Fertile Crescent, the cradle of civilization in ancient times. The name “Euphrates” is the Greek version of the Old Persian Ufrātu and the Akkadian Purattu, and even today the river is called al-Furāt in Arabic.

The Euphrates River is later mentioned in G‑d’s promise to Abraham regarding the Land of Israel, and is used as one of the defining borders of the Promised Land.4 We are also told that there was a time when Jewish civilization had spread so far that members of the tribe of Reuben were living all the way to the banks of the Euphrates!5

While these two rivers are easily identifiable and their location is readily agreed upon, the identification of the other two proves more difficult and is the subject of much debate. More can be read at this link Chabad.

There are other important rivers mentioned in the Old Testament; however, some of these are rivers of sorrow. The prophet Ezekiel, in exile with Judah's people in Babylon, has a vision along the banks of the Chebar of God's glory leaving the Temple, surrounded by cherubim, and rolling like a wheel within a wheel in the sky, following the people into exile (Ezekiel 1:1-21). It is by Babylon's rivers that the exiles from Judah will sing one of their saddest songs, which begins, "By the rivers of Babylon there we sat weeping when we remembered Zion" (Psalm 137:1).

[. . .T]he account in Second Kings of Naaman, commander of the King of Aram's forces, who had contracted leprosy. Desperate for a cure, he is told by a young female Hebrew slave that there is a prophet in Israel, Elisha, who can bring him healing. When told by Elisha to dip himself seven times in the Jordan he is humiliated. Surely the mightier waters of his land would be more efficacious. But at Elisha's insistence, he submits, and is healed (II Kings 5:1-19a).


MK Gafni: PM is not aware of what is happening in this country

Chairman Moshe Gafni of the Knesset Finance Committee has responded to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's statement that "I do not think that it is reasonable to close a transportation axis, the Ayalon Highway, during the middle of the week,”

"He apparently is not so aware of what is happening in the country."

Netanyahu was responding to Transportation Minister Yisrael Katz's decision to move construction of a pedestrian and bicycle bridge over the Ayalon from the Jewish Sabbath to weeknights. In any case, one direction of traffic will have to be closed.

Rabbi Gafni noted,

"They closed the Ayalon Highway not long ago for a ‘parade'.
They closed the Ayalon Highway for a 'sports competition', along with other central roads, and . . .
no one spoke a word.”

Transportation Minister Katz:

Transportation Minister Yisrael Katz says he is faced with criticism and pressure in light of his decision to cancel Shabbat construction of a pedestrian bridge over the Ayalon Highway.

"I made a decision that's correct from a moral and professional standpoint. [Notorious] Tel Aviv Mayor *Ron Huldai made a cynical political move and issued a provocative and outrageous statement about closing the Ayalon Highway for six weekends to accumulate political capital for the upcoming local elections and to hurt the haredim, but by the way he was willing to harm hundreds of thousands of drivers who travel on Ayalon weekends and that will not happen," Katz said in an interview with Kann Bet.

"The reality on the Ayalon Highway in the coming months is that we are carrying out work to complete the express train line to Jerusalem. There was need to weigh the matter; the train would serve hundreds of thousands of people, unlike a pedestrian bridge. Anyone who criticized me has achieved nothing."

Katz called the Tel Aviv-Jaffa municipality's announcement that construction of the Yehudit Bridge and closing the Ayalon Highway for six weeks to carry out the work an "outrageous and unnecessary" statement.

* The Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Huldai: ASPCA: As mayor of ‘vegan capital of world,’ Huldai should have been more compassionate (and not have bragged about eating dog in Vietnam). Huldai, who has been mayor since 1998, rationalized consuming the controversial food by asking: “Why is it okay to eat shellfish as well as chickens, but not a dog?” According to SPCA Israel spokesman Gadi Vitner, the answer is plenty. Man eats dog (JPost)

25 August 2018

Israel Electric Co and the New Smart Meters

Dr. Gabriel Cousens Warns the World About the Toxic Effects of 5G Wireless 
(*do not think one is protected in Israel. read below)

(Natural NewsDr. Gabriel Cousens calls 5G “a complete, unmitigated health disaster.” But, what exactly is 5G, what dangers does it present and what must each one of us be aware of?

PC Mag explains that the “G” in 3G, 4G etc. refers to a different generation of wireless technology. Each generation is differentiated by a change in encoding methods which make it incompatible with the previous generation. 5G promises faster speed, more responsiveness, and simultaneous connectivity for more devices than previous generations.

