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30 April 2019

This is a LEADER, Who Means Business

Now this is a LEADER, 
this is someone who means business, 
and he will make it happen.

MK Betzalel Smotrich:

"Without the education and justice portfolios for the United Right, there will be no government," Smotrich said in an interview with Radio 103FM.

"Netanyahu is a serious man, he will not go to elections," Smotrich assessed. "It is irrelevant if Netanyahu does not want me as justice minister, because without me there is no coalition. I am not returning to a government in which we are hanged in the Supreme Court."

Yesterday, Jewish Home Chairman Rabbi Rafi Peretz emphasized to Arutz Sheva that United Right was steadfast in its demand to receive both the education and justice portfolios.

"We will fight for these portfolios," he said. "I think we deserve them, we're not asking for a favor. It is unthinkable that everyone will continue to receive what they had previously, and only we, who traditionally receive the education portfolio and who had the justice portfolio in the last Knesset [won't receive it]. It's unthinkable that these portfolios will be taken [away from us]. We have six Knesset members. I, G-d willing, will be Education Minister, and my good friend Bezalel [Smotrich] will be Justice Minister."

Rabbi Peretz also rejected reports that Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu does not intend to appoint Smotrich as Justice Minister.

"I see it as a spin," he said. "I don't know where it came from but that spin is inappropriate considering we haven't started negotiations. Nothing has been decided for anyone, including us. First of all they have to listen to our demands, we can talk, it's negotiations, we think about things, but our stance is very clear and it's not up for debate: We came to change things in the State of Israel. Both regarding education and regarding justice. We have what to say and I think it'll be a huge blessing for the State of Israel."

"In education, we will deepen the Israeli and Jewish identities in every one of Israel's precious children, and in the Justice Ministry, we will set clear boundaries for the Supreme Court, for where justice is given, and for the Legislative Authority.” arutzsheva

UPDATE The NYTimes Has Declared War on the Jews!

NY TIMES IS THE NEW “DER STURMER”? Another *Anti-Semitic Cartoon, Day After Phony Apology

Who paid for the New York Times April 25 antisemitic cartoon?
By Robert Harris,

The NY Times has declared war on the Jews, and it is time to strike back. The line has been crossed. The Jews of America can see who their lethal enemy is and decide that it is time to act.

New York Times Washington bureau chief Arthur Krock enthusiastically abided by company policy and would not hire Jews to work in the Washington bureau from 1927 to 1953. Historian David Halberstam writes: “When he had beaten back the umpteenth attempt of New York reporter Warren Moscow to join the bureau, Felix Belair, one of Krock’s favorites in the bureau, accosted him. “There are some people here,” said Belair, “who think you’re anti-semitic.” “Well,” said Krock, “maybe I am.”

Who paid for the New York Times April 25 antisemitic cartoon that screams that Jews secretly control the president of the United States? This so-ancient blood libel was paid for by the newspaper’s New York department store advertisers.

Who paid for the New York Times’ Thomas Friedman column declaring that the only reason members of Congress stand and applaud Benjamin Netanyahu is because Jews give them money? This was financed by the many New York-area clothing and restaurant advertisers.

Who paid for the New York Times libeling Israel with claims of war crimes having been committed when a ricocheting bullet killed a rioter on the Gaza border? All of the newspaper’s specialty store and clothing advertisers

Perhaps, after the publishing of this most recent antisemitic outrage, the New York Jewish community might decide that it is time to fight back against this greatest of antisemitic newspapers, the New York Times.

And to do so, leaders of the Jewish community should be meeting with those advertisers who pay for the New York Times antisemitism to ask, “Why should we shop in your stores if you support antisemitism?”

While the New York Times might have every right to print anything it wants about Jews, so Jews have every right to boycott stores that pay for that antisemitism.

Some leftist supporters of the antisemitic New York Times will scream that the Jews are trampling on their freedom of the press. Well, if we have learned anything, it is that those left-wingers only demand freedom of press and speech when it is supportive of their own radical positions

Otherwise, they are just a 21st century variety of authoritarian Stalinists.

While the New York Times might have every right to print anything it wants about Jews, so Jews have every right to boycott stores that pay for that antisemitism in the New York Times.

How many of these advertisers depend upon the Jewish community to purchase products in their stores?

Unfortunately, we Jews never learn from the very history we claim to embrace.

Barack Obama had the Jews in his pocket, and paid them back with the most overtly anti-Israel administration since the founding of the Jewish state.

The Democratic party is guaranteed an obscenely overwhelming Jewish vote at every election, and Jewish donors make up the majority of the party’s donations. The Democrats show their gratitude to the Jews by becoming the home of the new progressive antisemites.

And catastrophically, Franklin Delano Roosevelt held the Jewish vote in his pocket, and thus had no reason to respond to demands to save the Jews of Europe.

And the New York Times, whose most loyal readership are the New York area’s Jews, has repeatedly paid them back with over 100 years of antisemitism.

Meetings should be held in synagogues to rally the Jews to boycott New York Times advertisers. Facebook and email campaigns should begin against New York Times advertisers. Lists of advertisers should be published and posted in every synagogue. Meetings with these advertisers should be held to explain where their advertising money is going.

The line has been crossed. The Jews of America can see who their lethal enemy is and decide that it is time to act. And striking at New York Times advertisers is the best way to land a blow for Jewish freedom

Robert Harris is a journalist who has worked in newspapers, television news and politics


29 April 2019

CDC Incorrect on One in One Thousand – Actually 1 in 10,000

CDC Lies About, and Media Repeats, Risk of Dying from Measles

By Jeremy R. Hammond, CHD Contributing Writer

In reporting on measles outbreaks, the mainstream corporate media routinely claim that for every 1,000 children infected, one will die from the virus. Their source for this claim is US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The trouble is, though, that it’s a lie.

Take the New York Times. On February 22, America’s newspaper of record reported that measles “kills one or two children out of every 1,000 who get it, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.” On April 3, the Times again claimed that in the US, “measles kills about one in every 1,000 victims.”

