05 December 2016

Standing Rock Victory in North Dakota as US Army Corps of Engineers Revokes Pipeline Permits

Standing Rock Victory in North Dakota as US Army Corps of Engineers Revokes Pipeline Permits

After months of increasingly passionate protests against the planned oil pipeline that could have threatened the aquifers of the Sioux tribe, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has reversed its permit approval. This means Texas-based Energy Transfer Partners LP, owner of the Dakota Access Pipeline, will need to explore a different route for the pipeline.

The decision is a notable victory for Sioux tribes and the thousands of protesters who stood up to what many observers described as a “military police state” of government action against them.

“The Army will not grant an easement to cross Lake Oahe at the proposed location based on the current record,” stated the US Army, reported by Reuters.

Reuters then goes on to predictably pre-blame Donald Trump for future pipeline threats against the Sioux:

Protest organizers had for months argued that crossing the Missouri River adjacent to the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation presented a danger to their water source. Protests grew over the months, with hundreds of veterans flocking to the camp in recent days to stand against what they say are aggressive tactics from law enforcement.

Activists at the camp were seen hugging each other and letting out Native American war cries on Sunday, but many remained wary, knowing that Trump has voiced support for the line…

North Dakota Congressman Kevin Cramer and Senator John Hoeven, both Republicans who favor the line, blasted the decision, saying it “violates the rule of law and fails to resolve the issue.” Cramer, an adviser to Trump under consideration for a cabinet post, said the president-elect would “restore law and order.”

In truth, President-elect Trump has never stated he supported the pipeline being built across (or underneath) Standing Rock Sioux Reservation land. He only supports the general principle of transporting oil via pipelines. It’s far safer than transporting via rail or ship, it turns out. The real answer is to build these pipelines in places where they don’t threaten Native American lands or water supplies. ArmyCorps Revokes Pipeline …

Also read: Protesters at Dakota Pipeline have noticed unidentified crop dusters spraying chemicals over them late at night. Crop Dusting Lakota Indians. Reports directly from DAPL protestors at Standing Rock that the US Government are using Crop Duster planes to fly over protestors and spray them with chemical agents during the night.

Source: by: Mike Adams, NaturalNews

The 9th of Kislev – An Auspicious Et

The Ninth of Kislev

[t]he 9th of Kislev is a very special time where the gates of tefilot are wide open and Hashem is hearing, accepting and answering our prayers! Like the Ramban wrote: "the 9th year on the 9th month at the 9th hour of the day is a time of happiness and grants from Hashem". and you should know, adds the Chesed L'avraham, "this time is very appropriate for success and is a pipe to bring upon ourselves abundance and redemption."

This very special moment only comes around once every 7 years so we must get ready for it and take advantage of the opportunity granted to us from Hashem. Therefore it is important we take the time to pray and ask Hashem for all we need and desire in a clear and detailed way. In order to do so, we must prepare ourselves and put on paper what is the most important to us so that we can ask it clearly on this very special moment.

Source: The 9th of Kislev a Special Time

For some spirited back and forth about this (below) and more, see the comments on the page Daas Torah

“Come and see: There are times in the year when favor is found, and times in the year when Judgment looms. There are times in the month when favor is found, and times in the month when judgments looms over all. There are times in the week when favor is found, and times in the week when judgments appear in the world. There are times in the day when favorite is found and the world is fragrant, and times in the day when judgments loom – and even in the hour. Thus it is written: [For everything there is a season,] and a time for every matter (under heaven) [Ecclesiastes 3:1], and similarly: [As for me, may my prayer to You, O YHWH, come] at a time of favor… [Psalms 69:14], and similarly: Why, YHWH, do You stand far off, and hide in times of trouble? [Psalms 10:1], and similarly: From afar, YHWH appeared to me [Jeremiah 31:3]. And times when He is near, as it is written: Seek YHWH when He may be found, call to Him when He is near [Isaiah 55:6, i.e. Yom Kippur]; YHWH is near to all who call Him [Psalms 145:18]. Therefore, that he not enter at all times into the sanctuary” (Zohar 3:58a-b).