PC Mag explains:

So 5G networks need to be much smarter than previous systems, as they’re juggling many more, smaller cells that can change size and shape. But even with existing macro cells, Qualcomm says 5G will be able to boost capacity by four times over current systems by leveraging wider bandwidths and advanced antenna technologies.

The goal is to have far higher speeds available, and far higher capacity per sector, at far lower latency than 4G. The standards bodies involved are aiming at 20Gbps speeds and 1ms latency.

5G will make use of a type of encoding called OFDM, and is likely to rely on a network of cells as small as household routers rather than on huge towers radiating over larger distances.

Dr. Cousens warns that since 5G uses a much shorter wavelength, transmitters will have to be erected every 500 feet. This means that such transmitters will appear in schools, at bus stops, and “all over the place.” Even if you don’t use a cellphone, therefore, 5G technology means you will still be in an EMF zone continually, unable to escape its effects.

5G will be in every major U.S. city by 2020

According to Dr. Cousens, there are plans in place to install 5G in at least 11 cities this year, and in all the major U.S. cities by 2020. Why is this a problem? Well, the disastrous health effects of exposure to even 3G technology have already been documented in over 900 studies. (Related: 5G is already linked to rising health problems … concerns about “health calamity” on the rise.)

Dr. Cousens says that while humans can cope with the effects of EMFs for about three years at most, thereafter serious problems start to arise and we become more susceptible to circulatory, mental, digestive and immune diseases. This type of exposure may be a large contributing factor to the fact that about 40 million people are depressed, 10 million of them acutely (or severely) so. This has resulted in huge numbers of Americans being prescribed toxic antidepressants.

Multiple studies have confirmed a link between EMFs and cancer, diabetes, heart disease, autoimmune disorders and other chronic, debilitating diseases. This is serious, especially when you consider that at least 50 percent of the U.S. adult population now has one chronic debilitating disease, while some have multiple such illnesses.

In addition, Dr. Cousens notes that exposure to EMFs make people just feel bad, out of balance, full of aches and pains. More and more people complain about increased chemical and environmental sensitivities, brain fog and just feeling “off.” (Related: Cell tower radiation confirmed to cause cancer in animals.)

Exposure to 5G comparable to 17 minutes in a microwave

Dr. Cousens warns that experts compare continuous exposure to 5G to being in a microwave oven for 17 minutes on full power. 5G literally cooks your brain and your body.

While there are certainly commercial benefits to 5G technology being installed in U.S. cities, exposure to it means we will be much sicker than the competition. And since sick people don’t perform well at their jobs, ultimately, 5G represents economic disadvantages, too.

So, what can we do about it? Dr. Cousens believes that we need to take thoughtful action, do personal research on 5G, and then get out and speak about it. Our own health and the health of future generations depends on it.

Read EMF.news for more stories on EMF pollution.
Sources include:

Where are the “Green Israelis” and the “Defenders of the Natural” of the Leftists when you need them?

*5G technology is already in Israel in the new “Elec Co Smart Meters” that send RF signals every few seconds [and probably in those cell towers and other ’ transmitting devices’].. The IEC says it will revolutionize electricity in Israel by 2020. [do you hear humming in your head; is your sleep now disturbed nightly; having trouble thinking and processing; PLUS HIGHER ELEC BILLS; these are some of the affects on the human being] Read IEC Smart Meters See also https://youtu.be/ZRIrHrpT86c.

Electric Smart Meters, Tel Aviv - Israel , 12/2015

Qualcomm Israel's Assaf Touboul and Ronen Sheashua tell "Globes" about the unheard-of download speeds and greener networks coming soon.globes.  5G mobile revolution designed in Israel: Qualcomm Israel's Assaf Touboul and Ronen Sheashua tell "Globes" about the unheard-of download speeds and greener networks coming soon. Qualcomm Israel VP technology Assaf Touboul starts the conversation with an unequivocal statement: "Qualcomm's first 5G cellular was developed in Israel in Hod Hasharon, and will be launched in 2019." The pride he feels at this enormous achievement is unmistakable.

Where are the “Green Israelis” and the “Defenders of the Natural” of the Leftists when you need them?

