21 June 2018

Parashas Chukas


The entire congregation of the Children of Israel arrived at the desert of Tzin in the first month, and the people settled in Kadesh. Miriam died there and was buried there. (Bamidbar 20:1)

IT IS AMAZING how much we “fight” our parents as children, and then respect them later as adults. For the longest time as teenagers, we think our parents can’t “hear” us, and don’t understand who we really are. Once grown up, and especially after raising children of your own, we usually realize that our parents were just trying to share their gained wisdom with us, as we now try to do with our own children, who claim that WE don’t hear or understand THEM. It’s a cycle of foolishness.

Everything changed for me with MY father on a single day, and rather unexpectedly. I was at university at the time, but I had borrowed a book from a friend on the laws of honoring one’s father and mother. Needless to say, with each page that I turned, I also turned a new leaf. I could not believe how, in fighting for my personal childhood “rights,” I had violated so many Torah laws regarding the all-important mitzvah of “Kibud Av v’Eim.”

Before even finishing the book, I picked up the phone to call my father long-distance from school, and to apologize for years of inexcusable behavior. I told him about the book and what it said, and how I had completely come to realize and accept that even if I was right about the things I wanted, I had been wrong about the way I fought for them.

My father could tell, even long distance, that my apology was heartfelt. We had a decent relationship UNTIL that time, but a far closer one FROM that point. This week marks my father’s, a”h, sixth yahrzeit, and greatly miss his insights, love, and friendship. I dedicate this week’s PERCEPTIONS in his memory, to Yisroel Ya’akov ben Tzvi, z”l.

I didn’t just mention this in passing. This week’s parsha also has something to say about a parent-child relationship, though it is not obvious from the parsha itself. But the Talmud says that the well dried up in this week’s parsha following the death of Miriam to make it known that it followed the Jewish people in the desert for 40 years in her merit.

Which merit? The Talmud relates:

“There went a man of the house of Levi” (Shemos 2:1):  Where did he go? Rav Yehudah bar Zevina said that he went in the counsel of his daughter. A Tanna taught: Amram was the greatest man of his generation, and when he saw that the wicked Pharaoh had decreed, “Every son that is born you shall cast into the river,” he said, “We labor in vain do.” Therefore, he divorced his wife, and all [the men] divorced their wives as well.

His daughter said to him, “Father, your decree is more severe than Pharaoh’s, because Pharaoh decreed only against the males but you hast decreed against the males and females. Pharaoh only decreed concerning this world, but you have decreed concerning this world and the World-to-Come. In the case of the wicked Pharaoh, there is a doubt whether his decree will be fulfilled or not, but in your case, because you are righteous, it is certain that your decree will be fulfilled . . .”

So he went and took his wife back, and all [the men] took their wives back as well. (Sotah 12a)

There are a few questions that should be asked on this little account, especially given that Amram was the Gadol HaDor at the time, and Miriam had been all of six years old, a very MATURE six years old. But why focus on how such a great man could overlook what his six year old daughter clearly saw when we can discuss their relationship that led to the birth of their future savior?

Granted that they were extraordinary people. Most fathers are not Biblical characters, or leaders of their generation. Most six year olds are not mature enough to grasp the gravity of a situation and advise their father about how to deal with it. But, what counts here is not the age, but the example created for other parent-children relationships henceforth.

It’s also important to take a step back and realize the Hashgochah Pratis of the situation. God runs the show, not a Gadol HaDor or his precocious six year old daughter. He wrote the script. He built into it a redemption through a six year old daughter. God is the One Who made the future redemption depend upon the wisdom and confidence of young girl. The question is, why?

Normally we say that a person is zocheh to accomplish great things because of previous great merits. But, this was before the era of Torah and mitzvos, and a six year old is not even obligated in mitzvos. It’s before the age of the yetzer tov, so what free will does such a young child have anyhow? What merit could she have had already by the age of six that would have put her in such a glorious historical position?

The answer to that question actually appeared at the beginning of Parashas Shemos, albeit with the explanation of the Talmud:

Pu’ah was Miriam. Why was she called “Puah”? Because she cried out—po’ah—to the child and brought it out. Another explanation of “Pu’ah” is that she used to cry out through Ruach HaKodesh and say: “My mother will bear a son who will be the savior of the Jewish people!” (Sotah 11b)

A name defines a person. A Hebrew name defines a person’s soul and spiritual drive in life. This is what Miriam was all about, the redemption of the Jewish people, even at the very tender age of six. She may have been advanced for her age, but whether she was delivering babies or predicting the birth of a future savior, her mind was always on the redemption of her people.

So much so, in fact, that people called her by a name that indicated this. And this is why Amram gave her his ear and followed her advice, even though HE was the leader of the generation. He saw a connection to their people and their redemption that he didn’t even see in himself. And, it impressed him enough that her age did not cause him to downplay the importance of her message.

In fact, BEING only six, Amram knew that such a special message through such a special daughter had to be a special message from Heaven. So, rather than stand on ceremony and overlook the one who was truly seeing clearly at the time, Amram heeded the words of Miriam which led to the redemption of the Jewish people, and as Rashi points out in this week’s parsha, the mystical life-sustaining well that followed them throughout their 40 years in the desert.

