27 September 2016

Prophecy in Our Days is Given to Children and the Mentally Challenged – Part II

She said half the Jews would die as well as many of the non-Jews.

She told me what the angels look like (glowing bright skin and dressed in white with lots and lots of wings) as well as how she saw Hashem (a bright light that talked to her.) She said all of us will have wings in the future and will be able to transport ourselves super quick, except Moshiach, Eliyahu and Moshe didn't need them. (This is talked about for the 1000 year period after Moshiach's time where Hashem will remake the earth and we'll fly over it.) She said our spaceship was so huge that the Beit Hamikdash was inside it attached by a rope and when we landed back on Earth, in Jerusalem, we lowered it back onto the space right next to the Arab's mosque above the kotel.

She tells me all this as fact and says even though these are her dreams, they will come true like this. She said all the Jews were in Jerusalem and the non-Jews were told by Hashem to go back to their lands and build again so they were very busy.

In describing the Beit Hamikdash to me she said everyone fit inside at the same time no matter how many people went in. She said a lot of non Jews were there because they believed in Hashem. She said no one sinned anymore and we all lived happily. She said a huge round rainbow formed in the sky and protected us.

She said she felt a little older in the dream but not much meaning this will happen soon. Other times she told me she was a young woman in the dream, around 20. She said we all got new names. Another time she said I was a black woman but she still knew me as Ima without a doubt and I'm wondering if she saw me as previous reincarnation. She told me that my friend was there too but looked totally different and she could tell right away that she was my friend which showed me how transparent souls would be later and how everything would be truth. She said by resurrection of the dead, I was already a grandmother which makes sense as I read it will probably take 40 years to get to that point. She at first said we were in the spaceship 150 days but then said it wasn't that long. Remember she is 5 so I doubt she even knows what 150 really is besides a big number to her.

So, I wrote this exactly how she told it to me after the initial dream. I added nothing and didn't steer her anywhere. It was 100% real for her and she can answer any question I ask her. It took her hours for her to tell me all of this. Some is her imagination or interpretation of things she doesn't comprehend yet, but most of it has roots in prophesy that is in the Torah, Kabbalah, Talmud, etc.

I have no doubt that this is a message straight from Hashem of times coming soon. For us to reprioritize and do a personal accounting of our lives and do teshuva. Most of the things she told me I am sure she never learned anywhere, she just acquired the knowledge in her dreams. Prophesy in our days is given to children and mentally challenged adults.

Here are some later dreams in the same theme:

She told me today that while they were in the sky in the spaceship, she could see the world being covered totally by water which happened very quickly and then just as quickly, everything extra receded and they could land back in Eretz Yisrael again. I asked what happened to the people that were still on Earth and she said they died. Basically, everyone who Hashem was saving was picked up and taken on the ship. I wonder if Hashem's promise never to flood the entire Earth again is fulfilled if many good people are removed first.

(Now, I learned that after techiyat hameitim, before olam haba, Hashem will flood the whole world and tzaddikim will fly above the waters for 1000 years while Hashem remakes the world to be how it was the first day when adam harishon was in gan eden. I think her spaceship can or can not be real prophesy. It may be a symbol of how Hashem will protect us or it may be his melachim ushering us around until the ground is safe.)

She also told me a few nights she had bad dreams and wouldn't tell me about those. That scares me a bit. Everything in her dreams isn't necessarily nevuah. I just know some of it is Torah that she was never taught on this world. Later on she drew me a picture of the spaceship that when it lands on something hard has huge thick balloons attached to the bottom so that it can land softly. Some of the logic she told me if it is from her imagination is way advanced for a 5 year old's logic. Imagine a 5 yr old not afraid of dead bodies around! I think I looked horrified when she told me that so I could see how quickly she comforted me, "Don't worry, Ima, Hashem will bring them back to life. It will all be OK." Nothing in that dream scared her which also reminds me of the calmness I heard we will have to be assured everything is okay.

27/6/16 She told me that she dreamed last night that we all lived in a big castle and was like a princess and her parents (us, but we had lots and lots of other kids by now) were king and queen but not like Hashem who is the King of Kings (sounds like the prophesy of Hashem giving worlds to govern to each tzaddik in the future.)

I asked her if we lived in Yerushalim or not and she said our castle was on our yishuv but travelling to Yerushalim just took a moment of concentration. Everyone looked like we do now but everyone had wings. We each had our favorite colored wings. She had pink, of course.