Those are just two examples I happen to have noticed, but they’re representative. It’s an oft repeated claim. And, indeed, the CDC does state on its website that “For every 1,000 children who get measles, one or two will die from it.”

That’s the message that the CDC wants put out there, to be broadcast for public consumption by the lazily and dutifully compliant corporate media. But the CDC knows perfectly well that it’s false.

In fact, illustrating just how lazily complicit in propagating this lie the New York Times is, we can actually see that it’s false by turning to the Times’ own reporting and doing something that journalists and editors there evidently refuse to do and expect us not to do: independently thinking.

Here’s what I mean: On March 11, the Times reported with respect to measles that “Before 1963, it infected some four million people every year in the United States alone. Nearly 50,000 of them would land in the hospital with complications like severe diarrhea, pneumonia and brain inflammation that sometimes resulted in lifelong disability. Of the 500 or so patients who died from these complications each year, most were children younger than 5.”

The first point to make here is that, at an average of 500 deaths per year, the odds of dying from measles were less than the odds of dying from drowning in a bathtub; drowning in a swimming pool; slipping, tripping, or stumbling; or accidental suffocation in bed. While the incidence of measles had remained fairly steady over time, the mortality rate had already plummeted well prior to the introduction of the vaccine in 1962. Here’s what that looked like:

This reduction in the mortality rate obviously had nothing to do with the vaccine. It was rather the result of an increasing standard of living, including better nutritional status among the population. Vitamin A deficiency, for example, is a known risk factor for complications from measles, and the World Health Organization (WHO) actually uses high dose vitamin A supplementation as a treatment for measles infection. (Rampant malnutrition is one of the major reasons measles mortality remains so high in developing countries.)

And this dramatic decline in mortality in the US wasn’t true just for measles. As a paper published in 2000 in the journal Pediatrics noted, “nearly 90% of the decline in infectious disease mortality among US children occurred before 1940, when few antibiotics or vaccines were available.” Hence “vaccination does not account for the impressive declines in mortality seen in the first half of the century.” (Emphasis added.)

The second point to make is that the numbers presented to us in this instance by the Times give us a very different measles death rate. Let’s do the math. There were about 500 deaths per four million cases of measles infection. That’s not 1 death, but about 0.1 deaths per 1,000 cases. It’s one death per 10,000 cases.

(While there may also have been unreported measles deaths, they were likely few, especially in relation to unreported cases, since deadly complications would obviously be noticeable to surveillance systems, while benign infections wouldn’t; and for something like encephalitis, measles would be an obvious culprit to consider as cause of death. So let’s just assume that the official number for deaths is roughly accurate. Also, to be precise, given four million cases per year, the number is 1.25 deaths per 10,000 cases, but I’ve rounded for simplicity.)

In other words, when the Times and other news media claim that one out of every 1,000 infected children dies from measles, they are misreporting the death rate too high by an order of magnitude.
What can explain this? Well, the most obvious explanation is that saying one in 1,000 children die from measles is a lot more frightening than saying that one in 10,000 die from it, and when it comes to the topic of vaccinations, the New York Times and rest of the mainstream media, in dutiful service to the state, demonstrably engage in public policy advocacy rather than doing journalism. The evident intent is to scare parents into vaccinating their children, and providing the actual death rate of 0.1 per 1,000 just wouldn’t have the same motivational impact.

Maybe there are other explanations, but I can’t think of any. Perhaps I’m being unimaginative in coming up with another, but whatever the reason for it, the claim that it’s one death for every thousand measles-infected children is a blatant lie—and while we may give full benefit of the doubt to unthinking journalists and newspaper editors, for the CDC’s part, it is also a very deliberate lie.

If you’re thinking that the explanation must be that the Times got mixed up somehow by providing numbers showing a death rate closer to one in 10,000, you’re wrong. The Times is getting those numbers directly from the CDC, too.

As indicated, the rate of one per 1,000 refers to reported cases, which is misleadingly known as the “case fatality rate”, even though, as the CDC knows perfectly well, the vast majority of cases were not reported.

As the CDC’s “Pink Book” notes, “Before 1963, approximately 500,000 cases and 500 deaths were reported annually, with epidemic cycles every 2–3 years. However, the actual number of cases was estimated at 3–4 million annually. More than 50% of persons had measles by age 6, and more than 90% had measles by age 15. The highest incidence was among 5–9-year-olds, who generally accounted for more than 50% of reported cases.”

So between 83 percent and 88 percent of cases were unreported, according to the CDC. Again, that’s approximately one to two deaths for every 10,000 cases. And, again, when CDC officials claim that “For every 1,000 children who get measles, one or two will die from it”, they know perfectly well that they are lying to us.

Vaccine Failure and the Shifting Risk Burden
The CDC’s Pink Book also states that “Death from measles was reported in approximately 0.2% of the cases in the United States from 1985 through 1992.”

That’s two per 1,000 reported cases, an increase in the death rate during the vaccine era compared to the pre-vaccine era.

Curiously, the CDC’s Pink Book does not provide a case-fatality rate for more recent years. But we can learn from a paper by Gregory A. Poland and Robert M. Jacobson published in 1994 in Archives of Internal Medicine (now JAMA Internal Medicine) that, by 1990, the death rate had risen “dramatically” to 3.2 per 1,000 reported cases.

While it may seem counterintuitive that mass vaccination would result in an increased death rate, it actually makes perfect logical sense, if you understand a phenomenon that neither the CDC nor the media ever mention: vaccine failure.

As explained by Poland and Robertson (two experts who certainly do understand this phenomenon), this outcome reflected “the increased incidence of measles infection in infants and adults relative to children older than 1 year of age.” (Emphasis added.)

In other words, mass vaccination had shifted the risk burden away from those in whom it is generally a benign illness and onto those in whom it poses a significantly greater risk of potentially deadly complications: infants and adults.

Unable to locate any references to the measles death rate in more recent years, I searched a public database on the CDC’s website and found that from 1999 through 2017, there were twelve deaths in the US for which the underlying cause was determined to be measles. Two cases were in infants under one year old, two others were children aged one to four, and the remaining two-thirds were in adults aged twenty-five or older.