Though not originally intended as a lead-in to the next part of this message, it has ended up being one.

I have been writing PERCEPTIONS on the weekly Torah reading for Torah.org for about 15 years now, b”H. Ever since the beginning, I have considered it to be a great merit and honor to be involved with such an important organization, so devoted to the dissemination of Torah. For me, it has never been a matter of financial benefit, but one of sharing the beauty and depth of Torah with as many readers as I can. Torah.org has helped tremendously with this.

Over the years, I began my own non-profit organization called “Thirtysix.org.” It has been a way for me to expand my operation, which has included other weekly articles besides Perceptions, books, and audio and video presentations. It has also allowed me to share crucial material about our stage of history, the importance of Israel today, and the Final Redemption.

To continue this work, b”H, I will be running a campaign through Charidy.com, during which every donation made will be matched. It is a once-a-year opportunity, and Torah.org has graciously allowed me to approach my Perception’s readers to participate in this fundraising drive. A separate letter will go out, b”H, announcing the beginning of the 72-hour campaign and how to make a contribution.

Whether you have been a reader Perceptions for years, or even just a short while, this is an opportunity to partner with me in its continuance. If you have enjoyed Perceptions, even benefited from it, it is a good time to show your appreciation for over a decade of writing. Every contribution is welcome, and all amounts will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your loyalty over the years, and in advance for any contribution you might make. This includes any promoting of the campaign you might do before or while it is running through any social media with which you are familiar.

Pinchas Winston

Leaders Who Don’t Lead But Follow . . .Foreign Leaders

Leaders of Israel

The Leaders of Israel

This photo is of leaders who are removed and remote from their citizens.

A Terror War is being waged on the Southern Front of Eretz Yisrael. Terrorists are not giving up on their attacking the People and Land of Israel. This has been going on since before 1929.

For weeks and weeks the Terrorists invent ways to attack Israel just under the wire of ‘invasion’. The ingenuity of their tactics shows that they know how to taunt the IDF.

Two of these ‘Leaders’ seemingly appear to be smug with their form of leadership; while the third appears repressed with a countenance of being ‘held back’ by the others. Maybe he wants to finally end the Kite War? Maybe he wants to end the actions of the Terrorists?

This Leadership is failing to truly represent the People of Israel; a game of appeasing world bodies and doing just the minimal amount of offense to appease the People of Israel (and win elections).

Something has to give.

This charade cannot continue.


GAZA SITUATION INTOLERABLE: Two nights ago, 45 projectiles were shot from Hamas-controlled Gaza at Israel. The Iron Dome rocked the house and no one was injured. However, clearly an intolerable situation. Alot of warnings coming from Israeli leaders about the threat of escalation and possible Israeli attempt to end the Hamas rule in Gaza once and for all. Keep in mind, the burning kites keep coming as well and setting fires causing widespread damage. Situation not at all sustainable. All logic/good judgement would lead Hamas to quickly deescalate the situation – probably won’t happen.

On the Israeli side of things, every time the Government considers/threatens to disrupt the Yeshiva students and their studies with threats of drafting them to the army, there is a war. So let’s hope they back off…and soon. israelrising


Committee Votes Down Resolution To Enforce Education Standards at Monsey Yeshivas

They Did It In England, and Now They’re Trying to Do It in New York
Home to 500,000 Chassidim

Its Only a Matter of Time
Committee (narrowly) Votes Down Resolution To Enforce Education Standards at Monsey Yeshivas

Rockland lawmakers have narrowly voted down a resolution that would have pushed for a mechanism to enforce state educational standards at private schools.

[. . .] “This is not to infringe on anybody’s religious right, because again we do have private schools here such as Green Meadow Rockland Country School,” says Legislator Laurie Santulli, who sponsored the bill. “The same idea is to see that they are receiving a rigorous education. Religion is not a factor in this.” YWN

In England they also only wanted a comprehensive/rigorous education for all school attendees: and that meant ‘diversity indoctrination,’ ‘gender equality,’ et al. How soon would that same curriculum be instituted in New York’s schools?

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A Few Interesting Messages: Dangerous People Are Teaching Your Kids
'There is no future for Orthodox Jews in the UK’. Hasidic leader in London says government demands that Jewish schools teach about gay marriage will force Orthodox Jews to leave Britain.

Note:  Maybe if the same curriculum of England is instituted in New York before it spreads to other states, we might :-) see a huge aliyah from Boro Park??

20 June 2018


by David Ben Horin

Instead of negotiating with us, offering some sort of compromise, expressing any type of willingness to live a normal life, Hamas has resorted to flying kites full with gas, chemicals, and fire for the sole purpose of burning our land. To date, over 1,000 acres of Israel’s finest greenery has been reduced to ashes.

Outside my hometown of Afula, two monsters drove by a children’s Agricultural School and threw Molotov cocktails at the fields, burning down a portion of the school grounds.