This morning, she told me that she had dreamed a lot of these dreams before but only now told me them. I asked her why she didn't tell me before and she said she couldn't. (Either wasn't allowed to or she couldn't.

28/6/16 She dreamed we were in the ship and outside the bathroom was a megillat esther (interesting that she said that as Purim will be one remaining holiday when most of the others won't be but she doesn't know that) on the wall instead of asher yatzar. There was no toilet paper but only flowers that you used instead.

30/6/16 She dreamed we were in the spaceship again and this time we went under water a bit (it is also like a submarine) in order to get some treasure that was there. The angels went out to get it while everyone stayed in and watched from the windows. There was a gold chest there and it was bright because of all the treasure. (I just learned that when Moshiach comes, he will go to the coast at Tel Aviv/Yafo where all the ocean's treasure will be resurfaced and he will give it out to the righteous.)

1/7/16 She dreamed all wild and dangerous animals were now safe and we could pet them. We could swim with sharks and play with tigers. (I learned all animals will become vegetarians and won't harm other animals or humans.) She said we never needed bathrooms again after Moshiach came. Only in the spaceship did we need it and then we didn't anymore. She said that was because all the food we ate was perfectly used up in our bodies and there was nothing extra. (Just like the mann in the desert and I did learn we will never get sick/die again.) She also said that all treats and unhealthy food that we have now is no longer unhealthy and we could eat as much as we wanted from it and we would never get a tummy ache.

Then she dreamed she was able to see a huge round rainbow in the sky that covered everyone and even rain couldn't get through. She said it covered the whole horizon. She said all of the animals had kings who governed them and the oldest male shark was the king of the sea.

3/7/16 She said there was a long tube slide that we went down from the ship in order to get to Yerushalim. People with carriages went down a ramp kind of slide.

26/8/16 She dreamed that the beit hamikdash came down from shamayim right on top of the golden dome and squished it. The Arabs were swallowed up by the ground opening up and boiling water came up from below and killed them all and they screamed, "It's boiling! It's boiling!" She said she didn't see this but was told. She said she thinks moshiach will arrive on a Monday. She said I got skinny after moshiach came (Here's to that!)

9/9/16 She dreamed that she was up in the spaceship with me and Moshiach was travelling to another planet that had the beit Hamikdash in it. I asked her how it got there and she looked at me kind of annoyed with the rediculousness of my question and said that Hashem put it there and now it was ready to be brought down to Earth (as if everybody knew that!). They had to use a large rope and tie it to the ship so it would float down.

26 September 2016

Prophecy in Our Days is Given to Children and Mentally Challenged Adults – Part I of II

Prophesy in our days is given to children and mentally challenged adults

24/6/16 My daughter told me she finally remembered a dream after previously never being able to tell me what she dreamed when she woke up. I asked her many mornings if she remembers without ever prompting because she is so spiritual and the women in our family have had prophetic dreams before. I waited for this dream for a long time, somehow I knew it was coming now!

Since that first dream, many nights after, she tells me more things she dreamed in the same theme. The second night, she dreamed the same exact dream again and she was still dreaming as she woke up which are two signs according to Rabbi .......... (I emailed him back and forth) that they are dreams that will come true and soon! She has many dreams but doesn't like telling me the bad ones so these are the good ones.

She told me that her friends and their parents and all of the Jews in Israel were all on a spaceship together for a ride around planet Earth. (I have learned any UFO we may see belongs to the many kinds of angels or negative forces that are in the world and they are real.)

She said Hashem told us to go up there with the angels to be safe from things that were happening below. Mashiach, Eliyahu Hanavi and Moshe Rabeinu were there to teach us Torah. They were very holy, had glowing skin and no one could touch them. The ship hovered for a while over Earth and saw all of the lands, then went into outer space where they visited another planet that was very cold.

She gave me many, many details of the size of the rooms, the food, the games, (trampoline for exercise) the sleeping arrangements, the way to enter and exit the ship and even what kind of Torah they learned (mostly having to do with the Beit Hamikdash but she said she learned everything!) Then she said we landed safely in Yerushalim when the world wasn't red anymore.

This description sounded to me like a nuclear blast or volcanic lava, neither of which she could describe anyway as more than "red."