This is again reflective of the shifting risk burden. Today, because of mass vaccination, adults are at higher risk than they were in the pre-vaccine era in the event of exposure to the measles virus.
During the same period of time, there were 2,393 reported cases of measles in the US, or about 126 cases per year on average (with great variation from year to year and a peak of 667 cases in 2014).

That works out to five deaths per 1,000 reported cases, an 80 percent increase in the death rate from the pre-vaccine era.

But, remember, back then, measles was virtually a childhood rite of passage. Nearly everyone was infected at one time or another, and the vast majority of cases were benign and went unreported, whereas today there are likely relatively few cases that escape attention, so 5-per-1,000 is a conservative estimate of the increased risk in the event of infection. (For illustrative purposes, let’s just assume that there are twice as many measles cases as the number reported, and so we arrive at the lower figure of 2.5 deaths per 1,000 actual cases. Compared to the pre-vaccine rate of 0.1 per 1,000, that’s still a 96 percent increase in the risk of death in the event of infection.)

This outcome isn’t because measles has become more virulent than it was in the 1950s. Again, it rather reflects the shift in the risk burden away from children and onto infants and adults.

So why the increased incidence among adults relative to children over age one? The simple and obvious answer is that, while natural infection conferred a robust lifelong immunity, the immunity conferred by the vaccine wanes over time so that vaccinated individuals may lose their immunity later in adulthood. This is known in the medical literature as “secondary vaccine failure”.

The phenomenon of “primary vaccine failure” refers to the failure of the vaccine to stimulate a protective level of antibodies in a certain percentage of children. It’s estimated that this occurs in anywhere from 2 percent to 10 percent of vaccinated children.

In other words, the oft-repeated theory that “herd immunity” can prevent outbreaks of measles as long as a vaccination rate of at least 95 percent is maintained is known to be false.

As Poland and Robertson explicitly stated, “outbreaks can continue to occur unless the vaccine is virtually 100% effective and virtually 100% of the population is immunized.” They reiterated that vaccine-conferred “herd immunity does not appear to operate as a protective mechanism until nearly 100% of the population undergoes seroconversion.” (Emphasis added.)

And since infants are too young to be vaccinated, 2 percent to 10 percent of children do not seroconvert, and the vaccine-conferred immunity wanes over time to leave people vulnerable in adulthood, achieving that public health goal is a logical impossibility.

We’ve already seen the explanation for the increased incidence among adults. But infants are too young to get vaccinated, so neither type of vaccine failure directly explains why they’re at higher risk now during the vaccine era in the event of infection. So what does explain it? This one isn’t quite so obvious, but there is a simple answer, and it likewise has to do with vaccine failure and the opportunity costs of vaccination.

It’s because, during the pre-vaccine era, infants were better protected through maternal passive immunity. Mothers had been infected during childhood and so had gained a robust immunity, plus, since the virus was still widely circulating, they experienced natural boosting of antibodies through reexposures. Hence, they were able to pass on a high level of protective antibodies to their infants prenatally through the placenta, as well as postnatally through their breastmilk.

Today, however, mothers, having been vaccinated during their childhood and thus having lost the opportunity to gain the more robust immunity conferred by natural infection, and having also lost opportunities for exogenous boosting of antibodies due to interruption of transmission by mass vaccination, aren’t as well able to confer maternal immunity to their infants.

In short, it is in part because the vaccine has worked so well to reduce incidence of measles that mass vaccination has actually resulted in an increased risk to infants in the event of infection. This phenomenon is well recognized in the scientific literature. (See here, here, and here for examples.)

To put it another way, what mass vaccination has done is to destroy the natural herd immunity that the US population was already well into developing before the introduction of the vaccine, which conferred protection to those most at risk of serious complications: infants and adults.

So how come the CDC doesn’t want to talk about this? How come you never hear the term “vaccine failure” discussed in mainstream media reporting on measles outbreaks? How come the public is not informed that the dramatic reduction in measles mortality seen during the twentieth century was due to an increasing standard of living, not vaccination? How come there is not a peep in the mainstream discourse about the shifting risk burden and the loss of maternal passive immunity? And how come the public is routinely told that measles kills one child for every thousand infected when public health officials know perfectly well that the actual figure is something closer to one per ten thousand?

Draw your own conclusions.

28 April 2019

Meir Ettinger — A God-fearing Jew a justice minister ?!

יהודי ירא שמים שר משפטים?!

רווחים בשר משפטים חובש כיפה שווי ערך לאמירה העקרונית שיהודים יראי שמים מקבלים את המציאות בה עם ישראל מנהל את חייו המשפטיים לפי דיניהם של עכו"ם?