An 18 year old girl on her way to exams was stabbed and almost killed by a terrorist inside the city.

It’s a constant reminder of who they are, and who we are. We build. We educate our children. We grow. We are a free society that rewards citizens for their efforts, and their contributions to the nation and mankind. We honor the sanctity of the Land God gave us by enabling it to grow to its full splendor.

They burn. They destroy. They force their children to be ignorant. They replace their childhood with horror by teaching them how to hate, how to hurt, and how to kill. Achievement is not rewarded. People get paid to murder innocent men, women, children, and babies. They get money to burn the Land God gave us.

They pray 5 times a day that God will continue the work of Adolph Hitler in wiping us out. We pray for peace every time we recite the Shemonei Esrei, Aleinu, and Kaddish – all parts of every set of Jewish prayers. We can’t eat a morsel of bread without asking Hashem for peace.

I love the Land with all my being. It brings untold happiness to my family. Thank G-d, Hashem has put us in a place that is very, very good. I abhor hate, anger, and sadness. But even happy people admit that there are times when these avenues are necessary, even if just for a quick detour.

Hate is love inverted. It’s what you feel when you are willing to go to any length to protect what you love. Only when you love something so much, can you garner so much energy to protect it. We love the Land, so we hate with every fiber of our being any monster who would dare harm it.

There are moments when we need to unleash. Where we shouldn’t care a wink about what the snowflakes over in Burbank studios think, or about what the dystopian Democrats will whine about in their morning papers.

These monsters burnt our Land. A pack of soulless animals burnt a piece of our soul. Rabid savages burnt a piece of our heart.

I know people who wear $100 shirts who bend down and pick up a dirty carton of cigarettes simply because it is lying on the streets of our Land. They see Israel as a trust God gave to us to guard over. Even a piece of trash in a public area is an abomination. He even runs into the middle of the street if there is something detestable.

We are the only nation on earth to have more trees alive and well today than 100 years ago. Every year, a billion fiery red Kalanit flowers light up the Land. Oranges are in bloom in the autumn. Olives sprout in late summer. The Land is our life.

We are a peaceful nation who appreciates those among our cousins who focus their efforts on loving their families. We desire tranquility with those willing to live here as law abiding Israeli citizens.

I know people who wear $100 shirts who bend down and pick up a dirty carton of cigarettes simply because it is lying on the streets of our Land.

But for those who wish to desecrate our Land, know this. You are desecrating our Torah and our God. The passion we Jews have for our God, strengthened over four thousand years, makes ISIS and Iran look like pussycats. Remember Shimshon the Judge? He was the first one to sacrifice his life in the Name of God in order to kill as many idolaters as he could. So were the warriors at Massada.

They didn’t do it for a lifetime pension for their mommies. They did it for God.

Remember the Maccabees? They weren’t spineless cowards aiming at women and children. They fought a war against the mightiest empire that ever existed to defend God’s Honor.

They didn’t do it to share a cup of coffee in Diezinghoff street. They did it so they could serve God.

We will sacrifice more, and fight harder for God than you ever have, and you ever will.

If you burn our land and mock our God, mark my words: There will be blood.

Living in Israel for over 15 years, I want to share with you the real story. The country I live in is happy, laid back, focused, and rich in so many areas of life. It is my greatest desire to share with you all the emotional, physical, and spiritual wealth the State of Israel offers, and to give you a taste of the sublime happiness we all feel here each and every day. My name is David Ben Horin and this is my treasure trove of the Land of Israel.

Source: arutzsheva 

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19 June 2018

UPDATE: Please Daven For HaRav Reuven Noach ben Ruchoma Toba


Dear Friends:

This is a special email to ask you all to daven (pray) for a speedy and complete recovery for our dear friend, the Holy Talmid Chacham and Rosh Kollel,


who is having extremely critical surgery tomorrow, Wednesday, June 20 at 12 noon Pacific Time (3 pm Eastern Time)

May he have a complete and total recovery and perfect health among all the sick of Am Yisroel.

Please daven with all your heart!

Thank you and may Hashem bless all of us with only good news and may we soon see a perfectly healthy world with the coming of Moshiach ben Dovid soon in our days!

Roy Neuberger

Thank The A-mighty

The Court Ruled Justly in Part 1 of the Duma Affair

Attorney Adi Keidar of the Shinui organization, who represented the minor, said, "This is a fatal blow that the court directed at the Shin Bet and the State Prosecutor's Office, but beyond that the important thing is the ruling that rejects the statements of the minor during the period in which he answered his interrogators."

Attorney Zion Amir said that "the decision to disqualify the defendant's confession is greeted with joy mixed with sadness. It took two and a half years to reach a decision that in our opinion was self-evident in the first place. The significance of the decision is very dramatic in the Israeli legal world, according to which the investigative bodies, whether the police force or the Shin Bet security service, must take measures according to the law and not use improper means. We congratulate the court for its courage."