She said at one point, Moshiach opened the mountain in Jerusalem and all of the Jews ran in to hide from bad people who came to kill them. Moshiach stayed to fight them for us. We were safe in the caves below.

The Beit Hamikdash was huge and golden with colored precious stones (I read it will be sapphire like the ten commandments were although she didn't specify blue) and went up to the height of the Heavens. She said the doors were very tall but it fit her perfectly because she was different than everyone as she had grown up and was very tall, a giantess, and her skin was filled with light. She said she had to bend down very much in order to kiss me but later on told me that was only on the spaceship, later she reverted to regular size. She said Hashem spoke to them all and invited them into the Beit Hamikdash. She said she saw Hashem, He looked just like light but she could hear His voice. She said she started cleaning up the mess that the Arabs left around the Beit Hamikdash. Everyone said to her that she shouldn't bother, that Hashem would make sure it was all cleaned up but she said she wanted to do it to help and honor Hashem and she enjoyed it very much.  She saw the kohanim dressed in white.  She saw angels too all in white, with wings and glowing. She said we didn't have anyone who wanted to hurt us anymore, that Hashem made the evil ones disappear and the rest of the goyim were very busy. They were building buildings and pyramids in their countries because Hashem told them to. She said all the Jews that were here in the land already were in Israel now rebuilding the city which had grown very big. Her grandparents and family in the States weren't here yet as it wasn't yet their turn to come. They were waiting. (She said this very emphatically although later she says my husband goes and gets them!)

She told me how resurrection of the dead will happen. She said Moshiach or melachim (I can't remember what she said and she doesn't remember all of the details now) would touch the body or bones and it would regrow from a little tiny size to full adult size with nice clothes on it. She said she wasn't afraid of all the dead bodies she saw around because Hashem was going to bring them back to life soon. We met her grandmother who she was named after as well as the baby I lost 15 years ago who was grown up now.

She said half the Jews would die as well as many of the non-Jews.

25 September 2016

EXTREMELY INTERESTING – About the Plasma Effect Around Nibiru plus . . .

An Extremely Interesting Video 
WSO Sept 23 - Special Guest Jeff Shows Us NIBIRU
There are many videos and photos purporting to be Nibiru, but we will not know for sure until Hashem reveals the wonders spoken and prophesied about. Nevertheless, we Jews have a very curious nature. Especially now, before Rosh Hashanah we need to keep in mind that the King of the Universes and All Matter and Non Matter belong to Hashem, and He is in complete control. When we enter this special time of our Yom Tovim please keep in mind (thoughts) and heart (feelings) that we owe all living matter and life itself to the Ultimate Creator and we should be extremely grateful that All This is for the benefit of Am Yisrael (as it was in Mitzrayim, the first redemption, so shall it be in our Geula, the last redemption)

This Jeff is one smart guy 
(my estimation is that Jeff might be Jewish) 

In some of his discussion, he says “ Sound and light heard and seen only at the focul point (which reminded me of "Saw the sound and heard the sight at MOUNT SINAIAnd they can converge it onto a person . . . .

and then mentioned:

Project BlueBeam (I do not know what this is?)


Space Physics (Wikipedia)

Space physics is the study of PLASMAS as they occur naturally in the Earth's upper atmosphere. As such, it encompasses a far-ranging number of topics, such as heliophysics which includes the solar physics of the sun: the solar wind, planetary magnetospheres and ionospheres, auroras, cosmic rays, and synchrotron radiation. Space physics is a fundamental part of the study of space weather and has important implications not only to understanding the universe, but also to practical everyday life, including the operation of communications and weather satellites. Space physics is distinct from other fields of astrophysics which study similar phenomena, in that space physics utilizes in situ measurements from high altitude rockets and spacecraft.

The following 4 images show the Plasma Effect of Nibiru, plus the video after that:

More proof of Nibiru creating plasma on the ground in Germany

Magnetic Birkland Current

Appears to be a Lens Flare; however

Could there be Texture in a Lens Flare??

The Illluminati in ZedeKiah’s Cave Near Damascus Gate

Da Vinci Code 
(small article from JPost Friday edition 9/23/2016)

"Believe it or not but Jerusalem, more precisely Zedekiah’s Cave near Damascus Gate, has for years been the General Quarter for the Freemasons Order. The order’s local chamber was “King Solomon’s Cave.” Members of the mysterious and secret group, established following special authorization from the Ottomans – who also had some members of the order among them – used to meet there, until the outcome of the War of Independence in 1948 prevented them from continuing. Immediately following the Six Day War in 1967, the local order resumed its activities and meetings there.