  • מאיר אטינגר
    בחול המועד כדאי לקצר בדברים, ובכל אופן מכיוון שמדובר ב"דבר האבד" אכתוב כמה מילים בקצרה על האולטימטום של "איחוד מפלגות הימין" והדרישה לקבל את תיק המשפטים. נושא שאולי נזכה להרחיב בו לאחר החג.
    משפט מפורסם המיוחס לרצי"ה קוק דיבר על משרד המשפטים והחינוך כמשרדים שמהווים חילול ה' בצורתם היום. והנה, באופן מפתיע גם בקדנציה הקודמת, וגם בנוכחית אלו היו הדרישות של המפלגה שמייצגת את הציבור הדתי-לאומי. 
    אפשר היה לכאורה טעון שמדובר בדרישה שעניינה לחולל שינוי דווקא היכן שדרוש תיקון אלא שכפי הנראה חילול ה' – הן במשרד החינוך, והן במשרד המשפטים.
    לא רק שלא הפסיק בקדנציה הקודמת, אלא גדל עוד יותר, מתוקף העובדה שנוצרה מציאות שבה הדתיים הם אלו שמשלימים עם המציאות של חילול ה' שעם ישראל מקבל עליו את את משפטי העכו"ם ומחנך את ילדי ישראל לערכים הנוגדים את "מוסר אביך".
    להיות שר המשפטים פירושו להיות אחראי על מינוי דיינים (ישראל) לערכאות של עכו"ם על פי ההלכה.
    להיות שר המשפטים פירושו של דבר להיות האחראי והמייצג לבגידה הגדולה ביותר בתורת ישראל – "אותי עזבו מקור מים חיים, לחצוב להם בורות נשברם אשר לא יכילו המים". 
    להיות שר המשפטים במדינת ישראל – אלא אם כן מדובר בשר שמטרתו האחת והיחידה היא לסגור את בתי המשפט האזרחיים ולהחיל את המשפט העברי, מדובר בעיוות שהשלכותיו החינוכיות, הציבוריות והרוחניות על כלל ציבור יראי השמים חמורות יותר מכל איזה רווח שיכול להיות ממזעור נזקים, וצמצום סמכויותיה של ההפיכה המשפטית.
    גם אם ישנם רווחים קצרי טווח שניתן להרוויח במשרד המשפטים, האם הם שווים את האמירה העקרונית שיהודים יראי שמים מקבלים את המציאות שבה עם ישראל מנהל את חייו המשפטים לפי דיניהם של עכו"ם?
    A God-fearing Jew a justice minister

    Profits of a justice minister wearing a skullcap is equivalent to the principled statement that God-fearing Jews accept the reality in which the people of Israel conduct their legal life according to the laws of the idolaters 

    I will write a few words briefly about the ultimatum of "unification of the right-wing parties" and the demand to receive the justice portfolio. A subject that we may be able to expand after the holiday. A famous sentence attributed to Rabbi Hacohen Kook spoke of the Ministry of Justice and Education as offices that constitute desecration of God in their present form, and surprisingly, in the previous term, and in the present, the demands of the party representing the national-religious public.
     It could be argued that this is a demand that is meant to bring about change precisely where a correction is needed, but apparently a desecration of God - both in the Ministry of Education and in the Ministry of Justice.
     Not only did he not stop in the previous term, but grew even more, by virtue of the fact that a reality was created in which the religious are those who accept the reality of the desecration of the Lord, the people of Israel accept the rulings of the gentile and educate the children of Israel to values ​​that contradict "your father's morality.”
     To be Minister of Justice means to be responsible for the appointment of dayanim (Israel) to the courts of the Akkim according to Jewish law. To be Minister of Justice means to be responsible and represent the greatest betrayal of the Torah of Israel -
    "I have left a source of living water, to dig them broken holes that will not contain water."
     To be the Minister of Justice in the State of Israel - unless it is a meat whose sole purpose is to close the civil courts and apply Jewish law. This is a distortion whose educational, public and spiritual implications for the entire heavenly public are more serious than any profit that can be minimized and The legal coup.
     Even if there are short-term gains that can be made in the Justice Ministry, are they worth the principled statement that God-fearing Jews accept the reality in which the Jewish people lead their lives according to the laws of the idolaters?

NY Times Publishes Error in Judgment . . . daily!

New York Times apologizes for anti-Semitic cartoon
NYT apologizes for cartoon of blind Trump wearing kippah led by Netanyahu as guide dog with Star of David collar. 'An error of judgement.’  INN

Since it was published in the International Edition, this appears
to be a “shot heard around the world” to awaken world-wide Anti-Semitism.

No one buys their lame excuse for trying to turn the world against President Trump. Why? Because the President is fighting the rampant EVIL in the world, and “the evil ones” are panicking; we might see more “false flags”, shooting at chv's Jews, attacks on synagogues, increased pestilence and disease outbreaks.

25 April 2019

Parshas Achrei Mot – Tower of Fire

By Roy S. Neuberger

Have you ever heard of the Ashalim Solar Power Plant? 

Well, that makes two of us! 

Until a few weeks ago.

We were driving in the Negev. Suddenly, across the expanse of sandy hills, I saw an intense light which seemed to hover over the desert. I estimated it was about twenty miles away, and it was glowing like the sun. We drove north on Route 40, and then west on Route 211. We rounded a hill and there it was! 

But what was it?

It was a huge tower in the middle of the desert (820 feet tall, to be exact. For reference, the Empire State Building is 1454 feet.). But that’s just the beginning: on the desert floor are a half-million computer-controlled mirrors which reflect the sun’s rays toward the top of the tower. The heat from this concentrated light boils water, which turns turbines and creates a huge amount of electricity.

Okay, you know that I do not get excited about technology, so what got my insides jumping when I saw that light?

My friends, we have just completed Zman Chairusainu. We are marching to Har Sinai. Soon, b’ezras Hashem, we are going to see a great light which will be visible around the world. “Hashem came from Sinai, having shone forth to them from Seir, having appeared from Har Paran, and then approached with some of the holy myriads. From His right hand He presented the fiery Torah to them.” (Dvarim 33:2)

I saw a great light shining across the desert. I felt as if I were seeing a physical manifestation of what Am Yisroelcan do if we focus the light of Torah upon our hearts. We can light up the entire world.

How could it be that the Shechina never left Har Habayis, yet we daven every day that Hashem should “restore His Shechina to Tzion?”

The Shechina is there, my friends, but the world does not perceive it. Rebbe Acha said: The Shechina will never depart from the Western Wall, as it is written, (Shir Hashirim 2:9) ‘Behold ― He stands behind our wall’" (Midrash Rabba, Shemos 2:2).

While we are in Golus, the Shechina is shrouded; but we are about to emerge from darkness. Soon the Shechinawill be tangible throughout world just as that tower of light is visible across the Negev. Then the nations will tremble before Hashem and His Nation, the Children of Israel. No one will dare touch us! The fear of G-d will be upon them!