We are electromagnetic beings, and we are affected by electricity in our environment.  The increasing saturation of wireless radiation (cell towers, cell and cordless phones, wi-fi and smart meters) pollutes our air and living environments.  In order to maintain health and wellness prudent avoidance of EMF’s is advised.
Symptoms can vary with each person, depending on:  the strength, type and length of EMF exposure; exposure to other environmental toxins; individual constitution; and basic health practices. Symptoms can be mild to severe including: sleep problems, tinnitus, chronic fatigue, headaches, concentration, memory, learning and immune system problems, heart palpitations. nausea, joint pain, swelling of face, neck, eye problems, rashes, and cancer.
In order to heal, reducing exposures is imperative. Please see Safety Tips for steps you can take to reduce EMF’s and start feeling better.

Reducing your EMF exposure can benefit your overall health and wellness. For some people, avoidance is essential to rebuilding health.  Here are some suggestions:

• Reduce or eliminate cell, cordless phones and wi-fi. (Learn more)
• Use a corded phone and wired internet connections (confirm the wi-fi is off on both computer and router)
• Use a notebook computer on battery with an external (wired) keyboard and wired mouse (Do not use on your lap, or while charging)
• Restore analog utility meters. Avoid smart meters and smart appliances.(Learn more)
• Figure out the least electricity you need and turn the rest off at the breaker box.
• Sleep in an electricity free bedroom. (power off at the breaker box)
• Sleep in a metal free bed. Consider a wool bed.
• Remove dimmer switches, CFL’s, and fluorescent lights.
• Use meters for testing: Tri-Field Ex100 for magnetic fields and Acousticom 2 for wireless. This High Frequency meter is also recommended.
• Install Stetzer filters to mitigate “dirty electricity”. People with EHS have differing reactions to filters.
• Practice “Prudent Avoidance” of EMF’s. Reduce where you can, and still enjoy life!
• Shielding may be helpful. This bed canopy has been recommended: Light duty Faraday Canopy
• In some cases a Signal Tamer could be useful.
• In some cases it may be necessary move, especially if your home has high EMF sources that you cannot control. (power lines, cell towers, banks of smart meters)
• Alternative health care can be very beneficial along with prudent avoidance of EMFs: chiropractic, acupuncture, herbs, massage.
• Spend more time in nature.
• Eat fresh, local, and organic foods.
• Follow all rules for basic good health and take it slow: Healing comes with time.
• Work with policy makers to create responsible public policy to reduce EMF and RF in the environment.
• Learn more about EMF Sensitivity

Where are the “Green Israelis” and the “Defenders of the Natural” of the Leftists when you need them?

Electricity (EMF’s) is today’s new pollution. Common sources include smart meters, cell and cordless phones, cell towers, wi-fi, indoor wiring, CFL’s, overhead power lines, and more.

The best way to find out if EMF’s are affecting your health is to avoid them and see if your health improves. Also notice how you feel when you are using devices, like a cell or cordless phone, concentrating at a computer or working under florescent lights. Do you have health problems you, or your doctor can’t explain? Do you feel better when the power goes out? Many people feel more peaceful and note how quiet it is. Do you feel better in nature?

How to turn off wifi by Mark Graham

24 August 2018


By Roy S. Neuberger

“Ki seitzei … When you go out to war against your enemies ….” (Dvarim 21:10)

Thus begins our Parsha.

As I write, the headlines read: “200 Rockets Fall into Israel.” So much war!
“Dew: let it drop sweetly on the blessed land, with the delicacies of heaven sate us with blessing, to enlighten from amid the darkness the fundamental nation that is drawn after You…” (Tefillas Tal) Dew is supposed to fall from the sky, not rockets; brachas, not fire-kites. 
Our grandchildren are visiting from southern Israel. One saw a balloon here and asked her ima“Is that a fire balloon?” She heard a loud noise, and asked, “Do we have to go in the shelter?” Many nights when they are home, they hear the boom of rockets.