"Last week, a no-less-mysterious event took place at the cave, which attracted many members from around the world to Jerusalem. The entire event – on which no details have yet been released – was headed by the supreme president of the Freemasons World Order.” (est. Sept. 18)

History (GoIsrael): This mysterious cave located east of Damascus Gate in the Old City of Jerusalem goes back about 1,000 feet under the northern Old City wall, and about 2,000 years in history. Make that 2,600 years, if you include the legend that gave it its name.

It is said that Zedekiah, Jerusalem’s last biblical king, a Babylonian puppet deposed of during the final siege on the city, attempted to flee Jerusalem to Jericho through this cave.
He was captured and brought before the Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar, where his sons were murdered in front of him and his eyes were put out (2 Kings 25:1-6).

In keeping with this tragic story, at the back of the cave is a tiny spring, known as “Zedekiah’s tears.” That is were you discover the cave has no exit; archaeologists tell us that in fact it was a quarry from which Herod the Great hewed stone to build the Temple.

The cave’s dramatic lighting reveals signs of the quarrying. In 1868, the first meeting of Freemasons in Ottoman Palestine was held by candlelight in Zedekiah’s Cave.

Geography (Wikipedia): "The entrance to Zedekiah's Cave is just beneath the Old City wall, between the Damascus and Herod Gates, about 500 feet (150 m) east of the former. Beyond the narrow entrance, the cave slopes down into a vast 300-foot-long auditorium-like chamber. Drops of water, known as “Zedekiah's tears”, trickle through the ceiling.

"Beyond the “auditorium” are a series of artificial galleries hewn by ancient stonecutters into chaotic, sometimes bizarre, patterns and formations. Paths give access to every corner of the quarry system, which takes at least 30 minutes to explore thoroughly. Chisel marks are visible in many sections and in some galleries huge, nearly finished building blocks destined for some long-ago structure are locked into the rock where the stonecutters left them centuries ago. In a few places the stones are marked by Arabic, Greek, Armenian and English charcoal and engraved graffiti (e.g., "W. E. Blackstone Jan. 1889"). Several plaques explaining some of the myriad legends associated with the site have been mounted on the cave walls.

"From entrance to the farthest point, the cave extends about 650 feet (200 m). Its maximum width is about 330 feet (100 m) and its depth is generally about 30 feet (9.1 m) below the street level of the Muslim Quarter, although there are several lower levels and blocked tunnels too."

(from TomerDevorah)

Rothschild Designed and Built Israel's Masonic Supreme Court Building!

Source for Symbols Below

Why and What Does This Mean?

23 September 2016

Newest Posting by Meir Ettinger – לולא התמהמנו

את העבודה יעשו הכותרות המזעזעות שינסחו בגאוניות עיתונאי ישראל "תיעוד מחריד" "פשע שנאה" ו"חתונת שנאה"שכולם  בנוגע להמלכת ה'

For except we had lingered 
surely we had now returned a second time.
   בְּרֵאשִׁית 43.10

א.      כי לולא התמהמנו כי עתה שבנו זה פעמיים.

חודש אלול הוא חודש התשובה, חודש של חשבון נפש המכין את השנה הבאה, בדורות האחרונים האירו לנו גדולי החסידות את ראש השנה לא רק כיום דין עצוב ומריר, אלא כיום של שמחה – היום שבו מכתירים את המלך. לאור זה, ממילא, גם התשובה של חודש אלול עוסקת באותו הדבר, חשבון נפש על מעמדנו האישי והכללי בנוגע להמלכת ה'.
בראש השנה הקרב שוב יעמוד העולם לדין האם ממלא הוא אחר המטרה לשמה הוא נברא – להוות לה' דירה בתחתונים. שוב יתברר ככל הנראה שכשלנו בתפקידנו ואכזבנו, עובדה, המקדש עוד לא נבנה השנה, ועוד לא 'ידע כל פעול כי אתה פעלתו'..

