23 April 2019

Another Korban

3-year-old Beitar Illit accident victim laid to rest in Jerusalem

Baruch Eisenberg, the three-year-old from New York who was killed Monday in a traffic accident in Beitar Ilit, was laid to rest on Tuesday morning at the Har Hamenuhot cemetery in Jerusalem.

The family arrived in Israel a week ago to celebrate his Chalaka (first haircut), which took place last Wednesday in Meron.

The father said Baruch was the first child to be named after his father and the first to meet him in Heaven and asked the two to pray for the family from above. H

e noted that Baruch would recently say, "This is also for the best" for almost everything and that when he saw the accident and realized that Psalms would not help, he also said, time and time again, "This is also for the best.”

Source: arutzsheva

ME: Pictures of the levaya are on YWN and it is heart rending and very painful to see the little Tallis wrapped body. Who can know the way of HaShem. Rabbi Mizrachi says that neshomas come to this world to finish their tikkun [and then straight to bask in the light of HaShem].

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Anonymous said...

B'D'E = How very sad! How can one not want to cry. Please H', send Moshiach now!!!
May this kosher pure korban be a meilitz yosher for all of bnai Yisrael!