"It is clear that the Shin Bet caused physical pain and suffering to the interrogee in order to make him confess: A legal system that respects human dignity can not accept the confessions obtained as a result of intentional physical suffering as evidence," attorney Yitzhak Bam, one of Ben Uliel's attorneys, said in response to the decision. "The fear of continued torture was the only reason that the interrogee continued to confess between the rounds of torture.”

Source: arutzsheva

"After 21 days we were allowed to meet. Amiram had just got up from the torture cellars, and it was a difficult sight. I know Amiram, he's a very strong and healthy guy, but the man I met was a wreck. I met a man who shivered, who whined that he said, 'Death is better than my life.' I met a person whom the Shin Bet has turned into a shadow of a human being, and therefore any admission that was made as a result of Amiram's actions is illegal, is unacceptable, is immoral. "

Ben-Gvir emphasized that "Israel is neither Iran nor Syria. It is forbidden to accept such confessions. You cannot hold a man in torture dungeons, beat him, hurt him and deny him his free will, and then use that one statement or another has come out of him."

"People in Amiram's situation would have admitted the murder of Arlosoroff, and I think that the State of Israel must not accept such conduct and such measures, and it is forbidden to convict a person on the basis of statements received after torture,” arutzsheva


Note: I just cannot believe that this boy or any of the others would have committed such an act that they are accused of. I will be deeply disappointed if any of them are complicit.


Key Decision Expected Today in Duma Arson Case
Court rules this afternoon whether confessions of Duma murder suspects are admissible despite having been extracted through torture.

The Lod District Court will publish its decision this afternoon, Tuesday, regarding the assertions made by the defendants in the Duma arson case, according to which their confessions, which they claim were extracted by Shin Bet interrogators with force and threats, are not admissible. arutzsheva

Home of Key Witness in Duma Arson-murder Catches Fire
Police say findings appear to rule out deliberate arson by Jews; Home of Ibrahim Dawabsheh reportedly targeted, human rights group says, months after he witnessed his relatives being killed in a firebomb attack. Police said they do not suspect any nationalist motive behind Sunday's fire, pointing at findings from the scene that don't indicate Jewish involvement. But details of the investigation were under gag-order. In Sunday's fire a Palestinian relative of the slain Dawabsheh family, was very lightly wounded from smoke inhalation. The house only sustained partial damage and there were no slogans daubed nearby that are more typical of attacks by Jewish extremists. 
NOTE:  WHAT HE WITNESSED “Their faces were covered with a balaclava, with only the mouth and eyes visible. The street light shone directly on them.” . . .as they stood over the burning bodies. Haaretz

So was this a frame by the Shabak? In order to threaten the patriotic “boys” who object to Arab Violence and Terrorism? 
Hamas/Arabs are not immune to killing their own people Hamas plans 13 public executions in Gaza Strip

Habima Square Shabak Torture Exhibit Lets Passersby Experience Duma Prisoners’ Agony

[A] display of torture was exhibited for the public at Habimah Square in Tel Aviv, where activists of Otzma Yehudit (Jewish Might in Hebrew) demonstrated how the suspects in the Duma Village arson case were tortured during their Shabak interrogations. The performance was based on the testimonies of Shabak interrogators in the Central District Court in Lod during the early trial proceedings.

Photo Credit: Otzma Yehudit
Earlier this year, the families of the defendants in the Duma Village case revealed that during the March 15 closing statements stage of the trial’s preliminary segment of the trial, the Central District Attorney’s office announced in an unprecedented fashion that they would withdraw from the indictments’ material several of the defendants’ confessions which were given during interrogations in which “special means,” which the families’ have said is a euphemism for torture, were used.

Passersby were invited to experience personally the Shabak “special means” by demonstrators who used the names of the agents who testified in court. On Tuesday, 72 prominent rabbis, including several yeshiva deans, wrote Prime Minister Netanyahu and Justice Minister Shaked, demanding that the legal proceedings in the Duma Village case be interrupted to allow for an investigative committee to look into the agents’ court testimonies of using torture to extract forced confessions from the accused youths. JPress

As Murder Case Reaches Climax, Discussion Over Jewish Minor Gets Heated

The minor, his parents and Honenu have accused the Shin Bet and the Israel Prisons Service, saying one of the minor’s interrogators sexually harassed him and that he was drugged.

The allegations against the Shin Bet for improper treatment obviously tie the two stories together. However, will we only know how serious the allegations against the current Jewish detainee are – in comparison to the July 2015 Duma murders of the Palestinian Dawabshe family – after the gag order is lifted.  JPost


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Duma: Coerced confessions through an American lens timesofIsrael


200 Year Journey of Mir Limud Hatorah

[Jun 6, 2017]  Two hundred years of uninterrupted Torah learning – a moment in a time, yet an eternity. This beautifully moving niggun, with its equally powerful lyrics written especially for Yeshivas Mir’s Bicentennial Anniversary Dinner, somehow manages to describe the indescribable.

It recounts the miraculous saga of Yeshivas Mir and its faithful allegiance to LimudhaTorah– beginning with its founding in 1817 in an unknown Polish hamlet with a minyan of talmidim – through the different periods until today, when its very name has become synonymous with immersion in learning blihefsek, regardless of circumstances.