את התשובה של חודש אלול במובן זה - חרטה עמוקה על הזמן שבזבזנו, העצלות שלנו וההתעסקות בדברים שוליים שגרמו לכך שלא זכינו להביא השנה את המשיח בפועל ממש. אפשר למצוא בפסוק אותו דרוש רושמי רשומות "כי לולא התמהמנו כי עתה שבנו זה פעמיים". לולא אותיות אלול.

את הפסוק הזה אומר יהודה לאביו יעקב, לאחר שמתברר שלמרות הניסיונות להתחמק, אין ברירה אלא להוריד את בנימין למצרים. יהודה אומר לאביו: עתה, אחרי שהתברר שבכל מקרה עלינו לשלם את המחיר הכבד, כמה חבל שהתמהמנו וחיכינו עד עכשיו. הרי יכולנו להיות כבר במצב שכל הקשיים האלו הם מאחורינו...

כמה מתאים הפסוק הזה לחשבון הנפש על השנה האחרונה שעברה עלינו.  את הקשיים והמשברים אנחנו מוכרחים לתרגם לתובנה אחת ברורה – מכיוון שאנחנו בין כה משלמים את המחיר - כמה חבל להתמהמה! את התשובה של חודש אלול נמקד בצער על הזמן שבוזבז ובקבלה לעתיד להפסיק להתעצל ולהבעיר את האש שקצת התעממה מחדש.
במיוחד מתאימים הדברים, בסוגיות שבהם אנחנו פוחדים 'להיכנס בעובי הקורה' סוגיות שהעיסוק בהם גובה מחיר כבד. כאשר נבין שאי אפשר להימלט משאלות אלו, ושבסופו של דבר נצטרך בכל מקרה לשלם את המחיר, רק אז נבין שמלהתמהמה לא מרוויחים כלום, ודרושה הכרעה כמה שיותר מהר.

חודש אלול הוא גם זמן לחדש מחדש את האהבה,  ולהפיח חיים בחזון של מלכות ישראל שעודנו חי, עודנו בוער ועודנו בועט. בין חומות הכלא וגם כאן בחוץ האש עוד בוערת ומים רבים אל יוכלו לכבות את האהבה.
מתשובת אלול נוכל ללמוד עוד כלל נוסף שיעזור לנו בקבלות הטובות לשנה הבאה: כמו שכאשר בחודש אלול הלב שלנו בוער לה', אנחנו מקבלים החלטה אמיצה לשוב אל ה', למרות שעוד לא ברור לנו בדיוק איך וכיצד. את הכוח למצוא עצות נכונות ולהתייגע בעבדות ה' במשך כל השנה מקבלים דווקא מההחלטה לשוב אל ה' – יהיה מה שיהיה, בין אם נדע איך לעשות זאת ובין אם לא.

אותו הדבר נכון ממש לגבי התשובה הכללית – עיקר התשובה אינה תלויה בהזדמנויות הנקרות לפנינו או ברעיונות מעשיים כאלו או אחרים לקידום המהפכה. להפך, מהפכה בנויה בעיקר על ה'אורות' אותם אורות המתגברים על כל הקשיים. ולעניינו, לחזור ולחלום, לחזור ולבעור, עד שמעצמנו נחפש כל היום דרכים ועצות כיצד למצוא את דרך המלך.

ב. ישמע בזיונו וידום.

אני בכלל לא בטוח שצריך לעסוק בנושא כזה, לא ברור שהתעסקות עם דברי בלע ומענה להם יש בה תועלת. וככלל לרוב עדיפה השתיקה פי שניים מהדיבור כמאמר חז"ל. בכל זאת, לפעמים יש תועלת בדיבור שיכול להאיר עיני אנשים, אז ננסה...
השבוע שוב פרסם "דובר השב"כ" רועי שרון "חשיפה" שבה הוא מיחזר סיפור של סרטון שבו כביכול נראים נערים מרמת מגרון מתעללים בכלב. שוב צקצקו כולם בלשונם מה'חדשה' ה'טרייה' מלפני ארבע שנים שכבר פורסמה כחדשה לפחות שלושה פעמים בשנים האחרונות,ובתגובות כבר כתבו כי יש לתלות או להוציא להורג בירייה כל נער גבעות.

הניסיון מלמד שפרסומים כאלו הם בדרך כלל הקדמה והכשרת הלבבות להכלה של עוד מתקפה סדיסטית של השב"כ על חולמי מלכות ישראל, פעילי ארץ ישראל וכל מי שלא מוצא חן בעיני הממסד העויין.