Is it supposed to be this way? Why can’t we stop this threat? What political and military strategy should we follow? Why do our hands seem tied? 
“The Kingdom of Yishmoel will be the last exile, and they will come up to Eretz Yisroel, and no nation will be able to budge them… for Yishmoel, when Hagar threw him under one of the bushes, repented. In the merit of his repentance, Hashem promised to make him into a great nation…. In addition, he was granted Eretz Yisroel for as long as Klal Yisroel is in exile, until the Days of Moshiach.” (Rav Yaakov of Lisa, Emes L’Yaakov, as quoted in Redemption Unfolding)
Why is Yishmoel the last exile? 
Let’s look at our two archetypal antagonists, Yishmoel and Esav. 
Esav has evolved into Edom and Edom is Rome. (See Rashi on Bereishis 36:43) Rome has evolved into Western Civilization, which is characterized by the creation of great works of building and industry. The ideal is to “conquer nature” through the works of man. Ancient Rome was famous for its aqueducts, roads and siege machines, which – tragically – were used against our own people. Modern Edom has created skyscrapers, rockets, satellites and the entire world of technology. This is the dominant civilization of the West, which has exported its culture to the four corners of the world. This is the nation which labors ceaselessly “tachas ha shemesh … under the sun” (Koheles) and attempts to reshape the world into a technological paradise. 
The culture of Yishmoel, on the contrary, is concealed in darkness. Its symbol, in fact, is the crescent moon. Its people are nomadic, trekking restlessly across vast tracts of hostile desert sands. They emanate from “pe’re adam,” (Bereishis 16:12), a creature part donkey and part man. Thus, by nature, they are animalistic and violent: “He shall be a wild-ass of a man, his hand against everyone and everyone’s hand against him.” (ibid)
The role in history of these two civilizations – aside from their constant attempts to destroy Am Yisroel– G-d forbid – has been to dominate the world, which meant that they are by definition in collision with each other. 
Esav builds and Yishmael destroys. 
This is the hallmark of the past two thousand years. Note the events of 9/11/01. Was this an accident? Not at all. The ancient rivalry and bloody hatred erupts constantly. Look at ongoing bombings and sabotage in European capitals, the very countries which have welcomed Arab refugees. Those who welcome them become their victims. 
How is this going to end? The Novi tells us that “the house of Yaakov will be a fire, and the house of Yosef a flame, and the house of Esav like straw … then saviors will ascend Har Tzion to judge Esav’s mountain and the kingdom will be Hashem’s.” (Ovadia 1:18ff)
How will this come about? Perhaps the ancient enemy, Yishmoel, will bring it about. 

“The destruction of Edom will come only through the destruction of this world [as we know it]. Hashem will cause the very foundations of life on earth to collapse. Tranquility will be disrupted, personal lives will be filled with worry, fear and yissurim and the entire world will cower in dread of destruction and devastation…. Only then will the light of Moshiach be revealed….” (Michtav Me’Eliyahu as quoted in Redemption Unfolding, page 75)

We have to take these words seriously.

How are we going to endure the turbulent days until Moshiach is revealed? It is useless to think that politics or military action or the friendship of the other nations will save us. Of course we must defend ourselves, but nothing will save Am Yisroel unless we return to Torah. It is no accident that every Shemoneh Esreh begins with the bracha, “magen Avraham!” Who is our Shield if not Hashem! And He is waiting for us to return to Him! 

Why do we not comprehend the most obvious, clear, simple, logical, straightforward thing in the world? Why do we rebel against our only Friend, our only Protector! Don’t we care about ourselves? “If I am not for myself, who will be for me?” (Pirkei Avos, 1:14)
Next week we read: “It shall be that if you hearken to the voice of Hashem, your G-d to … perform all His commandments that I command you this day, then Hashem your G-d will make you supreme over all the nations of the earth. All these blessings will come upon you… if you hearken to the voice of Hashem, your G-d.” (Dvarim 28:1) 
It is up to us to bring about our own salvation by embracing Avinu Malkeinu and His Torah! 
As Rosh Hashanah approaches, it is time to wake up! A perfect world is just over the horizon, “for just as the new heavens and the new earth that I will make will endure before Me – the words of Hashem – so will your offspring and your name endure.” (Haftaras Rosh Chodesh)
May we see it soon in our days!
*          *          *          *
Roy Neuberger, author and public speaker, can be reached at roy@2020vision.co.il.

© Copyright 2018 by Roy S. Neuberger

23 August 2018

Parashas Ki Seitzei

Parashas Ki Seitzei
by Rabbi Pinchas Winston

You shall remember what Amalek did to you on the way, 
when you went out of Egypt, 
how he happened upon you on the way 
and cut off all the stragglers at your rear, 
when you were faint and weary, 
and he did not fear God. 
(Devarim 25:17-18)

I MENTIONED YEARS ago that I was traveling when the movie about the Titanic came out. At one airport, in the Duty Free section, they had books piled high on a table that was obviously part of the movie promotion. Fascinated, I picked one up and went to the pictures at the middle of the book.
The sinking of the Titanic was something almost everyone knew about, even 85 years later. They even had a camp song that recalled the tragedy, and how “they thought it was a ship that water would never go through.” They found out differently after hitting an iceberg.

