09 August 2018

Is Antisemitism Escalating in Europe? And Why? See UPDATE

German schools grapple with a string of anti-Semitic incidents:
Bullying, Death Threats, Violence

Jewish teachers in Germany's public schools are grappling with the question of whether it is safe and appropriate to reveal their identity amid a rise in anti-Semitic incidents in the nation's schools.

"It took me a while until I had the self-confidence to tell people," said 41-year old school teacher Michal Schwartze, who worried early on in her career that she could be seen as biased as she teaches history and politics. Eventually Schwartze decided that she couldn't hide her Jewish perspectives and personal activism against racism and discrimination. "I think it's important to take a position, and to be explicit about my stance," she said.

But 32-year-old Berlin-based teacher Anna Furer, on the other hand, does not want her students to know she's Jewish, especially not the one who praised Adolf Hitler. "I'm trying to ignore this as much as I can, but at the end of the day I have feelings, too," she said, referring to the student's anti-Semitic remarks in the past. She is scared of someone in the classroom eventually finding out how much such comments affect her. [ . . . ]

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UPDATE: Attacks on Jews dramatically increase in Germany – The number of attacks on Jews in Germany during the first half of 2018 increased 10% over the same period last year.

There were 401 officially reported attacks on Jews in Germany from January through June, according to government data reported yesterday by Politico. It is claimed that the vast majority, 87%, came from Germans. One-fifth were committed in Berlin.

Politico reports the Central Council of Jews in Germany President Josef Schuster said many cases are not reported and therefore don’t figure in the official statistics. Official figures included 12 violent crimes.

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Anonymous said...

Is this really surprising? Definitely not. Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Europe is Amaleik and Germany at the head.