ההצלחה של רועי שרון (וספקיו מהמשטרה ובשב"כ) בעקבות סרטון החתונה שבעזרתו הצליחו לגנוב לציבור את האינטליגנציה ובמקביל למלא בפחד את אחרוני השפויים, כדי להשיג תמיכה למעשיהם הסדיסטיים,  עוררה ככל הנראה לרועי תאבון רב לעוד 'סקופים' מעין אלו. אך דא עקא, שכבר עבר הרבה זמן שבו לא הצליח לשחרר אף ספור שבו מסופר על נערי גבעות ששותים דמם של ילדים נוצריים, או סרטון כיצד הם דוקרים למוות גלגלים של קצין  בכיר בדרגת רב טוראי. כבר תקופה ארוכה שבה אין ידיעות חדשותיות בנושא נוער הגבעות, שהרי רק מכים ומכים בנו בעוד ועוד צווי הרחקות שלא היו מביישים את משטרו של אסאד. עניינים זוטרים כאלו או למשל ההתעללות באסירים הלאומיים כל אלו אינם חדשות, שהרי זהו הדבר הטבעי,  זו השגרה כאן במדינת ישראל.

כנראה שזה לא כל כך נורא, כאשר אין חדשות תמיד אפשר למחזר את החדשות... הרי הציבור הוא מספיק מבוהל ומפוחד ממה יגידו בתקשורת, כדי להזדעזע בכל פעם מחדש מה'אכזריות' של נוער הגבעות. איש לא ישאל כיצד הגיע סרטון שנלקח ממחשב אישי של אדם ע"י המשטרה ומהווה ראיה בהליך משפטי לידיו של עיתונאי, האם ייתכן שמישהו במשטרה עובר על החוק? איש גם לא ישאל מדוע מפורסמים שמות של קטינים בניגוד לחוק? אז בוודאי ובוודאי שאיש לא ישאל מהם העובדות באמת, וכמה כסף הכתב קיבל כדי לקרוא לו מחבל?

את העבודה יעשו הכותרות המזעזעות שינסחו בגאוניות עיתונאי ישראל "תיעוד מחריד" "פשע שנאה" ו"חתונת שנאה"  - איך שכולם פה שונאים ואכזריים... חוץ מרועי שרון וחבריו שפשוט אוהבים את זה, הם אוהבים את העבודה שלהם, ומלקקים את הדם שלנו ושל הצופים בעדינות מופלאה, ועם כל כללי הנימוס.

ועכשיו בקצרה לעובדות – ברמת מגרון היה היה ניסיון להאחז בקרקע ולהפריח את השממה, במקום התגוררו נערים חלוצים, מלאי אהבה, שהחיים בחיק הטבע מילאו אותם באהבה לכל הייצורים. הנערים ניסו לנטוע עצים, לזרוע  שדות ואף לגדל בעלי חיים, אך שליחי השלטון הגיעו בכל פעם עם מכונות ההרס שלהם להרוס כל בית חדש שנבנה או עצים חדשים שניטעו, כדי שחלילה וחס אהבת הארץ לא תתקע יתד ותתפשט מהר להר, מבית לבית ומעיר לעיר.

לפעמים הצליחו הנערים לבנות בית של ממש בין הרס להרס ולעיתים לא היו מספיק אמצעים והם חיו באוהלים, או בחושות עתיקות וחדשות מאבנים, אך העיקר תמיד היה ההיצמדות לקרקע והתקווה שיום אחד יצליחו להפריח את השממה.
הרבה כסף לא היה לנערים, שחילקו את זמנם בין שמירה על הגבעה, לימוד תורה ויציאה לעבודה, ובמעט הכסף הם השתדלו להפיח חיים בגבעה. אם באמצעות בנייה, או ע"י רכישת בעלי חיים – תרנגולים, ברווזים ועיזים.

והנה, התקרב איום חדש על הנערים. כלב משוטט הטיל את חיתתו על בעלי החיים שנרכשו לגבעה. פעם הוא חדר וטרף תרנגול, ובפעם הבאה ברווז. בשבוע הבא זה כבר היה גדי צעיר שזה עתה נולד, וכשלא הצליח לתפוס בעלי חיים חדר למבנה הפרוץ ואכל את כל האוכל שהשיגו הנערים בעמל רב. ולא נותרה ברירה אלא לתפוס אותו ולהרוג אותו (פנייה לשירות הוטרינרי של רמאללה לא כל כך באה בחשבון, ואותו הדבר לגבי זה של מועצת בנימין...).