“From the beginning of the month [of Tishrei] books are opened and judges sit in judgment. Every single day courts are empowered to open proceedings, until the day called ‘ninth of the month.’ On that day judgements all ascend to the Master of Judgment, and a supernal holy throne is prepared for the King. On that day Israel below should rejoice before their Lord, who is ready to sit over them on the holy Throne of Mercy, the Throne of Leniency” (Zohar 3:67a).”


“... and in the ninth Israel was answered by the Sea [cf. BT Shabbat 88a: “Blessed is the Compassionate One Who gave a threefold Law to a threefold people, by the third (namely Moses who was the third child born to his parents), on the third day, in the third month [namely סִיוָן Sivan, the month of מַזַל תְאוּמִים Gemini]. And the ninth hour [the time of מִנחָה] is the hour of merriment, and blessing, and joy; it is the hour of offering in which Elijah was answered, as it is written: And it came to pass at the time of the offering of the evening sacrifice, that Elijah the prophet came near, (and said, YHWH God of Abraham, Isaac, and of Israel, let it be known this day that you are God in Israel, and that I am your servant, and that I have done all these things at your word) [1 Kings 18:36]. It is an assurance to you that the ninth year of the Jubilee will be the most auspicious year, the ninth month [כִּסְלֵו], will be a month of רָצוֹן favor [which shares of gematria of 346 with מָקוֹר source, and שְּׁמוֹ His Name (Exodus 3:13)], and it will be the most auspicious of months. The ninth day of the month will be the most auspicious day of the month, and the ninth hour of the day will be the most auspicious hour of all the hours” (Brit Menuḥa).

04 December 2016

Brit Menucha

The Malachim are in charge of the winds/ thunder, hailstones, rocks, fruit-bearing trees, fruitless trees, and Human Beings. Each Malach is in charge of ONE action only, as we learned when the Malachim visited Avraham on the Third Day of his Brit Mila. And all this is explained in the following:

Brit Menucha*
Please do not pronounce the Hebrew names and please do not blow out a match with your breath, as that is the name of a Malach.

Berit Menuchah (Hebrew: ספר ברית מנוחה) (also Berit Menuḥah, Berith Menuḥa, or Brit Menucha) is a practical kabbalistic work written in the 14th century, by Rabbi Abraham ben Isaac of Granada. It consists of a system of theurgy which uses secret names of G–d and his emanations for spiritual and magical purposes. An English translation thereof was published in 2007.

The Berit Menuḥah focuses on a complex system describing the various hypostases of the divine world and G–d, and associating them with the vowel points (Nikudim) of the Hebrew language. Especially central is the role of divine, angelic, and magical names associated with the various emanations described. They are often given magical uses, and the text often specifies whether the practitioner needs to be pure or not in order to use them. Some of the names are typical Kabbalistic names of G–d, but the majority are derived by Notarikon from biblical verses:

And it was discovered that the Malachim were created from the wind and the fine and enlightening air, and that the name of their origin עַמַרֻמְאֵליוְהָ was derived from the verse (Psalms 104:4): ‘Who makest the winds thy messengers, fire and flame thy ministers’ (.....) And when the lights reach this Sefira, they unite and receive a name that is derived from the central letters of the following verse (Genesis 6:2): ‘The sons of G–d saw that the daughters of men were fair; and they took to wife such of them as they chose.’ And this valiant name, which is drawn in the Gevura, is רְנֵלבֺנקְהֵכשְיִהְ

Angels and their names also feature prominently in the text, and one section lists dozens of them and their areas of dominion, such as animals, trees, elements, etc.:

The angel רוחיאל (Rohiel) is in charge of the winds; he is the captain of three angels: חזקיה , עוזיאל and עזאל (Uziel, Hezekiah and Azael). The angel גבריאל (Gabriel) is in charge of the thunders. The angel נוריאל (Nuriel) is in charge of the hailstones. The angel מקטוניאל (Mktoniel?) is in charge of the rocks. The angel טלפיאל (Tlapial?) is in charge of the trees that bear fruits. The prince שרואל (Ruel) is in charge of the fruitless trees. And the angel סנדלפון is in charge of human beings.

*Because of an ad appearing in the Mishpacha Magazine, and a retort concerning this ad, I found the subject-matter very interesting. Therefore I present here Wikipedia’s explanation of Brit Menucha.