What a “coincidence.” I don’t know how many ships have been sunken by icebergs, but none of them ever boasted that they couldn’t be. The Talmud has an expression that says, “Do not open your mouth to the Satan” (Kesuvos 8b), because doing so can get his interest and inspire him to cause mischief, real SERIOUS mischief. That’s what must have happened to the Titanic.

At least that is what I had assumed, more-or-less, until I saw a picture in the book, I think the first one. I had never seen the photo before or even heard about it. Seeing it though really took me aback, and I always wonder why people have to go so far and risk so much just to be cocky. 

What was the picture? It was a bunch of passengers holding a long banner on the deck of the Titanic before sailing that read: A SHIP THAT EVEN GOD CAN’T SINK.

Really? You had to be SO proud? You had to take it SO far? Remember Titus who took on God, and who was taken down after only two years in power . . . by a gnat (Gittin 56b)? Remember Apollo 13, that not only did not make it to the moon as planned, but almost did not make it back home either:

Apollo 13 was the seventh manned mission in the Apollo space program and the third intended to land on the Moon. The craft was launched on April 11, 1970, at 14:13 EST (19:13 UTC) from the Kennedy Space Center, Florida, but the lunar landing was aborted after an oxygen tank exploded two days later, crippling the Service Module (SM) upon which the Command Module (CM) had depended. Despite great hardship caused by limited power, loss of cabin heat, shortage of potable water, and the critical need to make makeshift repairs to the carbon dioxide removal system, the crew returned safely to Earth on April 17, 1970, six days after launch. (Wikipedia, Apollo 13)

It wasn’t the first disaster to happen in the space program. Apollo 1 didn’t even leave the earth and all three astronauts died in a terrible fire. But there were some unusual occurrences that added EXTRA drama to this story. The principle of, “This is from God, that which is wondrous in our eyes” (Tehillim 118:23), makes one wonder about these unusual circumstances, and the Divine Providence behind the incident.

This is the background to that dramatic story:

According to the standard crew rotation in place during the Apollo program, the prime crew for Apollo 13 would have been the backup crew for Apollo 10 with Mercury and Gemini veteran L. Gordon Cooper in command. That crew was composed of L. Gordon Cooper, Jr (Commander), Donn F. Eisele (Command Module Pilot), and Edgar D. Mitchell (Lunar Module Pilot). Deke Slayton, NASA's Director of Flight Crew Operations, never intended to rotate Cooper and Eisele to another mission, as both were out of favor with NASA management for various reasons . . . For the first time ever, Slayton's recommendation was rejected by management, who felt that Shepard needed more time to train properly for a lunar flight, as he had only recently benefited from experimental surgery to correct an inner ear disorder which had kept him grounded since his first Mercury flight in 1961. Thus, Lovell's crew, backup for the historic Apollo 11 mission and therefore slated for Apollo 14, was swapped with Shepard's crew and the original crew selection for the mission became: James A. Lovell, Jr., T. Kenneth Mattingly II, and Fred W. Haise, Jr. . . . Three days before launch, at the insistence of the Flight Surgeon, Swigert was moved to the prime crew [to replace Mattingly]. (Wikipedia, Apollo 13)

Though 13 is considered a bad luck number in the secular world, it is the opposite from a Torah perspective. So, we won’t attribute the Apollo mission’s failure to its number. Is there anything that MIGHT have had something to do with all the extraordinary circumstances involved in making the Apollo 13 mission so spectacular?

Honestly, who even knows, besides God Himself? But, it is interesting to point out, given the other stories above, that Lovell is quoted as saying, regarding Neil Armstrong’s dramatic first walk on the moon, ”From now on we'll live in a world where man has walked on the Moon. It's not a miracle, we just decided to go.”

Hmm. Miracle implies God, and taking God out of something as MIRACULOUS as space travel, given all the THOUSANDS of things that had to be built, and go right, as the Apollo 13 crew were reminded, to make a mission succeed. Perhaps had Commander Lovell kept that in mind and spoken differently about the moon walk, he might have walked on the moon himself as he had so wanted.

It never pays to challenge God. It’s one thing to not follow His will, but it is a whole different level of “bad” to actually CONFRONT Him. It’s not that He gets offended and has to respond in kind. It’s more that the Chillul Hashem created by the brazenness then needs fixing up. 