כעבור כמה שנים עצרו שוטרים מימ"ר ש"י את אחד הנערים ובמצלמתו הם מצאו סרטון שבו נראית לכידתו של הכלב המשוטט (שזה בהחלט היה יום חג בגבעה), הם כמובן לא חשבו לעשות אתו דבר. אך הסרטון הועבר לחוקרי השב"כ שהבינו שיש כאן פוטנציאל להשתמש בסרטון שכזה ע"י עיוות הנתונים כדי לייצר דה-לגיטימציה לנוער הגבעות, ללא שוום הקשר ענייני או מהותי., ואכן נעשה בו שימוש כעבור שנה (מאז שהוא הגיע למשטרה, שלוש שנים מצילומו...) בפעם הראשונה בתקופת העינויים בדומא, בפעם השנייה זה היה בפרשה נוספת של מעצר של יהודים שהשב"כ רצה שיעבור בשקט. אז מה אמור להגיד לנו עכשיו מחזורו בשלישית???

 "כרחל לפני גוזזיה נאלמה", בדרך כלל בסיטואציות כאלו קולנו אינו נשמע, ואמירת דברי האמת לא מועילה. וחלילה אפשר להתמלא בתסכול וייאוש מכוחם הגדול של בעלי לשון הרע, שנדמה שאין לנו שום כוח לעמוד כנגדם.
כפתרון נראה לי שאפשר להתחזק בדברים שאותם מלמד ר' נחמן בתורה ו' בלקוטי מוהר"ן (תורה העוסקת בכוונות המתאימות לחודש אלול). בתורה זו ר' נחמן מלמד שבעל תשובה בתחילת דרכו צריך לעבור השפלות וביזיונות "ועיקר התשובה כשישמע בזיונו וידום". גם בפעילות למען כינון מלכות ישראל אנחנו למעשה בעלי תשובה, שהרי אנחנו עסוקים בתשובה הציבורית.

עיקר התשובה, זה להיות מסוגלים לשמוע את בזיוננו לשתוק ולהמשיך הלאה, אי אפשר להקל ראש בנזק תכל'ס שנוצר מבזיונות אלו, אך מצד שני גם לא צריך להפריז בגודלו. הדממה וקבלת הבזיונות באהבה, מאפשרת לנו להתרכז בעיקר – המשך ההפצה עד שלבסוף מעט האמת תדחה את רוב השקר.

ולחיזוק העניין - מאז שחרורי אני פוגש אנשים רבים ברחוב שעוצרים לידי ומביעים את תמיכתם במה שאני עושה. בהתחלה זה היה נשמע לי מוזר, מאיפה הם מכירים אותי ויודעים מה עשיתי או מה לא עשיתי בחיים? הרי ההיכרות שלהם איתי היא רק דרך התקשורת שהשתדלה לצייר בכל כוחה אותי כמפלצת. התשובה שענו לי שהכי התקבלה על דעתי, היא שרוב הציבור אינו מעמיק במידע הרב שמציפה אותו התקשורת, אבל אנשים יודעים בפשטות שאם מישהו התקשורת כל כך נגדו, כנראה שהוא מהצד של הטובים.

וזה בעצם העיקר – להשתדל תמיד להיות בצד של הטובים. ככל שנרבה בפעילות עם ישראל יפגוש את האהבה העצומה שמניעה את נוער הגבעות, ויקיא מתוכו את כתבי השנאה המרושעים.

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22 September 2016

The Days of Judgment are Approaching . . . Parsha KiTavo


The Days of Judgment are approaching and we should be afraid. 

It is well-known that, in previous generations, Jews trembled during the entire month of Elul. We should be no different. In fact, we should tremble even more, because it is increasingly clear that the fate of the entire world is extremely precarious at this time. Davening for our very survival is necessary and appropriate. With this in mind I am going to discuss some very serious matters. If we contemplate the gravity of the situation, perhaps the intensity of our tefillos will merit Heavenly mercy. 