The song takes you on a journey from the Yeshiva’s humble beginnings at the dawn of the age of the great European Yeshivos. The stirring Yiddish chorus, based on Tehillim 119, highlights the secret of the Mir’s survival: unrelenting hasmada in the face of all sorts of adversity. The lyrics vividly describe how the Yeshiva triumphed over world wars, devastation by fire, ideological battle of haskallah, financial disaster, and geographic upheaval.

Reverently eternalized are the various great leaders who stood at the Mir’s helm with heroic mesirusnefesh throughout the generations, guiding their talmidim and supporters who share in the continued success of the Mir until this day and beyond, until the arrival of Moshiach.

18 June 2018

How to Deal With Hamas in Gaza?

ANALYSIS: How to deal with Hamas in Gaza
IDF brass talk of easing Gaza economic crisis as solution, experts disagree. arutzsheva

This is becoming a

The IDF is looking more and more like a comic act against Terrorism. So afraid of the UN and the International Enemies of the State of Israel, the so-called upper echelon of Israel’s “Most Humane Army in the World” is now making inept decisions that are NOT protecting farmlands, nature reserves, homes, and families.

What in the world are they thinking?

They are playing right into the hands of our enemies by deciding to give terrorists “REWARDS” for their terrorizing strategies. What will be next? A Pulitzer Prize . . .  or


Who is Leading Israel?

"According to our generals, Israel needs to shower Hamas with stuff. Food, medicine, water, electricity, medical supplies, concrete, cold hard cash, whatever Hamas needs, Israel should just hand it over in the name of humanitarian assistance.

"Every single time reporters ask the generals what Israel can do to end Hamas’s jihadist campaign, they give the same answer. Let’s shower them with stuff.

[. . .]

"Hamas is not Israel’s enemy because it lacks money or electricity. It is Israel’s enemy because it is a jihadist terrorist group committed to the annihilation of the Jewish people. No amount of free electricity or medicine will change this basic truth.

"Hamas will not transfer the bodies of Israel’s fallen soldiers or release the Israelis it holds hostage because Israel gives it money or concrete. Hamas will not embrace Israel if Israel purifies the Gaza water supply which Hamas deliberately polluted by over-drilling.

"The fact that the IDF General Staff hasn’t figured this out does not speak well of our generals’ cognitive capabilities.

[. . .]

"Rather than consider new ways to handle old threats, the IDF repeated the tactics it has used to inconclusive ends for the past decade.

Source: CarolineGlick


Aluminium is neurotoxic. Its free ion, Al3+ (aq), is highly biologically reactive and uniquely equipped to do damage to essential cellular (neuronal) biochemistry.

FAKE NEWS?  [Article on Yeshiva World News] Doctors are not warning about the deadly consequences of using aluminum foil, contrary to a story being shared on social media. Such online claims are not new. In one that surfaced this week on a diet and recipe site, the story suggests that aluminum is “neurotoxic” and can lead to mental decline — even Alzheimer’s disease. It also says using aluminum can lead to loss of balance and coordination and may damage bones.

[Response]  "Everyday exposure to aluminum is not considered a health hazard, experts said, and it is nearly impossible to avoid the metal. Most food, water, air and soil contain some
aluminum. It’s used in processing food and medicine, including flour, baking soda, antacids and buffered aspirin.

“Most researchers and health care professionals believe, based on current knowledge and information, that consumption and use of aluminum is not a significant risk factor for Alzheimer’s,” said Heather Snyder, senior director of medical and scientific operations for the Alzheimer’s Association.

"Rules limit exposure to aluminum dust in the air to protect U.S. workers from breathing problems. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says food cooked in aluminum pots is generally considered to be safe. The CDC says the best way to avoid consuming aluminum is to limit intake of large quantities of antacids and buffered aspirin. YWN

Au Contraire

US National Library
of Medicine National
Institutes of Health

Aluminium neurotoxicity: neurobehavioural and oxidative aspects.

Kumar V1, Gill KD.
Author information

Aluminium is the most widely distributed metal in the environment and is extensively used in daily life that provides easy exposure to human beings. The exposure to this toxic metal occurs through air, food and water. However, there is no known physiological role for aluminium within the body and hence this metal may produce adverse physiological effects.

Chronic exposure of animals to aluminium is associated with behavioural, neuropathological and neurochemical changes. Among them, deficits of learning and behavioural functions are most evident. Some epidemiological studies have shown poor performance in cognitive tests and a higher abundance of neurological symptoms for workers occupationally exposed to aluminium. However, in contrast to well established neurotoxic effects, neurobehavioural studies of aluminium in rodents have generally not produced consistent results.

Current researches show that any impairment in mitochondrial functions may play a major role in many human disorders including neurodegenerative disorders. Being involved in the production of reactive oxygen species, aluminium may cause impairments in mitochondrial bioenergetics and may lead to the generation of oxidative stress which may lead to a gradual accumulation of oxidatively modified cellular proteins. In this review, the neuropathologies associated with aluminium exposure in terms of neurobehavioural changes have been discussed. In addition, the impact of aluminium on the mitochondrial functions has also been highlighted.