“And the earth quaked and roared, the foundations of the heaven shook; they trembled when His wrath flared. Smoke rose up in His nostrils, a devouring fire from His mouth; flaming coals burst forth from Him… Hashem thundered in the heavens, the Most High cried out. He sent forth His arrows and scattered them … lightning, and He frenzied them…. For You, Hashem … will illuminate my darkness…. He is a tower of salvations to His king, and does kindness to His anointed one, to Dovid and to his descendants forever….” (Haftara Seventh Day Pesach)

“Ohr chadash … May You shine a new light on Tzion and may we all speedily merit to [to see] it. Blessed are You, Hashem, Who fashions the luminaries.” (Shacharis)

Ashalim Solar Power Plant

*          *          *          *
Roy Neuberger, author and public speaker, can be reached at roy@2020vision.co.il.

© Copyright 2019 by Roy S. Neuberger

R’ Winston – Parshas Achrei Mot

Aharon shall enter the Holy with this: with a young bull for a sin offering and a ram for a burnt offering. (Vayikra 16:3)

THE SUSPENSE IS killing me!” Zevulun told his friend Naphtali. “It seems like he’s been in there forever!”
Naphtali smiled. “Patience has never been your strong point,” he told his friend of many years.
“You’re not nervous, not even a little bit?” 
Naphtali thought before he answered. Sure, he was nervous, but there would be plenty of time to panic if the outcome were not good. In the meantime, he chose to remain calm, and that is what he told his friend. 
A few more “eternal” minutes passed, and then they finally heard a commotion. It built quickly until they could clearly hear the words, “He’s OUT! The Kohen Gadol is out of the Kodesh Kodashim!”
Instantly, the mood changed. Pensive faces became filled with joy. People surged forward to try to escort the Kohen Gadol back to his home. He had done his job and he had done it well. The nation had divine forgiveness, and had survived another Yom Kippur. It was the happiest moment of the year!
“This is the end of a long process,” Naphtali told Zevulun, after they returned to Zevulun’s home an hour later.
“I know that,” Zevulun said. “Seven days ago, the Kohen Gadol was sequestered in the Palhedrin Chamber in the Bais HaMikdash. That’s when he reviewed the service with the chachamim. He was also sprinkled with spring water containing ashes of the Red Heifer, and he practiced the incense-offering ritual in the Avitnas Chamber.”
“Good for you,” Naphtali said, “you’ve learned your mishnayos well!”
“I sure did, and I’m not done yet. On Yom Kippur itself, the Kohen Gadol had to follow a precise order of services, sacrifices, and purifications, but for that I have to refer to my notes.”
Zevulun looked around, and then saw what he was looking for on a small shelf in the corner. He walked over, took a small scroll of parchment from the shelf, and began to unroll it.
His family had a modest home, and in those days they still had dirt floors. There were a few pieces of homemade furniture, and that was it. It was all people expected in Temple times, and it was enough.
Zevulun continued. “First the Kohen Gadol offered the regular daily offering…”
“The Tamid,” Naphtali inserted.
“Right, the Tamid,” Zevulun confirmed. “It was usually performed by ordinary kohanim, but on Yom Kippur the Kohen Gadol offered it, wearing special golden garments that he put on after immersing in a mikvah and washing his hands and feet. After that, he immersed again in a special mikvah in the Temple courtyard, again washing his hands and feet, and changed into special linen garments. Thus he immersed and washed his hands and feet twice, both before putting on the golden garments and before putting on the linen garments.”
“I’m exhausted just thinking about everything he had to do until this point!” Naphtali said, feigning exhaustion.
“Yeah, well, it was far from over. Next came the his personal sin-offering, a bull. The Kohen Gadol leaned on it and made a confession on behalf of himself and his household, pronouncing the Tetragrammaton. All the people who heard it prostrated themselves…” 
“That is AWESOME!” Naphtali interjected.
“It WAS…IS…” Zevulun agreed, looking up from the scroll he held between his hands. “Perhaps one day WE will merit to be one of those fortunate people!”
“Then the Kohen Gadol slaughtered the bull as a sin-offering,” he said returning to his scroll, “and received its blood in a bowl.”
He looked up at Naphtali again to see if he still had his interest. The fascinated look on his face indicated that he did, so he continued.
“Next came the goral—lottery of the goats. At the Nikanor Gate, the Kohen Gadol drew lots from a lottery box for two identical goats. One was selected ‘for God,’ and one ‘for Azazel.’”
“My father told me a little bit about the mystery of Azazel.” Naphtali cut in.
Zevulun looked up and said, “I’m all ears! I’ve wondered about this part of the service for a while now.”
“If I remember correctly, it has to do with giving the Satan his due. Everything in Creation survives because of the light of God, even evil. Creation was made for free will, and free will requires that good AND evil exist. So God maintains evil with a specific number of holy sparks to keep it going—but only enough to TEST us, not OVERWHELM us. When we sin, we ‘feed’ it extra holy sparks, making it stronger and far more destructive.”
“Hmm,” Zevulun said, mournfully. “We’ve seen just HOW true that is…”
“Unfortunately yes,” Naphtali agreed, and then added, “Pushing the goat off the cliff may look barbaric, especially to a spiritual entity like the Sitra Achra, but every PHYSICAL act has SPIRITUAL ramifications. THIS act is like throwing a bone to a dog, because when we give the Sitra Achra his due, he gets off OUR case…”
“And that means fewer accusations against the Jewish people,” Zevulun interjected. 
“Hence the forgiveness power of Yom Kippur,” Naphtali completed.
Zevulun considered the idea. “Good explanation,” he said, and then returned to his scroll and explanation. 
“The Kohen Gadol tied a red band around the horns of the goat ‘for Azazel,’ which turns white if the Jewish people are forgiven…”
“As happened this year, thank God!” Naphtali said.”
Zevulun glanced through his scroll until the end and, realizing that he had more material to share than he had time—and perhaps even patience—to do in one sitting, he decided to go into overview mode instead.
“There’s still a fair bit to go over,” he told Naphtali.
“Why don’t you just cover the most basic details? We can fill in the gaps later,” Naphtali suggested.
“My plan exactly,” Zevulun said. “Yom Kippur is coming to an end…”
He opened the scroll wider in order to increase his view of the main headings. He said, “Next came the incense preparation. The Kohen Gadol took a shovel full of embers with a special shovel from the altar. He filled his hands with the incense and placed it in a vessel.”
“Some say this is the most physically difficult part of the service,” Naphtali interjected, “because the Kohen Gadol has to keep the shovelful of glowing coals balanced, using his armpit or teeth, while filling his hands with the incense.”
“Right. And then, holding the shovel and the vessel, he enters the Kodesh Kodashim and places the shovel between the poles of the Ark.”
“Next?” Naphtali prompted.
“Next was the sprinkling of bull's blood in the Holy of Holies…the goat for God as a sin-offering for kohanim. The blood of the goat was sprinkled in the Kodesh Kodashim.”
“Good…” Naphtali said approvingly. “I’m impressed that you covered all this.”
Zevulun just smiled as he spoke. “This was followed by the sprinkling of blood in the Kodesh, on the other side of the Paroches. The Kohen Gadol took the bull's blood from the stand and sprinkled it with his finger eight times in the direction of the Paroches. He then took the bowl with the goat's blood and sprinkled it eight times in the same manner, putting it back on the stand.”
Naphtali could see that Zevulun was becoming faint from the fast. “Why don’t you take a break for a few minutes,” he said, “and let me do the talking.”
Zevulun hesitated, but then he felt the full impact of expending so much energy on a fast day. He said, “Good idea,” and handed the scroll to Naphtali, showing him where he had left off. Naphtali began to read.
“You have here that next was the smearing of blood on the Golden Incense Altar. The Kohen Gadol removed the goat’s blood from the stand and mixed it with the bull’s blood. Starting at the northeast corner, he then smeared the mixture of blood on each of the four corners of the altar in the Heichal. After that, he sprinkled the blood eight times on the altar.”
“The Kohen Gadol left the Heichal and walked to the east side of the Azarah. Near the Nikanor Gate, he leaned his hands on the goat ‘for Azazel’ and confessed the sins of the entire people of Israel. The people prostrated themselves when he pronounced the Tetragrammaton. While he made a general confession, individuals in the crowd at the Temple would confess privately. The Kohen Gadol then sent the goat off to the wilderness. The goat was led to a cliff outside Jerusalem and pushed off its edge.”
“While the goat for Azazel was being led to the cliff, the Kohen Gadol removed the insides of the bull, and intertwined the bodies of the bull and goat. Others took the bodies to the ‘Place of the Ashes,’ where they were burned after it was confirmed that the goat for Azazel had reached the wilderness.”
“After it was confirmed that the goat had been pushed off the cliff, the Kohen Gadol passed through the Nikanor Gate into the Ezras Nashim and read sections of the Torah describing Yom Kippur and its sacrifices.”
Zevulun just kept nodding his head at different places as if to confirm the details being read. Naphtali continued. 
“The Kohen Gadol removed his linen garments, immersed in the mikvah in the Temple courtyard, and changed into a second set of special golden garments. He washed his hands and feet both before removing the linen garments and after putting on the golden ones…”
Now it was Naphtali’s turn to feel weak. He paused, took a breath, and looked at Zevulun.
“Perhaps,” Zevulun suggested, “we should go over the rest of the service after we have eaten and regained our strength!”
“Timely suggestion,” Naphtali agreed, rolling up the scroll and handing it to Zevulun.
True to their word, the next day on full stomachs they finished what they had started. They covered the two rams of an olah offering, the mussaf offering, the burning of innards of the bull and goat on the outer altar, the third garment change, the removal of the incense from the Holy of Holies, the fourth garment change, and finally the afternoon continual offering.
“What a day that must have been for the Kohen Gadol!” Zevulun concluded.
“For sure,” Naphtali agreed. “The Kohen Gadol wore five sets of garments, immersed in the mikvah five times, and washed his hands and feet ten times. The sacrifices included two daily lambs, one bull, two goats, and two rams, with accompanying minchah offerings, wine libations, and three incense offerings. He entered the Holy of Holies three times and he pronounced the Tetragrammaton three times, once for each confession.”
“It must have taken a lot of stamina,” Zevulun mused.
“And fear of God,” Naphtali added.
“Fear of God and physical stamina…” Zevulun said. “That’s a great combination to have if you’re the Kohen Gadol…”
“Or just a good Jew!” Naphtali threw in.
“Or just a good Jew,” Zevulun agreed.