Full text of Brit Menucha

More about Abraham ben Isaac of Granada

**A 14th century kabbalah book which deals with names of angels and their role in the universe. This profound kabbalistic work was acclaimed by R' Moshe Cordevero to be the product of Divine Inspiration, for no one could perceive such hidden secrets by intellect alone. The Ari called it a penetrating and completely reliable kabbalistic source, revealed to the author by Eliyahu the Prophet. There is an introduction in this book by Machon Ramchal, analyzing the influence of 'Brit Menucha' on the Ramchal.

03 December 2016



I don’t know what to make of this; feel free to comment below. I could not make out all his statements.

"TREZOROS" The Lost Jews of Kastoria

"TREZOROS" The Lost Jews of Kastoria 
(full trailor)

Documentary 'Trezoros: The Lost Jews 
of Kastoria' explores little known stories

The plight of Jews in Southern Europe in World War II has often been overlooked in favor of narratives from Western and Eastern Europe, but “Trezoros: The Lost Jews of Kastoria” offers insight into the history of Sephardic Jews in Greece.

Directed by Lawrence Russo and Larry Confino, the documentary shares the lives of the Russo, Confino and other families who lived in Kastoria. However, it never divulges the apparent relationship between the directors and their subjects, and the film doesn’t feel deeply connected to their experiences.

“Trezoros” (“Treasures” in Ladino or Judeo Spanish) is a Ken Burns-style documentary, with talking heads and camera movement across black-and-white photos. It begins in the years before the war, exploring the close-knit community in Kastoria and the friendly relationship between the Jews and their Christian neighbors. The film establishes their culture before it reveals their plight after the Italian invasion in 1940, followed by the German occupation and the horrors that claimed the lives of most of the people.

As impactful as its rarely told story might be, “Trezoros” would have been better served by a shorter running time or a more focused approach to its central story. Archival and family photos appear multiple times throughout the narrative, and its sometimes-meandering approach demonstrates a lack of direction and leaves a tragic story feeling bland.

Source: LATimes

Observation:  "Where a Jewish and Christian Community lived, broken bread and celebrated holidays together. . . ."

02 December 2016

America is About to FREEZE

Cold Records are going to be SHATTERED! 

- “By the end of NEXT week, some states will be running 36 F BELOW NORMAL."Meteorologist Paul Dorian of Vencore, Inc.: WIDESPREAD BLAST OF COLD AIR PLUNGES FROM ALASKA TO THE WESTERN US EARLY NEXT WEEK AND THEN EXPANDS INTO THE EASTERN US** ClimateDepot


While we end November on a warm note here in the eastern US, there are changes unfolding across the Northern Hemisphere that will likely bring a widespread very cold air mass into the US next week. This cold air mass is first going to arrive in Alaska this upcoming weekend with some spots in that state plunging to 40 degrees below zero and way below normal for early December. After that, the cold air dives into the western US during the first half of next week and then it’ll likely blast into the eastern US late next week. In fact, by the time Saturday, December 10th rolls around, there may be colder-than-normal conditions all the way from Alaska to the southeastern US. Beyond that, it looks like this colder pattern will indeed have some staying power as we move deeper into the month of December.


01 December 2016

BRIS AVOS – Parshas Toldos

By Roy S. Neuberger

“Baruch Ata … Hashem, our G-d and the G-d of our forefathers, G-d of Avraham, G-d of Yitzchak and G-d of Yaakov, the great, mighty and awesome G-d, the supreme G-d, Who bestows beneficial kindnesses and creates everything, Who recalls the kindnesses of the Patriarchs and brings a Redeemer to their children’s children for His Name’s sake, with love. O King, Helper, Savior and Shield, Blessed are You, Shield of Avraham.”

Thus we begin every Shemoneh Esreh. Why do we say, “G-d of Avraham, G-d of Yitzchak, G-d of Yaakov,” repeating the word  “G-d” three times? Why didn’t Chazal “economize” and say, “G-d of Abraham, Yitzchak, and Yaakov?”