The sinking of the Titanic humbled the world. Titus’ death showed God’s ability to get at any person He wants, any way He wants, whenever He wants. The Apollo 13 mission caused hundreds of thousands of people around the world to pray for their safe return, to ask God to MIRACULOUSLY spare the astronauts from sure death.

Challenging God, on any level, even inadvertently, is suicidal, at least to some degree. It unnecessarily adds additional risk to life. And, though it may not make a person an Amaleki, it is still a very Amaleki thing to do. Even a disbeliever would be wise to exercise a little fear of God in life. He may not be able to praise God, but he certainly shouldn’t disparage Him either.

The rule is, if you’re not going to sanctify God through what you do, then you will sanctify God by what happens THROUGH you. It wasn’t enough for one scientist to show how Creation began with a big bang. He insisted that it also proved that God didn’t have to be involved in Creation. I’m not saying he suffered terribly for it. I’m just saying that I for one was super-impressed by what he was MIRACULOUSLY able to accomplish in spite of his extreme handicap.

My closing statement is the one from the Talmud, at the end of Maseches Krisos. Someone who “challenged” God received their due in kind, to which one rabbi commented: Blessed be God who paid Yissachar of Kefar Barkai his due [in this world] (Krisos 28b)! Apparently God does, so why provoke Him?

CTD, August 19, 2018, Issue #2

This last past Shabbos, I was reminded, by the Vilna Gaon and Ramchal, just how important HOPE in redemption is necessary for bringing it. Clearly we will not have the sufficient merit to actually be worthy of redemption. If anything, Yechezkel has said, our LACK of merit may make it impossible NOT to bring redemption. 

Don’t get excited and start planning to rack up demerits. Yes, demerit may bring redemption faster, but no, not in any way that we will enjoy. If anything, redemption will only occur THIS way after the War of Gog and Magog. We do NOT want the War of Gog and Magog, even for the sake of redemption.

The ONE mitigating factor, explained the GR”A and Ramchal, is HOPE in redemption, BELIEF that it WILL happen, even if we ARE unworthy and it seems, historically, unlikely. Hope in redemption is this mystical element that seems to transcend anything that can stand in its way, and open redemption doors that we think are shut.

We’ve already discussed that it’s one of the six things we’re asked about on our final day of judgment. I’ve written about how the Sefer Mitzvos HaKatan counts anticipating the redemption as part of the first of the Ten Commandments, the one about believing in God. We’ve mentioned Rabbi Yechezkel Levenstein’s harsh words for those who do not daily discuss impending redemption.

What we have not discussed much is what it means to hope for redemption in THIS generation. During the Holocaust, it was clear what it meant. It meant believing that the Hell the Nazis created for the Jewish people on earth would finally end, and lead to a better world. Before that, it meant that the pogroms would finally end, and there would still be Jews alive to enjoy it. 

Before that, hope in redemption meant that the Crusades, or the Romans before them, would cease to torture, murder, or force convert every Jew along their bloody way. It’s easy to figure out what HOPE IN REDEMPTION means when you live in total fear for your life, and have little or no means of survival. 

But that’s not today, thank God. Today we are not hunted in most countries. Today we have jobs, food, clothing, and nice homes. Today, for the most part, we not only know that our children will grow up and be married, but that we will probably have enough money to marry them off. Today, it’s not so clear what it means to hope for redemption when it is easier to forget that we haven’t experienced it yet.

As the GR”A points out, redemption is not only about religious freedom, or just freedom itself. That’s more a by-product of redemption, though to many it may be everything. Rather he explains redemption is about Kiddush Hashem, about the sanctification of God’s Name in the eyes EVERYONE. 

It’s not called full redemption if a single atheist, or even agnostic remains. It is certainly not called redemption while Torah and those who learn it are not taken seriously and given the proper respect. It is not called redemption while the Jewish people “bleed” members to other religions or counter-philosophies, religious or political, and children find secular life far more appealing than a Torah one.

And how can we act as if we have been redeemed while we remain without a Temple, and a mosque is in its place instead, surrounded by churches, all on HOLY soil? Are we redeemed when we have to protect the Torah world from our own kind, and Jews who go out of their way to secularize the religious community? 

Enough Jews live in poverty to remind us that redemption is not yet here, not completely at least. Enough health problems affect the nation to make it clear that we are far off from living completely in the Messianic Era. It could change in a moment, but until it does, we’re very much on THIS side of the Moshiach-line. How we get to the other side is very much a matter of HOPE in redemption.

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