PMID: 19568732 DOI: 10.1007/s00204-009-0455-6



Toxic Components in chemtrails

1. Sulphate
     - Refrigerant, Volcanic Eruptions, Acid Rain, Acid Rain, respiratory issues, cancer, infertility
2. Metallic Aluminum, Aluminum Oxide
     - Electrical Conductor
3. Barium titanate
     - Photorefractive, Piezoelectric
4. Strontium 90
     - Radioactive, Decay generates much heat
5. Uranium 238 - Radiation Shielding
6. Thorium - increased luminosity, Photorefractive
7. Aluminum Oxide
     - Heart disease, Lung disease, headaches, damage central nervous system, Alzheimer’s
8. Barium
     - Higher doses affect the nervous system, causing cardiac irregularities, tremors, weakness, anxiety, dyspnea and parlay

Meanwhile, chemtrails also sprays viruses, bacteria, nanoparticles, fibers, microtoxin fungi...


Can Ultrasonic Noise Make You Sick?
Ultrasonic signals from sensors and other devices are all around us, and the health effects of their interactions aren’t clear? Can what you don’t hear hurt you? Researchers are studying whether the largely inaudible interplay of ultrasound beams from sensors and other devices can trigger headaches and dizziness. Those were among symptoms reported by some U.S. diplomatic personnel stationed in China and Cuba who returned home in the past year after becoming incapacitated. 

REMEMBER: The U.S. embassy in Havana, Cuba – Researchers are examining why a number of workers there suffered headaches and cognitive distress. WSJ

This is a completely different ballgame
by Michael Snyder | End Of The American Dream

The new 5G cell phone network that is being rolled out across the nation is going to make communicating by cell phone super smooth and super fast. 

It will basically revolutionize the entire cell phone industry, and for multitudes of phone users this new era cannot get here fast enough.  But will there be a great price to pay for this amazing technology?  Right now, U.S. wireless companies are installing hundreds of thousands of new antennas, and each one of these new antennas is a microwave transmitter.  If you live or work near one of these antennas, that means that you are literally being bombarded by microwave radiation on a constant basis, and once this entire network goes up nationwide it will be extremely difficult for anyone to get away from this radiation completely.  Some experts are warning us to consider the health implications before it is too late to do anything about it.

When we went from 3G to 4G, it didn’t seem like that big of a deal, and so many people are wondering what the big fuss is over 5G.

But this isn’t just another step up in technology.
This is a completely different ballgame.

According to CBS News, this new network is supposed to be “up to 100 times faster”, but it will also require that antennas be installed “closer to users than before”…

The wireless industry is in a race to roll out 5G service. The network is supposed to be up to 100 times faster than current data speeds, but it requires cellphone tower equipment to be closer to users than before. Wireless companies in the U.S. say they’ll have to install about 300,000 new antennas – roughly equal to the total number of cell towers built over the past three decades. That’s causing outrage and alarm in some neighborhoods, as antennas go up around homes.

Once all of these new antennas are up, it is going to seem like they are everywhere, and that is because they will be.

The consulting firm Accenture, in a report commissioned by the wireless industry, estimated last year that telecom companies will invest as much as $275 billion over seven years building out 5G networks. Other estimates have placed the price tag for 5G infrastructure at about $200 billion annually for at least the first few years of service.

Cell phone antennas will be closer together and closer to the ground than ever before, and the giant telecom companies are appealing to Congress to make it easier for them to bypass local zoning laws…

Wireless companies are asking Congress and state lawmakers to make it easier to install the poles by preempting local zoning laws that often restrict them, particularly near homes. The lobbying efforts have alarmed local officials across the country. They say they need to ensure that their communities do not end up with unsightly poles cluttering sidewalks, roadsides and the edges of front yards.

They also are hearing from residents worried about possible long-term health risks. Until now, much of the cell equipment that emits radio-frequency energy has been housed on large towers typically kept hundreds of feet from homes. The new “small cell” technology uses far more antennas and transmitters that are smaller and lower-powered, but clustered closer together and lower to the ground.

[. . .] “The cell towers are called small cell towers, but they are not so small when they are in your front yard,” said Donna Barron. She is protesting plans to convert light poles in her Montgomery County, Maryland, neighborhood into small cell sites. “This will cause cancer,” Barron said. She was one of several people who raised health concerns about the radiation emitted by the equipment at a government hearing last month.

So is there scientific evidence that actually shows a link between cell phones and major diseases such as cancer? Well, a group of over 230 scientists has signed a document that is entitled “the International EMF Scientist Appeal”…

More than 230 scientists from 41 nations — who have published over 2,000 peer-reviewed papers on electromagnetic fields and biology and health — have signed the International EMF Scientist Appeal. They cite “serious concerns” about “increasing exposure to EMF” based on “numerous recent scientific publications” linking low levels of wireless radiation to health effects.