“Each Patriarch forged his own relationship with G-d based on his unique character attributes. It is similarly the task of every Jew to discover, relate to and serve G-d according to his or her own primary nature.” (The Art of Jewish Prayer, *Rabbi Y. Kirzner)

This explanation teaches a lot about life. Yitzchak Avinu grew up in the home of Avraham and Sarah. But it was not sufficient for Yitzchak to learn from his parents. He had to feel the need for G-d within himself; he had to know from personal experience that he could not live without G-d. He forged his own personal path to       G-d. The same for Yaakov Avinu and for their descendants. Each Jew can follow the footsteps of his ancestors.

When we say Shemoneh Esreh, we are seeking a personal relationship with the Ribono shel Olam. “[A person] saying the Shemoneh Esreh is required to daven with kavanah. One who is unable to ‘remove distractions from his mind’ (Biur Halacha) … should at least say the bracha ‘Avos’ with kavanah.” (Shulchan Aruch 101:1). Mishna Berurah writes: “In this bracha, the praise of the Ribono shel Olam is set out, and it is therefore not right that one’s heart should turn then to other matters.”

This week we read, “Yitzchak davened opposite his wife, because she was barren.” (Beraishis 25:21) Can you imagine! Their tefillah changed the bria! In Parshas Vayeira we read that “Sarah conceived and bore a son to Avraham in his old age.” (Beraishis 21:2) There also, a barren couple overcame the boundaries of nature through tefillah. All Jews have inherited this ability, and that is why we continue to exist, even against nature, until this very day!

Some months ago in this column, I recounted the amazing interview with U. S. President Harry S. Truman by Rabbi Shlomo Lorincz zt”l, in which President Truman explained why he had recognized the fledgling state of Israel “although it was against the better interests of the United States” (since there were relatively few Jews in Israel surrounded by millions of Arabs). Truman said, “It is only because I believe that, just like in the past, three thousand years ago, [when] you Jews saved humanity – wild mankind! – via your Torah, so too I believe and hope that, even nowadays (in the atomic era), you, the Jewish Nation, will be successful again, to enlighten and to heal the beasts of cruelty in our midst and save the world from total destruction.”

Because we are above nature, we are able to save all of mankind!

Avraham Avinu thought about the world and discovered the Existence of the Ribono shel Olam. Rabbi Avigdor Miller zt”l states: “The most important part of serving Hashem is thinking.” (Chovos Halelovos, Shaar Habitachon). Unless we think, we cannot “find” Hashem in order to serve Him. If our neshomas are not focused on Hashem, then we are somewhere else. That, I believe, is part of what we mean when we say “b’chol levav’cha.” Any part of our mental state which is separated from Hashem is in a non-existent place!

This is both powerful and frightening. Ideally, at every moment, we should be focused on Hashem. As human beings, we have a cosmic challenge to reach that ideal condition, but we have to try. At least we can attempt to say the first bracha of Shemoneh Esreh with kavanah and focus on the meaning of each word, forgetting all other considerations.

If we can do this, we imitate our Avos and Imahos, and this will save us. Our Avos and Imahos prepared the way for Moshiach. They found Hashem in a depraved world of idolatry. If we (very understandably) doubt that Moshiach can come to our chaotic world, we can take comfort in the words, “Umaivi goail … He brings the redeemer to their children’s children, for His Name’s sake.” To whom does this refer?

“This means us! This redemption will come even if we don’t deserve it, purely out of the love of Hakadosh Baruch Hu for Bnai Yisroel. (Rav Shimon Schwab, “On Prayer.” See Artscroll Sanhedrin 98a, Footnote 43 and Even Sheleimah 11:9)

The Gemara (Shabbos 55a) suggests that “zechus avos” may have limits, but “l’maan briso …because of His Covenant” with the Avos, Hashem will continue to protect us forever. Thus, Hashem will bring Moshiach “for His Name’s sake, with love,” because “even though the Jews might not have deserved to be saved, Hashem could not allow His image in the world to become discredited through [our inadequacies].” (Art of Jewish Prayer)

“During the end of Golus, at the time before the coming of Moshiach … conditions will exist that will make this the darkest epoch of the Golus. (See Sotah 49b) For the Jewish Nation to survive in such a world is due only to the example shown by Avraham Avinu, who taught us that, even if the whole world is against us on one side, we can successfully remain firm in our convictions on the other side.” (Rav Schwab)

The beginning of our national service of Hashem is contained in this bracha, as well as the end of history, in which the redeemer will come to save us. The hope and the promise are all in this bracha! May we see its complete fulfillment soon in our days!

