01 August 2018

Israel is Funding Immorality

In Historic Move, Israel Radically Increases Funding for LGBT Community
The government is radically increasing ministry funding to meet the specific needs of the LGBT community, Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon announced Wednesday. A leading LGBT nonprofit called the move historic. Haaretz and acri

The Midrash Rabba states:
"Rabbi Huna in the name of Rabbi Joseph [said]: "The generation of the flood was not obliterated from the world until they wrote marriage contracts from males and beasts.”"[9]


Anonymous said...

There is no limit to their madness.
May H' give strength and courage to all those who are with HIM and stand up against this tumah and chilul H'.

It's all so surreal that we must be living in bizzaro world. Please H' bring us back to reality, the reality of righteousness and blessings upon Your true children of Israel.

Anonymous said...

An Halakhic question:
Could all these developements lead to a situation when it becomes Halakhicly prohibited to pay taxes to the government, because it will be like a "psik-reisha", a completely sure thing, that your tax money will be used to finance worst of abominations, and thus all those religious people who at the same time support all these abominations with their tax money, could be held accountable by the Heavenly Court for participation in these worst kind of grave sins ?!

Neshama said...

I really don’t know if the Torah allows that. Taxes do provide services that are necessary to maintain a civilized environment, as well as defense and for the elderly. So it might not be possible or smart to do.

However, if one belongs to a Meah Shearim group, who from the very beginning vowed not to benefit from anything of the Zionist Nation, then maybe Yes.