In that document, we are told that scientific research has shown that exposure to EMF can cause a whole host of health problems…

Numerous recent scientific publications have shown that EMF affects living organisms at levels well below most international and national guidelines. Effects include increased cancer risk, cellular stress, increase in harmful free radicals, genetic damages, structural and functional changes of the reproductive system, learning and memory deficits, neurological disorders, and negative impacts on general well-being in humans. Damage goes well beyond the human race, as there is growing evidence of harmful effects to both plant and animal life.

These findings justify our appeal to the United Nations (UN) and, all member States in the world, to encourage the World Health Organization (WHO) to exert strong leadership in fostering the development of more protective EMF guidelines, encouraging precautionary measures, and educating the public about health risks, particularly risk to children and fetal development. By not taking action, the WHO is failing to fulfill its role as the preeminent international public health agency.

Of course the cell phone industry disputes these claims and will fight against them to their dying breath. And according to federal law, local communities cannot even consider health concerns when deciding whether or not to put in cell phone antennas…

However, according to federal law the city simply can’t consider health concerns. It’s outlined in a small section of the Telecommunications Act, based on science from 1996, back when we were still talking on cellphones that looked like bricks. “I find it really unfair,” said Hiestand. If cities do consider health, cell companies can sue them


The 5G Cell Towers, using WiFi and Cell Phones, lay the groundwork for government surveillance and mind control. Sound like conspiracy theory? Well it’s part of AGENDA 21 [see also https://youtu.be/2MQlIpJ2lmM]

** Almost all the A/C in Israel run via WiFi; add this to your computer WiFi and Smart Phone WiFi usage and we are being inundated with 5G Technology. I was told that with the A/C, one can request a model w/o WiFi. This would be the smarter Smart move.

17 June 2018



An inspirational musical video composed in honor of the 2018 "Vhaarev Na" "Simchas HaTorah".

"Vhaarev Na" Featuring Baruch Levine and Simcha Leiner 2016

What is “Vhaarev Na"

Bochrim Testimonials:

In September – I hated going to yeshiva, and learning gemara was dreadfull. Now in June- after a year of Vhaarev Na and owning a masechta, I love yeshiva, and gemara is my life!

מסכת סוכה has now become ME. It is the highlight of my day every day. The fact that I was able to be “קונה” the מסכת, teaches me that I can accomplish whatever I put my energy into; any מסכת, and ראשון, any אחרון.
– Meir

My whole life was positively affected, Chazering 124 blatt over Pesach בין הזמנים.
– Chaim

I always “wanted to want” to learn. גמרא was not גישמאק so I put all my energy into the English subjects, finally I was introduced to the והערב נא program which taught me that it is quality, not quantity that counts. It’s the חזרה, over and over which makes the גמרא enjoyable. Now my life is born anew, I want, enjoy and love learning!
– Moshe Aryeh

Come, Join, Read More, and Learn About ”Vhaarev Na”.

TAMMUZ – The Month of Devastation: TAPUACH WEST EVACUATION follows Netiv HaAvot

Evacuation and Destruction of Tapuach West has Begun
4 Tammuz 5778 – June 17, 2018

Hundred of Israeli Border Police have begun gathering to evacuate the neighborhood of Tapuch West **(Tal Binyamin), in the Shomron. Jewishpress

Some of the homes are built on State land, and others are built on land that has not yet been designated (“Seker Lands”). A year ago the Israeli High Court ordered the 17 homes on the hilltop destroyed, including those that had permits from the Civil Administration. As always, the process began when leftwing NGO petitioned the court to destroy the neighborhood.

Sunday, the 10 buildings in Tapuah West in Samaria, which are expected to be demolished following a Supreme Court order.

EVIL INCARNATE: The case was bought by the Yesh Din organization against the residents of West Tapuah on behalf of 15 residents of the nearby Palestinian village of Yasuf who claim to be the owners of the land. The court found that some 17 buildings were built intentionally in an area known to be privately owned. Yesh Din said in response it was dismayed by the ruling, insisting it did not go far enough. timesofisrael

UPDATE: "They threw away NIS 12 million here to evacuate six families. We, together with the Defense Ministry, found a solution a year ago, without asking a shekel from the State. We moved three houses out of the six, two are being moved now, and one that can't be moved, we built a new one its place," charged Hertzlich. Kann Moreshet reporter Meni Shwatrz points out the difficult scenes from the Tapuach evacuation are a little reminiscent of the first Amona eviction. "The settlers claim there's no binding legal decision but rather a directive from the Defense Ministry. If that's indeed true, I wonder: Wasn't Defense Minister Liberman once a rightist?! Initiating a violent evacuation of Jews without being forced to?!"

Like Netiv Ha’Avot in Gush Etzion, another neighborhood, which could have been saved, is being destroyed by the Likud government.

A positive unintended side effect is that 1000 dunams (247 acres) of land between Tapuach and Ariel can now be approved by the government for construction.