Need to Know
Yes, there is repetition when it comes to my books about preparing for redemption. But I keep writing them on this topic because I find better ways to explain the ideas, and usually have something important to add to them. The sources may not change, but history does, and as it does it usually reveals old concepts in a new and more relevant light. 
It is also a way of making sure that people do not forget such crucial ideas at such a crucial time in history. Let’s face it, the Jewish people mention redemption on a daily basis and yet, have rarely been ready for it when it came. Familiarity breeds contempt and complacency, both of which have left countless Jews in grave danger.
One of the biggest problems people have when it comes to redemption, I have found, is that they just can’t picture it happening in their time. But as they say, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” and I have written thousands of words to help create a picture in people’s minds of redemption in their time. 
You may not agree with everything I have written, or may have a difficult time coming to terms with some of the implications. But at least you’ll be part of the “discussion,” and in that merit alone worthy being on the “good” side of it.

Available in softcover here, Kindle here, and PDF here.

24 April 2019

How Many Jews Were Left in Egypt?

We left Mitzrayim, and are still journeying through the Desert – soon to reach the Yam Suf (on Shvei Shel Pesach). Are we willing to jump in?

Rav Avigdor Miller on How Many Jews Were Left in Egypt
[will this scene repeat itself before Mashiach]

When the rasha asked a question in the way that shows he wasn’t so loyal, so the father had to say, אילו היה שם לא היה נגאל – had he been there he wouldn’t have been redeemed. So you see, only the good ones were redeemed. Now how many? Echod m’chamishim, one out of fifty could be just a loshon, an expression, but really we don’t know exactly how many. But there’s no question that not everybody was redeemed from Mitzrayim. Some say guzma’os, exaggerations: the Mechilta says that chamushim is echod m’chamesh mei'os - that only one in five hundred came out! It’s very hard to understand that. But whatever it was, not everybody left Mitzrayim.

