08 August 2018

Haredim in Europe – Israelis in Norway SEE UPDATE


Israelis Dor Tibi, 23, and Anan Hamoud, 21, were looking forward to traveling through Norway and volunteering on Norwegian farms. But at passport control problems began [. . .] they were moved to a separate room for additional questioning. [. . .] officials told them that working with WWOOF, the Norwegian volunteer organization with branches all over the world, is illegal in Norway [. . .] they were photographed and fingerprinted, and told they were being sent to a refugee camp[. . .] they were transported to the Trandum refugee camp in a prison car [. . .] they were told that, as Israelis, the camp may be dangerous [as there might be ISIS there. They took all their possessions and] were subjected to a humiliating strip-search. Dor and Anan were detained in Trandum for two days [and. . .] flew home to Tel Aviv on April 15, with a stopover in Istanbul.  JPOST

Residents of Vienna Call on Vacationing Chareidim to be Respectful YWN

Thousands of Chareidi families are currently vacationing in Europe, in the mountains and in resort towns, sometimes causing tension between them and the local residents.

While some think that it is anti-Semitism and hatred of Jews by the locals, despite the fact that chareidi Jews support them during the summer, the hatred continues to grow. Others however will argue that it is causes by bad behavior of individuals from the chareidi community; those who do not follow the rules of conduct in these countries, and repeatedly violate them, leaving dirt and causing noise and environmental damage.

chareidi residents of Vienna have hung a sign in a fishing park in the St. Anton area of the Austrian Alps that the owners complain of abuse of fish, damage to tools and failure to pay.

“This is a Chilul Hashem! Please adhere to the instructions, please behave with respect!” The sign reads, posted by “Jews living in Vienna and Austria”.

Swiss Tourism Official Complains About ‘Jewish Guests’’ Behavior arutzsheva

Official in Davos, Switzerland, complains to Jewish community about Jewish guests whose behavior ‘disturbs’ other visitors.

recent years, Davos hoteliers have depended on a haredi clientele who flock there during the summer months, which for the skiing region is off season. This trend has allowed haredi families with large children to enjoy reduced cost for vacations in Alpine resorts with excellent infrastructure, and the local tourism industry to increase the potential of amenities there.

But tensions have begun to form in what some attribute to cultural differences and some inappropriate behavior by the haredi guests from insular communities, and others maintain is intolerance and xenophobia by some hosts.

UPDATE: Gaza man jailed for assaulting kippah-wearing Jew in Switzerland

NOT A HATE CRIME?: Witnesses say Mohammed told Israel he’d like to slit his throat. A Muslim who brutalized a Jewish man wearing a kippah on a Switzerland train was sentenced to four months in prison for assault, but was not convicted of a hate crime.

The assault occurred in February aboard a train near Lausanne, the German-language 20 Minuten news website reported Monday. It had not been reported in major Swiss media prior to this week. The perpetrator, a 40-year-old born in Gaza identified only as Mohammed, threw a shirt in the face of the victim, identified as Israel. He stole the victim’s water bottle, book, and kippah, throwing the latter in a trash bin. Mohammed, who has multiple drug-related convictions, also stole Israel’s watch, broke his glasses, and proceeded to hit the Jewish man all over his body. arutzsheva

Role of Switzerland during the Holocaust: Switzerland, Confronting its Holocaust Past

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Anonymous said...

In some ways, can't have too much sympathy for these stupid Jews to leave EY to go help out in these anti-semitic countries. Could there be any worse than Norway, (the 'Oslo' accords)? Hope this sets an example (probably won't) to others who instead of working for Jewish causes in the Jewish Land love to go helping out everywhere else and know nothing of what a Jew is. Start learning, fools!

Also, these chareidim who should be more aware of the anti-semitism in Europe than anyone else but live in their own little bubble and go to their beloved Switzerland, etc. to the mountains for their vacations and, therefore, brings the ire of the amaleikim (Europe) there upon them. What is with this idiocy?

Maybe if the 'state' had only real Jewish representation in the knesset and only real Jewish police and real Jewish judges, etc. so there would be a real 'Jewish' state, then these foolish Jews wouldn't need/want to travel the world that truly hates us.