**According to the Israel Rising website, “Twenty years ago, young families moved up to the “Tal Binyamin” hill (named after Talya and Binyamin Kahane HY”D, who were murdered in a shooting attack in 2001), just west of Kfar Tapuach, with the assistance of the Settlement Division, in accordance with decisions made by the State. One of those families were Rivka and Moshe Herzlich. Moshe is the brother of Talya Kahane HY”D, after whom the outpost is named.”

On Monday, Israeli lawmakers passed the Regulation Law, a measure that allows Israel to retroactively legalize the appropriation of Palestinian land by Jewish settlers, if it was done unknowingly, and compensate the landowners instead of removing the outposts.

REGULATION LAW: The Judea and Samaria Settlement Regulation Law (Hebrew: חוק להסדרת ההתיישבות ביהודה והשומרון‎), commonly known as the Regulation Law (Hebrew: חוק ההסדרה‎) or sometimes the Regularization Law, is an Israeli law that aims to retroactively legalize Israeli settlements in the West Bank Area C. It is meant to "regulate”. timesofisrael

The Senseless Destruction of Netiv HaAvot 

The truth about the destruction, Rav Richter:

(strong words and “coincidences”)

Volcanic Gemstone of Peridot – Interesting Facts

Yechezkel - Ezekiel - Chapter 28:13

In Eden, the garden of God you were; every precious stone was [set in] your covering; ruby, topaz, diamond, chrysolite, onyx, and jasper, sapphire, carbuncle, and crystal and gold; the work of your drums and your orifices is in you; on the day of your creation they were established.

 יגבְּעֵ֨דֶן גַּן־אֱלֹהִ֜ים הָיִ֗יתָ כָּל־אֶ֨בֶן יְקָרָ֚ה מְסֻכָתֶ֙ךָ֙ אֹ֣דֶם פִּטְדָ֞ה וְיַֽהֲלֹ֗ם תַּרְשִׁ֥ישׁ שֹׁ֙הַם֙ וְיָ֣שְׁפֵ֔ה סַפִּ֣יר נֹ֔פֶךְ וּבָֽרְקַ֖ת וְזָהָ֑ב מְלֶ֨אכֶת תֻּפֶּ֚יךָ וּנְקָבֶ֙יךָ֙ בָּ֔ךְ בְּי֥וֹם הִבָּֽרַאֲךָ֖ כּוֹנָֽנוּ: chabad

Peridot the Gemstone from the Earth's Core
Read The Gem from Outer Space! about this fascinating discovery.

Peridot is named after the French word peritot, meaning gold, because the mineral can vary towards this color. Peridot is the birthstone for the month of August. It is also the stone given to celebrate the 16th year of marriage. Peridot has a very long written history. Ancient papyri record the mining of these stones as early as 1500 BC.

The main source of peridot in the ancient world was *Topazo Island (now Zabargad or St. John’s Island) in the Egyptian Red Sea. In Ancient times, peridot stones were used for carved talismans. Island habitants were forced to collect the gems for the Pharaoh’s treasury. Legend says that jealous watchers who had orders to put to death any trespassers guarded the entire island. The story continues that the miners worked in the daytime as well as night, as the gems could be found after nightfall due to their radiance. The miners would mark the spot at night for retrieval the following day. Wikipedia

*Topaz: could be an alternate name for peridot?

Peridot is the National gem of Egypt. Ancient Egyptians knew it as “the gem of the sun.” Peridot was mined for over 3,500 years on St Johns Island. As late as the 19th Century, the Kedhive of Egypt had a monopoly on the mines. At one point, the island’s exact whereabouts became a mystery for several centuries until being rediscovered in 1905. Joel Aram, from the “Color Encyclopedia of Gemstones 2nd Edition,” writes “Zabargad is an island in the Red Sea that is often shrouded in fog, making it difficult for ancient navigators to find.

The location has been lost in fact, for centuries, and was rediscovered in about 1905. The island is located 35 miles of the Egyptian coastal port of Berenica.” In the 19th Century, the mines on Zabargad Island produced millions of dollars worth of peridot. After 1905, production of the gems peaked, but by the late 1930’s it tapered off to practically nothing and reached a virtual stand still in 1958, when the mines were nationalized. Although parcels of St. Johns peridot still come into the market once in a while, it is not known whether it is new or old. Most assume it is old.

Pitdah - Topaz

A Stamp of Israel: The High Priest's Breastplate - Shimon colnect/stamps

As with other gemstones, the color of the peridot stone is directly related to parts of the body that it can be of aid to. Because of it’s yellowish green color, peridot has been believed to cure diseases of the liver and difficulties with digestion. It aids in physical detoxification and helps problems with the kidneys, bladder, gall bladder, and the stomach.

Peridot heals such illnesses as ulcers, constipation, and irritable bowel syndrome. It is also useful in helping to heal insect bites. Peridot has a tonic effect- it heals and regenerates tissues, strengthens the metabolism and benefits the skin. It aids the heart, thymus, lungs, and spleen.

If placed on the abdomen, it aids in giving birth by strengthening the muscle contractions while lessening the pain. Peridot is also helpful in treating skin diseases and difficulties associated with the adrenal glands and endocrine systems. It is also used to treat fevers. Jewelsforme