What happened to the others? They were destroyed; they went lost. A tragedy of tragedies. The Torah doesn’t blame them because they were under the influence of a shibud for two hundred and ten years. Two hundred and ten years is a very long time and it's very hard to be oimed b’nisayon, to be tested for so long.

They were all bnei olam haba, no question about it; but they didn’t fully utilize the opportunity. But there were those who did utilize shibud; those who utilized all that Hakadosh Baruch Hu did for them, and for them, the tzaros, the difficulties they encountered in Egypt were of greatest benefit for them. All the persecutions made them feel they were privileged more and more, that they were the ones set apart for Hashem. לפום צערא אגרא - According to the difficulties, so is the reward. V'lo shinu, v’lo shinu, v’lo shinu. "We're not changing a thing," they said. They didn’t change their names. Even their clothing, they didn’t change. And therefore, those who went out of Mitzrayim were the ones who deserved to go out because they fought back against the environment.

But as far as exactly how many didn't go out? We don’t know. But we know enough to say that it was a tragedy that there were people who didn’t fulfill the main purpose of life of fighting back against the environment. They fought back, but not enough, not enough.

And Hakadosh Baruch Hu wants of us that we should all our lives build up a strong conviction that Hakadosh Baruch Hu is with us, כי עמנו א-ל, that Hashem is with us forever and ever, and thereby gain the strength to fight back against the outside environment that creeps into our lives.

TAPE # E-104

US Intelligence Agencies' Leftist Political Liberalism vis-a-vis Israel’s Liberal Leftist Supreme Court and Media

The Resemblance is in its Application Against a Duly Elected Government’s Expression of its Citizens as Eloquently Expressed within an Excellent article in the Pesach issue (757) of Mishpacha Magazine entitled "Supreme Overreach" by Binyamin Rose and Statements by *Rabbi Uri Maklev, who is on the Knesset Constitution, Justice and Law Committee (UTJ), to the Washington Free Beacon article (below). [those instances of resemblance between Israel and US are in red]

JPost Headline: Expert says Israeli Politics getting as bad as in America. Report—Social Media network operates through manipulations, slander, lies, and spreading rumors. JPost

The Following is from the Kohelet Policy Forum by Aviad Bakshi (as covered in the Mishpacha article, not available online)

“What professional tools did each justice use to reach his or her decision? They were addressing the same political questions that divided the public at the time into those wearing orange ribbons (in solidarity with the settlers and against the disengagement) and those wearing blue (in support of disengagement.) When a judge's rule on matters of foreign policy and security, their rulings rest on their own political views. What justification is there to give the political worldview of these judges priority over that of the citizens who elected the government? How does a political issue become a “professional” one that is handed over to experts to be decided?

“It is important to emphasize that the restoration of limits to what can be decided by the courts extends beyond the courts themselves to the legal counsel given to the government and the Knesset. Because diplomatic issues became matters to be decided by courts, legal counsels have become part of the decision-making process on diplomatic issues. […] ruling will restore elected officials’ responsibility and authority to decide on policy. […] ruled correctly that “our government answers to the Knesset and the voters, not to us.”


Above the Law (in Mishpacha). While the Supreme Court represents the top of Israel’s legal pyramid, the [**alphabet agencies/US Defense Dept] legal system’s tentacles extend to every cabinet ministry, government agency and Knesset committee. Professional legal advisors have [**alphabet agencies] outsized power on these bodies, often impeding legislation that doesn’t adhere to their worldview, or resulting in their refusal to defend the government’s position in court. [include Media]

Interview with Rabbi Maklev (in Mishpacha): "The Supreme Court is a menace to chareidim, but their main goal is to prevent the right from really taking power, and that includes the religious right. The right doesn’t know how to win. The Likud knows how to get elected, but it doesn’t know how to rule. It came to power . . . it should have been much stronger and much more proactive on this.”
(Q BR:) “The Supreme Court never seems satisfied with any draft law the Knesset passes. That’s cited as one of the reasons the government fell. What are the chances of the Knesset wresting power away from the court on such a highly charged issue, and on other matters pertaining to religion and state?
(A RM: "The 'draft law' is a totally different issue compared to all other religious issues. It’s specific to Eretz Yisrael. The chareidi yishuv was established more than 130 years ago. . . there is no legitimacy for anyone to come and say . . . you can only sit and learn under arrangements that I make for you, and how and when and for how long [. . .] we want a Basic law that ensconces Torah Learning as a core value, giving it a legal foundation and not rely on some interim arrangement or another."

Interview with Prof. Kontorovich (in Mishpacha) : "It’s [the Supreme Court] has been set up like a Soviet commissar system. Every government unit, no matter how small, has a legal advisor empowered by the Supreme Court to veto government decisions.”


Comparison of the Above in the Washington Free Beacon Article (at the SavageNation)

“U.S. Intelligence Institutionally Politicized Toward Democrats [Israel Supreme Court]:  The CIA and other U.S. intelligence agencies [media] have become bastions of political liberals and the pro-Democratic Party views of intelligence personnel have increased under President Donald Trump, according to a journal article by a former CIA analyst. [plus the Media]

John Gentry, who spent 12 years as a CIA analyst, criticized former senior intelligence leaders, [. . .] for breaking decades-long prohibitions of publicly airing their liberal political views in attacking Trump [Netanyahu]. The institutional bias [against the Knesset] outlined in a lengthy article in the quarterly International Journal of Intelligence and Counter-intelligence risks undermining the role of intelligence in support of government leaders charged with making policy decisions. In the past, intelligence politicization was defined as either skewing intelligence to fit biases or manipulating intelligence. . .” [the Israeli Media, like the US Media is Leftist controlled and very aggressive, if not treasonous]

[ME: Therefore, we have an insidious virus (leftist fascist liberalism cloaked as democratic socialism,  ‘climate change’ [world 'pop’ control], new green deal) infecting the lawful democratic processes of governing Governments, strangling these processes [Israeli Media], in an (treasonous) attempt to overthrow the will of the national (People’s Republic) [Israelis] as contained in the US Constitution [Israel as the Nation State of the Jewish People], set out by the founders of the Republic.]