There is a tendency to believe that the world is going to continue as it has, with enough sense of normalcy to lull us into forgetting that we are in Golus and hoping that this state of affairs will continue into the distant future. 

We need to consult our Gadolim in order to bring us back to reality. 

Please give your attention to the words of Rabbi Eliahu Eliezer Dessler zt”l: “The destruction of Edom [at the end of our last exile] will only come through the destruction of this world [as we know it]. Hakodosh Baruch Hu will cause the very foundations of life on earth to collapse. Tranquility will be disrupted, personal lives will be filled with worry, fear and yissurim, and the entire world will cower in dread of destruction and devastation…. Only then will the light of Moshiach be revealed … ‘and the saviors shall go up to Har Tzion to judge the mountain of Esav…’” (Ovadia 1:21, as quoted in Michtav Me’Eliya-hu)

These words should be contemplated. Rav Dessler is speaking about “the destruction of this world [as we know it]” and the collapse of the “very foundations of life.” If we understand what this means, then we will clasp with all our strength the Source of Life, the only means of rescue which can save us when the world as we know it is threatened to its very core. This necessitates that we not confine our intense supplication to the Ribono shel Olam to our regular daily tefillos, but that we remain in the attitude of supplication for our entire day, our entire week, and – in reality – our entire life. 

My dear friends, Rav Dessler’s words are coming about today. 

When Titus Harasha was returning to Rome by ship with the vessels of the Holy Temple, against which he had led the armies of Rome, he mocked Hashem and challenged Him to “wage war” on dry land. “A Heavenly Voice … said to [Titus] … ‘I have a puny creature in My world and it is called a gnat…. Go up on dry land and fight [this puny creature!’ When] Titus ascended to dry land, a gnat came and entered his nose. It picked his brain for seven years…When [Titus] died, they split his head open and found [a gnat] inside like a swallow weighing two selas. A Tanna taught … [the gnat] was like a one-year-old pigeon weighing two litras. Abbaye said: We hold a tradition that its mouth was of copper and its nails were of iron.” (Gittin 56b)

There is a tiny insect in our world called a mosquito whose Latin name is “Aedes Aegypti.” It carries a virus called “zika,” which – interestingly – means “life-breath” in Aramaic. It injects fluid into a person without being noticed. This tiny, invisible droplet is capable of shaking the foundation of states, of regions, of multi-national corporations, of entire populations consisting of millions of people, of the economies of vast regions of a country which considers itself to be an eternal culture. 

We have a realistic basis to hope that Hashem will have mercy on us and allow us to see with our own eyes the Bais Hamikdosh. We daven every day that “our eyes witness Your return to Tzion in compassion.” Gadolim like the Chofetz Chaim and Rav Yechezkel Levenstein zt”l have stated that those who reject the dominant culture of Edom will survive Ikvos Hamoshicha. That is why it is appropriate to discuss these things, especially at this time of year, when we are davening with intense devotion for nothing less than survival on every level. 

The Novi states, “You have said, ‘It is useless to serve G-d! What gain is there for us that we have kept His watch and that we walk submissively before Hashem, Master of Legions?’ … Then those who fear Hashem spoke to one another and Hashem listened and heard, and a book of remembrance was written before Him for those who fear Hashem and those who give thought to His Name. They will be a precious treasure for Me, says Hashem, Master of Legions, on the day which I bring about, and I will have mercy on them as a man has mercy on his son who serves him. Then you will return and see the difference between one who serves G-d and one who does not serve Him.” (Malachi 3:13ff, which we read as Haftaras Shabbos Hagadol)

“The day which I bring about” is coming, my friends. What kind of day will it be? 

“Behold, the day is coming, burning like an oven, when all the wicked people and all the evildoers will be like straw, and that coming day will burn them up … but a sun of righteousness will shine for you who fear My Name, with healing on its wings.” (ibid)

Yes, I know I have quoted these lines before. Should we not endlessly hear these great words, especially at this time of year? May they enter our hearts and transform our lives, so that we quickly see the consolation which the Al-Mighty is preparing for us, and – through our teshuva and our chessed and our achdus – we experience the Geulah Shelemah and live in a transformed world of ruchnius and purity with the coming of Moshiach ben Dovid soon in our days! 

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Roy Neuberger, author and public speaker, can be reached at roy@2020vision.co.il.

© Copyright 2016 by Roy S. Neuberger