* * * *
Roy Neuberger, author and public speaker, can be reached at roy@2020vision.co.il
© Copyright 2016 by Roy S. Neuberger

*More about Rabbi Yitzchak Kirzner. I was one of his attendees for the Rabbi’s interesting and eclectic lectures in Boro Park.


If you haven’t listened and taken to heart the message given over by Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi you MUST LISTEN TO HIS WORDS

This is dead serious!

'The L-rd your G‑d is a consuming fire"

If you think that these fires were just a *revolt, THINK AGAIN. We here on Earth, in Eretz Yisrael, are receiving Divine Messages about our situation and the Geulah. 

The time is nearing the 6000 year mark, the redemption, the ingathering of exiles, the resurrection of Neshomas, the announcement of Mashiach, the rebuilding of the Third Temple, must all occur BEFORE 6000. We are now in 5777, which is ONLY 223 YEARS until the END OF TIME as we know it. The time is drawing near and Am Yisrael is not ready. 

When you look at the Map of the Arson Fires (Ember Bombs) it is undeniable that they were started to scare and kill Jews by EISH. The telltale signs are the places that were consumed by fire. Just look at the Map below and you will see the Fingerprint of the Arsonists – Jewish communities, and especially the city of co-existence [as Rabbi Mizrachi explained:] 

HAIFA (שריפה–חיפה) PROUD of Jewish girls dating Arab boys; celebration of ALL religious holidays together (avoda zara), intermarriage. 

Do you see Arab towns being scorched on this map?  As a result, one can narrow the investigation down to the Israeli Arabs being the arsonists (Rabbi Mizrachi). The Israeli Arabs that Leftist Israel coddles and fears, pays them to have children, and sends them to college to then to work in our Jewish hospitals and businesses. These same Israeli Arabs that bite the hand that feeds.

*Revolt:  This is not just the hacking into a TV station with DIVINE RETRIBUTION message from our cousins.

1,700 Fires in 8 Days 

Today: Firebombing Attack on IDF Soldiers. Arab terrorists attacked IDF soldiers Tuesday night who were stationed near the Jerusalem Arab neighborhood of Issawiya. (Jewish Press)

More Punishment: After Fire, Comes Flood: Israel Braces for Heavy Storms and Rains – Winds, rains and floods expected in Israel in the coming days, especially in Haifa, which was recently hit by brushfires; snow could fall in Golan Heights.

Interesting: Oldest Conservative synagogue emerges charred and without book trove

Eye Opener: In Wake of Fire, Haifa's Famous Jewish-Arab Coexistence Threatens to Go Up in Smoke.  A senior firefighter says local Arab politicians 'set fires in the morning and come to be interviewed at night’

Netanyahu thanks Palestinian president for assistance AND MEANWHILE –

Abbas declares: We will never recognize Israel. PA chairman and Fatah leader declares the Palestinian Arabs will never give up their fight against "Israel as a Jewish State”. Palestinian Authority (PA) chairman Mahmoud Abbas, is also the newly elected leader of FATAH and the Palestine Liberation Organization(PLO).

Items culled from Haaretz and Arutz Sheva.

San Francisco Millennium Tower Sinking (fast)

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — The European Space Agency has released satellite data that shows the 58-story Millennium Tower in San Francisco's is continuing to sink at a steady rate — and perhaps faster than previously known. Scientist Petar Marinkovic who analyzed the data for the ESA said Monday it shows the Millennium Tower sunk 40 to 45 millimeters — or 1.6 to 1.8 inches — over a recent one-year period. Sfgate

(2.6 to 2.9 inches) — OVER ITS 17-MONTH 

I don’t know about you, but when I look at the above photo of the skyscrapers on the earthy edge of San Francisco, I wonder why these humongous buildings were built so close together, these uniquely heavy concrete and iron and glass monoliths weighing heavily on the soil at the water’s edge.  And with the visitors to our solar universe causing earthquakes, floods, meteors, volcanos etc., it is no wonder that this Millennium Tower is SINKING.