*Rabbi Uri Maklev, a Knesset Member for the past 11 years, has mastered the art of being outspoken in a soft-spoken manner, which is one reason he has earned across-the-board respect from his colleagues in all parties. He has impeccable Torah credentials to go along with his consummate political skills. He learned in Yeshiva Kol HaTorah and Ponevezh Yeshiva and served as a member of the Jerusalem City Council and deputy – during (1993-2008). […] Rabbi Maklev deals daily with a wide range of legal issues, including drafting and reviewing legislation and procedures of justice, as well as work on Basic Laws that was intended to form the basis of an Israeli Constitution. […] Rabbi Maklev said he has the utmost respect [for Kohelet].

23 April 2019

A “Little" Unknown Fact

El Al sets up Special Vaccination Clinic at Ben Gurion Airport.
Israel’s Health Ministry orders 'local airlines' to vaccinate staff against measles.  arutzsheva

A Little Unknown Fact 
[and please read all links provided]

"WHO and Ukraine Department of Health records show2 that during many years that the MMR vaccination rate there was only 30 to 31% the number of measles cases was extremely low (~50 cases a year and several years much less) with no hospitalizations and no deaths from measles, in a country with population of 45 million! BUT when the WHO ordered the Ukraine to go for 95% immediately the number of cases, number hospitalizations and deaths skyrocketed! When they reached 90% vaccine rate there were 30 thousand active cases, several thousand hospitalizations and humdreds of deaths. Plus due to the known medical fact that vaccinated people "shed" that means are contagious, for several weeks after the vaccination it spread to tourists

Are all the El Al vaccinated employees safe from "shedding"?
So, might this mean that some or even ‘one' El Al employee(s) might ‘spread' Measles to a passenger?

AND FROM NIH: National Institute of Health 
"In the midst of a local measles outbreak, a recently immunized child was investigated for a new-onset measles-type rash. Nucleic acid testing identified that a vaccine-type measles virus was being shed in the urine. Clinically differentiating measles from a nonmeasles rash is challenging, but can be supported by a thorough medical history evaluation. Rashes are expected to occur after immunization; nucleic acid testing can be used when it is difficult to differentiate between wild and attenuated strains."

TO BE FAIR, the following is from immunize.usa. However, it does not explain what happened to those in the Ukraine, from whence it has been reported the Measles spread to Israel:
“'Shedding' is nothing more or less than the way any contagious disease is spread, through pathogen-filled sneezes, coughs and the like. And because certain vaccines use weakened versions of the live virus, the philosophy goes, those diseases are just as contagious among the vaccinated. That’s not really how things work, said Wootton.

"Only three vaccines in the routinely recommended childhood vaccination schedule are made using weakened, but live, viruses [is that the MMR?]. In some instances, the virus can be detected for a short period of time in the vaccinated patient and that can sometimes lead to others being infected with the vaccine version of the virus. But those instances are extraordinarily rare. [but do occur]

"With the chickenpox vaccine, for example, 11 people are known to have caught the disease through exposure to a vaccinated person—but that’s out of more than 50 million people who have been vaccinated. And even then, the vaccine is shed only in the case of people who develop a chickenpox-like rash following vaccination. That is why if a person recently vaccinated against chickenpox does develop a rash, they are advised to avoid contact with individuals with weakened immune systems.”

Clearly, according to the united mainstream media, “anti-vaxxers” are responsible for returning this measly plague from “near extinction.” As one commentator said, parents who do not ensure that their children get the bare minimum of 23 needles by age five are the moral equivalent of “drunk drivers” — a menace to everyone on the public highway who should “opt out of society.” CHD [united mainstream media=a certain agent of*]


Vaccine Virus Shedding Measles, Measles, Measles Everywhere (read full informative article)

"Scarier still is the researchers’ conclusion that “Further investigation is needed on the upper limit of measles vaccine virus shedding.” In other words, they know that people shed the live vaccine virus after they are immunized, but they don’t know for how long. Or how infectious it is. We could only find one case of transmission of vaccine virus (brother to sister) — a vaccinated child infecting an unvaccinated child — in the literature. Are we supposed to believe that this has only happened once since 1989 after millions of vaccinations? Or should we be worried that public health has stopped looking for what it doesn’t want to find?

"There are horrific anecdotes of people who got measles from their children after they were vaccinated. That’s not hard to believe when studies show2/ that the vaccine measles virus is readily detected in the urine of most children throughout a two-week testing period after vaccination. Watch out changing diapers of vaccinated children.

"Some of those most vulnerable to full-blown vaccination-induced measles are those with compromised immune systems. (e.g. here, here, and here.) Aren’t we told that we’re all supposed to be vaccinated to protect those with weak immune systems? The truth, from the medical literature, is that it is immunocompromised immune systems may not mount a full defense against the live virus in the vaccine. It is these individuals who have also been found to be shedding measles virus1/ long after infection so it would not be surprising to find they shed vaccine virus long afterwards too.

"Vaccine measles virus could be airborne like natural disease, as well. This study3/ describes a three-year-old boy who was diagnosed with bronchitis — not measles — after an MMR vaccine. He had no measles rash but genotyping of the virus that he was excreting from his infected throat proved that it was an “attenuated” measles strain.

1/. Prolonged measles virus shedding in human immunodeficiency virus-infected children, detected by reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction. ncbi.nlm.nih

2/. Detection of measles virus RNA in urine specimens from vaccine recipients ncbi.nlm.nih

3/. Detection of measles vaccine in the throat of a vaccinated child ncbi.nlm.nih

What Can You Do In Fifteen Minutes?

  Just like Netanyahu’s excitement about “Israel , the Vax Lab” read this and then don’t underestimate Netanyahu’s excitement about possible...